Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1943 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 23, 1943
Page 6
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M^W^^W^y^^i^ 4?!^- r^M-?'"" , r <;V, fl-i'Tit t&v™^? \ ^ j bkU«e 'Arrriy Ofd"fiari6e '~'i training center at "~ r California, wer£ host refugees en"- iW Mexico, living conditions . . „ had left -_ «,««=-,„,., EOroisef Lt.- Col. John fitier^cofrirnattalng Stfuthwest- t proVingl (Sfowndf reported to- r t was particularly noticeable In " • .food, After their first i' SCO" of the group were „, ffie'Fe" w"as" hardly enough waste to cover the bottom of one .refuse can. _ * They had their own system of fcon'SefWrtt^ fdddj Cdl. flrter 1 said. If a child's eyes chahced to be tifg'ge'r than His stomach, he passed his tray down the table until it "reached someone who had room s ', 1 v T" * ' 4 N"»iV%ho$V friendly support has contributed so «'greatly during' the past, year, itiay vre-extent! '* if coMial and'appVeciative'tKuhKs". May your Christmas be happy and the New Year prosperous. Bob Elmore Auto Supply :. Phone 174 _, Hope, Ark... f6f ,&ti extra rti ThHigs that amaSSS the 1 weV« the freedom from' eriefflj' bombing, the security that pefs milled lights to burn after dark, modern plumbing, and fire Cfc* tfhgvttshers whlfcfi' the ydtlnglfetriTS used to pump streams of water* oh each other. Evef yorifc was delighted vftth th'e plentiful supbl^ of nnd'wate'r. A coliefitibn, started' to funds w'itK which' to rent a frfovle" film for the children's erttfe*Hairii ment, grew to more than $175, and then wheri the carldon comedies were made available without" cost, Ihe money was forsvarde'd to the Polish consul in'Mexico tb be'iised Ihere for the children's benefit. The refugees had been on ihe move since 19*39 wHert their home^ land^was engulfed by the irtVhdihg German armies. « ' >f* f -':-;*"'* '"'•'t'Vn"?: '" •/, -, ''.'•' • • vl • ' "4-,'f'f:' * *"" v^ v '.^w5$ Make This a 'Green Christmas PRACTICES Chattanooga. Tenn. — — Miss Ella Heaton, only teacher in the small private school she runs, not only preaches dependability — sMfe practices it. She has taught for 53 years and never missed a day. Bees eat their weight in food every month. " p? * % V r ?*tt^i& t c. OW j«^ .^<y e vVi6 ^ wo ^ ^\C& _,, O^ I ' ^e^V^StS*^ 3"j. LY \* *% t) 1 A ^* ' V^'^'^ S3l\ o* .v.rtO? ^v.rvS* 5 ' \t\S" \0 *'• t-rlUK ina'IW,* CHRISTM GO HAND m II AM> . **• j*' • All too often we tekeour friends for granted. We are of the fqct (hat every dvy sees some evidence of (he friendships of the people whom we strive to serve and too frequently we neglect acknowledging these kindnesses. RM & Christma^ &hen w# paw& in the busy whirl- of> everyday routine things, we become conscious of our short* comings, m& wish to convey in this message our heartfelt thajnb* for the, good things that have come our way, friends, we wish you a Happy Christmas and rosperity, the finishing touch to decoctions designed strings, lwlstfed crepe tf&pfef of strlftgs of squares, Circles, diamonds arid other sfi&jtes cut out of )right-c6l6v6d cnrdbfcaret. Says FDR Undecided on Fourth Term Washington, Dec. 22— —Prank C> Walker, chdlrmnn of the" Democratic National Committee, said after lunching with the president .. .... today itttft he did* iibt* fttifc M». Roosevel htmrtlfk"' er He would seek n "fiid you disdiiss ker was asketl by rep-flftbfs ftfe left the WHIte Hbuse*. A little," replied the jlbstrftsster "Is the president gbtHg t& flm ng "i n? dl-t khbw,- wdk» MM: "nfid I d6tt 1 l I lhlnk f he"do-<«'n 1 lta*felf. It's much tdd early." Hilwdoy, fifeeemfier 53, If43 STAR, H 0 ? £, ARKANSAS HOPE AUTO CO, dYCAROLBERMAN NEA Staff Writer If ybu don't want to find, on the night before Christmas, that all; through the house there's nothing that looks remotely like Santa- •ClaUs-tlme, plan your home deco- ! ratlons" well before December 25. ' AVdearuY of Christmas -trees is paper doilies, Christmas tree balls; pine cones, spangles, or the heads of fresh' flowers to drape on doors; .windows-'and mantels, Irene Hayes; fashionable Manhattan