The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 27, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 27, 1940
Page 3
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TI;KRDAV, FERRUAUY 27, I<MO •ji'itpcs ivl'.l.-li t'ipon tlic same sc.l- ' son as doe.? Ce»ro:-;l. The Lindlcy ! '*:' a r:d yrape. ' ^ 1 In ilio plum line, t'.icse MO sug-' B l' rmRVILI ' R ^ ARK ') couniRji NEWS n f ri n A .- «. « . , i IU "'* ' )Illln lm °' l - !cse KW •«»!• Dl DOTH OV w " eil; Wllri Gl) ° 5 -' Bhic Damson, i I ' N Kf I' Hi «>»•»'»* mitl Opata. m^moro' IJU UHULU Ui !•>»:' Moml.'kc vaiidics of slriw- n nun ttnr,ur,fs'—•'-'' ",';<•'. "<*< .""' Mi.«i« 01 SCHOOL NEWS —And iho Kent's Program To Be I'm Cliidcasawba 0 i s Irirl During This Year A 'home emlini'd for every farm family in North .Mis-si.'-.sippl County i; the ye:] wlihli has IK-HI adopted by the cxlc-nsio.! ag'-ms with I he urapcraiion ul the County Agricultural Committee, Farm llmeaii, »;•- ficiilltiriil instructors in schools, AAA n.'j j. ^-ju.uive.s, imr\(.';"yim-:i '•'.m\ leading fruit grov.'ers, who «jll launch nn (••tltn.sive oithaid ins campaign viihin the coming week. TUCK- jrf; a::ui lainllics iii t.'tH district. feinting out that obstacles caused by the' deli .'.oil of thU st-:- liun have Ijr-i-ji overcome «y experiments pmviiia v.-liK-h kinds of Irnils shonl;l lj» planted, ihe sjion- .s'U's ami l..c .stale extension rte- partnunt Iiav3 m;i|i;:ej nut a program designed in !;.iii< the l;t-si Beeaiii-o ninny farmers of (his .ici'tjoj) are re-inert:, the program is designed to fit both me venters und the land owners \viln orchards to b? planted liy renters now on the laii.l winch v;i!l be purchased ln r the next renter, will] lire Innd owner as siM.-.sor who will ascertain value of tiic orcliar;). The nifatinas, which are to be lield lit every community of thr; <Jhlel;n:.!twt-.i District, will plaej (he c.i:uunign before nil of the /miners, it is believed, us the AAA cirin-nj) and (hi? Plant 13 l-Yosper conteji v;nl IJL' taken n;> ,-u the same lima 13 make excjlliini nlton- n dearth in fmil (?rovvln-» here tciiiiisc of tin- hirac nmnlier 01' ronlei.s ntul because of some- (Icies small y:;.kl.s on valuable land, most of the fruit used in this soc- licn has been brou a 'hi into this reuion. !t is believed that tne plan to be adopted will not only enable the farm families to have Ires!) fruit in season but will give tlu-iii fruit for cunning ami to sell to other pwson.i, thereby increasing their cash income.? its well as provi:lh;j wholesome tttiit., through- tut the vear. The experiments wolfed out by Ins .state ueparimc.-.i. wiiii assistance of linn growers an I nurserymen of L'-.i.s .section, .shGvV that (liC'irit.s end pear.! arc- UK; u:i!y v.'eil Itnuni) frnH.s v.nich do nai "i:r.y on" here. Uhciries are ran roccmmelttlfct 1 for lliis locality bti- catisr; pi% iiiixiK. .short • life of'-tho trcs an;i u.ipiodu:tiveness. Pears are ncf' fS-Jiimiaaded duu to excessive lira tlisjht u'hWi tint only t.:i- |:ear.s bin the apples. lint poiiitiin, out ilial injuey i:e- livert liom the sale of other fruits can LL- used to ptir;iu::c titesn sliipncd-in products, sponsors a<(- vorate many iclnrls of apples, penches. grapes, i.