The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 27, 1948 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 27, 1948
Page 4
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8 W't Wi*lk id/'i f):,c(iij<.<) ;ink|", Barbnra V/lnfoi 1 , dm Mr, itnd Mrs. R«y»»<»i«/ /,!lk/)l,;( jr- V)K)l.j/i(< ;,l tf,<- Mr, idi/l M/H. W;/'i< |{;d), vSr&^'^s^ K ' y?&&£ nt $',w£%A bumwMin MM>n* >,n FH^.y, ] Mr. ond Mrs. ntchsr'd WbMto»k , .f 11 ' f?, 8 "^ V""' 0 " 1* working »t Hinnn r,ok<;, Khcnt IUK( w^»k ?i Ul< ». ' / ,'" 5 " . ''""''" fl ' !/ " lw»»". i«.'»«< wilh th«-ir iv;,W'tJvT- n:m>nls Mcs. f5o.'J( : r slijjpi") |;(st, v/cck rm j .Mr. «nd Mrfs, J, H. WjR'i'lfVk «m «f» j Mr. ,-inrl Mrs, In/in RUwr)n'#fori j Harold PeJerson, son of Mr ot ;iint .Mi,;. Oil" IV'U'nion, arwl Roc- -;f <; CroMi h. ;'(>« of Mr,' ;<r«l Mrs '// (.'l;/M-tici. f,';,)ijtii, h:tv<< j()jn<-(l th< o^.-nruy : ; |j'| |,;f|, 'niur^l.-iy for Fort Brnjul' V ff } K!f t ', %"'t-h*™nl'l'"'' ""* Mf *' S?fT1 BwHh **' Mrs. W. A. ll;,ll •>„.<•"' «).;,''"'.; :f-;r..J^j LiJiLr'N^b'''^^, ^"" I.-iII, ,-iunt lit . Mrs, F. A, Corey fiom <.'i'l;d l-'n hfi'l hci-n for >)V V/ith h"l (l;,IRl,t( i fri- of Mr K«-r»i<'y, N'.h. n«ymond MotJson viisilod his i'iO,'i MIR, Ann.-i M;«l.sori, ... -• . , - niiivl.-iv, (V,i ,-, short timer, f(<- M" : ' : 'I : ''I' «*'" , < , , , it 1 ' 4 *' n r>i".v<-'l v/iUi Voiink<'rH ;ii Mrs. John Wnod is h'ilriln'f out ' f'<•:; .Moim •;, ;u,il V/.-IK I'ohiK lit III'- l'',iilii )!ii/'-;iii iii'/i' 1 !- Ihi:; tlllou;-'h ii'-f- (di hiiKinf-;-'! v^-"k whil«- Ivliih ',V,!i, , ; .,!<!.•(-' A. L. Long returned Monday ' i!* ''V."" v; " : ' 11 ""- , j'l'dn ;< vi.-jt v/itli his fl;jiii;htor Mrs, f red A. MrCnrJy hn<) «:» : ;ii.'t ;-;un i/i. in-.v and ].-)i(ij)y Mr KUCKls;,y M, '||.,,. i.,,1 i.,/,'l .Mi',-!. <;!<•.. l»itcf»-r ;il 'Wcll«.' Plumbmg and Heating *~*j Irons' "Irons" Arc Always in the Fire .JIU..Y '/.'/. I04H LET'S FACE IT, POLKS Il'a onl/ .Inly '.>.(), v/i- IIMIJW ,-nirl '1(1',I loi' VOII (olhrt Cilll lln-i't; lO (Illl /OIIC Ifllllla r,|| ,, t,i|,|.,,.-| hit,* "lurn- Hcoi", Rill Ihf Irulli i'i !!iiH ,1 lol ol -iiin.rl pt^oplo urii (luiii'j jii".! Hull - r.'heckinci ov«r Ilii'lr hfnli.i'i nji, rind jhon (.lilliiiri nt, 1,1 to look it ovijr wilh IhiMii il nuylhijui iippnm-s WI'OIH). Il'a wiiilt In MM- ytirir. lU'i'o Hi Irona' wn am proparocl nnd i-i- lily to f|ivn your proudril hotillnc) ayr.- li'iii nct'ildd roptiifii (foni tho (tirntico rnihl on lo.lht) lop ol Iho aywlom. Wo (mi int.inli you Iho Inloal type conl-iuiv- iii'i VV.nkliM- Auloniiitic Sinkor; wo cnn '/i vi! you a iirnooln-tunning Polro Oil Mnrni-r; wn inn iiuiinll H complijlr- now / your choice ol sovortil fine niriiii^.. Wh.iiBviic you Ihinlc yo\i nood in llm w.iy ol hen lino worlc, our Kincoro iidvii.-f iii L'hoclc inlo H otirly lhin your. THE LATEST WRINKLE-. In tin iip'IO'dulo lioaliiuj KyR- Icni is llio h.