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ew Licenses To . motor hiple on wheels w&s ittellided f the 28 licences issdeH last Peek at Bill Hellers counter 1ft -treasurer's office. Ntetv, own- J s are; . -. f£f>ftD--Wllfr|d .Ra-dig, Lone Le«k;;"J. A. Haggard, -Algeria} 10 "nhainer, Algona ** , Marie Prankl,' IrvingVfl; J. Edw. Eden, Wes- , . , s* P^ k «P! D. E. Oewel, ' Al* na; Fullerton Lbr. Co., Wliltte- ^ re ' truck; Slg Loge, Elmore; rs. Pearl Moore, Algona; Reln- £ r0t nrf.lntfa ( Titohka, pick* ' Nuss, Ledyard. ;,,' e P< Ban; S. Watts, Algona. Welter, Al ' _,.. u jft; Femonj Mrs. H. O./Buelt, purl, TR|itLfiB -« Anthony Miller, "••--'f Charles R. Peterson, — Wrhl'Wie- Titohk . ffrer, ' ' ' KAtSfift— Joe Fleming, Whittemore; '" Burl C. , Wolf, MM, tlm had as Vireekefid Quests Mr/ and Mrs. P. .A, Lonorgan, Mason City. Earlier In the week they .were visited by Mr, and Mrs. E. V. Connors, Adatr, who went from here to DubUque on vacation, leaving the'irdaughter Patricia Ann here with the O'BrleBS. A|8J|mQ ttESULtS, OJ'I'll U1, NOT1CM IS "r.n- 1 "!, 1 . i" 1 ' 6 ''-''«•>•,,«•' Aisrmin. tfMv-H. ii-i-li, i111 lel /' 0 "«h loratl °" tllc C1J »- ..« jtudion of mil: tury newer exten- mT "V 011 D. « Hew-hne ||fiM lion unel. M|>iMirlennticSc« • nhtl' cn«t , Iron premium ||, ;e (Section IT), a i, .•' Hlorm *nwcrn (Hcrtlon MI), hi ,,",{ ,; fuiv mid (.Ity. Plnnx. ntuf * W v Fl- ci Hunsand t.ropoHcil form .nF-t-on- '•». ,'., l 'iu '" Hl iW , <V;°P°Hccl Improve. >ni;:l« HI-P ufflcliith- on file n (lie office of the City Clerk for InVee- ••-}'°" « ml >'«o by Ht, y inlPMHii.,! .per»on. nn<l »«|,| iloumnonls ftre ''p;, I i c iV v ,'I lf " 1 ' 1 i " 'I' 1 . 1 ' 1 " f llll - << Official J'tilillcalloiv liy tills rcferehiM>; '•.l.ifi t ' i' 10 i clty ( -'°""< !l1 will con- L*i I,? I'!" 11 ' 1 "* UpOtI Kill,! OlntlH. • uptM.'irluiiHmiH ami ..proiioMi-d form o I' ro m'''Yi l n ' e 'T ror ' lr: accordance with Hie requirements or the stn- ,"!'•» .''fjl'o Htaln of row-H- at I he Council Chamlipf In the Cllv Hull »."«'' LMty «t T::IO o'clock I'.' M. on the tfllh diiv.or AIIRIISI, IBIS. ihat ceiileil proposals for con- Ml'iivllun-of said liripi-ovprncntfl will I'R rcoplvp.] by- theCilvClprU nt Offlco 11.- the C'lly Hull In will) c'ltv Until .Hie nljo\'e . Htntcil .time.- miil Jucli wrlttijti |jropuHal.R UK IIIRV have •bi-ftrt • rcftoh'pt! ' by her will be' tmb- llcly (JijiMieH fctiil. "i-ocorilod, 1 ririd • etc/I lihon hy tlt«'Council tmmedl- fttcly. rtfic-f the coni'Iuslon of R ald , ^rbftl all proposalK shiill be. mnde lipon the .offldln) form of tiropoHnl turn Is hod by ll.e. City, titnl n\\- nl- lefnllptiw In-the offlclnl forrii of Last Minute Tally Gives Bancroft 5-4 Win, Sunday iiro|)o»al will eiilllle the Council, nt .It* option-fo fpjocl HIP tirutJOKnl Involved front epnphlnrnllo'h.-': • Kncli .4 11 win i-uiirMiiiM i., ..,,,,. Bald nronofial shall bo sealed and nlalnly Identified. •'! .. Thai each proposal *lui11 lip accompanied In n Koparnln nnevt'lone !