-luins. scrnivberrlfc;. uo>EC;.o«iies. voungbsrrie.s. blaik- bcrries and pecans. Mnkiiij a plan tnat v:oul;l vitjuirs liflli.' cme. .such <.s only a .s'mnll amount, at ' spiayin^ and other worl:, it wvis po'.nu-d o;it t.'.aL t.'ie only eaie the mat in cilnblisliiiig n home crclianl is thoi-oiijh cuUi- vallon lo kc.'p the t.-ee.:; a.-.d plnius Ejrowin.j raviKlly. Tne lining or;-h 'rd should be !oc.:t:d 0:1 v.-cl'.-riraiiicd £(;il uiitl lilt- puvunaiii; of aoocl tKes .ind plants jcoi.i rc:li.Tu?e nur!;ery- incn, ta fcj ijl.intt-i! i:i March, are rcccmiucmU':!. 3n the ajiplc li.:e. these were reconunaiiih-d ar, adaptable i-j Mis- Eis.sipni Coiuily: lied D?}icio;i;>, Goidjn Delicious. Wdieanp. HorsJ Apple and Re,l June. Tise rojam- niDniied pencil v.irieties are: Fair Beauty, tlbcrta and Uite Crawford. In the jn;a;li vsvlcties it was piiinted cut that Mississippi Comily may have I rouble from fuiit moth o.i any \K&Ai ripeniiu; later tiiin tl:e Elferi.i RII:| (he insect will move from the ivjacitfs to the la^r apjne vaclciiei. Tha trouble is asp.jrav.ilea 1 by plantiai b(.t!i apples and peaches together but it ir, still vejoimiiuiule;!" lint tutli sliould bo iiiclutiiiJ in the home oicliF.rd and h:la- vjrictirs siiould be usoil alonj ivilii tlic rnrly varieLics, Orape varieties re:ommen:ic:l ar;: Moore's Eaviy. Eitra. Keruort, Wyo- inins Red. Niagara and Limiiey. L'xtra ,iiirt ffeniert arc bath black I nc'i iiiid iihi-.-k :e:-iH-J d'j well j,i'i!ii s i ana. Miwi'l und ;jiiu'';.vs v.ui'nits (,f p>i:ans fiwiu t;) do t.i-t;!-;- he:e ; ilian ot:u-r virieuu 1 ;. ' j Seoul Kxeculive's Aide ' i Sii;l Net Selected C- I . • r 'i | ^(•iei.'iioii ol an as':nt:im. exccti- j t!vi: for. the lOnMdrii,-, of Hey Scums of Anu-uca I has not yc-t been miids. It VMS an- i ncuiiced ttday Ijy Janus Hill Jr.. j <:( Blyihcville. prcsiui-in ol Hie icouixil, Klio said Unit (tie imtioiial tiouy hy<i cot yet l,fcn al:le to find seveial inni i'.s;)t'c.;,!K' littej lor'll'.e Jjusitmrl lieu. " •, J A .ti.niiiuue iiiJinwi to »itiiti> u-.e .-.(.-lectiwi v.-.ll piouui^ly have a cau- •.eienc.' with upplirunts wiihin a .MI: ti;tn.', it u'«s i:i:d. -, \ it i., Hoped Unit the iu-«- as.' I I ant uu'.y \K hitM.ducoil at the next ' j ex«.g.;iiic i.t.iii'd inet'tiuj!, 10 l;c I |!'.(;!:! i:i Ji.ii"suoro Sunday after- I |i:jcn. v.hen the sviimner ..amp lor i stems or Arkansas will l>e I j (ii;.tt:.'.s«l, i j l.i. Ii. Uidd ol joi:c s ;x)i-o, dialr- imai oi the coiniiiiUce, mi] make a repul CH a repeat tjiiesiigiiiiiiive |stm ctit us to Hie km:! ol .sum- jut r v.'tiutsil c y the scouts of I this- tlisti'iet. i jjiiv.Ui! n lie-.'.- assisiasu to Rnij- eit C. MiicnriUD, ictintil e.vec'ii!i.e, ant! the annual summer camp lire I but two phases ol me proanan planned l.y the council v.