Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 26, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 26, 1894
Page 5
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W" A MAN'S APPEARANCE Is largely made up of little things. This is why a Gentleman's Furnishings, Ties, Collars, Cuffs, Shirts and the et ceteras generally, are worthy of some thought and attention. Spring and Summer necessitates an entire renewal in these lines. We invite an inspection of our large stock, DEWENTER, THE HATTER AND FURNISHER. OBSERVE. There is something about a ready made suit that suggests "shabby genteel." You can avoid all that by having your clothes made to order at Tucker & Young's, the Pearl St. Tailors. Suits made to order from $20 to $6O. Yours Truly, "PUCK." PR I CMS ON ALL CANS, DAILY JOURNAL SATURDAY MORNING, MAY 26. /Small wares at one-fourth price, at i Bee Hive. |»«w fast black silk mitts, only 12} its—Golden Rule. tbe low prices on beautiful laces I the Trade Palace. ("The Salmon," the latest New York w hat sold by Patterson, you want choice butter for 11 its per pound, go to Dolan & Go's, fancy percale shlrta, collars and h attached, 58 cents up.—Harry Sfow for hose, mitts, gloves; silver |i buckles 30 cents each up.—Trade laoe. L new poroh adds to the tasty ap- DCO of the hanliome home of S. (jHpwe. he people have confidence in the I Hive's advertisements, hence they f s have a liberal response, nutated sugar, 4}o.; extra C , So., and white sugar, 4}o. per at Wm. Dolan & Go's nber Ben Flxher serves Hunti Ice cream as well as pure fruit i at fountain, only 6 cents a glass. Pe'll save every purchaser of men, i and children's clothing, 20 per because we manufacture our. s—Harry Frank. i Landis Kids made a great bus- votes at Hr.mmond. Wo are 1 a treat hustle for your hat IwrwMi trade.—Patterson, the Death.. Mrs. Elizabeth Seattle, an old and esteemed resident of Bethlehem town, ship, died Thursday night at her home near Fletcher's lake, agad 75 years. She leaves four grown children. The funeral will be held at 11 o'clock this morning from the residence. Margaret, wife of Urban Weiss died at 6:30 a, m. yesterday at St. Joseph's hospital of consumption, aged 24 years. The remains were taken to the late residence of the deceased No. 1724 Smead street. The funeral will be held at 9 a. m. Monday from St. Joseph's church, Rev. Koehne officiating. The Interment will be made ID Mt. St. Vincent cemetery. Wm. H. McGraw, the well known bar tender died at hi* home on Llndon street, West Side, last evening at 7:30 o'clock, aged 83 years. "Blllie" was well known abont the city and he will be missed from hla old familiar haunts. Hla last effort on earth was one to break away frem the drink habit which had overcome him. He began the gold cure, but the depress* ing effects of the treatment so reduced his system that he could not recover. The time of the funeral will be announced later. THE CONTENTION. A Fall Report of the Proceedlmtn- Republleani Generally Commend the Work. The Republican Congressional Convention at Hammond, May 24th, was well attended. The Cass county delegation, eighty in all. left on the Pan Handle at 5:30 Thursday morning and arrived at 8:80. The parly waa met at the station by citizens of Hammond aud headed by a band the delegation marched to the hotel, a mile or more distant. The convention was called to moot at 1 o'clock and at that time the delegates and the crowd was at the ball park which was selected at the last moment on account of the crowd. The delegates sat In the amphitheatre while the officers of the convention, newspaper men and guests sat on a platform hastily erected on a level with the first row of seats. There was a long wait on account of the delay on the part of the committee on credentials and It was twenty minutes of four when Chairman Barley called the meeting to order. Mr. Harley stated the duties of the convention and called for a report from the committee on organization. That committee reported W. T. Wilson of Cast for permanent chairman and W. B. Austin of Rensselaer for permanent secretary. This report was adopted by acclamation and Mr. Wlleon took the chair amid applause. He made a neat speech thanking the convention for the honor and called for the transaction of the next bust- •ess which was • 'the report of the committee on credentials." THB LAKE COUNTY CONTEST. There was a hum of expectancy when the call was made .for a report on credentials. The only contest was la Lake county and that was created by factional troubles which date back some years but had taken a new lease of life at the time of the "train stealing" episode at the Crown Point convention. The contest was bitter, five or six .hundred citizens being engaged In it oa each side and two or three newspapers being mixed up in It. The committee had given four hours to the hearing of testimony and the reading of affidavits and the finding was expected to be fair and just. The committee was selected In the usual way, each county selecting one member and was made up as follows: Judge £. D, Crumpaoker, of Porter; they sought, had - made the Johnston men withdraw when the nomination of Johnston was sure and had