The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 27, 1948 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 27, 1948
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i By Huts Waller # * * Bud Nelton fj>om Lone Hock owns that old Maxwell car, park* cd behind Pefctval Motor, and used sometime ago in the Centennial Parade, in Algona . . . scdtits tell us that somehow word of this ancient vehicle reached «ollywoo<f ahd they asked for a, picture of it to ascertain whether or not it might be used in a forthcoming Jack Benny movie. * : * * ' •' One local hostess says the only bad thing about good and cooler weather is that it always brings a host of out-of-town visitors to stay for awhile. * + * Bill Thoma* and Ted Vera were crying on" each other's , sfhbulders tho other morning . . . Bill, because he says 'inobody loves, an umpire" and he bears the ,brunt of the softball officiating >. . , and Ted because he says it almost breaks his heart when some little shaVer buys a penny's worth of balloons and comes back a half hour later t6 complain 'that one, of them had a hole in it. i * * * Esther Smith of Swea City , : . , I'nill.jn *f T *"; 'pp v t' • 1 f '• . (• » • EW« Des Molfiel ESTABLISHED 1865 Ai66NA, TUESDAY, JULY 27, 1948 Keep Lotts Creek Pep Up Lo.lts Creek may not be the largest place in tho qounty, but what it may lack in size it makes up in community spirit, and if you don't believe it just ask any Lotts Creeker. Recently, Lotts.Creek sponsored a Cheese Day, and everyone for miles around knocked off and descended on the little community to watch a double-header baseball game, to eat Lotts Crock cheese, and to have Lotts Greek fun. And there was a good representation from elsewhere, also. A Rosedale Product Right now there seem to be tw,o major interests in Lotts Creek life, outside o£ the, Lotts Creek church and school, the latter closed for the summeri; Olie is the Lotts .Creek cheese, factory, and.'tho other is the revamped, younk Lotts Creek baseball .team. The cheese factory succeeded the creamery^ some six years ago writes to correct us. She says we, The building is still cooperati.velj fTQ m A/1 t r\ti f 1 fvt VS»*oe«e* t *i»i C ttmrh /** i 4*r ' rtttf Vtrt^l V\*r -f nnvirt JIHM •• •!•* . 41*.~. ; -.>. t~< "water extension" well sew, cr and water sort of run together in our minds, and we hope the city .dads at Swea City were not ' placed in too bad a spot. ; ) * * * : Bui that mistake isn't as bad lo live down as this one, from a North Carolina paper, whjch ran a classified ad that read: FOR SALE — Dodge Weapon carrier truck, with WENCH in extra nice condi- ' lion," * .» « • • Bill Vigors is becoming a changed man these days, since he , took over ' management of j "VI., gar's Villa", the»,tempo~rary shel- . ter on .the Country club course *> ,/fff->Elll used''to be-a; jovial sort, t easy to. get '-' he£isi;'even ! " sb,ori \tell yoV how, (o'-play golf or cribpage or ru'n 'a'.abw'spapef as anything . . . there's one person,' however, who keeps Bill in line, and that is Mrs. Vigars. i *, * * , Bob Munger has been receiving a \batch of telegrams'recently from' Mark Insko. The latter is drivirig a horse of Bob's in. the •harness circuit over in Illinois, and also one -owned by a Fort Dodges man . \ . both of them are Winning right along, with the St. Joe' dHver at the reins: ', i *-•••' : i* * * Ralph Tice called up Fred Timni arid told him'he had wanted 4o call jiim carter to compli- merit him 'on the new telephone directory, but in the book Ralph , received the, page carrying Fred's number was missing . . . Ralph got-another book, with ALL the pages, in the next mail, i * * » A man who gambled that he could meet 9 strange woman and marry her within 12 hours, won the bet . that's what HE thinks.. ' « * * ' MAIL