Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 2, 1943 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 2, 1943
Page 5
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t> t f > r E 3 T A 0 ? e, A R K A H * Tuesday, Hovefofetr 3, ,1j Of, L .Tuesday, November S, 1943 H 0 ? £ STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS rage r ^«" .5 tar ' ft* Inc. t H. 4 4 $eutt> Wolnut tnfifed ds teeend «toss (tatter at the Witoffke Ot Hop»» Arkmttas, under th« Art Of Match 3, 1897. (APJ—M*0rts Aisoddted Pf«s» (NEA>~Means N*wspop«r Enterprise A»'n. S»bicrt»«IM H«t« (Always Payable Irt AaVa(««): By etty tattler, pet week ISe; feftpjtead, NevtWa. Howard, Miller ana Lafayette cdunties, $350 per year; else- whttfl J4.40. .>, v • * i ^ Memb« •( Th« AiteelBt.il frew! _The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to »M US* for republleotlOn of all news dis- ootches credited to ft « not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. » Atvermir* Repre*entatr»«— *» D«!ll««, lne.j Memphis, Term. ,^ Building,' Chicago, 400 North Mich- n^n Avefiue; New York City, 292 Madison AVe i Detroit, Mich, 284i W. Grand Blvd , Oklahoma City, 414 Terminal IBdq ; New Orleans, 722 Union St.. Hold Everything "Hup, two, three-^-hup, two/ three!" The hummingbird is' the only bird known to fly backwards ns well as forwards. SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith The Seventh Cress Baud ort the 'filie-Month BY ANNA ,, ILLUSTRATIONS BY WILLIAM Ml ". . . Bad for me, and for the children, too-" "Outside, Paul told George his plan." " 'This is him,' Paul said." "... so exhausted he could no longer fear."rj I," she said. ...ne back I'll tell you about it," Paul whispered. "But keep your mouth shut, or it'll be bad for me, and for the children, too." Liescl stood transfixed after the door slammed. Bad for , the children? Bad for her Paul? Hot and cold by turns, she groped her way to a chair. It was quite dark now. with rage, good." "Shut up! 1 know what I'm doing. 1 have a great idea. If Liescl keeps mum-and I'm sure she will because she's afraid for us-you'll be out of danger at least for tonight. I'm taking you to Aunt Katharina's. She has a trucking business-nothing big-just a few trucks. Liescl's brother Otto-lie comes from OfFcnbach-is supposed to start tomorrow. Little Paul always gets an idea." George followed Paul silently. When they finally emcrctf the truck yard, there was Aunt Katharina herself, standing square in front of them, for she had just dispatched a truck on the night route. "This is hirrt," said Paul. "Mis things arc still at our place. He waS ( to have spent the night with us, but Paul Junior is fretting, and Liescl thinks it may he measles." The woman glanced briefly at George. "Well," she ndwasj so completely exhausted that he could no longer f^ even think. Toward morning, he curled up on a bench. Sleep out of the question. His thoughts were racinp; thrtl his brain in a nightmarish procession: "What if the) r not bother about me any more? If Paul simply leaveW here? In place of that fellow Otto?" He'shivered*" sat bolt upright, listening. .. . (Continued tomorrow) Distributed by Klne Features Syndicate In co-operntton with the Boofc-oMhe-Month Club. Inc. By J. R. Willie papers? And tomorrow?" Kl nE Feature* Syndicate. Inc. Text copyrlcht. 1042. by Little. Brown Hershberger UNNY BUSINESS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY DON'T FORGET TO SLIP TI4E RUBBE-R NOO6H OMERSOUR W!R\St-^ THE 8AUL VOlLL COMB \Mrt\Z7HttG BACK TO LlKB A SHOT/ GOOP VSTIFFY DOM GA.WSH.' \ CARE PERT WHUT A / WIDDE.e-- MILLIOM X JEST POLLA.RS V TO HAW J J( COOK DO.' V ^ HIM IF VUH GOT AMY MORE VUH CAIW'T RIPE, GIT 'EM UP WHILE I'M IN TH' MOOP.' THE SL&P THIS VACUUM CUPOM >T TrAE^ TOSS TrAH 8M.L HIGH AMD TO THE RIGHT MTU SOUR FlE-LTD, POR. A earn, nmr utA stnvice: INC. T. M. REG, u. s. ra.otr "After I get this house clean I hope you'll tell me some of yotu^enthralling stories again of how you suffered in France'in the last war while I was home dancing!" STICK!W PIASTER "In case some driver gets fresh, I let'him have it!" By Leslie Turnei By Walt Disn Donald Duck Ears, But Not to Hear! f OH, ITS STARTING; I MUST GET OUT MY GLASSES' I DOMT KNOW WHAT MADE VOU CHANGE VOUP? M1MD ABOUT THE OPEf?A, BUT YOU'PE JUST WONDERFUL TO TAKE YE6,lT-6 UNDI6NIF1EP, SIR! 8UTTHE P06 POESM'T KMOW WHO vou ARE; COUOMEL; jSK,#S;<j f ;•? ,,/-,! W 111" _ 4-t H ll tl/tfSt t *MflA it>- / LIEUT.