Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1943 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1943
Page 3
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P^f^rf^fJ^^lfW^^ 5 J «*^*9^ a ^.•.V^TW' 1 ™ H H\' «ff c ! <s ; Social Daisy Dorothy Heard, Editor Phone 768 B«twe*n t •, m. *hd 4 0. m. Social Calendar % HZ" f 5i Friday, December 17th *'.$ The Builder's class of the Hope Gospel Tnbernnelc, home of Mrs. Guy Bnsye, Edgewood street, 7:30 p. m. ^b -r-- J u A'ehristmns party will be hosted by Mrs. Thompson Evans, Jr., at the home of her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Roy Anderson, 7:30 p. m. Ignoring the football team, mem- *ibe»»of the 10. II, 12 grades of Hope .. School will entertain with a .,,'Christmas dance at the High School L. Begeman will be i hoj|ps to members of the Friday Music club at their annual Christmas party al her home, Southwest- ri Sj.«ern Proving Ground, 7:30 o'clock. .uiijsunclay, December 19th T^e annual White Christmas ,„ pn£~hnl will bo presented at First »«t<« Methodist Church, 0:115 p. m. The ',:?• public is invited to attend. I If Ak, «d*% 4 A I •v CAPT, tlO W. itii M ibl Book-of-tltft-Month Hold Iv.rythlng Ours was to be a low-altitude job. We met Doolittle at Eglin An order came for us to take off for Eglin Field. •'I said bring home a couple ct not holders—not stockholders!" SB8«fels» The swift can fly at. a rqte of 200 miles an hour. By Galbraith -~ DE GLANCES groups, talking about what had happened. We were sti 1 December 20th T Women's Auxiliary of the Presbyterian Church will ^r^::;^^ By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY By Hershberger neel «t the church, 3 o'clock, FUNNY BUSINESS VOU FELLERS , VOU RECALL. ylass Social Is rtosted by Teacher The Winsome Sunday School class '"ALA?) T\MIG&S/ I'M. CR^CK- YMOU COUUD ; ui&oWDER?U* BURDEN OP ] ATURKENA*D A>COOK MS 6ECP£T.'••«*'ONte OF TtAB-J 800K,6OTIlLjiB IT TOOK ABOUT TWO \ BRIMG THEM THE NAACHIME AM' THEM PILE AMD TO TH' eiRL.'.WHUT DID VOU HOURS TO TURKS OUT I OLD BOYS BEVEL GEAR' / BACK TO THIS SIZE-WELL, \ SHOW 'EM THIS ,IS ABOUT TWO THAT THEV HOURS' WORK.' FEEL / DIDN'T DO VJH5NSOU.OO IT; First B »Ptist Church met at he nome of the teacher, Mrs. L. F. ME #60 FOR THE BELONGS TO WO&T HP*IE A OULD BUS U&R. CR/XZN ABOUT THE: 50 _ LOTOFOOOeUFOR TH' BOTTOfA ONES1 THEY'RE WARM /, YETJ SAENGER AMD KEEP Friday - Saturday THE MAGICIA.NJ H'l^ust a f§w little gifts my wife asked .me to pick up masonic frieuds-Hbe wa .y - these kids-are crowding .me, 1 1&?v " Won't have a muiMte to do any shopping I I won these in a domestic battle!" Don Wilson Barbara Jo Alien Myrtle Wiseman By Wot* Disney Donald Duck By Leslie Turnei ACTION and ROMANCE jniheBip-iloaringWest! with RUSSELL HAYDEN Alma CARROU Bob WILLS Thimble Theater By Fred Harmon A Change for the Better" Pussyfooting THERE GOES OWE MOID THE NAW AIN'T UJHAT V iT U)AS U)KEKI I WAS IS MY FRIEND FOOTSTEPS' &OPT ELSE C ume- BEAVER VA'LU HAVE LOTSA UW*T?VOU'LLLET SUITS HELPIM'VA , I BELIEVE I AM IN THE WAW - THE ADMIRAL UM5HES TO TALK U/ITH VOU POPEVE RIALTO HE AWT A ADMIRAL AM Western Cyclone By Edaar Martin By V. T. Hamlin He's Annoyed , WHEREVER; CURRENT IS GOIN& IS WHERE I'M 60IN*5 TOO... BUT ^ WHEN I 6ET VsV FEfT THIS WAIER AT ME, 1- FINDIN6 NAZI SPY OR RAF HERO? ERIC PORTMAN ANN DVORAK Chic Young Catechism, of Matriony! and Hit Friend! ALWAYS MAKE IT SOUNP AS THOUGH YOU'RE WORKW6 A LOT HARPER THAN VOU REALTY AKg / MAMA ASKeo ME TO REPAIR THIS CHAIR WE'D use To ._ ., oMOMe-Kwry-; IT£ JUST AROUND )(J WHAT5 VOUR. MOM 11 A ft, M 0 Mf -A ft K A M S A ft Higgason Tuesday for a business meeting and Christmas social. Festive holiday decorations were used throughout; the entertaining rooms. A brief business period was presided over by the president, Mrs. Lawrence Cagle. Mrs. Julius White read the Christmas story concluding with an appropriate reading., "The Stars Go By" was given by Mrs. W. J, Greenwald. A delicious salad plate was served with tea to 17 members. Mrs. Ralph Owen Is Complimented by Mrs. Jim Case Mrs. Jim Case was nt home to friends informally yesterday honoring Mrs. Ralph Owen, of New Orleans, .who, with Mr. Owen, chief petty officer in the United Slates Coast Guard, is spending the holidays with relatives in the city. The Christmas decor was observed in the lighted tree and arrangements of holly. Coffee was served with dainty sandwiches .and candies throughout the entertainment. A