Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 23, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1943
Page 4
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.'" ; • "''''' \ t ^ ' ''' ' ' , I V ^^!?,^r»|t^C>-£;:$^ *' "JV * *" HOPE STAR, HO? t, ...A.ft K A NSAS '''' Tuesday, Mnvember S3 '• ! WWy iR/W^-dcy attfcrRodfl Iff Star Publishing Co. Inc. t. fahiw end Alex. H. Wajhbum) -uiWtod. 112-2T4 Sdutn Wdlnut ttrfet, H6W Ark. tnttrcd fls weond etass matter ot the Newspaper Ass'n. *of* (Always Pdyobte In >: By city corrler, per week 15c; H«*ps»«od, Nevodo, Howard, Miller ana tte teohlie*, S3.SO per year; el's? J6.SO. fe Asteelottd P#e.«r The f« ekcluslveV intitled to rh« use for republicotion of oil rews dis ootches^ Credited to n or riot otherwhw. credited In this paper and also the loeav n4*s" published hcfeln. A*verfl»ln«, « 4HMn>m DallJei, Inc.: Memphis. Tenn SfCtttD: Building; Chicago, XOO North Mtch- taW^-Avehue; New York City, 292 Madison ?JJe.; Detroit, Mich, 2841 W. Grand Blvd.; Oklahoma City. 414 Terminal IBdg.; New Orleans, 722 Union St.. Hold Everything //-23 CfiPB. 1<M3 fr NEA StRVlCC. (NC. T. M. Bta 0. S. PAT, OFF Combined Operations: the Story «f tht COMMANDOS oh the ®f-f he-McMith FROM THE OFFICIAL ILLUSfRATlONS BY WILLIAM SHARP <<i| "Hurry up with your laundry, chum—the captain wants to Shove off!" fl- the first eight months of 1943, 13,740 persons were killed in traffic accidents. SIDE GLANCES Bv Galbraiih f tOT«. 1K1 »T.•Mt«r»lgV|C6 INC. T. M. HCC. U. S. P<T. OFF. Through the jungle ... Shells set' brush afire. With bayonets the men charged the emplacement :r the; quny if onl) of'the coast defenses at Orangea, "the narrow entrance the Vichy-French government surrendered British bioke uj/irfto three battalions, and one slugged " around the north tip of the island, and crashing through through the iimclc, outflanking the French and capturing at Orangca, landed fifty men in the rear of the French .. , • , ,,.,n i- several hundred prisoners. The radios these men carried lines for a frontal attack on the town of Arttsirane. The inland three-quarters of a mile to relieve the mam body m the Middle ly.ist had been put out of commission by the heavy surf in men had order's to attack everything except the barracks of luiglish troops. They moved in with such silence that less than one-sixth vhich they landed, and news of their success didn't reach and the ammunition dump, which were heavily guarded, they penetrated more than a hnlf mile beyond two French Hois the Cminnana Drawings copyright, 1IU3, by KlnK Faitnrti SymlicAt*. Inc. Text CopyrtgKt, 1943, by H. M. Stationery Omcc; Distributed by Klnc Features Syhcllcntc In conjunction with the MacMlllan Co. nnd the liook-of-thc-Month Club, Inr. announ B RITISH tanks and infantry, landed in barges from the main troops, who were led into frontal attacks on the '" but within a half hour after they 1 tumbled over the stern forts, Bcllevue and Caimans, Honking the a navnl iny-Son craft, had fought their wa/into the wcll-fortified French and whp had to fall back after sus- of the destroyer onto the quay they took both, making trenches, and an hour later they sent up rockets a