Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1943 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 4, 1943
Page 3
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:*.' v "'t^"i 9", i '-,"•' *,- £t ' ^W^^l^^ \ 'U* -t. V Cl NMMMf r Morth etas* nxrttw at th* l^^&± kM ¥ M *»«*tat«i Pf«« BgBSsags* "******< Btfypri* -Aa-h. «x<ruslvely entitled to otlon of all news dls- redted to •* or "of otherwise ond also 1 ' "ii i iirrataj Hold Everything Combined 1 H O.M S T A R, H O'M," AftltANSA* "That's my kid sister—I always have to give her a quarter so she won't- bother niy dates!" RICOftDS KIUSTHATIONS tV WILLIAM . The Ndvy 'hammered away. »*hb W fc-'«hcdU| e a"foa^«ythc«nk lf trns wc^c v^rl ^r" , l" ,^1 ^ ""' th ' c rocks «'« Heavy -thdt most of 'the nmchinM were held 'nn »i s «.«ercd along die sea front. Unable to make head- ^buvoru^nk crnWuuoSrou c'lnd? ffi S TX*X& ± l"?"?^ ^ ^ Mn ° «»» ^^ - ' ARKANSAS ertona FAITH BALDWIN LONG . . .»» CHAPTER nU h i l '!«?l der nu & ht e''. He tred-nnd Very grave. . becerrtber Bth •-: ino Women' Sunday afternoon Jim and in Tables for ClUb -December '6th ' Exec "«vc Board of of thc • chllrch -meet to 12:30 o'clock 6t '! 0 'Women's 'Conn. - o'clock. M Moses, 3:30 ln '"velybronxc r ftt thc e n, I ' ftwrcnc o Martin Thu.-sd.,y evening when she was hoatesa o members of the Wcdnesdnv c-ci> ing contract -club. 'Contract was played from three tables with Mrs. Herbert .Burns Mr A n !A C KUOSl h!rih " rlzo nnd ' • Br " ntinn - thc club prize. gift wom to M'-s. G Han n^i .cri Hall and Milhcent were looking at' bright resort fdlders. They would! leave soon nfter the New Vear ! Th Their door to » . too." He added, "We'll, 'if . ' . they , love .each other . dlflg--ff she aSk's It T the tasK of the fir. ^ rc^u^sei^ £ cT .SSTf. Ht-Se-S^ S±S SwS & *" T" ^«™& • ">«« and fd- r satstav±r«aBesa WJ»s«^-S3S25SSs^S£ a«SSsS^SS3 — ......... ...,„.>,...,., ., „.. r ,.^ M .,,^.. ^^^ ..•..«..,^^: 0 .,, MM ,.„...!„..,„,, M .. M ,,,..^ i ::. t .±:^:r±r'"'"' "-*- »•* c By J. R. Williams 0* _ . Ciro '° No. 2 of the Cduneil of the 'First church, ' Women'? , - --- Christiai homo . of Mrs. Olivei Adams, 8:30 o'clock. /Circle No. i O f (l, 0 Mrs H ' rs Chcsser, -co-hostess Mrs T T' ' Ihe ,.„ . . will discuss recent convention held in Cleveland. Thc meeting promptly at 4 p. m . •i Y ' 6 p. 1 ". A ' of lho F '"'st U tho Jh^ £""' mc , oting foi< -members of Bnsl«n P V h h PtOI > ° rtior of tho fo M j? tar ' hus lbc °" announced roi Monday evening, 7:30 New members will bo initialed The Women's Missionary Society r the First Baptist church, ' ' tr« A. 'Hobbs. The hostess served a delicious course with coffee. Waster 'Dick ! Broach has Blrthdav Pai'ty at bay Scihool fff^ n . S ! C ,u ? ick " Bronch Shored his fifth birthday celebration yesterday afternoon with his friends at the klndergorden. For the gain occasion thc kinder- garden rooms were festive with Christmas decorations and appointments. The young friends were presented animal cut-outs, pane- hots, and Christmas bells as favors' with her f^°e to^Boston to meet been be-, nnust be : •her. ° mcono must Following vised play, served the large birthday cuke embossed with the name of the nonoree and ice cream cups to the students. -honorcc received a number of . gifts. . cm hour of super- H. L. Broach Communiques Sgt. John E. Snell, son of Mr ind Mrs. David A. Snell of Smmet, has arrived safely in England. . 