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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, December 11, 1943
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^1%S-^'H^' ; ^\^^'-*'^**' e ^*&£''$ v : '-^^-''.'"-V * «•,,*x''"•£ i/-^,-» '*•*•,** i -"•'. '" - '•'• ..v ">*' '" ''•*' 'L'/'"'<" 1 j^^iiL^^^L^z^^.:**™ >±A**J11JL§' A*MJJJAI ^ .^,*^. • « ...^ iMftvrtie&ifelidlffi «] flS^ssicssasss^^^^ 8 ^^^^ ifla^j^iiW^ ^l&fa^^^^^ ^^ i tsar-Tp. ?* JLftft*'* l»Uth Walnut . AMMM** PMM; . _ " Is' exclusively «nt It led to ».,«,>.„ for retxiblfcctloft of oil news dls- ioofefws - credited to n or not otherwise f tftditpd In this pojxw and also th« local I^NniBfflblishtd hgrajn^fr ,. .J^, ..j. . 2842 Wl Grand BW4; 4 JTerrrtinej <IBdg.;"N*v Book-«f-tli**l«ith J * MOM ftit OFFICIAL lUUittATlOHl IV WltUAM ?fFff':^y77sp^f?^^ ARKANSAS "That? t)h, flint's the slte-of s» v s prbposted 'meanly,.-*" ~" *> - * >" '• . Approximately 2,000,000 babies are born in the United States annually, Social and P i Daisy Dorothy Heard, Editor Phone 768 Between 8 «. m. And 4 p. m, 'fl Tfoops swung to Idnd. All the machinery of war made In the U. S. went into action^ SIDE GLANCES fy« Conllnamlos still go 6ut !n the night timt th faces "to win bright honor from the pale- submarine to flying boat,; the : infpfmnrion with which he making their way with ftte coolness and efficiency of-sea- Montgomery 'and This British and Colonial troops were faced tnootij" but they are ndt nlone. With them is the returned was laid before ;the Allied General Staffs. At 8 soiled Commandos. At : 6:38 that morning Gen. "Patton met by Americans. Light tanks, General Grants, half great array of the United Nations, turned from defense ' o'clock on the morning of November 5, 1942, Gen; reported to U. S. hcailijuarters that his attack on Cass- tracks, all the machinery, of war which America had 'pro- towards attack. Their trained and gathered itreh'ijtli, of D wight D. Eisenhower, of the .United States Army, blanca had been started oA schedule. Patton himself drove duccil as the arsenal Of the democracies, swung into ac- which the victory in North Africa was but a prelude, a ' When the lauding craft filled with British and Amer- benefit of the. Nazis were herded into prisoli ca"inps, : ahd deserted their.guns and gave tip. the fighi Dttwlnw copyright, 1943, by Klne Features Syndicate, Inc. Text copyrfeVA, 1943, by H. M.'Stationery Office ('Distributed by'King FotiirM'Sjniilcite In conjunction *lih Ike M<fom'l1l»n Co. rind the BooV-bf-ttio-Month Club, Inc. MONDAYs 'thirty Seconds OVer Tokyo," by Captain ted W. LaWson, the greatest love story and the rtoosl thrilling adventure saga of the war. By Hershbergcr O UR BONDING HOUSE with Major Hoople t>OT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams WHERE'D VOU LEARlsf \ /' WHEW.' I V IT SHOULDN'T-'-'i TM' COVV 'BUSIMESS ? 1 \ ( DIDN'T K.MOW \ SHE'S GOT TH' S^ID TWO-VEAR-OLD I V^MexNEw NIILUIONJS-^6 HEREFORD HEIFERS.' ^-O A" THIMG f-s *AKi DO WE ^ti'YE. GOT EVER.VTHIW6 IW \ 'BOUT CATTLE.'N VVORK.TOO.'i HERE FRONA 5HOR.T VEAR- \ THAT SHOULD') THKT'S MUCH 4'H^ J^OWG THREES. L COOL %/ ^ORE OF A^' EVERVTHIMG FRONA * l\ SUGAR.S H INDUCEMEMT, j Social Calendar *8rTday, December 13th Circle No. 1 of the Women's Auxiliary of the First presbyter- Ian.church, home of. Mrs. Kendell Lemley, 3 o'clock. ; 4»Cir61d No. 2 of the Women's Auxiliary, of the First Presbyter.! Ian chutch, home of Mrs, Thomas ! Brcwster, 3 o'clock, . • Cirplc No. 3 of the Wotileh's Auxlllat-y of the First Presbyter- •^m church, home of Mrs. Chcd •Hall, ;12 noon. the Women's Society of Christian Service of the First Methodist Church, the church, Monday after% on 3 o'clock. The Rev. R. B. sore will be in charge of the installation of officers for the coming /year. All officers and members are urged .to attend. — The Women's Council of the First "hrislian Church, the church, 3:30 O'clock. Mrs. Tom Kinser's Circle No. 2 will be in charge of the pro- grom. A missionary program will be j^-escnted at the meeting of the Women's Missionary Society at the First Baptist Church, 2:30 o'clock. A special Lottie Moon offering will be taken at the meeting of the I^.W'.A. of the First Baptist Church. .M members are urged to attend. Tuesday, December 14th The annual pot luck luncheon for members of the Iris Garden club will 'be held at the home of Mrs. 9. M.'Agee, 411 East Second, Tiles- d'ay,j'l o'clock. Mrs. Bill Smith will be co-hostess. Jonn Cain chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Jnnchoon meeting at the Barlow Americri." By Golbroith FUNNY BUSINESS ? iiNDEeo, MR.6Ur>eseT, x'o LIK& TO 6uV T^A^T ORWDRICAL. 