been fair and just all through. After the retirement contusion reitfued. The enthusiasts Wanted to nominate at once while the oldar heac.8 desired time for counsel, h was quite dark by this time and a motions to adjourn to tbe opera house at 9:20 was Carried by a viva voce vote. A Week Near Ended. The excellent company headed by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wayne will close a fairly successful week's engagement in popular repertoire at Dolan's to- nlgnt In "The Wolves of New York.'' The bill last evening was "The Lady of Lyons" with Mrs. Wayne in the title role and Mr. Wayne as ' 'Claude Melnotte." One of the best and moat discriminating audience i of the wee k greeted tbe Waynee and the unstinted applause was sufficient indication of the success achieved in this difficult play. At the matinee today "East Lynn" will be presented. 5d McConnell, of Cass; J. B. Lyons, of Newton; C. W. Barker, of Pulaski; W. M. Bradshaw, of Carroll; H. Van Toorat of White; M. T. Esslok of Fulon, and Frank Warren of Jasper. 'nder the usual rules neither delegation from Lake county could vote pending the contest and thus Lake county had no vote until a decision had been made. When the call was made, E. B. McConnell of Cass, chairman of the committee, made the committee report which was signed by five of tbe eight oommltteemen. The committee reported that after four hours con- slderatlon it recommends the seating of both contesting delegations, each thirty to oast fifteen votes, one-half the vote of the county. Mr, MeCon- nell stated that this was considered the best way to settle this dispute and moved the adoption of the report, judge E. B. Crumpacker made a minority report favoring the entire ignoring of the contestant and moved that it be substituted for the majority report. This brought the issue fairly before the convention and some spirited discussion followed. Judge Crumpaoker, Senator Youohe of Lake, N. L. Agnew of Porter and N. L. Borden of Pulaskl argued the differ, ent motions for the minority of the committee while E. B. McConnell, W. D, Pratt, .S. B. Boyer, and A. L. Knotti presented the majority side. Tbe motion to substitute the minority report for the majority was lost by 78 nays to 76 yeas as follows: Counties. Carroll Cass Fulton Jasper Newton Yes. No, 23 Counties. Tea. Porter 22 Pulaskl 4 White „ 1 No 8 H A Conrt Street Yesterday at noon the fire department was called out by a blaze in a shed at the rear of Lux's grocery In which was stored a lot of old barrels and boxes. The fire wa» extinguished before any great damage was done by the flames, but the water damaged a considerable quantity of sugar and other goods in an adjoining room. The damage had not been estimated last evening. _ World'* Columbian Exposition Will be of valus o the world by il* lustratlng the improvements in the mechanical arts and eminent physicians will tell you that the progress in medicinal agents, has been of equal importance, and as a strengening lax- tire that Syrup of Figs is far In advance of all others. 4 Secure the Memorial War Book. Toalfl.; 78 7S Judge Crumpaoker and others then began a series of dilatory amendments which were one after another voted down motions to adjourn and for the previous question alternrtlon. Three hours were spent id this aort of work with no material progress/ the different sides alternately gaining a point or losing one. About eight o'clock, when It was almost too dark to your next neighbor a vote was finally forced on the motion to adopt the report of the majority of the oommfttee on credentials and on roll call it was adopted by the same vote as above given The announcement of the vote ee the Johnston men wild. They rashly assumed that that was a test vote on the strength of tbe two candidates and in an Impulse of. anger Like and Porter counties withdrew. The Landis men, knowing that they were defeated if the'se delegates remained, cheering the retiring statesmen lustily. They bad accomplished ,:; what THE NIGHT MEETING. After the adjournment the delegates lunched and talked the situation ovor calmly. No man had done anything he was ashamed of, the proceedings bad been regular and fair and It was the general opinion that the convention should proceed as usual. The convention reassembled at 9:30 at the opera house with 99 delegates, more than a majority, present. Chairman Wilson called for a report from the committee on resolutions and the following resolutions were reported and unanimously adopted: THE RESOLUTIONS. We, the Republicans of the Tenth Congressional district in convention assembled endorse and re-affirm the principles embodied In the National platform of the Republican convention In Minneapolis In 1892, and the resolutions adopted at the Indiana State convention held at Indianapolis in 1894. We favor a protective tariff upon such articles as we can and do pro. duoe and are in the favor of the ad mission of such articles free of duty as we need and can not produce, luxuries ezoepted. We denounce the present Democratic administration for its un-American and un.patrlotio treatment of the Nation's late defenders in Us ruling upon pensions; for its un-American foreign