>y. a certified chock In an amount eiiual to ifn percent <lo<x» nf tin* total annniM of tho bid, drnwn on and certified to. by n. hank In Imvn, payable |o the Treasurer of do Cltv of Alirotia, Iowa, a» security riml I'f HWHi'dod MIB eontriu't by resolution or (he Clly Council, tho contractor will enter Inlo flip, eonlnict iff the prices bid and will furnish the-ro- 'lulred corporate surfty 'bond;, Thin certified cheek may be'cashed and tlie .proceeds retained by (hi- Cllv of Als-onn, loWa, as aintfeiKliquidat- ed damages If the bidder falls to •execute a contract, flln an ucrppi- ftble bond for faithful performance thereof, within ton (10) days< nfler the acceptance bv resolution of the (Jlty Council of Mtt proposal. Tho surely bond shall bo etiual hi ninoUr.'l lo the contract stun and shall bp In a form and executed bv a_ mire'ly mcetlnB- tl.e approval of the City Council, and shfiir Include n two (21 year maintenance Ktiar01: (eo. Tim I work of construction In. sron cl mien three seel Ions, which miy be sepnrntelv. or In coniljInStlon H.S follows: bid . HI'XVrrON I. Approxlmatelv 25.512 •teel of S" vitrified sewer pipe, approximately 500 feel of ir' vitrified newer pipe, and approximately ,S(1 manholes laid and cunxlrticfeil In locations clearly Indicated vipon the Plans and as statRd In t no. fol low- 1 V JN , STt.-OcR'or ferrerl McGregor Sire-Pi JIKlrofTVii- Street Nebraska street KubrnsKn .Street Street . SUitf Street SbttP Htrti-t Slate Str-opl StiUe Street Ciill Street Call Street Call Street Cull Street Cull SI reel Xoi'tli 'Strel North" Street North Street North Street North. Street ' SCIIHUI • "• •' s" • \'. s. i PKO»l fifiiin Sti-cot Auk Icy Street Mall: .Slreei piiranl Struct lioan Street Ackley Street AVoodwortli Street .l>u runt Street Hoan Street , Ackley Street lleckarl Woodworth Ing 1 schedule of street*. '* STIIHKTK Helvers TO point •Street Street *r . l.iu'fis Street l.iica.s Street ;Stref|. '. linenx 'Street IliiiMiH Street. Jjlrius Street l.lndi-n Street I jr. den* Street IJndci) Street . J'lndo'n Street Mini Street Klin Street fmk Street OiiH Street Oak Street . Comnierelnl Street Coinmtfrehi i Street, cjurnmeiT'lal Street Coi)iin«relnl T5t Spruee Street • Spruce Street . Spruee Street roldiir Street Poplar : Street Poplar Hlrce.t . LueUKt Slreet J.oeust Street l.uuuyt Slrcut * Chubb Street Chubb Street Harriet Street Iliirrk-t Street I'hllllp.s Street I'lillllpi) Slreet \Voud\vurlb StVpet "•nodwo'rll. Street Wood worth Street \Yoodworth Strtt't ' I Hi ni nt Street ixiriiiil Street Hum: Strut)! , Main Street ; Main Street * Afuln SI re el • Mil In SI reel Main Stl'efct Main Sti'oet . Miiln Street Main Strer'l .lulinson SI reel Julinsun Street .luiniKur. Strc<?t .lulnison Street .lulinson Street Julinsun Street .lulirsun Struct Main Street MID) Street * A point 2BO' \\". of Itoiiu Street. . Itoa'n Street Ackley Street A' point 200' W. of Jleckart Street lleckarr Streei A point 1.MO' \V. of l">urai:t 'SIreel Duran'l Street . " Jtoan Slreet •Ackley Streol A .point, 2WO' \V". of 'Heekarl Street-.- ITc'cknrt Street Woodworth Slreei. • A pblnt 1T6' .