Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 10, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, December 10, 1943
Page 2
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' J '* ' '- ' '' ' - S*BWWWWlf If '^ . Ait'n. •f M ««tlim»«(y (ntlftad f*. fepubli««i»ion of all fWwt dl«- lted to ft ot not , ethcrwlM In fht* &ap*f Oftd all* th« h>col herein. ^.«, . ftDelrolt, Mich., 2841 W. Grand Blvd.; terminal IBd«.j ' '' 1 ^^^ ^ Sf *"' " . omcuu MCMM ••«Ji*Mk*4i8i MUMMMIbNI tV WUIAM MUUM> •r>*» IY i*> MiXitt me. t. m. uttt it ». m. &t «•• can't stand it! Day and night, night and day—those infernal ack-acks!" More thafi 160,000 women are employed.ih thc U.. S. transporta- ,tipn industry i IIDE GLANCES By Golbraith ; f 143 * ^ Daisy Dofothy Heard, Editor Phone 7M Between 8 •. m. end 4 p. m. Social, Calendar* ' Friday, December 10th The Friday Music Club will meet at the home of Miss Heginn Basye, 7:30 p. m, for Its,regular meeting. -Mi's. Hendrix Sprageins "'•-hostess-. •" . .- • ,• : crtonal • The boats were concealed. __ W HEN their boat upset arid GeruCldtk and Corjn* mando Lieut, Livingstone were rescued from the sea, Clark decided to wait and try again litter, in the hope that the surf would moderate. The boats Were concealed and sentries posted. All except Gen. Clark.'stpqd guard duty. Courtney got in touch with the safe, asked its commander to head out to'sea and avoid discovery, and. to await another signal for its return. Clark was soaking^wet and Lcmnitzer lent him his shirt and -trousers. Then Lemnitzcr took.his turn as sentry,-sitting in his underwear under a bush,'his carbine across his knees. Corn- Courtney set'ouf i mando Capt. Courtney sat' on the beach counting the waves and timing them to sec whether the surf was rising. Then he set out down the shore, his carbine at ready, looking for a better spot to launch another attempt with- the rubber boats. An hour of search revealed n place where the breakers were not heavy, but the'water was shallow there for nearly a hundred feet offshore, then a shelf dropped abruptly to a depth of thirty feet. He told Clark of his ' discovery and they decided to try.again. Every moment's delay placed the whole plan of action in jeopardy and They launched the buats, «pf •~"^.'' '••..-'. : endangered the lives of _the French patriots with whom the mission had been in conference! 1'our Frenchmen had joined the party to help it get back to thc submarine. These men stripped, and'launched each boat in turn through the heavy surf, The first to leave were Clark and Wright,'This time they surmounted a huge comber safely, the two, rpcn paddling,with such desperation that Courtney later .said he .thought it was a windmill going out to sea. Lemnitzcr ariit'Commando Lieut. "Foote were next. They got away safely. The party had made the submarine An auto sped on ... just in time because Courtney, who looked back from her deck, saw automobile headlights speeding towards the house. He later learned that it was a full-dress raid by the gendarmes.The mch.who had been battling thc waves for- hours to get aboard were given a tot of British rum, The, next dav they met at a rendezvous with a Cataliha flying' boat, Clark and his staff were taken Aboard, and while the sub's crew cheered'thc plane roared off on the next step- in the destruction of Rommel. (Tomorrow: Qcn. Eisen- b'ower lands at Gibraltar and takes siipreuie cormilantt ,of Combined Operations.) ' ''.'.. Drawings copyright.' 1943. by Klntr Features Syndicate. Iftc. Text copyrteht 1043. bvH.II. Stationer* Ofllc*: Dhtrihutal hv Klnc Feature* Syndicate In conjunction wlli tfco M*«millMB Co. and thc Dook-oMhc-Month Club, Ine. Circle ..No. 1 O f the Women's Auxiliary .fifvthe First Presbyter- Inn churcji, ;H6m e of Mrs. Kondell Letriley, 3 o'clock. Circle No.; 2 -of ..the Wpmen'a Auxiliary t of .the First Presbyterian church, home of Mrs. Thomas Brewster, 3 o'clock, fiirclc No..' 3 of the Women's Auxiliary of thc First Presbyter^an church, home of Mrs. Ched 12 noon. The Women's Society of Christian Service of the First Methodist phflrch, the church, Monday after- boon 3 o'clock. The Rev. R. B Moore will be in charge of thc in, ItaHnUon of officers for the coming year.. All officers nnd members are to a-lilend. By J. R. Willioms fue«day, December 14th The annual pot luck luncheon for nembers of the Iris Garden club fill be hpld at the home of Mrs. C..M. Agee, 411 East Second, Tuos- lay, 1 o'clock. Mrs. Bill Smith will >c(5&p-hostcss. 