The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 20, 1948 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 20, 1948
Page 11
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Child, 18 Months, In Narrow Escape Swea Cily—The 18 rivdnths old '•" '-"~ ' ••*' --""— • - : ' * •** Daughter of Mr. AnA MV« r\«ti. , • ~ "• —^—." ''""—'"""' *——— • — •• ••— ^~ —,—,—, '.,..... , — months nld fi7 1iuf t"i ur ot Mr. and Mi's. Dale ;Waterbury narrowly escaped ser' > !"" d ,°y, «t Fartbauft/Mfnht'wher snp leirfrom her father's car a"s ' «?iJ v ? s b£>6k j ng U P. and the front wheel passed over her body. Un, £ware of the baby's fill, Mr. Wa: Site*??, 9^ Point of driv- Swea City, whc --_ ....-, accident, warned h'pi" i ! i th .f car passed over ner a second time. the child"w fr ° m int<5rn ' al Nurtes, ai but was believed to be ou't b'l ., cianBer oil Tii**i«4nv n*\A ..,„•.. w brought" hW ffi family C , been visiting relabel™ Vjl ' bault. They are northeast If.' farmers. Ithe A Lockjaw .. Joe Mayne, nbfthWest Grant larmer who,is a lockjaw patienl at Mercy hospital, Mason City, is nVi, . ntly ""l^oved so that relatives nope for h) is release from the hospital this week or next. Mr. Mayne had been ill about three weeks before it was pos- sih.o tr, H-, n «ri— his a jj ment) and *u.-••-»•-.- a day after at•i"i°-»» Iu , n eral of his sister late-Mrs, Roy Hartshorn. 'rashes Into Bridge Injuries received by 22- year-oW Roy Rohlin, son o* Mr. and Mrs. George Rohlin, resulted in his being taken lo a Sioux City hospital after the efir he was driving sfrttck a bridge .near' Sibley early Mondty, Roy, who had been in Swea City for a weekend f; visit, was reluming to Sioux f City where he employed ' K " ~ consiruclibh company, i c ...» uJcidehi happened ai the £ Outskirts of Sibley. sMost serious of his injuries fife a' dislocated hip, and an "Sration to reset the hip wa tforrned on Wednesday. He s*r°i_ su • ? red sever e bruises. At "$$ bedside are his sister and her 'JfUsbartd; Mr. and Mrs. Bud lt fu her ™ Hi ? P ar ents, vacationing .the Black Hills drea, ha.d not :been located at this writing, attempts to contact them by radio "pemg thus far unsuccessful. Local Improvements A creW of four men from Bradgate are painting "the Quaker ~>ats company elevator this week PV dragJmd owned by Younglove teonstruction company of bibux "City is digging tne scale pit for ne new Farmers' Cooperative |? le yator£o be built this, summer fin the east part of town. I Mrs-'Alta Berggren is employed lAnn e « C< 5 ntra i cafe ' replacing I'Anna Beck, who recently resign""' f " 'Accept Va position in the , . " J J i ?<?'i,Y 1 £ t * <B '-c*utterii61d. alnd ,,-1 •.or/;Lap. ! ,Gi'ystal cam'e-'Wed- lesday; to . 'take Mrs. Siemeh's ipther : M£s. George. Butterfield % to Lake:.;Crystal for a. few lys^Marjorie, younger Siemens lughter, is to undergo minor Sprgery soon and Mrs. Butterfielc "$$il remain during her convales gince. : , vrf The Rev. and Mrs. A.' M Youngquist and family -visitec friends at Royal on Friday, ft Sam Link returned home Monday from Mercy hospital, Mason i-.ity, where he was taken on July 3 suffering from a bladder infec- :t)on. Penicillin was administered and it^will not be necessary for [him to ftndergo surgery at this .time, v iy, • ' r \ k Mrs. Ronald Evenson and her ^sister Mr.s. Frank Wangle were in ttown Wednesday greeting old :riends. Mrs. Evenson, who lives i Elgin, 111., and .Mrs. Wangle, •hose h9me is in Chicago, have ieen visiting their parents Mr. nd Mrs. W. O. Welson, at' Spirit .ake. . Mrs. Ivan Elliott is visiting' at j E. L.. Kirkpatrick home in is Moines until July 19, Mrs. Lynn P.ulver and children .lave returned from, a week's visit Injhe hpme of her sister at Ryan, vimmanuel Lutheran congrega- ipn planned outdoor chWrch ser- -iftes followed by the church »and !»nday school's ahnual .picnic to , held at Oakmaupedan swe ;k, Tuttle lake, on Sunday, [y 18. . uests at the Jens jWbgehseh ie last. .Week were Roy .peari" of MonticeUo, and his sisters," r . Florence Momver ahd Ruth jvson, both .of Chicagb. '".". The jrsons are children of the late s, Anna Pearson of Swea City, ,,.,.k. and Mrs, Curtis Kluger are visaing their daughter Mrs. Peter Steffens at, Paw Paw, Mich., this week. '.."