BAG: Dodge Creamery Co., which , operates the tradename "Rpsedale". With 52 patrons, supplying the milk, between 700 and .800 Ibs. of cheese a day is processed at the plant. Two varieties, ajre produced, either Colby or 'American Cheddar, according rto. Cneese- Just 'to keep the records * straight, the first election I ever • took part 'n was in 1876, I, carted f, . voters to the poles in Menpminee ( .county, Jo Davies cpimty.'Ill., to * vote for Samuel J. Tilden, whom . the democrats elected, and the ; republicans stole tlje election and elected Rutherford B, Hayes. The democrats with-all the skullduggery that is heaped on us at this time never djd anything like this. As for my good frind Jake Freeh, if I remember correctly, (Jake was the democratic candidate for county clerk, and egainst W. C. Dewcl in the eleption of 1902. Jake was defeated by 38 votes, B,ut Jake, like all of us with faults, is a dang good fellow. Signed J, 'H, Sheridan Bancroft." » »- » ' TRAVEL NOTE? ' your correspondent h,ad occasion to be in Chicago for a few days last week, and just* to show the worjd is; right "OLD RELlA»Lt|S" OF toTf S CREEK. Ed Wichlcndahl, left, catcher, Nick Gonglpl 4 the manager in the ccntei, and Ed Lcudtkc at the'right, pitcher, necdmo intj oductiori to Kossuth folks' Wichtcndahl ifl 80 and Leudtkc 32, and both of them have been the Lotts Cre^k battery for some 15 o" Ifl years on teams managed by Ge'ngler, who is rounding out 20 y 'ais of basebalL management at Lolts Creek. The rest of the lineup is composc- cd of v6ungitcr«i WicfiMrtdahl arid Leudtkc "farm a half mile apait, but they seldom mifSs a game despite thcj,i heavy faim duties,. (Algona rfeWspapois Fotos + '.»i * et- yOU 4}OW RflfliMfr M*V VrW*fM 40| across from us in^the Milwaukee!? Midwest Hiawatha was Mrg. Walt HaU'a brother from Sioux City ,. , SropWyn obliged with & d,o«We*heider win over the., Wedneawy. and Kitten of Bancroft hurled second game in fine, fashj .ting into two hples but put of them withjput a Against him until late .in ame , , . if there is an the wpfld unifyajd ot the olh-ep placf.^itls w elrep w\9 •-JJW the hap Nttl MARION STUCKI-, above, chcesemalwr at the Lotts Creek Rosedale Cheese Factory, is shpwn holding one of the Colby cheeses processed x by the plant.^ • Four More New Teachers Signed Tliere remain only *threc. intermediate grade school positions to be filled in Algona before the entire teaching staff is complete and ready for school's opening in a little more than a month. Since the first of July, four more teachers have signed contracts, They are Donna Emrnons, Des Moines, vocal high school teacher, who holds a bachelor's and a master's degree in public school music from Drake university; Joan Bisgrove, Clear Lake, kindergarten, an Iowa teachers col- ege graduate 1 *, * *• maker Mai {on Studio, 'Who has been running .the plant foi the pist three years. Stucki lives next dooi to the factory rwith his wife and two children - ' > Whey from the cheCsc is used locally as hog feed." Building New^Team But basebdUl is 1 another gieat Lotts Creek hobby..' Until the last'yeai or two the Lotts Creek tfcatrt 'was usually Hghting it out for top'place in league play. This yeaY, with two exceptions, thfc entire 1 lineup as composed of ybungstefs. Just two „ Old,'faithful Saturday For Mrs. Ingersoll manager, Nick Gcnglcr, still are a• fam-jliar. picture-on the Lotts Cieek bench "We'll be back up at the top When these kids get going," says Managei Genglei, who in the course of 20 years running teams has probably argued with as many as anyone in this area. If present,plans cany thiough Cheese Day at Lotts Creek is going to be a peimaneht thing, and whelhei you know it or not, some Of the cheese that eventually comes to you in a Kiaft package may have originated right at Lofts Creek. MrsC. L.)Ingerson t a resident of Kossuth -county for the past 52 years, died Thu$day <at St. Luke's hospital In Cddar Rapids Fined $500 On Drunken Driving Charge, Monday Minor Courts In Quiet Weekend; One 30-Day Term A DCS Moines rmm. Elclon E. Gii'.land: was fint-d $500 find costs bv Juries G. Wi Stillman in Kos- «ulh district court, Monday, on a jfchcirgc of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. t It w;is his second offense. Monday afternoon Gusland wu$ endeavoring to" raise the heccs- Miiy funds. He. 