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The Emporia Gazette from Emporia, Kansas • Page 7

The Emporia Gazette from Emporia, Kansas • Page 7

Emporia, Kansas
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Emporio, KintM, Wednesday, November 22, 1939 THE EMPORIA DAILY GAZETTE UP AND DOWN THE AVENUE WITH M. B. Buyable Scoops' of the Week: You needn't take one final dive into your stocking choose a ring Ot Watch from FORT'S now, and use their convenient lay-away plan. Saturday Nights mean something different waffle supper evening at the CHAR- BELL, 1120 Com'l. One for Granny, Gramps, and them all personal Christmas cards It ECKDALL McCAR- TY'S.

We're tying the string on your, finger again It's AXE'S for that mince or pumpkin pie. Set to ready for tlie holidays by having the wardrobe brightened and pressed by the NORTON CLEANERS, Who serve you as you like to be served. It's not a moment too soon to select your suit for the vacations ahead. Be sure to see the special showing of fabrics for made-to-measure clothes Monday. Tuesday, Nov.

27 and 28. E. E. ANDERSON. 'Be sure your gift isn't make arrangements for your photograph now at CORNWELL'S.

Your guests will be eagerly looking forward to that Thanksgiving dinner If they know you're one of the many who get the "turkey and trimmings" at BALES' CUT-RATE SUPER MARKET. Don't forget to be grateful for the NEW PROCESS LAUNDRY and its talked-about service. "Laundry washed clothes are cleaner." They'll want to spend next Thanksgiving with you too. if you dine at the POLKA DOT CAFE. The cafe has an extra special menu planned! Any old time you want a snack, remember the COLLEGE GRILL'S new 24-hr, service.

And don't forget tlwt HARVEY FURNITURE CO. has gift items, large or small. You can trade In any Items on your purchase, too. Meet your friends at the BROADVIEW, and together you can enjoy those 3Sc casserole luncheons. They're tops! Coming Event: Social Service dance, soon.

Perk up your formal at the BON.TON CLEANERS. Any Christmas stocking will be proud to hold the unusual gift from the THRIFT SHOP, 701 A package for every purse, lusciousness for every tummy Mrs. Stover's chocolates, as the Thanksgiving gift, will speak for themselves. RED PHARMACY. How to Win Friends and Family: Order rolls Wednesday, Nov.

29, from DAILY'S BAKERY to be delivered on Thanksgiving day. Memo: Shoes for all occasions, properly fitted. VOORHIES BROWNBILT SHOE STORE. ETTA KETT wishes you a happy Thanksgiving and thanks you for your patronage during the year. Make your Thanksgiving gift one of the fancy baskets of fruit and other delectables, from the BROOKS GROCERY.

They're ever so attractive! And don't Emporla ready-to-wear stores are offering their usual after-Thanksgiving sales of coats and dresses earlier this year. Their ads are in today's Gazette and the sales begin tomorrow. Plan now to spend Thursday downtown. OSAGE COUNTY Give Shower For Miss Melander Specltl to The Curette: Osagc City, Nov. Esther Melander, whose marriage to Mr.

Charles Rapp will take place November 29, was honored at a party and miscellaneous shower given by Mrs. John Fellman at her home Monday, evening. Rook was played at quartet tables, after which a lunch was served. The color scheme of blue and pink was carried out In the house and table decorations. Miss Melander received many gifts for her home.

Besides the honor guest, Invitations were extended to Mrs. Dave Rapp, Miss Laura Melander, Mrs. Lawrence Bergstrom, Miss Edith Anderson, Mrs. Arthur Martin, Mrs. V.

E. Underwood, Mrs. Harold Burger, Mrs. Tony Tarro, Mrs. Harley Rapp, Mrs.

Joseph Tarro, Mrs. Walter Jackson, Misses Anna and Helen Anderson, Mrs. Dave Dorr, Miss Mary Smith. Mrs. Calvin Dorr, Miss Mac Ahlstrom, Mrs.