'wepty-Ohe Members Attend P.W: Club Party Two new members, Mrs. Helen IcClure and Miss Margaret Ann ' l f£ er ' werc welcomed into the lope Business and Professional Vomcn's club when they met at the iarlow Thursday .evening for the nonthly dinner. \ A lighted Christmas tree center" 2 long banquet table placed private dining room carried ut the seasonal theme. Miss Gene .aspter had the program ant ilked on the Christmas story '. Following the exchange of gifts By Hershberger FUNNY BUSINESS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hooplc OUT OUR WAY /OH I'D LOVE "TO uEAI^ivj TO READ BLUE PHlMTS.' WILL. POR.? HERE'S A DRILL AMD HERE'S A PIECE. OF IRON" VOU JUST DRILL A* 7HEVRE' I NEVER OF A _, >OU TEACH ME I ROLE IK) IT.' THERE'S \ A BOOK QN piSM' SOMETIME, I. A MILLION OF 'EM At4D" Y WASHIS?--AM 1 MR GUST? A A WAR OJ--WHAT DO | THAT JOBS VOU WA.N1T TO LEARM 1 ABOUT A. . COME OUT BISCUIT E'6 O AAR-Gl MB ONb • EA.RL OP VOUR ? SOU EMER NEWSAENGER BOARDERS GET - encnw BY mi stiwice. INC. T. n mc> u.«. f*T. off ._.• THF. IRDM 'PIWES' l-2-io. •«^,5r«Ni*«.»cV,^SS. urn's ;f slick one, till right! When wu were talking "II'Helps me up the liills on \vindv ilnys!" than • Jttp (ill ol Reckiei! ouf ChrislinHs ;it (he, table, notice how slit- mentioned ", .that; fur coal *he'a been wf wring 12 years?" * Donald Duck First Come—First Served! By Walt Disney •By Leslie Turne* No Rent, Too WHAT APPEARS TO BE ROCK I5.CEMW „ AND I'M STICKIN' »—v '{ AROUMD T' MAKE SUREN IT'S JUST ONE PIECE!/ AUSTRIA'S LINK WITH PLASTER OVER A LI6HT FRAMEWOSKJ OUR uwota*souNp / MCVI ftAOlO STATION THE ALLIES. MV FRIEND. ASMALLWATERFAU FURNISHES T POWER • TRACY 9» SAWYER MARJORIE WOOBWORTI The Marshal? By Fred Harmon Thimble Theottr Something to Choke Down FOOTED ME, I THOUGHT SHE 9AID SHE tUAS 3REIAHN 1 IT TOR SUJEE'PEA- NOUJ ! ROLUED A PILL POR SX'EE'PEA, PROM THE HERBS ON THE BOTTOM OF THE KETTLE THIS WILL CURE HIM BREOJED HERBS FOR SUJEe'PEA, THEN SHE KEEPS ALL 2O BOTTLES OF fT FOR HER MISERIES viiBiu 0ff/ By Edaqr Martin Yes, That's Why By V. T, Hamlin T KNOW WHAT HA.P- PENEO TO THOSE TWO BEEN Saturday . John in )eath Rides he Plains' and By Chic Young It's That Elmer Again! fre«kiei and Hit Friend* Simple Process STATION, D-C./ Chapter 10 Kinsiow, of Coast Guard members- sang several enrols. High Schcol Glee Club Heads ImpCessfve P.-t.A. Program Unrldr'the d'irrectlon of Miss Re- giha' Basyo,'; the High School girls glee club reridero'd'Chrlstmas enrols mid Scriptural texts in chant', solo and chorus arrangements at the December meeting of High School P.-T.A. 'yesterday afternoon. Following, this impressive introduction the program was presented by Mrs. Frank Mason telling a seasonal story from the book; "The Second Christmas" by'John Hnynes Holms.".- • - • The business- meeting wns conducted, by the president, Mrs. Eugene White, who announced thnt the P, T.-'A. is now out of debt for the piano recently purchased. She also asked members to wulch the papers for. the re-opening of the Surgical Dressing department. The new quota will be ,60,000 dressings she concluded in appealing to the women to make plans to do volunteer work. Davis-Gordon Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Gordon of Patmos announce thc marriage of their daughter, Nora, to Henry W. Davis, son of Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Davis of Romance, Arkansas, on Sunday morning, December 5, at 10 o'clock. The double ring ceremony was performed at the home of the bride's parents by the Rev. E. J. Lambent of Hampton, Arkansas. Thp" attractive young bridge wore a "blue wool suit with soft dressmaker details. , Her accessories were in fuchsia and blue, and a corsage of white chrysanthemums comploled her costume. The bride attended Magnolia A. and M. High School and College and has been a teacher in Hempstead county schools for a number of years. Since graduation from Southwestern Business University f Houston, she has been engaged n stenographic work in Houston and Little Rock. The groom Is connected with the Ordnance department