\V. of Durnhl. Street Dururit Street Hoan Slroel AckViv Strpet . Woodworth ' Slreul 25' \\- \,f |[ 0 iiii s Hoan Stroet Ackley Street Itoan Sli'ee.t Aekley; Street Malrt .Street Uuralil Street Itoan Strciit^ Ackley Street Mali: iilceet \\ oodwortli Street' A point 250' K. of Woodworth St; Uoan Street Aekley .Street Main Street Heckarl Street AVoodworthvKtrcet • J)u rant . ISoaivHIrefct Aukley-Strt'fe't J • ' . AVoodworlh titreel of Street 320' ,' Street Street Strt-ot • Street Street Street, of A point 200' W, •Itoiiti SI i-ec I • . Itoan f-iireet Acklfey Slreei A point UTi'-W. —' Auk ley Stre<'t Acltloy Aekfey Slreot Main Street JollllMOl! ' A piilfit Ackley Ackloy Main Johilsoh : Itoan Ackley • Main Slreet Hoan Street . - Ackles' Street ' Malr. Slreot •Itoun Street Aekley Slreei Main Street Jerome street Harriot Street "\A uolnl ,180' .S,. of v Chubb street uitubb Slreei A point A polnl »5u' S. . o.f..CJjubb Slreot Chubli Sliv-el Cull Slreet Nort|i Strcol ,• l-iicaa street l.lndou Street McGregor Street NehraHka str«ci I.lndcn Street - McGregor- street .Nebraska Street Stale sti-eei Call street. North streoi . Lucas Street ..Under. Slrec'i KJni Street Uik street Commercial siroet Spruce stix?et ,1'oplar street l.oeusl street >\alnut street Maple street Sireef jiiii 4ijy. I'j, ,,oi oodworflr Street ' •''.. ,!''l • iilirunl Street Koai: Street . Ackley Slreet Main Street A point Kir K. .if \Vobdworlh Streel Uoan Street" Ackley Street Main Slroel'. Ackley Street Alain Street Main Street .lohiiKon Slreet I'utmim Street Ackley Street Main Slreet •lolin.son Street Putnam Street Aekley Streel " Sfaln StriM't Johnson Slreei Ackley Streel Main Streel Johnson Street Ackley Street • Main Street' .lohnsoii.Strettt' .Hurrlet Street 1'lilIllpH Streot Chubb Strcnl 2uO' N. of Chubb St. Chubb Stroi-t. A point J70' N. of Chuhh St. North Street Streel Errors, .'errors, errors. Tfhosa woeful things cost the Algona K, C.'s a well-earned baseball game at Bancroft Sunday night as Bancroft pushed over a run in the* last of the ninth to beat the K. C.'s 5-4 before a packed house of nearly 1500 county fans. Those terrible rniscues came in the fatal sixth. Up to then the K. C.'s had the game under control with a 4-2 lead behind the sensational pitching of Don Meyers. tterb Meyers bobbled Proehle's grounder to start off the frame. Becker then lofted one to centbr- fielder. Rob Winkel,who dropped the ball and Bancroft had the first and second sacks occupied. Seconds later, both adva'nced on a passed ball. Froehle dashed home with run No. 3 on Pitcher. Covson's groifnder and after Meyers struck out Dudding. R. Menke singled to bring home Becker with the tieing run. That Was the turning point in the game but up until then, the local charges showed the home team a few of the finer points. In the second, fourth and sixth innings, Gordie Winkel stepped to the plate,with men on bases and each time, sttia'shed out hits for all of the Algona runs. Bancroft pushed across its winding run in the last of the ninth. Meyers handled \Devine on a hard grounder to start the inning. But he finally lost W. Menke