Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 26, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 26, 1894
Page 3
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P^lPiP^ mimm^^^^^'-^ w^ ^**^^^yjjifjf!jffjl^ OOOOOOOOOCH No minera? water will produce the beneficial results that follow taking one or more of Beecham's . Pills 9 with a glass ofwnterimmediate- | ly upon arising in tlic morning. | | Painless. Effectual. Covered with ( " a Tnstelris, Soluble Coaliitt.'. "Worih a Guinea n Box."—I'ncc * only -3 ccnu. * Of .ill druck'i^ts, or a box will ho nuiilcil ™ receipt nf SScn. in st.nniK R. K. Alien C'o., :!<'•••• Canal St., N. V. 6 CLEAN AND TIDY AS A NEW FIN, Tbo last cockroach has packed his grip and loft. The anto bellum odor has been killed and burled. The table linen Is now changed once in a while and you can't write your namo •on tho dishes any more. Wo make fresh coffee morning and evening, b»ko our own pastry, serve moala well cooked fjive you all you can eat at a low rare. What more do you want? Wo want your patronage aud will endeavor to dosarvo it. Como and see the change at HE VEIllIE ..'520 Broa-Jway. Best supplied lunch short order counter ia tho county. Open all cijjht. mntifislhohomocirclecomplete. TtiU greut TonijK?run':o Drink Klve* picas* ure uncl tiuultli toevory member of toe family. A 2fja. package mukoa 6 gttl- lou.s. Bo HUM) and get tbe genuine. Sold everywhere. Mode only by The Chas. E. Hires Co., Phllada. Wecaa'ttell you what life is but we can say 'that the amount of it in a person depends upon the condition • of the nerves. Without good, healthy nerves, life is feeble and miserable, and liable to leave the body entirely, but vrith nerves braced up by Dr. WHEELER'S NERVE VITALIZER life U vigorous and athletic. The Vital; Jzer prevents over-exertion, un usual fatigue and extreme excitement from weakening the nerve* and cures all nerve disorders like Prostration, Debili'.y> Sleeplessness, Headache etc. PRICK, $1.00 A •OTTLC Inquire of druggists for free sample. If not found, write u» enclosing five cents (•tamps) for postage. The doctor gwei 1.., •— 1 free advice to any nerve .U/A A4f4,* +mnn *• tr -_1 All We offer $500 tour physician or ebtmlBl who can •bow byuulyikor , mn«dr contnlni morphine, opium cocaine, or »ny tuvtafb welcome. The J.W. Brant Co. Mitun ALBION. MICH. Sold by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. DAILY JOURNAL. SATURDAY MORNING. MAY 2C.~ Quaker headache capiuli give rr. lief In ten minutes. House for Sale Very Cheap—No 808 Sycamore street. Inquire of A. DeLong, No. 402 Market street. Acute and ohrunlo oatarrh; diseases •ol the tbrjai nn ) enr treated by Dr. J. H. Sbul z 412 fc'uurlh itreet. Telephone 157. When nervous and weak take Bine- hart's 1.1 vor IM1»! no griping or Dkuieau. ladJ.e. For tale by B. F. Kee»iii g and Kejstone drugstore. The relation between the .itomaoh and nervo »yitem is so clone that » supposed stomach trouble is uiual •symptom ot nervous dyspepsia. Dr, Wheeler's Nerve Vltallaer gets at root •Of the trouble. On* dollar of Ben Vllbtr. THE BACES YESTERDAY. An InlereiClDg nallae* Rae* Meet- IBR lit tb» Driving Park-BurprU- Ing pernnnanee of Cragan'* Oliver mac. Quite a crowd of turf lovers gathered at the driving park yesterday afternoon to witness the delayed matinee racee, which had been postponed owing to the rain last Tuesday. The first event was a half-mile free- for-all trot with three starters which attracted considerable attention on account of the surprising and unex, pected performance o' S. S. Cragan's "Oliver Mao" which easily won the race, the first it had been in. This horse has never been properly trained for tho track and there ware many predictions yoaterday that with good handling he would make one of tho best horses in the country. Mr. Crngan drove tho horse himself and handled him with an oaso that showed bis thorough familiarity with tho Intelligent animal. The record of the race was as followF: Crnisan's "Ollvsr Mac" -1 I I Mui'tiuloxs "Krauels il" -l'-' - - WflwtWs "Colonel I-wild" 1 " i! 3 Time 11-*: MSfe 