Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 12, 1943 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, November 12, 1943
Page 3
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i-fwx viK 1 i'fit H6Nr 'irairr "f . i -x', * * "* t * * '" ' , : , i v •* t - r i t » lu^wilt^Fft^ji^^ -fl£|R>» i g?'<j "* X5W <>1 ^ ftT^W *,!*&* STAR; H6P*r; AH KANSAS |tsf March 3, ftWT \9t dt itlti fkcnsos, tifxfar th* <A?>)— MMM Associated frta - "-" A«'n. , tp w** rt|fd, Mlltor orio $3.50 ftr v«irj f l^Hoctoltd -Pr«M; It «xclmlvttv tritlttad Jo f Wit us« for republH»K6rt of all news tto- "t«ottb« , et*dit«d »o rr of not otherwise Credited in thfc paper and also the total published herein. " fitMMii < MNM.M«b< AAernohH,, Term.. te«fitfc,Build!n9; Chta*o. 400 North Mch- uStfort Avenue? N«W York City, 392 Madlsor 5 AWL.-Detroit, Mich., 2841 W. Grand B|vd.; £«ft£ns. 722 I SV W City. 2 Ui 1 414 Terminal IBdg.i New niorv St.. \ 11-19. tan ««1 IV HtA iMwce. we. T. M. «M. u. ». MT. off Combined Operations : ' r • f -:• '",;'. Beok-of-the-M0 n! h "Don't you trust me any more. Jocko?" Imperial valley, California's rich winter vegetable garden, was reclaimed from the desert. ECORI IlLUSTRATlONS fc¥ WILLIAM SHAF Social and P iridfia Daisy Dorothy Heord, Editor Phone 708 Between.8 •. m. *nd 4 p. m. 1 'r Social Calendar O ' f Friday, November 12th The Friday Music club will meet sit thfi home of Mrs. Dick Wnlklris, 7:Hn p. m. .^Monday, November 15th ™ The Women's Auxiliary 'of First I'rcsbyterinn church, 3 o'clock. try church, the the The raid is worked out in detail .., •"P HE nerve center of'the Combined Operations Force J. is the small staff of experts who have all had experi- Patriots keep'them informed The-scqle model shows every gun emplacement. The attack order comes . . . the service and arc familiar with all. They work con- maps, charts and diagrams diiphyirtg .n great detail the of what he has to do-a thing that happened in the last uulvAether an" Jhcua every angle of every problem defenses of the enemy, known or suspected, was printed . war with fatal frequency. Me » carefully coached and Stl C 'y £?1 . ^ ", "„;'T? A tL £„ Mi.l Zv.review and -distributed to the Cflmmandp ferouns preparing for the intelligence which is gathered so painstakingly and Physical Fitness Proflrnm Outlined for Hi(jh School P. T. A., f* At (ho November meeting, pf Hope High school I". T. A. 'the mothers on nfrlvtil were assembled in the gymnasium where a short program demonstrating physical mage sale netted $97»70,- exceeding nny previous nmouht made at a sale. The finance committee voted to pay the remaining plnno debt. A good attendance was reported. tatt'in every kind of warfare that faces the Commando arising for the Commandos. After every raid tneyreview ami Hisi ^ llops^rT alanding barge or^drops out of the sky. the events, rectify mistakes and plan, on the.baa. of new thejob. The heads of the various services and their execu- igence wc s gathered so painstakingly and sometimes at the cost of the intelligence agent's life, gives Ulw lUUt 1. llv llCUUA I" III v » «i iwvu j*.v» «<-*• -J «»»vi iiiwn *,.>*.«. i. — — — — - -.--. p ^ o tivc,officers,were given scale models of the benches they the Commando his strength and effectiveness, were to take, with every geographic detail and known or So much for general considerations, It is til PETROLEUM JfUYTHISWAY 1'rwin Mnrolinfl between thumb "at suspected gun etnplaccinent siiown. The men in the Com- that a maiulo ranks drilled until:each man knew his task and time to set down, in part only, for much must still remain secret— the story of raiding from the modest beginning on the coast of France, to the attack on Morocco and Algiers which is the prelude to the eventual, final victory. (Continued tomorrow) 1 RIALTO PREVIEW Saturday Night 11 p. m. edutintiort classes, the girls under the direction of-Miss Virginia Rose Atkinson and thi boys, Conch Foy Hamnions, was given. After thfe demonstration, members went to the library where the