The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, February 28, 1940
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VOLUME XXXV]—NO. 292. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ™ S DOMMANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI * ' ^ TM..11 ... .. _ _ ' • —— . ««••*• *•*• VSSW1YA Blytheville Dally News Blythevillo Courier Miss.slxslpyi Valley lender Herald Red Army Steadily Pushing Finns Back On Several Fronts By United Press 11M ' — - ----- AHKANSAS, WKDX'KSIMY, KKBHUAKY 28, 1<MO The Heel army appeared to be )K>imdm K tlie Finnish war inlo ;t new phase of critical military operalions iodav ittCHleiilfillv \viHj intensified '•»"' •"*>• • - : j • *• There were many indications O f a crisis in tho Finnish - ' . — • *•• • "<«<\i mviiv. uuuuh ui a crisis in Ul •r , "n 0 ." 1 Vi 'l jlli '' !in< l on tlie far notthoi-n Petsu Tho Russian armies, having rolled-!— hack the first defenses of the Finnish Mannerhclm lino across the Karelian Isthmus, are exeiiln steady pressure on Vitpuri and have forcrd Die Finns (0 movo fresh Ircops Into that area and to evacuate a deep civilian area, around the Hay of Viipurl K, fat-illlale military 'maneuvers. The Finns renrlcd that they wore holding to their second line defenses which arc about seven to ten milc.s in front of Vitpuri but Hie Red army pressure now extends westward of the city and it. appeared that the Russians were preparing [or an attempt to cross the narrow bay in order to encircle the city which has been abandoned for all practical purposes by the Finns. The fall of Vllpuil will not by any means open the way for the Red army to press on across southern Finland to Helsinki. The Finns believed thai even spring weather natural obstacles of the countryside will permit them to continue to offer strong defense. Gar Weighing 2,% Pounds Caught. One of the largest alligator ever taken from tho waters in tins section was a gigantic specimen captured recently by Dewey Dinii- vanl. veteran 1% Lake Ikliermnii and guide. The big fish weighed 236 pounds and measured nine feet in length. ft was taken In one of Dunlvanfs fish nets at. Flint Bend. Gars of this type annually destroy millions of game fish according to Game Warden Paul Damon who said Dunlvant has been doitii? considerable conservation work by destroying rough fish taken from waters In this county. Dimivant has been a commercial fisherman for the past, 30 years Stops At Zurich Enroulc To Gcnnaiiy To Talk •With Hitler ZURICH, Switzerland Fcb -"8 «II110 front. <UI'> — Simmer Welles, United States undcr-seci clary of slate, arrives today en roulc lo Berlin for a conference with Adolf Hitler one of the high points of his observation tour of Knropc tor President Roosevelt. lie comes from Rome and conferences with 1'reiufer lientlo Mussolini, other h^b null,,,, unicliils and foreign ambassadors, in a spe- i-lnl railroad car provided by Ihc Kalian government. He will stay here tonight, leave tomorrow for lierlin, mid iir,ive (here Friday morning. Rcixnls from ijcrlln said his arrival was being prefaced by resounding denials in the Cicrnmu press that Hitler was considering any pence move, Editorials inspired by the government, said Hint Germany would be ready lo talk peace- only after It had won a mllilniy victory. Welles' stay here had not been scheduled and was believed to have been decided at Hie last moment, so that he could meet his old friend, Rooswli Record—A Her Sewn Years .n.i.iikiL. tw unn oil Oil" • *•••- f Htiv «*u yctii -a The Finnish position in lire Far "" ls Olv " to most l(Knl s|>orts- North was still less favorable, al-, I" 0 "' , c ls ll(w '" charge of the thoueh Ihp,- ,.,n~.i— !