The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 28, 1940
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, IDIO payers' leagues" — but what II mysterious strangers nppi-nr and IXHKl over cash for the league's ex- jH-nses? Tlie' Securities and Exchai.gc. Commission ln\s questions like (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Company Parlies For Lcp- isialors, 'Paid' FJeclions Arc Investigated «y NKA Service Sluir Wilier It's all right for html-wurking sifite legislators (o take holidays at, pii'dsani l«V:<; resoi is— uul what. II a utility company j>!iys tin,' bill;? ll'.v nil ilBlit for Mriiill towns to hold special I'li'clioji.s on mmiy qucstions-liut wlmi if the utility concerned pays the exunuc uf imldiiiK tlic elections? It's all right for employes to I urn hi expense accounts— but what if UK- money Is "kicked back" to company officials personally, lor U.SP as nn otl-llic-books slush fund? It's all right, «j run for the slate legislature— but wluu if u do/.i-n caixiulate.s' campaign expenses arc paid by u iililiiy company? It's all rlgtit to ofgantxc "tux- Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SKK" Over Joe Isaacs' Stnrt Phone (MO Hermann Spoclircr: Former iccn.-lary makes srcrcl statement on Union Kli:cliic doings; these on Its Imvids today after Ions iiivestigatioii of the' Union Electric Co. of Missouri It is now deciding whether lo call u public lieni-lng or turn its evidence over to the Department of Justice for net Ion. Allocutions before HIP SEC IhiTtitrii, if uphold, to lirenk into n smmliil such as the utilities In- ritistr)' hns not seen since (he in| rc.stignlloii of 1028. For nenvly I'.vo jyeiir:, oprrullom of Union iciwtrlc I huve been ventilated, rust by St. | Louis newspapers, Ihen by the ].SKC, then liy u icilcnil gnimi juiv j SKC I.NXJflltV TtitiNS I 1 !' | "LVTKKKSTf.Vfi" INI-OUM.VnUN | Union Electric Is u holding com- j pany will) six subsidiaries. Itself u I subsidiary ol" the North American 1 Co. 11 operates in and around SI Loins nnd in nearby Illinois mul Iowa. In October. )9:i8. it applied to ihe SKL: lor permission to B'll HiU.OOO shares or new stock. Tin.' SEC made (he nsimi iumilry. 11, learned n lot oi inlciestiiij; Ilil.iKs ft learned tliiu Oscar p. Punk, vice president, Imd been ousted iiftc'r repealed refusal to OK certain liirfje expense accounts, li | (mm | 5;) } ;lv ... yeis and law linns on the payroll at an annual cosi of from S100HJO (o $193,000, a found Die utility company involved in a 52,000.000 real venture uroimd the Uike. of t)ie Quirks, a lake evened by one of its power dums. Here parties were liBlcl at which the guest, list, included most, of Hie. members of ihe suite legislature. CANDIDATES CLAIM UTILITY MKN 1'MU KXI'KNSKS Then city ccnmcilmeii and .state teglslniors tiegun to crop up w ith stories of payment of their e:an- palBn expenses by reprcsentniive.s of ihe utility. A candidate for the legislature said he was olTcrcd tout refused) $1000 for camiinlgn expense. 1 ;. The towns of Washington and 1 UP Solo, Mo., provided evidence Hint Ilielr p.\ In lioldlnx five dictions concvrned wllh utility conlraclfi and franehlses were i:al<l ty the utlllly company, though no Midi donations npuoarcd on the loH'n books. 'I'lie SKC found pvldenrp sun- IXMling a loni! .scries of .such ;ikcr Will Ik-conic Nation's Viin)l)cr One. Qnix Man in April "l VI.'A Siivfrr WASHINGTON'. . . IHVIJ C<>M!V'.s.,loil WrIN'r, lihniu' InrtiniHIIIon. 'Miere will be n inemtum on , f|«ld; llilntlni;. Quick now! h I 'l»llc In Hint fnnn. but The Mnn will waul lo know wlictlicr you were at wort, wrUng work, <« «'llh ii Job during the week of Ani;iiM u-12, ifj;i9. Tlilnk hard. . I!'- is even roinu to send a ni:in "round lei lake it down. 'I'tai's [I,,. Census Taker. llc-'H be (in every IIIHII'S cluorstq) ui'i'ln- 11111 A|ll)l 'j. He'll )„• plllfillt! II 1111 1 'me of Thirty-Seven ()ue,-.- W-fJE YOU LOOKING. I'OCr-- - Chesterfield's Twin Pleasures are tness _ and ^^ Better Taste lou can't mistake the extra pleasure you get from Chesterfields. iJecause of their right combination of the world's best cigarette tobaccos, Chesterfields give you a cooler, better-tasting and . definitely milder smoke. You can't buy a better cigarette .- < ,< * . ^>\ **^* " Y?-iV/;^ix /- vr/.i;T-'?-- 5 4-/,>vp?/- 0 ^ ' ' < -> \ V •„ S.f ' - •ft.,€S^fa &w William McClrllan: "Trouble shootiiiB" president of Union Elccfrlc Co. cliarROs. The company Uecanu- less co-operative, lilwl to'hold up Ih; SKC Investigation with injun.- lions. 