-ittobo.ird typo in- Hldlhiliciii ol ritdlnnl hunt. II irit^iiiK qoodbyo toruvor lo un- sil'llitly. cliini ctilcliinfj rrtdinloni, mid til tuldilion ipvi.'s you a bdlinr. nioro ovon flow of hoiil { lliroiic|hout your rooinn. .' Bui iho lieHt lliitKi nbout the liutiiily. Wo littvo jiiNi coniplol- t-d nni> iiuilnlliilion ol Ihiti lypo, iind Itio ludy of the house now lids hor crtrput nnd dnipon bticlc. iif). It in cortnlnly ti moul bonu- lilul !.ifjht. II you want Iho In!. "T.'lf "•'! '"id fho bos I, lot tin explain linriUll Hiin idou lo you. ACTION ON ALL FRONTS The hoys In tun 1 ttiu! pluiul'Uui Ulovlliy rtll oyor ty, wtieiurt liKu, flllll C'Olltplr:lill>| jobh. Thin tllinu li'Olu r.oil in;<» tl»a lo tlli'iinrtt wor linllil'onni lir.l,ill;il Wp fii'tJ in pi'olty nhn|n> iin rrillt'.-.l liilo. niiil wcli uiii fhniU'i> lo liitlt Will) you, lo oody I He's omisintj her u ;\v Wmkjer Au- C o u I Stukv-r 1>Y Irons I" FOR SAIE-A 30-9allon used automatic oil- burning Hot Watai Heater. HEATING 3 PLUMBING Mr, and Mf*, L, ^L Bol««tbi *IK?rjt Frtdsy in Mason City with friend*, Mr. and Mn. MotrtW Xnd*ti to BroMfng*, S, D., la« on bufineM, )o«? Dietrich's werb Mr" and Mm Laujrts of Steen, Minn, Mr*. Richard Mttftari tywttlat Week at Crescq with h'er parent« Mr. and Mri, Qk-ar Moen. . Mr, and Mn. A. D. Cr»*-fofd were in Fort Dodge Wednesday ~'an'mnK an insurance meeting. Wm. Myiript, Leonore, 111,, ft vfsit!n| his daughterB, Mrs. Eu- Kvntt Myois &nd Mrs, Pat Hegarty. Mr, and Mr*. J«ry Alfilft h*.. taken it cottage at Lake Okob'pjl and left Sunday to spend A week •horp. Mr. and Mr*. Jshn ra*«61n^«r if nrilt WCT*V BUo«t« Sunday of h<» Inttcr'B mother Mr«. Minnie llinkman. Mr. and Mr*, ttarold BlirikrWa'n ml (Carolyn spent Sunday at West Hcnrt with Mr, and Mrs. 'ot<!f M'il'tK, Mr. and Mm, Leo Daftly, Sfotix -fty. visit'.'d Mr, and Mr«. Cliff ?owrn;in knd Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sunday. Mr. and Mr*. Ja« 86uth had a* ueists this week, who cnm'e Syn- uy from Wynore, Neb., Mr. arid n. Mfdge Berry and Dorothy "'- Shores' mother and sister rc- t)"i-lively of Mrs. South. John Jordan Jr., of Curlew fritluy and Saturday here viHiiing his auntH Ad»ih «nd feifctt ', »md With former clfWB- The Jord/mB m6Vefl from to Curlew in early sum. Mr. and Mr*. Norman O«borrt, tiskcKon, Mich., arrived a few d;iy» (igo, hrin«in« with them l>ve fitter's parents, Mr. nml Mrs, E, U. Myi-r, for n vjfiit with the son (Jeor«<- nnd his wife, of the Myer ''fife. Mr. arid Mr*. OHvor Balcken had KiicHl Wednesday nnd TluirH- iy Curl Anderson, of Seattle Wash., brother of Mrs, Bukken, who went from here to Minneapolis, Minn,, to viHlt other roh> !«W__ m the achdot* Bfcre, ing the Bummer at was in AUfdhfl, m win ImrA ft around again fb!L«,,,,, m amr OT7/L M *rM* h ^lk>. & rt •Mrs. Chester kln§»Iey 10f !'hi.iH(l»iy for tu-V homo In Ociilf 'In,, n f lor (i wpr-k or ton tiny IITC with hur mother, Mrs. T. C Shcnnnn. MI-H. Shornum i.s abl .o In- out atfaln alter being brnis •'I in ,n full. Wilbur R'olnder* spent FrtdA M Sioux City on luminous. Fridiv •VfiihiK, with hi.s wife nrid child •'•n, lu> wont t(i Orani,'o Cit ,vI»•»•(• limy will spend the- weejt •ml with Mrs. R. lloinclor.H mH Mr, nnd Mrs. HnnMnim. Mr. und Mr*. Bill Zirhmorrrian '•It I'nday for Mllwiiukco, Wis. will remain then,- till Thtirs lay while tho former ntKincIs the miuiiil mooliiiK irt thu home of ici; "I thi« North western Mutua l'<! IiiHiiruncc', Company. VUUora at Mr. arid Mm. Joi • • luHt wnok ,on vnrlou duys were Mrs. Otto Youngwlrtl nnd family, nrid Mrs, "' Inlmos, of UiVorne. Mrs. 