Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1943 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 23, 1943
Page 9
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t^K-^pf^ *> ^r " ^-'' 'V : '"fNr ''H*;j} "'»Y'--. • '•' ^ " /ir ' . •"*' ' < V' -• ' ' ' ' ' ' ,'-.',.', -,«- ^-.vj.y., ? -. ^-^.jf^^^^i^JSI^sjS^ S5 if) " JFNick $$<•„• v" CK i - w.'i,,»« ,' t £ 6c 22 _ „ ganttt In olive cfrab and Jttrarmy air forces plane ( is tel Christmas to UniteS States /Sh icy> "barren northern Ironts of Europe isles or dflpping of 'the Pacific. A" ,We wish to thank the public for past fehtikiness given us; and we wish each and reported to- nundretls of evergreens, ettes, candy, cake, recording machines "htld 'lintil Christinas" to isolated out- fcrt irt&eeesstblfe fa win-' tiy afr> * y £&nl& Oaus began de- foln- months ago and will ,«ntti every soldier^ in the most remote station has received hfs packages. Fifteen tons of Christmas mail Were moved by air when ice blocked surface shipping. > An army transport plane will drop mall bags in the snow sometime this 'month at a tiny weather station in the Bering Sea. It will be the ilrst mail there in four' months. On thanksgiving Day, soldiers in the Aleutians tasted their first fresh fowl since arriving in the islands. They will have it again Christmas —turkey — with olives, shrimp and rolls, all flown in by their air I force buddies, t Even isolated gun positions have Coconut Surprise Is Gala Holiday Treat salt slowly and" continue beating until stiff but moist. Paid in chopped candied glngef. JFolfl on pie about ib minutes before done and bake to a light golden brown. t'every'one Merry Christmas and a prosperous and happy New Year. SHIPLEY STUDIO M^^-W ^V .^fT'4 if*Jo%' 5u / i*. B'TS** 1 x ' V f/r V. U» v ^, , JH, J ,«(««t i; . IN The beautiful traditional hymns of joy this year, ring notes of hope '"and inspiration for the year to come. Our Christmas wish is for you. * i CITY BAKERY Nephew of Brewer Held for Conspiracy New York, Dec. 22 — — Gert Hans Von Gontard, alias George Grant, 37, described by federal of ticials as a grandson ot Adolphus Busch, late St Loilis brewer, am ;hice others were named today in a federal complaint charging con spiracy to keep Von Gontard from military service. Named with Von Gontard in th complaint, which was opened .by U. S. Commissoinor Garrett W. Cotter, were: Francis Xavier Grottano, former New York City detective and now a lieutenant in army intelligence at Governor's Island; Dr. Arnold Aaron Hutschnecker, New York physician who was accused of faking me"dical history which won draft determent for Von Gontard; and Michael Mangano, operator of the G. M. Uniform Company, which makes army unifoims for the Wai- York, Bepartrheni. The four, all from New ow are' under arrest. The' complaint specifically ac- used the four of conspiracy It) make false statements and with beinl parties to making false slate* rtcnts Ifillndlcate the non-linbllliy of Von Gonarct for military serv- ce. / ^ Assistant Untied States Attorney J. Gerard'Cregari, Who filed the complaint, said Von Gontard was a native of Germany and -became a citizen throUgh lhe naluralizalion of one Of,his parenls. • •• PROSPEROUS PILLOW CASE Westminister, S. C.—t/P)—James Charles Moore of a mountain section came lo town loo lale for a War Bond rally, bill not loo late to Interest rally officials in the pit- low case He was carrying. It held The first engagement rings, in the time of the Toifmns. we^ made ot iron. $7,500 In bnis;>Hd got the waf bonds. V6u niay give n "diffpronl" kind of gift this Christmas!, ytfu ma' celebrate in a diffcrenfaort of way. But one thing remains' the same —the spirit ot the season G Gosneil's MEN'S STORE Pool your ration points and family recipes for a com...-.invy ,Ncw Year's party for the servicemen. BY GAYNOR MADDOX NEA Staff Writer The great hotels have their rationing and shortage problems. STet they do a good job o£ feeding thousands of people daily. Coconut Surprise is something special and Chef Wiolet, at the Hotel New Yorker, New York City, gives us his recipe. Coconut Surprise (Six servings) Three medium coconuts, 1 quart milk, t/, pound sugar, 1 egg white. Remove liquid from coconuts and set aside. Cut coconuts in naif. Scoop out the meat and save shells. Peel the outer edges o£ the coconut meat and shred very fine. Boil milk with sugar until sugar is dissolved, then re- bUR SINCERE GRATITUDE AT PROMPTS US TO WISH FOR