Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, December 23, 1943
Page 4
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?.s«f,'i7, '•T t.X "If. Thursday, Deeombfer 23, 19,41 , December S3,1»43 HOM IT At, MOM, ARKANSAS Nff I'Ves, Virginia, There Is a lanta Clous': on 1897 Classic ilysis of News by lackenzie Editorial Commcn ^Written Today and ' Moved by Telegraph •r Cable. UNote — During the temper- aiy absence of DeWitt MacKenzie this column is being conducted by William Frye of fthe Washington bureau.) Classified Adt must be In office day b«fof« publication. All Want Ads cash In atoonc*. Not token over the Phone. On* time— Jt *«*, minimum Me Thr«* tlmM-syac word, i*'"!"""" «« Six Hm«J— Se word, mmlm " wM y ( ? One month— lie word, mlnmlurt $J.70 «,dtes are for continuous Insertions only THE MORE YOU TELL JHE QUICKER YOU SELL* For Sole TWIN BEDS WITH INNER-SPR- ine matlressos. Cobb's Mattress Factor^, 712 West 4th St. Phone 445-J. 23 ' 6tp For Sale SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY, sell or trade furniture. The best place in town to buy furniture. Ideal Furniture Store. 27-lmpd. For Rent WORKING COUPLE OR TWO settled ladles lo share home. Call 660. ^ fla ACRE FARM, 60 ACRES IN cultivation, 40 in botlom. Two houses. Plenty_ water. JPasturc.J mule Ozan. Bears Generally crop. See J. O. Baker, WOOD FOR SALE. PHONE 221. 14-lmo.c. WILLIAM FRYE ociated Press War Analyst _ • Jerry-built structure of the J{«1 War command is showing up fain pointedly so in the case of ^George C. Marshall, who was — .AiY-'now Is not — to take the Mfield" 4 command ot European inva- IFiioriSforces.' . . iSflnstead, he seems destined to re- Snafn as chief of staff, possibly to ^assume even greater responsibili fties in some Allied 'super-staff' ^assignment, as hinted at in dis itches from London and suggest led Sf Washington's much quoted in- Fformed circles. . " Wither Marshall's vast and m- FAT TURKEYS WEIGHING FROM 11 to 27 pounds. Priced $6 and up. Jim Jones or Sid Jones. 511 Notice Laurel St. 18-6tp. GOOD PAPERSHELL PECANS. 25 and 30c per Ib. 404 S. Elm. Phone 459. ' 18-otp. CHRISTMAS GIFTS ON DISPLAY All K)2 Phone 1S8. Mrs. " 3-tt 1938 DODGE, HEATER, FOG lights, motor newly overhauled, three new tires. Dalton Hulsey, Washington, Ark. . 21-3tp ONE WINCHESTER 20 - GAUGE double-barreled-hamerless, prac tically new, with five boxes No. 8 shot, $60. Call 637 or 798-W. 21-otp BOYS' BICYCLE. IN GOOD CON- asing responsibilities are recog- "$ officially with some new title Sbably beside the pont. The Sent and the prime minister • to have agreed that he can-. ^spared as an adviser to be- ftcomVa field commander. $r\Well, it is an open secret in ^Washington that Marshall's amaz- Ving -capacity for responsibility "and \ his great personal qualities —forth- ^rtghtness, common sense, an ency- >%opedic memory, unassuming Wanner, an ability to use with great C'sfalUsuch instruments, human or •'material, as 'are at hand — have ' made him the dominant figure in i^'Slatt councils. *«£THe men working with him in Ihe ttLs joint chiefs of staff and the - JAiglo-American combined chiefs of K'staff probably are no less able than fe'Marshall as strategists of tacti-. ?? cians' But in some subtle fashion, ^having nothing to do with brilliance ~ ' ; 'learning, MarshaU has become ie catalyst of their thinking. , -,,«That being the case, it should tic- '•t casion little surprise if Mr. Ropse- •i >'vel'and Mr. Churchill have decided flHthatHhey could not spare his advi " >ryi services in a war that, from ,e JUlied side, lacks a supreme ' -—ander. ' . ^ Anglo-American forces hav _„.,-commanders, Mr. Roosevel "and'Mr. Churchfll. It may be that '•'they think as one, but it's hardly f likely. Their join decisions are '^compromises, based on recom- dition. 116 Albright West Ave. D. Julia 21 ' 3t P GIVE Spot Opponents First Touchdown By BUCK O'CONNOR Chicago, Dec. 23 — (/P)— The mlghly Chicago Bears are magnan imous fellows on Ihe foolball field They'll gladly give Ihe opposition one touchdown, supremely confi dent of their ability to come back] with two — or more. That's the way they seem to have operated this year and that's why Iheir Nalional Professional League lille game here Sunday against the Washington Redskins may develop inlo a high scoring bailie. Wilh Ihe Redskins line functioning as it did last week against the New York Ganls, opening holes for Andy Farkas and affording prolec- lion for the aerials of Sammy Baugh, Washington would be vir- MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPT- tually a ctach. to roll up a respect- SPORTS ROUNDUP _. -ifii<fiftniitMvir.