Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 14, 1943 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 14, 1943
Page 5
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O -. ..• - ^ ^^^r^^^^ ft © P i 3 T A ft; -8, -A ft R A N 8 A § Tuesday, Oecembe? 14, _ , Int. t, H* VrOSnoOtf'll at4 Sou* Walmrt .,Hbf*:.AftS. : ,,.~., weotx) data matter at the crt, Hop«, Arkansas, under the Associated Press ; Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Mat* (Always Pdyabte In By city carrier, per week \5t; t, Nevada, Howdrd. Miller and counties, $3.50 per year; else*» tM Astoitated fnu: The .„ Press is exclusively entitled to 5(or republteatlon of all news dls- & credited to n<ot hot otherwise Mrt this paper and also tM local bttshed herein. .. Advertising kepretentdflve— Dailies, Inc.; Memphis, Tenn, . Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich«; New York City, 492 Madison ilt. MterW 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; : City.. 414 terminal IBdg.; New ~Z Ifafttrt St.. Hold Everything thirty Seconds Over Tokyo WStOJK B®ok-of-th*-Moitff h ByCAPT.TIO W. IAWSOM EDITED BY HOB CONSIDINS "My gosh! Don't tell me you're ' 1-A too!" American foundries report that 5 percent of their employees now are .women. IDE GLANCES By Galbrairh CWRTlMJ BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF 1 called Ellen . . . W AR WAS A PART of our every thought at Ale- Chord Field as we came up to the Autumn of 1941. And a lot of things were happening that I wanted to share with Ellen. ( missed her. During the first week in September I found out that the squadron was going off on a long maneuver wiilt a lot of bombing and night Hying. Anything can happen on those things, so when 1 learned about the assignment 1 called Ellen on the long-distance phone and told her what 1 was thinking. Ellen flew up from Los Angeles m Spokane, where 1 went to meet her. That night, with Hub That night, we were married. Gray and Prank Grubb, my classmates, at Kelly, to stand up lor us, we drotfc to n place named Cocur de l,.enc, Idnho, and got a justice of the peace out of bed to marry us He opened up the courthouse for us, near midnight. 11 was a real nice wedding. I wo days later our bunch took off for Jackson. Miss., and soon we were in a sham battle that rarely got around tci being sham. Licnt. Butler, another man from our class, wasn't as lucky as the rest of us. His U-25 went into a slow ground roll while taking off. fts 100 octane ignite:!, and there wasn't much left of anyone or anything by the There wasn't much left . . . time the ambulance and fire apparatus got to the plane. It was Dec. 6 when we got back to the West CuJst. Ellen was there at March Field waiting for me. We had l>ei.-:i married 85 days and together only two. Ellen and I were walking out of the Pig'n Whistle, on Hollywood Blvd., the next morning, when we heard nbout Pearl Harbor. There was a radio on a newsstand. We just stood there with the other people listening to the bulletins. The Japs! I couldn't figure it at first. What abditi that Peace Envoy . . . what's his name? How the devil did they get bombers as far East as Hawaii? Drawings copyrk-ht. 1943. by King Features Syndlcnle. Inc. Text copyright. 1043. liy Unndom House. Inc. A Uook-of-the-Munth Club selection, to bt published Julr 12. . ..._ . —™—. , i " i ... 11 - — —— We drove the 80 miles in 80 minutes. I loafed at Ellen and we walked nway from there, I told her how stranuc it seemed to inc. 1 told her that everv bomb we had dropped, real or flour-sack, every machine gun bullet we had fired, cvcrv maneuver, for weeks and weeks had been directed nt tlie vision of one opponent—Germany. And now it was Japan! ' I had to get to Ala'rch t''icld quickly, lillcn had my car, so we drove to my mother's house, said goodbye and then drove the 80 mi'les to Ahirch field in 80 minutes. .!,7T 1 was in the war. (Continued tomorrow) FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger QUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williartis ^I^HB^I^IHI^I^K—77, >>, .