6A8 T EVER F|ROIV\ \NJDIA, A G\PT FROfA TrA& A CROW, / "DID MS CATCH THE GlV)E US OhiE OP HAKESPEA /MM.OE.TAL i2:30, with Mrs. J. .M. Houston and Catherine Howard will present the NEW SAENGER Friday - Saturday im 1 lil !«" t " hat ninle commano, e,<men at 'the .party and she has them 1 nil nirn.>rJ>fl I" FUNNIER tk. B • Jeep fill ol Rf«ki«i! all corneri'tl! "Mind IC'I ttii-n it to Hie Avtill until I finish? Looking Over the Ground By -Leslie Turnei Donald Duck Watch Your Scalp, Donald! By Walt Disney WHOOPS! HAR! HARI-AN :INJUN-FIGHTER--HO: HO! WHAT A LAUGH: HO HAR! IS SET. . NOW WEVe'607 TO WCAtE THAT NAZI root. WCB»e$ AND 6ET.A PICTURE OF IT HOW Pi? 'SINCE WE CAN'T USE 'A CAMEFVA AT NI6HT WITHOUT DETECTION, A SKETCH ISOUR'SEST BET. ART TRAINING IN VIENNA WlU. IM VERY HANDY THERE'S THE 9ARR1EB, CAPTAIN EASY. ELECTRICALLY 'CHAB6EP WIPE... GUARDED BY'SENTRIES' HOW1L.WE6ET,. L,IN SIDE? Ototm TRACY MARJOXIE WOODWORTi Sounds Fishy By Fred Harmon One Swallow Makes a Cure" /YOU BETCHUfV WE RIDE TO Toy-OS) INONET COME \sMND Thimble Theater HE'S R13HT/ IT WAS BIOWN FRCt\ £Of\£ SPHERE • WE'VE BEEN TRW. THE. OH, YEAH.' THAT' ONE-LET'S TALK .THIS OVER. TWO-FISTED! QUICK- TRIGGIRED1 tUELL.BL.OlU MEDOtUN!! BUT. 6RA'MAW,WEN IF frr PILL tUOULP SWEE'PEA.-HE CAN'T £U)AI-IER. IT \ KNOW IT LOOKS A OPEN lOlt>E- with WILD BILL ELLIOTT GabbyHaytt Fred Kohler JOIN6 THE ' ••? and Hf r Buddlt* Such Is Fame By Edaar Martin IALT Only Way Out By V, T, Howlin EVERV MIWUTE ISTAVHERE: GCT TO \SIVES f^E A GET OUT ) PAINIMTH' TOMiGHT.v NECK...AN i- KIDDIM'/ THIS 13 A PROI=OSITIOM THAT, '&TEA.D OF CAULIM FDR ACTIOM, REQUIRES BITOFTHINKIM'... HEV, WAIT" Friday - Saturday Al St. John < BECAUSE I'M GONN/S BE A MEMBEE OF THAT PARTy CIWCH IM MOT GOING OOV THAT WA THE SECRE T FUNERAL PARTY THAT'S LEAVIW TOMIGHT WITH BODV--IF THEY CAM GET OUT, I CAM TOO/ 'Death Rides the Plains' The Early Bird Catches the Worm By Chic Young MOW IF I CAN JLBT6ET wpResseo AMP IN PEP. WITHOUT WAKING &L0NPIE PARLINS. IVE SOT A HEAPACHE THIS MORNWS • WOULP VOU MINIP MAXIN6 VDUC? OWN BREAKFAST SO 1 CAN STAY IN BE Anyhow, It Seems So Frccklei and Hit Friend* |y Merrill ilo«M» SHE THOUSHT i WAS 66TTIN6 UP/ YfAH/Howo YOU KNOW? FORGOT TO GOSH, 1 WOMDER WHERE 'IT . SET NO CHECKS F'Yp'LUGGAGE? PORTER. PROBABLY TOOK CAPe Qf= IT AU. "RIG w7 is THIS Yo 1 STUFF ON TH'BOTTOM? fVANBjTpp/ Chapter 10 of Cpast Friday-Muslt Club'Studies El^ht«*nth C«ntury Opern Mrs. J.'C. 'Cnrltpn; president of the'Prldhy Music ehib/'p'residca nt the meeting of the Friday Music cli.it> nt the home of Miss' Re- glnn fin^ye Friday evening. Mrs. Hendrlx Sjiraggins Was associate hostess. Among reports mnde was a strtte- ment by the treasurer that the cltib treasury contains $86.22. Following n voparl of the chart rating 'chairman, 'Mrs. J. 0. TMilam, the club voted to buy a war'bond. Mrs. t). ft. Plcknrd, cltlegate to the recent .meeting of the district federation In Magnolia, gave a detailed report. "Eighteenth Century Opera" was the subject of Mrs. Henry Haynes' program. Mrs. "C. P. VVilsel, Jr., opened the program with two solos, "Aria" from "Othello" (Verdi) mid tne "Prize Song" from 'Mleslcr Singer" (Wagner). In concluding the program Mrs. James McLarty sang 'Habanera" from "Carmen" (Bizet). A good attendance was reported. Mrs. A. B. Spraggins is Honoree at Bridge Party Complimenting Mrs. A. B. Spraggins who Is leaving soon for her new home in Texarkana, Mrs. H. E. Cooper was hostess at bridge yesterday' afternoon. Four