of Ford, Bacon, Davis Defense plant of Jacksonville, Ark. Following the ceremony thc couple left on a wedding trip to Hot Springs. They will fake their home, in Little Rock. By Chorfts Dicktnt Sarptof IMS, fcfA W.S.C.S. Circle No. 1 Has Special Meeting . W.S.C.S. Circle No. 1 of the First Methodist Church, Mrs. Charles Parker, leader, met at thc homo of Mrs. Max Cox Monday afternoon with Mrs. W. G. Allison and Mrs. Lloyd. Spencer, co-hostesses. A special prayer and responsive reading opened the meeting. Mrs. Barker gave an impressive comparison between the first mother, Eve, and Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Mrs. J. A. Henry was in charge of; an hour of delightful entertainment. During the social hour thc host- -riiTl NTOUYi nnil ittilvFfftlf j- i>rofo«,.nr. iiy ;«irriivifHl niciinirlr* or ifn> »**« nH lip nil* nlrtiie liftoff hi* ntr nn ritrl.NlniiiK Uvf. A |ihni|«om np|icnr> nnil nirpr.H him I In- power In fnrrrt olid (n linn* mi I hi- Rift to o<kcr». * *. * CHAPTER V . AS he stood rooted to the spot, •' a shrill cry reached his ears. It came, not ffbm the passages beyond the door, but from another part of the old building, and sounded like the cry of someone In the dark who had lost the way. He looked confusedly upon his hands and limbs, as if to bo assured of his Identity, and then shouted in reply, loudly and wildly; for there .was a strangeness and terror upon him, as if he, too, were lost. The cry responding, and being nearer, he caught up the lamp, and raised a heavy curtain in the wall, by which he was accustomed to pass into and out of the theater where he lectured—which adjoined his room. : "Halloa!" he cried. "Halloa! This wayl Come to the light!" When, as he held the curtain with one hand, and with the other raised the lamp and tried to pierce the gloom that filled the place, something rushed past him into the room like a wildcat, and crouched in a corner. "What'is it?" he said hastily. He might have asked "What is it?" even he had seen it well, as presently he did when he stood looking at it gathered up in its corner. * * * A BUNDLE of tatters, held U>T •*"*• gether by a hand, in size and form almost an infant's, but. in its greedy, desperate little clutch, a bad Old man's. A face rounded and smoothed by some'half-dozofl years, but pittched and twi&Jed by the experiences of life. Bright dyes,, but not youthful. Naked feet, beautiful irt their childish delicacy— ugly in the blood and dirt that cracked Upon them, Used, already, to be worried and bunted like a beast, the boy crouched down as he was looked at, and looked back again, and interposed his arm to ward off the expected blow. "I'll bite," he said, "If you hit me" The time had been, and not many minutes since,, when such a sight as this would h&ve wrung the Chemist's heart. He looked upqn it now, coldly; but, with a heavy . effort to remember something — he did not know \yhat — he asked the boy what he did there, and whence he came. "Where's the woman?" he replied. "I. want, to find the wom- "Sot hone." "Where do- you live?" *'L?Ve! What's that?" • The'boy shook his hair from his eyes, to look at him for a moment, and then, twisting round his legs pnd -wrestling' with him, broke f gam into his repetition of "You „«• nj, e 8°. will you? I want to •find the Woman." ,j, Xj» Chemist ]fd Wm {() ^ S?#- i T - his Way > he said ' look - fing. at, him still cbnfusedly, but •jwith repugnance and avoidance, .growing out of his coldness. "I'll take you to her." />.''• •••'-.;-• * •'* * |TltE'sh'arp eyes in the child's 1 . ne ??.v i wandering round the •'Morn, lighted on the table where •the.'remnants of the dinner were ' "Giye-rne some of that!" he said, ' "Who?" "The woman; . Her that brought mo here, and set me by the large fire. She was so long gone that I went- to look for her, and lost myself. I don't want you. I want the woman." He made a spring, so suddenly, to get away, that 1 the dull sound of his naked feet 'upon the floor was near the curtain, when Red- law caught him by his rags. "Come! you let me go!" muttered the boy, struggling, and clenching his teeth. "I have done nothing to you. Let me go, will you, to the wompn!" ''That is not the way. There is a nearer one," said Redlaw, detaining him, in the same blank effort