The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 28, 1940
Page 6
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\GE SIX (A[IK -) COURIER NEWS 1\W Yo'-k Yankees Bosin Soring '• Training Play Will C o n I i n u e Through Saturday Wilh . 42 Teanis Expected Communities throughout Norili M.:.v!ssippl ' County will have 4-H tluu iepri"*jilatiVG.« in ; ; ie annual Boys and Clirls 4-H Club bfljktt- Lall tournament 10 be held al the Minory here beginning T!ni;:,day nivhi and extending t.-joiijh .But- ^.Jhy niglit. With iht'play to be In two cll- visio..s, tht girls of Ynro/o. .-,..iuy GiGve, Ciosn.-U and I'uwJK-en Have teams in the "A" division; girls from Clear Lake, Lost cane, fc.'lSCl/ ^Jfui't:, nUIIlii, :j. .,u.::. jj j ,, Boyjiton, Annorel. Forty nnd I-.ig:i;, (josn^lt, liryjni. Brown, I'awhetn, Itali Moon and Black- v,ater will have teams in the "B" cflVL-.'ion; boys from l/>st Cane, il, Hocfcy. shady Grove, Yar- „, ,, I mil. rv*i, ,,,,^ n*,,,i, . ...iii * '"•• NlU1 ll1 •%&%,$ Jj&r** • k€f|i< 6$&''i>py ' ''">' »', !flSs^M^ia!K/:.»:AV...:^ , Golfer Tunis 'Birdie' jygDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, liVIO EBTO New York Yankee baseball leum i:; .shown above us they run out of Ihe club lioii.M' Iro, Lone Oak and Pawheen will "" '""" " v " ••"" .«"".•. wa.iv««,» ^.m,, i ; , .-,uuv,-d iwuvr us uiry nui <JUL i>i me cjiib hon.'.t have teams in the "A" group an( ] lor t ' 11 '' 1 ' • (ll ' sl workout of iho New Year. They are training at. SI. Petersburj;, Fla. —<NEA Ti'Jtp>ioK» uovs from Bo^nton, Forty and , Bight, Lone Oak, Pawheen, Gos- ntil t Half .Moon, Reece, Box Elder, Elacku'atcr, Armorel, Clear Lake, Shady drove, Broivii, Lost Cane, Koc-ky nnd Bryant will liave teams in (he "B" division to make up Ihe 42 teanis entered. Winners of the North Mississippi Comity tourney ivlll meet winners of the Southern district ' for all-county honors. I The tournament will open al 7 j o'clock when Yarbro "A" girls will m«el Shady Grove. This will be followed by (he Lost cnnc "A" boys. vs. Gosiicll; Cosnell "A" girls vs. Pawhecn; liocky "A" boys vs. Shady drove; Forty and Eight "B" girls vs. Gosnell; Lone Oak "A" 'boys vs. Pawheen; Gosncll "B" boys is. Half Moon for thc seven games to be singed the opening night. Friday's -piny will start al .o'clock in the morning when Clear Like "B" girls will meet Lost Cnue,. This will, be followed by games of Boyuton "B" boys vs. Forty anil Elsht; -Shady Grove "B" girls vs. Huffman; Lone Oak "B" boys vs. Pawheen; Rocky "B" girls vs. Box Elder; Recce "B" boys vs. Box Elder; Boyton "B" girls vs. Artno- rel,,all of which are scheduled before noon. Blackwatei "B" boys are to meet Armoret in a game ill 12 o'clock, to be followed by Clear Lake "B" boys vs. Shady Grove;' Uromi "B" boys vs. :ix>st Cane; Brown "B" girls vs. Pawheen; Rocky "B" boys vs." Bryant; Halt Moon "B" girls vs. Blackwalcr. scheduled for 2-.30 o'clock Friday afternoon. Bryant "B" girls" and Yarbro "A" boys drew byes'. . •Winners of these first games will be .paired for games Friday night and, Saturday with the finals li be Indicted iii Baseball Pool Scandal Combs Minor Circuits Fm- Hookies Wilh 'Homer' Complex MJW YORK. Feb. 23. <U(') _ National U-ii|<m> iniiiiugcrs shelved jiiiM'fcllancous husebal) data today in favor ol the New York Yankic i'1-r.slon of "how to tilt homers and v, in irlMKls—or pennants." J!»: iicnil ol i.,t- itiiur circuit, • iniT Hie lop-.sided vblories of the Yankfus In the last lour World scries, has been toward .slii> 0 in, A iii'ck inlo spri ,g training aclivf- lics reveals leading minor Injguc- tiiv' kings of four nut of five liixh- iM-rankiii" minor leagues—working out in National League uni- loj-ins. illustrating Hit concerted drive lor power, the baltiti, 1,1 iw» of the Hires class AA minor IciiBues—the Intei-nallomil and Pacine Coast—have been enrolled In Hie National, and the other cir- Wets- niit. che American Assonlalion, nas , slajed Friday night. •THE PAYOFF .;--• By ruitrty GR'AYSON 'IAKELAND, Fla., Ftb. 21).