Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 1, 1943 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 1, 1943
Page 5
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^ '"'' •' > ' • '•'?' '-».-.* <- aiSJSitrri JiVS 1 >-'?.. • F'M*-' ??•& ft \, W Vt in, •« •< , •Star .t ofrVtfMJn wf bum) Walnut r d* ife&tt Matt .» tfi H t Mdtth 3. the the ASMckrted Pr*» . , BittrpHw Ass'n «*M (AtWiyS Poybbte^ln „ ..«vodo, Howianl, Milter ortd eouh«!«. $3.50 pef yeofi else- The »>rt* M excluslvaly. entitled »o fcr rtpubllWJtioh of oil twws dls- ««dited to « 6r W>t otherwise kv HM* t>ap«r ortd olso ttw toco herctrt. **pf«»«it<>ttv« M l»e^ Memphis, Tenn. Chlcooo, 400 North Mteh- "Awwi' FfcvrVoritfclty, 292 Madison f&SSf. Mtthj284a W'. Grand Blvd. r>a CHy, 4U Tetminol IBdg.: New 722 Union S^ , ARKANSAS fROM THI OWCIM W IUUSfKAt«ON4 ftf WIUWW SHAlf Hold Everything "We've gonna send this one to. Hitler!" Phrase books and dictionaries for XT. S. soldiers overseas have been printed in 20 languages. SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith £ *!• ^ ^ t» ^s *»</-,» A v?V •V-^P iz-i The men were ready . W HEN the loud speaker of the destroyer "Fernie" gave the signal for the invasion force to set out for France, the sun had set behind the chalk cliffs of England. To port anil starboard of the convoy were the Commandos who were to disable the coastal batteries at either end of the Dieppe objective. The hours passed quietly as the ships steamed on but at 3:47 a.m., when thev were only seven miles from the coast of I-ranee, star' shells burst above and threw the port landing craft into lueh relief. They had run into a small force of armed 'Nazi trawlers. This was hard luck indeed; even Shelling was heavy before' the invasion had begun. The German ships opened heavy fire. Leading the landing craft was a gunboat skippered by Commander D. B. Wyburd, who pressed or! steadily, determined to fight Ins way through. Klore German sliips joined the fight until the gunboat was fiercely attacked by at least five of the enemy. She held her course for about ten, minutes, mam target tor the Nazi guns, and was hit repeatedly. All her guns were put out of action, but though nearly half her crew were wounded only one man was killed. The landing craft had scattered by this time. 1 hey The gunboat slugged through.' were the men who were to take .the coastal battdry at Berncval, on the eastern end of their objective. It was Betting MU and the element of surprise had been dc- strovcd by the Nn?.i trawlers. Many of the landing craft had'been damaged. One of these carried an officer and Nazi fire took heavy toll. 'light, twenty-five minutes behind their schedule, andfij when'thcy arrived they were put under the murderous* fire of hidden Nswi guns. Led by Capt. R, L. Wills, the, 'Commandos tried to scale the almost nerpendiculafj walls of the clilT. A bullet felled Wills and Lieut. E. D.I DrowinRS copyright. 