2:30 .raivr 5 '* 1 '^""- 1 ' 1 "' No. 2 of First Methodist ...,„, «„, no , T Mrs. R. M. BrlanLJ o'clock Tuesday, December 7th •' Circle No. 4 of the W. S -C S Methodist church will — home of Mrs S -F MePhorson Tuesday, 3 p - m with Mrs Charles Han-ell, ' associate hostess. AS this will -be the asl meeting of the year, nil members aro-cspecially urged to be present Women's -Council Plans Special Program for Sunday John R. Skinner, 18, son of Robert C. Skinner of Emmet, is imong the recruits arriving Camp Roberts, Calif. will be leadership of president of • Prelude — Mrs. Alva Reynerson I _ Scripture reading _ MPB TO', GLANCES By Galbraith FUNNY BUSINESS e OUT OUR WAY OH.' THE ME.KJ GET BEAMS AMD CORM STARCH PUDDlWG ANiD YOU GET BIO T-BONE STEAKS, FRESJCH FRIES AND PlE" is THIS CUSTOMARY • -I MEAN UH-P-MO, SIR-- WE- »«. ™*»JT ifA tnnc^ me.. T. M.HIC. u.». iw. on •QUICKER T 1 teD yon Jf you werenU 'her 'friends, but I she cashed a war 'bond just ibefore she appeared in that new coa't'!" " At last ^'ve given -this , efig some numbers he can't transpose!" Problem Ahead Donald Duck By Leslie Turner Southern Exposure! By Walt Disney I'Lt'WOE MY AMD PARACHUTE HEfiE.. 6OIN6 TO THAT MACWME TOOL WORKS 'I'MTRV1N6 TO flMDS'RBCKONru. SCOUT AROUND BEfORE - •COMTKCWSTHEUMDEftfiROUNC) ' have a special AftEA...AMD I'LL BE"! THE-WIRES ARE ELECTRICALLV OUf? SPECIALTY OUR SPECIALTY PRESSED WHILE VOU WAIT PANTS PRESSED WHILE YOU WAIT J '/ AT Jones »nfi Hymns — the Choir 'Introductory talk Day" - Ml .s. Oliver Adams Prayer — Mrs. „ field ."Our Responsibilities""!- Mrs Ernest Graham ' Company Coming By f red Harmon "A Young Squirt" Thimble Theater R1DEK.'= AK)D 6ET " IS5K— . ._. ._ FOR Rt DEC'S SWE HE HASNH DISCOVERED STOP CALLIN'ME PET NAMES// NEWSAENGER ,..,- Friday - Saturday RIAITO ioo»« ond H«r Buddiei By Edaar Martin Friday - Saturday And a Few Planets BvV. T. Harnlin 'Y-iMfeS^ THi BANCi BUSTERS AT if AGAIN! ->. BUTHEMUSTN KNIFE IS SURE... VERV WELL. HOLV MASTER 1 GO. 1 With DAVID BRUCE JUNE VINCENT ROD CAMERON HARRIET HIUIARD NEISON and Hij Band VEIOZ 4 VOIANDA Figure of Speech! By Chic Young JUSTICE DELIVERED THATS N0 WAV, TOASKR5R ' SOM6TWIM6/ WE\/ER SIVE ME THIS OR GIVE ME TVIAT-THE/ALWAYS SAV PLEASE GIVE ME THIS OR PLEASE GIVE ME THAT »-re?klef and Hi» friend* Sound Reasoning QUICK. GIVE MB FIVE DOLLARS By Merrill BI 0 i Mr ALWAYS SAY 'PUEASE'' YOU'RE TAWMG- Bur you CAN'T BLAME 'ME? FOR. WANriMG To Fronk Albertson at Pvt. Kenneth >E. iEHedge, 21, has arrived at the Infantry Replacement Center, Camp Roberts, Cnlif His wife resides at Patmos. Ark. The promotion of Ross-G. Hanks of Camdenton, Mo., from second to first lieutenant, has-been announced by Frcdereick L. Anderson, commanding general 'Eighth Air Force Bomber Command. A squadron intelligence officer With a Flying Fortress Group stationed "somewhere in England," Lt. Hanks has been in the army since Jan. .13, 1942. An enlisted man for more than a year, he served most of ithat time at .Losey Field Ponca, Porto Rico. He won his commission as a second liculcnan upon-his ^graduation from thc Army Air -Forces 'Officer Candidate School, Miami Beach, Fla., Jan. 20, 1943. Subsequently, he took a six- week course at the Intelligence School. He has been in the Eastern Theatre of'Operations four months. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Horsten Hanks, of Clarksville, Mo., Lt. Hanks is .a 1938 graduate of Camdenton High School, where he was a guard of thc slate championship basketball team, a member of the football team, president of thc Council, and the winner of the Camden county oratorical contest. He attended Central Business College Kansas City, Mo., and CMSTC, Warrensburg, Mo., and was then employed as a cost accountant first by Dun and Bradstreet's and later by the K.N.W.L. construction Co. at Fort Leonard Wood, and at the Southwestern Proving Ground. Twenty-three years old, he is married to the former Miss Johnnie O. Boyett, 204 E. Division St., Hope Ark. Births -Why?