-nnm ti.e l.ast lew months to interest more i < in i-Couliny. j Hoyd A. W.'i.Ce. Clarence H. \Vil- jScn i.i'd Mr. iijil. members of Ine ni-i3 expected to auend Lie , ii^tiint; in Jones!)Dio Sunday. ihe o II of Ihe . liulilunl placed :,ocond with H |)o:ni.s and Mary i.ciin Jari;smi i,nd KRllihtn Ashlry tied tor third l:lnc« with 13'.. jioints on Iho M- nu-.slL'r roll. Others on (he honor re! I u-civ us lolio-.v.s: I.a N'OI'I. H mur i i;j : Lloyd Uloitic'.vcr i:»i_,; Marjoru' i'erry.ia; Sylvia l?< iiijnun la- Cll»! Whcut 12: lllll Mn-,.,, n';.; 11,-llv Untlscn 11'.; Dill Chambliii n (...'; Hoiotl!! 1 <'i(S II: Hilly Jont/. m 1 .; P.iil MurtSi-.nijli 10; funnciia Mul- liii'; 10; M.lton l':;lU'rsoii i)';.; Uiii'- is Muir 9'-: K:tlll<! ;.:athis «'•; JIK* Clnifnblin 'J. . fi w seniors Uilid , rs ivlm school j (,[ i-vilow's |.'nni m ,'ncw miui- uui'V cl the clilckasnw. ami inetn- iicr of Quill ,,nd Scroll; Clint Wheat, alia hus repri'st-ntcd tho ^cliool in .several ai'iuletnk 1 eonte?ts in (he jin.s-1; J. 1). Widtior, known for his class \\ork and clll- /."iisliii); Mildred Muir, inenibfr ot| the lli'd I'cpp.r clulj ami the stall '.r the UhlclSasuw. mid clicertead- er; c.v.oksey Hudson, president ol flic .Senior class and member of (Julll iiiul feioll. Juniors who ivcrc udiiiiUcil 10 nu-mljcrsliip are: \'era (Uioilrlch, uiuMaJKliiiy In !c!|) mi<l member of the pep scpiad and Quill | anil Scroll; Mur\- Helen Moore. sound; ber nl lcs elnbs, und of the pep Mary Lynn Jackson, nifni- Ihe lied I'CPJHT elub and |:;utidpani in sninil iicadeinlc i:ent'y MiKry 9; Junior G'IWC D'vl fiiith f-iilaba'.v s 1 -; Nancy I'Uflics li'V; Kathleen linker H: l.ois Katon 3; Albert fiiililn T-j; UiH Slovilll Ti; Hi-lt'il MuilSil-lllli T:,; Mary Aline Crawlord 1; James | tcmtosts; liill fjlmmblin, ,,--,...... T-ann 7; Ccrine Klackard 7; Hns-ikkni of Fellow's l-'oimn, .secretary sell TIIIT 1; KatlH'iiiH' WuiiJ 7;jmul ticustirer of lied HU//OO club Vi-ra Ko'.vcll 7; Ann Cniok (!'-•; and memlxr o( the Diamulle club I'.u^^ne licod G'j; ai:tl (ji't'i'.viry " " Atkins C'... Honorable mention for the se- inr-siiT: Mruie Alirnluun, I'.obul All bavi 1 .served us n'pic,s,'iitull\ r e.s to the student eauncll at various times. ....v, ,..,,,,,,[.11,, ,,u.j,ii, 'i'o he oliui'jle for eotisidi.'i'titlon. Bcrrymnn, Glenora Brooks, Meddle one mu.M be a senior or a high, Billy Drowne, Agnes Callis, junior, and imisl rank In the upp;r E. I,. CroiK-h. Hira Davis. Willard 25 ( :<>r cent of his class In r.ehol- Kvans. Mary Finiicfs I'lelrts. Kr- m-iliip. Sfleclion.s are based on ii!slir.c Halsell, Uutoinie Ja«uers. the school, and leadership, Clarence Johnson, Mas Lovelace, records Jcc McClure, Mary Molcn Mocrtv . in .scholarship, service in PrcsciH mfinbtrtihip of the so- , . rcsci mfintrtip o e so- lienlnh Mullins, Mildred Muir. Vir- cirly ccnsisls oi Kathleen Ashley, ini cr '- .Manila Lions Hold Annual Banquet Affair MANILA. Ark., Feb. 27. -Tne au.:ii!;l ixiii(|ii::i of me il.uiil.i Lions ^..l.i \,i,.i ^ncil 'IJlnr.Sd.iy lll>!u ill the lusjli .sciiool gym.,a,iiii!ji. 