< Associated Press Sports Columnist^ 'and on" hand at my home- kinds of Fuller brushes. South Fulton, Leon Bundy. SPECIAL : Mattresses FOR 30 remade. CHRISTMAS days only! .- —-, ,. , . ne Sheeting 3.95. Striped tick, 5.95. Free delivery. Phone 152. Hope Mattress Co. 24-lmp ions for Christmas. Not rationed vet New or renewal subscrip- •* . __!_ ^ C" • j« Oil n t* able collection of points The Bears, despite their offen- are no great shakes ' tions on any-magazine. See Chas. sive prowess, are no great snaKes RevneTsohat C?t g y«all. 30-tmc on defense, being topped £'Wash CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! HAVE your mattress remade. Cobb s Mattress. Shop, 712 West. 4th, Phone 445-J. 21- 6t P 1935 DELUXE 4-DOOR FORD. Five good tires. Clean. Call A. L. Hargis at 1039-W after 6 p. m. 22-6tp 80 ACRE FARM ON COLUMBUS road. Good improvements. Apply Alma M. Robbins, Mount .Valley, Arkansas. 23-12tp YOU CAN BUY U. S. APPROVED chicks with confidence. Hatched in our own plant. Will make deliveries, starting January 7. Gunter Hatchery, Phone 623. 23-6tp ington in most phases of defensive statistics. New York, Dec. 23 —W— Look out Kansas and Indiana — for concentrated basketball talent Its going to be hard to top the mid-south service camps this season . . .Besides the Norfolk Naval Training Station (tops in the sector last season and just about as good now). There's the Norfolk Naval Air Sla- tion with John Barr, Penn Slale; Belus Smawley, player-coach at Appalachian State; Eddie Shokes, Duke' Bob Carpenter, East Texas, and a flock of other good ones. . . The North Carolina Pro-Flight Cloudbuslers have Bud Palmer Princeton; Whilcy Myers and Stan Skaug, Dartmoulh; Tippy Dye Ohio Slale, and Don Elser, Notre Dame ... The Fort Bragg, NC. army learn is led by Bones McKin ney former Norlh Carolina Slat ace,-and the Cherry Point Marines who beat the Cloud-Buslers, fealur Lieut Bob Rose, twice All-Southern forward at North Carolina, and Corp. Neil Mosscr from St. Joseph's (Ind.) whom Rose calls the smoothest all-around player he's 00 pounds and has GO more to go. Seeing Eye, Inc., which rains ogs to lead the blind, one of he beneficiaries of the Unlied Hunt Charity Day at Bclmont Park last all . '. -.And no doubt some disgruntled bettors wilt claim it's because Ihe placing judges need lhat kind of air. Today's Guest Star Reese Hart, Raleigh Times: "By now Buck Lambert Favors High School Grid Playoff System Fort Smith, Dec. 23 — — A playoff syslem for high school fool- ball would provide a boom for Arkansas alhlelics, Gene Lamberl, Universily of Arkansas alhlelic director, said here loday. ^ .) *' (N. C.) Ncwsom should qualify for an exlra gas allotment as baseball's leading ^ cler and most-lradcd pilchcr.' Something Fishy Tub-Thumper W. Henry Johnston of Lawrence College, admits there s nothing new in the fact thai his baskelball learn always carries a jug of water on rips — but the reason is something else c»»«,» worthwhile progress. The approach of Christmas was an argument against extending commitmenls unduly. The railway and steel wage controversies again served to intimidale some custom- U™" setting off he ers. Talk of a longer war and the I sections. opening bul negligible declines and advances were prelly evenly split nenr the close. "11 would improve all alhlelics. both high school and collegiate," ho said, "and it would double Ihe gale recelpls, loo." Lambert and Athlclic Directors Jeff Farris of State Teachers and Ivan Grove of Hcndrix college are working With the Arkansas High School Conference Commitlce In drawing up plans for a dlslricl playoff syslem. The plan, if approved by Ihe conference and the Arkansas _ Athlelic Associalion, would go into ') effccl in 1045. Coach Milan Crcighton of Hoi Springs proposed lo Ihe conference recently thai Ihe slac be divided ino districts and ha he winners mec nl Ihe end of he season fgr i^ he slalc championship. * Lamberl said Iherc was more to organizing dislrlct climinalions geographical hat Dick Davis, sports ever seen. But the Chicagoans evidently pro- j Joo Ta| , For shorl ?ed on Ihe Iheory thai it doesn t . n^imnr. Insl Wanted to Rent STOCK OF GOODS FOR GRO- cery, market, filling station. New building. Good location. Nice dwelling adjoining. Will sell goods at invoice and lease buildings. A. W Cobb, North Hazel, St., Hope. ' 22-3tp FIVE OR SIX-ROOM HOUSE. Prefer Ward 1 or 2. Employed in city. Reasonably permanent. No small children. Reference. Call Hope