after running the count to 3-2. On tKe First pitch to J. Menke, W. Menke stole second, setting the stage for the winning run. His brother then singled sharply to right field. Long fielded the ball fast and threw a per Smith, Pittman Win C. C. Matches Defending champion Don S'mlth Sr. was the first man to move into the semi-finals of the Algona Country club championship as he eliminated last year's ruhner-Up, Francis Bunting, 1 up. Both golf* ers carded 81's for the. 18 holes. Julian Chrischilles moved into a quarter-final berth by ousting Bob Marcy in a first round match last Thursday night, 2 up. He will tankle with low qualifier and favorite, Clayton Pittmari, for a semi-final berth. ' Wayne Allen and Jon Nelson of Lu Verne advanced in the lower bracket. Allen bested Jerry Ferris, 6 and 5, last week and Nelson pulled an upset as he nipped Wade Sullivan, 5 and 3. Sullivan won his first consolation match from Ferris, 2 and 1. Results in other flights: First flight: rtalph Diekman defeated Lloyd Robinson, 1 up; Clair Blossom defeated Jim Reed, 1 up; Ted Chrischilles de feated R. T. semi-final match. defeated. Ralph Diekman, 1 up. Second flight: Mel Griffin, defeated Clayton Percival in 12 holes 1-up; Jack Dutton defeated Al Amunson, 2 and 1; Wm. Fuller Sr. .defeated Frank MoUl'toh, 4 and 2. Semi-final match: Mel Griffin defeated Bill Fuller Jr. 4 and 2. , Third flight: semi-final matches—Harry Greenberg defeated Lloyd Rouze, 1 up. R. K. Rich- McAlpine, 2 up; .-^Don Smith Jr. K.C.'s Move Back To League Lead With 5-1 Win Thf> Algona K. C.'s salvaged Something out of a disastrous Week 'as they defeated St. Benedict. 5-1, for a lone victory in four starts last week. , "Lofty" Ed Long hurled his best game of the year as he scattered four singles arid struck out ten. He was never in serious trouble as lie pitched the K. C.'s back to the top of the Kossuth league. Dumkreiger handcuffed the locals for five innings with his round-house curve but the K. C.'s got to his relief fast in the sixth and seventh. Singles by the throe Winkel brothers and McMurray accounted for a pair in tho sixth, and another pair of Singles and a triple by Herb Meyers added two more in the seventh. In other games during the week, the K. C.'s dropped a close one to Eagle Grove under the lights Thursday night, 7-6. and a league game to Burt Friday afternoon at the Burt celebration, 6-1. St. Joe missed a glorious chance to climb back into first place Sunday as they bowed to Menke crashed into Catcher; and 2. Tommy White before the latter was set with the ball and the game was over. The two best teams in the _v* nn, uwit O.CIOI. CIJIU UllCW c* ^JCl - J-,iU.yu JVUU£t2j 1 Up. IV. J\. t J:\lCn- fect strike to hdme plate but | ardson defeated Gerry Allen 3 Fourth flight: L. W. Smith .defeated John Roby in a semi-final match. R. J. Nealy defeated Jerry Beamish, 4 up, and Walter Kempley Jr. /won by a forfeit.