Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 26, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 26, 1894
Page 2
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fart 15 ol The Dream City Aft Is now ready for distribution and is bound to meet the fkvor of all, as it contains some of the Fines! Selections let [ As the tinje approaches for the completion of this magnificent and unapproachable series of World's Fair Views, The'Journal wifhee to impress upon all subscribers the importance ol procuring the complete set. Back numbers can be secured by applying; at this office, and arrangements have been made for the binding of the sets at the lowest co*t. Part 1C, ready next. Monday, will be devoted to the following subjects: 1 Grand Plaza on Chicago Day. 2 N. W. from Rooi of Government Building. 3 N. from Koof of Government Building. 4 Across Wooded Island looking N. E. 5 The White Star Building and Elk Bridge. 6 North Lagoon from Horticultural Building, 7 The Merchant Tailors' Building. 8 Wooded Island and Transportation Building, 9 N. E. corner of Grand Basin. 10 Life Saving Station and Battle Ship. 11 Grand Promenade of Lake Shore. 12 The New Liberty Bell. 13 Barge of State and and German Fountain. 14 World's Congress of Beauties, 15 The Aztec Abode on the Midway. 16 Night Scene—Grand Basin. Don't fail to secure all the numbers. See Coupon on 1st page. Do YOB Love Music? Or are you one of those unfortunates who can't diatin guieh '-Yankee Doodle" from "The Dead March in Saul? IF YOU HAVE AN EAR And possess musical taste you cannot fail to be interested in the series of portraits and biographical sketches ot GREAT SINGERS Which torm Parts 12, 13 and 14 ot "The Marie Burroughs Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities/ Even if you have not been taking the proceeding numbers, You Want These Three Which constitute in themselves the most complete collection of representatives of lyric ait. Get Fart 1J "Stage Celebrities" (the first musical number) with portraits of Melba, Eames, The De Reszkes And other famous singers, twenty in all. You «an get it from THE JOURNAL for Three Coupons and One Dime. No extra charge for postage on Portfolios sent 7 "After you have secured this number you will not fail to secure the remaining two numbers which complete the series, as they are both devoted exclusively to the Grand Opera. PART 14 NOW READY. CUT TH19 OUT. BAY DA. MEMORIAL WAR BOOK COUPON. OCT TW OCT. RI&Y !t«, 1804. STAGE CELEBRITIES, Tbtt Coupon with twootaewof <un«rat date*, ana Ten Centi, li good lor one Sarti containing twentj portrolU, ot th« Marie Bnrrough'i Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities. THE JOURNAL. TELEGRAPHIC BREVITIES. President Cleveland is said to have nn interest In the Caledonia mine at Cripple Creek, Col. By a rote of o to 4 tho house committee decided in favor oi tho old site lor the new Chicago post office, Business men of New York are plan- ing 1 to make formal protests ag8,inst the Income tax feature of tho tariff bill. Dr. Smith, charged with heresy, ar- gut.d his cnsu for five hours before tho Presbyterian general assembly at Saratoga. Distillers in Cincinnati claim they are not treated fairly in rebate matters by the whisky trust. Rebellion is threatened. As soon as nn appropriation can bo secured an extra life-saving 1 crew will be placed at the mouth of Chicago river. Admiral Erbon and othei- American naval officers were tendered a banquet by English officers in St. James' hall, London. liankers look on the export movement of gold with fuvor, believing that if it continues better rates for money may follow. In the senate bribery investigation much testimony was heard, but the committee was unable to get the names of guilty men. Builders of the torpedo boat Ericsson, recently launched at Dubuque, will lose $11,500 for not completing tho vessel on time. Republicans of the Second Kansas congressional district took 204 ballots Thursday, making 801 altogether, without making any choice. IN DIANA POPULISTS. Tb«y MMt »t Indianapoll* md Name * Rt»te Ticket. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., May 25.—The populist state convention nominated the following ticket Thursday, the most of the nominations being made by acclamation: Secretary o* Mate, C. A. Kobinson, Mod- Uon county; auditor of state, Edgar A. PerklM, Marlon county; treasurer of itite. A. B. Keyport, Caw county; attor- ne/ general, Silas W. Boloomb, Tlpton county clerU of the supreme court, J. H. 