The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 27, 1948 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 27, 1948
Page 2
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,-. r?F. , July jf, 1948 Co.ttdsies's at Shower— 'Mesdarnes KM gpfagtie an Walter Fnesnef were co-hos esses, Friday evening, at a show er for Mrs. John Sen utter. Th party was Tit-Id at Mrs. Spraguc homo on So. Minnesota street t i ^f 8 originally planned Co July 1 but that was t,he day Mar garet Sue, the Schutter's daueh ter, was born. The party wa postponed. The evening was spent a games. Prizes were won by Mrs Clifford Monson.West Bend; Mrs John Sehutter, Mrs. R. H.'Gal bra ,',j Mrs. Lawrence Hut/ell and. Mrs. Jack Frnser. Following lunch Mrs. Schuttei was presented with a bathinotte which she accepted in behalf of Peggy Sue. Guest favors wore pink plastic baby baskets. fighteen, guests included near neighbors and friends and the following relatives, Mrs. Jerrv P c ^ lltte '\ Mrs . Clifford Monsori, both of West Bend, Mrs. A W Behrends and Mrs. Tom Dailov' Algona. •'' Pre-Vacation Dinner— •a A -i, gr ? up of fr 't-nds had Rev J P. Clyde, IVTrs. Clyde and the latter s son, Gene Clement, as f™ f n l d - inncr Sunday at Club 109 following church services Monday the.Clycles left on a five- first to Watertown, S. D^'to ^vNit a .daughter and from there ho will Seattle to visit at the homes of two sons and a datigh tor. He will visit a son in San Francisco and is also to officiate at the baptism of a grandchild Mrs. Clyde will spend her vacation with her mother, Mrs. Eva Barrett and a sister Jean at Syra- cus-e, N. V. She will also visit Chicago friends. Gene Clement who has two more weeks of summer school at Upper Iowa university, vyill spend his Vacation with n sister, Nancy, at Oklahoma City. Fox Family Reunion— » Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fox and family Sunday attended a family •eunion and - picnic dinner at Hand s Park. The ^get-together vas in honor of Mr. and Mrs • orclon Osmus of Joliet, 111., and heir children Jacqueline and Cordon Jr. Those attending were he children and their 1 'families of v.r. and Mrs. Henry Fox of Ban- roft. Besides the parental Foxes hose present the sons and aughtors Charley, Algona; Joe, Wilbur and James of Bancroft- 1 Irs. Hek-n Osmus, Joliet 111 ml Mrs. A. J. Ringer, 'swea 3avid Bode, 2- ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES Published by the Upper Des Moines Publishing Co J- W. Haggard R B. Waller and _ , C. S. Erlander Entered as Second Class Matter at the Postoffice at Algona IOWT under act of Congress of Ma eh 2 18*9; Issued Weekly. David Bode was two years old n Sunday and his grandparents, Mr. gnd Mrs. Louis Bode, Elma came to spend the weekend and have birthday dinner with him Saturday afternoon David had a birthday party and neighborhood children had a good time playing with him on the back lawn Be- ioro they went home Mrs. Bode served birthday cake and ice cream to Siri Norton, Joan and Nancy Muckey, Dennis and Dean Buscher, Craig Stevens. Douglas iCralt and 'their mother's J Ai TitOrtJta „..„„„_ Mrs. H. D, Clapsadle, Mrs. jvrn- st.Aflfiflsoh, and Mrs. Max Ear- .v.iolomew, went to Titonka, Friday afternoon, to attend a mis- jmlanequs shower given for" Feme Oesterreicher, who is to be married Sunday, August 1, to Kenneth Hlgdon. The shower was held at Mrs. William Petersons with other hostesses Mesdames Lowell Bcntley, Elmer Peterson, Jay Endlong, and Mary ?* Oesterreichcr, Titonkn, and Mrs. Max Bartholomew. Formal Dance, 28ih— A mid-summer formal dance will climax the summer recreation program Wednesday night, July 28th, at the Algona high school gym. All students who were in the public and parochial » s , ?