'i-,,. utiiiui.i i, nas ^je/i jiven loi .lit- p.isl several years oy iiie ctub in tac gym v,incn was .1'pi-oju:,. ^. tne ai'BuiiiziUKm ;1 numue.- oi yeau : jiiiian Jamej;, of Jo.u'.s-!joro, pre.s-- idciu ot me LHM=I-H Arxu.isai j YoKiia Men's clu.), was toj.itmastir. ' to.lo.ving iirugi-iUii v.-.-is vcn- j Roll c:!l. W. n. lirown,, o: tne (.i.;;}; invajnuoa. i.u Uev , \V. J. L:'i,uy, pa.stLr ul l..e l-us, .-eiiiii;n,,, 0 .,,(.„.i oi M.i.iha: jmui- Ci'd sc^clJun. Ma:'lia ac|. fiiu.ruia - :j of iliv! clui) aiul .iincrin- tendeiH ci ths M.iml.i schujt district; rcsiwme ami ii.iniitacuon o. Vi^iioiti; muLi^al .seie-'tiori. Mi.'isei ^;s•|•all By rd nr,;l rn. ; da iVb^uou- ;...i; lasiiion puratie; prlsialpal aa- i(ii(.:>s, Marcus Fieti, Joncsuaro; ;. I t|tiiz ijcinten liic ladies and g'eu- | li-iiitn [Jixseni; bincil!;i(:in, UK- j i.i-i. Air. Lslioy. [ Tile chicken dinner »vas pre- pai'M by women of the Manila i'aient Teacher A^ocir.tio,:. Clilcers of tne cmo are: W. R Hroun, prssitk-iii; Kcnuail Berry. Hut vi^e iirestoiint; Dr. o. S. iVi- kmsMi. second vice president; tv. \V. fowler, sc:rctar>'; c. G. chil- tresir. treasurer; and William Bo- iou.-ky. zone chairman. The diroc- IC1:; i;re: c. W. Tiptoil, A. R. Moore. K. J. McKincnn, Palcy L-anfc.ii ,'.n;l G:ovc-r Siiyder. ! nirds On mi .la-;s EEKD. Ore. tUP)—Wili7 dhds in ' this area j:et drtml;. They cat ju- rlpor berries twliioli r.ra iisc-ri com- nicrcially lo give the dtstiuctivc Il.ucr lo gin) iintl then clrinK pl»n- ty of wnlt-r. The mixture apparently ::in;is ihcm on jugs, tar Ihry j liy cvraticali.v for many hours ' ginia Nerdliam, Kmma l.ou i'lill-' Jcaniiie Afilick. Marjcrlo Mays, lips. Ln Vomie Redman. Mary Rc'i- Henry f.luery. ISclty 'i;ugnu ""'I tihcl. Milliter Sims, ISillie Jm» : Ktilliopin Wlillwortli! Three mcm- Kmilh, L. E. Stafford. Viri;inla •---'••- • . . . . 'itilr.s, and Mildred Weathers. uradiiafion at For the third .six weeks, Sylvia were KcUlman and !.« Nelle Smart Usdjwi'.itc and QIB bu-s of Hie surlety were lost, by for .second place uilh 1-1 points. I id--! Kiliy Jcntx and Jlarv Lnm Jack- J son and Uoyd Bloiiloycr lied for, llaiul Calenrtar for third place wilh 13'.;. points. Olh-j Kathlrcn Ashley, 12'.L-; Marjorle' '<"' H>Is spring lias been released Pony 12; Clint Wheat 12; Hill Moise ll'L-; Dorothy Oas II 'j; Deris Muir II; Henry Muc-ry 10V;;--- --- -.., FaiMiorn Mullins ICVi; Hiiih nil- American Lciiitn ccuvenlion jlinw 10 1 -; Jack Chambliu 10; Snl- ie Mathis 10; Nuncy Hughes II); Albert Salita D'i; Glenora Brooks 9'i; Br-tty Dodson a'i; Bill Mui- ifaush 0"j; Bill Slovail 'J. Vcra Nowell 9; Mary Aline Craw- lord S'l-; Jnine.s Tann S',;; Jiiiiinr CrcKe B',i; HcUn Manijnim 8'_; c <m ('i Mol, two ll,« n -s at .he Allmny. N. Y., house mil .shown above. \\iifii last seen they occupied the space dlrcclly M av ,)„, aiiic-all u mains of the wooden home. I'olicc- linvstii;aljnj; mis iiiiii.siml imu-p was apait piece by piece and cimr.'d awny for fuel during recent cold .snap. rnnsheil second, scnuirs, Ihird, und Miss !