'did not own the car he was driving when arrest"•d by Algeria police, early Sunday morning. He was bound over to district court after a prc- 'immary .hearing before Mayor Kohlhaas. Other district court matters in 'he past few clays include the iranHng of a divorce, Saturday, o Gladys Brady, Algona, from wm. F. Brady, on whom notice was served in Pennsylvania. The latler did not contest the suit and did not appear in court. A motion for a new Irial, brought by the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Ry t/ defendants in a damage suit brought by Margaret Ben- Ion, and decided by a jury in favor of the plaintiff some months ago, was overruled by a judge's decision. A new divorce action was also filed, Catherine Warner being the plaintiff in a suit brought against Geiald Warner. She charged cuiel and inhuman treatment. There were two cases in the court of Justice J. B. Johnston. Elmer W. Youngwirth of Lu- Veine was fined $5 and costs for Speeding, and Gerald Allen of 2 SECTIONS-12 PAGES Sewer Tifonka Folks Argue Fly Spray Benefits, Pro-Con Tilonka residents are arguing pro and con as to whether or not the fly spraying in that community does or does not do any good, and whether or not it harms other things than flies, according to the Tilonka Topic. One complaint was that there seemed to be no decrease in the flies, mosquitoes, bugs and nalsj others say they think the spraying 'has nearly eliminated"them, Jerry Schuljer lost about 50 goldfish in a pool in his yard. Robins, half grown, have been noted to fall from trees after the spraying machine passed, according to observers. Geo. Schuijer reported that he sprayed his catile, the cattle then went into water in a gravel pit and all the fish in the pit died. Whether or not the. spraying was responsible for this loss is the topic of argument; men in charge of the spray- do not believe this to be the case, and so far as is known, no similar reports have been received from other areas. her home to ' Cedar She was taken here by v ambuJanSje Rapids seyeVal wcql^g The change \yafe mftdij, so 'she could be near her son Tyrrell, who lives m Cedar Rapids. ' Funeral services were held at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon d t tHq Congregational church in Algona. Thd ntes wcVe m chaige of the Rev. O. W. Brand, pastor of the Methodist church, 6f which sho was a life long metnber. Burial was in , the family plot at RivervioW*ccmotory. Pall bearers were old family friends. They, were W; A'.VFo^tcr, Harry Ha,rns, Walter 'Bvan^ow, Lynn , , Keith, David Lefj[prt; .and Gaylord Shumway. .Arrangements were by McCuUqughsj , Mrs. IngersbU .was the daughter, Mathilda, of ' Henry Klamp and Minnie Mcye.iSKlamp. She was. born on a, farm 5 near Colesburg on Deci.f^.l^^fe, -,, .•„:.. In. 1896 theffamfly moved to Kossuth county, iMf.'JClamp having 'bought"> fam Jnortheast of Algona the yegrMlpire. ; On November 8i|.10pl marriage to C. L, Ingersplltopk Place. The couple's first jyid Last Rites At St. Benedict Last rites for Edward J. Germann. 