Star. ' . . THREE OR FOUR ROOM FURN- ished apartment for permanent family. Contact Hope Star. competing demands of field com- nanders, but they are probably ac- •ornpahied by "minority opinions" ini those whose requests have ^n denied or whose judgments ceed on the theory make much difference how many poins the opposition makes , providing they make more. The Bears' concentration on offense, besides bringing them the Western division championship, has produced a league-leading figure of 30.3 points per game. In con- Irasl Ihe Redskins raled Ihird in the circuit, registering an average of 2.7 points. The Bears also dominated league rivals in most offensive departments. Factors pointing to a scoring free-for-all include Sid Luckman's passing accuracy, which has produced 2,194 yards and 28 touch downs this year, and Baugh's league leading aerial proficiency, Bud Palmer, lasl season's Ivy League baskelball scoring champion who's pacing Ihe North Carolina Pre-Flighters now after gelling in some ground work at Union (N Y.) College, always wanled lo be a baseball player but couldn t make Ihe grade . . . "!&**>* shorlslop in amaleur ball, Bud ex plained, "and always seemed lo make Ihe lasl-inning error to lose That's why I gave i Services Offered Ihe up. game. .Seems editor of One-Minute Sports Page Charley Jones, Sammy Angott s mana.ge r, ALL TYPES OF HOME AND building repairs. Specialize in reroofing. Estimates free. A. M. Rettig, phone 221. 29-lmp Lost or Strayed "fl v S W****** w»«-— — — > -- • . lmendations which in turn are com- 'lise oinions ot a combined opinions compromised after study of en, Women! Old at 40,50,60! Want Pep? ' Ifltort to ftel Jfwinfer, Mora Vim? is^?^i^^s«^^u« . 60 or 60, aolely bec ffntii« l\nn. O.y.i ToficTablet.Vip- IWnal doset oMron, 2J TIMES mlnl- iijtrltloos! rwwlrementl AIM Vlumlc minimum dully nutritional require- ikve ! 'been overruled. Such a complicated and unwieldy arch needs a 'keysione, and the two chiefs of stale apparently have concluded that Marshall is that keysone. .Takekthe case of Marshall's Pa ctfic trip after Teheran .-and Cairo as-ari.iexample. There'seems littl reasbn.-to doubt now that its chie purpose; was to give Gen. Dougla MacArthur a complete explanation of the situation, and to head off the trip.home which MacArthur is re- ported'to have planned. 'Ji~ MacArlhur has complained publicly about his lack of men and 'quipnient — and he has on sever- 1 occasions — it's a safe bet that e 'has flooded Washington with omplaints and demands the public never heard of. Why? One informed guess is the lack of a single Pacific command, and -a" •consequent absence of unity of purpose" and method. v . , . This is passed-on" Strictly as speculation, but it makes sense. The war against Japan is a single war and there are six recognized inde- RIP-RAP MALE BIRD DOG. FIVE year old.. Black and white spotted. White face. Lost on Rosston road. Reward. 679 Taxi, Homer May. 17-6tp. JERSEY Left YELLOW DEHORNED cow from Patmos pasture her calf. See J. J. or R. E. Byers, BLACK MALE COCKER SPAN- old. Reward. 22 ' 6t iel, five months Call 377. Sour trouble dofftfaU to try Ostre tS*st On BWial muoduot 0 " «"• «•» 35p drug stores everywhere—i : r^and Gibson Drugs, able, after all, as a chief pendent commands— China, South east Asia, Southwest Pacific, South Pacific, Central Pacific and North Pacific: One Chinese, two Allied, three U. S. navy. Count 'em. Maybe Marshall is more valu- - ' •-• of staff. Salesman Wanted WANTED - RELIABLE MAN. OR woman to succeed Emett Turnage as Dealer in'Hempstead County. About 2500 families. Experience not necessary. A fine opportunity to step into old profitable business where Rawleigh Products 'have 'been' sold "for over 25 years. Neighboring Dealer Boyett mak- : ing' sales'" over' $75 -weekly. 'Big profits. Products furnished on credit. Write Rawleigh's Dept. AKL-118-162, Memphis, Tenn. 23-2tp together with his knack of intercepting passes. He nabbed 11 in 10 games to lead Ihe league. Minute icontlnued From Page One) sued a wail-and-see policy toward Ihe demands of Ihe 1,100,000 non- operaling workers," who also have Ihrealened lo'strike Dec. 30. A progress report from Yesler- day's negoialing session on coun- er proposals advanced by Ihe men who operale the Irains, and another joint conference was set for today, . , , The carriers are now understopd to be willing to concede something under the heading of vacations but it falls short of he broherhoods demands. The carrier's first offer was 4 cents an hour in addition to the 4 cenU recommended by an , and his partner, Mike Hogan, plan lo campaign a dozen race hosscs next spring ... In non- ,tille races? . . . Ching Johnson, who admits to 46 years, is playing hockey again on the Pacific 'Coast and (believe it or not) scored a goal the olher nighl on a solo "dash' . . . Among olher places, the U. S. Lawn Tennis Associalion has shipped supplies of tennis balls camp in Germany UUb j-rivix .WV..