Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 26, 1943 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 26, 1943
Page 5
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r^^^^a^u^ _ t -_ ;-i o S T A ft, fi 0 ? S, AfcKAK3 ' FriJoy. Hsvembsr 14- IK~ * ,' Star ,.; 214St>uth Wolrlut Ark. a* MCMSd ttott matter at, the ffft* at Hep*,' Arkansas, under th« -Associated Press ><e*4pof>ef Enterprise Ass'n. MU - (Always Payable In «); BV, illy carrier, frer week ISc; eod, NeVodOj Howard, Miller ono eourrtWS, $3.50 per year; else- §? MmMf e» 1M AM««Krt«d fnm: The »*Mo*tateo'» Press. I* «xtluslvely, entitled.to *ib«iU» for republlcotion of all news dis* ttotctWji wedited. to ft or not otherwise kwedtted In this paper and also the locdt "*?ww^publiShed herein. ; -~ Natlonot *«pK.«ntotiv»— MVI4*.n »MHWHT^| ^»«n^vry**f -»»*•» ,.».,.. ,--loan, Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison ?ve,; Detroit, Mich.. 2841 W. Grand Blvd.; Oklahoma Citv. 414 Terminal IBdg.; New Orleans, 722 Union St.. SIDE GLANCES Hold Everything Operations s tased oh the :~®f-the-l THE OFFICIAL RiCO 0 ILLUSTRATIONS BY WILLIAM SHAR "2 can't get over you leading a trol through 50 miles of jungle-I couldn't depend on you i o g o to the postofflce when you 6 worked here"" WOrKea nere. Bv Galbraith T; y^^- COPR.1943 BY NEA SERVlit. INC. T. M. BEG. U. S. PAT; OFF //•2f . Slaught Restrictions • gifted 90 Day Mold Everything The bomb injured twenty. Commandos fanned out. They pounded the Nazis. Only one gun spoke. TTNDER cover of the naval guns and the smoke screen an invasion craft, wounding 20 Commandos. The plane and South Vangso, which «v«s heavily defended and where Tommy guns, and the Gcrm.in snipers were having a field U laid by bombers aloft, the Commandos pushed their lurched into the waters of the Ulvcsund and only one of the Germans were now on the alert. With the coastal, day picking oft the Hnt.sh Iron, wc^protccted jposo. landing craft shoreward. They signaled with Very ^m its crew was saved. defense guns on Maa oy knocked out bv the bombard- A great roar shook the island as the ammumt on dump on rocket! and the bombardment stopped while the huge The Commandos fanned out like the fingers of a hand ment from British ships, the Destroyer "Onbi 1 .crashed Mnaloy was sent sky high by a well-placed Con n a f \> Hampden bombers floated fifty feet above the shoreline, suddenly laid flat and opened. Groups dropped off and through the Ulvcsund, taking a deckload;of Commandos blasting charge I he lighthouse ac Sctcrncs crumbled into K without a attacked strategic points on the long coastline. One blasted to the north where two large herring oil factories were powdery rubble from another, by ami- the road between South and.Xorth Vaagso and cut the attacked and destroyed, then dashed back to cover with At Maaloy a big machine gun emplacement smuftnl )dr. The telephone and telegraph wires. One took the town of its guns the parties landed between South, and) North came to life, but only one of its guns spoke-tlie lone gir Hampden bombers floated fifty droppin " " ~" hitch e: aircraft fire from an armed trawler in the harbor dropping their smoke pots. The