florist, suggests. "You can even build your owrt Christmas tree with'greens," Miss Hayes explains, "by filling a flower pot or bowl with spagnum or greert sheep moss and then stick- ng cut branches of pine or cedar nto the' moss, putting in the main branch first and building upward with shortest branches nearest the bottom. Stand your "tree" against a wall or in a corner, so that you don't have to worry about the •fruits," cut out of -wood with : simple jig-saw, and decorated with colorful angels and whatnot. O ybil might go back to the old-fash loned decorations or popcorn AND '$• THROUGHOUT THE! NEW YEAR Dcst of-good wishes to each of 'you in recognition of your consid- 'cralion of this firm as evidenced hy 'the splendid patronage • thnt wns ours during the last twelve months. Grocery & And Captv Lester Hobbs, Overseas VOICE RECORDS Lond&tt —(#>)— The War Office is working on a scheme by which .very light and extremely cheap gramophone records will bo made available to troops overseas for messages' to the folks nt home. (Dupont-Photo From NEA.) Tliis pineapple decorated with anrels-is'one "fruitful" result to ife' Ka'd ! from making' your own' Christmas'tree decorations froir plywood' or cardboard, and 1 paint- iSf. thfem as you please. expected; due' to manpower and shipping- sp ; ace shortages, so don't tiarik 1 too heavily on a tree as the focal p'oint of your decorative (scheme: Plan, instead, to use Igreens, flowers, knicknacks yoi Shave; and a genorous amount o: ingenuity, to work out some at tractive holiday home decorations Branches of lacy white pine blue spruce, flat cedar and scotcl pine can be combined effectively with ribbons, chou-chous of lace 'A Yule display for mantel, buffet, coffee table, or Window; sill can also be achieved with green's and moss," Miss Hayes points out. Her suggestion is to fill two or three baking tins witr spagnum or green sheep moss anc then arrange evergreen branches m the moss so that some go up and other, down, to hide the tins. Tie some of the front branches ori each end with a red ribbon bow and nestle pine cones and red berry sprays into the greens. Then put gour candlesticks into the branches' to hold tapering red candles, to be lighted when the family is gathered. Drape a wreath on the front of the mantel and if a mirror or picture is hanging back of ; your display, make it part of the effect with festoons of evergreen. If 1 the waU is bare, give it a Christmas dress by hanging up greens With scotch tape. To make your mantel decoration ook- really professional, • Miss Hayes* advises that you use cheru sic plaster choir boys to separate ;he'tins'and four choir boy candle stick h'blders to carry out the motif. A' Santa Glaus, snowman angel; or' bell left over from som other Christmas can easily pinch hit for the central choir bo figures: With' a little paint and ingenuity, you can make scads of decorations for your Christmas tree — if you're' lucky enough to have a Christmas tree. Cut out figures from very light plywood or sturdy cardboard and let your imagination run riot. Noted decorator Peter Hunt has evolved a series of May the spirit of the first Christmas enter all our hearts now and throughout the coming year. Roy Anderson & Company Phone 810 Hope, Arkansas INSURANCE Thanks for your understanding when w<? just didn't have what you wanted: It is with 1 real feeling that we wish you a Merry Christmas! Crow-Burlingame Co. • Wishes From Our Ghrisfmos Tree!^ '^$.z • 'a-'' Wishing you a bright and happy American Christmas, the. ability to understand and appreciate the blessings of freedom for which we are fighting, the courage to give everything you have to the fight now and in the coming year—and above all; Victory, and the speedy return of loved ones! Kephatfs Department Sfbre THIS Christmas millions of Americans will celebrate Christmas in our goy traditional American way. There will be millions of otKer Americans who will know this Christmas on foreign battle fields, with ri*o n « of hdme's Happy atmosphere, But they will not have forgotten. They will fight all the harder to preserve the freedom that mokes