--I -* . he Applelon, Wis., Posl-Crescenl is T Iropical fish hobby is and when he boys hil Ihe big cilies Ihey visit ish - selling cslablishmcnls as Dick's envoys ... So far , adds Johnson, Ihey have gollen more guppies lhan. baskets. Service Dept. Sports Scribe Dick (Galenlo) McCan. Ihe New York New's lalest contribution to Ihe armed forces, has landed at Ihe Sampson, N. Y., Naval Salion for boot Iraimng . . . Pvl. Bill Mihalo of Delroil, former nalional walking champion, is Irainer for Ihe Fort Riley, Kas baskelball team. But if any of Bill s players starl walking, they 11 hear the refree's whistle . . . .Ab Wilson, Oregon's big football center of 1941-42, served as a lieutenant in the marines through a lot of greater use of aerial weapons broughl bids for issues with an armament rating. Dealings were relatively slow from the starl bul sizable blocks of low-priced slocks .helped pul lunv over al around 600,000 shares. Several liquors weakened aflcr Ihe to a prison Bob Lewis, NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans, Dec. 23 — (/I'tCol- lon fulures advanced here loday on mill price fixing and short covering. The market closed steady to 5 to 45 cents a bale higher: Mch high 19.69 low 19.61 — close 19.70B up 1 May high 19.49 — low 19.38 — close 19.47B up 5 Jly high 19.22 — low 19.15 — cose 19.24B up 6 Ocl high 18.87 — ow 18.76 — cose 18.85 up 7 Dec high 18.79 — ow 18.72 — cose 18.75-76 up 9 Spot collon closed slcady and un changed loday sales 657, slow mid dling 15.89, middling 1D54, goo middling 19.99, rcceipls 516, sloe 224,804. II wftl be necessary, in order lo * assure a smoolhly operating inter- ', scholaslic league, lo employ a full- time Arkansas Athlete iAssoclalion commissioner and sccrcary," he said. These men would have Ihe ities of overseeing statisticians, ( •ranging playoffs, certifying lampions and of handling any Ihcr AAA business which might rise." Arkansas can be divided inlo ight districts. In some cases, nat- rally, a strong team might fall nto a dislric of weak slsers but lat team could schedule non-conference conests with powers of olher dislricls, for dislrict games ilone will no fill a schedule." in 1897 the New York Sun published the follpwlng editorial (which has become Immortal: : We take pleasure in answering at and thus prominently the com- Jnicflllon below, expressing at lie same time our great gratifica- |on that its faithful author is num- Sred among the friends of the |un: "Dear Editor—I am 8 years old. ^"Some of my little friends say . ere Is no Santa Claus. | "Papa says 'If you see it in the jn it's so.' '.'Please tell me Ihe truth, Is there Santa Claus? "VIRGINIA O'HANLON. 1)15 West Ninety-fifth Street" 1 Virginia, your lillle friends are Irong. They have been aftecled by te skepliclsm of a skeptical age. liey do nol believe excepl what [icy see. They think thai nothing hi be which is not comprehensible their lltlle minds. All minds, lirginla, whelher Ihey be men's or hildren's are lillle. In Ihls great universe of ours man is a mere in- seel, an anl, in his intellect, as compared wllh Ihe boundless world aboul him, as measured by Ihe intelligence capable of grasping Ihe whole of Iruth and knowledge. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clnus. He exists as certainly as love and generosily and devotion exist, and you know lhat they abound and give to your life its higher beauty and joy. Alas! how dreary would be the world If there were no Santa Clous! It would be as dreary as if there were no Virginias. There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this exislence. We should have no enjoymenl, ex- cbpl In sense and sight The olernal lighl wilh which childhood fills Ihe world would be cxtingufshed. Not believe in Santa Glaus? You might as well not believe in fairies! You might get your papa to hire Everything you want—is what we wish for you this Christmas! We hope the sun will shine, the Christmas tree sparkle! In all sincerity— Christmas greetings! Patrick's Barbecue AT FIRST SIGN OF A tough fighting on Guadalcanal. Now he's been sent to officers' school at Quantico. the Cubs' round ary has shelved raveling