Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 24, 1943
Page 4
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^fc^^^^^Sli^^S ^ *4f',' 1 '." .V^ 1 " > V i V"V ' ' . •WiiPflfW^^ ' ?£35Y a .£'W' i n , ,«.?&'-Ai'V **•> T, <•>• MOM STAR, HOE E, ARKANSAS Page fj r, OPE STAR, .HOPE, A R K A N S.A S er 24, (liiSiiittSip '»-• Ig^lMrtgd. Jqr>yCTV ,*>£.-l?;fe. nine* - »t« ,j«.,irw,».w Bu-wHw^.Z^RSouth Wplmrf «filts; J ? S *««**''•: HO«» Ark.;.;.. _ _..-.y PuklUh.. SOUS : rwaw«.«**i«** .KfCSS , - , NewSpopef, Enterprise Ass'n. (Always Payable In .urrief, .per Vrtefc ,'Sc; .~-j, Howard. Miller ona ties, $3.50"per year; else lislbsaatea pr *^' '* «*='"*'• el * ,e nmled '° ^fei? :i i««S(ase-:|0("Te&tiblletrti6n;of all news dls- |it?f bfctih^'treditea;;t6-rt:.or: not/, otherwise Bp'-cr'Sdited-ln this.paper and also ths loeoi Bfcfe ! ?Vi*i*-iiarf.lt.ilhBa herein; v " •:. . •• feffifeW National -Advertising R«pr«s«ntatly«— P'*' v lktkoBJOS.- Dollies, Inc.:; Memphis, Tenn., »*fi ; |''le*l«k Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich- ifi£v:aar>"'Avenue; New York City. 792 Madison ;•;•>:Aye;;; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; pf/Jowohonjo Qty. 414 Terminal IBdg.: New p^rjeans,.? Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo 'i •foo t-of-Ih«-Montlt By CAM. Ti W, IDItlD BY BOB it * V ,* '.'You -say field goals are two points and free throws one point—are they rationed?" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith mHmmmwm i 11 i i —, The cruiser on our left let go a broadside. » * * >/ * ***(, I did some figuring ... as fast as It could, to get us n minute i nearer. i of our hope of getting to China The incendiary went in last. Doolittlo warmed his engines. us. We lined them up in the fuselage beside the 10 Don-' little had already allotted us. It was a sobering thought to Coon Ploys Possum, 'Comes to Bod End •Athens, .Tenn. .—(/P)— A cllstur- bnnce In the Chicken house prompted Mrs. Jnines Chirk to grub her 'gun nnd KO looking for n 'possum jlhlcf. „ <Two shiny eyes shone through -the dnrkricBS and Mrs. Chirk fired "strnifiht. The animal thtil fell a 'wasn't'nn'opossum at nil, but her pet, Billy Coon, thnt hnd fled his pen unknown to Mrs. Clark, The male of Billy, who won prizes at nnimtil shows, took one •look at the tragedy nnd fled. Minnie hasn't been found. Quits Man's Job to Join WAC Fort Oglethorpe, On. —l/P)— A firefighter hns joined Ihe WAC but lit wasn't n case of wrong orders. WAC Private Marie Stcffcs, bei fore her Induction, was a member of the Savanna Ordnance Depot fire department at Savanna, 111. She drove one of the fire trucks Hold Everything \ r\ h -«M» U eo». <»4m utA >r.imet, tut. T. M. uta. u. t. HI. ore ^ .. , , rt -r T~j - ; T — *- "• • -^^_ i^_ ' ' " ' ^_ JL 1 Z -'-_^-LJii-I~ —* - - ~~ —"• thirty Seconds Over T^kyo - BASED ON THE " FORTHCOMING "Every time 1 tried to enlist they rejected me, so one day t went down and called my draft board everything 1 could think erfl" Ji/t-" ^^ W ^"'^,,.