number of friends called between the hours, 4:30 to 6:30. ttr, By Chattel Dickcnt Bargain' Methodists Asked to Bring Gifts for White Christmas In observunce of the annual "White Christmas," members of the First Methodist Church Sunday School are asked to bring the items listed bolow: Beginners department — Fresh fruit; primary department — oatmeal and grits; junior—rice and meal; junior high—meal, dried peas and beans; senior young people— Irish and sweet potatoes; Jett B. Graves class—coffee; Mary Lester cluss—canned goods; Edith Thompson class—syrup; Jewell Bible class—flour; all men's classes— cash. It was also announced that Sunday offerings will be used for Methodist orphanages. If members are unable to bring specified articles, they are asked to bring some other food. Christmas Pageant to Be Presented At Presbyterian Church Under the direction of Mrs. Roy Allison and Mrs. C. C. McNeil a Christmas pageant will be presented at the First Presbyterian Church Sunday, December 19, at 5 p. m. "The Christmas Pilgrims" consists of the following parts: The Coming of the Christ Child; The Journey of Mary and Joseph; The Journey of the Angels; The Journey o flhe Angels; The Journey of the Shepherds; The Journey of the Wise Men; The Flight into Egypt; The Wandering Christ; Let Us Go Even Into Bethlehem. Following the offering the congregational hymn, "O Come All Ye Faithful" will be sung. The program will be closed b ythe benediction. CHAPTER XI 'T'HEY journeyed on for some time—now through such crowded places that he oflen looked over his shoulder, thinking he had lost his guide, bul generally finding him wilhln his shadow on his other .side; now by ways so quiet lhal he could have counted his short, quick, naked footsteps coming on behind —until they arrived at a ruinous jcollection of houses, and the boy 'touched him and stopped. i "In there!" he .said, pointing out lone house where there were scattered lights In the windows, and 'a dim lantern In the doorway, with "Lodgings for Travelers" painted on it, Redlaw looked nbout him; from Ihe houses, to the waste piece of ground on which the houses stood, bordered by a sluggish ditch; to the sloping line of arches, part of some neighboring viaduct or bridge, with- which it was surrounded, to the child, close to him, cowering nnd trembling with the cold, nnd limping on one little foot, while he coiled the other round his leg to warm it. "In Ihere!" said Ihe boy, poinling oul the nou.se ngaln. "I'll wail." Looking back on his way lo Ihe house door, Redlaw saw him trail himself upon the dust and crawl within the shelter of the smallest arco, as if he were a rat. He had no pily for Ihe Ihing, bul he was afraid of it; and when It looked out of its den at him, he hurried to the house as a retreat. "Sorrow, wrong, and trouble," said the Chemist, with a painful effort al some more dislinct remembrance, "at least haunt this place darkly. He can do no harm, who brings forgetfulness of such things here!" . With these words, he pushed Ihe ielding door, and went in. 'T'HERE wos a woman silling on x the stairs, either nsleep or for- head was bent down Gardenia Club Meets At Arch Moore Home With Mrs. Arch Moore and Mrs. C. V. Nunn hostesses, members of the Gardenia Garden club met at the home of the former Wednesday afternoon. The home was atlractively decorated in the seasonal motif. Roll call response was made by naming a flower from -the Bible. A brief business period was held. Using the hteme "Variety in Christmas Decorations," Mrs. S. D. Cook nnd Mrs, Clyde Hendrickson illustrated the decorating of a mantle and a table. During the social hour the hostesses served a delightful salad course to 13 members attending Gifts were also exchanged at thib time. Coming and Going Miss Mary Lemley left today foi Little Rock to be the guest of Miss Mary Delia Carrigan for the AAUW and Cotillion club dances this week- Major and Mrs, Day Campbell have been guests of Mrs. Campbell's sister, Mrs. J. A. Davis, and other relatives while en route tc: Phoenix, Ariz., from New York. Cpl. Leonard Ellis of the Public Relations department of the Dodge City, Kansas, Army Air Base, has arrived for a holiday visit with Mrs Ellis and friends. Mrs. Irma Dean is leaving today for Camp Van Dorn, Miss., to spend the holidays with her daughter, Miss Gwendolyn Dean. Sgt. Wingfield Stroud left yesterday for Camp Hood, Texas, after a visit with his mother, Mrs. W. M