secre- about 40 of his Observation Car Col Heinie Miller, who is inler- esled in more lhan one kind of fighting observes: "Listening to Angott- Ruffin, I got a great kick out of realizing lhat New York wouldn t qualify for inclusion m Wendell Willkie's 'One World,' having their own 'world' champions." Market Report GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago, Dec. 23 W)An sank Local houses Real Estate for Sole ONE OF THE, BEST IMPROVED slock and dairy farms in Hemp- slead County, on highway, one- half mile from cily. One large len-room house, modern, water, lights and gas. All fenced. Two large stock and hay barns, large dairy barn wilh sheds for thirty head of cattle, one concrete milking house, two tenant houses. All in cullivalion and paslures, with a good team and tools, plows to work the land. An ideal country home. See Floyd Porterfield, emergency board, but the second 4 cents would be labelled eilher as overtime or away-from-home expenses. The brotherhoods are unwilling lo sacrifice Iheir claims to these concessions at that price ..and want the second 4 cents- ; as a flat, basic :rate increase,' and the overtime, expenses, and vacation as The carriers contend the stabilization policy limits basic rate increases to the 4 cents recommended by the emergency board. Reports from yesterday's session indicated the joint conference was a preliminary skirmish with both sides sparring for position without display of antagonism. The five brotherhoods which rep- esent about 350,000 engineers, conductors, firemen, trainmen and vance in grain prices, which at one time had carried rye up about a cent from the previous close, ran into selling toward the close today Prices retreated and wheat below yesterday's finish, traders and commission wilh soulhweslern conneclions were on Ihe selling side of wheal. Activily was reslricled in view of the approaching Christmas holiday. Buying was based mainly on the cold wave and Ihe probabihly it would result in an expansion ot feed grain consumption on the farm, while some traders were pes © a ^" pened ood and choice wooled 3.50-14.25; part deck all 3.50. Laiui, *»*•*•" -— — , simistic regarding further pnc gains because Ihey expected an ex panded movement of corn from th country. steady to small killers; lambs clipped POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, Dec. 23 (^(-Approach of the Christmas holidays reslricl- ed aclivily in Ihe grain pits today, but all cereals ruled firm in the quiet trade. Buying came mainly from commission houses with both commercial interesls and local traders pretty much , out of ^tne market. •.' v- •' ,:•:•.. • :•• • < Grains opened fractionally higher and held on to modesl gains. Near Ihe end of the first hour wheat was 1-4 to '1-2 higher, oats were up 1-8 to 5-8, and rye was ahead 3-8 lo Hope. Ark. 23-4tp At the close wheal was 1-23-4 I • lower, May $1.65 3-4—1-4, oats were ' X.8—1-4 higher, May 79 1-8, rye was 3-8 lower to 18 higher, May $1 24 7-8—5-8, and barley was l-B lower lo 1-8 higher, May $1.22 1-4. Cash wheal none. Corn, No. 5 yel- -, There was no trade in barley. NEW YORK COTTON New York, Dec. 23 holiday dullness — Pro- overlook cotton low 1.03 7-8. Oats, No. 2 mixed 83 1-4; sample grade white 80 1-4. Barley, malting 1.20-1.44 1-2 nom.; feed 1 15—1.22 1-2 nom. Field seed Ibs timothy seed 5.75-6.00 10 yardmen have come down in their demands from about $3 a day to 64 cents and extra comcessions. ^ ^ vlliiuM . j _.._ The overtime they propose for i d t 14.00—15.00 nom.; yardmen would be worlh from' 1101 "" -'-•• $3 50 lo $3.91 a week. The roadmen, inslead of a change in overtime -. . . . . Bottler: Pepii-Colg iottlmg Co. of TwrkjM_ Planes Take (Continued ? rom -Page One) early days of the sixth, army invasion, in which 28 planes were destroyed. The United States Fifth Air Force returned the Japanese Arawa visit i with another pounding of the enemy's Cape Gloucester ardrome t and supply base on New Britain 60 miles northeasl of Arawe. Near- red clover 31.50 nom. er 10.50 nom. sweet clov- ly 100 heavy and medium bombers, divebombers and fighler planes, dropped 205 Ions of explosives and slraed Ihe area, slarling many fires and damaging two coastal vessels. . The Cape Gloucester installations, only 90 miles norlheast across Dampier Strait from Allied-held Huon Peninsula, New Guinea, has been hit with more than 2,000 tons of bombs since ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards, 111., Dec. 23 shipment starting before embargo); hardly enough of any weights to lest the