- Mr. and Mrs. OMo Esser had as guests Mrs. Mary Ludwig, West Bend, and Mrs.' Myron Ludwie, Las Vegas, Nev. Mrs. Mary Ludwig and her daughter Mrs. Clarence Rolla, Manley, left recently for Sa"n Pedro, Calif., to visit Mr. county put on a great show for the fans and were as evenly matched as possible. It was a heart-breaking game for the locals to lose, and especially for Don Meyers, who pitched one of his stellar games. But age and experience told the final story. Algona K. C. (4) AB H. Meyers, ss _______ / 5 McMurray, If __'___•___ 5 B. Winter, If _________ 3 Long, rf ____________ 2 Froelich, 2b _____ '. _____ 4 R. Win'cel, cf ________ 3 D. Winke-lf Ib ________ 4 Ringsdorf, c _________ 3 White,- c ______ '__-_ ___ 0 G. Winkel, 3b.J__._._ 4 Meyers, p ________ ; ___ 4 37 Bancioft (5) AB Dudding, cf 4 R. Menke;* rf -^^^ " - Htato . Him -.Street NebniHka Strriu State Street Commercial Main Streot V, •». V, f Klin Street T'lui Streot rtoun SUCTION If. A sstnvage lift uta- lloii with automatic pumplr.ff equipment and appurtenances toffeihoi will. approNlmately 450 feet of'6' cast (run nl|>a PreMHure line, SUCTION 1U, Storm newet'H In- rlii'llrt^ Hie following il|> i..,u feet of 42" uonpr&tft olp& Uilu fec>l of ilti" concrete pine MIO fuel of ^"'concrete p|ue ' _:;_ foot nf 12" conc-'fete pliw and manhole*, -torm water InletH, , np<l uihec iippurtaimnces nil M surlheil In iletall upon tlie plans within these upue|flci)tlop». to tiw eontrac'iur for Section I t>r the w.urk will be muile by the C'liy In cusli or |t« .eiluivuU y tiruc()cttlj|e ui)M > MVPHUtu ,... a« sown after \\--a co,,,, t ,_, unce of tlje wor Such -'• -"• ' of eoiiuti notion. ' lv*l fro .lie .wait- of the uV (Iji fey llie ,«alie, |y fnailpn'lit antlefmui Ji.'lluu of special ~a<«w WM* ttf-f H-»*#* V^ tP|^«;^IH I ^ *«<*« V*H« .,..,. levied against the-ner-efjujd property, (1) cash aertveil from the ' or si)«c(itl )l«ld id tllj Hl'B U wnli the Ooiilragtpr, UHi of newer bontla letfa)ly |», under the . N , —^ on Hand In »ny t'fly wlijcli nw IwgftJ] hjitit uui'j>a»(Hi. Intern? lo the t'gnlruetov on IB tlie the ill v TOlF^r "•''^•J -:- -^,• provision* pf -ihj State uf iowa front 1 • HI reel Street , North' Klreel UUCUH Slrei»i * . '• ;• Lliuleii Slreot Klin Slreot Oak Stii-eHl C'ommtM'clal .-Street Spruce .Street 1 'op tar Slreet T.ocuxt 'Street . ' ' AVulnut .Stj'eet M'tpln Str«tit Hound Strsiet A point 200' Norlli of Commercial Slr^-nt • I.lft Station 1'oilit SO' N'K ot .Milln St, Devlne,- ss«1__- ' • : ' - 4 i^ W. Monke, 2b 4 J. Menke, c J_-i___ 5 Froehle, If i_ ._ 3 Murray, 3b 4 Becker, Ib 4 lorson, p 4 ( 37" R 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 1 0 0 0 4 R 0 ... 1.:. H 0 2 1 0 0 1 1 1 0 3 0 9 H 0 i 2 1 2 1 0 6 T. Winter, rf ^.. 6 0 Long, p 1\—.... 4 1 Si. Benedict (1) 40 5 13 AB R M Lorn Rock. Rock. 5-3 Batteries: St. at Joe, Lone Jensen and Palmer and for Lone Rock, Marlow and Long. Burt won it's second game of the week and moved back into the first division of the league as it nipped Whittemore, 7-6, Sun- Creek pushed Fenton deeper into the basement of the league Sunday, 7-2. Batteries, for Lotts Creek, Keucker, Lane H. Arndorfer, If .4 0 1 R. Arndorfer, cf 401 Dorr, rf ,.. 