Stroud. Miss Vivian Cooper has gone to Strong, Ark., to spend the holidays pvl. James Roy Gates of the Corps, San Diego, is visit St.Joseph ~ ^ i^ i w i rsj Woi 111 i t jrgebt Seller at 10' s Eat Supper With Us j[? feature Nightly — Select Oysters Fried Chicken Choice Steaks , • Fried Potatoes and Salad CHECKERED CAFE It's Safe to Be Hungry orn, on her hands and knees. As it was npl easy lo pass without ..treading on her, and as she was perfectly regardless of his near approach, he stopped, and touched her on the shoulder. Looking up, she showed ilm quite a young face, but one whose bloom and promise were all swept away, as if the haggard winter should unnaturally kill the spring. "What are you?" said Redlaw, pausing, with his hand upon the broken stair-rail. "What do you think I am?" she answered, showing her lace again. "I am come here to give relief, if I can," he said. "Are you thinking of any wrong?" She frowned at him, and then laughed; and then her laugh prolonged itself into a shivering sigh, as she dropped her head again, and hid her fingers in her hair. "Are you thinking of a wrong?" he asked, once more. "I am thinking of my life," she said, with a momentary look al him. "What are your parents?" he demanded. "I had a good home once. My father was a gardener, far away in the country." "Is he dead?" "He's dead to me. All such things are dead to me. You a gentleman and not know thai!" She raised her eyes again, and laughed al him. "Girl!" said Redlaw slernly, "before this death, of all such things was brought about, was there no wrong done to you? In spite of al that you can do, does no remembrance of wrong cleave to you' Are there not times upon time when it is misery to you?" So little of what was womanl; was left in her appearance, tha oW, when she burst into tears, he tood amazed. But he was more mazed, and much disquieted, la lote lhat, in her awakened lecol- (2cflon ,of this wrong, the first tiace f her old humanily nnd frozen endelrness appeared to show itself. * * * [-TE drew a lltlle off, and In do- Ing so obsei ved that her arms vere_ black, her face cut, and her joso'm "bruised. <,"What brutal hand has hurl you 6?" he asked. f "My own. I did it myself!" she mswered quickly. ¥ "It Is* Impossible." I'll swear I did! He didn't touch fie. I did it to myself in a passion, ind threw myself down here. Ha Arasn't near me. He never laid a land upon me!" In :,the white determination of ^confronting him with this untruth, he saw enough of the last perversion and distorlion of good surviving in lhal miserable breast lo be stricken with remorse that e had ever come near her. "Sorrow, wrong, and trouble!" ie muttered, turning his fearful aze away. "All lhal connecls her with the stale from which she has fallen, has those roots! In the name of God, let me go by!" Afraid to look al her again, afraid lo touch her, afraid to think jf having sundered the last thread by which she held upon the mercy of Heaven, he gathered his cloak about him, and glided swiftly up the stairs. Opposite to him, on the landing, was a door, which stood partly open, and which, as he ascended, a man with a candle in his hand came forward from within to shut. But this man, on seeing him, drew back, with much emotion in his manner, and, as if by a sudden impulse, mentioned his name aloud. In the surprise of such a recognition there, he stopped, endeavoring, to. recollect the wan and startled face. He had no time to consider it for, to his greater amazement, old'Philip came .out of the room, and took him by the hand. "Mr. Redlaw," said the old man, "this is like you, this is like you, sir! You have heard of it, and have come after us to render any help you can. Ah, too late, too late!" (To Be Continued) Tickets Sent Out of Annual Free Movie Eight thousand tickets have been mailed out to the teachers of thirty- nine schools in the Hope trade territory to be given to the pupils in all these schools for the annual Free Christmas Picture Show at the Saenger Theater on Wednesday, December 22nd. All of the expenses of the show are borne by the Saenger Theater. The management furnishes the pic- lure and the use of the theater, and the employees give their services to add to the Christmas cheer of the school children. The Chamber of Commerce contacts every school to find out how many tickets are needed, has the tickets printed, and .mailed to the teachers of these schools. The feature picture