to remember some association that ought of right to bear upon this monstrous object. "What is your esses served a delicious salac course to 28 members and tw guests. Showing their appreciation to th loader, Mrs. Parker, members pre senled her with a lovely remem brnnce. , "Has she not fed you?" "I shall be hungry again row, shan't I? Ain't I hungry every day?" ; Flhding himself released, he bounded at the table like some small animal of prey, and hugging to his breast bread and meat, and his own rags, all together, said: "There! Now take me to the woman!" As the Chemist, with a newborn dislike to touch him, sternly motioned him to follow, and was going, out of the door, he trembled and stopped. "The gift that I have given; you shall give again, go where you will!" The Phantom's words were blowing in the wind, and the wind blew chill upon him. "I'll,not go there, tonight," he murmured faintly. "I'll go nowhere tonight. Boy! straight down this long-arched passage, and past the great dark door into the yard —you will see the fire shining on a window there." "The woman's fire?" inquired the boy. ; He nodded, and the naked feet had sprung away. He came back with his lamp, locked his door hastily, and sat down in his chair, covering his face like one who was frightened at himself. For now he was, indeed, alone. Alone, alone. (To Bo Continued) Oglesby P. T. A. to Sponsor Benefit Book Review "We Thought We Heard th Angles Sing" (Whitlakc'r), an amaz ing story of the Pacific, will be re viewed by Mrs. R. E. Jackson a the city hall Tuesday, Decembe 14, at 3 o'clock at city hall. Tickets are available from an member of Oglesby P. T. A sponsors of the review. Students of Mrs. R. A, Boyett • To Appear in Recital Mrs. R. A. Boye'tt's voice an - Monday - Tuesday R I ALTO SUNDAY * MONDAY Terrific But True! Hirohito's Sons of Heaven in 'RAVAGED EARTH' Liberalization of Censorship Is Announced Washington, Dec. 10 —(#")*— Announcing a liberalization of voluntary censorship restrictions on the press and radio, Director Byron Price today placed in his own office of censorship greater responsibility foe clearing material for publication and broadqast. This fundamental change in censorship policy, Price said, "means, in effect, that the Office of Censorship will itself undertake to act as an appropriate authority under the codes" by passing on material in' restricted categories whether or not it has been announced officially by other government agencies. The Office of Censorship will not, however, originate news. Issuing to a prdss conference if? vised censorship codes for the press and radio, Price said .mm- erous restrictive requests of the government had been eliminated in the interest of encouraging a more liberal presentation of war news, especially regarding war production, merchant marine operations and diplomatic negotiations not connected directly with military operations. Price again emphasized only the Dffice of Censorship has authority .o request that certain news not De published or broadcast and invited appeals when requests were received from other sources, "Unquestionably news is being suppressed needlessly by newspapers and broadcasters because )f miscellaneous requests emanat- ng from totally unauthorized sources throughout the country, including even publicity agents," Price said. In some cases, he said, "even Chambers of Commerce have tried -to say what could be printed." Saying that he had noted some inclination among newspapers to accede to such I unauthorized requests, Price added: "I want to be sure we don't build up that type of psychology. I want to put newspapers and broadcasters on their guard against it. I have found editors who think that army regulations issued to public relations officers on what should not be given out are orders to news papers.. They are not and the Wai- Department never intended them to-be." Asked whether.any consideration hps been given to a final termination of censorship, Price replied: , "There has been a great deal. I can express a personal hope that all censorship, not only press and radio, but also mail and cable, will end when the hostilities end. "I think the trend should be tfiat way from now on. There is not complete agreement, but a'rnong government agencies the thinking