market; most 2- --270 Ibs steady; 270-300 Ibs 40-80 higher 160 Ibs down 25-35 higher lop 13.70 for bulk good and choice 200-300 Ibs 170-190 Ibs 12.65-13.25; 140-160 Ibs 7.25-12.35; all quality light pigs down to 6.00; good dows ft nc i i oe '' ' futures today in one of the slowest trading sessions of Ihe year. Prices fluclualed narrowly on mixed and roitine evening up operations. A reappearance of trade price fixing against texlile conlracls enabled the market to substitute small gains for early losses of as much as 35 cents a bale. Late afternoon values were 10 to 20 cents a bale higher, Mch 19.51, May 19.28 — and July 19.04. Fulures cosed 25 lo 40 ccnls a Men hlghVM - low 19.43 - close 19.55 up 5 , May high 19.30 - low 19.21 - close 19.30 up 5 Jly high 19.08 - low 18.99 - close 19.08 up 8 high 18.84 - low 18.71 - close 18.82N up 8. Oct (new) Dec. 1. The Australians on „ . Huon Penin- to My FRIGIDAIRE CUSTOMERS : I have turned ev«r the s«r»Uing of yeMr r MR. CLYDE ARNOLD ~~ Phone 953' Frijidoirei to 414 W. Ave, with you fullest extent. It? Wishing You a Merry Christmas Happy New Year F, H, Jones and a sula pushed Ihe Japanese farther north of the Masawang River, oc, cupying Hubika, 15 miles northwest of the Allied coastal base at Cattle,' 1,500; calves, 500; opened about steady on meager supply; a few lots medium steers 12.25-13.J& medium and good heifers nschhafen. Allied heavy bombers hit adang, enemy base above the uon Peninsula, with 21 tons of xpkxsives and Amahi Airdrome t Ceram, New Guinea, with 20 ons of explosives. United States Navy Catalina embers sank a 6,000-ton enemy merchant ship and scored hits on nother off Kavieng, New Ireland. A heavy bomber damaged a Jap- nese deslroyer in lhal area. American destroyers demoiisnea buildings and set fires -in the Tin- puts harbor area on the norlheast coast of Bougauiville Island m the and mixed yearlings 11.00-13.35; little done on cows; common and mea- ium beef cows 8.00-10.25; medium and good sausage bulls 9.50-11.25; vealers 50 lower; good and choice 15.00; medium and good 12.50-13.75; nominal range slaughter steers 9 75-16.00; slaughter heifers 9.015.50; stocker and feeder steers 8.00-13.25. . Sheep, 1,000; early receipts trucked-in lambs and ewes; market Dec (new) close 18.72N up 6 Middling spot 20.40N up fa. N-nominal. NEW YORK STOCKS By VICTOR EUBANK New York, Dec. 23 (/P)- Firm spots among aircrafts, chemicals and specialties persisted in today s stock market although many leaders found difficulty in negotialing USE 666 TABLETS. SALVE. NOSE DROPS THIS CHRISTMAS HELP TO RESTORE PEACE ON EARTH- T HIS year our memories of other happier Christmases are more vivid than ever. The stockings, the trees, the carols, the family reunions—memories of all of these make us yearn more strongly than ever for the safe return of our husbands, brothers, sons and daughters who are far from home. . So the foremost hope of all of us is that peace shall once more return to this earth—and soon. You can help to speed the day of victory and peace by giving War Bonds and Stamps this Christmas. Every War Bond, every Stamp, you buy and give helps mould more bullets—load more shells—launch more ships—lift more planes into the skies! Every War Bond, every Stamp, you buy and give will help to dictate the terms of the Armistice—and write a, peace that will endure. So give U, S. War Bonds and Stamps to everyone on your Christmas list. Give and give generously! Remember—every War Bond and Stamp is more 'than a present for the one who receives it. It's a gift of peace and happiness and safety for some soldier or sailor besides! men to watch all the" chimneys ort Christmas Eve to Catch Santa 21au3, but even if they did not see ranln Claus coming down, what vould lhat prove. Nobody sees Santa Claus, but that is no sign hat Ihere is no Sanla Claus. The nosl real Ihings in the world are hose lhal neither children nor men can see. Did you ever see fairies dancing on the lawn? Of course not, jut that's no proof they are not here. Nobody can conceive or maglne all the wonders there are mseen and unseeable in the world. You tear apart the baby rattle and see what makes Ihe noise Inside, but there is a veil covering he unseen world which not the strongest man, nor even the united slrenglh of all the .strongest men .nat ever lived, could tear apart. Only faith, fanc'y, poetry, love, romance, can push aside that curtain and view and picture the supernal beauty and glory beyond. Is it all real? Ah, Virginia, in all this world there is nolhing else real and abld ing. No Santa