Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 21, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 21, 1943
Page 4
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STAR, HO?S, ARKANSAI Tuesday, 31, r^j T-** ^^ fc liStor V iBy* *c> .. » bU(WIno«2!24u South Walnut - ,-rtrt*,. ta*X Ark. ' <H «*ood class matter at the f lc« (rt H00«, ArUonsoj. undsr (h* 6«.Mdfth 3. 1197. Ent«fpfl>» •«• (Always Payabta In city carrier, p*r wMk 15c; , ..tvadCL Howard. Miller and .. counties, $3.50 put year; else- •f TM A»»tlrtU Fran: The _ Prm.ts t*cMlv»ly entitled to tar rapublkatian of all news du- CNtftM to It or not otherwise In thl« pc*«r and olio the local AtfnrfM* M»re*entotlye— Brthi, IM.; - Memphis. Tenn. Mine; Chicago, 400 North Mlch- i; New York City, 292 Madison I, Mfch, 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; *~ 414 Terminal IBdg.: New Hold Everything Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo •ASID ON fHI FORTHCOMING iyCAPT. TED W. LAWSON WED i* BOB Tuescfoy, December 2!, •- —-- — *-J--.••* a y - .-.I, . , i H 0 M S T A fc, HOPE, AftKAHSAS 'Leave it alone—it's probably a < booby trapl" England did not produce more than 45 percent of her foodstuffs before the war. 1 studied the four Chinese fields. > "I know Tokyo like a book." went over hca\ particular target of the Ruptured Duck, I made a of Tok\o,with Lieut. Comdr. No Happy Landings Mere North of Hawaii, we were joined by more cruisers and destroyers. N OW that it was settled that Tokyo was to be the craft fire. We went over hca\ily detailed maps of the city the other targets so that we ftuld let the incendiary go adtlitionil destroyers and cruisers. We were now i i particular target of the Ruptured Duck, I made a of Tok\o,with Lieut. Comdr. Jarika, who had been Naval near the end of the di\ e \\ e planned to go into as soon able task iorce. ^ , • ^ We proceeded slow ly ^ye•it. 1 lie father turned; SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith i'"|t must be lots of fun working in a factory nowadays— * ^ieehere they're holding dances every noon hour at your :|2 V plant!" study of the four Chinese fields \v here « e could land and Attache at our Embassy in Tokyo. "I know that tow n like as we had dropped our List «plosi\e bomb, we procecoca siowiy wc«. iut wiauiLr i«n co refuel after the bombing. It appeared that our best bet a book," he'd say, and give us the location of this or tint Later Doolmk wid there w ould be no bombing of the bad and one of our ships bcci.ne partial ly crippleO. •would.be the field at Choo Chow Lishui, about 125 miles factory. Finally we selected three targets on a reasonably Emperor's Palace. He said that it wasn't worth a plane Na\y worked on it for iluec days under the most dill inland. Straight line, and close together, and began the long job factory or a sfjil smelter or a tank farm. conditions. .... Our bombing problem'was complicated. We were told of memorizing their characteristics. As f had decided at Iglin, our bombing plans were all During the tedious rep-i.r process a heavy wave s,wep» we would- drop three 500 pound bombs \Uieie they Dpplittle told us that we would carry another bomb, a based on night-bombing, lint presented the problem of over the low midi up of one ot our vessels. Out loudj would do the most harm yet drop them in the shortest 500 pound incendiary something like the old Russian bnrragc balloons. Bobbing nround in the darkness, those speaker^bawled at the ship: , , i mace of time and on as much of a straight line as possible. Molotov bread-basket. This would be dropped from a billoons w en certain to be pretty dangerous. . You \e lost a rn-m Alan overboard ... This was to give us the least possible amount of anti-air- low altitude on a flammable section, as near as possible to On April 10, north of Hawaii, our force was joined by ,. (Continued tomorrow) Drawings copyright,-1043, hy King Features Syndicate, Inc. Text copyright. 