400 Martin Eischen, rf- 100 Mi Eischen, 3b _ 400 Lickteig, 2b 400 J. Johnson, c 411 Thompson, ss 400 E. Johnson, Ib, p 401 Dumkreiger, p, Ib __. 4 0 0 36 1 4 Mr. and Mfg. Pitman Heinen had as dinner guests Sunday Mr, and Mrs. Walter Elsbecker, Bancroft, f - mtiit Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Bju&ttam were overnight guests Thursday of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Bjustrom at Minneapolis, Minn;, and also transacted some business while there. Leon Laird, siale soil conservationist, left Sunday for a month of training at LaCrosse, Wis. Later during bis absence, Mrs. Laird wHl visit relatives in southwest Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. L. L.Kirtnamon of Brooklyn, la., were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Genrich. The women are sisters, and Mr. Kinnamon is publisher of the Brooklyn Chronicle. day Lotts _., n,,,., * *.v-t» t-i^v; j. , iJcllJC Wichtendahl and for Fenton, Keucker and Johnson. Algona K. C. (S) AB H. Meyers, ss 4 Bob Winer. 2b . . 5 R. Winkel, cf 5 Ringsdorf, c White, c _____ D. Winkel, Ib 4 McMurray, If 5 , ., . -^., uli c,,, ^ and Mrs. Herman Ludwig. *• G. Winkel, 3b R 2 0 1 0 00 1 0 NOW ANYONE CAN HAVE HOT WATER QUICK! Beulah Burlingame came from Britt to spend the .weekend with her mother, Nellie Burlingame. JAR! POWER SCYTHE Cuts and trims all tall growth IV.' from ground. Cuts where other mow* crt won't—close to trees, un3er.low branches, under fences and around all obstacles. 36* sickle follow* f ground contour. Light weight, self-propelled, easy to handle. Excellent for •$&?* •nd NEW POCKET-SIZE .WATER HEATER COSTS LESS THAN* $2.25 ' HEATS WATER FAST , v Merely place a portable-FAST-' %WAY,Water,-Heater::itt^a recep-! *-• tafe-le. cbtrtSlfllrt&^ataxa&plug in, , the nearest socket.' Lo'-'arid be- 1 'i/hold! The FAS'!;-WAY goes to work at oncej heating water like sixty for 101 purposes—a suffici- ' f ent quantity for bathing, washing, scrubbing, cleaning cream >;: separators, etc. The speed de' pending on quantity. CAUTION: Directions for using are' fiirnish- , ed With each heater. Read and. follow.. Costs less than $2.25. No .'fires to build or hot water to carry. No running up and down Carpenter & Son ..,,. / \ . Ledyard, ,.--,•. fcs. basement stairs. No heating tanks full when a few gallons or a quart is wanted. Handy! Portable! Inexpensive. Pratt Elect. Appliance • • Algona OLIVER SI Kuan Street A point ISO' K, of Jtoim payment made on or before thlnv |.)0) days after acceptance by I-UKO- liltlon of tl.e Cltv Council of the completed work. Sforthly estlmales of Hie work completed durlnt; the preceding calendar mouth will, he bftBejl unon the CHllmattt prepared ,on the first day of each month by the. contractor, subject to tlici_an- Pl'oViU of the Kngfnfer, win will certify to'the-City for Vymeil euoli upproved- «stlinate,v Sjo thai payment may |io miid.e on OK. before (lift tenth,<}«y of the month In wietu }lo.Dt. nlldi, monthly p a .....