president, Mrs. W. E. White, was in charge of, the program which opened-.with the singing of two patriotic songs in kcping with Armistice Day. Miss Hofelnn Basye led Ihc group. . Mrs. Edwin B. .Parker gave the president's message, which concerned an interview of u young soldier by his commanding officer. When asked what he was fighting for, the young soldier responded, •'A piece'of mother's pie"—his way of saying home. Mrs. Hamilton Hnnegan gave a talk on thb F.D.A. lunch program and Its purpose. She stated that approximately GOO children take their noon meal in the high school cafeteria. Mrs. Irma Dean was program chairman for the afternoon. Minutes were read by the secretary, Mrs. L. D. Springer, and Mrs. Ernest O'Neal gave the treasurer's report. Committee reports and details on the school of information were made. It was reported the rum- Master Lyman Armstrong Feted on Fifth Birthday Mrs. Lyman Armstrong cele- . brated the fifth • birthday of "her little son, Lyman Armstrong, Jr., nt Kindergarten with a patriotic party Thursday afternoon, Novem ber 11. On arrival the guests were giver Red Cross nurse caps and soldiei cups of red, white and blue. A ntim her of games were enjoyed. The. chosen theme was also 'car Hod out in the serving tables which were covered with red, white and blue cloths. Two large birthday cakes were served with ice cream. The honoree was presented with a number of gifts. Jfc By FAITH BALDWIN •cnvice. INC. Coming and Going Mrs. Henry Hnynes and son, Jimmy, are guests of Mrs. Thomas Boyett in Little -Hock. NEW SAENGER Friday - Saturday "Hoppy" blasts Wanaifel Bv Galbraith SIDE GLANCES svas able to .complete it perfectly, Only then did the . order for actual attack come. The modern soldier is no longer sent into attack with only a vague or general idea belong Drawing, copyright 1941. by King Features Syndicate. Inc. Text copy and assault stag rrlght, 1943, by The MncMllUn Company. Distributed by Klne Fenlin a Syndicate In co-operation with the Book-of-the-Monlh Club. Inc. By J. R. WUHonis By Hershberger OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY FUNNY BUSINESS 1 THINK TH' WOCST . V TROUBLE: CAME. WHEM \ TH' SlEWCOt-AERS TRIED TO MAsKE 'EM CLEAN) UP TH' NEWCOMERS' WIGWAMS-" IM OTHER- WORDS, / / -KAAKE. 'EM WORK ( PER US. I DOMT THINiK, EVEN AFTER CROWDIM' IM ON THE IMDIANSS, WE'D OF HAD MUCH TROUBLE. WITH 'EM IF TH' MEWCOMERS HA.DWT TRIED TO 'EM CLEAM UP THEIR HWE TUBSOKT, DIPLOMAT MOSSOUMI E.SLCOR<=.\ON> TICKET HAS Al^ AVERSION TO PREMISES -~- PERHAPS COMVUrACE WE 60AT \NIU_ 6\ME TH WARD **mm^ /*. PlCTURESQOE BILL BOYD as "Hoppy" Friday - Saturday Al St. John Tht Stark, Brutal Truth! 1 'Mysterious Rider' "The j doctor was here this morning—he look my tcin- 5*''-nerature and some books, flowers and magazines for his * / v «f«™i» "At last the mess sergeant gets to use hisJaasic training!" and Chester Morris By Leslie Turne* The Top Man I. By Walt Disney Donald Duck Itching for Action PLEHTY OF ACTfOW OH ^ youRNEW ASSi6MeNT,MV eoyj BUT ILL SEE WHAT 1 CAW DO WELL, EASY, IF rs WITH IM POWER 60 TO 60T WOBK POR YOU THESE COULD 1 PLY TO ITALY WITH THE NEXT SHUTTLE RAID? ^EASY RECEIVES ^/MYSTERIOUS 'High Explosive' you SEE, COLONEL, 1'Ve WELL...STAYEP PRETTY CW5E TO A DESK AMD A... By Kred Harmon He Didn't Train Enough Thimble Theater Sunday - Monday - Tuesday "Try and Get It!" ALUJAVS OUAMTIM& YOU DID LEARN SOME FOUL TRICKS, BUT DlDN't IMVGORSH! LOOK WHERE HE- THAT PUNCH ON TH' ,>AVO DlDNn FAZE OOKS LIKE L~ APALACE THROIO THESE x By Edoor Martin C,,|>i I'MI. King r«lnitt S)CiJic.lt. 1« . Wmlii nf Bv V. T, Hamlin There He Goes GOTTA ^EE THKT NO HITCHES, so AM i> so <3ONNA> ^TOP VVHEN THEV'Bg RSAQ-V ON THHR DURBIN*COTTE By Chic Young Man Bites Dog CHARLES WINNINGER Bv Merrill Blosser Parget for Today Freckles and Hit Friend! Too CLOSE/ HE'S H AL.WAVS «J CMASIM6 J YOU yS THOSE INDIANS COME YES, A.WP AFTER I ' UEG. I'M 6OW<5 OVER TO THOSE PEOPLE AMP COMPLAIN ABOUT THAT COG DAGWOOP.' THE PEOPLE VJHO OWN TME POS ARE HERE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT Mow LET'S. R UN THROUGH THAT SCENE ONCE Ye NATIVES HERE MAY NOT" pglENOUY, SO I HAVE SENT MILES STANDISH ASHORE TO f INPETH OUT / CANT SOME&ODY ELSF &ETHE WEATHER HE WILL RETURN AWD TELL US WHICH WAY THE WIND BLOWETH/ RIALTO SUNDAY . MONDAY rr ME ^ -CJffl Mana Monte* 'ARABIAN NIGHTS' After n two-week furlough with his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. E. P. O'Neal, Sgl. Paul O'Neal departed today by plane lor Camp Santa Anita, Calif. Lt. (j. g.) Talbot Field, Jr., ot the Naval Air Corps, has arrived for a brief visit with relatives and • fricndd in the city. Guy Basye is a business visitor lo Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Jones and Mrs. W. R. Hamilton have gone t( Arkadelphia for a district meeting of the Baptist Church. Mrs. James Pilkinton of Gros clle. Michigan, is the house guest of Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Pilkinton. •I'Mfi STOHVi WlilMi .tliit Tlimhj»» noil lii'i'iHiK 1 * IJoi'lof llnll'o niiHlKl- unlt hi* jiilnn ilir Ilitll liouni'licitil. \nnry (lull, »|Milloi1 mid Ixtrt-il, U lln Hi' rod liy liln iillcitHoiiM I'" I I'dlinol tartxft Mrr\v Wnrner. Jlr«. Mull would 1ll«' NniH'y to i-HCdiir- nitr ivpnllhy l''rnnlc l:il«nr. I'dtiir. holvcvcr, »pd>i» IIHIIM- Inli-rcKli-d In the nflicr ilnuiclili-r. l''.nill>. n NlirKP Hill-Ill nil IHT lull. rpni>lvi>ii n (mil l» n'Uend • iiallrlil u( Jim 1 ". * * * . •'SHE'LL HAVE THE BABY" CHAPTER XI MILY looked at the name and address again. Karsten, Cedar Court ... it must be one of Dad's patients, she thought. Karsten? But she didn't remember anyone named Karsten. The moment she went into the very small house and saw her patient she knew. Hilda Allen. Dr. Hall had brought Hilda into the world, and here she was married, established in a little home and, it transpired, going to have a baby of her own. "Why, Hilda," said Emily, as- iiss Hall. The only other person d want is my aunt. But she's way, loo. This—this just hap- ened a little while ago," she said, er HpfK\vhite. tonished "I'd forgotten-^-tha is, I never knew your marriec name." Miss Rose Mary Coop and Miss Mary Stuart Jackson arc entertaining Miss Nancy Harris and Miss Meriam Searcy of Henderson Stale Teachers' College this week-end. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Power and the Rev, W. R. Hamilton were visitors to Little Rock yesterday. Mrs. Thomas W, Lowe and children, Archie, Tommie, and Jimmy, have returned to their home in Clctaurnc, Texas after a week's visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Ferguson, and other relatives and friends. "Miss Hall!" Hilda's, delicate drawn face was illuminated, hadn't any idea. . . . The doctor said he'd have a nurse come a once. He's at the hospital, he saic he'd get here as soon as he could.' She looked desperately anxious "I was so scared," she added "when I heard Dr. HaU was ill. didn't know what to do. . . ." She explained the circumstance haltingly and Emily said briskly "The first thing lo do is to ge to bed. I'll help you." She too the frightened girl into the bed room, found nightgown, robe an slippers under her direction, un dressed her deftly, took her puls and temperature. She asked "You're all alone?" "Gus—that's my husband—ha to go into Boston," said Hilda shiv ring. "Mv mother died last yea Personal Withers Moore, son oC the Rev. and Mrs. R. B. Moore, has become a pledge of Tan Omega fraternity at Hendrix college, where lie is a sophomore. Communiques Sgl. Van C. Boyce, son of Mr. an Mdrs. C. E. Boyce of Washington Rl. 1, was recently honored by his bombardment group somewhere in Egnland, upon his having completed one year of foreign service. Sgt. Boyce is a member of the famous "Ted's Flying Circus Group" which has made a notable record in the European, African nd Middle Eastern Theatres of peration. The high order of Sgt. Joyce's work over this perioc raws special mention and praise rom his commanding officer, ieutcnant Colonel K. C. Dessert Mrs. Roxie Cook has received in interesting