policy In its attempts to destroy the foreign markets lately opened to the products of our farms and factories; for attempting to destroy a republican form of government in the Hawaiian islands and seeking to erect upon its ruins a throne of despotism filled by a seml-savsge; for the vMoilatlng and unsettled policy in the present congress, causing stagnation In the productive and manufacturing industries of the nation, making depend, ants of honest laborers and compelling oountlen thousands to eke out an ex- istance at the hands of public charity. We heartily endorse the late administration of President Harrison and we call upon tbe voters of this district to contrast that administration with the existing one—to ' 'look first upon thi« picture and then upon that"— and we appeal to the loglo of events during^-" • these two administrations; iot only as a vindication of republican prln. clples and proof of the capacity of that party to deal with current governmental problems, but as a confirmation,' strong as Holy Writ, that the further, continuance of democratic control In the executive and legislative branches of the government can be fraught only with disaster to our National life and with want and mis. ery in tbe late happy homes of our toiling millions. THE NOMINATION, A motion was made and carried that the convention proceed to nominate a candidate for congress. On a call of the counties C. B. Landis, Judge JohnH. Gould, M. L. Esslck and Judge E. P. Hammond were named. Judges Gould and Hammond declined and a ballot was ordered. The ballot resulted, Landls, 99, no other candidate being voted for. The vote was ai follower Carroll, Landis, 22; Cass, Landis, 31; White, Landis, 18; Pulaskl, vLandis, 6; Newton, Lan, dis, 6; Jasper, Landls 1; Lake, •Landls. 15: total. 99. Fulton and .Porter cast no votes and Lake county was represented by half the delegation. A committee was appointed to notify Mr. Landis of his nomination and the convention adjourned. HAMMOND IS NOT A CANDIDATE. Special to tbe Indianapolis News yeiterday. WASHINGTON, D, C., May 25.—Representative Hammoud received a tele. gram today from his son announcing the nomination of Charles Landls, of Delphi, for Congress by the Republican (Tenth district) convention. Mr. Hammond feels encouraged at the Democratic outlook, but says he is not a candidate for re-election. "My letter declining is in the bands of Chairman Hathaway," said Mr. Hammond, "but I understand he has not published it yet. It make no difference, however, as I have publicly stated that I would not be a candidate." NOTES. The kids scared 'em and they fainted away. The Johnston men were foolish to bolt. They had four majority. Caes county gave Landis one-third of the votes necessary to nominate. Cass, 31. Everybody now is a Landis man, one half of the democrats of the otunty are for Landiu. L L. Truman was the engineer, Ed Alexander the conductor and Charles Gray tbe brakeman on the special. Everybody Is inclined to laugh, at the way the Johmston men skedad- died when the "Kids" bluffed 'em. 'ohnsten i» a man of nerve | but his followers are not. They ran away.when they bad a sure thing. The general impression was that the Landls kids had got the best of tbe Johnston sober-sides and everybody w*e"inclined to smile thereat Chaii man Wilson was the choice of both the Landis and Johnston men and his rulings were commended by both after the convention adjourned. The palm for good political management baa heretofore been given to tbe north end of the district. It now belongs to the south end. Crumpacker, Youche and Murray Turner are nice bovs but they are not in it. The Cans county officers were W. T. Wilson, chairman; J. F. Burrows, vico president; W. S. Wright, assistant secretary of the convention; E. B. McConncll, member of committee on credentials; W. D. Pratt, member of committee on organization and J. T. McNary, chairman of Cass county delegation. When the Logansport delegation got off the train M. M. Towle met the crowd. When the procession formed B. F. Louthain of the Pharos ' 'fell in" and marched with the kids. He began asking questions of his partner and finally asked, "so you live here." HU partner In the march was M. M. Towle, the head man In the Lake county centest and the millionaire whom the Pharos had roasted. A citizen stepped uy and Introduced the two and Editor Louthain blushed deeply when he found he had been talking to the man he had been devoting all his editorial space to for the past week. ADDITIONAL LOCALS* of New.