inter™ of Madagascar from the western coast and had taining losses. Observation in the jungle was almost im- the capture with the loss of only one man. Meantime the mg their success Hie mam troops move, I in. the harbor h Hen Jnto a murderous tank trap from which 75'd and possible because sliellfirc had turned the brush into an support brigade poured from landing craft under the guns and fortress of Diego Siiarcz was taken, and by 1 o clock mor ars were pouring steel into their exposed position. Fnfefno of flame, and the smoke shut out the enemy. of the coast defenses at Orangca, the narrow entrance the Vichy-Frcnch government surrendered. . Whle ^ the Vichv (Mils roared death ahiong them, the In the meantime the destroyer "Anthony" dashed into the naval base. With bayonet .and grenade the men In less than three days the entire island of Madagascar, ' ' charged the emplacements and thd defenses fell.' a knife in the hand of the Japs, became a gun pointed a After the const cuns were silenced, the brigade moved the heart of any Axis threat to the lifeline of the Britislr • • ' " .-..-....,. , ............ in t hc Middle Krtst. The cost was JOO Uritish casualties, one-sixth of which were fatal. (Tomorrow: Commandos gave iV.ra'i //; Norw.iy the jitters.) BUSINESS "Flyiny duckb, bare Irees, ear!\ niglilfall—Hie harbingers of winter are everywhere 1 Can'l \\e go for a nice long -' x street car ride?" BV Hcrsfiberger OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WMIioms 'Traukly, I think he's been trained lo be an airplane spotter!" TybtM Italy to New York OKAY, CAPTAIN 6ASY! Itt SHOW YOU HOW ME SENP A PICTURE TO MEW V08K IN i f XACTiy SEVEN MINUTES! /THE TELEPHOTO / MACHINE, CUTEST LITT1.E 1 6A06ET SINCE \OA6UERREOTyPX; _ I r^Sfc^ THE PICTURE REVOLVES ON THE PRUM AND A PHOTO-ELECTRIC CELL PICKS IT UP... JUST LIKE A PHONOGRAPH NEEDLE...AMD SENPS IT TO THE RECEIVER IN NEW VORK! HERE'S THE LINE-UP SI6NAL, " -^-7 NEW YORK J OKAY, Red Rider Holding Out By Fred Harmon , L'.TTLE. DE-^MERRS NOT RICH |oot« and H«r Suddies Not So Hot, Pug! By Edaar Martin '. <X»t'v>% Move Over, Woodley! By Chic Young MR WCXDDLEV IS SICK, SO I &AKEP THE PIE TO w s ]!> ME so ALTHV. SO I PON T SET AKJV PIE/ nrgr. OP v^c ITT\Ml&&S,TUl£> > D ASSIGNS iwci^r is N\ VOUR FOR. )\ RH FIRE DEPART- /> .' -<~ A<=> A. - / C ( SOLO/ use OUR PUBLIC TAIL. VJA.G6IN&? & DDESW'T TRUST HER TAIL, /'WELL, I GUESS CHIEF ROSE NOSE VERV MA.P--SAV, \l HE'S TRIED ' t TOL' VOU GET EVER.VTHINC' IM VANILLA OR HAIC / BOTTLED TOMIC--I CAN'T BE \ SHOULD Vi OPEM BOTTLES ALL \ WHICH HAS PAV--DAT PERFUME I ALCOHOL.' IS WOT GOT KICVC.' SHE SAV DEES ALL PEV GOT.' •: : y--^ -•ji-^r^i^^^ic ^•..^.^-•.•••t* :rr.r.rr-,,-. •<'" t '\m\ i W MI •' . 1 *-Sl' VEAR.S TOO SCON rne> Donald Duck . I! . i '. 1 Interior Decorator! 1 i o/ "ft By Walt Disney «» . "aft*. Popeye "Back Wash!" Thimble Theater I BEEN SO UPSET U)ITH TALKlM 1 O CHINESE I ABOUT ME 7 LAUNDRV ALL i BIN HEA'RWV FROMMORNIN 1 TILL MIGHT AT HOME FROM EE'PBA IS CHIMESE, IJDH1CH I KlMNOT IIT'LL DRIVE ME GNATS, IF i HEARS AMVMORE ~^_ AHOV, MR. LAUMDRVMAM, Copt I?H. Kinj; F.-.