Jerome Gamba, Mrs. Walter Granstrom. Leon Williams, Mrs. C. Vernn, Mrs.

Carroll Anstrom. Miss Mac Asklund, Mrs. A. V. Johnson.

Mrs. Ernest Anstrom, Mrs. Eric Anderson and Mrs. Harold Lafferty, of this city; Miss Esther Almqulst. of Kansas City, and Miss Clara Almquist, of Denver, Colo.

ley, grammar teacher at Olivet, sponsored the party. The Frog Creek 4-H club met Thursday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Duncan. The club now has 28 members.

Richard Schullz is the community leader for the coming year. He also is the boys leader. The club has been divided Into two teams and a contest, based on attendance, rollcall, taking part in programs, is being held Landon Fears Federal Oil Control Wichita, Nov. 22 Gov. Alf M.

Landon, an independent oil operator, expressed a belief in an interview that if federal control of the oil industry is to be avoided "it will be through better cooperation between the industry and the states and better cooperation between the regulatory bodies of the states." "State control of the oil industry," he said, "is closer to being on the way out and federal control is closer to being on the way in than at any period since the NRA." Ryan-Genoway Special to The Gazette: Osage City, Nov. 22. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M.

Ryan announcfc the marriage of their daughter, Marjorie Helen, to Mr. Robert Genoway, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. T.

Genoway of Los Angeles, Caul. The weeding took place In California November 8. Mr. and Mrs. Genowny are at home at 3107-A Santa Ana street.

South Gate, Calif Leaves Hospital Soeclui to The Gazette: Osage City. Nov. 22. Mrs. Ed Thomas, who underwent a major operation in the Physicians and Surgeons hospital in Denver, a feu- weeks ago wns able to return home Thursday.

Mr. Thomas, who was in Denver during Mrs. Thomas' stay in the hospital, also returned home Thursday. Skating Party Iptcla! to The Gazette: Olivet. Nov.

skating party was given at the Melvern skating rink Friday evening for Olivet and Plymouth grammar grade pupils. The group skated from 8 until 10 o'clock in the evening. Aaron Shir- Advisory Furniture Service for If you are a newcomer or have never visited our store, please accept our free service. If years of furniture experience will help any, it's yours for the asking. In our store you will find authentically styled, long lasting, quality furniture.

CRAWFORD FURNITURE CO. 806 Com'l Phone SM Still Confusion Over Thanks Day Even Some of F.D.R.'s Family Will Hold Two Observances Washington, Nov. 22 About half-the county will observe Thanksgiving day Thursday, but the confusion which followed President dent Roosevelt's decision to advance the customary date has extended right into his own family. ROOSEVELTS TO GEORGIA. The Chief Executive and the First Lady will have their turkey dinner Thursday night at the Warm Springs, foundation for Infantile paralysis patients.

Some of their children, however, will observe both Thursday's holiday and the one proclaimed by governors In some states for November 30. James, Roosevelt, the President's eldest son, will celebrate in New York Thursday and then go to Massachusetts, which has selected the traditional last Thursday In November. Mr. and Mrs. John Roosevelt also will have their turkey at Nahant, on the "second Thanksgiving." TWO FEASTS FOR ELLIOTT.

The governor of Texas proclaimed both Thursdays as a holiday, so Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Roosevelt will have two dinners at their ranch near Fort Worth. Mr. and Mrs.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, will have turkey Thursday at their cottage in Charlottesville, but next week they will have guests for Thanksgiving recess of the University of Virginia. The President's daughter, Mrs. John Boettiger of Seattle, will follow her father's example and observe only the "first Thanksgiving." The last time a he was the Lincoln tradition of having Thanksgiving on November's last Thursday, no calendar manufacturers complained, no football schedules were upset, no Christmas business boom was anticipated. GRANT CHANGED IT.