61, of St. Benedict, were held Saturday morning at the St. Benedict Catholic chuich, with £AJgqna was fined $2,50. and costs Wtwjaa^&ftferfal'vJolSWQrA > ***^ Amann officiating in the St. Benedict year ing their entire ' ingside college, Sioux City, and. several years experience, including primary and intermediate teaching at Dakota City and Eagle Grove. She will^ t^a,ch the fourth grade in Algona. The last one is Edith" Merrill, Arnold's Park, who graduated vfrpm Morningside • college, and has had experience 1n interned}"' .ate grades, at Arnold's Perk, She w»U teach the fourth grad,$ here. Report Pilfering en, r§st .. tfttn^, by the qity in thf basement of the Sa,wyfr ing, may have to be 9^8. when. 8ttee^an$g ,arp w.the if not , , City officials say that s.|ati?n< When the couple started but in beck-Lambert .C ith rjpt J^tepn', f r*MY(*.*mn married life, Mrt tJn.gersoU was associated with Brother-in-law, w « fc/ SP«*# " " iperbecte bert !c3f, DecK'Lamoert .co?,'jna^raacturers of putter tubs v#nd'"Dealers' in dairy supplies, Ifsfeg^tinued. until the business W|fertl4, ana re ttppH in tho 1o»n 1flOfla r i « • • tired in the tete, ,„„„,.Mr. and Mrs, iBjpiQrt became parents of one c/ who/is an attf firm/Of Elliott- Ingersoll , of the Father C Burial was cemetery. Military iites weic also conducted by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, -Mr.- Germann was a veteran of World War I. Funeral: arrangements were made by the Hamilton Funeral Home. Mr. Germann passed awav suddenly, July 22, fiom a heait attack. He had not picviously been ill, He> wa& bom Dec 11, 1BOG, at St..Benedict, a son qfJOtto and Eva Gcrmartn, both of whom preceded him In death. He had been a- life-long resident of Kossuth county, and had farmed at St, Benedict for.many years, He was a bachelor. , Brothers and sisters surviving arc Joseph who lived with him at St.- Benedict, Mary Fraser, Gusta Patterson, Agnes Reding and Matilda Hood, all of Algona, Louis of Whittcmore, Pauline Eischeid of Fort Dodge, Mrs. Frank Bon dor of Kansas City,' and Hilda Conner of Des Moines. Pallbearers were Claude Rcd- in'g, Kenneth Fraser, Stanley Patterson, D. Germann, Jerry Eischeid and J. N. Seller. Mr. Germann was a member of both the V,F,W. and American Legion. - - , ed Wm. Knopf to 30 days in the county jail for passing a Worthless check. The check', made out fqr- $5, was cashed, at Foth's Cafe. Knopf is from Algona. . Orville H. Gord, charged with drunkenness, was fined $25 and costs, with $15 of the fine being suspended. Oafs Yielding Up To 36 Bu. Acre Swea City— Harvesting • is getting into full swing here this Week, with about half the fields being combine-harvested and the others 'cut with the binder and shocked. Oats yields vary, some being reported as liglit as 27 pounds to the bushel, while others run as high as 36 pounds pert-bushel or more. In general, the yield is good. One field of rye harvested by combine is reported at 35' bushels per acre. As yet, very few evidences of corn borers, have been seen, though they are reported present In considerable numbers in Martin county, Minn., adjoining this area on the north. Grasshoppers have not been reported in the fields, but the grasshopper infestation of vegetable gardens is the worst since the dry years o£ the 1930s. . Corn is believed to be about the best on record in this region, if present indications are fulfilled. Few Hearing On sf Extension 17 File Written Protests Out Of 350 Land Owners /, After an open hearing, .fast Thursday evening, the Atgona cilv council approved a eafl for bids to install about 02 blocks of new sewer in Algona..a /nzw lift station for pumping seWage, and a pressure lino and Storm sew- crs, for nearly (he cotiie easturn section o£ the- city, of the C. & N. W. tracks. (/ The invitation 'to bidders, and description of tjie areas involved, will be found ;n a legal notice elsewhere in this issue, " Another hearing, and opening of the sealed bids, has been