1:27; ],17t>. The next raco was a pretty exhibition between Capt. Hardy's "Coleridge," and "Bronnan." G. D Ouster drove the former horse and Ed Hardy tho latter. Tho speeding at the last furlonsr put "Bronnan" through from post to wire In 15} seconds, which is a 2:02 gall. Tho next was an Interesting exhibition in whlchCustor drove "Madge W" a half to boat 1:10, and did It,, making tho distance la 1 08. Incidonia! to tho horso racing there WHS a halt mile bicycle race between heats participated in by several riders and was won by Walter Closaon in 1:35. The War Book Picture". Attention is again called to the Memorial War Book, and particularly to the very choice illustrations, 2,000 of which embellish its pasee. MOB; of these illustrations aro reproductions from tho celebrated photographs mode by M. B. Brady and Alexander Gardner, under authority of the U. S. gov. ernment. These pictures are original •photographs taken during the war o f the rebellion. It is more than a quarter of a century since tho sun painted these real scenes of that great war, and the "negatives" have undergone chemical changes which makes it slow aud difficult work to get "prints" from them. Of course no more "negatives" can be made, as the scones represented by this series of war views have passed away forever. The great value of these pictures Is, therefore, apparent. Just how things looked ''at the front," during the great war, is, with the most of us, now, after the lapso of nearly thirty years, only a fading memory, cherished, it is true, but after all, only tho vision of a dream. Artists have painted, and sketched, and engraved, with more rr less fidelity to /act and detail, these "scenes < t trial and danger," but all of tbeir pictures are, in a greater or less degree, imaginary conceptions of the artls*. Happily our government authorized, during the war, skillful photographers to catch with their cameras the reflection as in o mirror, of very many of those thrilling and interesting scenes. These views vividly renew the memories of our war days. The camp, the march, the battle field, tho forts and trenches, the wounded, the prisoners, the dead, the hurriedly made graves, and mary other of those once familiar scenes aro photographically portrayed and perpetuated. These aro not sketches or Imaginary scenes but are tho oriijinal photographs taken on the spot. The wonderful progress In the art of photo-engraving enables the publisher of the Memorial War Books to place these inestimable records in permanent form and thus preserve them for future generations for all lime. If you have not begun taking the Memorial War Books do not delay doing so. It .should be in every home and the Journal offers it upon terms which the poorest can accept. flOO Reward, f 100. The render of this paper will b« pleased to learn Hint there U at len.it one dreadeddiseases that science DM been able to cure In all Its stums and that Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure 18 the onlj posltlye rare known to themedkxu fraternity. Catorrb twine a conrtlratlonal dlnwuw, requlron » constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrli Cnre Is UAen Intenmllr, acting dlrwtly on the blood and mucus diirfiices or tho wstera, thereby destroying Hi* foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength DT bulldlntt up the constitution and w» sting imttire In doing Its work. The proprte- ",r«»mv»Komtieli Mth In Jj» onratlve powers, tli at tlwr offer One Hundred Dollars for anj case that It falls to care. Send for ilM of testimonials. Adcutwi, F. -T. CHBNBY 4 CO., Toledo, O. ISirdOlil Dj druggist!. A Popnlur Remedy. The promptness and certainty of its oure have made Chamberlain'* Cough Remedy famous. It la Intended especially for coughs, oolde, croup and whooping oougb, and is the most ef« feotual remedy known for these diseases. Mr. C. B.Maln, of Union City, Pa., says: "I have a great sale on Chalmberlain's Cough Remedy. 1 warrant every bottle and hare never beard of one failing to give entire lat. isfactton." 