• ' \VJi- Crr, Inoiynltles; Ada Wiltfond from X11 - The calendar of band activities . .or this spring has been released •' by C. Ci. Moreheart, directoi'. 'i'lic .schedule incliidc.s band clinic at Jonc.sboro, Feb. 21; conceit for -ciiitn ccnvenlioii. Mar. 1; music festival in Forrest City, latter part of Mulch; Mississippi County Music Festival at Luxora. May .'i; and the Cctlon Cnrnlvnl in Memphis, May M-ia. Mclhmy's sopliomoie.s, Itmrlh. "Ile-Alcn" i>:i r Vaecliialinn KAN JCBK, Clll. <UI>J — NtirsB MnL'vll,' of (lie hciillh dc- piiiuuciil of Han .losi- Slate Col- Ivpo ol men are tin: lilusesl .slsslM i wlien II conies lo boinp, vacetnalecl 1 ivllli v.-nioiB senims. Her statistics slur.s- thru 45 per cent, more men faint Uian women during viiccina- _ Corrlne Ulackard 8 1 -; Gregory Atkins 8'i; Crook 8; Kntlierine 8; Foi-iim Cli:li Olwerws Wasbin/rlon's I'.ii llul.iy. The Fellows Fonmi club had an impoitant uieeiiiiB 'lluusday nlsjlu. en the annivei'.sary of Washing- UiU'H biilhilnv. First, on the pro- ginm, led Ijy Joe McClun. was a Washington by Clarence Johnson, r.tcontl'a talk by Milton Pattci'.sou, "Is America Safe?" and llie (inal talk was "Can Our Planes Virginia rJccdliam l l: -', Ltira iDa-'. IUI'F '•i?( T;; Kalhleen Baker 7'i; Jim- nila Shelton- 7; Eugene Hood 7; Agnes Callis 7; Clarence Johnson 'i; mid Marine Moore fi. Tlie f^onoiable Mention for the third .six \veol;s is as follows: Protect America." bv th. Marie Ahraham, Robert Berry-] man. After the man, Mcdiiie Brown, Billy Browne,< nut business was niKcusstd antl Bill Ciiainhlin. F,. L. Crouch, Pmrl-j p.aiis for n liiiii(|iiel to be Ill-Id llie dine Ellis, Lois Eaten, Wilir.rd Ev- ( !:i~t of next mcnlli were made. ans. Russell Farr, Mary Frances i Fi^lds, Vcrn Gootlvicli, Erncstini Scliolar-lnjis Cup Halsell. caillynn Hood. Dctty " Brooks Isaacs, Plie Marie Koonce. Aine Lovelace, Joe- Mcol clinir proyram impori- cilscusstd and lo Snphomurcs. The scholarsiiip cup for tbe six weeks was won by Ihe -,.L.^ L^.LUI^L, uui.- ^n-vyinn.-. (iinu six weeKs was won by tne Mary Helm Moon?. Denial) M»l-| soiilioniorcs of Miss Terrell's luime .ins. Fird Pipkm. i,a Vonne Ur-d- room. By nlmiing. the cii]i the ir.tin, Maxine Reid. Mildred Ricii-| moncpoly. which tlic freshmen ft .irdson, Marjorle Rimer, Maiy Ucl-: Mrs. Aland's ], olne ,.„„,„ , mrl :hel, Mary KMhn'ine Hose. Hunl- held, was broken. Mrs England';! cr Eiins, Tiiliy .lean Smith, Vir-j Siiiia Slilf-.s, L. E. Swll'ortl air.l ~ Mildred Woatheij;. Ifcrnir Society lo Siista'l New Jlcmlicrs. Installation of newly elected numbers of the National Honor Society is planned for 'Miurstiay Now In Nc\v Location J. J. HARGETT SERVICE STATION Alain & Division Phone 500 Divorces Granted In Chancery Court Here A niiuihr-r of divorce deciws W(> grunted by Cliiiiiui'llDi- J. i>. Cliiuliicy In n court Mission here ycstoidny. Decree's yrnnled yromuls follo;v: M.Titi;' L. MOM frotn Eddie Moss. 