set' for Aug. IS at the city hall. Over 100 at Session Over 100 interested property owners from the area slated',for improvements attended the eo'un- cil meeting last Thursday- night/ Prior' to the meeting, written. objections had been filed by the following: Carrie Durant, J. W. Pentecost, Grace B. Newville, Chas. Redemske, Soloman Durant, Elmer Durant, Milo Durant, 'C.' J. Sill, Otto and Rose Westling, Ada Carroll, Perry C. Thompson, Clara " Schultz, Nita Boswell, L. E. Hovey, Dale J. Hasty, Duane E. Jensen, G. S. Kuhn, Merle Wellendorf and Mable Percival. Most of the latter individuals are property owners on South Phillips St., where sewer extensions would also run under the proposal. , v? Protesl Open Drain . ,, During the , verbal discussion,' C :p.,:MuUinex of the Howard R. Gieen .Eagineteing Vets' Office Is Closed In City Lawrence Misbach, employed by the Veterans Administration has been transferred to the regional office in Pes Moines, and started on his new" duties Mon-, day. He will move his family us soon .as living quarters can be found m DCS Mpines. Mr, Misbach has for some time Lqkptq 40 Sold At $300 Acre Lakota—Mr, and Mrs. George- Winter sold their 40 acre farm &t the southeast corner of Lakota last week to William Larson, owner of the Larson Produce Co. in Jjako^a for $300 per acre, pos- sipn to be given December 1st. The-Larsons plan to make their home' there. Mr. and Mrs. Winter have purchased a home' in Algona, f rio*$f Women To A Convention DpllH Welter. Rose Scanlan, Clara Shilts and Edith Welter left REV. P.;P. GEAREN, PICTURED ABOVE, is the" new'priest at St. Cecelia's Catholic church, here, succeeding Rev. Mallinger, deceased.' ' ••-'••-. .•••'-.:'•;'.''•.'• '•••-. . •-• • :.-: •--••• Rev. Gcaren'was born:in Sioux City, a son of Gearen, pioneer Sioux Cityans. He-attended p high school there,' graduating from Trinity high. He then attended and graduated from Campion college, Prairie Du Chien, Wis., sind spent four years in Kenrick Seminary at St. Louis, Mo. He was ordained at thu Cathedral of Epiphany in Sioux City by the Rt. Rev. Bishop Edmund-Heclan, June 6, 1925.' and his first mass was at St. Joseph's church, Sioux City, on June 7/1925. He was immediately appointed assistant to Rev. C. P. Sweeney at Whittemore, where he remained five years, and was then appointed pastor of St. John's church at Onawa and St. Bernard's at Blen- coc, whcre.he remained 10 years. He then went to Early as pastor of Sacred Heart church, in September of 1940. ' July 10, 1948, he was appointed pastor of St. Cecelia's church, Algona, and took over his new duties July 21. Shock 105 A. of Oats For Farmer, /// Wesley—A large group of neighbors and friends went Jo the Frank Gahan farm east of lown Monday and Tuesday evening and shocked 105 acres of opts, Frank has been in ill health for some time and greatly appreciated tho kind act of the men. I.O.O.F., Rebekahs At Wesley Install 3 Cor, Tractor Hit An accident that had all the elements of tragedy, happened at noon Thursday, at the Deibler corner throe miles east of Algona, on Highway 18. Luckily there Were no critical injuries, though Chris Branger of Mondoyi. Wis., suffered head gashes, his wife was cut about the head and left leg. when their car arid a Farmall driven by Cletus Studer of LuVerne crashed <it an intersection. Studer's forehead was gashed. All three were taken to the ... , „,.-„,, „• „ Kossuth hospital, where they .re- Wesley—The Odd Fellows and mained over-night. Friday after- Rebekahs held -a joint installa- "' • " ~ •gfc: ant, < lncludTng~"h<iw> tj^ issessmcnts would op'ef--' . , ..... , _ _. ^— _ ______ chargp of the itinerant ser- ( Friday for Toronto, Canada, as for the administration mak- delegates to the tenth convention vice ,.,., ing weekly visits' to county seat towns |n this area, Thi§ itinerant service was, - discontinued as of Friday, July 33. H, ? spent Fridays in T Algona. Local veterans seeking advice should contact Algona yFW or kegipn officers, o?. get in touch With, the regional office. The nearest full.time office is located m the §nell byiWing at Fort firmer north; recently * where W five Wood un- of.