landing went without hitch except for one bomber, which was hit by am pilot could have turned away but decided to fulfill his Hollcvik, southernmost point on die sound. Another dug Vaagso. In the former town, spread thinly along the coast not demolished by l.ritish naval shells-ami even this one mission. His ship went out of control at the moment a deep into the north to halt possible reinforcements from of the Ulvcsund, the Commandos were pounding the was turned on a NV/.i anti-aircraft ship m the harbor, (ff" big smoke bomb was launched. The bomb dropped into that direction. The largest group attacked Maalny Island Na/.is in fierce house-to-house fighting with grenades and morrow: Shooting it out in the streets of !• aasso.). Drnwinirs copyright, 19-13, by King Feature* Syndicate, Inc. Text copyriuht, 1943. by 1^ M. Stationery Office; Distributed by Klnis Features Syndicate In conjunction with the MacMlllan Co. anil the Book-ot-thc-Manth Club. Inc. FUNNY BUSINESS Bv j "Just drop lu whenever you're ready lo lake sonic dictation, Miss Jones i" OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY "As I undershmd it, she boloni^s to sonic- labor-snving socielv!" T_ HOP& ',T CHURMC, OOT RIGHT/-- BUT T STILL A CKURM GEARED TO-THE }\ MORE OF TUPxT IDEN OF SlCVCLE DRNE -WHEEL, t\>'OUR6TO TEACH HEW 6 60 OME CAN DO THE VvJORK VI TO PLOW ihi vO^R^A WlfXTER. THEV'D SCENIC TOUE. OF THE- COUrJiTGNSlDE THIS \OlLL PLF\CE VOU KlODlNiG By J. R. Willioiw; "I'm designing an automobile engine that runs on castor oil!" Combined P .. E _J. T A R '_.H * P.E^ A R R A N S A S i the Sfory of th« COMMANDOS -«' Bosetl on the remain imclinnged." \J I ms m o 11 n s that of lo th . , " ' Pounds bcrenuiroa to' obi SIDE GLANCES OH STIFFV THAT MAM \ / WHY, V TrV RICH VW'.D&ER -HOW 1 \ [ HE'S JUST \ \Vi,S IK) "THERE TO WATCH \ \ HARNESS- A.DKMRIM' TH' HAMDLE. A I ) ING L.lP / COOK'S BAKE.D ( ' 1 SJEVER V AM Ol_D ( COOPS, AN' 1 A CHAMCE-- } PAIR OF \ THIMVi CURU/'S • .A WIZARD A WORk. / TRVlW TO FINDOlin WITH 'EM/ /\ PLUGS.'/ WHO SHE'S TH' MOST IMTERESTED THE * Or '.f tftrfiff we T tain n license to slaughter and sell poi-k. llf they wish to sell any lype farm of mcul other than pork, it will be necessary to obtain a license. By GalbraiYir WodiTubiM Yes, But How? By Leslie Turner Donald Duck Puss-in-the-Boots! By Walt Disney BUT IF YOU 6ET 1 EITHER YOU'RE BENT ON SUICIDE YOU COULD SNP A PICTURE \ you FROM THE UHPER- THINK GROUNp RADIO AT/I'VE 60T VA6ENS8URG,/ONLYASLIM BUT... yf CHANCE o 1 6ETTINS BACKf OR YOU'RE ONE OF THE BRAVEST THEINFOBMATIOM K\5N I'VE KNOWN!, CAPTAIM EASY.' BY JOVE, I'LL T30 MY SLIM CHANCE, /NECESSARY FDR ^ yDLJBA T!5il CAPrAlNJ/ME TO RETURN, LOCATING fHE V.ITALNAZI MACH946TOOL WC6K5JHEN SEWOW6 HIS INFORMATION Detour Signs RADAR HAS PICKEP UP SEETHAT NIPENTIFIED \THETOWER LANES 90 MILES ICOMTACTS ORTH.SIR! VEC- CAPTAIN LLK:K,EASyj Yppi/ THAHKS, NO NEED TO REMIkD IfSfel SUM! AND.. you THAT SUCCESS v. FROM PLANE DETECTION MEANS C8IPPUM6 NAZI PRODUCTION FEET.SPEED 215... ' IS R16HT ON THEIR COURSE tTH A PORTASLE TSLBPHOTO WACHIWE, TO $TABT ON HIS MISSION n (.b. Capt. Linge fell, TINMEN tlie Conimnmlos the hitr machine They searched the files. 