YOU A FULL MEASURE OP JOY AND PROSPERITY IN THE NEW YEAR The Leading- Dsuggist"'* _y t :-*"* Ward & Son Phone 62 We've Got It V rt**,-. H received Chrislmas trees, food and packages, dropped from passing combat aircraft. Chaplain (Captain) Andrew Beahm of Lock Hven, Pa., and Chaplain (First Lieutenant) Fran cis Geigel pf Maniot, Wis., will address Attuo troops. Chaplain (Major) Joseph Applegate of Los Angeles, Calif., will conducl services for men in outposts from Nome to Point Barrow by airplane. A 'light ski-equipped plane will carry Chaplain (Captain) Charles Sais of Forest Grove, Ore., to bleak Nunivak island, and prsents from the Red Cross and decorated Christmas trees will be flown to other icebound islands by Chaplain (Major) Ralph Wheeler, former Presbyterian .minister of Alaskan Indians, and Sergeant Bill Douglas j o£ Aberdeen, Wash. : V Combat planes, transports and troop carriers are taking Christmas mail and packages to the Southwest Pacific. , move from heal; add lhe shredded coconut meat. Allow lo ; cool, than add coconul liquid. Strain. Place in ice cream 'freezer. When half frozen, add beaten..egg white and continue freezing. When mixture is hard, remove from freezer and fill coconut shells. Sprinkle top with' remaining shredded coconut sweetened with a litlle powdered sugar. New England Squash Pie With China Ginger Meringue (Serves 8) Two cups squash, cooked and strained, % cup granulated sugar, 1 teaspoon salt, % teaspoon nutmeg, Vz teaspoon powdered ginger, 3 eggs, 1 cup milk, !/z cup lighl cream or lop milk. Sleam squash and run Ihrough strainer and drain off water before measuring. Measure, and sift dry ingredienls inlo squash. Stir unlil well mixed; add eggs, slighlly bealen, and cream or top milk. If there are lumps, strain before pouring into unbaked pie shells. Fill shell and bake 45 minutes in moderate oven. China Ginger Meringue Two egg whites, V\ cup granulated sugar, pinch salt, 1 tablespoon, candied ginger, chopped fine. Beat egg whites, add sugar and —-and warm greetings for the holiday season and. the New Year to come, from executives and employes of— Busy Bee GROCERY Tatum's MARKET We extend them to every one of our clients. And in looking forward to trie New Year—which may be the year of Victory—we offer to you our complete services. Cox Bros. Foundry Machine Co. , wvsv ,, t^f '^"ll>J<Wvlt V-* With Hearts That Are Free, Reaffirm Our Faith This Christmas We K«?W*| I*.*--. More than at any other time this Christmas we have cause to rejoice at the significance of the holiday. For it marks the birth of the greatest and most honored of men ... who long ago taught righteousness and truth. We are thankful that His standards have come down through the years—to give us faith today in the justness of our purpose . . . assurance of our victory! This Christmas Day let us reaffirm our faith. Bruner - Ivory Handle Co. ... **., ^ & ^ America Is Its People and Their Happy Tradition Not the least of these traditions is Christmas-—Which we now prepare to observe in the best spirits we can, that it may^be perpetuated as a symbol of our free way of life. In full appreciatjpn of what Christmas means to us^all, and especially to pur children, we want you to know that throughout this seascS, we are dedicated to helping you and those you love^ have a truly Merry Christmas . . . HOPE BASKET CO. &*. "A fc«l 4W& i m* '^g&^£iM^ Me -UP_ ott tax bill, he received! 10 thfe t& *e W a -i., ' " 1 — -nit " - '__^ • Here Are Ways to Add Gayety and Variety to Your Yuletlme Packages BY ROSELLEM rtAi i AU«IU P" a ~^ B ~ - —'"-"" *"A^' i- ?^ jrgfjr.» TA K. _H o ft A irtA u-« Staff Writer * - S «*tfUs6 of- the papel- sharthgr this year, niftnV, stores- Haw clfstfOntinue-d 5 giff ho SC 8v so it- will b you lo pul lhe ** s to them. And i , laker as ; tfitich t?al-e Irt wrap oitr Christmas gift., as y6 i H M s f' eetln '^ thern, they'll giVe double .the pleasure; Should lt< for Instance, be irrt '^-to^iHd'a bo^to'fitsomb odd-size gift, make your own, Nd ndeetearliy' a square- of' oblong one but shapod like n collar boj satchell, snapper or stocking muth ' more Season May you have the . hdppiest of American Christmases! ICote's Beauty: & Gift Shop •The giant size snapper, which looks exactly like the kind used as party favors, Is the answer to now to wrap a- bottle" or other awkwardly shaped gift. To make in L , e ,^ a Sheet of glft P n P er - ""e all but the outer three inches with n ,,, pece of thin