—It was'to prove himself a team man as.well as to'maintain his place as the highest salaried player in baseball that largo Henry Greenbei2 consented to play left field for the Tigers in order to make room for lh,e correspondingly bulky Rudy York at iirst base and get another robust long distance batting average in the lineup. York lacked many of Ihe splendid attributes Birdie Tcbbetts hn.= uehind the bat. It is no secret that Hank Greenberg hid become none loo popular in Detroit—with both lhs management and customers, it seems that his employers and the trade simultaneously arrived nt the conclusion that Han'kus Pankus played for Hanktis Pankus first . -.-. (he club only when whatever lie. was doing didn't hurt Iiniikitr Pankus' average. It is said that it was for this reason the Yankee.-! evinced not the slightest interest in Greenbsr when the Tigers hinted he could be hsd in .1933, oven though E Barrow and Joe McCarthy knew Lou Gehrig wouldn't be around much longer and svcre fxilh cognizant of what a home-nowf. home run manufacturer like t;V^ Hrcn- Bno'.,. , ;ol ,v. mM1 , Yankee Stadium gate Only uam v .^..> :m wo:-i to- McCarthy and the Yankees. MILL RETURN TO FIRST IF HE FAILS IX GARDEN so Greenberg, who spent 10 vcar- mastering the intricacies o! ' fir-l base, will make an earnest cflort to properly snag fl( es and s between 33 and 58 home run's marks of the past two camp.- for the Bengals. sV.f.'V 011 P lhcr t!lat the Wi' able Greenberg tackles his job not without trepidation Hammering Henry believes he ^ will throw well enough from his strange surroundings in time but winte out that It takes year., to learn how "to capably handle rr- position. ''You just don't walk out there and start playing," he explains Nor does Greenberg intend to remain In the outfield ir he discovers he can't make a go of It "To hear people talk," he sa s -s you -would think a law had been P»JMO compelling me to ba an outfielder the rest of my playins days,' and York a first baseman fm going to try my best, but ill don't come alony, or If York I against Jolnmy <Tarzan) i inuller. He holed it for a 75 and lojiiiibuted ils"NO,'F'iiian'Tn th'c his grin when he took two dollars batting averages as well as its homo from Johnny was wider than any am champ and No. i run-dmer 1 ever saw him put on after win- Julimiy Dickshot, Inte'aiutloiial nlng in a ring. For a moment 1 I/engiie batting ruler at Jersey Cuy rxpected him to execute the fa- last year, goes lo the New York > mons cartwheel he always (lid ,if- Giants with hj s leiiBiie's leadiii" \~ ' tei wiiinini; a right. hltinukcr. Second Bsstuiaii Mickey I v "There isn't any oiler I could Witek, and Ihe chniup plnih-hiu^i. Bet that would make me change inili-lder Olen Stewart m5 i|.l""of > 'ye lB rs- S ago l"\vaf finished * m * mn Association ,iower per- i figlillng nnd I meant it. Lis- ( ,i Hie Cincinnati Heels. Runner-up — Had more than my share »/j pii Pin,iipi> j **• t \ °'iKT^i. too.: .lid.., r-^ir^ivHs 1-ealiv.c it .mill Jimmy told me sit- S( , llild of cntc ,, c ^ s TI' C ho ^""n lug in the club, tlmt he started ;,„,,. lca(Un mu-driver and total- 'iy 1 ih" W 1PI1 Im u--*t; 10 vnt,,-.. nl,k . B .' luiui Thc coiinl)' prosecutor nnd a foimei iwllce chief were among 20 men indlcled in Detroit on charges of conspiracy to run "The National Junior Spoils Bnscbnll Pool." investigations Imvc been shaking the Detroit jjolice force since last summer when Mrs. Janet MacDonald killed herself am) her young daughter, leaving nciles implicating police in illegalities. Prod W. Frnhtn, police chief, removed for "neglecl ol duty" lust December, was unionf those indicted, with Uuncaii C'rcn, Wayne county prosecutor. C. Mc- Today's Sport Parade 87 1IEST.I Mr.LKMOOX HOLLYWOOD. Feb. 28. (UP) — Jimmy McLaniin's got enough and hud enough. He tsn'l nghling anymore. There isn'l n promoler with a big enough bankroll to entic- thc former welterweight champion back Inlo the ranks of the lighting men . The onetime "linby face killer" luis fallen