Claus? Thank God, he lives, and he lives foreverl A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay ten Umes len Ihousand years from now, he will continue to make glac the heart of childhood. U.S. Congress Adjourns for the Holidays By ALEX H. SINGLETON Washington, Dec. 22—(#")—Members of the 78lh Congress went home today to celcbrale Ihe Chrlsl- mas holidays and lo recharge Iheir political batleries for Ihe opening of a presidenlial campaign year. They will return Jan. 10 to come to grips wilh a balch of queslions direclly affecling the country's wartime economy, of challenges lo President Roosevell's melhod for holding Ihe inflalion line, of issues cenlering around laxes, wage increases, subsidies and appropriations. As the final gavel fell lale yes- lerday lo end a session which saw the administration give ground in turbulent batlles over home front policies, there appeared litlle hope of peace between the executiv branch and a coalition of Republicans and southern and farm stale Democrats. In (he final days, President Roosevelt's Capitol Hill stalwarts won a temporary truce in some of the pending fighls, hopeful lhat a "cooling off" period would shift sentiment, that the constituents back home would rally to Iheir support. Two of those questions — subsidies and taxes — await Senate attention; a third, that of wage stabi- lizalion, resls in Ihe House. Here is how Ihey were left: Subsidies —. The House and Senate agreed to postpone until Feb. 17 a showdown on Ihe question of oullawing consumer food subsidies. The truce was reached by extending the life of the Commodity Credit Corporation until thai date. The subsidy ban was atlached to an- olher bill, passed overwhelmingly by Ihe House, which granted CCC a continuance until July, 1945. Wages — The House Interslate Commerce Committee sidetracked a measure to give 1,100,000 non- operating railway employees an across -Ihe -board, eight -cent -an- hour pay boost until after the recess. The Senate passed the bill by a vole of 74 lo 4, despile Ihe administralion's prolesl that it would wreck the stabilizaion machinery. Taxes — In he final minules, Ihe Senate Finance Commitlee okayed a measure calling for $2,275,600,000 in new laxes, less lhan 20 per cent of. the amount the administralion described as necessary lo drain off "surplus" money and combat inflation. The bill awails Congress' return. Marked for quick attcnlion when a measure lo provide mustering out pay for servicemen. The Senate already has approved a bill providing for a sliding scale discharge pay ranging from $200 to $500,dependent upon the lenglh of service. Meanwhile, an effort is being made to work out a compromise on legislalion lo give soldiers a vole in the November eleclions, one which will salisfy bolh Ihose who claim Ihe federal government should make arrangements for the balloting and those who maintain il should be handled by the stales. During ils first year this Congress has: 1. Gone on record for postwar international cooperation to maintain just and lasting 2. Continued for two years the end-lease agreements. 3. Extended the administration's authority lo write reciprocal trade agreements. 4. Voted appropriations amount-- ng lo $114,000,000,000, about 96 per cent of which was earmarked for war purposes. 5. Adopted a modified pay-as-you- •arn tax bill, abating approximate- y 75 per, cent of otic year's assessments for the nation's taxpayers. 6. Enacted the stringent Smith Conhally war labor disputes acts ,o curb strikes by providing a "cooling off" period, 7. Increased allowances for dependents of servicemen. 8. Revamped the Selective Service law in an effort to slow down Induction of fathers. 9. Nullified President Roosevelt's executive order limiting individual Incomes to a maximum of $25,000 after taxes. Use Beauty Mask To Erase Marks Of Holiday Fun BY ALICIA HART NEA Staff Writer. If you wanl lo look 20 when you feel like a hundred, go -lown under a taeauly mask and slay for 15 minutes. Thai's the quickie prescribed by sparyling Dinah Shore, songslress of the airways. You can turn the trick, she says, wilh a mixlure of uncooked oatmeal and almond meal and a .few drops of milk. If you want your mask to bleach, add a few drops of lemon juice or peroxide. Clean your skin before applying, and for extra beauty dividends poultice your face wilh towels wrung out in hot waler. This helps lo soflen up and roul blackheads thai may polka-dol your pores. ' All cleaned up? Spread your paste, Lie down wilh your feet higher than your head and relax. When your skin