-,.'. .>,,".;>}}, •.';*.-•'; ."."JSilBtMJLu^lltiZl'.l-fjMts.l'tt'.u^-^-XtZ.tjljl ' * . -^ -- -'---- • . —^.. •-. ["Those gals work a heavy 12-hour shift on jelly-and"'" »mit-bulter sandwjches and lettuce—I get weak even thinking ''/'•?''•&*& a «(?^n i f r "Well, I sec Jones trumped his wife's aca again!" JOME.' WHAT ADILBMM/V' OPFERBD &5O FOR GLADSTONE HOWEVER, TBt ATTAClAEO ( 1 HAVEM'T GOT BEEF,' • T SO IT MUST BE MV 5INAPLE. LOOKS.' YOL) MA.V HA.VE TO STEU66LE ALL VOUR LIFE, BUT ' ' I'LL HAVE TO STRUGGLE I'M GO1NJ' OM A, DIET AM' err ME A, PAIR OF SPECKS I'M Grnnw 1 TIP.E.D ii : \ OF BE.'M' TAWEM PER Woih Tubbt Short Circuit in Plans By Leslie Turne* THOSE FEVtX600D.'HERE'SyouR KNIFE, HWJOFULS \ BRUMNER. l.ET'5 6ET QOIH6 OF PftY GRASS \ 8EFORE THAr SENTRY RETURNS! j:« 5HOOLDHID6 JY.SK3NS TURN ON SEARCH LIGHTS !i A Decision By Fred Harmon P.~E£R IN) JAIL / 'LE BEAVEfTS FAULT 1 SfEi^oiro 1 PART OF ||1jl^ONaY «£ FlMO/ YS •>AR.6HAL TH1NJK. RED RTDER &AC W\ COUMTL)i-\F£n£R , BUT 'W,^~U^E. 1SNOW &E.TT£R.' T ^li^^ >i^f —'***• n-.'i Donald Duck By Walt Disney 3UARAMTEED UNBREAKABLE ,, SLASS '/ '/ ONfl. -POUBLE- YOut? MOMEy BACK IF IT BREAKS! Ccct I'll, Wtit i;c.n«y ficdjniont U'odJ )<i c lili KiuivtJ Popeye Thimble Theater loot» and Her Buddies iy^fyp^ VOQWt Happy Landing By Edaar Martin ,. - • -- -i—. - --.-. 1^44 Bf NEA SERVICE. \HC : _T M REG. U S PAT-_O_FF L I CAM VOUCH TOR POPEVE'S A6E.SIR -I ASSURE WOU HE IS OLD EWOU6H R)R VOUR MAVW o O O o (I I (I (i (ft Alley Oop Step Down, Please . WERE THIS SUV'5 LE I NN'T DONE . NOTHIN' I HOPE.' 5U6RCIOUS, By Chic Young THATS MOT VEf?V POLITE. )&• WHAT " ALVIKI' VOU TOOK THE <$ WOULP &16 PIKE AMP LEFT ME J VOU MAVE TME LITTLE PIECE' r-^\ PONE * TAKEM )\ 1111" THE LITTLE PIECE FOR MV5ELF P WELL.TMESJ, 1 f WHAT ARE YOU \KICKIN6ABOUT? \ VOU SOT THE V LITTLE PIECE! THE SEBV.CE YOU ^aE TD RENDER, THE ..THROUGH THIS FOETAL MY SOSHf WHAT CAH HE VAN! ME TOO IM A PLACE PARVC. AS THIS ? PLEASE TO' PROCEED ^T, By V, T, Horolin •••^•i Freckles and Mis Friend* Not Too Promising HERE'S A -IOTEL— TOP HERE kND We'LL. EE IF WE 1 CAN GET, A ROOM/ WHAT AM OPTIMIST / WE'D LIKE AM y( SIGN HERE, PLEASE! THAT TAXI DRIVER. MUSTA . WHERE WILL you BEEN TRYING TO KID us/ 1 BOYS BE STAYING? =-—I VOU MEAM |y Merrill To KI ow LIKE YOU'Lt BE STAYING SO We CAN NOTlF/ YOU WHEN we* HAVE A /f-/ 1 VACANCY^ A R K.A H S A S Heroic Army Engineers H'.': . U _°f: 1s '. L{1 - !lnd T/5 Robert D. Miller, Woldon, la. Business LeadeVs PknFor Post-War Arkari! 2% hope to buy forms. 28% plan vacation trips. 'j% plan to own an airplane. /CS , *, t* / f- K" '- ' ,' * S . Price of Victory iha , ,„„ America will be buying within the first year fitter the war, according to poll of 25,000 families, taken by Northwest. ern National Life Insurance Company. 'Now You See Him . ...' <v. «•»- *?. ••* ~-i>c<^s}«\sy*>iv2ii''J'vlv'sA^ "2 ,> f* .,! t.ds amoriR the crosses in the temporary cemetery on Tarnwa beach. Basking Beauty Chic Sheilcess . .. (fort Ord photo from NEA) At 'left, above. Pvt. John Scaglione looks like a walkin" lettuce salad as he displays newest helmet camouflage and war paint known H? G :, l : 1 . Facial " at ford'Ord. Calif. At right, he demonstrates its invisibility quotient" in jungle warfare. Think you could spot him at 25 feet before bis ride knocked you oft? SIGHTSEEING WITH THE WAGS IN ITALY j Here are the'officers and. Ex! ecutive Committeemen at the > first meeting of the newly form- I ed Arkansas Economic Council, | which is dedicated to develop- j 'ment of a sound business post; war program for the state. ; Top row, left to right: O. C. ' Bailey, El Dorado, oil and gas; Wilbur P. Gulley, Little Rock, : housing; M. H. Rothert, Camden, industrial; Peter Watzek, Crossett, forestry and