'irvir Kramer, of Bnn'eroft, riml Mrs Sylvcsicr Arndorfor, of Burl. Mrs. LoroHn GUfln has had a Jim-si the past two weeks l\e Iilor Phyllis Snyder, Stun ton, Va. She/has joined frlt/nds on a trip to Texas and Mexico" llu'iice to Spokane, Wash., tint in the fall \vi|| roturn to Stnuton Marguerite Dnltlol will leave MIS evening for Chlcngo nnd '"mi Ihciv will K o by piano tomorrow lo New York City. While ••'he is none she will bo doing work connected with her tench- IIIK in (he schools here this fall Mr. nnd Mrs. H. T. Bunkof.ko .nmmy and Kenneth, were dinner quests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs, K. jr. Culshell at Dunnell, Minn. Mrs. TCdward Rich, Spen" l r. sister of Mrs. Bunkofske, • 'Xpirli'd Wednesday for a visit "I u low davs. Mr. and 'Mrs. Chester Webb M '"', tyj'H'cl here July 20, by Mr, ami Mrs. Clarence Webb, of Derby, and Aiiyiisl I. will leave nf ". 'Vi 1 .,, dll >' v "i'«lion to the H ack Hills, S. D., and Nampa, Icliilu, whore they will visit Mr ..Mrs. Firman Webb. Mr. nnd Mrs. Wilfred St. John, ""uyn and Loin Mae, went to Ion last week nnd , M . . 'iul Mrs. bale Sutpiiin. They \vvri- accompanied by Hevej'lv and Marlene, sisters of Mr. St. John. Hcverly remained for a longer Beryl ButierHeld was recently n i','"'/' 10 ' 1 A 1 ; 01 " Korl »^wis. ash, I'rom Wnshmnton lie came I" Mumeupobs by plane and Sun- •l-'i.v lie was met at Mason City by IHS mother, Mrs. M, Buttorfio d. Alnnui Wood, of Rolfe, is spend- i": a l<-w days in the Buttorfiold nonie. COM , MEHCE COMMISSION M " , ,"' ' '!"•',"" °i f K »««»'< " V' ls '"'I''-')' fc'IVl-11 (hilt H'|)«.||- A M ITS, , . ill!! u!! ' '• l - «>'»'>»>*»li'n Unit sakl notj. * "T n ¥ M lo w>isii-iu'l. ouei'. niiitniiirii siiiil ,.|,'cii-U- t" ms' " ' H I341H) Vi lil ' limas.hlh. vai.1 Imuts, 1u- of \viisliu> Nino- Thirty (301 at llu- Sm In fs M, Any ''"••l> fuitiuteivtf CununU- V .• . nu-it in l 'ii* tu tiu< craittiitfi of inusi too in writing and r "ji'Mr"*?.? ^V"' 1 MUs Cuntm l$<*$t Uw (8) aavs b«if«i-o ' ruvii. Thu IV»\VM Stiiia d m Uiat lite • Iiias full KuUiui1\y1o ac't AtttKU • . Strain, carne from MuJteatine,, Thursday,,and is vis- Uirtg various relfltlVbi Here. t ,M*. «M Mr*, A §. Ala ^ n t id Matahailtown, ^drie»day, to bring Frank Arfb homfe to Livermore, following surgery for an eye ailment,. Mr. *«d MM, C. b, SolUfcd went to St. L,ouis, Mo., Friday and will remain over- the weekend, Mr. Pollard is transacting- business thijre. Mr, arid MM. William ierff«n- ehncr and Mrs. Nellie Van Allen •elurncd Friday from a vacation at Park Rapids, Minn,, with