'Montgomery, tawrence county; state statistician, W. P. Smith, Marion county: superintendent of publlo ln»truotlon, A. J. Allen, Vl«o county: itate geologist, Edward Kendall. Monroe county; Judge supreme court, Fourth district, D. W. Chambers, Henry county. The platform adopted declares, among other thlnffs, for free silver, an income tax and the election of post- matter* by the people. lit Sessions End. "*^ CHICAGO, May 85. — The American Conpew of Mberal Religious societies has adjourned sine die. The election of officers took place at this morning's session, resulting in the selaotlon of Bcv. Dr. H. W. Thomas, of this city, an president, and R«v. Jenkln Lloyd Jones »nd Mr. Leo Pox, both of this city, as secretary »nd treasurer respectivtJy. Eight vice.presldents'were also chosen, representing the principal cities of tho country. Horses Burned to Death. PHILADELPHIA, May as.—A barn on the stock farm of Col. Edward Morrell, near Torresdale, was totally destroyed by fire. Twenty-three horses were In the structure and three were burned—a stallion belonging to Col. Morrell and two brood mares, owned by State Senator Porter. .Loss 812,000, partially covered by insurance. Carriage Maker BrlKgs Dead. AMESBUBY, Mass., May 25.-Richard F. Briggs, one of the foremost carriage manufacturers in New England, la dead, aged 58 years. 'Michigan Democrats. DETBOIT, May 35.—The democratic state central committee met here and decided to call the state convention at Grand Rapids June 28. The convention will 'nominate two United States senators besides the state officers. Killed His Bon. NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 25.—Lawrence Gaston has been put In jail at Livingston, Ala., for the murder of his 10-year-old son. The boy was beaten and choked to death, after. which hia body was concealed In a chimney. H» Unit Hanf. ST. Louis, May 85.—The state supreme court has denied the petition for a. new trial for Wilson, the negro convicted of the murder of a policeman in this city two years ago, Wilson will hang on June 1*. France Sues for »1OO,OOO. CHICAGO, May 25.—A suit for J100.000 damages has been begun in the United States circuit court by the French republic against the World's Columbian exposition. The litigation grows out of the French government's claim for damage to goods injured during the Manufactures building fire. Perished in the Swamp. FOBT WAYNE, Ind., May 25.—The body of the unknown woman, found near Maples, Ind., was identified at the Fort Wayne morgue. She was Mrs. Ferdinand Henkcl, who wandered away from her home here six weeks ago and perished In the swamp from exposure. She was 70 years old. Where the Danger Is. A stranger in Now York city was being shown tho sights by a resident friend. They had been putting in about twenty-four hours a day at It for a week, and the last day but one had arrived. "By the way," remarked the visitor, "I've done the town pretty thoroughly; but before I leave I want to see the most dangerous locality in it, and go through it." "You've been," replied the resident. "I guess not." "Yes; two or three times." "Why, I didn't know it. Why didn't you tell me?" - , "Ineverthonffhtof it" ' . -WhereUit?" TEE, MARKETS. Grain, Provisions, Etc, CHICAGO. May M. F&OUB — Quiet and unchanged. Quotations were as follows: Winter — Patents. J2.80Q 300; atraights. K.003tt>.75; clears, 83.205)3.40; seconds, $l.BO®1.00; low grailos. H.'BOifcl.ra Sprlnir— Patents, H.V-'O'iW.W; strulKhts, "CO 1 bakers', *1.7B$i)2.10: low grades. ll.- Ri)(lDoB.|1.80<ai..lO; Ryo. K.40ffii50. WUKAT— Active and higher. CtiHh, July, M>i@A"S<c; September. 5794<a58o. COBN— Moderately active and easy. No 2, 7wic; No. a Yciiow, aBy,®anitc\ NO. 3, 88«@3"c; No. 3 Yellow, S8o; July, 3*338^0; September, 88 Ji (JJI90. OATS— Moderate trftdlni? nnd prices lower. No.2cBS&,33KO»»c; May, WltfWlc; Juno, 3-K3 S4«c; July, 81!i®31J<c; Scrtvmbcr, iWX&iO'/io. Samples steady. No. 3, !U>i<a30Kc ; No. 3 White, 8fl«®37'/;c; No. -2, a5Via3tMc; No. ^ White, S7We«S8o. HYB— Some demand exists Tor round lots ol cash Rye; otherwise tho inurltct IN very quiet. No. 2 caHh, 46o; sample lots, -W<a48c; May ilo- ilvury, 45o; July. 45'/4o. IURLEV— A light trade continues at former prices Choice by sample, 654tsac; fair to (food. SlfflMe; common, 40S50C, with Screenings, !"