50 oent bottles (or sale bj B. f. Keesllnr. Druggist. ADDITIONAL LOCAU. Silk mltti at 12J cents at the Golden Rule. Was it a big day M the Bee Hive yesterday P Never rip knee pants from a quarter up.— Harry Frank. Have you heard of Patterson's nob. by shirts and shirt waists for ladies. They are beauties. What? Those duck suits only $2.48. —Trade Palace. Como and see our new gold head umbrellas, only 50 cents, at the Golden Rule. Choice strawberries, 8J cents, and extra C sugar 8 cents per pound, at Dolan & Go's. W. F. Bopp's saloon on Sixth street, will be cloied until Monday morning on account of tho death of a relative. A festival at Pleasant Valley Unl- versallst church In Deer Creek town. ship Saturday evening June 2d. All invited. Coal oil, 8}3. par gallon; strawbor. rles, SJs., and bost Michigan butter crackers, 5c, per pound, at \\illlam Dolac it Go's. A big lot of shoeting boards and dry shingles can bo had for the hauling away by calling' at S. Wise's residence, 805 Market street. When down town call at Bon Fisher's drug store and get tho best soda water in the city with Huntington Ice cream, at only 5 cents a gluss. Soo tho many bargains In wash goodf; Scotch lawn, only 5 cents; lawns at 9 cents, wo>-th double the money. See our Pongees. — Trade Palace. Earl Stewart has removed Into his new and handsome residence on the site of his old home. Tho painting which la a very ornamental piece of work, was done by Wm. Bander, tbe South Side painter. Marlon Chronic]?: Tho nomination of Hon. W. U. Owen for Secretary of SUte by the Republican convention places at tho head of the ticket a man who, tn six years in congrefi as chairman of the special Immigration committee, and as superintendent of Immigration, demonstrated much more than ordinary ability. He is an excellent speaker, and will make an excellent campaign. Will Uo It? Medical writers claim that the successful remedy for nasal catarrh must be non irritating, easy of application, and one that will reach the remote sores and ulcerated surfaces. The history of the efforts to treat oatarrh Is proof positive that only one remedy has completely mot these conditions, and that is Ely's Cream Balm. This safe and pleasint remedy has mastered catarrh as nothing else hap over done, and both physicians and patients free* ly noDoede this fact. Our druggists keep it. A l)alrvmnt>'n There Is nothing I have ever used for muscular rheumatism that gives me as much relief as Cbaimberlaln's Pain Balm does. I hava boon uding It for about two years — four bottles In all — as occasion required, and always keep a bottle of it In my home. I believe I know a good thing when I get hold of It, and Pain Balm is tbe best liniment I have ever met with. _ W. B. Danny, dairyman, New Lex- Ington, Ohio. 50 cent bottles for sale by B. F. Keesllng, Druggist. A Pointer for Traveler*. While Mr. T. J. Rlchey, of Altona, Mo., was traveling in Kansas he was taken violently ill with .cholera mor bus. He called at a drug store to get some medicine and tho druggist recommended Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Dlarrhuoa, Remedy 80 hlgVly he concluded to try it. The result was immediate relief, and a few doses cured him oompletely. It is made for bowel complaint and nothing else. It never fails. For eald by B. F. Kees. Hcg Druggist. • Home Scoters' Excnrilon Nortbweit. Went, Monttovreiit, and SoutU via Pennsylvania Lloei, May 29th, special excursion tickets to points In Northwest, West, Southwest and South, will be sold at 'principal ticket stations on the Pennsylvania lines. Tifekets will be good returning thirty days. For details please applj to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent or address F. Van Dueen, Chief Assistant General Passenger Agent, Plttsburg, Pa. _ Spring Medicine*. The almost universal habit of using some kind of spring medicine to Improve tbe blood and cleanse the syetem has its advantages, if the proper remedy is used. What Is needed le to arouse the liver and stimulate the kidney*. The begt remedy to use Rlnehart's Pills. For sale by B. F. Keystone drug Btore. A Happy Mnkband. DELAWARE, O. — After four months uie of Simmons' Liver Regulator my W lfels almoit entirely relieve* of ohronlo oonitipnted and bleeding- pllei. _ W. B. Leeper. Your drugglit Belli it in powder or liquid. The powder to be taken dry or made Into a tea. La Grippe Vanauished. A r Is a SURE SPKC1- t-U FIG to this dreaded disease, an most any resident of Arkansas Cltr can testlfr. Santa Fe Railroad Boys Heard From. MB. B. B. PHKLFS: DRIM SIB.