1 the buililiim flnd epi Tossed grenades in doorways, uion of tl ILLUSTRATIONS BY WILLIAM SHARP T , . — They drove into the town. o 1 He~ on H ""v b - WiHl ""•' Allic(i « r "«"''> in, t, i :r^ 1 ^\tir:,; l £ :;rs- J sw and mortars they -' • • "" '"• ltl the German licac' mandcT, was the bullets, but his men iocs Point in the mvcd on South on the bitterlv- m from flaming embers across s< he reorcamzed its had drawn"into ^nTon „"„" tiS™ J'S "f W* hbt ' Sted «'*« P-* JtalUmg snipers and tossinf -«7™l"S'D^ n ± ^ ind ; One merchant?hip, FUNNY pn tickol agent!" °~^»^~^^^^ PER I SHI MS/ PUMPING THIS INFERMM. CHURM S^- 6P? B ^ EN ^ V J^" ^D BUTTER BEC/VAE A>I^)D THG T COIMPOECTED vMlTH IT/ OOT VOUR l.OOO TOUCH OF COOKl\iG By J. BLOT ONI TUB HOOPLE GHIELD- 0 »oots and Her Buddies SHOUT ME.' TH' TOLD US TO TlDV UP THIC; 7 ^KLJUNJU ME—I AVVFuL IT f^M^^^ ° ^ ^T.i'pME..' IVE RUN OUT, BOTH .' I DON'T VAMT MO DOM'T _ _ r BACK DO NOW 30 VEARS VVITH- UT BUREAUS EP PILIM' CABINETS-- GET'OUT Looks Bad 00 0V 'SiiV. QV.OT/X V t ^o^VVV V !^^°^ s-.i..r~i Alley Oop A Bone to Pick! i i I Rider WAIZ CPPMN Gangway for a Spender By Fred Harmon I'LL PICK 11 UP WHILE LITTLE SErVOER 1 :? SPES3DIK) 1 TH' Ptfe^ Popeye "The Children's Hour' Thimble Theatei wn Hopeless \v. _• Big Bill for Little Boy HOW EO1 KtOOW JH C30T IT HONESTL1;' YOU TH\NN-L);'\ !^E TrilEF.' t-\£y HOLD OrO, FAFOO=E- I so TELL-UI % \ RED RIPER--v-A vuHCOfXE &i IT LEGAL-LINE'' Hi>\ COr\E PUI^CHU^ ) / 1UH K\(^ H\VE N.3ijf? N!O5E / r—' ( 1 DOt^'T WANT A 5 VJUK. IVL.-C. r- V . , CHA|>JGETrt1 6OT ME OkAV, BECAUSE HE ACKED "\ REAL. HAPPV. "S TALKIM'CHIME'SE \ UJITH THE LAUMDRWV MAM—AN'HE ^ HA"5M'T BEESI // HAPPV SINCE'T )/ Copi I9O Km;, TfAiiufi SvnJin'f. Im \Vorl.l npl POOR KID-HE'S A LOMESlM, 'CAUSE S HE DOKI'T HAVE MO KlD5Pi.AVlM'OJIT"lM, ON ACCOUNT OF THEN CAM'T Blondie .. •'OLD SHOES »Y I BUY < 5MOES ) Bargain Day! >->.! I iiQ'~j" | &TT %$A ^LS& EH, THIS is QUITE A, PLACE; AM' T- THIMK BACK ON TH' PLAIN A , I DIDN'T EVEN DREAM IT WAS HERE- Double Talk ^•irr By V. T. Hamlin HEV, NOW! WHAT, ABOUT MY / FAR BETTER PRISONERS 2 / THA ' T VOU WOULD BE" 1 PON'T SEE' I COMCERMEP WITH 'EM ANVVVHERE1 MATTERS MORE X CLOSELY ASSOCIATED WIH VOUR OWN WELFARE... COME!. vfm/\ M I^Brdfc -^ M 8y Chic Young * MERE YOU i ARE, LITTLE SIRL-v S TMREE MICE ^ SHINY ( PENNIES "A New Meal Ticket!" CVHAT DOBSSULiEE'PEA UJAKJT, UDIMPV?) . HERB THEV ARE-aiHO'S PAVINJ6I FOR THESE ? " ' THAT'S SMART, (JKlOERSTAMDlKlCi CHlNES IT MUST BE A GREAT .HEL.P TO S-OU UJ On the Suburban FronM A rv, HfcAD OF THE 9TAIRS A POOR,..KNOCK ON ANP MAY THE GODS E Freckles and His Friends The Next Problem •IV IH. E .^_S A GREAT BI6 BOX OF DELICIOUS LOOKINS CHOCOLATES ON OUR FRONT ROOM TABLE _^ SOUKJP5 TO0600C TO BE TRUE By Merrill Bios set 3» • Ccpl 1043. Kin» IVjIuit. Synjiiin. Inc. WoilJ i.iiliu //-2ft IT MIGHT &E A 1 BOOBVTRAP/ ' ,-y *?MY fes*' v*' HERE'S A KISS FOR GETTINC DOWN, MR. DlNKLE / "™- <m*'/ ; rn ^, Ifa 11,' L 'ir *-\l" J —• -•>. • • '/ )' '; // ^K . v-' ( » :.J t- rf -j^W^,. ^..^, Plenty of What It Takes JUST T FOR THAT WHO VOLUNTEER. CARRY MR DlNKLE (jp THE LADDER? GOLLY '] THAT wm Buy 100

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