-.luict Sin^ifJ;f, Inc. fl'ofM fifihtj >ettneq Alley Oop Land of the Khan HO.' TH BIS SHOT IS CALLING TIME OUT.' CANT BE THAT HE NEEDS A BREATHEE....MUST BE. GOT SUMPIN YOU ARE A BRAVE MAN, tt GOT IN HERE BARPARIAM...WHO ^&l MISTAKE.BUC) ARE V©D AND VJHWr/BUT IF YOU'VE DO VOU HERE IN •TCOMETO RESCUE f . THE DOMAIN OP • ./TWO PET RATS.VOO'Ll THE IMPERIAU NBE MAVONG A MIS KHAN') TAKETOO^-YOUR -J/-/ «'«EKlCC. IHC. T. M. REO. U. ». I»«T. Off. Bv V, T. Homlin VOE OFTHEKHN0^ MEM ARE LITTLE /i KHAN?? CONCERNED //SAY, WXJLD WITH RESCUES...N. HIS FIRST BUTTHAvT SWORD. 1 ) NAME BE HOW CAME VOU / GENGHIS BY IT? Freckle* and His Friendi Appreciative Audience By Merrill iloiffi IF I M^O SOME SCISSORS L COULD CUT MV SKIR.T AND DROP IMTo A MET OK. SOMETHING/ IF TME FIRE DERAILMENT BROUGHT A LOIslG LADDER. THEY COULD LOOSEN "WE PULLEY / November 23, 1943 HOf»E STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS As We Open Our Hearts -- O ur Homes and Our Purses in Behalf of Victory -- Peace --, and Our'Loved Ones 7 Return OUR homes still stand; our income is generous. We can buy all the food, shelter and clothing we actually need—and produce enough in addition to make our fighting men the best equipped in the world, and to supply our gallant allies who are less self-sufficient than ourselves. There is ample reason for Thanksgiving in the heart of every one of us. And it is a spirit to share with others: especially with someone far from home and lonely who can take the place at our own dinner table, left vacant by a loved one in service. Someone in uniform, whose own folks may be making up for his or her absence by entertaining yet another lad or lass in olive drab or navy blue. And not a word will be said about not being able to get all of the Thanksgiving-dinner standbys! Even if we can't have plates full of turkey—any palate or appetite can be satisfied with crisp-skinned roast duck; the sweet meat of goose, or chicken browned to a glaze! Actually, there'll be more Thanksgiving in our hearts, knowing that our small "doing without" makes it possible for our men at war around the world to at least be warmed by the home-y spirit of Thanksgiving: the important thfng is that each of them has a heaping portion of turkey! Of course you'll make it a wonderful Thanksgiving—for others as well as yourself. Because Thanksgiving is as American as the spirit of freedom we are now engaged in keeping alive at any cost! And the observance of this Thanksgiving is for each of us a rededication to the most liberty-insuring precepts by which we live. Above all, it's the day to make sure there will always be Thanksgiving—by deciding to give War Bonds for Christmas! National Nnk Citi*«n< Nfltionol Bank Sifiifer i Rialte Theaters A. Hayn«i CP- WMftfn Y»rk fMrnityre go. t J. W. Ptr!9Jt SKoe, Saddle & Harness Shop Department Store Hempstead County Lumber Co. Checkered Cafe Hawthorne's Meat Market Bright's Radio Service — Phone 36 City Bakery Western Auto Associate Store Ward & Son Hitt's Shoe Store Geo. W. Robison & Co. Gunter Lumber Co. Hope Basket Co. Graydon Anthony Lumber Co. Louisiana-Nevada Transit Co. Bruner Ivory Handle Co. Hope Auto Co. Ritchie Grocer Co. pn iW he re- bt- |W |xd tfl- La |w i^^

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