possible tKe mutual good will of out* way of lift. Af home we must do all we'can to help them, by working to do our utmost on the production fronf, cooperating to the fullest extent with all government regulations, end by buying more WAR PONDS! TEMPLE COTTON OIL CO, *& A n cl t the Hap p i est P o s s i b I e New Year to oil our friends and Patrons in Hope. Mitt's Brownbilr Shoe Store To Our ' Customers And Friends Both Here an d on the Battlefront J. H. Warren Groceries & Feed Take Pinch Out of Rationing With These Converting Tricks BY EPSIE KINAM5 NEA Staff Writer New York. — Discarded shoes kicking around in your closet are a gold mine of reclaimable footwear. Scuffer, battered, outmodel shoes con be repaired, reslyled, defilted. Made to look brand new, they can extend your annual ration. What to do? Here are several tips from the firm:of T. O. Dey— whose experts, ore repairmen to New York's carriage trade and to thousands of Main Streeters — Which solve the most prevalent shoe problems. Are soles worn out? Heels on the down grade? < Hove these old- timers re-soled on a last — not an iron jack. For • heels settle for top-grade^ lifts. To ' put heels back on an even keel, have the exposed base buffed ' free of old leather and cement. See : that nails don't go in too .close together. . Heels scuffed or chipped? Have them recovered. If loo spindly to begin with, replace with studier props, broader in depth and width. Keep new heels the same height as old' to preserve good balance of- shoe. One lift— no more — can be lopped off of a too- high heel. Uppers battered? Patches mas queradc as trick leather or fabric Now is the time to thank you for bearing with us when the going was a little difficult and to wish you every happiness at Christmas. Morgan & Lindsey THE' SEASON OF GOOD CHEER IS h W! As you gather with friends and loved ones for a festive Christmastime, please be mindful that our thoughts are for you and yours. We wish you a season of happiness, mingled with the many blessings you so richly deserve. HALL BROS Cleaners and Hatters — PHONE 385 — IN, Churches throughout this fair land— and in whatever foreign lands are still free—this Christmas shall be observed in sincere solemnity. Yet our prayers shall be said with our voices ringing stronger than last year, because we know we are so much nearer the ultimate day of Victory. Faith, such as we have in the words of the Prince of Peace, has given us the will, the determination, and the fortitude to fight, each at our own battle station. For some it has been at the front—for some in planes—for others on ships. And for yet more of us, our fighting point has been in our homes and at our places of business, where we shall continue to help win. the war by observing every essential measure best serving the welfare of the nation! Geo,W,Robi$Qii&C0, HOPE NASHVILLE Retail Price of Fruits Are Hiked Washington, Dec. 22—(#")•—The re- Inil cost of some fruits, berries arid vegetables packed In glass containers will be hiked about two cents a jar as a result of a ceiling price adjustment announced today by the office o£ price administration (OPA). ; The order permits processors of these items who since 1941 have begun to pack in glass containers of any size from ll'l-2 ounces through 49 ounces to adjust their ceilings as follows: • They may add 20 cents a dozen to their prices In th.ecase. of fruits and berries, and 15 cents a dozen for vegetables. The increases were allowed, to meet meet increased labor costs. Packers who used glass prior to 1941 already have been provided £or, OPA said. ' ' -. Fire Eater Knows When But Not How fire-eater; -he* doesn't ftnow how he does it himself. 'Private William d. Bruner, former fire swallower with Ringling Brothers and now a flame thrower with the Eighth Armored Division here, says he "really enjoyed eating fre, because 1 was nevef sure just how I did it." "I'v never used in my, mouth,", Br uner bite off "the- flame* fo two seconds and I never. It'll burn my jips," b,ut side of my moulh/' ' Nightclubs wore musical restaurants. wisfffNG Your AND YOURS May : the Christmas t All Shoe, Saddj^ftf5 Harness Shop < - • • i •• ~ i •• •• '*.'