„ _._ , ooat liouse on the fprlpvjii <VIMI«/» , though the winter weather is ex- peeled to continue to aid them there for weeks possibly, until for- cign volunteers, already in the front lilies, a/.-ive in sufficient number to be formidable. The Red army push in the Pel- samo area yesterday drove the Finnish lilies back to Naulsi where stronger defenses had been p-o- pared adjacent to the Norwegian frontier. It appeared to be essential, however, that the Finns should not relinquish much territory in the far north or they would lose the benefits of having the Norwegian frontier as a guardian of tlielr left flank. Fighting on the western front 'in i l ' eservatio " "t- Big Lake. , Harrison, United States SIL IS e SECRET Justice Department Unable To Proceed In "Forged Letter" Inqiiiry i-isuiuig on me western front in WASHINGTON, Feb. 28 (UP) — Europe continued on a minor scale Tllc Dles committee, it was learn- but there was greater activity In' eci iodav . bas failed to send the the Moselle area and Biiusn'mr- I Just-ice department evidence on the planes again flew over Berlin , William Dudley Policy "forged let- Hanover and the Kiel and Cu.x- haven naval'bas;s in'Germany. -• Ccrman airplanes also continued scouting over France. (At Copenhagen it was said thai Ihe Russians appeared anxious to cover the Pelsnmo linlerland in case of possible intervention in Finland's behalf from the Arctic. Petsamo is Finland's ice-free port, now In Russian hands. The Poli- liken and olher Copenhagen newspapers reported, incidentally, that according to the Finnish news agency Russia had lost, 500 planes - ter " J'icldem, despite the commit' 1 tee's- an t.- to the con- Lelnnd minister to Switzerland. His train left, Rome at. 12:30 A. M. Italian foreign office mid American embassy officials saw him oil. He left in Italy tlie impression, reflected in jtaliun newspapers, that his mission was off to a favorable start: Hint although he had virtually no chance 'of making any Immediate contribution to peace, lie might be able lo lay the' groundwork for the lime, a year or two hence, when a peace proposal might- be opportune. Welles talked with Mussolini for an hour and it was expected that (hey would meet again when he returns (o Rome after his visits lo Berlin, Parls.and London. n c had • lea yesterday with Dr. Hans Alack- onsen, German ambassador to Home, and also saw the British i and French ambassadors. 'It was reported at London that n "gentleman's agreement" had been reached whereby Welles would refrain from conveying information Or : opinions obtained- - from any UNEMPLOYMENT 1933 13,500,060 19(0 9,000,000 NATIONAL DEFENSE 1!):i;! Ifl-IO (Est.) 50I2.872.OZ7 Jl,359,«8,08S PUBLIC RELIEF fl,358,I58.000 193!) $2,738,1:86,075 GOVT. EMPLOYES 1933 53S.COO NATIONAL DEBT 1933 ^22,538,672,161 1310 (Es(.) $13,222,346,000 NATIONAL INCOME 193:1 5'H.-120,000,0«» 19-10 (Esl.) $70.000,000,000 Here's R picture story of (he Roosevelt record In B I X major divisions, showing how 11,0 si ,, mt | otl , 0(lny compl , r( . s (0 (h()l Contraband Control To P r e v e 111 Shipments To Russia office o. Miircl, 4. iB3». Defense, debt and Income" ngiii'cs arc "for fiscal year (ending j m ,e 30) totals. :—,~ •••".wt.nL.tiinTiiv- -iu me con- y - "i«"ivn.-j uuuuntju' * ironi any trary and its demand for a thai- j government' to any 'other "govern- ough federal investigation. »>ent, ft, 1 was said that he would David Mayne. Pelley's Washington representative, admitted forging letters in an attempt to link stay on the "receiving end" and would report, only to President Roosevelt and Secretary of Stuto to date.) (At Svanik, Norway ,„, northern fighting was snld to have produced hundreds of fires, set by retreating Finnish soldiers. Tlie fires outlined the Russians to Finnish sharpshooters, it -.vas said, approximately 100 Russian airplanes were said to have