Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 9, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 9, 1943
Page 4
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ii^>4^affl!igj&j!fe^ tr r ,1 =£A ,.* ^ ^ * J 1 \ t ti ^ ; N 6 ? I "STAR, H 0 ? £, A ft K A N 3 A 3 lope Star 1W9; 1W7, . 1929. Vk ' . In*. t E* i*oi(t>iir one} Awx* H. Wosnoum) I Star buiHhro. 212-2U South Wolnut Afk. C. L PALMER. , N. WAJHiURN, tdltor and '\6nfe«d as second clou matter at the hsfftee ,-ot Hope, Arkansas, under the 6f Mirth 3, 1897. „, j (Al>>—M««ns Associated Press |(NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n _.,.»n Rat* (Always Payable in :e) By city carrier, per week ISe, teod, Nevodo, Howard, Mlllsr ana tt« counties, $350 per year; else$6.50. ' Member : at the AnocMttd Pren: The octated Press Is exclusively entitled to Use for republlcctlon of all news dis- thes credited to tt or not otherwise Scredited in this paper and also the local published herein. . ^ National A*»«rtltlng Repretentatlve— iftrkanso* Dollies, Inc.; Memphis, Tenn Siterkk; Building; Chicaso, 400 North Mlch- ljarvAvenue; New York City, .292 Madison AVfci' Detroit, Mich, 284i W. Grond Blvd , F.Oklahoma City, 414 Terminal IBdg., New Orteons, 722 Union St.. Hold Everything "No mail from home, so they're reading each other's palms!" About 14.000 men have been graduated from West Point since it was founded fn 1802. Combined Operations:"" s '°" " lh ' COMMANDOS Based oti th?» F-lhe-Menth ILLUSTRATIONS BY WIUIAM SHARP ( if T 8 ; >v% --—.? ^b^° -\*"»>#«, 'k SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith . tHc;"f. M. HEC. a s. m. off. Out of the tragedy of Dunkirk came the Commando. O UT of the tngedy of Dunkirk \\here the British, hopelessly outininibcicd, fought off the N"i/is irul rescued tlie remnants of nn army, was hog' the most romantic fighting man of World War U-the Commando. On the records of the War Office his service is named, prosaically, the Combined Operations Comnund, which means very little. But his duties are precise and definite. He nray be an infantryman, a marine, a sailor or nn airman-British, American, Czech, Pole, Norwegian, Dutch, Belgian or Fighting French, but whatever his service or •nationality he*can*slic a throat, drive any kind of a car, Drawings copyright, 1943, by King Fcaturi boat, locomotive or tank, destroy a power plant or a factory with a minimum of effort and time, blow up a bridge, operate a siege gun, sink a ship or forage fur his own dinner. .His chief is Lord Louis Mountbatten, cousin t< the King of England and one of the great figures of this war, and his motto is "United We Conquer." The name Commando comes from the Boer War. After the victories of Roberts and Kitchener, haiulfuls of rhc scattered Boer army formed guerilla groups and so called themselves. They were able, despite the vastly superior British forces, to hold off a decisive Empire vie- Always ready to move . . . torv for niontlis: Prime Minister Winston Churchill, a Mtmi of the South \hictn (.impugns, gne the present [jump its stirt He itid Sir John Dill, then Chief of the Imperial General SialV, planned the Combined Operations Command a week after Dunkirk. The scheme was worked out hy Lieut. Col. D. W. Clarke, Royal Artillery, who luul fought Aral) guerillas in Palestine and had seen them do what the liocrs had done in Africa. In June, 19-10, Clarke pave the Commandos their name, and the organization was launched. The Commandos were formed.for two reasons. First, They learned Arab guerilla tactics , . . there \v is no existing unit of the Binisli nniv \\hich could be mule ivtihbk !