^;"-""N «~ •• -£&$* T rjff/iT* i' #& & '?.<*/ V"* 1 '' )•'.<* *•"•" f-T" V*',*' *A±. .-I: i - ', ItSI \ l«v ^ ^ ^m W! $ r v*> *// /•"A1 •isaaefcp!**. —•/"flS***,* •SWSSS'/ 1 •*-«-> •>.•>* U '*£2s :/? ;jp%>, <•>.< bus 4,000 miles of com- fi> I f core, ma BY NEA SERVICE, me. T. M. REG, u. s. PAT, orr. VV mv cirs I not out on the nieni HECK just m UIIK: •-"'•"- 1 j,...-.. „.•-,_»„ rh\n* Tlio Homer srenned un to ton specil. 1 ne uomus came maiiM. m.n. «- •••— p,"° • « .i.^fn. i «.(.«.- I ollv U1UVL ullu ul ""- " lu ""*••" uanaun nas i.uuu mnus ui uum- «T s 7F±z^^y™^ -^."SSj£."S^W«2ras5» 7i ;™=-aj-^jsahss-Ats.^ nnr£^^^«°= :;.'»*?S«kr^So^wisrs^iss.'"* 1 '" ncw "" l "° U ° M LLd foAvard. borinir a hole in the head wind. I could that turret that 1«« wou t n t ^° r "• . . , , fi ...ifi:,:,,,,.! S-ujlloji tins of cas were handed in to (Continued tomorrow) > • TUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams '•*-•• in 1*"*^^™*""^7*T'. ._.^_.— \ / ,^-ix* ... t -ri_irr A.cr.t-4 \ / t-;E-? ^X~^ iF" THE.V ^jj$j^j^i$«»#i' - ^ti+yji' 'NICE T\E' IT C>URE ^ '•X: <b THI& THE RUG ? . GOT AROUNiD KERE " 1 <=,££: T»-\e OLD ^ULE L-O6 OMER >r^THE COUCH i \N\TH TiAE H&LP OP SCRD06E.S/ , CE^TSTC... TUe OtrAER Wl IT'S ISJ THE ASH \ / !rS=- S£Z. iF THEV -AN WITH THE \ I KEEP OW WITH > BU-TTON, A OTHER. TRASH.' I / BUTTONS THEVlL GRAMPAW? ] THOUGHT I'D LET U KMOW SC 'I-^EVOU LOOklAT A \ ABOUT PEOPLE • * TVJ &.T A. li.P- •' : L IDEMTIFf- C/XTIOM BAPG.E.' HUMAN BEIN' FER \ THAT A JAPA CHANGE"DON'T COULD GlTHvJ ' YOU GIT TIRED A HERE WITH /«. ;' • LOOKIN' AT f/\ BUTTONJ .QN.' : BUTTOMSfyA^ The sailor gave the signal.. lie gave Doolittle the signal to begin racing his engines. It plunged into the gale. He headed for Tokyo's heart... The engines o/ three other ships were warming up, and *- , the thump and hiss of the heavy sea made additional noise.' L ,j?: But loud arid ckar above all that I could hear the hoarse ^ »Vlf»m lltl I 111** «•> « *L »V*.H* M H V/»IW^ • *.JtJ J "gt !«. **lll£f *»ll»wn itnv. uua.» Thm T MW tint the man with the paddle was waiting, ly cleared the wall of the island as he was pulled to the _. , . . d£ R Jt *dhm£j of ™"ship, » that Doolittle's P lan g c starting hue, extended to the edge of the starboard ,,dc. The I otnctw« giving him his bearings. Admiral Hal- And now w3 get the benefit of a rising deck for its take-off. We watched him like hawks, wondering what the wind _ sey had headed it for the heait of Tokyo. i copyright, 1943, by King Features Syndicate, Inc. Text cop) right, 1943, by Random House, Inc. A Book-of-the-Month Club selection, to be published July 12. m?.. I'Oh, yes, our school is for men—but we must ^take our * pupils these days where we find them!