letter from her son itaff Sergeant Jimmy Cook, who ecently arrived in Australia, He stales that although the climate is nosl pleasant, he prefers Arkansas weather and Arkansas svays. later Emily opened the oor ior] Jim .and stood for a moment in'the narrow hallway, giv- fig him her report. Together they feiit back to the girl. liPresently Jim went next door ^'•telephone. There was no 'phone ft the ICarsten cottage. He re- Hrhed and smiled reassuringly at )s patient. "The ambulance will 6"here very shortly," he said. ''.'"" "i-/ * •* * ~iN the way to the hospital, Em-^ ily sat beside Hilda in the am- julance, holding her hand. Jim ollowed in his car. She waited while Hilda was ad- •nitted and taken to the ward. After a time Jim came out to her. He said, smiling, "She'll be all •ight. I'll look in on her later this evening, She's better off here with someone to look after her than at lome. She'll have to stay in bed, packed, putting In the picture of Gus—.showing him stern, large and very self-conscious in his wedding clothes, Jim prowled around the house chewing on a cold pipe. "It's a crime," he announced, coming to stand before her, us she bent over the shabby little suitcase,-"a kid like that getting married. And she hasn't any business having children, she's frail and undernourished and—" "She's in love," said Emily calmly, "and Gus has a good job at the munition plant Operates a punch press. He may be drafted but at present he's deferred. Hilda's had a pretty hard time, Her mother was a chronic cardiac, her father a drunken old creature who deserted his little family years ago. She has an aunt who is good to her after a fashion. But she's never had anything really her own till she acquired Gus and this little house. She'll be all right. She'll have her baby, she'll bring it up by the book and she'll make a home for' it and for its father." Someone was coming up the steps, Emily and Jim regarded one another. A heavy step but with youth and impatience in it. They had left the door open. Gus came barging through, shouting at the top of his voice, "Hilda," he shouted, "hey, Hilda " Methodists Hear Arkansas Governor El Dorado, Nov. 12 (IP) An dddress by Governor Adkins featured the third day's session of the perfectly quiet, for some time." He added, "I don't think she believes me. She looks upon me as a very poor substitute for your father, and, of course, she's right." "If you'd wait a moment," said Emily, "perhaps I could persuade her—" She went back toward the ward, and when she reappeared, she was smiling. "You're wrong, she likes you, she thinks you're grand. And she's perfectly satisfied to remain here. She asked me to go back to Cedar Court, pack a bag for her with the things she'll need and leave a note for Gus so that he 'wouldn't be scared'." "I'll go with you," he said. "I'm all through; this was the last call." * * * 'T'HEY went back to Cedar Court and let themselves in with Hilda's key, of which she was inordinately nroud. While Emily No good smell of dinner cooking greeted him, Emily came out and spoke to him quietly. He stared at her a moment, the color left his square thick-featured face. He said, "My God, what's happened to her, Miss Hall?" "She's perfectly all right," said Emily. "This is Dr. Thompson . . . he'll tell you more about it." . She went back to the bedroom leaving the two men alone. A moment later, the suitcase in his enormous hand, Gus was headed for the hospital. He declined their offer to drive him. He said, "You'll miss your dinner. It ain't very far, I'll take the street car . . ." He shuffled his feet a moment, and added, "I—Gee, thank you," he said miserably, and then with a great unashamed gulp—"if anything had happened to Hilda!" He locked the door after them and went off at a furious pace toward the corner. (To Be Continued) Rock Methodist-church, conference today. Balloting continued for selection of three additional ministerial delegates 10 the church's jurisdiclional conference next spring. Named yesterday as ministerial delegates to the conference were Dr. C. M. Reves, Little Rock dis. trjct superintendent; the Rev. Ar thur Terry, stipreintendent of the Monticello district, and the Rev. Homer T. F'ort, pastor of the Hot Springs First Methodist church Dr. Reves and Mr, Terry also were named ministerial delegate. 