- asked Jim^rmy 1 '^', What she wants, isn't u?.. y< " 1 that Was what Doctor'Hall had decided, when shortly after three' m , j°, molinin g he :had .finally .located his younger daughter. She was of age, she could marry whom she pleased. She said, half crying, half laughing, "But 'don't' you see, it's the first time I've been' happy m months ...? No. of course' noi. Yes, 111 come home, we'll both' come home ... if y ou insist '" Emily had returned when the day nurse relieved her. The Han- 1 sons were on their way from New: York. The .child was better. i r"i or mot nor mot JIOT* hn»« f^nrJ streaked with tears. C °! "o£ lily '" sho said ' " Na ncy has She knows all about it " Jim, "let her alone, let her get 1 some sleep. She's worked like ni dog.- He pushed Mrs. Hall aside gently. "Time enough in the morn- 1 ing." | * * * J]MILY woke at something after noon. She lay there watching the wintry sunlight. Shc thought If only she's happy. • ' ire] two in the afternoon telephoned. Shc said incoherently that everything was wonderful. She and Drew would be home for supper. "That's that," said Doctor Hall Wa * n>t afraid - They loved each other, it would be all right ?/ e « W , •?, ld i slttlng there in g the crowded lobby, "I tried so hard but-it wasn't wy .go. I'll make you 1 unhappy, but that can't be hoi Jed. < evGt<y hearing your voice, fee-line arms about my neck, your Against'my cheek ..." ee' wed' '11 '.Wish r already had it *™ g ° began -" he she "But—?" "The-utho reason." 'she I slowly, "why i-thought of, • • • doesn'.t exist any more." Not Drew, with his charm ' looks "™ eyes. Not this new -Drew with the cynicism go-ie, the anxiety in e '? tnko hi « 'home ana him -and accept him in the old hall house. And after that, it was up to thorn. h,,?? S ? id ' " YOU>I I never believe it but before I wired you, I found a "-ri '• It ,, b<! Bins the first of the It isn't much, but we'lLman- • • He added, "and—and the money I mean Dorothy's that will go back to 'her You'd Ho shook his head. He said 'lis- teiing to -Dodtor Hall's car "I'll never understand women » ' as he sat -ner. his blue eves S sland , thougHt ' ago "So much rather." * * * HE Evanses were going home, , t -{l 01 ,V handsfull ' 0 ' f ' fo Wers. Doc- cnme ™t with his heavy . Ho would go to the station Warner said, and Drew after a moment had gone ° -"T It will be difficult for you, ,-Jim ~1 mean— "she stopped, flushing, ,' f they hadn't come home, if they d just eloped, it would have been easier. buma tnis woman some day. Not yet He was cured-of'Nancy but for little while his heart would be •••aiy. ... He wouldn't fall into rnS".^j'™*'. <*»™S wth with He ^ ou 'd grow ino , T 1 " 7 day ' working feeling, without cont scious awareness. ; her love around ! nim, by day. by night. .. . She turned to leave the and he asked instantly: "Where are you going?" '"Upstairs ---- "She must see Her Hodnett No, I Reaches Depth of 4,800 feet - Stamps, Ark. Dec. 3.—(Special) — Barnsdall Oil Company was drilling aiicad at below 4,800 .foot dt fu ?° dr e*°: Ur.the NW NW Sec! lion 10.15:24 Midway, f L ( on 1° °r nl -l as the week . Other .'activity for this county in- cluacfl fclohOll Refining<Comp/riy"s Cussetta No. J in tht ffi) $o? Knmie gas distillate field spudded m and opcnatoi-s were waiting 'on - g NW -" 0 .is.the ;C Section 35-17-24, and near •progress continued slow n Oil -Company's wildcat, Letters to *he Editor W^fetiMjirtper. tyHte to it. Letters criticizing t», e editorial twhsi; of ••oomiMMUnff upon fret, !«,.;„ We '£" • C6lu ' n » ls . we equa% welcome.