wood products; , Joe Hardin, Grady, agriculture. Next to top: Dr. H. King Wade, Hot Springs, public health; Grover T. Owens, Little Rock, war plant reconversion; L. A. Watkins, Harrison, minerals; Frank Byrns, Fort Smith, vice pres|- dent of the Council. Next to bottom: Charles A. Gordon, Pine Bluff, finance; Roland Shelton, Little Rock, public works; J. N. Martin, Little Rock, recreation and hospitality; Tom C. Jones, Little Rock, survey and research; John P. Mor- row, Batesville, flood contrpj^J^ C. Murray, Little Rock, tra'nspoi- 'tation. *& »|', Bottom row: C. H. Moses, Little Rock, president of the '( cil; J. N. Heiskell, Little cities and city planning; McDonnell, treasurer of the cil; L. A. Henry, Little secretary of the Council; Dr'< N Ellis, Arkadelphia, education. |iM Col. T. H. Barton of El Dorado { is chairman of the Executive) Committee. '•" h- <-\ *~H *""•** 'H» v \ i. i ^m«^i ^'Xv^-i *J-;M£T ^ "'aS! PJit^Up girl, nrmed forces stylo, -is Gnlo Robbins, who sweetens r _the Hollywood sun by reclining JJti.ils rnys on thnt woll-U-nown •picture prop, the diving board. French actress Lenore Aubort demonstrates what an Arab chieftain's daughter should loolt like, for her role in new movie, "International Zone." Turk Airmen Use U. S. Planes ..ike typical pre-war tourists. American WACs in Italy spend free time soemg the sights. Bert Brandt. NBA-Acme photographer for the war picture POO), went on their tour of the Caserta area and snupped these pholos. Sergt. Frank PrleJ. Portland, Me., and Pvt Henn Hirks. Louisville. Ky., eo sightseeing in a carriage, top left-' Privates Jennne Zientek, Buffalo, and Jerry Hornet Lucedale Trouble Brewing for the Balkans ifc ^f GERMANY: Rushes troops to Bulgor-Turk border ond Black Sea; Luftwaffe patrols Aegean, commanding Dardanelles. HUNGARY RUMANIA: Surrender would ecsf Germany oil, troops ** and Danube route, cutoff' Block Sea port of Constanta, BULGARIA:\Vithdrawalfrenv war would deprive Naxis of troops. Black Sea bases, t !_"' I ' . *•< Danube BULGARIA Danube supply route, open'' Hungary's southern flank. ^ TURKEY: Colls up 1,000,000 ', , reserves to augment army Mediterranean Sea ISLANDS: TurHish airb,osci could open way to recapture Crete and Dodecanese Isles *t- I X' Miss., pass a familiar sign on the Caserta palace grounds too cen- v^V±= e , PVl - B ?"' V H ° ener ' Bulral °' ties her shoe ami ^ nKd yjid wieckiige. Customers for native girl's nut brittle are Pvts. TPV" in • I " |1II1 7"'_ N< 7 y °™< «ena Hicks and «uby Hale, Wharton, Tex., lower left. Perfect place for a pose is the weird-faced foun- •tain in the Caserta royal gardens. * \- 1 Supermen? "r .. x \ R ^ '. ww V»-^*«''">H i 4 »*.«/,* ' , V 1 Having recently received intensified training. Turkish aviators im. proved skill in modern gunnery. Air Force, once low in quantity |UJd quality, now includes many American planes. Bottom photo > shows Vultee attack bombers of Turkish air force. Your money goes into battle every time you invest in War Bonds—goes up to the German lines in the form of tanks, planes, assault boats us pictured here in the Mediterranean area. Success of our troops depends upon the help they get from the home front. Bullets fired yesterday won't win tomorrow's battle. War Bonds bought last month won't pay to? our next offensive. Give your dollars action: Buy More War Bonds. •£A 5". Treasury JJf^arttneni These German soldiers, unloading a Junkers transport plane in northern Italy, seem to be 'the real Nazi "supermen," apparently toting oOO-pound bombs with .the greatest of ease. But "bombs" are just lightweight gasoline containers Uiftwnffe uses. Photo from neutral source. SSL" ThW h £' M ^ I. -tat* in the oppiueT A^of,^,i n *? aii ; r^^^^*«SKs n M.--sas"--^ s^s? >i™*»™ ^ • 3 moot an* n™ lh,.«., ^ at ^ c , k by HU , er ^.^ soj . d ^^^ iJghted srea vvest of istanbul.

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