^ 0\ m & i'v^ ; //>///' ^Pif'^f(i v'.\v v ,.r _, '-YJ v'« ^-••v'^ PUNNY BUSINESS By Hershbergcr O UR BOARDING HOUSE^ith Major Hooplc OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams ^-^-^ ^ : w,»»^. A >-^> ^ ra .^.... lrae ^ * \ / oo . ^ o.r-r, .OF OP A \ / vJ-Mf \ ••i *^M' Ix %c >:\ f(k^ 'i^i S '/f; /.y ''•vSfc. \ ' GAME GO 1AE \MOULDt^ v T COP THE BROKEN! CHAIK1 'i ' A $ <" i^'« , , j| J., • ^ ?*ltl<A M, W J& .<#/ ^ .?• ^ F w'f ! "Christmas! 1 Waih TubiM Contact By Leslie Turnei ...'THIS, , JUST AS SOON )CONTACT THE BASE, RZ-27J BXF-1, X THAT'S THE CALL THE UNPER-\ COLONEL BRILL GROUND \WANTSSWITCHEO RADIO NEAR TO A'Z'HEAD- 'COME w, X YES !IS THIS THE SPECIAL PUT US THRU TO A-E "UVc A NEGATIVE RE-XDV ^ COLOfJEL BRILL ON THE DRUM,COLONEL,/. SPEAKIN6! IS ^ EVERYTHING'S SETJ J CAPTAIN EA&Y Donald Duck Silent Night By Walt Disney "I told George I'd like to work in a war factory—he suggested I could find out if I was strong enough by shoveling snow a few times! HEH, HEH / TUKT'S \Ml4M X "SUPPOSE TrA\& VI AOM\P.E VOO QO M.UCH, \<=> SODP, u&uf^u [% ^^/^RTrA^—SOUR. •^ OF HUM.OR IG AS ' AS A MEAT CLEAVER ; —-3UST DROPPED FOR AMD CA 8TAV A AFTER 6M •DRWTED , _ [ \ r\C VV—* 1 1 V'/' ^ i '"^ > u-»^^*—*-T «—i ^ 60T ANY LITTLE- )'%,\ ePOlLII^G CKORE6 AROUND \" / TKE- MULE: r o COULD HELP BROTHER A KAOSj GET . HOUVDAVS FOR AA.&.' H- ~\'lr > t .^ 11-25 ^~>\ -"^>.^-^ //:.,: "We're training political candidates for 1944!' ll.- ''TRAGIC PICTURE OF A. "\f MO - A PICTURE OF A. VISITOR INS OUR HOME \ RAIW IMTERMEE HIMT" |*< WITH BURMT FJMGER& AM' 1 IMG FOE A GARBAGE A HANDFUL'OF' HOT ASHES, \ TRUCK. IN tHEPAR-' DESPERATELY LOOKIN' FER \ LOR TO LOAP WITH AN ASH TRAV- AN' MOT TILL \ APPLE CORES, HE'S ALMOST BURNT AT TH 1 VpgAVJGE ANIP BAM STAKE -- 'OH, IHEV'RE OUT W TH' KITCHEM BEIN 1 WASHED.'" FOUR' DAVS.' . AM A . ••> 5( SKIMS.' V*A ' r$^ Yi-- \ j* »!) "TZ-2 "WHY MOTHERS GET QRAV Merry? -A. T WAS THE MISHT BEFORE RISrAAAS, AMP ALLTHKOUGHJ THE HOUSE, MOT A CI?EATUI?E WAS >?-i." Cop. 194J. W»U Diwwy FitxloctfOM >t _ -MOT EVEN A-" 5^ r— so BUTCW PULLEP HIS GUM I L AMP B I Boots and Her Buddies All Together By Edaar Martin ^fft ^'.-! Stf^« \N> o 00^\ ^•'i. L.^-*1 Alley Oop Shoving Off Bv V. T. Hamlin ./IPX DON'T VJAMTA . 1 LOOKS LIKE TH' ONLY WAY "i OUT IS BY WATER' ~ ^ BF-BVICE. INC. T. I The True -Spirit A "Pane" in the Neck ••V" '^ COLONEL • 0BILL WAVJTS. TO SPEAK TO yOU.CAPTAW HELLO, T THANKS, COLONEL J CAPTAIN gASy, \ SAME AND fvAERR'' CHRISTMAS WE'RE ALL SET, BUT I PTfv: v »t NAZIS ARE AFTER US'. A PICKETS OF A \NAYTOSPENPCHRlSrMAS BUT HERE'S OUR SEWTT9T A.A.F LESLJ6 MXX3GOME IT, I SAIP LEAVE I THIS WINDOW POWM! ITS TOO COLP L IN HERE! Red Rider Telltale Stains By Fred Harmon / v s. -.? /j C'l , TrtOOfartT ^00 - YvifSiBw r/ S^.