Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 10, 1943 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 10, 1943
Page 5
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' tf.^ttp »i *"?V i l ' 8aAiiaas»> aiaM^s{SBai^<igM{i8aBMii»^gBiM wgsMKf^^sssisieeessiisimHmi^^^^SKi^ilSi^ v^/^vj^y^^f^i^^'^^T^fJ'r ?M^>1ft^' E H* f v ! W*i^ > ?'*iTOVWi T^f "^W'fSJf'V'W.S !?WW ISSfeSj^ f^MHRMidWigMilWiafci nescjoy^ November 10, 1 94 D ill t STAR, H 0 ? t, A K K A N § A fJr.iedsy.. Hcvefobgr 10, 1943 lope Star . <£_ C i. MIME*. Prmlowit . AIM, H. WA5M1UHN, Editor ami MUhlwr . < trttwwd os sscend ctess matter at the &tbrtoffte* at Hope, Arkansas, under the 7 Act of Moreh 3, 1897. {AP>—Means Associate Ptfst N*wspqr*r Enterprise Ass'n. S«**cri»tle* ««r« (Always Payable In Advance): Bv city carrier, per week 15c, i HeWpsJead, Nevada, Howard, Miller ana tafaY«H« counties, $3.50 per year; else- wher* W.50. d« fIM *»*>«»•»•«» *«*»: The *ssoetaterf Press is'exclusively entitled to ttw 'use for republlcction of all news dis- Oatches credited to n or not otherwise ertatted Irt this paper and also the tocat (tews published herein. Arfvcrttelnt Repr*tentatlv*— MUM, Irte.: Memphis, Tenn.. 'Jterick Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich- Man Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2841 W. Grand Blvd Oklahoma City, 414 Terminal IBdq.; Ne< Orleans. 722 Union St.. New Hold Everything "Careful, dear, don't hit the train! Your property damage insurr.r.ce is only good up to $5000!" In the early 1800's. no newspaper had a circulation o£ 1,000. SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith Combined Operations: Based on the ~&f-th*-Month FROM THE OFflCIAt BY WILLIAM SHAR* f (C They began a kind of guerilla warfare. U NABLE to win mastery of the air, the Nazis hesitated after the blitz of London to invade the British Isles. A lull in land fighting ensued, and the main armies •were no longer in contact, as they had been on the continent before Dunkirk. England seized this opportunity to engage in a kind of amphibious guerilla warfare, The navy would convoy bands of soldier* up and down the Commandos learn the lore of the sea. These men were formed into Independent Companies and specially trained. They were denied the normal sources of supply. They were complete units to be contained in a ship which was their home and floating base, and could be moved anywhere in a short time, ready for immediate action.-These companies were later succeeded by the so-called Special Service Battalions, which still coast of enslaved Europe, from Bordeaux to Narvik, to later, were transformed into the Commandos as they are harass, destroy, sabotage and propagandi?^, and to re- today. Because they work in close cooperation with tlic cruit free men for the service of thVr governments in navy,'schools were established in which they learned the exile, to take up arms against the common Na/.i foe. customs, habits, outlook and ways of life of the sailor. Drawings cnpyrinht. 1943, by King Features Syndicate, Inc. Text copyright, 1943, by The MaeMlllan Company. Distributed by Kinir Features Syndicate In co-operation with the nook-of-thc-Month Club. Inc. They are individual soldiers ... Commandos arc taught to get.in and out of small boats in all kinds of weather, if necessary carrying full equipment with firearms held above water. They are made familiar with every portable weapon the soldier uses, from Tommy gun to three-inch mortar and anti-tank rifle. They must carry and be able to use high .explosives for destruction of buildings and bridges, Bangalore torpedoes for ripping out barbed wire obstacles, to hunt down and destroy tanlis and their crews. The Commando becomes not a specially trained soldier, but a trained .individual soldier who is required to do everything to himself. Schooled for attack . . , Finally, the young Commando is taught to appreciate ' its fullest extent the meaning anil value of friendship ; to in war. 1-3? is encouraged to-do everything with a friend and to regard himself as being one of a team of two. jack always falls in beside John. If Jack is a Bren Gunner or an anti-tank rifleman, John is his number two and handles the magazines. If Jack is on K. P., John bears a hnnd.The trainers of the Commandos foster and cherish friendships so that they may know that their men will light not with steel only, but with ecrarig .m.<! united heart;, (Continued tomorrow) BUSINESS Bv Her5hberger By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hbople OUT OUR WAY DOW'T LECTURE. AT As TIME LIKE THIS.' MV HIP'S OUT OF SOCKET, 1 TELL YOU--I CANS'T MOVE IT.' CALL TH' DOC QUICK-- YOU'LL BREAK IT OFF. IT PEDALED DRCCTTED IOO MILES/--- KEARIMG TlAE PLfxCB IF TWE ^Ml^APsL. FOR HOVJ IT HOAAE.OSiTHE WHY DlDM'T VOU TAKE OF THE THINGS UP WHEN GOlWG ? SOME OF THOSE THIMCSS ARE YOURS. THAT YOU- ABOUT U€> PO(V\P\Ni 50 PERPETUPxU —AAM LMGS GOT HOT 8O < *ES/-~'VVW6M SOU HOPS ON TrA'SCALE.S, MOO THAT O!