Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 30, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1943
Page 4
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*'. 'ffsty " *>' * lS^$fiK 1r *Tf l ^Fv^Tty^Wf^'^; BI^^^^BiMM^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^BHB llPll^^ il5*lpi^^^ v - " • ' ' ' < ' lt , ) * 1 <!•!<..,; • ">,',,,' (i MOPE STAR, H 0 ? I, A ft K A 14 S A 3 Star 'January t8, 1929. ' . «, W^N'y wtivKrociy oTtcrhouti fef Star Publishing Co. Inc. _ Hahti*r and Alex. H. Woshburn) t Sfaf buIUIna. 212-214 South Wolnut itrMt, Hep* Ark. C. I. MtMIR, Pre»lo.nt M. WA5H1UKH. tdltor and PgHlth.r fifttred <» second clou matter at the o ™ s ' under fh * -^APt—Meons Associated Press ' '' ; Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. fi Rat* (Always Payable in : By city carrier, per week 15c; d, Nevada, Howard, Miller ana Ldfayette counties, $3.50 per year; else' 46.50. •• •( Tk* Aixxkjted PreM: The Press is exclusively entitled to for republicctlon of all news dis: Batches credited to rt or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local ,newx published herein. I ,VH«tlonol Atfrertislng R«pre«enraHvB— •rkansai Dallies, Inc.: Memphis. Tenn., Iterick Building; Chicago, 400 North Mlch- ^Ifloh Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2841 W. Grand Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 414 Terminal IBdg.; New ^Orleans. 722 Union St.. Hold Everything CCH. 1MHT NO SERVICE, I)KL T. M. BEC'u. E- CAT off THegday, Hoyg«tbey Combined Operations: Based on the •of-the-Monlh ,YROW nt OFFICIAL ILLUSTRATIONS it WILLIAM SHARP* "She goes out with other guys while I'm here, but she had them each sign a non-aggres" sion pact!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith tty«.H4rav HE* SEBVICE. we. T u DEC, u. s. PAT. OFF. //-36 is arithmetic gets worse instead of easier! Will I be] en I finish school, like you and'Mom, and don't have any more problems I'!/"" '""' '-'•-' They crashed the wire. Bombs paved the way. The landings were made in face of heavy opposition. guns to self-heated containers of food which were to be were to be preceded by a short and intense naval bom- jcctives and blew up gasoline and ammunition'tKimps, i placed on the landing barges. Plans for the assault called bardmenr. followed by a concentrated attack of cannon-' the power plant, a iuige drug factory, and other mill- • for simultaneous thrusts at eight places along the coast, firing Spitfires and Hurricanes on the main defenses tary and economic objectives. •' undergone. They climbed steep hills and cliffs tinder with the Commandos at cither end, and the Canadians behind the beach at Diertpc, delivered at the moment The troops loaded their stores on August 18, 1942. the fire of real guns. They tore down barbed wire en- and United States Rangers in the center. when the landing craft were touching the shore. A cur- The weather was calm, skies clear, and as dusk fcll'thd ') tain of smoke was to be laid across the eastern head- men inarched into the landing craft, escorted by gun- \ I N complete ignorance of the real reason, Commandos chosen for the Dieppe raid were suddenly thrown into the most intensive drills thcv had ever tanglements anil took part in street fighting. They The Commandos were to (lank and destroy the coastal tain nf smoke was to be laid across* the eastern head- men inarched into the landing craft, escorted by gi attacked pillboxes, advanced with tanks and used weap- batteries at Vasterival and Bcrneval. The air arm was land from which the heaviest gunfire was expected. As boats, destroyers and seven snips of the navy. Behind ons of every kind. Meanwhile the staffs prepared de- .to