is toward curtailment." piano pupils will present a student •ecilal • Saturday afternoon, December lj, at 4 o'clock, 608 South Main street. The program of timely numbers vill be followed by "Information 'lease" on musical topics. Coming and Going Miss Paisy Dorothy Heard spent Thursday in Shreveport, the guest of Miss Ann Kerksieek, department lead of the Shreveport Library, They were Kappa Delta sorority isters at Louisiana State Univer- ity. _ Mrs. Hosea Garrott departed to- ay for her 'new home in Gastonia, . C., after a pleasant visit yitJh. er mother, Mrs. Mary Lemley, nd other relatives and friends. Miss Harriot Story has arrived rom Sioux City to spend the month 'ith her parents, Mr. and Mrs. •arrett Story. Lt. Frank Driggers and Lt. C. p. ioak were business visitors to hreveport yesterday. Air Push May (Continued From Page One) ."Germany's production facilities have been so hurt by our bombing that she is able to produce about 1,500 planes a month, of which quite a large percentage are fighters," he said. "The reason for the Iqrge percentage of fighters is the fact that the German air force has gone from the offensive to the defensive." .With an estimated 1,800,000 persons made homeless by the air attacks, Clifton said it had become increasingly evident that German propagandists werc - chiefly concerned with the effect on civilian morale. To counter the air offensive, he said, the Germans have had to concentrate the bulk of their fighter forces in Western Europe, and this — plus the destruction of industrial facilities — has contributed to Russian and Allied Mediterranean successes. 'The number of German fighters has increased in the west from 700 in January to over 1,570 in October," Clifton reports. "This increase is due partly to the creation of new units, and partly to units drawn from other fronts. It is clear that the German air force low has as its primary mission to defened Germany against the devastating air attacks being made by .he Allied air force," Commodore Vanderbilt added $10,000,000 to his fortune between the ages of 70 and 83. EASY TO BUY Besuretoinsiston I PURE ASPIRIN IQvaffty A$sur«cf L. A. J{eith has been removed to Is home following an illness at the ulia Chester, friends will be glad o know. Mrs, Talmad'ge Duke and daugh- er, June, Mrs. Jim Fudge of tittle :ock, Miss Jewell Fore of Pres- ott, Mrs. Cora Feilding of Gurdon, Wrs. Conway and Mrs. Kitchens of iope were among th£ relatives and •lends attending the funeral of Jrs. Glen Mitchell in Stamps Wede&day. Austin Hutson of Booneville is the uest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. oe p. Hutson, for two weeks. • • • >p w i v • ^ «ppnpifj*BM^fjpjeipjpBpiMjejejpjBjeipi . Ypu pan't buy aspirin that can dq more for you, so why pay more. World's largest seller at ld£ 36 tablets, 20(i— ;OQ only 35(i. Get St. Joseph Aspirin. * Glass Tops f for Desks, Tables, Dressers Make, Christmas Gifts That .y" ' Are Appreciated •?' • • i* Bring Your Patterns to Hwpstead County Lumber Co, Boy Scout Collections Total $1,132 The Hctnpstond County Boy Scout Drive ppparently is over the top with collections turned in totaling $1,132.50, Roy Anderson, treasurer announced today. Some solicitors have yet to turn fheir collections in and Mr. Anderson virged they do so as soon as possible. Persons not contacted by solicitors and who wish to donate are urged to contact Lyman Armstrong or Roy Anderson. Blevins Training School Dedication The- Blevins Training School (negro) will hold a program at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon dedicating the school cafeiarPa and commercial science building, it was announced today by the faculty. The principal address will be delivered by J. L. Taylor of the State Department of Education, and Ed McCuiston and R. C. Childress of the department will also appear on the program. The public is invited. Bishop to Visit Episcopal Church Bishop R. Bland Mitchell, D.D., head of the Episcopal Church in Arkansas will visit the local church on Sunday next, December 12. He will 'preach and -administer the apostolic rite of the laying-on-of- hands. The service will be at 11 a. m. All are cordially invited to attend. There will be a meeting of the Vestry with the .bishop after the service. I FDR