-°° P° r ton - BbS PORK-Tradlnif light and prices steady. Quotations ranged at tll.B03U.82tt for cash regular; H1.80®ll.82«for May; »11.87«©11.BO for July, and Jll.ff7tt@I2.00 for September. LARD— Uathcr quiet and easy, Quotations ranged at JO.u5Si7.00 for cash; 80.0.',® 7.00 for May; «0.7SffiS,80 'or July, and lfl.80SO.B6 for September. LIVE FOBLTIIY— Per pound: Chickens 8(4 tto; Turkeys, &S7c; Ducks, 7ttQ8c; Gecso, 18,00136.00 per doe. BCTTBB— Creamery, llf&ioyio; Dairy, 8tf® 14«o; Packing Stock, 8®0c. LIQDOBS— Distilled spirits steady on tho bails of 11.15 per gal. for finished goods. OILS— Wlfcoonsln Prime White, 7xc; Water White, THio; Michigan Prime Whlto, 8Ho; Water White, 60; Indiana Prime White, 8*0; Water White, 8«o; Headlight, 175 test, 8tto; Qanollne,87ae«'»,lltto; 74 dog's, 60: Naphtha, 63 deg's, Otto- __ TOLIE&O, O., May 2S. WHEAT— Dull, lower. No. 8 cash and May, Me bid; .Inly, »K°i August, 6flKo; September, Coiw— Easy, No. 2 cash, 880 asked; July, 880 bid. OATS— DulL No. 2 mixed, Sflc; No. 2 white, BTi-Steady. Cash, Wo. October, J4.75. THOUGHT MICROBES. Live Stock. CHICAGO, May 26. Hoos— Market rather active. Heavy lots ruled Bo higher, other grade* unchanged. Sales ranged at 14.40(34.78 for Pigs; »4.<W»4.i» for llffhf M.80@4.«> for rough packing; M.«6@4.W for mixed, »nd K«O»-<X> 'or heavy paoklog and ihlpplng lota. CATTLB-Market moderately active and feel- lmr firm. All doiirable lot* were &»lOo higher. Quotation* ranged at KlOffii.46 for choice to extra ihlpplng Steera; «*.8ft&4.20 for good to cnoloe do.! I3.MXB3.BS lot fair to good; t3.»Q LTD for common to medium do.; B.40Q8.M for butcher.' Stoere; B.90O8.40 for Stacker*; IS-SO B4.00 for Feeder*; ll.eoOa.t6 for Cows: ».(»» liOfOr H«lfe»; B.OOO8.40 for Bulls; (S.TQOI.M (or TOXM Stein, and t2.MOft.ao for Vtal Calves, o __ _ __ Given •«,000 Damage*. ELWOOD, Ind.. May 2S.— Mrs. Perry Whitman was given a verdict for $4,000 against the Diamond Plate Glasa company in this city for the death of her husband. _ Cat Bit Own Throat. BBOCKVILI,E, Ind., May as.— Michael Kuntz, of this place, committed suicide at Connerville Thursday by cutting his throat. ot Life. KOKOMO, Ind., May 25. — Gottlieb Bower, 70 years old, a tailor, ended his life In this city Thursday with arsenic, Milking Belndeer. The process of milklnp a herd of reindeer is singular, and we have often watched it with interest, especially when, after a long tramp across the fields, we looked forward to a share ol it ourselves. Attended by the sharp- nosed Lapland dogs, the herd appears, its members packed closely together and forming a compact mass, in which the horns are a prominent feature. As they approach nearer one hears a grunting exactly like swine, and a curious crackling sound, produced by the contact of innumerable horns and limbs. They are then driven into an inclosure, each animal is lassoed in its turn over the horns and dragged up to an erection in the middle, where it is milked. The quantity afforded by each is only about as much as would fill o claret glass, but the milk is extremelj rich and nourishing.— Blaekwood's Magazine KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, witu less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting In the form moat acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers met wfthfthe approval profession, because it acts on the ieys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and It is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Piw is for sale by all drug- gilts infoc awf$1 bottles, but it iii manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Ob. only, whose name is printed on every .. .,___! ..^ ^j e name, Syrup of *'g»i w»ll informed;jou will nab - - - ~<amt : ". Borrow and Disappointment M for the Doctori. It is claimed by Rome of the more, advanced of modern writers that excesses of all sorts are produced by a morbid condition of the mind, brought about by the presence of microbes in undue numbers From tuberculosis to temper, from murder to melancholia, these theorists declare that microbes arc the CUAISC of all conditions anywhere outside of the normal. And maybe the clay will come when these people will be found not so far from the right as scoffers now profess to believe. Those who dive deep into the hidden mysteries of existence find many quaint and curious thing's not seen by average eyes. There is an invisible, intangible, mental as well as a material microscope, and they who understand its handling and adjustment learn much of interest, much that is suppressed because of the storm of ridicule that it would provoke, and which for this reason they