bomb and disable the air field three miles behind soon as the two regiments had cleared the beach, tanks them chuuge'd the blunt-nosed tank carriers. The detailed maps, took'aerial photographs up to the very last • Dieppe, at St. Aubin-sur-Scie. Machine gun and light were to be put ashore from the landing craft, enter the stroyer "Fcrnic" sounded her battle cry on the loud day, and in completes! secrecy assembled huge stocks and heavy anti-aircraft units scattered throughout the town and support the infantry in seizing'and holding speaker and the armada headed for France. (Tomorrow of supplies, from thousands of shells for the six-pounder area were to be silenced systematically. The landings it while demolition units made their way to their ob- The battle in the English Channel.) "~~~' ~1 Drawings copyrljrht, 16-13. by King Features Syndicate, Inc. Text copyrlclit, 1043, by H. M. Stationery Office: Distributed In conjunction with the MncMlllan Co. and th« Hook-of.the-Month Club, Inc. •day, November 36, t§43 P 6 S TA ft' A N S A S The Sullivans Go to Sea Again It Cemss, Jctp Man!' i,, SsSsr *•<•*«.•»*•»« '«,>•{.? y*$V'>>>" ~*™tT • •M - " ' . (V S Navy Photo From NEA) for the five Sullivan brother, of Waterloo. In. who were lost on the cruiser Juneuu: In the title of Guadalcanal. Nov 13-15 1942. this powerful new American d^troyer akes to ' c s e 8 'The HH)0-U>n U S S The Sullivans is well-armed with eight 5-inch guns, and 10 torpedo lubes, accord«* ing to Jane's Fighting Ships, and carries several racks of depth charces. Nazi Prisoners: Sweet and Sour : Smiling Sniper FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams —.._, . -^• 7s -^_,_ji i 5- ^^ffs^sjr;:--^ v'jji'CT copRVfM3 BT'NEA siavidE. INC. "T. M. Rfo. u.'s. PAT.'OFF.- &SAD.' I CAN'T FATHOM W/ 1 lAEPsR. GOAT6 ARB A.S, THE ODD CHftMS& IN HER lU SEM6\TNE A^> STORM. D'.SPOSlTlOr4/-«-\MW6M X>7TROOPERS WOiAE OM PURLOUGtA 8ROU&IAT THB GO/XT ^4-\ FRONA RUS5IA/—M^NBE SOU'ME HOWE <=,HBWA'iTH& W HURT HER FEELlMSS \N\TH ONE SOUL OF SOOD HUfAOR J( OFNOUR CORNM 6HE OU6HT TO 6HE 16 31TTERN AND OAURUSrA—TODPtV THeS LIKE TO PAL AROUMD ^ MOW, WHAT WAS THAT I WAS \ ASKIMG VOU? OH, YES--1 SEE. \ VOUR VICTORY GARDEN! IS ALL ' PUG UP />.MD I'VE HEARD 7HAT ' t-ARMERS PLOW UP THEIR FIELDS IM THE FALL AS IT'S GOOD FOR THE SOIL—IS THAT TRUE? THE COMMUNICATION LIME •'Nursemnid shortage!" Dafet Show Progress of British Eighth. Army's Advflnc* 1 Soussc ' April U \Jnvo4sSicily Maretlt Line March 29 Wadi Zemzem Jon. 16, 1943 ALAMEIN TO TUNIS: 1700 MILES ElAgheila Dee. 16 This is the lonp, long tiail that the British Eighth Army has traveled in a year, from Egypt almost to w tun sSto" Rome 8 Backed against Sue* ,n Octobei 1942, Gen Sir Beinard L Montgomery, fl*htet« ciacl-cd he Na?i line with a heavy attack outside El Alamem, and didn't halt in their pursuit 6t Rom- mol's Afuka Ko,;r until they were ,„ Turns Late, ^e Eighth A, my took on e o£ the heav.est sides of the fighhng in Sicily ar-d was the Hist to invade Italy. "*/ (V S. Marine Corps Pliolo Frow NEA) The camera cntchcs lungle-cnmouflaged Marine Corp. Willinrn Cof- iron ol F lint? Mich., with a Jap in his sipnt* as ne steadies his gun across the bole ol a palm, ai Boufiamulle Island. (U. S. Army Photo From NEA) Adriatic i facial ( interned in Italy. Reds Roll Toward Poland Captured by Ttallon troops on the Adriatic island of Corfu these Nazi prisoners oiler a contrast in facial expressions as they aie Cat-Eyes By Leslie Turnei CONTACT! TURN RI6HT..., POP6EB LOWER; •'• you oup NltSHTFIfiHTERS, WUS1N6 A SECRET PUNE6IW WE PARK, "*0«KU£ THE MAZI ELUDED OTHER DEFENSES Of THE SASE AMP HEADED HOMEWARD.. Red Rider Dirty Work, Good Deed By Fred Harmon