tables were arranged in the card rooms which wei'c festive with seasonal decorations. Follosvlng Ihe games the honoree was presented with a pretty remembrance and prizes were awarded Mrs. Frank McGibbony and Mrs. E. P. Stewart. Ice cream and cake were served to the following friends of the honoree: Mrs. Clyde Coffee, Mrs. Herbert Burns, Mrs. Charles Harrell, Mrs. R. D. Franklin, Mrs. Hubert Cox, Mrs. Lex Helms, Mrs. Sceva Gibson, Mrs. Herbert Voss, Mrs. S. L. Murphy, Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Mc•Gibbony, Mrs. Emmelt Thompson, Mrs. R. V. Herndon, Sr., Mrs. C. H. Lewis, and Mrs. A. J. Neighbors. Mrs. H. A. Spraggins was n tea guest. McCaskill Boy Is Wounded in Action Pfc. James P. McBrayor, finllve of McCaskill, who waS wounded in action in llnly September 17, is 1 back in the tJnited Stales, accord-, Ing to word received from his parents, Mr. and Mrs!.. P. E. Mc-| Sraycr. . , Pfc. McBraycr 'Suffered the loss of a thumb and a badly smashed foot when a truck which he was driving struck a land mine. "1 have been In England, Scotland, North Africa, Sicily and Italy but none can compare with the good old U.S.A.", he wrote his parents. He was inducted into the army in May, 1942. At the Soenger Sunday Coming and Going Joseph R. Heard will arrive today from Fort Worth for a visit wilh Mrs. Heard and daughters, Alice Lorraine and Daisy Dorothy. Mrs. Dan Pilkinton, who is en- route from Fort'Smltn to Jacksonville, Fla, to join Lieut, Pilkinton, s spending the weekend wilh Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Pilkinton. Lieut, and Mrs. Dolphus Whittcn,' Jr. left Friday for Laurel, Miss., where Lieut. Whitten is adminis- Iralive otficer for the 416th Bombardment Group. Lieut, and Mrs. Whitlen have been guesls of Mr. and Mrs. Dolphus Whitten, Sr. Million Pounds Butter to Be Released Soon One million pounds of butler will be released during .the next five months to hospitals in the seven states comprising the Food Distribution Administration's southwest region, Mr. James L. Eidson, FDA area supervisor, Texarkana district, anounccd today. Stales included in Ihc region are Texas, Oklahoma, Nex Mexico, Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado and Louisiana. Under the program worked out In Cooperation wilh OPA, five million pounds of butter will be released throughout the nation from November through March from stocks held or set aside for FDA, Mr. Eidson said. Ration coupons will be required in the usual way by the OPA for all butter purchased. Applications should be made to the Area FDA Office,'Texarkana, Arkansas by hospitals or agencies purchasing supplies for hospitals, the area supervisor said, and added that the quantity could not exceed three-tenths pound per bed per week. Upon proper certification of claims, FDA will issue butter certificates in amounts convenient to both hospitals and suppliers. In defining hospitals, the FDA has included institutions which maintain and operate, in conformity with local and state laws, organized facilities for the diagnosis and care or treatment of human illness. Those institutions which provide exclusively for medical care over periods of less than 48 hours are excluded. Hope Prisoner Writes From ines Pvt. Douglas C. Cash, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Cash of Hope who has been a prisons!* of the Japanese since the fall of the Philippines, Wrote the following card to his mother this w.eek: .. ; "1 am interned at Philippine Prison Cnmp No. 8. My Health is good. 1 am not tinder treatment. 1 am well. Please see that family and fr.iends are notified that 1 am okay, tteply to this card." . • It was the second card received from him this week. Sunday School Lesson Jesus' Precept 'Love One Another' Plaices Emphasis on ' Thou Shalt' text! 5 M8rk lg!