President Grant just said that, whereas the country had been prosperous and free of pestilence and peaceful, he would "recommend that Thursday, the 18th day of November next, be observed" as a day of Thanksgiving in 1869. Although Grant waited until Oc- Page TKrti tober 8 to make his proclamation, in contrast to President Roosevelt's August announcement, no one beefed. The proclamation got only one sentence in small type under the "domestic intelligence" heading in Harper's Weekly. From 1821, the date of the first Thanksgiving, until Grant's time, the holiday had been celebrated In eight of the 12 months. Political affiliations apparently had nothing to do with the decisions on Thanksgiving 1 celebrations in the 48 states this did they? POLITICAL LINES.

Five Republican governors decided to observe President Roosevelt's Thanksgiving In their states, but 12 held to the old date. Seventeen Democrats chose the new date, 11 the old. Nearly all the governors said they wouli proclaim November 12 Instead of November 28 next year, when difficulties in advancing the date could be eliminated. Democratic Gov. Hugh White of Mississippi chose November 23 this year, but state law made the last Thursday a legal holiday also.

Re- DUblican Gov. Ralph L. Carr, of Colorado followed the-majority of party in proclaiming November 30, but state law required also that the President's day be observed. 2nd Drama for Children Soon The children of Einporin vicinity again are to have a dramatic treat Friday of this week when the second of a series of three plays by the Clare Tree Major Children's theater of New York will be presented in the Junior High school auditorium. The play "Under the Lilacs," a Louisa M.

Alcott story, i'l be presented at 2:30 o'clock. As in the case of the first play, "Rip Van A Little Scuffle Not So Friendly Kansas City, Nov. 22 M. Collins, 40, rested his elbow on the arm of his movies seat. His neighbor shoved It off, struck Collins In the chest and departed.

A few minutes later Collins noticed his shirt was wet. He discovered he had been stabbed twice. He was treated in a doctor's office. Film Actress to Seek Divorce Hollywood, Nov. 22 Actress Jean Parker says she will divorce George MacDonald, New York newspaperman, "The fact Mr.

MacDonald must remain In New York and I must stay in Hollywood lias ruined our marriage," she said. Married in March, 1936, they separated six months ago. Gathering Cans'. Commencing Thursday cans will be gathered north of 12th avenue, beginning at the west city limits and working east E. T.

Mendel, City Clerk. CLARE TREE MAJOR. Winkle." school children who wish to attend will 'be excused from school. The Kiwanis club, which is sponsoring the series, has the cooperation of the public schools in the project which has for its main purpose the bringing to Emporia of high class plays designed for child audiences. The third and last play of the series, "Aladdin and His Powerful Lamp," will be presented January 5.

IN TEAK. Clare Tree Major is the founder ot the theater which this year celebrates its 16th anniversary. It has six companies of adult professional actors presenting six plays on tour throughout the United States. Although window cards the play tickets nt 40 cents for children, admission will be only 25 cents for the school cluldrcn. according to C.

F. Little, chairman the Kiwanis committee In charge Tickets muy be obtained cither nt the door or through the various school teachers. One of the actors in the play Is "Koko," the Capuchin monkey, who has traveled with the Clare Tree Major theater for children for the past four years. Koko's first part was In "Toby Tyler," when he played "Mr Stubbs," the clever circus monkey who Toby thought looked like the man who took up the collection in church. Koko went out for two seasons with "Toby." Next he traveled with "Nobody's Boy" when lie played "Prettyhenrt," and this, his fourth season, he will piny under his own name ns the companion to the Punch and Judy showman through whom Sancho, the clever little white poodle which had been stolen, was found again.

DOG IS FRIEND. Sancho and Koko are good friends. Koko loves to ride on Sancho's back. Koko is an excellent traveler, never getting car sick, and always in good spirits except when he is awakened too early in the morning when the company must make a long hop to the next Then lie scolds and sulks, 3Ut he's soon over it. Koko wns foiincl In nn Brazilian by some United States mnr- nes.

They thought they heard jaby crying, and searched for it. It wns bnby. a bnby monkey, its Ittle while face wlth'the black hair swept back from its forehead in such a travesty of humanity, vrinkled with distress. They named lini Koko because that is what he seemed to be saying, and brought ilm to New York. But they couldn't care for him properly the cold weather, no he became a part of the Clare Major Children's theater.