this year is a rip-roaring comedy by LaUrel and Hardy,- selected especially to please all ages-of school children. In addition to the feature, several shorts will also be shown. The number of juvenile delin quency cases coming before 83 children's courts in the U. S. increased 1C per- cent from 1940 to 1942. Lt. C. C. Smith Is Wounded in Action Firsl-Lieulenanl Cline C. Smith, of Ihe Army Airforc.es and son of Mrs. Lula Smilh of Hope, who was wounded in aclion In the Middle East recently is back in the Unlled Slates, 'a patient in the McCloskey General Hospital at Temple, Texas, his mother said Idday. LI. Smilh was al Pearl Harbor when Ihe Japs staged their sneak attack and has seen action on several baltlefrorits. He had been sta- tioned in the Middle East Sinc6 June of this year. "TWIN" PLANTS Two plants, an alga and a fungus, combine to form the bright- colored lichens found on rocks, and neither plant could grow there without the aid it receives from the other. Place Your brdef NOWI _ , For Christmas Turkeys and Geese •• We Have Them! ' MOORt'S CITY MARKET • -t- • v, >t# 1- ! * Sunday - Monday - Tuesday .» A -i J X 11* ng his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. jutes, 219 South Laurel. Cpl. Winfred Huckabee of Camp ireckenridge, Kentucky has been le guest of his parents, Mr. and Jrs. W. B. Huckabee, and other elatives and friends in the city. Cpl. V!aughn( Dutchie) Bright as arrived from Camp White, Ore. o be with his mother, Mrs. Pearl Bright, and other relatives for the loliday season. Miss Mary Elizabeth King of -lenderson State Teachers College vill spend the seasonal vacation •vith relatives here. Miss Virginia Rose : ' ; Atkinson will pend the week-end with friends in ..itle Rock. Mss Marianna Hutson is home rom Washington, D. C., to join her Brothers in a visit with Mr. and VIrs. Joe Hutson. Miss Florene Miller leaves tomorrow for Morrilton, where she 1 make her new home. Mrs. Lula Smith, 426 South Main, lias recently returned from a four- month visit with Colonel and Mrs. J. W. Branch at Lompoc, Calif. FDR Given Big Reception on Return By DOUGLAS B. CORNELL Washington, Dec. 17 — UP) — Bronzed and smiling — but in need of a haircut — President Roosevelt came back home to the White House from Ms long trek into the Middle East today and found a tumultuous reception awaiting him. Members of the cabinet and ther top officials of the government were asembled with a host f senators and congressmen of oth major parties in the diplomat- c reception room of the executive, nansion ; to extend a noisy greet- ng. After a general round of hand- haking, Mr. Roosevelt got togeth- r with the congressional leaders o discuss the possibility of his ap- iearing on Capitol Hill to report on is conferences at Cairo and Tehran. Speaker Rayburn said later lie chief executive had decided he vould not appear before Congress ntil he delivers his annual mes- age early next year, "He's got to talk on a world wide Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Fitts and daughter are leaving today for Jonesboro to visit relatives for two veeks, Miss Hilma East is the guest of elatives in Charleston during the Christmas holidays. Smead Talley of Ponca City, Okla., is here for an extended stay at the home of his mother, Mrs. Anna Judson. He is recovering from a recent injury sustained there. Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Haynes of \1onahans, Texas, are visiting relatives and friends here. Shover Springs to Hold Regular Service The Shover Springs Baptist church will hold its regular church services Sunday, December 19 at 3 ;>. m., with the pastor Rev. E. T. Burgess in charge. ' , Sunday school will begin at 2 p, m. The pastor requests the presence of all members at this service. Legal Notice NOTICE OF SALE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned mortgagee in a mortgage executed by Miller Hubbard, R. 1, Washington, Ark., to Ihe United States on the 15lh day of February, 1943 and duly filed in the office of the Recorder in and foi Hempstead County, Arkansas; the said Miller Hubbard having waived all rights of appraisement, sale anc redemption under the laws of the State of Arkansas; pursuant ot the powers granted under the terms o the aforementioned mortgage, anc by the laws of the State of Ar kansas, will on the 21st day o: December, 1943, between the hours of 9 o'clock in the forenoon and i o'clock in the afternoon of said date, at