Approves (Continued Erom Page One) srvice' officials, however, provides this induction plan shall not be allowed to affect "the usual regular and orderly flow of the nation's manpower into the armed forces." Senator Wheeler (D-Mont), author of a rejected bill to ban outright the drafting of fathers, contended this clause took the "force" out of the amendment and made it legally possible for selective service to continue to induct fathers. The' ruins of Herculaneum were discovered in 1719. Good Things to Eat Pure Pork Sausage — Ground from" fresh" pork 'shoulders and hams. Nothing added. To turn's Market — at — Busy Bee Grocery 111 S. Main Phone .807 Moves Mode to Modify Subsidy Bill Washington, Dec. 10 — (If) —Two moves for major modification? of the food subsidy repeal bill were started in the Senate today, with Senator Taft (R-Ohjo) advocating a limited subsidy plan abolishing price rollbacks but retaining most present retail price controls. The second proposal —' to link subsidies and wage controls by continuing the former only as-long as the Little Steel pay formula stands — went to the Senate Banking Committee which .agreed to consider it in executive sessions starting Monday. " -.•••• Senator Ellendor (D-La), author of the subsidy-wage control amendment, said it had considerable support among the Banking Committee members.' Under the proposal the War Labor Board would judge when'an'd if the Little Steel formula were broken. '''."' Taft's limited subsidy plan would shelve the subsidies the "govern? ment pays to roll meats 'and butter prices 'back to Sept. 15', 1942 levels, but would keep most of the others now being paid on some 17 selected 'food items by tying them in with a system { of support or guaranteed prices to farmers. Deaths Last Night By The Associated Press Edgar Allen Woojf ' Santa Monica, Calif...— Edgar Allen Woolf, 54, stage and movie writer, and former actor. ^ • Dr. Ernest F. Pihlblad ''. Dr. Ernest P. Pihlblad, 70, president of "Bethany College at'Lin.ds- borg, Kas., from 1904 to 1941, and decorated'by King Gustavo 5 of Sweden with the Royal Order of Vasa in 19iJO. , • The river Jordon has never been navigable. Muttering P«y to : * Troops Favored ; Washington, Dec, 10 —(/P) — teg* "S islalioh to give all members of the " armed services muslering«oul pay ranging from $200 to *SOO Wf»g're& ommended unanimously to^ay by the -Senate Military Affairs Com-" mittee. The sliding sca.le of payment? Would give higher discharge pfiy to A veterans who served overseas (haft' to those who remained in the United States. The plan wps inserted ' b^ the committee in a bill by &tatf> tor Barkley (D-Ky) which would have provided a flat $300 paymenl to alL honorably discharged sefv- 1 * ice men. . - 1, w Republican Senators Austin , of ) Vermont and Bridges of New Hampshire were authors ol the gj-aduated pay plan but their bill was incorporated in the Barkley measure. , yil ' AT FIRST SNIFFLE, SNEEZE Put a few drops of Va-tro-noT,Up each nostril at the very first snjfffe > or sneeze. Its quick actiort Ijilpt '' i prevent many colds mmm^^^. •developing. Follow.^|0|J^ directions ••• mm^ M£?' in folder. VArTRO*IIQ& , '^ "V Msri Wonted —Milk Attention Farm Producers! ' We will buy all the fresh milk you can bring in to: Olie't Dairy f/ We Can't Hold Down Production Because Of Illness... * " S c i en t i f i c o 11 y P r epa red Preseti pt ions There's a big job of backing up our armed forces, and we can't afford to let • illness stand in our way. Keep well and stay on the jpb ; ;That!s YOUR duty in "; this, war! The Leading WARD & SON We've Druggist- Phone "62 G °t It i!' Starting MONDAY, DECEMBER 13 --in-HOPE STAR Thirty Seconds _ ^^ .4 • Over Tokyo" Based on the BOOK-OF-THE-MONTH, by Gapt, Ted W. Lawsgn, who piloted one of the bombers commanded by Brig.-Gen. Jimmy Doolittle on his memorable raid against the Japanese capital, Presented in siX"Column newspaper strip form, with pictures and text Remember "GUADALCANAL DIARY" . ;~. s "THi SEVENTH CROSS" , , , "COMBINED OPERATIONS'? THIS IS THE GREATEST OF THEM" ALL! See Your Carrier Boy Now , , , or Phone 768 And the Order Will Be Turned Over to Him So You Con Start "THIRTY SECONDS 0VIR TOKYO 11 " With Chapter One

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