cardboard. Then ?n !? °H gIUG the ' ed g« together to give it a cylindrical shape, and Pleat the edges. Tie either end with bright ribbon bows To ore in IV ^M 1from \ r °"lin BT a°ro P un e d inside, stuff it 'with- excelsior cut up from colored comic strip pages If you are planning to give several little gifts to one family, why !!?, /r I!] 6 ™ a " ln one Wg stock. mg? .Fold a piece of Christmas- paper"— it must be about the shape of a stocking bulging) With, gifts. Perforate' th! edges and bind together wiln red and- white'' cording. Incjidentally, wallpaper printed Spry A& Ever, Mack Recalls Old Deals By ED CREAOH ' Philadelphia, Dec. 22 — (/p). Phillies Want Tall, Rangy Ball Players t .i . nciu iiia cinniisi 'JGVGG for Ih^ press' loday, aHd- ndb'bdy r™ hB > B&li ev«T IhW he'll 1 be 81 Thursday, *' ' j ft sor | f - ...j M' lhe circular Shlbe' Park "ilh 1 the. Irophids of 49'rlfch years -on' all 'side*; if Dec. 22 <VP)— The "'"••*", Phillies are in ----•—-. f is? baseball scouts and " aHdlrafig^ players. j£gRrsarawssis ^ oH .^ r »erb Sennock. "We want the bigf, rangy fellows who pack a punch- When" it is : heeded and are no powder puff* at the plate.'' hrfthV^, 3 ?^ the Phillies a'so arc on the" prowl for scouts who can be n her 00th year", Mrs. Maria Yorke is doing her part to aid the war effofl. Mrs. Yorke has knitted more than 1,000 pairs just completed a quilt of, 1,8? Pieces. This make* (he1«nird* in which Mr$tf for the set vices. n 1% H f cotlld: have had ! fi&be: Rulh and- Ernie Shore- for' nolHIHg! I «lnm f b ° llf $ l Chief flefide-r< for ! ! « .^r*" 811111 doesnT think 1 the great liiaiSH-pliehefwas'h'is greatest bargain- . j m^H-^'i al ?£ Shore-;iHe-old- gerttlei man disclosed' \vlth' ; >a< gle&m? of" amtisemeril- in his'- mild blue eyes'.i Were offered' lo him by Jatf j*-'-^- """ of^tlie-Saiiifnore- club; . *•: Ta.. t i_'•.. ^ j.. . .. i. -.-.-. • . the club ' s farm ' for talen sclect "™ Perinock said, He th e scouts ,sikti looking for - inter- care n «"' af i. th e-e«tifnore- club; i e wh "That lt u tH-was>a''gf^t;'pitcliei'ii plale ' T < w- TU d ?/?' t ° dl ' t '' he ' sald! "* t; ' '^'d hev't, -«&•'• ti****^ money." a'wri they would bhhgj.anda ! Wasn't 1 in' a' actl y ne'Sdle eye. 1 " osi to offei-- wh'at' they. Were ' Commenting < " ^ " ti |g- ^w-borted play- cari ' zi P that •apple'ucross the ' curve is ^^^ rittvclty trirt,min ss this year. A^Vc ar I ' packaecs »»«» sUifiresllons which you can tt Best Wishes For The Holidays To all the people of Hope, whether at home or on-fighting fronts, we wish the utmost in ' happiness to last through the holidays and '44! Buy War Bonds and Stamps Whitten-York Furniture Co. n bright plaids, green ivy on a white background, stripes arid nursery rhyme characters make m °?<- ""usual gift wrappings. And while you're buying a roll of if you might also ask for a roll of border paper to use instead of ribbon or cord. There may not be enough holly and pine cones this year to tuck in the center of Die bow atop your gift box. But you'll find a cluster of bright Christmas tree ball ornaments will be every bit as effective. Scientist Shortage Reported in Britain London, (/P) The shortage of scientists- in Britain has been reported by the'Association of Scientific workers.- • A long-term policy by the government is needed' to meet the problem, Hbbert Fremlin, the association's secretary, said, adding hat discussions^ are proceeding • — — -—•••* 1*1 L J-**WV,CCUJiJJJ poking toward' lhe .establishment of a' Ministry of Science and tech- Meal colleges attached lo each in- duslry. HOLIDAY Venzke Quits Track to Take Up Golfing Reading, Pa., " Dec. 22 — (/P) — Gene -Venzke, one of the great milers, has quit the cinder track — this time positively, he says — and has laken up golf. The former Olympic learn star said the same thing last year but was back on the boards last March Now he's at a lool maker's lain at lhe army air field here and he's' getting old for a miler. ^ Thirty-five now, he says 'he'd "like to keep on running .bul lhe '••aining grind is loo punishing." Venzke slops al a country club on his way from work for nine holes of golf nearly every day and boasls a recent Ihree under par. The former University of Pennsylvania miler's last race was in Chicago in March when he was nosed out by Lee Eisenhart of Ohio State in a 1,000-yard event. : The greatest runner of all? Venzke's selection is Glenn Cunningham, the Kansan who oflen malched slrides