- 1'ttrk" *t. Tbe HlKh Hcbool Baaqoet. On Washington's birthday last, the girls of the first and second years of the High School entertained the boys and teachers of that Institution. Last evening the boys returned the compliment with a banquet in their honor. A great number of invitations were sent oat and the High School building was filled with a merry crowd of our young people as well as a num. her from out of town. The second and third floors of the building were tastefully decorated with the national colors and two headlights cast their glare over the scene. An Interesting address of welcome delivered by John McCaffry, was responded to, on behalf of the girls, by Miss Nina Justice and then the floors were cleared for dancing. Tula's orchestra fur- furnished tbe music for the occasion and several hours, Interspersed with a pause for refreshments, were whlled away in the pleasures of Terpsichore. At a late hour tbe throng dispersed amid so many expressions of delight at the ovonlng's entertainment that it is likely that the "High school banquet" will become an annual fixture. Lftdlei of O. A. K. The members of Lincoln Circle are invited to attend Memorial services at the Broadway Presbyterian Church, Sunday, May 27th, at 11 o'clock a. m., and for this purpose will meet at the home of Capt. Frank Swlgart, on North street, about 10:40 a. m. MRS. S. A. DILLIE, Pres't Attention B. T. I! You are hereby notified to meet ai the ball at 8:30 this evening to make arrangements for the funeral of Bro. Wm. McGraw. who died at 7:20 last evening. AL. DKWEESE, Fres. JAS. SNIDER, Seo'y. Low Rate to IndlanBpoIIn via Vemm- •ylTanla Line*. June 4 and 5, excursion tickets to Indianapolis account Grand Lodge K, of P., will be sold at one fare for round trip from ticket stations in Indiana; valid returning until June 7, inclusive. For rates, time of trains and any desired Information please apply to Pennsylvania line nearest ticket agent. Don't Tobceo Spit or Smoke To«r life Iwmy Is the trathfol, Ktartlln* title or a llttla book tbot tells all abont No-to-bac, tbe wonderful, Harmless, HUAIUNTKKD tobacco habit cn». The cost Is trifling, and the man who wants to quit and can't rans no physical or flnunclal r In using "No-to-back." Sold bj Ben Klsner. Book at store, »r by mall free. Address, Tbe Sterling Btmedr Co., Indiana Mineral Springs, lad. "East Lynn" matinee this noon. "The Wolves Dolan's tonight- Get your ginghams and now at the Trade Palace. See our fast blwk umbrellas nt $t> cents—gold cap.—Schmitt & Heffioy.. We have the new taper crown straw- hat for ladles.—Patterson, tho Haberdasher. Attend the closing engagement oS ! the Wayne company at Oolmtfg-* tonight. Light and colored printed fianael*. etts for wrappers, only 6j'oents, at tb*> 3ee Hive. Leave your orders for chickens eftf'ff- so we can drees and deliver them Ote. time.—A. Hubler. Yusterday Owen Carrolr, of ttoi<, South Side, was declared insane. HI*, is a suicidal mania. The matlnte racee promise to be. an great success and a popular weekly- feature of amusement in the city dvr-* ing the summer. At the Populist State Convention at Indianapolis this week, Amos B. Kee*. port, of this city, was nominated for State Treasurer. Have you taken advantage ofth* Journal's excellent offer in connection with the Stage CelebrHeiP If not why don't you? William Dolan has taken charge ot* his grocery etore himself where ks> wishes to see his many friends. GooCt treatment guaranteed. The remainder of the wholaswle- notion stock of Snell & Co's on talo a*. retail at the Bee Hive's special coun*. ter at 10 cents on the dollar. Frank Bralm has purchased th*t> barber shop across from the Pan Handle depot from D. W. Pawls*. Mr. Braim is a former LogMsporte*- but for some years past has been In the employ of I. HImraelberger *t„ Bbffington, Mo. The Sisters in charge of St. Josepk hospital again urge the public of tb*. constant need of old linen at the hot-. pltal for lint and bandages. If ye*. have old linen that can be spared to so humane a cause It will confer a favor upon the gentle sisters if you will notify them by card or telephone or the fact and they will call at your home for the same. The Dream City portfolios are-nearly completed. If you have not been, taking the set begin now. The coupon* will be run and the bo*k». furnished until all have had a chaae«- to secure this unequalled set of beatu. tiful pictures of that wonderful whiter- city of dreams. Begin now if you have not been taking the set. In after years these portfolios will be fc, joy Indeed. Mrs. Frank Ridge way, a Winamae woman, committed suicide at the> home|of her parents at Converse Xhurtv day night by taking rat poiion. The waman was in Log-anrport Thursday- morning en route to Converse a»d wa*. taken ill at the Pennsylvania statlsv,. requiring the services of a pbysieiait. She recovered from her indisposltipat* and continued her journey. Her sul~. cldal act is said to be du» to • depre*-- slon of spirits. The new telephone in the court: house has been found already to b* sv. very great convenience, and the court house crowd are now wondering bow they got along so long without it. It fills, indeed, a long felt want. Th*> Commissioners may be reasonably accused of short sightedness in not. putting in this matter of public neoe*-- sity long ago. It should not be forgotten by the honorable board that the luxuries of the past generation are the necessities of the present. Attend**, G. A. H, All members of the G. A. R. and ali ex.soldiers are requested to meet at G. A, R. ball Sunday, May 27, at !&• o'clock a. m. to attend Memorial services at the Broadway Presbyterian, Church, Rev. E S. Scott, pastor. I. N. WATKINS. AdjV La Csroliana. OflLL ON T 5 L I KELLER - FOR Fine Tailoring. 311 MrtRKBT ©TRBBT.

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