~x« ,.i...i. In no >vuv be construe** as of aeceptancu for any-par woi;k wrtlnlly or totally No siteli will to du eartlfled that ^ "iY??5C P«i«i7 fV ''» Hie wprfe-iif wltl or final until, ili shitll be surtpj] 'wTU In tlilrty (Sai flays after Hie uward by reaoluUon fid ali II "l Ol l ''* t '"' Uj8ct ., . ., * QUe»'« * vj-«»»f l*»9P»iV>*^ *V**M* 4«i" pc before on?-J)unil|'ec( p»len4ttr <Juyx thu-ru- "to,»oy e«Ienslon of ay. be gi^ntea My tl»& .|,'i;nat .„„ IB* n«Jii io,i ima ip a/uiv* JS»«-H»rtttw. North Central Iowa Fe^d ft Paint Co. PHONE 628 eoe DIAGONAL Open Saturday Nights id p, M. as seen in /• I.VOGUE. I'cplumed plaid ... so gay for the 7 to 14 set going back to school. Fashioned of Dan Kiver's colorful plaid perked,uj*Sifith .pique cellar and cartwheel cuffs. fuAittay, July 2?, 1948 August 1 - Wesley BENEFIT BLEACHER FUND Algona Girls Becker's vs. vs. Wesley Girls Ackerson's First Game Starts 8:00 P.M. (COLLECTION WILL BE TAKfeN) FAVORED f-Ofl Fit in Rogers "Illusfra" tricot rayon jersey. (Especially for women who like trim fit.) Straight cut best with drawstring, and adjustable shoulder straps. Cuff leg' pantie in longer cut, tapered leg, all-elastic waist, hem finish. Both in blush and white, vest in sizes 34 to 42,$1.25. Pdnties in •sizes 5, 6, 7, $1.00. Sizes 8, 9, $1.25. — dttct. tiuuett ikon own. More people buy CHEVROLETS than any other make of car ! OZkevtolei jureA 'them m&ce wdwe £o* .ev&iy vk jauncAaAe ja/uce, ojaenation and uja6eeja/ ; IVtPACI PiOllCTION - agaiq^t.severe winjejr weafht tr/Owr *x5lw»iv« AUTQ A Hew Performance Pacemaker! Greater value than ever! More practical farm features,than you'll find in ?my tractor of comparable size. That'» the new 2-plpw, 4.cylinder Oliver "66"—still the ''tiggwt little tractor built," The "<)§'•" 6-forward-sp^ed transmis^on—along with the Fuel Mifec gevernor^giveg yo^ $lmosf%ny groun4 travel and drawbar pull combination you n?frt» at an operating economy, that add» up to substantial savings in fuel, Checfe tbew ad4it»pnal "big tri«e^ s |e^tw«:es you get in we a«w*^5"» ilwiprt drive powet.takeoff. Oil Wise? tran«« misiion c»?e, floating oil pump screen inlet, choice of inter* banery jgwitlon and au*«atig4 «f»& advance, effi* ff lift, bftfie interchaopeibillty 4»f our full line of ..„,-, iWttA tapli with »ll ewff ««i^llow^€r«>p model?; Built W RftW Crop, Standard, R^v Crop with Adjustable Q«t*|U jthf f»stt PB the advan£$4 H*W of " Mote Value I* Mote Value l# BIG-CAR COMFORT BIG-CAR PERFORMANCE ,4 * d< •^ BIG-CAR BEAUTY tit, BIG-CAR SAFETY Only Chevrolet brings you the Big-Car riding- smoothness and road- steadiness of the original and outstanding Unitized Knee-Action Ridg ... at lowest cost, Only Chevrolet brings you the enviftble Big-Car performance, endurance and dependability of a . world'* champion Valve- ^ in-Head engine ,.» « at lowwt cost, ' Only Chevrolet brings Only Chevrolet glvw, you the Big-Car beauty the (ripls flrotecliw, $ and luxury a« well as the " " "" 3ig-C»r strength. ,and solidity of the famous Body by Fisher • , . lowest cost. , Fisher Orilsjeel Construct tion, the UniUzwi Kneji CHEVROLET- KOSSUTH SALES ftHD SERVICE

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