'ntll«nltii's; Jdn llnylics from Ifci.-.i lliitlic.s. desertion; iirmio Miiiii- i!lnci (i-oni Murlc Murii/lni]. . . Lliit7.cnicli from C. I^Uiil^eulcli., (insertion; A. I,. .Miller IrAn Ddllii ftrilMr, rteseidiin; Luraic Foslw from J. p. FosUv, IndlLjiiUifs. 1). , W, . Wlllfoml. Indignities lien- dona Jours from Daniel Jonra Indignities; Louis W. Dubbs from I'lililcla l.ce ll.ibbs. sfpumllon fur tliii'o years. Inlen-enlion by llentrlcc Wllldl II llfci-cc (,f (Ih'OlTO Murphy wns set nslii nB<> wns dl.sinlssi-d. r?ciid Ccnrlrir Nou-.i until PRESCRiPTlOHS l-Vt'shost Stock Gmirank'ocl Ucst Prices Rirby Drug Stores SPECIAL! I A'! iMoi-c for lln- same mniipy irs- H'av ami Gt(>-<W[ War Chemical To. Circumvent Armies On Ice MONTRKAI-iTuPl — Chemicals ilev<'IO|i«l by scli'iillsls nl McOill Unlvci'.slly HIOII will he used by •ii-vcrn) Knropi'an I'oimlrlc.s in el'- Jons lo prevent possible Invasion 'iy bi'lllnorciiiK ndKlilioi'liiK powers. •I'lm pi't'tiiutlons bcliiL! taken in- 'oh'e dc.sti'ticllon of lei; on nutiiral Icf'-n.scs or tclcii.scd floo<l wnl<>r», mil pii'vcnllon of Ice loriiiiiHou, 'fi'ordliiK lo Infonnalloii revealed at tlie McCllll laboratories, finch chemicals were devised by einilhii.'i theiv. The ehi'inlcnls arc jitnced in water -,o thai, when the '"tier fM'cwn. (lit- Ice (hat Is foi'in- (I is l'.Vll-1'IIU'ly H'Clltl—fill' (00 W«IK " nipp'Jit Invaillns forces, |>nrticii- ' I I _ ^ The ehemleals were prepared by )r. Ho-.iar;l T. names, Intcrnatlon- Hly Inmotis Ice wijiliu'cr, who now s "" Hit- tiiiivci-sity'.s icUred list, Ills ri'M'in-oi) niiriicli'd (h c attcn- lon or KtH'loi litiiisla but ho di>- 'liiu'd nn Invitation to pursue Ins voi'l: thi're. liiuius cstal)li:,he<| tinu (here were M-vcrul kinds of ice and that .ho Hi'ivliiK of mild could hi- prc- I'fiilctl In ;.omr m.slancc.s mid »•- uiiikil In nil cases, llrail (.'.iirlci N'uw.s waul adi. HEA0OLDS FAGE THREE SHMII Slraiigcly Killed SK, Ida. (UP) — Biological survey vetcrlnarlnns puxzled today over the Btrangc death of a swan, found by Game Commissioner V/nller FIscus wilh the beak of a fmnll bird fmbcilUcd in Us breast PJtcus found the swan in natl-r creek. In Latajj eounly. Constipation Relief That Also » Pepsin-izes Stomach Wlicii constipation liringn on acid indi- Bcslioii, hloalinii. dizzy sjKlls, pis. coated t"ii8'ie, sour t:isle, and ted brcalh, your fiUnimcli h imiljidjly Iradtd up wilh cer- l am iiiidiBCSted foodaml your \wickiituft inovo. ho you need Iwtli Pepsin to lido lircrik up [asi (lira rich undigested food in your slouiacli. and I jxali ve Semia to pull I lie trigger on thocc lazy bowels. So b" f"™ ywur liiKHivc also contains Pepsin" Jake Dr. Uildwdl s Laxative, because its hlTii]! 