£ hools are 'nvited to attend. The dance will begin at 8 o clock. There will be an admission charge to take care of the 3and. All other profits will RO to the community fund for the playground for next year. Enierlain For Visitors- Mr, and Mrs. Campbell lumphrey 'entertained a few nends, Saturday evening, in onor of Mr. and Mrs. Lnircl Duqcan, Westfield, to. J. The group latev attended the Country Club dance. Guests were Messrs and Mesdames Laird Duncan,' Harold Fristedt, Gaylord Shumway, Eugcrie Murtagh, Wade Sullivan, and M. G. Bourne i Mrs. John |ockes,,an Mrs. Don Gtidfiriah spective families. Ai FiMi? taj<HU Mr. and Mrs. C. C, went to Fort Dodge, attend a Neppl family M l «? o Mary Honoria, Carroll Others attending were seven widowed sisters and 4heir fam ilies. Total attendance Xyj 9 75 At West Send Oiflnet— Mr. and Mrs. Glair filnccnm went to West Bend, ThurfdS? to a tend a dinner given by Mr anc Mrs. Tom Kelelsen . in honor o the sixth birthday bf tfiei daughter Kathleen, Other g were Mrs Julius Baas and* Mrs •J. C. Hogan, West Bend. • • Hosts Ai Dinner— < , tor^«oH d M™. Bernard Bode en- tcitaned at dinner last Sunday evening. Guests were Mr and Mrs. Bill Steven and Crate Mr and Mrs. William LlndhoSMy and Barbara, and Mr. and Mrs Francis Platt and Sandra, The evening was spent socially. Presenting The Farmers of Kossutfi County Birthday Supper- Mrs. Alfred Erickson entertained at dinner and supper last week Sunday in observance of her husband's birthday. Guests were Mr. and" Mrs. Floyd Gardner,, Mr. and Mrs, Bolin,' Mr and Mrs. Ralph Harberts, Mr. and w*n ^ a ,H° r Heerclt ' Rudolph Will and Martha, John Leiningcr and Mr. nncKMrs. John Baas, of Whiltemore. Engaged To Wed— Mr. and .Mrs. Homer Young r *t Announced the engagement ol their daughter Dorothy to E L. Campbell of Fairbanks, Alas-' H' f ? , m ™ rri ^ ge to take Place in the fall. Mr. Campbell is located at the Eielson air base there Miss Young received a telephone call from him Thursday, one of the monthly calls he makes to her. Reunion at Galbraith — A Casey family reunion was held Sunday at the home of Mr and Mrs. E. A. Guderian, Galbraith. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Casey Mr Breakfast Honors Visitors— , Ml ,' s ; 9 h l rl . e f Berlnger gave a breakfast Friday morning complimenting Mrs. Don Clappsad- dlc. Fort t Worth, Tex. Other guests were Mrs. Arthur Glaser Mrs. E. L DeZellar, Mrs, Horace Chippsacldle and Jill. McVay Family Dinner— A family dinner was given Sunday at John MeVay's in celebration of his birthday. -Out of town guests were .Mr. and Mrs. Fay Mmard. Mr. and Mrs. "Bud" Mmard of Fort Dodge and Mr and Mrs. Warren Minard of Estherville. , ' . Guests Here Sunday— | Mr. and Mrs. John Hayes had as guests Sunday, Messrs, and Mesdames Glen Kurtz, Lee Lundy, Milo Myers, Howard Calfee, and Morris Modlin, Eldora. Mr. Hayes is with the State Farm Mutual company. Old Neighbors Meet— Mr. and Mrs. Joe Zanke and Mr. and Mrs.'John Trunkhill of Burt spent Sunday afternoon at the w. ,1. Bournes in Algona. The Zankes were former neighbors wnen the two families lived i Union township. Attend a Reunion— Mr. and Mrs. Gail Haase an Ann, Mr. and Mrs. Theo Th.omp s 1 elubt afternopft. Mrs, Theo. *ti won the high score and Mrs. Ezra Blanchard f's. e. j; jVb 'Ine, CfASRANiseS; seftVfet fHferti &\ ddr hev(/ jttfftjfc cjriy dl^l^y rdrfrH drt S6lith PHI MOORE A^JlTMi^T ftAN6^ IN STOCK Retail and Wholesale ; Phone 16 Harms All-Gas Co. Phone 942J, Herman Waller Affer Hour Service ' Phone 878J Glenn Harms HOLLIS BENSCHOTER Our Irio lo the Hollis Benschoter