- Bvefj/ to Hter must sign Ins name and address. Infinity, 'Arkansas People Arc Responding to Seal Drive nlri old , -geltinE along' down hwe : Well, how's the Iniin « arion Institute, Marion, Ala.) except for one thing: these 'Sama boys k?d them but words tho Tnfn,, *• i •' ' J "° w "u«ui. "'cm uui worai tne .International Paper 'Company I surely would NO. l in the NW sw MW £/,/,<:.». ,,,^,,1,1 —«._., up o.n 3-19-24. SW NW . was -up ibut oper. itors were still waiting -on -engine epairs. 'L'ONDON A'RMY •LondonW)—There wiis such a umpus over decisions 4he last ime American and 'British Army boxers tangled in -public that 'the British .Amateur Boxing Associa- ion has decided 'to bar civilians Future service shows will -b tnctly private military affairs : bc ween inter-unit or inter-battalio earns. it if you «,vrf n would collect a 'little data for in .your spare time, that is if you have any snare limi>: * Chas. P. Reynerson, local m man of the Tuberculosis Stflrmrt, 1 drive, advises .that 'the tt><SajJHflSfis $ generously r e s p o.n'fl Un g ioiiKiS j worthy oause and are sen&'figf fa "4 their contributions. However, th«r% <F are quite a few to be tteard Sfrtn,?' yet. Won't you please .fndke <m me . Bob -.and.il .'had a terrible argu- mpnt with a .cadet lieutenant and a tactical major this morning. They brought to .light a httlf town room ' tl<y te - that ' -e that Nancy -must 'follow her own .heart, try to make it easer o gone long," he said . won't" she promised. Not long, her heart sang, as she went jpstairs, -not too long, never too long. _ I'l] be back, she pledged, silently," after you have learned to miss mr> .1 Hftin Potty officer and Mrs. W. T Lanham of Abilene, Texas, announce (be arrival of a son. Mrs. Lanham is the former Mary Joe Brady of Hope. OUR LADY OF GOOD HOPE CATHOLIC CHURCH Rev. F. T. Dollarton. Mass at 10 o'clock every Sunday FIRST BAPTIST Third and Main Streets Rev. W. R. Hamilton, Pastor 9:30 —Sunday School assembles by departments for the study of God's word. 10:50—Morning Worship Service The pastor will preach. 2:30—Sunday School at Guernsey B: 30—Baptist Training Union 7:30—Evening Worship Service The pastor will preach. The public is cordially invited to attend thc services of First Baalist Church. ST. MARK'S EPISCOPAL H. B. Smith, Rector Sunday services as follows: Holy Communion and Sermon— 11 u. in. Evening Prayer and Address— 7:30 p. m. Wednesday — Confirmation instruction. Class meet at 7:30 p m The lit. Rev. R. Bland Mitchell will visit Hope on Sunday, December 12th at 11 a. m. He will preac and administer the Apostolic Ril of the laying on of hands.. We welcome you! GARRETT MEMORIAL North Ferguson Street D. O. Silvey, Pastor 10:00—Sunday School. 11:00—Preaching. 7:00—B.T.C. and Bible Study. 8:00—Preaching. 2:30 Monday— Women's Auxil of the Churches n . Classes — 10 a m Preaching— 11 a . m . Communion— 11:40 a m Vocal Class— 0:30 p. m' Preaching— 7:.30 p .m. Mid-week Service — evening, 7:30 p. m. The public is cordially invited. FIRST PENTECOSTAL -,^ es « ' Fourth ""I Ferguson W. p. Graves, Pastor Sunday School-10 a. 'm. Lacio Rowe, Superintendent Morning Service— n a m Evening Sorvice-7: 45 p. m . We urge all the members to be and also for the regular services since we are workinf out Plans for our Christmas program You_nre always welcome at Ihe F "st Pentecostal Church Oil Recovery Plan Gets Recommendation Tulsa, Okla., Dec. 3 (JP)~ Sec ondary recovery methods are rec orrunnded by Frank B Tavlor district editor of the Oil'Weekly AC 'i vitnnnn _.r , . . *"•/ as a means of averting the im Pending shortage of crude petrol eum. Ok Taylor told members of the uli - anoma mineral industries conference here yesterday the shortage PAROLE 'REVOKED Little Rock, Dec. 3— (/P)— A Par- oe issued Wednesday to Leo Cra?n. 1 i anu ' was revoked today by Parole Offiver J. s. his release. Grain was serv- . ng two years for breaking into a r «carkana grocer, Pollard said. Births Major and Mrs. David A. Washburn announce the arrival of a son on December 3 in Fort Worth Major Washburn is stationed in England. iary. 7:30 Wednesday—Teachers' meet mg. 