1043. by Random House, Inc. A Book-of-the-Month'Club Selection, to l>« published July ». FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger QUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hooplc OUT OUR WAY By J. R. An Idea of the suicide" terrain over which our airmen must sometimes fly to get at the foe is given by. t&e photo above. It shows half a dozen Boeing Flying Fortresses of the 8th Air Force winging across rock-walled fiords on their way to bomb Nazi bases in Norway. Balkan Air Boss BIGDEAL/ $50 FOP, TALKING BIRD.' £ 100 PEP. KlGVAT ONl AtMO B\CS T5EAL,e.H, 8LKG&5T ? 6REACT l^THPCT ILLIDN^MATED . TA 60L5RD VOU USE FOR A, TVMlCB.&e, / )^ MO&E OU6AT To DETECT VOO THESE ^\THE UNABURGER NiOVM/— OLD BATTLE- \ FROWP VMM^T'a ThtE B\RD 1 \NJORM EARS S. FOR Rf^DlO c,KoWS r AI^D DECENE /WE f •*-) VAE M\SCOED BV /I DO MOO \AEA\R. C TALKING ABOUT \ \MWAT GLADSTONE) THE DEAL \MH\L& ' IS SAVINGS'? -«—. \ GLADSTONE VJP\& AVOPF- - epiirr-TT/r' I. TUJ^ED I Do CARE WA.S A. BULU MOOSE IMPIAM OKAV, BL MODERM INE SHC GUMS.' 1 STAR.T FlRIM GOOD GAWSH.' HE HAD HORNS LIKE A ROCVCIM 1 CHAIR GONMA. BRIMG MY GUM DOWN-PICK HOILfeS GOT TWO RABBITS VEST1PAY.' I GOT HIM, SURE. 1 DID YOU SEE HIM WOBBLIM' OVER TH' HILL? --. OM HIS HEAP.' (0 THIRTY YEARS TOO SOOM •It's the McCoy—and Pal *"Il helps keep up their morale, sir 1 ." •Col.-Gen. Alexander Lochr, iibove, heads Genniln air forces jii" the Biilknns. Liisl September, lie \viis reported arrested on Gestapo orders, for having ~'Symf);ithi/ud" with the Free German Committee organized in Moscow. Packin' pistols of type used by their famous great-grandparents, origine.tors of the historic Hatfield-McCoy feuds of West Virginia end Kentucky, June Hatfleld, left, and Susie McCoy pose in New York, where they are teamed on a radio program, The girls both work in an Elkton, Md., munitions plant. Just Barely By Leslie Turnet Donald Duck'! Land Lubber! By Walt Disney Rqbaul Raid Casualty On the Trial By Fred Harmon I SORRY 1 •SUSPECTED THAT'S OKAY, f\AR5HAL --.'AND THAWS (s)OVO LITTLE &EAVER. SHOV>3 US V)H£RE TO GO.' - f Bomber's Shell Popeye 'Seaweed For An Old Salt" Thimble Theater •lid H«r luddiw Now," Fred By Edgar Martin SSL1M1N6 VOU CAM . . k . HOOT 8eTTER.,BECAUSE V ANOTHER RE ASIM6 PU HAVE O^i-VONE EVE,}, OMV VA MUST, • HERE'S ANOTHER REW50U, UJHVUJE SUSPOSEVA NOTICE AIM'T AS VOUWs AS I OSTER BE?^ 7 ALUJAVS EATS WE SPIMACH) THE OLDER I VAM.THE MORE 6PIMICH IET (U S. Navy Photo) n aboard the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga during a Navy jsk force raid on Rabaul, the photo above shows rear gunner fcehheth Bratton of Mississippi being helped out of turret of an iyenger torpedo plane by Lieut, Julie Bescoes, left, USC coach 1 former All-America star, and Photographer's Mate Paul Burnett of Corpus Christ!, Tex., on the carrier's deck. Bratton was (yyounded when Avenger and a Hellcat fought eight Zeros, de• siroyed three, damaged two and chased others away. That shell Gerry Williams of Inglewood, Calif., is holding comes out of the nose of North American's new cannon- equipped B-25 Mitchell bomber. Just to the left of her head is , the cannon's muzzle. Alley Pop Plunder Bv V. T, H«m!i" Grand Stand Seats! |y Chic 'I'nu cjoiKiG ( PULL POWM \TWE SHAPE ? SO "SOU < I CAMTSEE, ITS REMARKABLE HOW SUCH A LITTLE WOMAM CWJ THROW A BIS MAN AROUNP THE ROOM LIKE THAT HA.VIM RAME/XM WHIRLPOOL, OUR HERO POPS UP IW t\ HUGE, ILLUMINATED UNDEEGROJJMD CAVECN.' NEVER KMENM WAS THAT MUCH DO-CAD JUMK IMTH'WHOLE WORLD.' Time Out for Posterity Freckle* and His Friendi Love's Labor Lost SHE WONT EVEN LOOK AT WE. FRECK / YaJv/e