for tv.o buby faces— doesn't fit at flrst . , . wd|, i know I'm n good first basennn '- con play tlmt position on any man's ball club." II Ls plain lhal no one hus told ffankus Pankus of the Yankee stand. SAYS VO11K KKCAillK I'l.USTKllKI) TOO KASI1.Y It Is ctinnlly evident thai he docs not whiit it is niKlerstood the Detroit management has deckled upon, which is tluit if York makes good it will be up to Greenberg-to" patrol the outfield .satisfactorily or fticc n snlary slash or a ihnnse ol clubs or both; Grccnberg lilnls that perhaps York gave up (on quickly in the ulficld. "York wasn't a fine catcher," lie •xrilalns. -Rudy didn't handle pitchers ' nny too well. He became confused at times when n couple of runners started flyin? along Die baselines. "But they Iried him at Ihird, in the .outfield and behind the phte nnd now at firsl base. "Perhaps if he hud stayed in th" ontfleW he'd b« doing all ri%ht by now." The Detroit club hopes Grofln- berg will view the situation liie same way himself. Greenberg Is .resigned to his falc for. Ihe time being at least. He'd like to appear in Hie nil- star game for Finnish relief In Tampa, March n. "But I'm a rookie outfielder didn't."niiswcTrkht aw'iv "because now." laush. i lc ,,ry Greenberg. _he had a big piitt coming up ,.,.-,,„ ... . • ... .: -"'i- "-i'"»ig inu-ciriver ami total*' vni*« iM C ,"r"f w , ars , 01 "' 'wso champ was Vince DiMagglo City aiiti wasn't even a pnner weight I was an amateur then but I slm-tetl j, fighting for a living when I was . fourteen and had just eighteen " V" years of it. Uniess jou've been a ^ nghlcr you can't possibly under- ' ,,.,' stand what a long/long time that J, "" ,, lle P ' c ir ' c , Coasl blltUlJi; is. Starling at 02 pounds 1 kept Iionh'J fighting right until I weighed H5. In in} 1 time I climbed a hundred overage record- League and the South- ion rank ne.xl to the ;roups, rating at A-l. Mozart made a concert tour of Europe, playing his own overtures, at the age of 8. He composed a wSdK^^^^isr^ ot lhai which , Two batters furnished foto- finish for Ihe Southern crown last Hans of Nashville, who at the Brooklyn 1.IJ Lllllt.- 1 HKIIttll ([ IllliLUtVII fi|\^l\ ff... -s or more into thc ring against j'. „ , „ fellows who didn't have but one td J " formi " aim-to knock my head otf." ' |5 ori '",!? """ , McLaniin's fights .weren't against'y^. Youn» r re S • ^iiV' 1 ^' ^ sctii|)s, either. Sitting there In the',,.",,, **• , . inoxVl115 . " Im " club wo figured out thai he f°»Bl't' n,'"! "^ ^ im tllc GmiUs> wor^t^'^r-'r^l^Uf^^ ™»* -o Joined the There were Joe Glick, Sarnmy | Sf CC?" 1 ^ S 'his" .string of 23 standing up until the season's end. Young hit 21 homers and was the leading run-driver, Mandell, Uurt Taylor, Barney Roxi.! Tony Cniuoncrt, Al Singer, Lou Aiiibers, Fidel LaHarba, Young Jack Thompson, Jnckie Fields, and Lou Uroullliard, lo name a few. And. there was n fair country hitter by the name of Hilly Petrolic, too. McLnriiin loved it in those days -those days of walking oiil anil standing loe to toe mid slugging until something fell. But those days are gone. "I'll take my fights now over thc radio or in the newspapers or in a sent back around the fiftli row. Thai's thc comfortable ivay." he snicl. "In fact, it's so comfortable tlmt that is the way I am going - 0 and Garcia Golf and gartoiing have gotl 8 ° for ( |_ 1D middleweight title." loo, and around the Lake- his wife's and lh nl of 1,1, <la.,Bli-| ' mt ".'f is tllc ! WftJ tcr, Ellen Kathleen « to Wlltch Armstrong him - stde Country Club he is belter known as "Squire McLarnln" than "ChaniM." He would rather fuss around his garden at home, taki- Ellen Kathleen for a walk, or play a dollar Nassau with a couple of 'pals thun set $.10.000 for sticking a left hand in somebody's fnce or knocking Ihcm slIlT with n rijjht to the jaw. I saw Jimmy today and nskcd him about Ihe oifer he had received from Promoter Mike Jacobs to fight (he Hcntl Giurler Nuw.i wmu tuit S"V, Johnny Dawson, Hollywood, went out on the limb but lost the cham- ,. . . . , • — - ..... "• ".ijw UIIA lu^i my ciiiun- P.onsli,|, round of 2Gth Houston, Texas Invitational Golf tournament Bob Riegal, Houston, won 7 and 5. Dawson's tee shot on the thirty-' first hole lodged on the branch of a tree. He turned bridle and scram. e an scrambled out. on the limb to make his play as shown in the above photo Arrow designates golf ball..