5 to the General Methodist church conference in 1 Kansas City, Mo next spring. Retired by the conference were the Reverends J. C. Cummins Lewisville; J. T. Thompson, Eudora; J. W. Thomas, Wilmot, and F. C. Cannon of the Doddridge circuit. Mr. Cummins is retiring after 48 years in the Methodist ministry. The conference endorsed the proposed merger of the North- Arkan- Senofe Committee , Favors Poll fox Bill Washington, Nov. 12 UP) The anti-poll tax bill regarded as a ighted fuse for a certain Senate ilitausler, was reported favorhbly .oday by the Senate Judiciary Com- miltee. The vote was 12 to 0. Seven Democrats and five Republicans voted for the controversial measure, which would bar,col- ection of a poll lax as. a prerequisite for voting in national elections. Four Democrats and two Republicans opposed 1 )!. , One of the opponents, Senator Connelly (D-Tex), remarked as reporters filed into the committee room: "I hope the chairman will put a large black wreath On the dodr,' 1 Chairman Van Nuys (D'Ind) ;was one of those voting for the bill, which already has passed the House. Here Is the way the committee lined up: For the bill Van Nuys (D-Ind). McCarran (D-Nev), Chandler (D- Ky), Kilgore (D-W-Va), Murdock (D-Utah), McFarland fD-Ariz), Wheeler (D-Mont), Dariaher (R- Conn i, Wiley (R-Wis), Langer (R ND), Ferguson (R-Mich) and Wherry (R-Neb). Against the bill— Hatch (D-NM), Connally (D-Tex), O'Mahoney CD: Wyo), Andrews (D-Fla), Austin. sas and Little Rock conferences, already approved by the North Arkansas group. To become effective the merger must be approved by the church's jurisidictional confer- nce next spring. The conference also directed that resolution favoring the repeal of he Chinese exclusion act be for warded to Arkansas senators anc President Chiang Kai-Shek of China. Dr. Matt Ellis, Arkadelphia, and J. S. M. Cannon, Little Rock, were elected lay delegates to the general conference in Kansas City, and Mrs. H. King Wade, Hot Springs, was named to the jurisdictional and three additional lay delegates conference. Ministerial delegates will be named tomorrow. News of the Churches OUR LADY OF GOOD HOPE CATHOLIC CHURCH Rev. F. T. Dollarton. Mass at 10 o'clock every Sunday. ® FIRST BAPTIST Third and Main Streets Rev. W. R. Hamilton, Pastor 9:30 — Sunday School assembles by departments for the study of God's word. The pastor will preach. 2:30—Sunday School at Guernsey followed by the preaching service at 3:15. oy departments. The pastor will preach. The. public is cordially invited to attend all the services at the Firs' Baptist Church. ST. MARK'S EPISCOPAL H. B. Smith, Rector There will be no services in St Mark's on Sunday next as the rec tor will be In Foreman in the morn ing and Mena in the evening. Wednesday — Confirmation in struotion at 7:30 p. m. You arc cordially invited to attend the class DeMorigny Is (Continued from Page One) and flaws in the prosecution's evidence. Crowds gathered outside. De- Ma rigny smoked cigarets chain fashion at the police station. Nancy, who from the beginning had stuck to her faith in her husband's innocence and testified for him as the final witness, fidgeted in a nearby office while friends tried to calm her. Then at 7:10 p. m. jurors gave the sign they were ready with a verdict. The chief justice returned to the bench. De Marigny ducked once Women Who Suffer from SIMPLE Here's (M Of the Best W«>$ To Help guild Up Red Blood! You Eirls who autter from simple . . mla or who lose so much during monthly periods that you feel tired, weak, "dragged out'Wdue to low blood Iron—start today—try ^Lydia B. Tlnlj- h«n's Compound TABLETS (wlthadded Jro»)—one of tlie greatest blood-Iron tonics you can buy to liflp build up red blood to glva more strength and energy—in such coses. Taken as directed—Flnkham's lets are one of the very beat and quickest liome ways to get precious Iron into the blood. Just try them for at least 30 days — then see U you. too. don't remarkably benefit. Follow label directions. . • GARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST North Ferguson Street D. O. Silvey, Pastor 10:00 — Sunday School. Grad lairslon, Superintendent. 