care nothing about exhibiting to the outer world It is no secret to many persons of extreme temperament that a thought microbe can be so increased and multiplied that it dominates not only -the en- tiro mental but physical system. There are cases where the memory takes possession of the individual: a sudden flash lights the fire of thought; a suggestion opens the door of .the past, and all conditions are right for an absolute overwhelming of the entire being with this living 1 tide. And many doctors would at once diagnose the malady as malaria, nervous fever, depression of the vital forces, or In some cases inflammation of the brain. This state of affairs, simple enough at the outset and characterized by a little fever, a slightly accelerated pulse, a trifling flush of the cheeks and like indications Increase with rapidity until the sufferer is in a. condition bordering on mental distraction. The doctor comes in, prescribes draughts and a fever regimen, reduces the diet, orders cooling applications and goes away much worried lest the patient runs Into brain fever or some new complaint with an unpronounceable name and a fatal termination. Had this professional adviser of the sick and suffering the power to use the mental microscope, it would take him but a short time to discover that the malady was not In any sense physical or dependent upon any of the bodily functions. He would find hordes of bacilli, disappointment microbes, unsatisfied ambition germs infinitesimal In themselves but iu the aggregate forming an immense army of devouring adversaries slowly consuming the life forces of their helpless victims. Just what they teed upon no one -has as yet been able to determine; but that they speedily eap the vital forces, those who have suffered In this way know but too well, although they may not know the cause. If, instead of morphia, tonics and anti-malarials and anodynes, they could take the suffering one from present environments, start a new train of thought, awaken other interests stronger for the moment than the invading forces! and bring back the departed delights or some that would to an extent fill their place, the dealing out of drugs would be superseded by an entirely different form of practice. But the day of this onll jtenmont has not yet come. May be in the far-off hereafter our doctors will bo philosophers as well, and instead of confining themselves strictly to the material, they will search for the hidden sources of the sorrow and care, that more than any other cause destroys the best and brightest members of the human fami- ily.—N. & Stoweil, in N. Y. Ledger. TEACHING GLACIERS. Excellent Expedient Reiorted to by a German Writer. Teachers who have found it difficult to make the movements of glaciers clear to their pupils may find it helpful to use one of those simple methods which are given by a German writer. For ice, he substitutes yellow pitch, the surface layers of which, after exposure to tho air, show about the same degree of plasticity and brittleness that ice has. Take a square tray which has a slanting gutter; this gutter must first be lined with a layer of very hot pitch to prevent the mass from rolling down. Then pour in the rest of the pitch. As it moves downward cracks are made from the edges toward the center at an angle of forty- five degrees to the edges, and join transverse fissures, which are produced in the middle. Where the tray widens, longitudinal crevices are produced. Tho other method differs from this only in coating the surface of the pitch with a layer of white paint, so that the cracks appear black on white, and are more easily seen. The writer say» that particular forms of cracks can easily be observed at the same parts ol the tray, and that tho motion, which has the same kinds of variation noticed in glaciers, can be studied with the microscope. — Scientific American, Do KOI overfeed swine; giro only as much as will be consumed at the meal. never allow any to remain In the trough; clean it out for the store pigs, — Farmer's Voice. The WBtebea of the Ntcht When of tho repeated kind experienced bype son* troubled with insomnia, soon bring sbou an alarming condition of the nervoos system. The Bbaklng bands, confu.