Mr md Mnf, B. W.. Benson, MM. Mary Milfen Mw. Lloyd Vcllcndorf and Carmen went to Minneapolis, Minn., to spend the week-end with Mr. and Mrs L f. Crawford and to attend i quntennial. Mr, and MM. J 0 « fifedrh and aughler of Minneapolis spent Sunday and Mfinday in Algona isiting friends and looking after butiinc-sH. , Joe, owns the Coast-lo- C6d«t store. Mr. kM Mi«, Don Ertegiro spent two.cloys lost Week in Dt-s Moint'H with friends, Don was on vacation from Woodwards and Mrs. Engstrom was vacationing frrmi Crilly Appliances. IReeent fluesJij of Mr. and Mrs. lorn Doiley were Mrs, Cejja Schlmdweih of . Kjewanee, 111., and her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Schlind- wei v n of Sacramento, Calif. Mr. arid Mrs. Herbert Adams hud as guests last week Monday and Tuesday, John Lander of Washington, D. C.,. and Dorothy Lander, Farlbuult, Minn., brother and sister of Mrs. Adams. D. D. Clap»addle cttnie V^ednes- day from Mason City, where he had been a surgical patient at the Park, hospital. Ho is with Mr and Mrs. II, D. Clup.s'adtile and Will rerrinin sovcral weeks. mi. TOO- *mr K, a. cnwrara SP&.9* g>>Mfe .(tom lift week is cfif sg.Turribatigh ft btlt still C6h?incd weieks, vacaHoh from hfs .work as ani 1 hf ean K 0 " ^'"* to tifci koir»c« next Wcek- ISH Mr. and Mrs. ^' <» • - • i» ¥'& ^. Bn f **ww 1* bains vlt" i ted,by her broiher, Leonard O«, 1 .l? dr °? Ottawa, IJ1, Thursday they .were gUestit at dinner at M T-.. a W Mrs* John ; IFalk'sv other guests'being; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jarr and fa/nfly. . ,> : . Mr. Bfta MM, fain Dailey fci« cAm'e grartaparents.for the first iirne, ounday, 'A daughter 1 was S^H? S* »— Lutheran hosbital in nS^* i'jf'..»MV, £ 'I/?Sylvia K ' ana here, but now pipe tfrgan- the f^yteHftn church at » having a month's Vaca- is expected to spend in . . fi y. daughter,. Otmn, former . fti? Ma»&n tag ttwfl City, *h«fe shS Wa With hef husband while he was fteMomly iicft at, the tlrflVeYsliy Hospital, tte is fecdWsrlftg tiitfe ly and will soon Be dig!. afteV which Tie join his. Wife hete at the horVte of her sisie'f Mrs. Blanche Peterson; They wilt' return - ta Pomona, Calif., as soon as he is able. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Beckw went to Storm Lake, .Sunday, to spend a few-days with Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Otto, brother and' sister-in-law of Mrs. Becker. Betty, daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. Otto, flew from Atlanta, Ga., to Omaha, thence by motor to Storm Lake,.to visit ; her parents. She is jrnployed in the office of the air lines company at Atlanta. their w Worth, who .have been J«? 1>e ^eft .Monday for me. They will stop en- for .visits ,with the latte "s parents, .Mr. and Mrs. Joe W'-* rtd with relatives. Office Girl Dry East AcVbss from Courthouse Phone - 267 1C. MOVING OR STORING 1 r YOUR HOUSEHOLD GOODS corifrict ' Brady Transfers Storage Co. Vfirl liortgo, lown . 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