harassed tlie withdrawing Finns,) .Bachelors Beware Robbery Charge Dismissed By judge; -Pension -..j ,^iv^i.5 111 am Htn'inpl. IO 1I11K *' v '" J ^»^i!' mill ottlCiary Ol btlUO A - iv f Pelley leader of the antl-Semilic i Cordell Hull. London also spccu- A Waits Man Silver shirt Legion with Chairman j'"ted on the idea (hat German Martin Dies (Dem., Tex). leaders would use Welles' visit as' MONTGOMERV Ala Feb ->8 The committee demanded that an occasion to try to get (be (UP)—With the shadow of im- Atlorncy General Robert K. Jack- United States to cooperate in end- 1'risonmcnt removed for the iirit , -Vli. 'ill (UI'I—Hrllnln las (ipfiirt) dlwiwlons with Cim- uln on (he possibility of estubllsli- ng contraband control bases on He Canadian west coast to check mfllc from tlie United States mul llier 1'iuiUlc leiTllorlrs to Vludl- nstok. It was learned reliably |,i- ny. Urllntn also has ro-oponed con- (TMiiloii.s- with Washington, l|, as iimlmlixxl, rcgiirdlng U. B. ex- orls of rubber, tin anil copper io ladlvostok for tho Soviets. The ncllon followed dciiuind In 10 house of cmnuums for U R hl- lilnif of din economic blockade onlnsl tlcimany, -1'hcrc had boon repealed t|uea- ons as lo whether u, c tradic o soviet Hussla was llndhii,- Us ny to Ommtny'ii wav machine, bonic sources hud ndvonitcd lirll- 11 imvnl conlraband control In ic I'ftclnc. First Lord of (he Ad- ilrally Winston Churchill Indl- Ucd lo the House of Commons "it the navy was prepared lo Khlcn Ihu blockade If ih t . gov- •nment decided Unit It was ncc- ssury in view of efforts against rousing tin; linger of powerful culral nnllons. 'Hie British talks with (he Unll- «1 State.': mul CiuuuTIfln governments were being undertaken on Ihe basis of reports believed here lo bu reliable Hint .some Russian Imports «f raw materials wwe ik-s- Mncd for Germany iilthoiigli tho uniomils reaching t|, e Niwls uru reliillvcly Kiunll. JINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS , California Is Hard Hit By Floods After Torrential Rainfall iimUoMnnunlcntfon nml caused'millions r ' o! «A •'- "i iioi'tliorn Cnlifornia. "ouni-s Tlie bl; swollen Sacmmenlo'riv- «' poured over lu tanks al Dun-s- mulr, flooded at least' 400 river front homes at Redding and. thrratoned lo burst Ihrough-'-its levoes at Gcrbcr. ," A new ralnslorm hit nortil'ern find central Cnlifornia loday, 'the Itlrd in five days. Tho downpoiir icaclicd hear cioudburst proper- Koi-niil. Roosevelt To Head Briiish Unit In Finland George Lange, Former Local Resident, Dies son Institute a grand jury investigation of tlie Incident and announced that It was turning over to the justice department all evl- Ihe far donee In its possession, including a transcript of the committee's secret hearing at which the main plot wns disclosed. II was learned on reliable authority, however, that federal agents have been unsuccessful In attempts to obtain a copy of the transcript or specimens from the typewriters Mayne allegedly used in manufacturing the forgeries, New York Cotton prev. open high low close close Mar. . 1114 1115 1110 1110 1113 May . 1091 1091 10SG 1086 1033 Ing (he Russian-Finnish war.) I time In 25 years. Will Ynrbroirjli In Rome it was said that Mus-' lodas ' wfls on his way io Illinois solnl was Impressed with Welles' to " VD wlli ' 'Us family on a pen- personality niid tlmt lie probably sl011 «' lll< -' 11 be hopes to receive would pass the word on to Hitler fl ' om the Canadian government, for that Welles was a man with whom "8 lllln e during the World War he could enter Inlo thorough dis- wlllle ft fugitive. jcussiuns. It was noted thai Musso- i, »'lio can be exceedingly curt Circuit | July Ocl. I Dec. Jan. 105 981 916 D70 1050 1049 1050-1 1053 !!87 976 D72 932 971 D70 983 071 B72 981 014 l \New Orleans Cotton prev. Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. open high low close close 1)27 1127 1122 1123 Judge Eugene pressed a charge ol Captures Two Congressional Seals In Special Volin ! B, .-in i ,— BJ .-I..II.MUJ uui Bossed a ciiarec 01 with visitors, had been very much armed robbery aeninsl Yarbrougl' m ereste, in Welles It is believed freeing him from Alnbnma null.orf- mn, , ,?• ,- llm at any 1>eace " cs ""'' anmvlnz him to return move at tins time would be futile, lo his family in Zci^lcr, ill which v. ., .. " ' the C01lf «encc he had not seen In six years —i ^ Sl,,7r «; i ,,}—'*>' «- evicted of rob- store near Olrmlngbmn, versation with Mussolini you sent bine a long telegram to Washington," l «,„ m^ir^,. i.* i ... . ' ' /UH., Welles hemmed and avcd aml ' n '" • ,""" SCI " C " CC " to Hzially said, "naturally. I n,n keep- n, i 5 '^!' 5 ""P'' 1 ™"™"!- »o «"d ing in clase contact wll|,Z.S,... ,1 ht ..° tlCr collvicU ^"l' 5 " '™ nl department." There was some speculation over with Welles' visit. Boleslas Dlusjo- szoivskl. Polish Rmbassador to Rome, visited United States Ambassador William Phillips yesterday while Welles was in Rome, presumably in connection with Welles' trip and Polish claims to restoration of independence ! lie state mines soon afterward I arid Yarbrtugh fled to Zelgler. He worked In the mines there the Polish question in com ect on i n , "' '" " le mtms there with Welles' visit Boleslal "" ° utbrcak of »'= World War, ' enllslcd tiians. He was wounded In France and returned to Illinois with nn honorable discharge. He married and lived happily until 1927, when his past c.-iuglit up with him and he was reliirncd ;;an of any pence talks that might Alabama to complete Ills son- arise froai it. It was learned also lctlce - !n ] °2f>. however, lit' rscap- that Premier Wladislaw SiKorski ^ ' a 2 nln w ilh three other piison- 1102 1102 1096 1098 1102 of the Polish government in exile ers ' 1CS5 1005 1080 1050 1053 would attempt to sec Welles wlien 988 913 OB9 089 913 909 883 911 968 884 971 D68 Stock Prices rja *>v/f 985 he reaches Paris. 373 j 9[>0 j ! Co-Eds Diaries Show A T & T 172 Am Tobacco gg 7.5 Anaconda Copper 293-8 Bclh Steel 75 1-4 Chrysler g 3 3 _. ( Cities Service 4 1.4 General Electric .. General Motors ... Inl Harvester r\ Un the 1940 general elections." In Washington, Hep. Joe Martin 'R-p. Mass.). house minority lead- "f. raW thc vlclorv foreshadowed tl«» rlcellon of "a Republican president and n nepubllean congress in 1940." J. Harry McOrcsor, Repvilillcan. Hoor leader in the Ohio house, dcfcalcd Byron n. Ashbrooh. Democrat, In the 17th coiigre.wlonal district, for the bouse seat of the ^ „,.., late Ucp. William A. Ashbrook. lured a second thus and brought f-cmocrnt. who died Jan. 1. Ash- .before Judge Carter, the urlstj brook Is the late representative's JjJe held Identification was not uosl- ncphen-. : live and ordered Yarbroiujh freed. connection with the second escape, Ynrbrough charged with stealing an automobile at gut. point. But when he was recap- CLEVELAND, O., Fell 2fi (UP) —Republicans won both of Ohio's two special congressional elections yesterday, comnlote returns showed todav. One district already was Republican; the other, bad been Democratic since 1S30, before Hint Republican. The double victory was balled by Republicans as Indicating both a slate and nallonal trend toward their pnrtv foreshadowing Rt-pub- liann control of Congress mid (lie White House after Ihe Fall elections. Gov. John w. nrlckcr, . "probably , 11,0 bailollni! was most Indicative that lia.5 born held In the United States this year. "The outcome reflect;! Ohio's ro- senlmciit at Hie trealmcnl II has "Arrived tit the hands of the New Dn-1." lie said, "ft serves as a complete and decisive answer (o the Now Dealers who Lnngo, formerly of Bly. thcvllle and lalo of vvindsor, Cnn- ndn, was burled nt Chnmpiilgn, ill Monday folloivliig his dentil In' Windsor Thursday. Ho was flo I ho first iircsldcnt of the con- groualion of the UlyUiovlllo 1'llurlm Hilhcran church, hewn., a charter muinbcr of the church In wluen ho tiitslsled Ijj! foiiiidliig. Mr. - Lniigfi. ' who" was ' -Conhbcicil with C. L. Bennett and Company during the several years hu resided LONDON. 