N!OT BE ANGRY WITH LITTLE BEAVER IF Hltt EVER FIND OUT ME SPEND-UN SOME Or THAT FIND-UCN •' FEEL-DCS SETTER. GCOP TURN) CArtDV 5\CK PLENTY SMELL loots and- Her Buddie* Yeah, How's About? By Edaar Martin llondif Get Your Foot Off That Rail! By Chic Young 1 HERE'S A ^ JSETZEL P0R VOU ANPOKIE FOR VOU WHERE 1 DAPPY, WHERE PIP YOU GET •" THESE PRETZELS Donald Duck Tinder! By Walt Disney Popeye 'A Lady's Always Right" Thimble Theater (JJHAT DO WOU NONS OF ^l^s^POOPSIE? Copr. J9-1V Kinp Tfiiturci SymltMtr, me , WotM lighu icitntd, Alley Oop He Stands Pat Bv V, T. Hamlin I SIT BA.CK AMD\ j.^ t _ _l /r>KAV, BIG SHOT? ' v WATCH ME. MOW 'EM J*-, I HAVE BUT X, /VOU JUST SO AHEAD YDOWW ' -r-} TO CLAP MY HA) JDS U AKSD CLAP YODE ,-'COME THROUGH I •} " " •} AMD THCOLVSH THAT "7 POOR \MILL POUK A 'VE&,t'DLPSE SOOD MEM WHILE VOU r GAINED A FEW MOKE MOMENTS OF LIFE, ' BUT I HAVE LOTS MORE) .MEN THAN YOU HAVE MOMENTS... ...SO WHY PERSIST IKTV THIS FARCE? DO AS. ',-T/ YOU VJAIOT 1^- X'VE D1RECTED...PLACE /-I THIS SWOCO/ THE SWORD OM THE J i y COME ' " &TOWE AMD GO... GET IT.' Two of Georgia's three signers of ths Declaration of Independence, Lyman Hall and George Walton, are _ buried beneath the Signers Monument in downtown Augusta. The lV.ii il r.igner was Button G-.vinnett Independence Keep In America our forefathers declared for the right to govern themselves. In Europe the Nazis are seeking to govern a world of slaves. SOVIET RUSSIA the Heel foal of Beihn Uit-'iemjinine half of the battle roper are shorter'and stiffer Tarawa BOOM Te-ay This fleree-looliing but smiling Italian sniper is evidently happy about polishing oil a couple more Fascists in the guerilla lighting that took place in the week preceding capture ol Naples by Allies. Some Spinner War r Jims " Despite Pierce German counter-attacks, Russian armies are advanc- ' n« Steadily toward the pre-war Polish border at points along the ' f ont -outh of Gomel. Shaded area indicates rapidly shrinking ; - = territory still held by the hard-pressed Nazis. Naval aviation trainees at Jacksonville, Miss., get oIT to a flying start with the aid of WAVE machinist's male Violet FalUum, shown spinning the prop of an. SNJ training plane. (U. S. Navy photo.) TARAWA SLA ! TARltAl (U S From NE/U This airview of Tarawa, one atolls in this group. was (U S Annjy Signal Corps Photo From NEA) They call it the Harvest Festival in Butam. but to ««se American BOldiers it's Thanksgiving time. Neor a Gothic chinch Diqqers and Dead Japs Freckles and His Friends MR.WILSON WOULD LIKE TO SEE LARD SMITH AND FRECKLES I I IMMEDIATELY ! IF YOU BOYS SHOULD SUDDENLY LET OUT A YELL, IT WOULD DISTURB THE CLASSES / Are You Kidding? » By Merrill NOW---HOW WOULD YOU BOTH LIKE TO 60 TO WASHINGffiPNI ? ? ' P THAT THE WALtS AR6 NOT 50IWP-PRQOF/ land, produce-laden Pfc. Harold Cochran ol Caioosa. Alvin Meier ol Okeene, Okla., stop to talk with the and her son. the vfcar the vicar Honorary G. I, Patterson Protests out during s. One oi' several Chinese youths who attached themselves to an American Army unit alter being freed from Japs, Lee Chow, 15, cleans his new G. I. shoes in a South Pacific stream. Claiming deferment of fathers will "cripple war production.' Undersecretary ol War Robert Patterson warns nation such deferment would necessitate drafting childless men who are e:- sential workers in key industries, and urges enactment of National Service act tu regulate labor. @Timber ©Wheat iHron Power Oil Industry Cpol Cattle ugar Akhtyrka* •Lubny KHARKOV •Poltava Beroichev Proskurov Kremenchug Dnepropetrovsk Dnieperstroi Dani, largest in Europe ikolagv Kherson Melitopol Atlantic Ocean

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