-lon of the brain. lapses or memory and IMS of appetite Indicate, with terrible precision, the ravages produced bj low of sleep, wtUca it unremedled most destroy mental equilibrium altogether. No better and thorough nervine exins than HMtettsr's Stomach Bitten, Common senso nnd experience point to It* early and steady use In ewe of Iniom- nis, It strengthens weak and relaxes the tendon of ovewtrslned nerve., Which, by the ww.s resort to unmedlcatad stimulant* will never do per- msnentlr, while the after effect of such exoltwtt to mort prejudicial. Under the influence of this benign invlRorant, sppettte, dl«e»Uon and «leep return, sad bodily comfort and health swalike ,pnwM»V.tti|- toistasbl. in chills Md fever, line eomHUnt, oonitlpiUgn, Awiwtt«n «n4 Mr. J. A. Stlrlev Ottumwa, Iowa. Nervous Chills Indigestion and Run Dowift System - A Struggle For Life Six Bottles of Hood'* 8ar»«p«rlU» Makes an Entirely New Man. •0.1. Hood & Co., Lowell, Masi.: "IwUn to giro my experience with Hood'*- Ban&pailUa, hoping that It may be the means of some one being benefited Mlhave been. I hat* b**a elorking since I was twelve yeariol l|S, •ad stthe sge of twenty-five I broke down «•> tlraly with Indlgertlon, which cauitd nerrOKS chilli. -1 doctored with th« b««t phyilotsos pot their treatment failed to give me relief and sit laid that s ehsnge of cltomte wai sll thst would lave me, I baring fell off rrom 156 to 12O Pound*. On« day I noticed an advertisement of Hood's- Baraaparillt. sod decided to buy s half dona botttei. Alter I hsd taken ttret botUss, I began to feel better and grow itwngw. TB» ohlll* hsd been broken «p and by ths ttae I h*4 taken «U bottles. I wss an entirely new rasa. Lait ipring I bougbttwo more bottlM formjMlT and wile. It benefited us greatly. I wss 0>»> HOOD'S Sarsaparilla CURES owe ot tb» drngglit at Delta, wh«r» X w*» located previous to wy eomlng ntti it* mf lM«ltk,ot selling ess* •AtrcMsot Hood's •*» Bmrflia. ihsAateit«a*ssndltproYsd.l»soe« fetal to othsrstswellM tons." J.l^BmuVr »iW»it8MOtiast,Ottiimws,Iowa. Hood'* Pills ** •"If 8 ' f tOAlanUy,«attw liver and bowsl*. To watte your money on vile, dirty, watery mixture*, compounded by Inexperienced pertoni. when you have the opportunity of testing Otto'i Cur*. tree of charge. Why will you continue to Irritate your throat and lung* with that terrible hacking ooufb when Ben Fliher, 311 Fourth itrMt, will furnlih you a free sample boltl* of this great remedy? Hold a bottle- of Otto's Cure to the light and observe ItB beautiful golden color and thick heavy syrup. Largeit package* and purest goods. Large bottles 50c. and 25c. _ ror Over nttf Tear* Mri. Winslow's Soothing Syrup hM been used for over fifty year* by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gum*. allays all pain, cure) wind oollc, and Is the best remedy for diarrhoea. I» will relieve the poor little sufferer Immediately. Sold by drugglftta In every part ol the world. Twenty-nv» cents a bottle. Be sure and aak for •Mra. Wlnelow's Soothing Syrup" and take no other kind. Isi Ittarrlace • FsJInref Have you been trying to get the best out of exlitanoe without health In your family ? Have you been wear- Ing out your life from the effects of dyspepsia, liver complaint and 'ndi- gestlonP Are you sleepless at nightP; Do you awake In the morning feeling languid, with coated tongue an* tallow, haggard looks? Don't do It A. shout In the camp tells how Bacon's. Celery Klog has cured others; It will cure you. Trial package free. Largo sizes 50o. and 25c. at Ben Fisher'*. 311 Fourth street. Ttoe Besusra Wfcy. Children of two to six years of ag& are often iiok and fretful Is owing to stomach Worm. The best cure l» Rlnehart's Worm Lozenges. They remove all forms of worms and the worm nest; are pleasant to take and • need no cathartic. Children alway* show marked Improvement In health and growth by their use. For sale by B. F. Keeslinp and Keystone drugstore. _ ChamberUlB'i Eye «•• SM» OUtaest Is a certain cure for Chronic Sore Eyes, Granulated Eye Lids, Sore Nip- pies, Piles, Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rheum and Scald Head, 25 cento per box. For sale by B. F. Keesling, TO HOBKE OWHIBS. For putting a horse In a fine healthy oondltlon try Dr. Cady's Condition. Powders. They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure Ion of appetite relieve constipation, correct kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving new life to an old overworked hone. J5 cent* per package. For sal* by B. F. Keeillng, druggist. Always buy Blnehart's Worm Lo» zenges, they remore both the worm* . and worm nest. For tale by B, F, " ' Kejrsto^dr«»«bre. : .;.^ M^^^M^Mi^iMi^s^^&^^^^iii^^i^

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