<>i riidin^ opu itions So xenons tt is this shortage that not one battalion, for many months after June, 19-10, could be spared from the paramount task of^ organizing the defense of the British Isles against invasion. Second, the most stringent economy in weapons had to be exercised. All factories were producing weapons for the main army. The weapon scarcity was so acute that the Commaiuiris had to borrow trims from the nrmv stores and return them when thcv came back from '•'ids. (Continued tomorrow) Syndicate, Inc. Text copyright, 19-13, by The MiicMIIIan Company. Distributed by KiiiB Features Syndicate in co-operution with the Book-of-thc-Month Chili, Inc. *UNNY BUSINESS '""Oh, do come over—we're dying to see you' You c&n help us move the piano and Hangs!" Bv He : shb . er9e - l OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY c •• -'"""".. l :^;/;•*j V ':-: : '-C;:' : ^ 11-9 • ' i"l I|'(JO?P l^iaTNEASIRVICi INt: T M R 66U S fAT oT By J. R. Williams "Beat it, Sadie! Rabbit's not the only meal that's poin-t MOO STARTING WALTZ vvi \TVAOOT A ROOLB < GO VALUABLE ARE <=>VAOOTItxiG PEOPLH FOR. LOOV<\MS ATT BOT NOLVR& OP MlLKvsJEE.0/ EGf\D,TNSiec3S, I'M OF IOE^ FOR A, VOlLU VOU'D BETTER. DO \ / DOC., TH£V SAV SONAETHIM& ABOUT \ 1 "MAT THE.RE'S THESE HOUMDS, NAERV Y ASJ EPIDEMIC / — --THAT SPOTTED OMB Cf r WARBLES \MOMa THiS YEAR--WILL * J WoihTubbt Must Be Pretty Good By Leslie Turne. Dona | d Duck 'Silent" Movies! By Walt Disney WILL BE READY TO LEAVE, BARON BAUMSEITZ /ACH51 HAVEFUUV v» RECOVERED v ^ FROM WOUND, HERB/ •DOKTOR?/' TA HOSPITAL INNAZi rTHEy WILL GIVE ME NO TROUBLE J I WILL yes, BUT you MUST \<?UITE SIMPLEI SWEEP THEM FROM THE SKIES AND AVOID STRENUOUS I HAVE ASKEP BOMB THEIR CITIES ACTWIty FOR A / FOR DUTY DECADEMT AWERICANSJ BUT I HEAR THE Y THEV HAVE AMERICANS ARE \NEVERFACEO TOU6HER THAM I ME , HERR WE HAD THOU6HT, " ~ " HERR BARON <« Red Rider Roped fACE •V INSJUN RYDER ^lOUR E1E A( HERE TriEf\ COME, --AMD HERE'S V! ACE HAr^LONl'S LUCK STARTS By Kred Harmon ~ACE-"- H5UP/' dOUGH HACK "^ WEf?fCUC K. * iRTf iibiafcfc.IrT- J L. " l db^%5* I «|£5i»s \rj« c yx,.ns °^ $& Popeye 'Blow Your Horn, Popeye!' Thimble Theater loots and Her Buddies Worried By Edaar Martin I MADE A UJISH, ^ f I DOW'T BELIEUE POPEVE— £"~ ^~~ " LOOK LUHAT WHETHER WOU BELIEVE IT OR IDE'RE OMOUR TO F1MO IGiUBSS THIS PLAMET OOMT KNOW ABOUT V£R UJISH.OUVJE Boy Sailors Fr6m the Soviet Please, No Tax In pleading pose, Mayor La Guardia of New York tolls tho House Agricultural Committee Ihnt removal of oleomargarine taxes would help reduce cost o£ living. Heads Up! fhrse voiinR Soviet srnmrn do a man's lob in this war. but give Jnem n dish of lcr> pronrp nnd Ihcv bocomp bovs acain. In port nt |enUlo, Gona Logovoy, n. Dura PhilipofT, 14, and Allen FeadorkofV, 15, enjoy nn American delioncy. The 'Kussinn hoys stand rDKiilar Batches abourd ship rind study for cnrecrs ifi ll-.cir counlry';; mc>r- rlirmt m.'irinf Walking Wigwams • 1 ,0 ^ - sprayed from attacking enemy planes won't harm soldiers wear- "anti-t'as wigwams," like these of cellophane-like substance |demoristruted in chemiral warfare drill at Mitchell Field, N. Y. The IJndividual tenls, supplementing gas masks, allow soldier to strike bad? at attackers by poking his rifle through the covering. Death on the Road to War Balancing a total o£ 98 pounds of Stornaway Kippers atop his hend, a London porter helps unload a shipment or Britishers' favorite delicacy dish. f& Alley Oop liendif Caught With the Goods By Chic Young COOKIE/ DIP VOL) PICK CXJKXSOICAW . RETURN) IT V U vou SHOULDN'T; ( LAUSH,COOKS-) > THAT COULPVE / VBEEN SERIOUS/) v/H'i 7totiK(C>—e In the Time Machine By V. T. Homlin_ | WONM'JG! COME HE.E.S QUICK? OOPS^ SOT A COUPLE OF JAPS COEN5EED IN THE TIME.-MACHINE AND HE'S .THROWING SWITCHES KND TWISTING DIAL'S LIKE A MADMAN,' 1 .f.T.H—«— VcOPfi. 