1-Yb. an (UPJ-Kormll Roosevelt,, son of th(. late Prc'sl- rteiu Thi-'odoro Roosevelt, has been appointed commander of the Ilrll- Ish VDliintooi.-i i<i nnlaiid, the Finnish ulil buremi itiinoiinc«l todiiy. 'llio buroiiii lias ucn rccrultluj; volunteers to light. | u Finliiud. Rooscivt'lfs niipolnlmcnl was made by Finnish authorities. He renounced hid American citizenship last, year mid took a commission In thu Ortllsli army with the rank of acting innjor. Hems, here, Clov. oulbcrt Olson wri he use or national uuard equipment to remove and house rcfti- V'<™. rite slate Ic-Blslaturc consid- '•red ra-convo- vo t c rcll( , r Highway Department Says 1 hey're Causing Damage To Highway 61 Overloaded truck, At ncdditiK one end of the old Mount Sl, n5 ta hlqhway bridge :wtis lorn from tts supports. Flood Wains covered a dunce hnll-mid other resort, buildings. ,-'-,The Sftcnuiioiiln river overflatfe'd is bankfl at. Dunsraulr driving scores of families from their homes «mrt covering the Southern Pacific rnJIroiul imrks In many places -'-,'il (hut Imimrlnnt railway conlci'-'n' laiidslino blnckc.l l| )c only liigjj- wny to the. Dimsmulr hospital.r Al Saciatnonlo nood gates ; ^of Inc i?i>crameiilo river were opened Io reduce pressure as Ihe slrc'nm Bliproachixl flood Klnse. ';:. Tho Kcl, Russian and Napa riv- I'l'ii hud (-one over their banks.: On<- life was rejimicd lost but then, were few Injuries. V. • 'Hie 1GOO residents of Oerber ' were ordered lo lea' causing It, Mls- ( " -~ " nl.J *., M n;(l; ( ; ,J| ml; OHUl'll" lui ir,,' "i"TTi , w <vn»ounccd mcnlo Ihi-cntcnw) io break In three y the « ate hluhwny d Q parlment plnccs,. Heavy rain was falling"nnd itner niiiKiiiy j\ survey uf Ihc 60 the river's crp^L wn ' f • J."", 1 ''!..,?' "'S''"'"*' 01 Improved j Tehama wns a descried "town 1 with three feet of water coverliig business and residential sections. 'I lie Sim Francisco bay counties of San Maleo. Santa Cruz, Simla Clnrn, Alnmcdn, Conlra Costn, Marln, Sonoma, Saluno, Nupa and Yoio Buffered most o[ tho .damaBe. Hi Ihc eacrnmonto area, Wtintlifi- dinunse and use hnvo also taken thc toll on the highway, repaired nt a cost of $24.001 by roseallujf tlie nsplialt tapped pavement. Tills docs not Include the U'licli- vlllu lo Missouri line highway of, 2.75 miles repaired al a cost of I '" ll1 ^ ciiuuunuuwj area, ayy'uii-' $731), and thc Icelscr-Uttle Illvcr i erailt workers were .rescued ifr'ora. )'ond of one mile repaired at-n cost " """'I' , at r Winters; by -rowboats . cs of i $30711'by -.Iha'stiiVo highway ito- pnrtincnt, several, months ago, drying out While T , B ., ., " l ycnl '' s " u railed vy "" e »K« Muscs.tho drying out in JJlythcvllle; Mrs. Lange, who was "" ll crai:kln» of nsphaltlu highways well known In elnircli and club wlllcl1 «'as remedied by tho sealing circles, and their son;; moved from tr( -'<>'mei>t of pulling hot asphalt Blytheville eight, years a«o to '" '' Olul crocks nnd then npplylni; a Windsor. j cover of stone chips lei protect llu) Funeral services were held for' ri ' csn »»I>l"ll and to provide non- and trucks nf^cr ^pending ..yrstcr- ' day on roofs 'mid tops. Mr. In a Lutheran church ---„- ... t . uiitiKji till CiUlltJl of Windsor nml nijnln at ih<> ciimn- imlBii church before burial was made in the family plot there He l.i survived by his wife, Mrs Eininn Bush Langc; four sons] Ralph nnd Oscur Lnngc of Phlla- ilolphla, Pa,, ocorgc Uimje of Cnl- Ifornln, and Francis Lange of Windsor. Negro Injured When Mule Team Runs Away Albert Heed, 08-year-old negro fanner on the Liuieston plantation nl Number Nine, wns severely Injured when a team of mules ran "way yesterday on Highway 01 at the Yailno overpass, four miles north of Dlylhevlllc. The negro received a fractured Ihese ekcllons as a forerunner of ,,V° l>m inin „,,..