— (NBA telepholo). In the United States, It is not permissible to cul more lumber for home consumption than the Dell Team Defeats Manila Girls, 18 To 10 'Hie Dell basketball team pulled an upset in winning over Manila, 13 to 10, last, nlghi at Dell. The Manila girls were winners in the -/iisstssi]>pi County school lormia- ;neni for "A" schools last week while (he Dell girls won second in the "B" class. In another game, the Manila oys won over Dell, 53-20. In Ihe girls' game. Jackson, with 7 points, was high for Dell and McCullar, with 4, was high for Manila. Fowler of Manila jnaile 25 points .or individual honors while Talc, vltli 8, was high for Dell. idea Of Saving For Rainy Day Declared Dead AN.N' ARBOR, Mich. (Ul'j.-Sav- i.'ig yoiir pennies for a rainy day is out of date because nowadays when it raius it rains easy civuu. ind a dollar invesled today might, easily shrink in purchasing power iii the future. I)r, Charles W. Coulter, University of New Hampshire sociologist expressed those .sentiments in ;i leclurc before 200 economists, social worekrs, and representatives of lending agencies gathered at a consumers credit conference sponsored by the University of Michigan. Dr. Coulter said the popular concept of thrift is a thing of the past due to various for/us of social insurance, which obviates the "necessity of saving for old age. Also, he said, the government has encouraged householders io obtain credit for rebuilding, repairing, remodeling and installing new equipment, and he added Ihat it is so easy for a family of average means to borrow money lor luxuries as well as necessities that continuous insolvency faces many. Anthracite Relic Displayed WILKE3-BA.RRE, Pa. (UP)—The original coal grate on which anthracite was burned [or the first time 132 years ago Ls on display here. To the grnle Ls attributed the start of the huge anthracite industry flourishing in this region. the top hit-maker, Ihe two-bagger king and was unanimously chosen as the legiuir-'s mosl valuable player. Adding to the parade of tailing champs joining tile Malional L^agu; ere: Eud.e Young, Piedmont League king, now with the Pirates: Pee- V^ce Reese, who led the American ' Association in three-buggers, with the Dodgers; Barney Olscn, Cub outfielder, who led Ihe Three-1 Lengne In doubles and tolal bases, and Butch Moran, Red hopeful who topped the ^Vesfern Association in rui).s-bntled-in. IT Quinnat salmon produced normally for 50 years, wilh every egg hatching and producing fish, the waters of the earth would not be enough to hold them all. ^fv;^^^^^^^^ HRST1H SVdt HO Armslrong-Ccferino Garcia bout In New York later In (he yenr. He I. DON'T KKOW WHICH TO TRY? IF SMOOTHER WHISKEX'S WHAT YOU WAHT,THEH . KESSLES'S IS YCUR BUY -^!- J. F. Livingston Motor Sales DED WHtSKEY. 7Sft N«««r,l Spirt.. M Distilling Oo..l nC ., lJwrcnccbllt( ,,i nd . grows | Fifty (o 9 0 ppr c( , nl of groH ,j, ls plants are composed of water. 2 Extra Days •p . wm ^^ ^-^ In Leap Year! This year the calendar gives you one extra day. And this newspaper will give you another extra day . leap year and every year . . . if you will accept it. You only have to save five minutes every shopping 'day, to enjoij an extra day each year. And the advertisements in this newspaper save you doctors as well as time. Here, in interesting- array, you'll find the things you want, at the price you want to pay. So do your shopping with the advertisements. It's Quick, convenient and sensible. Then do your buying —easily—in the stores that advertise. The money you save helps you enjoy the time you save!

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