looks like a bas- relief map, wash off the mask with cool water. Then, go see if you don't find a more radiant vision in your mirror. -~o,« These Canines Lived Dangerously Shreveport, La. W>)Smokie II, who never missed a fire in the 15 years she served as mascot of the Central fire station, has gone to join her faithful canine predecessors'. With appropriate rites she was buries back of the station beside Screwball and Smokie I. Screwball rode wagon and truck for 17 years before being fatally injured by one of those "new fang- led" street cars. Smokie I died beneath the wheels of an automobile at age six-. Smokie II, a rat terrior, died in her own little bed. 15 TONS LETTERS Melrose, Mass. W For 32 years, Elmer C. Rice, local business man, saved all his correspondence. The other day he turned it over to the waste paper drive — all 15 tons of it. salvage Dolph Camilli led lhe\ National League in strikeouts and 1ft Walltt in 1939, fanning iOf tfrtiSs drawing liO bases on bails, When Kerry Patch won the Futurily there was ho mutuel ting in New York and sortie makers quoted him as high 100 to 1. Onde again may we express our wishes for a Merry Christmas, and thank you for your patronage— AND patience—Ihis past year, Crescent Drug Store Solomons, in the first surface action against this base located in supposedly enemy- controlled waters. __ Allied Planes in the Solomons, having dropped 3.000 tons of bombs on Japanese airdromes and f supply bases on Bougainville so f*r this month, continued hammering the Buka, Kieta-and B.uin areas. downed one floatplane. conditions, would get their expenses at terminals away from home. They estimated these lurn as high as $25 a month. The National Mediation Board, headed by Chairman William M. Leiserson, reported it had consulted the White House about the non-operating wage dispute and would not take jurisdiction until the president or his stabilization aides authorized mediation . The non-operaing unions, whose members perform the office, shop and track work, signed an agreement with the carriers last August foi an increase of 8 cents and hour but Sabilizalion Direcor Fred M. Yin son refuses to approve it. He ha authorized graduated increases o; I to 10 cents which the group o 15 unions have rejected. FALSE TEETH _^. HtLl) HHMIY BY Comfort Cushion - NQWWf AR YOUR PlATfS Wlf 9K1 .Dr.Weroet'ePqw- der lete you enjoy solid foods—avoid embarrassment .PI ,opae plates. Helps prevent sore giune. It'aao easy to wear your plates regu- arly-all day-when held firmly in jlace by this "co®fort-cusluon"-» dentist'? formula. ' • - pl»te powder. 3. Economical; small amount lasta longer. «.Dr.Weroet'spow- derispwe.harnijess —pleasant tasting, The ration board played Santa Claus to those of you who were lucky enough to get a new tire certificate this month . , . for you're not only eligible to buy a tiew Goodyear but we've got them- now to sell. There's nothing synthetic but the rubber. These big beauties have the same prewar appearance, sure-stop, Deluxe tread design and tough tire body construction that have made Goodyear the best tire on the road year after year. Bring your certificate to Goodyear today and get a longer run for your money. S1I.1I Si; 60011 selling Or Wernet'b Powder L, R. HAMM MOTO Phone $8 The spirit of the 'season prompts us t<p express to you appreciation of our pleasant business relations during the past year and to most heartily wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happiness and Prosperity for the New Year. Herndon-Cornelius Funeral Home In These Our Faith —the Word of God— the Flaq of Freedom: For These We Fight ^j . • • " *^ • WHERE Goes the American flag, there goes the Bible: together they symbolize the Four Freedoms we're fighting for ., . . this war-time Christmas, Our flag unfurled safeguards freedom of religion; and just as the Church is the House of God, so is the Bible H-is word. : Our men on far-flung battlefields, in bomb-dealing planes { and on torpedo riddled waters reemphasize at every opportunity the va.lue of. their, religious faith when they face the imminence of death. And each of. us who. has a loved one in uniform knows full well how often prayer comes to our lips! This Christmas let us fortify our spiritual forces by remembering that the Axis denies the Faith — and back the men of our armed forces by buying more War Bonds ... so that another Christmas may be spent in the Peace that follows Victory. * Graydon Anthony Lumber Co* fitie , $& ?%$* * , t ffs ?,*{

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