„ i _._.,, .. I/if- KENT, O. (Tjp)_Here is what. Ynrbrough said he was ilui' « diaries of students at Kent St.uc Canadian pension of $2.500—$10 a University show. | month since 1910 with accrued five Co-eds spend most of their time |!cr cm lrlter esl. sitting around wniting t! iMontxomery Ward •>& N for dates. , ,-, Dance.?, sorority meetings and 37 7-81 other social activities aie tiu-ir 52 7-8 ; chief interest. 53 5-8' College men lead mom or -\ 5! , bi-o.-.d social lift than the co-eds. Chicago Corn Tlif'men student ts are more con- corned with analyzing studies, ac 3 1-4 j llvities and 38 ; consider whether the ei-1 ^., Y "Central N^ ; North Am Aviation 1 Packard ,1'htlllps oo Elected mayor for a day at Auro- RatUo 51-2 nkc out are fuudamrnlniK- ™, III., AHss Audrey Kesel plans Republic Steel 20 5-8 ; or bright, while coed" 1 to make life miserable for bachc- Socony Vacuum .., ,, ,. 8 arc[ ,. t t | 10 u?htful nboiit lors. As powder puif ruler of the Studebaker jj 5 . 8 nc . lc ,is'i/-v ~^t n,.,'_ . Leap Year celebration, she is go- Stimdnrd oil N J 43 1-2 ( .. Gjl -] 17 fn tin! oil imnMAniin»4 m-i^^ TpKnji rinm . . tt t o open hljh 563-8 57 571-1 571^ low 50 3-! 57 close i SG1-8' S7 1-4 I Henderson Recuperates From Sprained Ankle Uoylc Henderson, jiulsfp of Municipal Court, wns able to he nut today a(tr:r having sprained his ankle while handling his dogs in the field trials In Jone.ifooro Suti- e hip end leg and Injuries to a knee when he was thrown from e «-a(jon onto tho pavement dur- the rwi-n-wny. Kiwanians Discuss Problems Of Club The niythcvlllo Kiwanls ClulJ discussed club problems nt Its regular weekly luncheon mcctln B ,u the Hotel Noble today. A board of directors mcetlnt; was called for lonlghl. protection for motor vehicles, tlie dnmiigc done by overloaded trucks causes damage which can not so easily lie repaired, ll was pointed out. Enforcement of the truck load muter Iravcl In the Sun Fraiiclsco- Onkland area was interrupted by a flooded ; underpass : al Oakland. Traflle from Snn Franclrco airport wns shifted to Oakland nftcr it had been struck by n ES-mllc nn hour wind. 1'owcr lines were broken, basements flooded nnd windows broken. The business section of Snnti Oruz wns flooded as well as move than 150 homes. That lown w- ..n...u ui mu mien lonu | polled 11/12 Inches of rain In 21 • rxiuiuiujis on state hl(!hways would i hours. Konds to San Franclsce rcmeily Ibis condition, according io | were blocked. thc slate hlghwny department. I'lnnc Ulstrlljtitcs Troiil BOULDEK, Mont, (UP)—An air- plnnc wns used by Mayor Don Holloway nnd Assistant rostinas-' , tcr David McCanlcy to plant scv- iniid shouldn't worry j oral cnns of trout fly In Whltetail an nvlalor but it caused much I dnm near here under supervision trouble and expense to an Indiana of thc Forest Service. visitor ycslcrdny whose airplane I cecninc mired nl Hie airport. The runways wero so muddy tlmt F-'dwiml Hundley of lUoomliijjloi), liul.. wns miiibto lo net his plane oil the ground. Numerous efforts .'"lied until he removed the wheel •'pants" or fenders, which had bc- c;>me heavy with con led mud, and inc.! four men to push him until .nc piano wns able lo leave thc liroimd. .Mr. tlondlcy, wlio slopped here -or n brJpI eiii-oule home from Los Anyslcs, Calif., hud Lane Now- cll cxprc.