1943, by King Features Syndicate. Inc. Text i 194..W H. M. Statio Sl^rar»° Kvy 9 ^ 3K83 Lousta^'of the G.T R«^ toolc over, f Ce ,e, t,, ?3^±t^^S!i» s: tfs^p. «T,;r; 0 ± r :;s &;; SKe) he turned about and six HoL .ater ^^^^^^^^^^ W Six craft'madl "he randing at Bernevalin broad day- to 1, the Commando* fight on.) mcry Ofilce: DUtrlbute,! in conjunction with th. M.cMUUn Co. .nd lh« Book-of-the-Monlh Club, Inc. _ . FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger QUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams ll^'Draw yourself to your full height, George, and makej iV :i ,T.' that complaint clerk think you're very angry!" a-rqckerlcqiinlcr—it makes them I'eel more at home/ ~~ " THM'S OW- CLP\\\OR 7- TNI&U BARTER I'LL HOOPLE AND HIS SOAsT/ MA RA.' I OLJ6WTA SET PATENTED — THE 60/Xr-SETTER/— MS DlSVA PAN <s>VMPHONV 19 GETTIMS HE MILK 1AER/ . . _ TIME rVE ^6iE.W TH 1 WlDDER'S RANCH MYSELF— BOY, DOM'T I WISH 1 WAS OLDER..' THIMH O' BUTLECiS AM' SERVANTS WA\TIM' OM YUH.' WO MORE WORK. ISJ '/ORE LIFE" JES 1 SET AN 1 DREAM IM A UTOPIA OF K>MG AT LAST" AH, BUT I'M TOO VOUMG PER. SUCH SUCCESS.' 1C? Don't Look Now, Fritz By Leslie Turne» ' GIN A FEW MINUTES THE NAZI IST, ' 15 ATTACK ON EAaY'S BASE V=> | r sr~'OVER..,TM A-20 CARRYIN6 HIM & t OMWS MISSION HAS OVERHEAP.... LOOK. LIEUTENANT! THERE'S WttKTS LEFT O 1 THEIR ' AS LOMfi A6 THEY'RE SOIM6 OUR WAY, WE'LL HAN6 ON THE ED6E O'THSR FORMATICV).THEY'LL KEEP US FROM 6EIN6 SPOTTEP, AMD MAYBE WE CAN HAND 'EM A SURPRISE! ' THEY WON'T BOTHER US... PROBABLY •WINK WE'RE ONE OF 'EM Donald Duck Baby Needs New Shoes! By V/alt Disney Rider Bad Money By Fred Harmon .fAXLE , , [ GREASE ' ,. ,. „ fAE JUST •v-s|i4uOVER ^^^"^N!HI SLICK-U^UP] fe*?IjSbu/ ^m-^ M iV^UCKBOARD/ rfA.KE&l ^^•^•w^.|j ; l\^HE£L FOR 1 &ATH AGAIN) / DlRTf " -TO EW.' ERE DID 1'OUJf\\'HY,LET'S 6ET VT7 T— -^SEE-.-OH, /( : 0 Popeye "Family Reunion" loott o~J Htr Buddiw Leave It to J. X. By Edaar Martin Vr tFsCrt OKi^. « 6OWt TO \OO .ti ov \soo vows. DID SOMEONE CAUL ME? Alley Oop And He Gets It! Bv V, T, Homlin Hondi. Self Service! 1 By Chic Young THROW wie /inu POWM A ^ M11 MAMPKERCWIEF THROW VOU POWM A WHAT ? . WANT ME TO THROW IT UKE THIS __NGHI£. KHAM'S VJHILE i WOULDN'T MIKIDGIVIN \T&ACKTOTH'OL'£ K1O,OORHERO 1& MOT TALKING HIMSELF ip THW |$ V^UR ' < OKAV, BROTHER, IRREVOCABLE 'f GO EIGHT AHEAD PECISIOWVl MUST /AN' GIVE ME TH' Frecklei «nd Hit Friend! ' Excited? Oh, No! By Merrill ^••1 «— • J. .^.-...-- ^- ^ \r^ /~ f • IAAAGIME IT— A ?\ IT; TRIP TQ WASHlNgTQN/j w« j_y ITS A REWARD FROM -——, POLL WAS CX5NDUGTED AND WERE THE LUCKY LOOK AT HOW RELAXED 1MJ 8V MM RtRVICE, M. REO. U. 8. PAJ 'yjffjf ^ ^i J^?|?|%V''^^*^ l *"Vr *•>'? • \ l' f * Jf ^-' t ' V "^ •" \ s l O ' ' ' I *f i t - -w, i<Mlrt?ft«xta<f ,«£& ^r-^^y^^'^ " * ' j ^ - )i >' 1 f !?^W ^December1, 1 $4 S AMERICA AT WAR• Tli^Picfureltory of Our Firs^Jwo V^rf Conflict HL^ • * •! >' ........ j&Vj^.4<r»v*-J&-**., '*..7"H'',** f '£ijj ( C-':v ' i f" i 1 * ^ ^_. •v "V$j|, ' V'-t -'w^ ' «*„&$ '"^ The Afi/ona burns at IVfail Marborf AMERICA WENT TO WAR DooliUIn lakes oft for Tokyo. (U.K. Navy Photos From NEA) Slower-Upper - ft*to<'*!te»i' c^ • ^ *v O T'n-niw« vvtNT TO WAR on Deo 1 r i r> 'um INU.AI * ijing rot'uC&s OVei Go*r nv ; 'nfimi^Snck^"^""/^. 1 b°' |: ifl l "° ^'"P™"""" t En P m'e"nd Solc^nd 9 ™ 0 *! " 1C '" ? makln « n VICTORY CAME OUR WAY 'nth |. t - . . ( . U<S> Novy nnd - A '™y Air Force Photos ) ^^BUTs-a s££aos=; SH&sfcws, ifflp; H Sslslsi:sH=vr o, cnn en, riei wns the westernmost Aleutians. On jjly cvcr^odsm^nnm^l Euiopo in reusing numbois ' * •* »>VA"«i r *<*, '*, A $* *S o;' 'i- •••/•rnaic- American dead on the beach at Buna. 0 I ±l E ,,.