place lasi week on a rainy morning< found HolHs . n lh - e process Qf ^_ palling a waler tank. His hands were a bit grimy from struggling with wayward pipes, but when we toid Wm his hands wouldn't show in the picture above, he smilingly consented to pose for us. Tho farm of 240 acres in Plum Creek Township him "if 68 u and 11/2 mUeS n ° rth ° f A1 9° na ' Hollis fXI K S?blV h r h ° USe ^ armed by his 9 rand - latner. «. J. Gilbert. Georae Benschoter, father of .JHollw. farmed m P i um C reek for some thirty years and now resides in Alqona. The Hollis Benschoters were married seven years p?a° C 'e an i m « year Slari0d farmin ^ the P«««* place Mrs. Benschoter is the former Jean Cruik- shanh : from near Burt. and the couple have two childran: Hamel. 4'/ 2 . and Huth. 3. Hollis savs his corn looks good from the road at least"., and he looks for a good crop year, with prices not so high on 7° W H ar K S u- the e " d ° f ° UV Visii we * uiz2ed Hoilis on. any hobbies he might have, and then found we . were just beginning the visit. He has a hobbv room •he calls the "junk shop." which holds what might pass for a little rifle shop.- A member of the Lssuth • -SSI'S / ,1 club v: Hollis has *»««*»*•«• - m«J -.v|J% shoots throughout the country, and has a goodly sized stack of medals and awards. He loads all his own shells, and tinkers with several fine rifles. He VOO CAN'T BLAME THE GIRL FOR LIKINCi A BOV WHO CAM WRITE BLANK VERSE AND SPEAKING OF CHECKS VOU SHOULD CHECK UP ON THE WONDERFUL D6PENOA8ILITY HUMPH ' SHE OUGHT TO FIND HERSELF A BOY WHO CAN WRITE. BLANK CHECKS/ /CHAMP LIN SERVICE $-£/; &.VuMC6un&ia,g»u£c." <sy :• PHONE 1086 '• 302 ESTATE ~ r / These Three Universal Features Assure Greater Cookmg Efficiency Day Dreaming and Tractor Drivino )ON'T GO T ,v "eope ,t,i£uiMia g this next fall. Hollis also plays tint base for Percival's Softball team. Travelers and Vacationers Service As a precaution against loss while traveling, don't carry much cash. Let us furnish you with suitable travelers checks. They are honored everywhere and no one can cash them except your- tOWA NT A Your Sqfe pnd Confidential Bank ; CILLER, . HAROLD GILMQHE. Caahiey ROY McMAHON, A»»t. An extra oven for bak- ing, roasting, steaming and stewing. Saves time, money. ;:v^>«; SUPER-HEAT THRIFT U/NITSWITH l-HEWC<faT Most efficient cooking units ever made. Give any degree *> of heat desired. Easy to clean, • If you operate . tractor on laud that has steep banks; treacherous hillsides and halt - hidden obstructions, watch your speed and the ground around you. Don't let yourself and the tractor be tipped over by something you could have driven around. ® DON'T TAKE A CHANCE This advertisement, pre- R? M , in co °P er ation with Ihe National Safety Council is sponsored by <* « t. i BE CAREFUL ' n a 2. Watch for obstructions. Be cau. hous near ditches orsteep hillsides, 3. Allow po riders unless ma t 5 provided. 4. Never operate tractor unless \ • ' ~~ i- — W™*F *^S Algona Implement Co, INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Walt and Deb Hall Commercial St. Phone 52 Your INTERNATIONAL HAVESTER Dealer Make Every Week Safety Week" on the Form /,OOK to the new Universal-"Speedliner" Range for new automatic convenience that means extra cooking ease, speed and economy...feature-perfect performance that makes the "Speedliner" far and away the foremost, finest, fastest range. With the ."Speedliner", cooking tasks get done quicker... and meals taste better, too, Don't wait for '48 .,, Get the new "Speedliner" today! Pusri^ttbn" Preheat Switch anc? 9 i ve even coriirol throughbur new *

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