«i the alrplnne parts to llloomiiifjlon. Finally Leaves Mud Of Airport Behind Cop Took Iliin In For Taking Cop -TOLEDO. O. (UP)—University of Toledo will tciich Portuguese lo students Interested in foreign trade and commerce with South America. Livestock 1115 to put all unattached males into Uic clink on "John Doe" war- ranls. They «•!)! also be required to wear rings engraved wilh the words, "I am a lowly bachelor,", and purchase lingerie at stores managed entirely by women. The lyeflp Year mayor is shown above. Xfny —(NEA tclephoto) July S Steel 1 3-3 57 1-2 -. almost without j exception, no all their college ac- tivltlrr without msanlnj. ' while i men students are much more ana- ' ' about life a ,,,i nrc morc EAST ST. LOUIS. III.. Feb. ic cliar- , <UI>>—HOBS: 9000-8000 on sals'. To]i 5.50 170-230 lus., 5.40-5.50 KiO-ICO Ibs., 3.50-4.50 Bulk sows 4.00-6.00 Ca'.llc 1000-1ROO on sale. Steers 0.75-9.75 Chicartn Whf>«t lv "" Al a , bout Iifn a "' J al ° m °™' Slcers 6.15-9.74 v«i«,uyw IV llCUt concerned with the reasons why,"; Slaiiglucr steers C.50-11.50 ... . , ' P 1 ' 1 .^ ror : &ic T - Priebling, who MlMd yearlings, heifers 7.50-8.75 im in, low close lm llisclass wrllc Iheir u.a.u-, , ,; Slnu-hter heifers 650-10,50 .I'"" 8 , 1 .??!-! 1031 - 2 . p . jrl ..?f.'^ cli »ssroom work for Beef cows 5.25-6.25 - - ssro 100 3-i 1013-4 1001-8 1015-8 Ihc past four years .. Cutlers & low cutters 3.15-5.00 day. Judce Hcnderso.'!, whose Moilier Who Killed Baby So She Could Dance Seiilencecl To Die PHILADELPHIA. Feb. 28 (UP) -Mrs. Tll!ic Irelan, 35. who confessed shooting her 21-month-old son and dismembering his body today wns sentenced lo death ' In - ------------ ....... — — n-- 1 the electric chair won honors In tho trials, sprained | ThepreUy, prematurely gray- an ankle when he stepped Inlo a ,,alrcd dcfcnrianl. who said after hole while on the field. WEATHER j the child's death that she bad killed him so "I could go out to movies and dances," wns unmoved when (be death penalty verdict was read. "1 have nothing to say." she re Arkansas-Partly cloudy, cooler i „' havc nothing to say." she rein north and central portion.? to-!?™ 1 ' ^ " tlllcr >' b >' tllc th «c- nishl, Thursday partly cloudy,'' ud « c C011rt whether she had a cooler In c^ nnd northo-ist r s t«««'<;»t to make. cooler In central portions. Hie bnby was killed last Dec. ., , : 15 - The body was wrapped in a Memphis and vicinity—Pair to-1 newspaper after It had been dls- mglit and lliursilny, colder Tlmrs- mcmbered with a hacksaw that his day afternoon and night, lowest mother had- purchased at, a dime, temperature tonight about 32. i store. She was Iraced through the half erased address of her lodging 'loiso which she had written an a icwfiraper contest blank. During taking of testimony Mrs. Irlanri described In a matter of fact voice how she al tempted to ^nrn thc child alive before smoth- •ring him. "I bought him a new snow suit," He rolled over and put the n e o ' Ala " r««P»P« Photographer, was I didn't t-y it SKBln because he rcclntlv an-estcd in Bessemer. Ala., screamed too much" l tor !al:irls icturcs (in disre « ftrd •rh» ,).».„ «...!„ „..-,., 9 f ™»' s cr(ll>rs) . of n controversy ,„. , ., riie victim, Charles, was Illegltl- rh w' child, a n city and the BirminTham ,5 S 1RS nn °" 1Cr E 1 " 1 " 0 Co - Pollce concealed -year-old daughter. Mrs, L . tt ,| c - 6 canl era and destroyed one , . , . c6 canl era an estroye one Irian Is estranged from her hus- n | ato on which Little claims ,;he n - had picture of cop black-Jacking Her counsel announced that ho workman. Newspaper will fight:'his - " would appual court. tho state supreme arrest on basis - of "freedom J:pt l press"

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