— I take great plearore la recommending your Four-C lor coughs and colds/ Having given It a trial, I could recommend no better medicine for my friends. Very truly, L, W. KINNXDT, Station Biiggngemtin. A Santa Fe Enolneer's Story 1 contracted a bad cold; wai so hoarse 1 could only »pealt above a whisper; tbe conga was very distressing; purchased a bottle of jour Kour-C; It cured almost from tbe itnrt. I take great pleasure In recommending It to my friend*. J. M. ZOKM, * Engineer, Santa FeBatlroad. DUCT PQ d C 1« sold ond«r § »n«r- f nDLlO t-L anteeto gin perfect wttiiteimon or money always returned by The new Pan Handle time card IB out and will go into effect at noon tomorrow. No material changes have been made contrary to expectations. The Wabash management has closed the night telegraph o (flees at Wabash and a number of other prominent points on account of a lack of business. Trainmaster Sislcr of the Wabash took the Knight Templar degree at Wabash Thursday evening. Nearly all the Wabasb officials are prominently connected with the Masonic fraternity. Charlie Gray, brakeman on the Hammond special pot left at a way station on the return trip and the train arrived here short handed. Ho walked to the next station and arrived here at 11:30 yesterday morning. The trainmnn on tho Richmond division of the Pan Handle are very much pleased with thoir new super intendont. One of his acts was to promptly reinstate several employee who had been reduced in positions for trivial offences. Yesterday's Indianapolis Journal says: Another order had b:?0n issued by tho Pennsylvania Company's general manager to reduce expenses on the lines west of Pittsburgh It is said the' working force of nonr!y rvery depart ment will ba subjected to a thinning out. Torre Haute Express: Trainmaster Burko, of tho Vandalia Michigan di vision, Etolo 11 march on ihe miners nt Rosodale Wednesday nip-ht. Four cars of coal had been sidetracked at Rosodale, and as it was needed by tbe company, and tho officials did not desire to hava any trouble with the miners In an attorr.pt to move it, Mr. Burke quietly tnok out an engine and proceeded to Kosedc.le, ran into tbe switch and hitched on the coal cars. A couple of minors were asleep on the cars, it is said, and did not awaken ui tiij-.he engine had started for T-'rre Haute. The coal was brought back to this city without interference. The llufft FHNhlons. With regard to silks and satins, the choice in both is simply distracting. Moires evidently — particularly the moire antiques—will run through the season. They aro bein^r produced in lovely patterns. Amoug • tho black moire sillcs the "bird's-eye" pattern is on* of the latest novelties. But stripes are younger looking and smarter. The colored moire antiques are exquisitely shot, and show illimitable variety of design. Some have a soft sheen like that of satin. An example in shot groen and pink, with pink stripes, was brocaded with pink carnations. Many old world pa tterns have been revived and the pompadour silks are certainly charming. If you want to know what tho fashionable color is, know nt once that there is no such a thing. The fashionable woman (to use a paradox) is never fashionable. What slio aims at is originality. Nothing' which is hall marked or stereotyped finds favor in her eyes.—N. Y. i'ost. Sllfinctid. Housekeeper—Those eggs you sold me were stale, and I asked you for fresh-laii eggs. Dealer (patronizingly)—Those eggs are fresh, madam, not salted, and they are laid eggs, madam, not manufactured. Had you desired e<rgs recently taken from the nest you should have asked for freshly-laid eggs.