COFFEY COUNTY Family Dinner Special to Oazctte: Gridley, Nov. and Mrs. E. L. Powers entertained with family dinner Sunday at their home in Gridley.

Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Steele, Margaret and Jerry Stcde. Mr. and Mrs.

E. R. Osborn of Eureka; Mr. and Frank Powers and family of Burlington; Mrs. Vern Clark, Larry and Kenny, and Miss Vclma Ebby.

Mr. and Mrs. Powers are leaving Tuesday morning for Pleasant Hill, where they will operate a bowling alley for the winter. Mr. and Mrs.

Elmer Beyer gnve a family dinner Sunday nt home lorth of Gridley. Their guests wore Mr. and Mrs. George Knnpp, Mrs. I George Beyer.

Mr. and Mrs. 3ii-k and family. Mr. and Mrs.

John Raaf and family. Mr. and Mrs. Aclnm Maucr and family, and Mr. and Mrs.

Frank Knupp and family. Mrs. Ed Johnson entertained 'ew friends Saturday evening with a bridge party, in honor of her sister, Miss Ethel Evans, of Burlington, vho spent the week-end at the Johnson home. The guests wore Mrs. E.

H. Kaufman, Mrs. Jnke Lu- Ihl. Mrs. D.

D. Stuart, Mrs. Goldie Mrs. Mae Griffith nnd Mrs. Helen Phillips.

Loses But Gaini DPS Iowa, Nov. 23 Henry D. Hudson enjoyed paying a $3 traffic fine because he wai really J7 "I didn't see school ntnp sign." he said. "But just as the traffic officer away after givlns mr- the summons, saw a bill in thu street brstde the rar." Tho patrolman said he had ant. lost any money.

To conform with the color scheme of one streamlined train, the en- Rlneor nnd his assistant are dressed in white instead or In the usual blue overalls. A large crowd attended the roast dinner served SntnnUiy cve- ilng ul i.he grade school by the Bund Mothers club. The proceeds unounlcd to $43 which will be used or the benefit of the high school rand. A lew numbers were pltiycd ly Ihe bnncl. If you want to reacti the buyers plnco your ad In The Gazette.

Pre-Thanksgiving Sale APPAREL 717 Coral 3 doz. better Silk Drewes, values up to $12.98 1.98 Disc, oti all coats! Sweaters $1.49 $7.98 Dresses $6.50 75 for 98 Cents Others OFF NRW Stout- Size Drcssei OFF $1.98 Cotton Dresses 50c Sue Uttle Itcacly- tn- wcar Olive Finkle Millinery Dep't OPEN TOMORROW 9 A.M. NOW we're ready Santa's helpers came all the way from the North Pole to get our Toy Fair ready to open tomorrow morning! Dwarfs painting everywhere reindeer hauling in bag after bag of Santa's best working hii very PLACE PENNEY'S 2ND FLOOR It's a'wonderland of toys! A tinkling, twinkling sight to tickle every child in town! Traini are whizzing, shiny trucks are dashing everywhere, dolls are dancing whole floor is awhirl! Choose Now from the Smartest and the Newest! PENNEY'S FALL and WINTER COATS Reduced to Clear! Yes, those were all higher priced coats regardless of costs and what they were priced to sell for out they I from if you coat of pin point fabric, with luxurious fur trim. NOW ONLY (SECONI) KLOOK) WE HAVE ALSO REDUCED DRESSES FOR THIS EVENT! Making way for Chrisl- rmw that's why we cut the price on lots of good looking, higher priced sec these. n.OOK) FUR AND SELF.TRIMMED! Clearance Sale to 50 iA N' Where Art, Merely Sold! SEE OUR WINDOWS! OFF ON ENTIRE STOCK BIG TABLE OF RE-SORTED SHOES $1.00 Red Cross Jacqueline! Connie! Paris Fashion! Selby Arch Preservers! ENTIRE STOCK INCLUDED.

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