Button Sale Barn, in the County of Hempstead, Stale of Ar kansas, offer for sale to the highes and best bidder for cash, the foi lowing described property, to-wit 1 dark red mare mule, Bell, 900 Ibs., 8; 1 bay horse, Charlie, 850 Ibs., 11; 2 sets of harness; 1 Gee Whiz. Witness my hand this Ihe 35th day of December, 1943. United States of America, W. M. SPARKS, County Supervisor. lookup the night before Christmas," Senate Democratic Leader Barkley elaborated, "and he thinks that will be enough right-now." Rayburn said he thought Mr. Roosevelt would incorporate both in the Christmas Even broadcast and in the annual message whatever he cared to say of his journey and Ihe conferences he had With Churchill, Stalin, Chiang Kai- Shek and Turkey's Inonu. Mr. Roosevelt looked tanned and fit after his five weeks' absence and many of those who greeted him commented on how well he looked. But lo a veteran Negro attendant at the White House who doubles as presidential barber, Mr. Roosevelt remarked: "I need a hair cut. John."- *^r^-. . Hundreds of office-bound government workers knew of the president's return lo the capitol some minutes before the official announcement, when they saw the .executive's entourage sweep down historic Constitution Avenue and whirl into the White House drive. Flanked by some 30 blue-clad motorcycle policemen, the procession was made up of a dozen big automobiles. All cross-street traffic was halted on the route followed and necks were craned from buses and automobiles for a look although it was not possible to dis- tinquish who were in the closed cars. The chief executive came up to the south entrance of the White House shortly before 9:30 a. m. EWT. Mrs. Roosevelt and their officials were wailing to greet him \inder the .canopy leading into the diplomatic reception room and he joked with them a few minutes, and for the benefit of photographers shook hands with a tiny grandson, John Boetliger. The chief executive was wearing a gray, double-breasted sharkskin suit, a dark blue shirt with large check," a bright blue tie and tan slipover sweater under his coat. "I would have dressed up," he remarked, "if I had known about this reception." A few of the congressmen on hand had been tipped off yester day afternoon the president wa arriving this morning, but Rep Ramspeck (D-Ga) House Demo cratic whip, said the first h heard of the plan to stage a we] coming party was at a cjuarte *f ft -M •ffA of eight this morning. The congressional chiefs, in eluding Vice - President Wallac and House Majority Leader Me Cormack in addition to Raybur and Barkley, said they did no know when they .might come the White House for a more ex tended discussion of legislative problems with the chief executive. Mr. Roosevelt arranged a series of important conferences shortly after his return, the first with diplomats representing Britain, China, Russia, Turkey,. Iran, and Egypt, the . nations which Mr. Roosevelt I visited 'or'.,7^vhose chiefs he "conferred with on his trip. Secretary Hull was his luncheon gusst and was staying on for a cabinet meeting at 2 p.m. A press conference was scheduled for 4 p.in, EWT. WALLACE BEERY FAY BAINTER REGINALD OWEN RAY COLLINS KEYE LUKE MARILYN MAXWELL WILLIAM LUNDIGAN IN GORGEOUS TECHNICOLOR! AS A DRESSING IT'S A BLESSING WHITE PETROLEUM JELLY fORMINOR CUTS BURNS.BRUISES CHAFING RIALTO SUNDAY - MONDAY ES "V $$* AH fur fabric Slipper in Natural, Royal, Red. 1.49 "Bedtimers" as shosvn in Mademoiselle of soft crocheted chenille. • 1.99 Soft Corduroy in Pink, I_,ight or Park BJue. 1,49 FOR LOTS OF GOOD LOOKS AND FOOT COMFORT boy in service man at home, 'Johnsonian.' 1 5.95 ir Everetts m Black or Brown AH leather. to 3.50 ro, «>J >x f d £ •'? >a- ' T. -H 1 .C - ty 4£,^ All fur fabric Slipper with bunny head, glass eyes. 79 C to 1.29 Blue or Pink Corduroy Boots. ] ,49 N e w L o t * of High Style Non T Rationed Pre$i Pumps We Can't begin to show you all the artr active slippers Santa ha$ left here for 'you to give everyone on your Christmas gift list! Of course you know SLIPPERS ARE UNRATIQNED — and they're particularly welcome, because they're pracr Heal, wearable, and gay! Give them to everyone, and know you're giving o wise war-time gift. HOPrS FINEST DEPARTMENT STORE To Every ©iff You Give--Add o Gift ofWorStomps CWAS. A. HAYNES CO. - le Q U *' IA «n •r te • ^ ,rt J V H ON MAIN A<J •s IrSL,

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