—N. Y. Weekly. > VaiKlalta Line Excnrnton Unto. Excursion rates June -itb and 5th, round trip tickets to Indianapolis $2.85 to return to and Including Juno 7th. Muncle Ind,, round trip $2.10, June llth and 12th, Evansville, Ind., round trip $6.80, June 8th and 9th, good to return In. eluding Juno 13th. For further particulars call on J, C. EDOEWOKTH, Agt. What Thomas Harrison of North Dakota Owes to Pane's Celery Compoond. Tho world has hud in all just 15 dc-clsive battles. Hut every man has in his lifetime mnrodecisivo hattU'S than this. The important epoch a in man's life that settle for him wealth, position, ind often life itself, come without warning. Weakness, Indecision and lick of nerve force at t^ese turning points is fatal In long and doubtful sickness when life itself trembles in the balance, a little more strength and power of resistance to disease makes the difference between life and death. Thin people with depleted, diseased blood run big risks. Careful men and women all over tho country are build-. Injr up their system and storing the nerve centers with energy now it is spring 1 .- Thep are taking that remarkable blood puri6er and nerve food, Paine'a celery compound. It can not be repeated too often that the blood is the fountain which sup plies every part of the body. If this life-giving medium lacks vigor and richness, nerves, brain, heart, kidneys, and luogs Immediately suffer. The weakest spot will (five way first. If you find Jyoursolf growing thin, nervous, without appetite—look out You are starving some important organ through inappropriate nutri tion. Thomas 3arrlson la the proprietor of the famous Harrison farms of North Dakota Ho holds tho office of notary public, and is coroner of Trail county. He writes from Blanchard, No. Dakota: "Two years ago, when [the grip WM prevalent in this county. I suffered very much from this trouble. Thai disease lingered with me until It developed into catarrh of ibe head. For this loathsome trouble I tried many remedies advertised for catarrh with* out any permanent relief, and while spending the winter of 92-93 ID Loe Angeles I was treated by a specialUt without any better results. Seeing Palne's celery compound advertUed, I tried it, not expecting much relief, •» I thought that I could not be cured. I used one bottle as directed, and WM entirely and permanently cured. This was over six months ago, and I have not experienced a return of My of the symptoms, though I have beea exposed to the Inclement weather IB North Dakota and have not caught the least cold this winter, when had I been troubled with the catarrh I would have had cold after cold all winter. I will cheerfully aniwer any Inquiries as to the correctness of »y statements. Many around here are using the compound -on the itrength of my recommendation. It make* people well." THE MARIE BURROUGHS ART PORTFOLIO OF STAGE CELEBRITIES Is now complete in FOURTEEN PARTS, the entire series making til* most ELEGANT WORK of this character EVER PUBLISHED. A great many Journal renders have availed themselves of the opportunity to (eeure these parts as they came in from week to week but then are a number of subscribers who have expressed a desire to secure the complete set without the coupons. To give nil an opportunity to secure thU The Journal has decided to distribute the complete set of 14 parti on the following terms: CUT THIS OUT. BEN FISHER. \ Upon presentation of tills Coupon at the DAILY JOURNAL ART PORTFOLIO DEPARTMENT to- geher with #1.75 tlio entire scries [Complete in fourteen parts] ot tbe MARIE BURROUGHS fVRT PORTFOLIO Of STAGE CELEBRITIES Will be delivered to yon. No extra charge for sets sent by mail. GUI' THIS OUT. This offer does not interfere in the leastlwlth the existing offer of eaek part for 8 coupons and 10 cents, as tlie coupons will be published for a §af- Boient time yet to all who have started oa the series to complete their leta, but ig Intended for those who for vnrlom reasons have neglected to i»T» their coupons. Don't fall to secure the set at once as this offer will only hold good until Saturday, May 26,1894

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