£!8-34; John 13:34, 36; .15:1644 BY WILLIAM E. GlLKbYi b. D. ; Laws, inhibitions, and regulations never ban express the fullness and richness of life. They are in their nature restrictions, made hecess>- ary by conflicts of personal in-- terests. • - • "The, laws and commandments; that say, "Thou Shalt not" are associated with liberty. -/But, law; is not liberty. Liberty/ results from the- recognition arid -proper! use of just laws, but it is something higher' than law:''.Paul of beauties from "Thank 'Your Liifrky Stiirs," Warner Bros.' gay musical'with a galaxy of stars that will take your breath away! News of the Churches FIRST METHODIST Second and Pine " t Robert B. Moore, Pastor ' ' Saturday, December 11,1043 '""''• Methodist Radio Hour. KTHS, Hot Springs, Arkansas—11:05 a. m. Sunday, December 12,1943 Chimes—9:30 a. m. • ' Church School—10:00 a. m. Morning Worship—10:50 a. tru ,„ Special Music by the Hope liigh School Glee Club. Sermon by the pastor. •' '• Vesper Service—5:30 p. m. '/' Youth Fellowship—6:30 p. m. . Thursday, December 16, 1943;. Choir Practice—7:45 p. m, '• •©- Mrs. W. 'R. Herndon and Mrs. R. V. Herndon, Sr. are spending the afternoon in 'Texarkana. Communiques Pfc. James W. Rider, who has been serving overseas for the past year and a half, has arrived for a brief visit with Mrs. Rider and his parents in Patmos. Pfc. Rider will report to Camp Butner, N. C. Oil and Gas LaFayette County, Arkansas. Prepared 'by Mrs, Eunice Triplett, Lewisville, Arkansas. Mineral Deed: V4 interest. Dated Nov. 13, 1943; filed Dec. G, 1943. W. W. Bradley and wife to H. F. BHley— NE>/i of SE'/4 of Sec. 2, Twp. 17 S., Rge. 24 West. Royalty Deed: l/256th interest (2^4 royalty acres). Dated Nov. 13, 1943; filed Dec. 6, 1943. W. W. Bradley and wife to H. F. Briley— E% of NE>/4 of Sec. 18, Twp. 17 S., Rge. 23 West. Royalty Deed: l/128th interest (5 royalty acres). Dated Nov. 13, 1943; filed Dec. ^q, 1943. W. W. Bradley and wife to H. F. Briley— Ete of NEV 4 of Sec. 12, Twp. 17 S., Rge. 24 West. Royalty Deed: l/256th interest (Vk royalty acres). Dated Nov. 13, 1943; filed Dec. 6, 1943. W. W, Bradley and wife to H. F. Briley; NV 2 of SE!/ 4 of Sec. 22, Twp. 17 S., Rge. 24 West. Royalty Deed: l/128th interest CIV* royalty acres). Dated Nov. 13, 1943; filed Dec. 6, 1943. W. W. Bradley and wife to H. F. Briley— N'/j of SW>/4 and SEV4 of NW% of Sec. 22, Twp. 17 S., Rge, 24 West. Royalty Deed; 13/1280th interest (614 royalty acres). Dated Nov. 13, 1943; filed Dec. 6, 1943. W. W. Bradley and wife to H. F. Briley— W'/i of NWV4 of Sec. 27, Twp. 17 S., Rge. 24 West. Royalty Deed: l/64th interest (5 royalty acres). Bated Nov. 13, 1943; filed Dec. 6, 1943. W. W. Bradley and wife to H. F. Briley— SWV4 of SWV< of Sec. 27, Twp. 17 S., Rge. 24 West. Royalty Deed: 19/1280th interest (19 royalty acres. Dated Nov. 13, 1943; filed Dec. «, 1943. W. W. Bradley and wife to H. F. Briley— NWV< of Sec. 35, Twp. 17 S., Rge. 24 West. 20-year term from 4/4/41. Clerk's Deed of Tax Sale: Mineral interest. Dated Dec. 4, 1943; recorded Dec. 4, 1943. Joe T. Rhodes, County Clerk, to G. T. Whatley— Half mineral interest under the E% of NE ] /4 of NW J /4; SW ] /4 of NWV 4 of Sec. 33, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Picket Law Placed Before High Court Little Rock. Dec. 11 — (X s )— The Arkansas Supreme Court had before it today the first constiUitional- ity test of the 1943 anli-violenee picketing law. Attorneys for the Arkansas Federation of Labor asked the tribunal late yesterday to declare !he l'iw invalid and to set aside one-year prison sentences assessed two Pine Bluff union painters convicted under the measure. Hobson A. Smith and Matt Brown, painters afilliated wilh the Building and Construction Trade Council (AFL) were convicted in Jefferson circuit court Oct. 14 on charges of assaulting R. A, Dickey, Pine Bluff contractor. The act made it a felony to use violence or threats of violence, in a labor dispute. UNITY BAPTIST ''. 