/XL LEW 3 , WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY "I never heard you mention the term before the war, but now your excuse for everything is that you must keep up your morale!" .'.'Now maybe I can get a furlough I" By Walt Disney Bringing Home the Bacon! Leslie Turne* But Definitely Wmh Tubbt V X. (THAT'S !?ISHT, SOt?RV.'Jb" '-i——^ 1 BUT DOGGONE IT. ALL 1 WANT IS A SOiD'P BONE T BOIL WITH HEIM? YOU MEAN WE ARE ON THE PEFENSIUE A6AIN5T THE TJECAPENT AMERICANS? ER..WE ARE 6ETTIM6 SHORT OF BOMBERS, YOU ARE TO PROTECT THE AREA AROUND VA6ENSBUR6 FROM AMERICAN ATTACKS, .' VOU Will HAVE/ BUT FI6HTER /WHATABOUT PLANES..., THE HI6H COMMAND HASdBANTEPWUR REQUEST TO PACE THE AMERICANS, 8ABON 8AUMSEITZ I Will. TAKE WU TO yflUR NEW POST AUF WIEPER- 5EHEM, BARON.' BOMBERS HERfc COLONEL By Kred Harmon Thimble Theater The Last Shot Mayor of Mars?" BUT HERE SOMETHING you CANTT DUCK-' WE'LL GET BACK -AMD I KMOUJ UJB'LL =IMD LOTS 3EADU6T GOT BUSTED UP IM "IOO CATCHUP OUJ MV UJOMAM'S OUR CRASH UJ\Trt THIS PLAMET, OUVJE MTUITIOW -5AV6 UJE'LL FISJDSEADUST HERE- By Edaar Martin loots and Her Buddies Bv V. T. Hamlin '. XCO Wc.'i.'DKi'T ^ / /— /SET BACK IN T'HM CASE,YOU _LL ^ .'.. MUBDERIN' RXT$.' TRY T'TAK EYEBSOT AB1D£ TO THBI5 O\\N LllCE-TH'ONE I'M F|VIN , \ \ M£ FOB. A ROE. EH ' U. HEVL NOT IN THE I ONLY \ n., V COINS FULL e HE'LL GBT 3 & • • ^C& W• L'-'./'-Si-cr--J'S/- 'WS- . U- By Chic Young Improvement Details! By Merrill Blosser Dead-Eye Dick Freckles and His Friends ||-.||!> THERE --THAT «!, LOOKS BETTER / LET ME ) WAIT'LL you VOUNS- ^AA.N. YOUR. MARKSMANSHIP IS POSITIVELY . UNCANNY/ THIS is ^A/MeI^.e THE SHELL HIT ALL COMS WERE, A MINUTE TMKOUGH, SEE THE A CROWD IS STAETlNG To PLEASE' j BULLS-EYE, COLONEL' -^Jf£Z EHVICE. INC. iT'lii'. HEP. U. S. PAT. OFF. HOPE S T A ft, HOPE, ARKANSAS Yes, it is twenty-five years since the end of World War I, and we commemorate that Armistice in the middle of another, more critical, world wide conflict. A whole new generation has grown up since 1918 — to find themselves living through what formerly they knew only through the pages of history books. Nevertheless, that generation and the rest of us have been living all these years as free individuals, while across the seas have grown up terroristic dictatorships. We have learned to value true democracy more highly than ever before, and those who have threatened it causing this bitter battle, will never again dare risk the overpowering reproach we are visiting upon them. This war is demanding more of us than the last war; it is the business of every democracy-loving citizen of the United States! Our goals are more clearly defined, and our staunch belief in the rightness of our cause is daily more intensified. We are determined that no matter how much it takes we and our Allies are going to be the victors! For that reason we are devoting our energies to the fullest capacity in working and serving on our home and production fronts. That task, and our purchase of War Bonds and Stamps are our across-the-earth handclasp with our courageous boys who are sacrificing so much more — fighting and dying on faraway battle fields. We are set on making the Armistice to come more glorious, more secure, than the Armistice of 1918. It must'; be the inauguration of a new and better, truly lasting peace. That is our pledge this November llth to our democratic way of life, and to all our heroes who have fought in years past and are fighting now to preserve it. This Patriotic Holiday Message Sponsored by the Following Merchants: Help Hope Celebrate ARMISTIC DAY Thursday, November 11, 1943 ' ' ' • ' .- . ' f All Business Houses Closed IO A. M. to 2 P. M. / .1 Parade IO A. M. Speaking Program II A. M. At Saenger Theater ••A Program 1. Presenting of Colors - - - - - Legion 2. Opening Prayer - - Rev. Tom Brewster 3. Solo ___ Jed Jones 4. Introduction of Speaker - Hon. J. P. Vesey 5. Address ----- Sen. L. L. Mitchell 6. Solo ------- Mrs. Tully Henry 1. Retiring of Colors. Legion 8. Benediction - 9. Taps ----Silent Prayer - Right Hand Salute Rev. Paul Gaston - Scout Bugler - - All Standing \ Saenger Si Rialto Theaters Citizens National Bank First National Bank Puffie Hardware Co, Bob Elmore Auto Supply Stewart's Jewelry Store First National Bank Building J, C. Penney Co., Inc. Talbor's Hall Bros, Keith's Jewelry Store G. T. towson's Shoe Shop Hope Ayto Co, Ladies' Specialty $hop B. R. Hqmm Motor Co. Hitt's Shoe Store Ward & Son Chas. A. Haynes Co. Moore's City Market Western Auto Associate Store Geo, W, Robison & Co, Olie's Dairy Rephan's Department Store Hemdon-Cornelius Funeral Home B & B Grocery Store Young Chevrolet Co. ** " r^l ' Morgan & Lindsey Mills & Thompson, Optometrists Scott's Store Arkansas Uouisjanq Gas Co, BUY: • War Bonds and Stamps—as many and as often as you can. Our dollars give our boys the tanks, guns, ships and planes to see them through to Victory. Our mo.ney will be re- turned with interest after Victory. Our boys cannot wait. Their LIVES must be protected NOW; that all our war dead shall not have died in vain! n **•' f t >*' ass-- y il/i

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