- auv'NOR} DIDN'T UFT SOON EHOU6H! By Kred Harmon Vengeance Bound Thimble Theat 'Not Drowned Out! VJE FREE NOW, [<?UICK,'ACE ' ONE-EYE MA.Y RETURN .ANY SECOND A>3D 1GW1 HOLD OUT ANOTH DAY OF TORTURE rri sicr IF W 5TREM HOLDS OUT TH' RANCH, VJINDOWV HANLON'S GANE PERHAPS IT'S SIMILAR 40U MUST DRINK MINE "SUJALL-OUJS.AMD TO THE HICCUPS 5~^ UJHATCHA MEAN? By Edaqr Martin A Life Saver Boots and Her Buddies By V. T. Hom Hot on the Scent CAWL X'b , VAOWt ^OVV KKl'O "e.'c.AXtM" VOOOVO BUT IF I KN OOP OF OLP WON'T STA.y MY STARS, \WAIT. ELBEKT.' I KNOW- WHAT ARE YOU JlHE &EN6HIS KMMI T <blVE ME TH' . -^ AN9VVER! "Steaked" to a Kiss! By Merrill B Between the Boys Freckles and Hi) Friends COLOMEL BARR WANTS THM COLONEL BARR SA/S HELL WE'LL PUT ITOM XMAN, A 6UW TAKEN To THE PROMT GATE J USING LEMO us A MODERM AHTI-AIRCRAFF MAIM STREET AMD SUN LIKE NOW ORS. we WAIT HE'S A AND HA GUN FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES / s BUILD A BOND / THAT SUPER/ js^-^C BOOTH NEAR IT/ X° U&HTA DRAW A O?OWD/ 20 50 Y Age?" In Good Health...Have Good Moral Reputation and High School Education *• • then Do You Want To -- By Joining the Airplanes flying into battle—need you now to make them fly. They need you to tune the motors, to check the guns. A radioed command, a telegraphed signal—important! Who is going to take the message? Will you be there when you're needed? You, and your children, are included in total war. You are needed to help now in protecting your home, your family, your own security now and in the after-war world. You and your men are in this fight together, fighting for the same things, for the world to be the way you want it! The job of the Women's Army Corps is a big one, important to the war effort. There are hundreds of different types of jobs to |)e done. Men are needed in the fighting lines and women are needed t take their places in noncombatant duties so the men will be free to go. The WAC uniform is the modern symbol of all the sisterhood who in past wars stood side by side with their men and loaded their rifles. A VITAL AR! NEEDS YOU.., mf^mmmm NOW! •"-.••.-•U'Si ARMY CORPS ............ c^ ou t this coupon and mail today WOMEN'S ARMY CORPS POST OFFICE BUILDING TEKARKANA, ARK.-TEX. I should like complete information about the WAC. NAME. ADDRESS. CITY STATE. JPHONE N0._ Corps Now in this war the women operate the com- <• plex machinery necessary to keep a modern army in the field. These women are helping to make the history of this country. v ^j Women are needed in the WAC now to ba, photographers, accountants, bookkeepers, aircraft instructors, weather observers, glid-, t er instructors, clerical workers, cooks and bakers, X-ray operators, telegraph and telephone operators, radio technicians, laboratory assistants, librarians, statisticans, stenographers, and for many other occupations. Enrollment is open to all women who are citizens of the United States, regardless of race, color or creed, who are between the ages of 20 and 50, inclusive. If you qualify after enrollment, you may go to an Officer Candidate School, Pay is the same as that of the soldiers of the Army of the United States. Total war won't wait—you've got to be there on time—join the WAC! THIS ADVERTISEMENT IS SPONSORED AND PAID FOR BY THE FOLLOWING PATRIOTIC FIRMS AN D INDIVIDUALS: Herndon - Cornelius Funeral Home White & Co, Union Compress & Warehouse Co, Arkansas Louisiana Gas Co. Hope Basket Co, Gunter Lumber Co, Tolbot's? Dept, Store J, H, Warren groceries & Feed Hitt's Shoe Store Hall Bros. Cleaners Ward & Son Hope Auto Co, Hope Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Morgan & Lindsey Saenger & Rialto Theaters Louisiana-Nevada Transit Co. Monts Seed Store J, W, Parson's Shoe, Saddle & Harness Shop Geo, W, Rofcison & Co. G. T, Lawson's Shoe Shop Western Auto Associate Store Jack's News Stand R. M. UGroneJr. &Co. Hope Builders Supply Co, 1 Young Chevrolet Co. Barlow Hotel Plunkett-Jarrell Grocer Company Whitten-York Furniture Co, (Division and Second St. Stores) Hope Retail Lumber Yard Scott Stores Briant's Drug Store Bob Elmore Auto Supply Ritchie Grocer Co. Bruner-lvory Handle Co, Graydon Anthony Lumber Co. Webb's News Stand Rephan's Dept, Store Chos, A. Haynes €o, B, R, Homm Motor Co, 'Al . sl , ^11 I i?. * %*•» 'ill •$ Si < "frt* ^ ^ feW i*"'?fl V * v* }•! F ?$$ p.tf ,« ^ ;? ** 1 1 ; -tel r T »"l • J i| ! VI

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