- North Camp Here's a new Polk, La. — (IP) — angle on the circus The pinch of the annual shoe ration can be relieved by several repair and re-styling tricks, to extend usefulness of footwear you, already have. Above is shown how unralioncd backless mules can be converted into evening- slippers, with'the simple addition of an ankle strap, to save you a. precious ration stamp. : "aprons" or tippings on toes; as fovings on split or worn heels. If straps are worn out, having new ones put on is only a minor operation. Frequently, up-to-the-minute straps, buckles, buttons or bows, used to replace worn or outmoded trimmings, will put good-as-new shoes back into the fashion parade. Cut-outs in the toe box, in the sides, in the back, or perforations pierced around-and-around a shoe add style to oxford or pumps, in disuse for lack of fashion. Opening up the toes of shoes is a good trick for making too-short shoes comfortable. It toe freedom is to be more than a tantalizing promise, toe-boxes must be removed and stuffing yanked out, when little windows are cut. Shoes too narrow? Have an expert let out seams, add material, If neccessary. Such treatment can be administered to old-fashioned numbers that point. The repair process in reverse goes for too- wide or too-long shoes. Color changes? You can have faded, stained or dirty white shoes treated to a dye bath of any color you choose and step outside of the four-color li mitation (white, brown, black and navy) imposed upon rationed footwear. Dark shoes can be dyed light. Yes, even black shoes red, and vice versa. Gold and silver kids can be dyed dark for practical wear, or restored to their former glory by re-gilding or re-silvering. Expert dyers strip dyed leathers of original color. Work base colors in, by hand. Apply color in more than one coat. To keep dyed shoes from shrinking, they are worked on a last. Golf shoes? If yours are only a wistful reminder of other days, you can convert these all-but- useless relics of the past into serviceable walking shoes. Removable spikes can be taken out of th'eir sockets and holes can be plugged in with plastic wood. Permanent spikes can be ground down to shoe-sole level. You have no ration stamp for evening slippers, or bridal shoes? Convert backless mules that you have on hand into braceletrstrap slippers or sandals with open- back straps. : Emigration Decreases Irish Unemployment Dublin, Eire (IP) r Large ;scale emigration to Britain since ' war started has partly solved Eire's unemployment problem. During 1942 nearly 52,000 travel permits were issued, compared to 35,000 in 1941 and 26,000 in 1940. ROOSTER GOOD SAMARITAN Lynchburg, Va. (IP)— A. hen belonging to Mrs. D. W. Myers found that it wasn't so bad after all to be without a bill. A rooster fed the hen until its beak, cut off by a lawn mower, grew long and' strong enough to eat again. 'WE ARE GRATEFUL AT CHRISTMASTIME T In the excitement and hurry of the Christmas Season, it is difficult to see all one's friends even for a moment, to extend Yuletide Greetings. We do not wish to overlook any of our many friends at this glad time of the year so we are taking this means of wishing each of you a Merry Christmas; to acknowledge your many kindnesses and favors and to thank you for all you have done for us. May good fortune follow you throughout the coming twelve months. M. S, BATES, Distributor Gulf Refining Co. Products cisRisimns GRCCTinGS AND B6ST WISHES FORA IIEUJVEAR OF HfiPPIHESS HOPE RETAIL LUMBER YARD Allen Electric! 206 No hero asks you for anything more! He's in this fight body; heart and soul! But all the while he's dreaming of his coming to loving arms; a cheerful, comfortdble home; the | he left, to go. to work for Uncle Sam 5 and you! That boy j§v < %'-'-> • living a true story of heroism; but it's ip your power to giY it the happy ending he so richly deserves. ; This Christmas, Pack Each Mother's Son r, Give War Bonds: the Present With o Futurt, i SAEN6ER and RIALTO THEATRES fc&M-

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