BEEM SITHMG THERE FOR. TWO HOURS .' COME TO BED IT'S PASf MIDNIGHT/ M GOSH—-AND TO THINK SHE'S ONiy eNTY FEET AWAY.' By Merrill Keep THAT UP AWHILE LONGER j AND VOU wia. h e as ne Marshal oKe . ^ os *»«»« W t v (NEA RacHopholo). Broz, paJlecl «'TUo« by bis Yugoslav fuerrJlla followers, Is pic,, barassing the Germans to sit for hlsVlrait bust, modeled by .The Waves Are Fine Ann and Jewel Bubnick, Carlerel, N. J., WAVES, try salt-water brand on Miami Beach. The 22-year-old twins arc yegmen at Ooa ~ LocHa ; Fla., Naval Air Station. Meet the Dilbert Dunker "Dilbert" is the proverbial name of the Air Cadet who always does things wrong. To teach cadets how to ^escape if their plane is downed in water, officers at the Corpus-'Christ!, Tex., Naval Air Training Center rigged up the "Dilbert Dunker" pictured above. A sawed-ofl two-seater plane, it is hoisted up, dropped in the swimming pool and quickly sinks. Fully-clothed trainees have 25 seconds in which to scramble out, salvage equipment, inflate life jackets and rubber raft. (Navy photo from NEA.) Christmas Prayer White Man's Magic Fascinated by the white man's "magic" machine that can flash pictures through the ether from Port \ ; i, Moicsoy, New Guinea, to Washington, D. C., a native listens to the sound of a photo"bemg trarisl" milted on the NEA-Acme Telephoto Trans-ceiver, now being used by tfie U S Army Signal Corps", NEA-Acme war correspondent Tom Shafer, left, holds earphones for native while Lieut Monlrose^ Moses, of Winsted, ponn._, operates the .machine. Tigerish Typhoon Thousands of Americans have sent their blood into battle as lives are being saved through blood plasma transfusions. The American medical men shown here are undergoing final instruction in England. Buy War Bonds. U, S, Treasury Defarlment Rabbit Man Key job of the week goes to| Albert Geitz of Clayton, Mo., who as National Rabbit Co^ ordinator will have charge of the nation's bunny breeding. Jap Tribute He's only one of millions, but he typifies the spirit that all American fighting men will have as they kneel to oiler a Christmas prayer. Be they on bloody Tarawa, in mud-bound Italy, the steaming jungles of New Guinea, in England, Iceland, China, Jndia, somewhere afloat on foe-infested wateis or in the training ' camps at home—in all then hearts will be the same prayer—for I victory, a speedy peace and_t h e icturn of good will among men, In contrast to usual revengeful attitude of Japs toward enemies is this Nippon-erected sign, over grave of U. S. pilot shot down dunng raid on Kiska. It \y^§ found by invading Allied forces. (U. S. Navy photo,) t **Sr "M r i Its wings gaudy with tiger stripings, this RAF Typhoon flghteri- bomber is pictured as it flashed on its way from England to strate^_ enemy airfields, attack railroad trains and down. Nazi aircraft in Europe. ' " Music Hath Charms \\4\ Opera returned to music-starved Naples jecently when an. Army t < Air Force unit aiianged a pioduction of "La Boheme" at a local'X ' theater, which was packed with hundieds of Amei ican soldiers/* I: Some came stag, but others, as the photo above indicates, found fellow music-lovers among the Neapolitan signonnas. «•- | Traveling Powerhouse Train pulls alongside plant's coal pile Bailer tars generate steom, feed it r« generator car Steam turbine a generator make electricity, ondenssi in these cars con used steani A spectacwlai pioduct of science's role in the war effprt is in the sketch above It is. a tiavehng electric power plant de- i signed to pinch-hit in cities whose poweihouses have been out by the enemy Tb.e Westinghouse Company of whose engineers developed the train, is now producing a nujgjb^ of them, destined I w combat ai e? s-ervjcg. _____ I

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