1543 BV fJ'A i:EfiVICF. INC. f/r.1. RCC^U. S. PAT. ;*:. ^^1 .Aw k *%u •<v^ ll CU. S Army Signal Corps Radio-Tclephoto From NEA) |f|The marching feet ot American fighting men go tramping down a road in inly p-ist the body ot a '^idead Genndn boldiei— jus,t another milestone passed on the long, hjrd load to Rome and B°i)in LONGEST RAIDS Or U. S. AIR FQRCESJN SOroMmClFIC : i . Freckles and His Friends *** ^ It WAS POINTED IN THAT \ WE'LL FIG DIRECTION, COLONEL, SO ) URE THE THE SHELL MUSTA GONE / ANGLE, THAT WAY/ yTRAJEGTORy, ^-^AND RAMGE, AND (M WAT WAY We CAM LOCATE WHAT IT HIT' Gone, But Not Forgotten By Merrill Blosser IM TO LETS NAY FIGURE'S. I DRIVE SIR,IT LANDED / OUT HERE/ Do vou THINK we CAM „ \ NO, &UT WELL FIND WHERE FIND THE PLACE,COLONEL? I PLACE USED ID BE/ COPR- 1943 af NEA"stttVlc"E. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. ; t 0 Hong KOB ./ « •^FORMOSA MARCUS # MIDWAYf^ "•' JHAINAN t^^^^'^SS^^^^^^T^Tm^^^?M"^'wS ^ ^^^^,^^^^^^ l f^f^ v ^ r „^^^ l ^^ 4 * ^ f' H 0 P t S T A ft, H 0 *» t, ARKANSAS Page MARIANAS- ISLANDS .^PHILIPPINES <&iGUAM ' :7V • •' ..'. .; ' ; t$TRUK CAROLINE ISLANDS ' /CELEBES •*_• a/^iCi 'or JJAVA Mpcassgr tftWAKE WOTJE >5fr MARSHALL ISLANDS MAKIN. GILBERT TARAWA^ ISLANDS " iNAURUN Indian Ocean AUSTRALIA 4<n* »*^ gUADALCANAL Coral Sea SANTA CRU2 ; ISLANDS ELLICE ISLANDS FUNAFUTI All mileages recorded refer to round-trip distances. bgssj^SJSr^y^TT' , i-—- Action and Relaxation Aboard o U, S, Submarine Count and Guard at~Nas§cfu These are two of the most-photographed figures in the Oakes murder trial at Nassau. Count Alfred de Mangny, lighting a cigaret, is charged with the slaying of Sir Harry Oakes last July. Constant- f ly at his side is Nassau detective Lieut John Douglas, who testified ^V lor the prosecution, quoting dc Maiigny as saying Oakes "should have been lulled anyhow." U. S. Casualty in Paramushiru Raid (U. S. Navy Photos From NEA) I There's a lime for fight and time for fun aboard U. S. submarines, the deadly undersea craft that 1 have taken a big toll of Jap shipping. At their New London, Conn., base, submarine sailors drill lor action with deck gun:;, enjoy a dip in the Atlantic from the surfaced sub or relax with a good book and a Levy of pin-up girls—all in the day's routine. *$&''-' A "^Ja£** '"£ *U», %», Bnck from n rnid on Hie Jn,5 bose at Pat amti=hiru one of Ine^ •wour.cled Amencan fhc"; i' ic'iu\i.d on a slietthei thiough die Liberiitor's t.oinb biiy * THE TREMENDOUS GROWTH OF THE U.S. NAVY Or VtS&ILS AT THt [NU OF rl&CAt TfAft .Clime It FltK I Billy Mitchells Bomb Japs' Hong Kong Oi! Dump , * e w V Once the name of Robert Owen loomed large in Glasgow, Scotland, and in Posey County, Indiana. His efforts to improve conditions of workers brought an in- ^. fluente felt even today. gv^!^>._3V4?*'^^$? >! Communal Trial Sfe© Rule by terror has been no stranger to America, but our states and com- mumties have always stamped it out Then, is no room in this \vo-!U fo r the Nazi rule of ter- C0. S Armn An Form Pholo From Ni,A) ' 'Whataya Got On for Saturday Night, Signorina?' Pothers Take Note n Way aliead oi the current couuoyerby about drafting lathers are these two soJdier-grandluihers. who m;iy wonder what all the tuss is about. Fort Knox, Ky., trainees Pvt. Michael J. Patook, left, 34, and Pvt. Thomas L. McHale, 37, .oolli nave married daughters who _ re.ceully preafntgd Uieju vvitli iiv.andtLaldieti. t, In the best accepted boy-meets-gir! manner, a Canadian soldier unreels his line of chatler lor the benelit of ;i coy and smiling group of JUilian signorinas in Avigiiano. While his buddies stand by m •mile admhation ot the pitnly Italian girls, an urchin sidles up to get an earful of this strange lingo. rfiiiairt™ .,^'»;WiiiJ*«i~ tf-ft JL ,_

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