11:00—Preaching. 7:00 — B.T.C. and Bible Stud roups meet. Jams Davis, Pros ent. 8:00—Preaching. 2:30 Monday — Women's Auxil- iry. Mrs. Alvin Robinson, Presi- ent. ng. 8:00—Prayer Services. (R-Vt) and Revercomb (R-.WVa). Winont, Son of Envoy fro England, Prisoner Concord, N H . Nov 12(/P)—Lieut. John G Winant, Jr., is a prisoner ' of war in Germany, it was announc- , ed'today at the home of Abbassai dor and Mrs. John G;Winant The announcement said a- telegram was received from the War Department yesterday stating the' son of the Ambassador to England is held in a prison camp. Lieut. Winant was reported missing some time ago after a raid on Germany. FIRST CHRISTIAN iMl'llard W. Baggett, Pattor 9:45 i. — Bible School. Mr. Vlalcolm Porterfield, Superintendent. 10:50 a. m. — Morning Worship. Observance of the Lord's Supper: Solo by Mr. Ted Jones, "My Task." Sermon by the pastor, topic: '.Christ's Loyalty and Ours.'.' . G:30 p. m.—Christian Youth Fellowship. 7';30 p. . m. — Evening Worship. Evimgelistic service; congregational singing o£ familiar and favorite hymns; special number by the choir; sermon by the pastor, topic: "The Unfinished Task." CHURCH OF CHRIST • 'Fifth and Grady Streets Fred H. Williamson, Minister Gospel Broadcast, KCMC—9:30- 0:45 a. m. Bible Classes—10:00 a. m. Preaching—11:00 a. m. Communion—11:40 a. m. Preaching—7:30 p. m. Mid-week Service — Wednesday evening, 7:30 p. m. All are cordially invited to attend all these services. Flood Control Group Renews Fight for Dam Hot Springs, Nov. 12 (iP)— Gov. Homer M. Adkins told a national rivers and harbors congress board here today that Blakely dam on 1he Ouachita river near here should be built immediately Adkins-asserted the dam was needed for flood control at once and should be constructed with flood control as its primary function. He added that..power facilities coitid be installed after the war if needed. The dam should be operated by the U. S. engineers "in whom I have the upmost faith," Adkins declared. Apparently understanding the governor as saying the board had earlier disapproved the dam's construction, Brig. Gen. John J. Kinman, presiding at the hearing, interrupted to comment: "We have not said that, We stated that we did not deem construction at this time advisable. We are here now to have you convince us we should build it." Two Billion icontinued From Page One) come rate from 6 to 10 percent, and adjusting some surtaxes. Special provisions are made to retain on the tax rolls some 9,000,000 persons now paying Victory levies but whose earnings are not large enough to be affected by the regular income tax. For these the income tax will approximate their former net Victory payments. 2. Boost some postal rates and hike excises, to bring in about $1,375,000,000 additional revenue — around $479,000,000 of which would come from consumers of liquor, beer and wine. After about-facing four times, the committee decided to put the liq nor tax,.;at $9 a gallon, compared with the present $6 rate. It prev iously had fluctuated between $ ; and ?10. The beer tax would b jumped from $7 to $8 a barrel and wine increased all along the line There are no increases in cigarette or other tobacco excises. Sports Mirror By The' Associated Press Today A Year Agb-Alsaba wins victory handicap afcJE^fflont's spe- ml charity meetmgj^bosts arc unmng 5345,165 C^'oVl., ,, Three Years Ago-Alfcp Marble uins professional for $25,000 guarantee Five Years Ago--Notre r , Dame blanks Minnesota, 19 to 0;, , Fights Last Night By The Associated Press. Fall River,' Mass.