with him. "When that guy wanted to run •and was feeling good, he was un beatable," Venzke declared. "And I should know, he beat me 20 times." A plastic, transparent wrapping material is being issued to overseas soldiers so that they may wrap themselves in it as protection ;fi - om contaminating gases, such as inustard gas, that burns the skin. Red Sbx ... All this wa's ; during the' breakup of the greal 1914-Athletics.' But his\gr'oalest bdrgairi; Jimmy Foxx-," said the' patriarch of Philadelphia without- hesi- lalion. "He cost'me $2,000;. slaved' with me a long ti mo and brought 1 a' considerably higher price when I sold him." Looking into lhe fulure, Inert for he's slill ready to jam his six.foot- three.into a lower berth 1 and beHhe first up for breakfast, Mr. Mack said Al Simmorrs, released : last season by the Boston Red Sox will tMrH-'h t0 - lKe ^' S ' " ext spring ' as tnird base coach. Otherwise, greal-great grandfather — Mack — hasn't much to say about next year. "You can't figure on anybody" he said. "Right 1 now it looks a's ; though we'd be air right. We have enough' players. But you can't tell. We might lose them all." If that happens — well, Mr. Mack hasn't played baseball since he broke a leg in 1893, but the way he performed for photographers, you never can tell. niT'iYi""!""""" 6 .""' lne proposed Phillies scouting: staff Joseph Reardon, new heat! of the club's farm system-said; "the number of scouts will probably be increased from three 'to. eighl or nine men Pennck admitted the Phillies will probably gef some midgels for nPVr C*anor»n*o 4Wr>»^ 1 i'. • .-i •> SCdTT STORES Don't Talk to These Boys About Rationing North Camp Polk, La. (/p) Don't talk to soldiers of the eighth armored division about civilian food-rationing for the boys are undergoing "hardship tests." The tests consist of 24 hours of the same physical exertion a sol- I dier could expect in battle, with a minimum of food and drink, and no-sleep at all. Recently an armored infantry reconnaissance platoon set a new record for the tests by marching nn-?' 1 ^' ^ etting up a de ^nse point, digging foxholes and gun emplacements, . and repelling a ' make-believe enemy all this on- one cup of dehydrated bouillon for' each soldier during the 24 hours. — a o «,v uwj j it JJIIUKCCK next season's team, but added .0 "*-«ii i, uut UUUUU II ,tHey are little fellows we want them - -w..w ITV. WUI4tf tlJ with speed and plenty of power." As you enjoy the contentment ohd merriment of Hie Yuletide, we wont you to know that we will be-thinking.of you and!of the. dmicoble associations that have been ours during-the timeVe have been serving this community. - v • Arkansas Machine Specialty €01 Your McCormick-Deering Dealer V. C. JOHNSTttKl, Implement Mgr. Abovd all other thjpgs'. in our memory at this glad Yuletide is tHe thought of the splendid relations with friends of this; organization who have made it possible' for us to enjoy a very satisfactory year, The warm spirit of the Holiday occasion reminds us that in ouif friends, not in our ledgers, do we find our real assets. There are.many- things'dint make us thankful' this Jr our home, and for that reason we di. sire to extend SeasonV Greeting!; Please accept the' kind mshes'and sincere ' thank* of all of'us. B^t wti&faa J oyous Christmas m d « New Y^o/ rf iu e hliappi ness , Good Health and Success f or. yo» and yours. LOUISIANA NEVADA TRANSIT CO, for a MERRY CHRISTMAS Wishing you all the best for the holidays and for 1944! I G. T, lawson SHOE SHQP Sing a song Of Christmas cheer— The time of joy And mirth is here! Drink a Wassail toast To Victory, To peace and Worldwide harmony! Greetings From LADIES' Specialty Shop Holly, a tree, presenls for everybody, joyful laughler—lhal's our tradilional American Christmas. Our Yuletide wish is for Victory soon when peace will reign again. News Stand Let Us "Keep Tliis Christmas" as Our Heroes Dr^om of It This^yearnot all'the'members of our families will be able td enjoy Chnstmos together- Older brothers, and husbands and fathers.will be gone-^fighting so thqt we gf home may continue to'know the beauties of Christmas in OUR way—inherent in our freedom .Here gt home by our Christmas firelights we must help preserve that spirit too-—we must buy more and more War Bonds . . .the present with a future. GUNTER LUMBER CO, IS ,, led- s nat , flush. lew - i the i di<J note •>- tbe slows. 'Geii- tf

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