'City of Silent Men 8:00 Wednesday—Prayer Service FIRST METHODIST Second at Pine Street Robert B. Moore, Pastor Sunday, December 5, 1943; Chimes—9:30 a. m. Church School—10 a. m. Morning Worship—10:50 a. m. Special music. Sermon by the pastor. Board of Stewards meeting — 2 p. ni. Vesper Service—5:30 p. m. Youth Fellowship—6:30 p. m. Thursday, December 9, 1943: Choir Practice—7:45 p. m. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Thos. Brewster, Minister Sunday School—9:45 a. m., with classes for all age groups. We especially invite young adults reollege age and older) to attend the class for this group conducted by the pastor. Morning Worship — 10:55, with message by the pastor. Vesper Service—5 o'clock, Young People's meeting — 6:15 p. m. We cordially invite you to worship with us. HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE North Main and Avenue D Paul R. Gaston, Pastor Sunday School 9:45. Morning Worship—11. Sermon bj pastor: "The Magnetic Master." Adult Bible Study—6:45. D. B. Phillips, teacher. C.A. Service—0:45. Hazel Abram, president. Evangelistic Service—7:45. A special "Patriotic Night" will ing Marines Had Tough Battle in Taking Tarawa eye-witness ac•count of'the bloody conquest of ;n°'T W " W£l ?_;written by Master Lucus o, h , corps combat correspondent to land on that little Gilbert- island " Tarawa, Nov. 23 - (Delayed) OT— 1-ive minutes ago we wrested l , e , g . iC Gilb «t '"land ompos? all-important air strip from the Japanese who seized it from a few missionaries and natives weeks if they had attacked Pearl Harbor. water. salt and bitterest, costli- sustained fighting on any it has cost us the " " United States reports listed 1,026 Amer- cans .killed.) But we have wTped ul a force of 4,000 Imperial Japa- leso mannoc ,,,„ . , * to • , , -- we expected md only 2,000, mostly dead. Before we started it was great un. We grinned and chortled We aid, 'There won't be a Jap alive 'hen we get ashore." and upped anchor steamed out of range. Fifteen minutes later, we c imbed into our tank lighter, shar- M i 1 many olher marines, a truck and a trailer. "We have landed against opposition," came the first w from shore. ''Casualties severe it came over our radio as moved in. 'We looked grimly each other. As we pulled toward the beach 'fir* T'i? mel with enemy shell me. A Doat on our starboard side received a direct hit. Five men were .killed. We pulled alongside -•"^ dragged in the WAC COULD BE A GUIDE ^FortOglethorpe, Ga.-(/P)-lf Sec nd Lt Elizabeth Horlon Reese o he WAC is sent abroad, she pro ably will be able to act as a giudc or ihe rest of the Army. She '1 at home in most of the world' famous cities, once conducted tours of North Africa and is wel enough 'acquainted with 'the 'South Sea islands to ; have written book about it. The Army-Navy Staff 'College was established in April, 1943 to tram senior officers in coordinated operations. our were to try again. We inched toward the dock, .parti- Tho wre , ck ed b y °ur own shelling, me nuiR of a Japanese merchantman loomed to the -right. Two direct hits from our destroyers had put out of -action. 