*. S3-tZ ?'•*• J- SOWT; xoo v bS VOSTH XO' GVdt SC5O OViCVt 571? 'fitYJftssi anvfev. fag, f. u »«•"•»• »r SSffi ?.GC~ ^^r> iV - A J_ fc ^.'SOTHWSIT, EH? , .._rSUCHAPUEA5ANfT . PROSPECT...BUTTH ONE ^THINSI STAMP T^SWN) ^.BV HESITATING IS y ' V AN APPETITE.. [GUCctt ,,.AN'i'veearoN& THAT'S ALREADY TOO , DANG HEALTHY ^ Vyjf r--v. 'Itef?- 1 ' IHC T M REC U S FAT Is He Out? »ndi. Out-Maneuvered! By Chic Young Popeye fourth Will Be Served" Thimble Theater £'5 N3O "A CpUNTERFEITiNM WAS. THIS ( 1 AT>| THINK^ IP U: w/J ..Jrt HAVE SA^E . ._. COLOR 6POT3 ME J 1\L &R£A« GOT-Ur-NOUTOF.-A A\LE oREASE^ 1 ^^ "AsS » L con lift rfBiKRvicl. mf T u't Just a Minute VOU ARE EI6HTEEM?J SQUARE EIGHTEEN? AFT J?P (AIN'T LHIN'TOVA; . MO-NO/ J 1 POMTWAKIl ANV c.. IS S'S- A LOT OF ") > KJERVE, < (COMINS IN ) >OUR BACK ) , y POOR/ j^ LIKE 1 THAT/1 lVllS IS A PEMOCRACV,. SN'T IT ? "Blue, Brown — or Pink?" 1HP5E " ADvVse' You TO LQCK H^\ UF' /|S \E6B \^£ CAN SWEAT OUT • StiCK'ElA UP/ ^ . AW&ODvS SOW 1 TO 5vOEW YOU ARE f "UK£ THEIR. (JUCLL, I 60T RE6I6TEREDVITOLD VOLJ I UJIT'THE EI6HTeEM-WEAR-)u)OULD 6ET VOU OLDS^I KIN SHOW ME/\1N THE" 1 *' CAROATTHe j-^T S~" 7 R5CRUTT1N 1 . ' -S^\ r-n _f ABOUT MS ONS iV6!| T "Silver Threads Among the Gold" CA6WQOP/ PAGWOOP WILL YOU ' , STILL LOVE ME , WMEK1 MY HAIR 'HASTURMEPTO SILVER?, ICE, ^NOW, REMEMBER r THAT- -THATS A PROMISE.' YES. (SURE REMINP ME ABOUT IT , IN THE MORNIMQ // r/,"X WCUU,nt«.& »wt-^. */EITHER r GET OUT Oft *l DROWN TRYIN-..BUT IT'_ . , , ^CINCH I AIN'T SONNA WCK )- itS-TH' BUCKET BECAUSE ^ OF STARVATIC5N,' ^VHOOEY.' MEBBE t^ 6HOULDA CHOSE STARVATION,,. BUT IT'S TOO I.WE T'CHKNGE ' MIND NOW,' V" f-X ft ^3,: V I SWEAR I'VE BU.., , /\NTH'W«TER.50MUCH LATEUY 1 NVOULDNT "" ' SURPRISED IF I 6PEOUTED FINS '(I! «? rCOMETHROUSH WiNN/Bt ^i^rj: L • I BETCHA. ..TrW Ml "= T & = " -^ .BE 5UNLISHT C .TH' WATER.' /i-J-f Freckles and Hi* Friendi r»T Slightly Soggy Spirits * *. * * By Merrill Blosset ,,owj THAT THE, GIP.L ACROSS THE WAY is 60NF . I'D If'INDA Llr^E TO 6E BACK IM GOOD OLD , SHADVSIDE ' ^t 1 ! i-Vy-, Sfc ^ 8 nr \ GOSH ! CHRISTWAS AMD 1 - •— yTHlMG ! MAY6E W£ T T^E THIS TRIP , 'T' B WELL, THE FOLKS BACK HOME WONT HAVE ANYTHIM& OM gs/ --.- WAIT'LL YOU SEE WHAT I GOT; I'M SURE HAV INS- FUN,' ARE YOU? .-9-Re .' THIS // J V '/ v^. M -« \x ftv: v> / Oh, Yeah? IT CAME TMIS MORNING .' IT SAYS - "DFAR.MOM : MERRY CHRISTMAS 1 . I KIND OF weH 1 WAS THERE." ,—, , ~~ r ~\. T r. 'ifivj " -•, V;M- -'•• ^"^\ <- -\r* ;n « >: \i(\ ;ao K /*-ZC Ui^* 'i *i ?S DOW'f WORRY ABOUT ME-I'M HAVING A VJOMDEfsFUU TiME • •7****' ,t«-/ <fW. ffisssr*&jm V. o; &V^' &\ ,*&&>• vCOPB. T. M. REC. U S PAT OFF ^K

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