-Buddy Farrell 156,Newark, N J .outpointed Eddie Ellis, 155, Quincy, Mass (10). Philadelphia-Nick Fiorentmo, 213 Phildelphia, outpointed Nap Mitchell, 195 154, Philadelphia (8). 1 / Clubs FDR Proclaims (Continued From Page One) Stales of America, do hereby estimate Thursday, November 25, 1943 as a day for expressing our thanks lo God lor his blessings. November I having been set aside as "Food The board and many of the wit- Fights For Freedom mnoth, it is nesses toured the dam site and fitting that Thanksgiving Day be Lake Catherine, now at its lowest made the culmination of the pb- ijore into the prisoner's cage vhere he had remained throughout he trial except for his appearance n the witness stand. Her face white, Nancy sat in a fthair near the door. At 7:15 p. m. the jury filed back nto the room. Nearly five minutes jassed before the courtroom could )e quieted for Foreman James Sands to announce the verdict. "Not guilty, 9 to 3," said Sands, and his further words were drowned by a roar. It was p. m. De Marigny made straight for his wife and they embraced. No one was permitted to leave the courtroom until, arms around each other, Nancy and her husband had gone-outside to where de Marigny's jig automobile had been waiting prophetically, throughout the jury's deliberation. Only then could Sands finish: "Not guilty, 9 to 3, but with a unanimous vote for immediate deportation." The chief justice said he only could pass the recommendation along to authorities. Attorneys privately commented there is no legal basis for deportation. Nancy confessed the hour and 40 minute jury deliberation "un nerved me terribly." "I believed in his innocence," she explained, "and couldn't see why it" took the jury so long." De Marigny was heard to remark, as he entered the courtroom 1 to hear the verdict: "This judge is a fair man." FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Thomas Brewster, Minister Sunday School—9:45 a. in., with classes for all age groups. Morning Worship—10:55 o'clock, vith message by the pastor. Vesper Service—5 p. m. Young People's Meeting — 6:15 o.'in. Our men's supper meeting last Tuesday was a splendid success, with 40- men in attendance and a most interesting program of movies by Major P. W. Kliposch. ebb in history, before the hearing started. Every civic organization in Hot Springs and delegations from eight counties were present at the meeting along with the governor, the stale flood control commission, state planning board and other agencies to plead for early construction o£ the dam. Sitting in as "an observer" at the hearing .was a federal power commission (FPO engineer from the Fort Worth,' Tex., regional office. The FPC in 1941 terminated the 'nre'cordialTy invited to wor-1 Arkansas Power Light Com- aiecoiuuuy Ipany's license for construction of You ship with us FIRST PENTECOSTAL West Fourth and Ferguson W. P. Graves, Pastor Sunday School-10 a. m. Laeio Rowe, Superintendent. Morning Service—11 a. m. Evening Service—7:30 p. m. Ladies' Prayer Service, Tuesday —2:30 p. m. and Friday—7:45 p. m. We hope to have a full attendance at Sunday School Sunday morning, also at the regular Sunday morning service. , You are always welcome at tne First Pentecostal Church. ROCKY MOUND BAPTIST D. O. Silvey, Pastor 8:00 Saturday night—Preaching. 2:00 School. 3:15—Preaching. the project on grounds that the util ity had not pursued actual construction costs for the project. FPC Chairman Leland Olds was in Hot Springs today to inspect the nearby Lake Catherine aluminum plant but he said he did not plan to attend the hearing. Asked about reports that Blakely might be included in the Southwest Power Administration (SPA) setup of federally-controlled power generating projects, Olds said: ••I know of no plan at present for including Blakely dam in the setup." Olds said that if the project was endorsed by the Rivers and Harbors Board, plans would have to be drawn up by the U. S. Engineers and an appropriation made servance of the month by a high resolve on the 'part of all to produce and save food and to "share