'On the lookout lor snipers, we covered it with machine guns. When we reached the dock snipers in thc wrecked ship.opened up but they were firing over our heads. We climbed on the. dock and more snipers fired. We hit the deck We moved down the docks 10'feet. Japs on the beach began throwing mortars our way. We hit the deck again Minutes later, a second motar nt directly beneath us. I felt the .vatei- and WaS spraycd with salt Someone yelled: "Get to the other side! The next one will be right on!" We were uncertain where to go The Japs lines were only 50 yards past the end of the pier, and there •vas no .command post.. .Matjasic md I discarded our typewriter ur packs and our field glasses and tarted to the shore. The last 75 yards of the pier was thtte coral -crit. 'There was a 'bril- ant moon—at home I would : have ailed it beautiful. We swore at i iciously. We were perfect targets Crounched, we sprinted down he pier, silhouetted against the oral. Snipers opened sup, -and 'six •nen fell, screaming in agony We ny like logs. i " We 'p an 't stay here," someone lid "They'll shell hell .out of us and we'll all be gone." ' "Advance slowly. -Five 'feet be- won't nn««h ' kn ° w now -that there's =a 'Despair, Ala- np£tV?} Spr ^l H ° nthem ln the next .bout, which will probably be tonight. I'd like for .you to meet some of tne instructors here . . . All in all •we -have about the best in the country excepting 'the Point and ' contribution wilhoul fUffhef #81^?, 1 Sixly percenl of this money raised -, $, by the buying of Christmas S«J81s"at f J"'l this season is retuttiefa* t& 'this ttttitjt' to be used in coopenrttdh "With ,»-., clinics, tuberculin 4-e s t i n,g and 4i X-raying of school chilarefe ahd \l personnel, Negro he'alth service, etc «••]£.»,; Mr Lieblong of Fulton, Jaokson of Washington, d..^,.^, Hamilton of Columbus, and^KIf"^ E. MoCraeken of iBlevins, ^ha,= been appointed chairmen in fhe*fr respective communities anfl ^e'dfli"" 1 can be obtained from they'by !rtfral' -contributors desiring Seals now * '•• Mr Reynerson also advises' Sha't >-\ due to the existing paper shom^e, /•, he will appreciate it if the'unsold "" seals be returned to him prorriptly, ,'u, together with the tetter accompany- 1 *-| ing same, as the s*tate -~ --'-''. ^* n «.- -, — -— ----Annapolis. In the 'math department I fhese uns£jld "Seals now. we Jiave the -fifth and -eleventh best mathmeticians in the .country. Yours respectfully, IST o 0C £ DET H - P ' PORTER, Nov. 28, 1943 Marion Institute Marion, Ala. Editor's Note: 'Cadet Porter was long-time -paper carrier, and later mailer, -for The Star Why argue with an Alabaman? Let's concede that Arkansas is a piece of geography midway 'between big Texas and noisy Alabama— arid let it eo n*f 41* nt - .O" Oil and Gas r I r •* Lafayette County, 'Arkansas . a Prepared by Mrs. Eunice 'Tr-ip- lett, Lewisville, Arkansas. " > Release of Oil ,anfl 'Gas -,-_..« vrf uk> J_J«^UOO> T i Dated Sept 30, 1942; filed -SoV. '.M, * >y> 1943 !P N. Wiggins, Jr., ana We to 'Henry Moore, U> , et al.—lieasfe dated June 4, 1940 covering itfie a't that. Word "From the Seabees Editor The. Star: I guess' you hear from lots of service men who talk about their 'camps. Well, I'd like to say a word about our Camp Peary. It is the Construction Bat- tallions of 'the Navy camp for primary and advanced training. •It'is a grand camp-when the en- isted personnel get the best of both physical and technical training This camp turns out .the brand -of men who will always 'be able to hold >up their part of 'the 'fight and even do a lot more 'than 'their part I miss my friends 'in Hope very much but .1 wouldn't -take anything 'or the training ~i 'have