511 South Elm St. . v: Doyle M. Ingrave, Pastor Sunday School—10:00 a. m. • Worship Service—11:00 a. m. Training Course—7:15 p. m. Worship Service—8:00 p. m. Prayer Meeting—7:30 p. m. Wednesday at Church. Ladies Auxiliary—2:00 p. m. Monday at the Church. You are invited to attend 'all these Services. We enjoy having you with us. Worship wilh us. HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE North Main and Avenue D < 'Paul R. Gaston, Pastor __ Sunday School—9:45 a. m. Morning Worship—11:00 a. m. Sermon Subject: "Thronging or Touching" • • Adult Bible Study—6:45 p. m. An unusual Bible Class taught by D. N. Phillips. -C. A. Services—6:45 p. m. For young people of all ages. Evangelistic Service—7:45 p. m. Sermon Subject: "Life's Greatest Question" A musical pageant is being featured for the annual Christmas play at the Tabernacle this year. Also, on the same night, Charles Ramsay, artist for the Gospel Publishing House, will be drawing Christmas scenes as., he tells the Christmas story. Plan to see this on Sunday night, Dec. 19. FIRST BAPTIST Third -and Main Streets William R. Hamilton, Pastor The Hope High School Glee Club will be guests of the First Baptist Church at its Sunday evening service. This musical organization under the direction of Miss .Regina Bayse will"sing several selections of special Christmas music. Sunday School—9:30 a. m. Attendance last Sunday was 414. Morning Worship with sermon by the pastor—10:50 a. m. Sunday School and Preaching at Guernsey—2:30 p. m. Baptist Training Union—6:30 p. m. Evening worship with special music by High School Glee Club and sermon by the pas-tor—7:30 p. m. The public is always cordially invited to all services at First Baptist Church. CHURCH OF CHRIST Fifth and Grady Streets Fred H. Williamson, Minister Bible Classes—10:00 a. m. Preaching—11:00 a. m,. Communion—11:40 a. m. Vocal Class—6:30 p. m. Preaching—7:30 p. m. Mid-week Service, Wed. Evening—7:30 p. m. You are invited to come and OUR LADY OF GOOD HOPE CATHOLIC CHURCH Rev. F. T. Dollar-ton. Mass at 10 o'clock every Sunday. 'FIRST CHRISTIAN Mill'ard W. Baggett, Pastor First Christian Church will hear visiting minister Sunday, December 12th.. Dr; C. M. McMillian of Oklahoma will preach at both morn ing "j|nd evening services at First Chi'ifftian Church next Sunday arid it. will be expected that all members 'of the Church be present and all '-visitors and friends will be cordially welcomed. Dr. McMillian comes to the Church as a prospective future Minister at Hope and is known as a man of experience, outstanding accomplishment in his work, and has a splendid educational background. ' ".'' ' Regular services for the day: Bible School—9:45 a. m. Morning Worship—10:50 a. m. Evening Worship—7:30 p. m. Youth Meetings—6:30 p. m. The personal interest of each member of the Church will be proven by their presence at the services Sunday. FIRST PENTECOSTAL West 4th and Ferguson W. P. Graves, Pastor Sunday School—10:00 a. m. Lacie Rowe, Supt. Morning Service—11:00 a. m. Evening Service—7:45 p. m. Week Night Services, Wednesday Hollywood By BOBBIN COONS Hollywood —City of contrasts. On Virte street just off Hollywood boulevard is the theater where Ken Murray's "Black-Outs" — a show full of cutics, gags, and other vaudeville trappings — is playing to full houses in its second year. Next door is a cafeteria. Over the cafeteria is a small theater where, one night a week, a show is presented — sometimes with an audience of one. This is the' only theater in town, to my knowledge, that is operated in the confident expectation of a loss. The producer says it costs him about $25 a week — and is worth the price. The producer is Dr. H. T. Tsiang (Ph. D. from Stanford) who is also .he star and playwright. He is a light, iplcasant Chinese, a poet, an actor, a student (as he describes limself) of international politics, — jrofessedly leftist. His weekly show consists of -two slays, "China Marches On" and 'The Hanging in Union Square, 1 ' both presented in the old Chinese 'ashion with a minimum -of props, and no scenery. Three chairs and a table, with a lighted candle, make- the setting. Dr. Tsiang, and one or more of three young accesses, the Misses Sally Butterfly, Edith Kopelson, and Robin Lord, . called law ,a 'schoolmaster bring men to liberty. to thing m which He has not Hlrrl-.' self first led the way, His * 1 vation is hot only through