- the American Federation of ef Sorgptimist Clubs, . . The Federation of some 360 clues? in Canada and the United States 'is assembling in Canada the first time in the 27-year r of the service club. I Welter is president of the Club, Rose Scanlan and s are past presidents, is making the trip in : Chrysler. Trainin the summer with >thr. Mrs- Elfeabeth. east'of here has been tion of , -officers Monday evening of last Week. They had moved that day from their rooms 1 in the Exchange State Bank to- the building on main" street that had lately been repaired and re-decorated- • Odd Fellows installed were "R, E. Newbrough, N- G,; Clair Robinson, V. G,; Vee Mullin, sec,; Rev. J. A. Ri'ggs, treas.; snd John Amesbury, chaplain, Mrs. Eunice Nelson, was installed as N, C. of the'Rcbekahs; Mrs. Qlive Ejpdman, V. P.; Myrtle Mullin, sec.; Mrs. Ethel Hutchinson, and 'Myrtii? Brayton, chap- Bill Up, Around J. W, Haggard, cp-oublisher of the Algop Vfiper l?es Rfoines, wa§ ibje to gp.for.a Ffde last Frj- d»y fof 'thg ftfst time' §ince being taken stek t|ire§ months ago, ano stopped downtown for brief chats wi r who was hospital noon Mr. and Mrs. Branger were taken by -ambulance to their home at Mondovi. The Brangers were driving east at the same time Studer; riding a Farmall, crossed the paving to a township road south. Force of the impact tpre one tractor wheel off and huiled it 50 feet into a field. The tractor turned over at least oncp. The front end pf the automobile was bashed in. Deputy Sheriff Ra,lph Lindhorst was the investigating officer. property a ate. "•'.; Thcro were 17 citizens present who gave verbal objections. It was also explained that in the 'case of South Phillips St., the present septic tanks in most cases drain into a county tile, which in turn dumps into an open creek in the' southeast corner of Algona, It was explained that objection 19 this have already been made, and that it is inevitable that thtf" state der/artment of health issue/" an ultimatum about cleaning up the" situation, , • , There are about 350 land own-" ers in the area under consideration, and city officials said that the objections were fewer in- number than anticipated. Can Alter Plans If bids are, let. the work is to start within 30 days after letting and is to bo completed in 120 days. It would mean that modern sewer and water facilities would be provided to the area by City officials' also said that work was under way now on platting out where the objectors live, and if it is found there is a sufficient number in a given area the sewer extension on that street can be cancelled, and adjustment. mad.c to satisfy , the greater number, if those desiring sewer and water live beyond an area where there are objectors, however, the city feels tho extension should .go through. Woman Fractures Arn> In A Fall Mrs. Hanna Ross, employed ut the W. L. Whitney home, suffered a fracture of her right forearm, Friday afternoon. She was returning from the store, stum- ' bled when she reached the grade door, and fell. "She is recuperating at the home of a brother, {Jus Thome, at Estherville but ex. pects to be back on the job in a. . couple of wepks. * Mrs, Ross had care for Mr. Whitj, T1 , _,_ October when he returned frqm the Kpss«th hospital w, ha had been «•-patient since previous May after, " ' 4'U^My' ^ "i Child, 3, Crushed to Deal Sws§ son ol Htim

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