received here at Camp "Peary. The .Seabees aren't joking when iey ( sing out their, motto: "CAN N. GLEN PARKER, USNR tfov. 24, 11943 U.S.N.C.T,C. Demolition .Unit "amp Peacy, Virginia. Clubs we at and survivors. There was no chan« to"Vnlvn'ge officer screaming at us to* "'slap- back until we received word it was safe to go in. That was a. m. Al P. m. we started the island. The few living aps were to be so shell shocked this Sunday. New testaments will be featured leather-bound given away to servicemen attending. An unusual letter from a local Navy man, now attached to the Submarine base in the Phillipines, will be read. The sermon will, be: "God's Four Freedoms." Service men and their families are particularly urged to attend. ""w ^ aj ° r M i»s Tr ^'structions' e " We don't intend to neutralize -y'We^nffiSg? ,{-,«'•As dawn broke, Tarawa ' was completely enveloped in smoke ments - eight tochers- contin ed to reply. Our battleships looked like sullen, defiant bulldogs as- ignored them and continued pound the shore. Lominued to came in. the sm s »PP«»ar «U he smoke and flame. We could hear the sputter of their machine guns We could see the debris derfuf Was ap- were CHURCH OF CHRIST Fifth and Grady Streets But something suddenly „„. peared to have gone wrong We had been delayed 31, then 45 minutes. The pounding continued There was mtle doubt .^ ^ ed ' S! 1 J22S.- andflahUngJi "» .Our asault waves were in the water, ready to hit the beach »Wc were m the second wave, due to-hil after the first men reached shore. Without warning, un cJght i h shell hit and exploded 10 yards off „,„.««. "'---ed behin^. a hatch; 'latherjas-we (;ame ., . . — -4ell bit. ,fj.v,er-ygj'ds QK, killing a sailor and spraying by machine gun fire. Cpl Raymond Matjasic, 23, of (3047 E combat photographers, who had been seated in the cab of the truck the ?° or ', The (ruek ' s wind-' was knocked out. At 3 p. m. we tried again. Shells tore the water on all sides Two more boats went down, and more marines died. We backed out again unable to pick up the su -vivors' Many of them swam to us, were later moved back to Many ° f the .. at-j out. A secoiiij- The sun was punishing. There was no shade. We broke out our rations and nibbled at them. At 5 p. in. the control boat pulled up . Dp any of you have ammunition, the naval officer yelled through his megaphone. "We've <*ot to get it ashore at all cost." " |;We have a truck," we answered To hell with that," he said and roared away. At dusk our battleships and cruisers opened up a terrific antiaircraft barrage. There was only one answer—Japanese planes. "Prepare to go over the side " u lieutenant said quietly. "They'd strafe us if they get through." We inflated our lifebelts and waited. They never got through We were glad. We'd stei, two shark! just before. dusk. At midnight, the control boat appeared put of the darkness. We Far down the beach, (not more than 50 yards but it took me two to'cover it), I saw a marine a camera. -Painfully I crawled to him, for my ^body was one mass of bruses. He was a stranger. ( "Where'd you get it?" I asked. From Lucas," he replied "Where is Lucas?" I asked "Over there," he replied. "Dead." •Tin : Lucas," I told him. From his description, I decided he meant Sgt. Ernest J. Diet, 36 Hammond, 'Ln. Later, I 'found a body I thought was that of our sergeant-photographer. I was almost 'hysterical when Diet showed •up 24 hours later. He learned finally that it was someone else's 10:30 camer «. and that 'he had found some of my papers. But meanwhile, he had officially reported me killed -in action I left my foxhole at noon, went 100 yards, and returned at 6 P