teaching, but through '/ All this lies back of.lhe study of this lesson on the New Commandment of Jesus. This commandment Was not restrictive; was expressive . and positive. It put all the emphasis upon "thou shall," but it did not abrogate or abolish -"thbu shall not." Jesus said that He had come not to destroy, but to fulfill; and this was true in an explicit way that Christians have not always recognized. • In His emphasis upon this Jesus was fulfilling all that was highest and best in the".'religion of the Synagogue; He was replying to the lawyer who questioned Him concerning "the first and ^greatest Commandment" in language that' the lawyer ought to have understood so well as "to Kf To Delay Naming U.S. Attorney Washington, Dec. 10 — (/P) — Fuf* ther,,delay in the permanent 1 ap«,; poiritment ol a United States attof* Hey 1 ."for the eastern AtltahsnlS dls* Irict was indicated today when Arkansas' senators said they \vere, > having difficulty In reacVittig at! agreement over the selection. The position is now filled by Srim ". Rorex, whose four<year tefm >fex* *• pired last June 30, bul who naa & continued in offlde. lnfoTttie4<'»*J? sources said Rorex' assistant, -LSbft /' ,. B. Catlelt, was being consideredTfoj? ,' ' tPie post, 'H •. Senator Caraway said yesterday ' she had proposed naming Rofexfttf . a new term but that Senator Me-'/ Clellnn hacT asked to delay action tin the matter for a while. ar. Sljr By Charles Dickens COPYRIGHT. !•*». NKA 8CRVICK,~INC. PHg*8ANTS 'Canton, S. D, --Iflfi-r Harry Cornelius, farmer neor here, says he killed four pheasants with two shots whiie pi.cktog corn in a field. Which has been done before but . . .In «?ch cese, the two birds \yeice flying in opposite directions, TIIR STOIlYi Redlnw, Plicnilut nnd iinlvvi'Nlty liroffNNor, IN iilinfiifd liy worrowful nicniorit^ f>f tliv piiNt liM lie NllN alone licfiiru lilN lire on f.'lirlNtninx Kvc. A iiliniilom »|i|ivnrH nna olliTH him (lie IXHKT <n fiirti«'t un<l lo iiii.su uu (lie Kill to other*. * * * CHAPTER VI TV/TRS. TETTERBY did not enjoy her supper. There seemed to be something on Mrs. Tetterby's mind. At one time she laughed without reason, and at another time she cried without reason, and at last she laughed and cried together in a manner so very unreasonable that her husband was confounded. "My little woman," said Mr. Tetterby, "if the world goes that way, it appears to go the wrong way, and to choke you." "Give me a drop of water," said Mrs. Tetterby, struggling with herself, "and don't speak to me for the present, or take any notice of me." After a pause, Mrs. Tetterby said she was better now, and began to laugh. "What a wicked fool I was, to think so for a moment!" said Mrs. Tetterby. "Come nearer, 'Dolphus, and let me ease my mind, and tell you what I mean. Let me tell you all about it." Mr. Tetterby bringing his chair closer, Mrs. Telterby laughed again, gave him a hug, and wiped her eyes. "You know, 'Dolphus, my dear," said Mrs. Tetterby, "that when I was single, I might have given myself away in several directions. At one .time, four after me at once; iwo of them were sons of Mars." "We're ?11 sons of Ma's, my dear," said Mr. Tetterby, "jointly with Pa's." "I don't mean that," replied his wife, "I mean soldiers—Serjeants." "Oh!" said Mr. Tetterby. "Well, 'Dolphus, I'm §ure I never think p£ such things now, to regret them; and I'm sure I've got as good a husband, and would do as much to prove that I was fond of liim, as—" | "As. any little woman in the world," said Mr. Tetterby. '. » * * • «T)UT you see, 'Dolphus," said " Mrs. Tetterby, "this being Christmas-time, when all people who can make holiday, and when all people who have got monej;, like to spend some, I did, somehow, get a little out of sorts whe|>' I was in the streets just now. There were so 'many things to l?e sold—such delicious things 'to eat, such fine things to look at, such delightful things to have—and there was so much calculating and calculating necessary, before I durst lay out a sixpence 'for the commonest thing; and the basket