1'ciisin helps you cain that won- <luni«i! JUST A fell DROPS HEIIWI HEAD COID SIUFftNESS AND MI5CRY Senna ni»v(s yoiirlMwds. Tests prove, ll'ia uiuliljiislcd pratcin lowl wliicii inayli'iiKir in TOctrstomiich, to cnuiclwlcliing, gastric (iciility anil nausea. Tills is how ixtiKm- i/.iiii: yiair sloaiach helps relieve it of such mitrcss. At (lie saaie time this medicine wake'; uplazyiiervcsuiuliiiiiiclositi your bowdr, to relieve your coiistipLil'mn. So we IK.W ninth lictiw you Icol by l;ikini{ the mauve tbatalsii puii l'c| K in ( U wo Ik on tiial slnmiicli discomfort, loo. Knn (in- I icliy rlulilruii love to lasle this plwml hiiiiily laxative. Huy Dr. Calilwcll's iihve ,-SdiHia uiiili Syrup 1'cnsin at wjiir ilru|!|jui today! BKAU'l'V WORK i nc rcr 1UD Appointment Margaret's BEAUTY SHOP minijcw SKNSIWLY Swedish Blassnge, Viip. Ballis Mrs. Itulll [J(«hon HARDWAKK CO. I'lmtic ?,s Sign the NEW Register at the Ritz TUESDAY — PAL 2 admitted for (il-lcp. of 1 "PAROLE FIXER" with William Ih-nry & Virginia Dale '>n::r:l en .1. KDG.U! UOOVICIfS "I'lrisons in Hklinc" Also Amly f:|yde Coinrily A- iVnvflly Sliort March 1st Is the Deadline For the Purchase of Your (STY LICENSE MS If bright after that date, a five doHar fine will he enforced, By order of the City Council and enforced by the Byilieviiie po-icc. Signed—Chief of Police WED. & THUR. ssindry-Olsaners 180 FAYE • M«MURRAY • GREEfiE For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service Greatest VALUES Mso rpiamoniit News ,t Coinrdy n radio history Coming Tuesday, March 26lh l''or a Week's Km\ "OONE WITH THE WIND" We're cclcl)r.lli»p 10 ycnrj of I'hiloi wilh n (j-le- irnlionSnlc lo inlniiliirc I'hiJco's 1910 Anni\.r- Special*. iV'cn r.nlio ncluevcinenls . . . new iiriccs . . . ofTcrs . . . cxlra-lilirnil terms and Iraclr-in :d- TUE.-WED.-THUR. PAL NIGHTS niici'a. Come carl) I Built to receive TELEVISION SOUND ...f/ieWi'retessWay! 2 admiKed for the price of I GAY THRILLER! COIUMDIA PICIURl; mi \Villi.n Joan Perry LISTEN TO KI.G'N a.m. ~12:J5 p.m. —4:30 p.m. Ct;.Itt cl 55 Crist Ccrf'Hfei f ai t, comfortable Super Coaches emy J jy on convenient schedules Go GREYHOUND to SI. umls JncVson. Orleans Jaelisniivltli'. •''« PRODUCTION LOANS FOR CROP EXPENSES Ff vim need money lo meet Uic iiDc'i'ssary cx- prnst'.s of niakinff j, crnp, it will [);i.v ynti (o in- vcsliKiife the Prntliicliou l.niin Thin of Ihis ban!;. The money, furrowed from us in I lie Spring, cii!ib!e.s you lo |i;iy tiisli for your stii>i)lics. The inlercst r;ilc is reasonable and you repay in Hie Kail wlicn your crop is Kolti. Come in and arrange fur your Crop I'rotliiclion Loan now. Your iipplicalion-will bo Riven |)roni|)l iUlcnlion and carefHl considcralion. COiMl'LKTK RANKING . SERVICK 1- Crop Production Loans Z._ Checking Accounts .1 Savings Accounts •I. Personal Loans ;>. New Car Financing (i. FHA Title 2 Loans 7. Commercial Loans THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN BLYTHEVILLE MEMHER FEDERAI, DKl'OSI'i' INSURANCE CORPORATION

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