M It was that tough. The night was hellish. More men came in, and more were killed on i the pier. I slept until 1 A. M., and Matjasic from 1 A.M.until dawn. We .had had enough experience with the enemy's infiltration" tactics. We had orders to shoot ' any man who came toward us During the night we learned that guarc ! s -°n the pier killed a Jap who had sneaked in with a drum of gasoline, intending to set the pier afire. It would have been the end of us, for the pier was loaded with high explosives. At dawn, the enemy sent its first bombers. There were only two ot them, and five men were killed. We awoke to one of the strangest sights in history. We badly needed replacements. Many men fell before they reached shore. In the afternoon marines, were still staggering ashore, carrying the limp lorms of buddies between them The heaviest fire came from a Jap snipers nest in the beached enemy merchant ship. Assault vaves were held up while our dive jpmbers went to work on it. dropping high explosives in its hulls And yet, when the next boats came n, machine gun fire continued rom the blazind shin! We settled he matter by sending aboard men o wipe out the snipers in hand to land combat, and to hold it as an utpost. The Wallaceburg home demonstration club -met /at the home of Mrs. Elijah 'Stephens. We had a demonstration on cheese -making Miss Fletcher was with >us. Everyone brought a covered ;dish and spent 'the day. There were 'thirteen .present and 'two new members, Mrs. Neul Smith and Mrs John House. 'We made plans 'for our. next meeting which -will be held .at 'the 'home of "Mrs. 'R. P Horton December 17, where we will have our -Christmas .tree and each one is supposed to brins a home-made,gift. of SWV 4 and NW% 'of <8EVi fo£ Sec 33, Twp. 17 S , Rge. .24 West., Mineral Deed Dated iDec.\20 1933, filed in Lafayette 'Co,, -Nov., 30, 1943. The Meek Corporation-to Jdhn T. Meek—All our interest "in the minerals under NWVi'df SE<4 of Sec. 1, Twp 16 S , 'Rge. 17fUnloh County; -SEV 4 of SEy 4 of Sec. -86. Twp. .15 S., -Rge .20, and NEV 4 -d£ NEy 4 . O f ,Sec. 1, Twp -16'S., 'Rge. 20, Columbia County, and NW^'di NWy 4 of Sec. -25, and NW%vof <NW% of Sec. 13, Xwp 19 S , Rge. 25 West, Lafayette County, Arkansas t Oil and^Gas Lease 10-year terni. Dated Nov. 27, 1943; recorded -Nov. 29, '1943. W. M Owen and wife no J. W. Love--SWi/ 4 of Sec -36, 'Twp, 16 .S., Rge. .23 West •Oil and Gas Lease: 10-year iterni. Dated Nov. 24, 1943; recorded .Nov. 29, 1943. James A Smith to J. *W. Loye—SW% of Sec 36, Twp '16 S', Rge. 23 West; and the NWV4-anil W% of'SW% of Sec. 1,. Twp ft.S, Rge. 23 West. * ' Oil and Gastoease: 10-year term. Dated-Nov. 26, 1943; xecorded^tov 29, '1943. "E. L. Stewait and wife to J. W. 'Love—'SW'/ 4 of Sec 36, Twp. 16'Si, Hge. 23 West; and the TJW14, and Wb of SW%,of'Sec 1,'Twp JET S., Rge. 23.West. rf«-«a AIR CADET KILLED Stuttgart, Ark , Dec ation -cadet Wayne B instructor, Lt, E. HawteyJJO, in Congress 'By The Associated Press Senate and -House in recess. The officer strength in the United .State Army grew 'from :93,00 to 521,000 during 1942 and 1943. . , Grand Island, Neb., mjured.fcritl- oally -last -night when an advttrtce training plane from the armjtf-qir base -here crashed on a routine training .flight, the public relations office -announced. Fifty = divisions were aetiva . the United .States Army betwee* July, 1941 and July, 1943 T ATFIRST SIGN OF A C 6WTABLET5, SALVE, NOSIiDIQM Sunday - Monday - Tuesday Bud Abbott Lou Cosfello theii - - with -Ginny Simms and Johnny long and Orchestra Allan Ladd SUNDAY r MONDAY toretta Young C HIN A *

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