and play square" with food. "May we on Thanksgiving Day and on every day express our gratitude and zealously devote ourselves to our duties as individuals and as a nation. May each of us dedicate his utmost efforts to speeding the victory which will bring new opportunities for peace and brotherhood among men, 'In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States of America to be affixed. "Done at the city of Washington this eleventh day of November, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and forty-three, and of the independence of the United States of America the one hundred and sixty- eighth. "Franklin D. Roosevelt. "By the president: "Cordell Hull, Secretary of State." The . Wallaceburg home demonstration club met at the home of Mrs. H. F; Tate on our regular; club meeting day, the fourth Thursday. There were nine members present. Each brought a jar of canned products for the crippled, children's home and a small donation for mailing the goods. Plans were made to attend the Achievement Day on November 12th. Our next meeting will be at the home of Mrs. ElijahTStephens on the third Friday,. ;th>vi9th of November, our regular,-rpeeting day falling on 'Thanksgivingi//^ye are going to spend the day;-and make cheese. Everyone is invited to come and bring 'a covered dish for lunch, and milk for making cheese. Who Hunted What? ,( * Garden City Kansas — Ben Grimsley, looking for-,geese, Hried George Anderson's fji'rm— , -..-.a Where a low-flying goose bowled ^-17 him over and broke his glasses. t if GUERNSEY afternoon — Sunday j by congress for the construction A leading public power proponent at Little Rock, declining use of his name, said Blakely might be in corpora ted in a setup of public ed in the heai'ing. Olds and three members of the FPC technical staff met at Little Rock yesterday with the state utilities commission. Chairman A- B. Hill of the stale regulatory body said they discussed the A. P. & L. rate structure and were "pretty much in agreement" but added "we do not think it is wise to give out further information to the public as yet." Miseries ofSniezy, SNIFFIY COLDS Put 3-purpos* Va-tro-nol up each nostril, ft (1) shrinks swollen membranes, (2) soothes jrriiatioo, (3) helps clear cold' u mfMm clogged nose. FpHow WlWWi WilP-IIOI Wanted — Milk Attention Farm Producers! We will buy all the fresh milk you can bring in to Qlie's Dairy Featured Nightly — t Select Oysters t Choke Steaks t Fried Chicken • Fried Potatoes and Salad CHECKERED CAFE It's Safe to Be Hungry The'Rev W R. Hamilton will | power projects for supplying the J.JH- *»-fc*>' _ „ , i * . _ _*__.. ..4-4^., lUn, utoi' J.11C 4.*.W>. '•• -*• n> I Breach at the Guernsey School louse Sunday afternoon at 3:15, Allowing the regular Sunday School lour at 2:30. All of the people living in the Guernsey community are cordially invited to aWend these services. Murf reesboro Woman Joins Senator's Staff Little Rock, -Nov. 12(/P|- Mrs. ReVhu Burr. Murf reesboro, who has been a member of Attorney Gener•U Guy E Williams' Secretarial staM'fsince July 1, left today for Washington to join Sen. John L. McClellan's staff. She will be replaced by Miss Roberta Rawlins also of Murfrees- b&rS." aluminum plant after the war. He said Blakely dam power could be polled with that from Norfork dam in North Arkansas, Urand Kiver Dam in Oklahoma and the Denison dam in Texas, now being administered by the SPA. High officials of the Aluminum Company of America, which operates the aluminum plant, for the government, have been meeting here Ihc past two days for discussions of problms involving, the use of electricity in the manufacture of aluminum. They did not indicate whether Ihey were interest- St. Joseph 'WPRID'S 148BESJ SIUI8 |I IB* NOTICE Effective November 15, 1943, Prices for Taxi Service in the City of Hope, Will Be as Follows: 25c for one passenger 25c for each additional passenger 679 TAXI J. W. MsURTY, Owner YELLOW CAB TAXI JESSE I&QWN, Owner

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