was so large, and wanted so much in it; and my stock of money was so small, and would go such a little way—you hate me, don't you, 'Dolphus?" "Not quite," said Mr. Tetterby, "as yet." "Well! I'll tell you the whole truth," pursued his wife, penitently, "and then perhaps you will. I felt all this, so much, when I was trudging about in the cold, and when I saw a lot of other calculating faces and large baskets trudging about, too, that I began to think whether I mightn't have done better, and been, happier, if —I—hadn't—" "I see," said her husband quietly; "if you hadn't married at all, or if you had married somebody else?" "Yes," sobbed Mr. Tetterby. "That's really what I thought. Do you hate me now, 'Dolphus?" "Why no," said Mr. Tetterby, V don't find that I do, as yet." Mrs. Tetterby gave him a thankful kiss, and went on. "I begin to hope you won' now. 'Dolphus, though I am afraic I haven't told you the worst, I can't think what came over me. I don't know whether I was ill, or mad, or what I was, but I couldn't call up anything that seemed to bind us to each other. [ could think of nothing except our being poor, and the number of mouths there were at home." "Well, well my dear," said Mr. Tetterby, shaking her hand encouragingly, "that's truth, after all. We are poor, and there are a number of mouths at home here." * » * <•<• A H! but, Dolf, Dolf!" cried his wife, laying her hands upon Ms neck, "my good, kind, patient fellow, when I had been at home a very little while—how different! Oh, Dolf, dear, how different it was! I felt as if there was a rush of recollection on me, all at once, that softened my hard heart, and filled it up till it was bursting." The good women, quite carried away by her honest tenderness and remorse, was weeping with all her heart, when she started up with a scream, and ran behind her husband. Her cry was so terrified, that the children started from their sleep and from their beds, and clung about her. Nor did her gaze belie her voice, as she pointed to a pale man in a black cloak who had come into the room. "Look at that man! Look there! What does he want?" "My dear," returned her husband, "I'll ask him if you'll let me go. What's the matter? How you shake!" "I saw him in the street, when I was out just now. He looked at me, and stood near me. I am afraid of him." She had one hand pressed upon her forehead, and one upon her breast; and there was a peculiar fluttering all over her, and a hurried unsteady motion of her eyes, a$ if she had lost something. "Are you ill, my dear?" "What is it that is going from ,me again?" she muttered, in a jow voice, "What is this that is going away?" I Then she abruptly answered: "111? No, I ana quite well," and ,stood looking vacantly at the floor. .(To Bo Continued) "I don't think there is going *tft be any hasty action taken at 'this time," McClellan said. "We think Sam can hold on as he is for 1 A while." • • Mrs. Caraway told a reporter 'she wisTied it understood there was^ng controversy on the point between X IU UU.VU UI1UC1 QLUUU. aU WU11 rtO LU ' _. .. . - .. . ., ^ makp iU st-itprrienf unnecessary her and McClellan but that it make its statement unnecessaiy, I are'the players. During the week, Dr. Tsiang acts in pictures, and his private theater is, among other things, his showcase and experimental laboratory. He came to Hollywood, naturally, to act in films and to learn about them. He was the first Chinese interviewed for a leading role in "The Purple Heart," and won it on the spot. "Without rhy constant practice in my theater," he says, "I could not have done so." This is 'his first picture. Dr. Tsiang likes audiences, but finds large ones rather ^unessential. 'Sometimes we have more 'people, sometimes less," he says. "A good actor doesn't care how 'many he plays to —though," he adds quickly, "he does like one person, at least. If no one comes, : then we give no performance —we ; dismiss it :as a • rehearsal." - ..-,.