^" mCANS DIED ""d Oundnleanal in enemies as U.S. .fighting men by the, thousands began meeting Jnfrs and Germans i U. S. Held gun aimed at Japs on Attu. is (in- Guinea (titkeii Sept. IB), A thoiough job of load unmaking is this Nazi demolition job sAffie I summit of a steep, winding grade near Isernia, Italy. The British 9* 8th Army had to by-pass the blown-out section, one of many'suchn' slower-uppers. " *.'" >) an Guadnlcaml in n^ <z sortit.Iivcd .lo fight on against our vadcd Aug. 7. 1942?. ^T^ New °" inCn . ' Ulkc enemies as U.S. .fighting men by Gllinue « ^™ J«n. 2, 1943) .A flu V '"° " nvaded the, thousands bean Aleutians (taken Ma 30 ««d Tarawa i . , . u Nov ' " and Makin Aleutians (taken May 30 ««d Tarawa in the Gilberts (taken o (J> o o o ---.,, — —•"••»«»,. . t ^^^.^^^m:^^SS^^^^.T^'•'^^•^•^..s^^.^-^^gf^ American fiehtinff men ht, e the shore, at "salerno as Nazis bomb landing barges behind! UP ONTO THE BEACHES of North in M u ™'*' ^^ ^^ ' Ph6t ° From NEA) Africa, and I * t e ? ol ^ ^Te±' ^' • ™ ^ "^ toll "wed In July and u, Soplcmboi swarmed the soldiers of America hands by JanuarT'T^Tut'iun" 1 " ^ AUieS mVdded Italy Dlfflc " ] i -nd their Allle. as our side went nnd BiJrte did n'otSuSi M-? *?''«-™™ ™* «»>™* * New Twist in Military Maneuvers JB^MM^fcmrririf !!•••-"—— Mobile Aircraft Carrier Womon Strategist ,,,, „ „ , "* \-?"<^- W7iij-» r,.ii «~ > •» . nrniy rtioio r ro/i , wiir, full pack, Lieut Harry Smith of Ft Benniria G-> ^ , .«lratos now he'd like to tie Huier up u, knots Simple' ) aijVeY A?^!? 1 ""^ r °« V / hlrle |S iUS) a bl8 tru(l|< f err y'ng a rlis- auiLd Auitinluiri Benullghtei to the repaii shop after it came in on one moio, and made a belly Innding. The A.Lie Hghlei sr und- ior. !!• noi'l-wrfi AiiFfrnlin ha.« riowiiprt (id j H p plmies. Liverpool BRITAIN ) i Coventry Birmingham* ^j,' 1 " ', Poseii * POUND BW English Channe GERMANY SchwelufV* * ns Nurcmburg^Rcgensburg * ' ^ ^^_ Vienna Mgnich ilFricdriehshofen Wiener Neusfqdc BRENNER PASS SWITZERLAND A Knowledge ot the Gilbert, •Marshall ar .d Caroline Islands, gained through 23 years as a missionarv there, enabled Mrs. Irving Channon. 78. ot Rochester. N. Y.. to nid U. S. military leaders In planning our new central Haciric offensive. At Green Bay, oldest settlement in Wiscon- pin, there is a heroic statue depicting an Indian, a missionary and an explorer. Nicolet, Perrot, Marquette, Joliet and Black Bird, a Sauk Chief, are all remembered. Dirii'- of Korl'hv/esf Keep On With Wfflr -i. ' Many people from, distant lands live at peace here in America making it a better place to live. Read for yourself what Naziism has rneant~%ir Norway, Denmark.-Holland, Greece. From Convoyed by land, sea, and air Mrs. George Braun wears the oizarre beret given as prize in a checkers tournament, at a Chicago women's club. The Guns of France Speak Again N- Back fiom a ,., uuu -i n ue'« 1 fiont tour—his fourth trir enteitam fighting men—/' son sports " • th, a ana 15lh air forces by Jay lun^ ^tea, edu pin ,, o e orl o too § J )0 ws ,ol« 1 "' 1 ) a " d tieU ' S> * m L, Over the, top in Italy! One more ridge, one Jjiore mile ou the road to Berlin. As in victorious military cam- Paigns, people on the home front must sacrifice to' provide all the sinews of war. One of these is the reciter purchase of W^r Bonds. V. S^Treasury Department i f' \ *=y sa SBSS

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