'Ilie parent Norll) Ainerlcnr. company now sent In a "troubleshooter." William McClennuu, lo relieve. Louts tl. Egnn us president. StX'BKTAKVS SIOKV TtlltNEl) OVKH '|<> SIX: McClennan soon Imd jjlcnly of trouble to sliool. llenuann Spoch- rer, secretary, came to him with a story. This story, still a close secret, MoClemmn turned over lo the SEC. Spoclirer then resigned. Chniges were reported Dial nn $85.000 fund wns built np by the company which could be used for political contributions and loaoy- ing (liicliKlIng Itivisli entertainment and gifts for public officers). Certain employes ot the company, 11 was charged, would draw big expense, accounts. That showed on the boohs. lluL (hen, by pie- nrraiijfetnent, (lit- money or most, of It would to paid back lo certain company ollklals personally, who could then use It where II would do the most good, but leave no trace, on tlie books, according to tile reports. New charges kept turning; up. A "taxpayers' league" started lo combat municipal ownership was found to have a mysterious "ant-el" in a stranger who appeared at Just the right moment, with cash in hand to help the Icnguc curry on. One small newspaper was even provided with a "reiwiter" to write nntl-municipal ownership material. TWO COM PA M' aiHN INDICTED I'Olt rUlUUKV While Ihe SEC Inquiry went on secretly, tlie Department of Justice went (o work. -It soon hud federal grand Jury perjury Indictments against Aluert C. Laim, lobbyist, and Frederick C. Martin, engineer. Laun fouglu, a charge lhat lie had exercised an nll-loo-direet influence on the campaigns of legislative candidates, tils case is .- : lill pending. But Mnrlln admitted furiilishlng money for a campnljjii In St. Charles county. llielr lnve-llfe--ir they're wo- ' Nil ((iii'Mhiiis iiskcil. If yon'ic nn. Hill If lluii. lui'ky l-llli ens- is u Ionian, tlien "How 'nines Mairieil?" And "ARC I'M Minriauc?" And "Number in-." <'i ct'di "Nil Wilier H deduction'; me niwde from Viillr Wil|;i": ui s:\hlly for Fedl'llll Old Ac.e InsurtiiKV-lmrry up nuw It h di'dnrleil from "All of wai/es in 1 sHlury" or i. s n "|., U ( ,,f WHIM'S in Milnry, oiuMinlf or more," or "I'mi ol Wiiijcs or .s'lihiry, miller hull," in- K j,, i,, s , ,,| llln .. N()1|( , d« MUI mvc on tho old I'M ... •• !"»«'.• llnii. and ttliul you tlilnk Hdreii I'.ver^Honrr And don't. Ihe place would likely icnl lor 11 an cast you a tine up to $JO|) Tiic old District Attorney i|iii's- lion ol "Where were yon on Du 1 iiinht of Dec. 1W docHU'l come up innte. JleUvrni Aug. ti mid Aw. 12 --•iMiiiinnl And ")| 0 «. „!„„,, hours -Nd you work thin week?" lly tin- way. where were you •"'li'U mi Aiiiiiisl -I. I«J;M? The pei- '••'"ilnl <|in-slion of who wears the PIIIII.V In (he liousi-liold may come l "'<-li to ,i)n,.,, ( , || le .x-nsus-iak...... »» «K'y define "honic-mator" ,« ''"' "'"'"I'll. |fi y|, lns „, „,,,. ()1 . Skin Itchy— Irrifafcd? ' ru tiiiin M yew. JPAGE_THREE over, responsible for the manage- merit, of the home." News want ads. -~ !.-.,.„> -».•„.It. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Without C u'll Jump Oul of ' KXI'EKT RKAUTV WOI1K CALL 106 Margaret's BEAUTY SHOP Swedish Massase, Vap. IS Mrs. Hull, Luwlion Now Loenleil J,, (JlcHco,- »„,,, ,„„ ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU »l)X i:i)WAH»S, I'minlclur ' k '™ci,lu! l o,"-' l ' V ' M '" ri "' rS ' A ' ] '"" K Mllclll «« """I Prisons Urged To Put Stress On Personality STATE COLLEGE. Pa. <UP»—A plnn of " person n lity b.-iil shoxilil be made the keystone of America's prison program in vie* of the "failure" of probation iiiul parole to solve the crime problem, •Pclcr P. Klassen. instntctar In sociology <U I'emisylvnnia 3Mc College, believes, '•InsUliitionnl Ircntincnt" Kins- sen snicl. -sliouUt evolve nroinul lirograin of personality bniltii-i:-, program by means of which undesirable attitudes or cviuruclcr can be broken down niirt .si tutcd by desirable ones." Under the current prison system, these "undesirable attitude; J traits," usually acquired rather than innate, go micorrected .-«•cording to Klasscn. and c;,ura crimes alter tliey have been released. He tiled statistics to sliov. (tint only about 20 per ccnl of parolec.s "go straigln." after l rolKl. Klasscn lauded the new d.irffi- cation system In operation in Illinois where all offenders are examined ami placed in' a lv|)l , „ prison environment best sulieil n their traits. Town Mourns for Parrot SHELTON, Neb. (UP) — All of Shclton loved Victor, pet pLl[ , 0 t of Libble Bliikcwny, bookslore owner. Now tlicy mourn its loss Victor died at tlie ripe old ase of 40 and was buried in the "town cemetery. — PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main & First Phone HI I J. L. GUARD Ootometrist Only Gradunle Optomc- Irkl In -• Glasses Filled Correctly Kirby Drug Stores Daily Brushing Hoipi Keep Hair Looking Beaullfull EXTON BRISTLE Main al Heroml— llroiHhvay — Division KOU CASH THK WKIOK KN1) VALENCIA CHOCOLATES , CHERRIES Luiciuu*. «un-ripc clicrrlw Firmly tot In Transparent Handles . in crcim «n<l rich chocolate. 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