-,•• Sometimes his actresses,' who draw modest fees, will not appear. As long as one of them does, however, the show can go on —Dr. Tsiang, .in the Chinese fashion, will play a feminine role along with his own. If none appears, Dr. Tsiang, though he knows all the 'roles, regretfully postpones the performance. "I will not be a mondlogist," he explains, with dignity. for the passage that Jesus 'quoted (Deuteronomy 1 6:4),' to which. He added Leviticus 19:18, . was' "fedit- ed, regularly as a part of worship in the Synagogue. It occupied a place in Jewish worship comparable to that of the Lord's Prayer in Christian worship. Thus, Jesus was turning the question back upon the heckler, and reminding him of the beauty and glory, of the religion he was disregarding in his, narrow zeal for questioning and critizing others. Jesus, however,, magnified and enlarged the words that He emphasized. He gave them fullness and richness of meaning. He removed all limitations and restrictions on the life of love. How unfortunate it is that even to our own time religious people have for the most part preferred to quibbie about minor matters and controversies rather than to take the high, positive, unlimited way of love and graciousness! The wonderment about this is all the more striking when we realize that 'Jesus not only gave the New Commandment of love, but gave the clear and express example of its fulfillment. The New Commandment of Jesus to His disciples was not only that they should love one another, but "as I have loved you." They Were to ; keep His commandment and abide love, even as He kept 'th'er's commandment. Jesus never asks us to, dp: any- somethlng they are workln g|s otft Between them. •') "u .Speedy • | ( ' Sacramento, Calif. — Donald iVTacmcoll, wanted to hunt. " l " i He rented a gun, "bought a hiiht- 1 ' v ing license, talked Charles Sie'beckv out of four shotgun shells, ''took ia taxi to the city's outskirts. • - . He was back in an ^odr,' With ' the limit of two pheasants — %Htl . oneV unused shell. USE 66l| 666 TABLETS. SALVE. NOSE MOR Good Things to Eet. Pure Pork Sausage — Groun^j from fresh pork shoulders aj " hams. Nothing added. Tatum's Market Flashes of Life By The Associated Press How About It, OPA? New York, Dec, 11 —OT —The customer ordered chicken chow mein. — without onions. The meal was satisfactory. The check read "Chow mein — 75 cents. "No onions — 5 cents. "Total — 80 cents." Asked to explain, the Chinese waiter said: "With onion easy, without onion chief get mixed up, so five cents more without onion." Sob Story Mineapolis — Two little girls, 11 and seven years old, came Into police headquarters last night with a sob story about having no way to get home. "Aren't you the same little girls who came in here once before?" Sgt. Robert little asked. "Twice before," the younger girl corrected. A checkup showed that not only did the girls have streetcar tokens, but belonged to a young North Minneapolis crowd that has been using police cars as transportation regularly. and Friday—7:45 p. m. We hope to see you Sunday Morning in Sunday School. We urge all the children to be in Sunday School Sunday as we will be preparing our Christmas program. You are cordially invited to attend all services at the First Pentecostal Church. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Thos. Brewster, Minister Sunday School—9:45 a, m., wilh classes for all age groups. Morning Worship—10:55. Message by the minister, with emphasis on the approaching advent season. Vesper Service—5 p. m. Young People's meeting — 0:15 p. m. Auxiliary Circle meetings Monday, except the Business Women's Circle which will meet Tuesday night. Monthly .supper meeting of the men of tihe church, Tuesday night, at the Barlow Hotel at around 7 p. m. At the December-meeting the ladies will be our guests. A splendid musical program has been arranged. Admission is by ticket,, price of which is 75c. You are invited to worship w.th us. — at Busy Bee Grocery ' r ~ ll S. Mam Phone HB07i Sunday -Monday - Tuesday R I A i T 0 SUNDAY Terrific But True! Hirohito's Sons of Heaven in 'RAVAGED EARTH 1

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