." Lauralye Pjpters of Clear IjiaHe has retWMed home after a week's Visit at the A. M. Amundson hame.. Johh fii-ew hffs returned '{torn & w^fek spent with Des Moines frieh'ds, , fhe artWual jpicnic of the Qranl towh'Ship Old Settlers' association will be h'eld Sunday, July 25 at the Grant school. Mrs. Roy Valis,in charge of a program of music, and Congressman'James I. Dolliver of Fort Dodge will be th'e speaker of the day. Mrs. George K. Nelson is spending a tew days with her brother and sister in Forest City. The following officers " weiV elected at the district Lu'theran [.eague 6onvention which 'closed here on July .11 after at thrfec day session: president, Merraid Strand, Gdwrie;,secretary, Louise 3 resthUs; Algona; Carrie Rosen, •ort Dodge, treasurer. Delegates from ten north Iowa Augustana synod churches Attended. , ' Keith Montgomery and Darold _ ab;el left for San Antonio^ Tex., on July 14 to enter a 13 Weeks raining course with the army air orps. Adeline Erdahl, junior/ high eacher here, and Violet Kputsen. iyho teaches third grade, M-U attending the educational -work shop 7 , for'teachers at the'tiniven- sity bf'Coloradp. '> Irene Lundqiiist» leader, and Mrs.- C. C. Anderson, assistant, are organizing a girl- scout, troop under .the 'Sponsorship of Uhe Aitterican-Legion Auxiliary. Al- .though there have been "active Boy Scout troops here for the past 35 years, this is the "first attempt at a girls' organization for .scout, work. ; " A Llllle of This, a tliitt 6i Thai; Not Much of Anything. Rabbit Breeders^ Met At Lakota La'kota—A regular meeting of the 'Northwest Iowa Rabbit Association and Cavy Breeders association met Sunday, July I'l, at the Elmer Kienitz home, with 13 members and 8 visitors present. Out oftown members and visitors were: Dan Grove, Clarion; Mr.,and Mrs. John Peterson, of Palmer; Mr.' and Mrs. Orrie Mullin, Hardy; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Clark, Humboldt; Mr. rind Mrs Lloyd.Phillips, Mrs. M. Soplund, Mrs. Don Boswell. Dakota City. It was thfe other day thai McEnroe was a visitor, in the iack shop of the newspapers and it was the first time I'd seen Jim since I meandered back to Algona and I discovered that he '•till puffs and and ring blows on i pipe and so now he's a mem- 3or of the Pipe Puffers and Ring Blowers club and he sure can qualify because on account of he carries a pipe with the strength of Gibraltar. And when he smoked it 1 fancied I could almost see the walls expand and the ceiling sort of bulge, but Jini said he liked strength in a pipe. At a meeting held two weeks ago at 5 bells in the afternoon the local telephone operators electfid officers in their coffee f Lllping club with Dolores 1&ae insey being selected president; Marcella Thill, vice president; Genevieve Hartshorn/ secretary; Marita Bestertlehner, treasurer; board members, Dorothy Reynolds, Wilma Kollasch, Roselyn Augustine', Delores Fischer, Ruth Ann Clement and Joan Crawford. The tasting committee is made up of Beverly Lewis, Virginia Kohorst, Doris McBride, Kathryn Richardson and Beverly Wilhelmi. A committee to instruct the proper cup holding consists 'of Harriet Simons, Mary Jane Muller, Lois Barnard, Dorothy Cog- Jey and Gloria Ruth Crawford. This committee plans to hold several sessions every week. The telephone girls plan ib take up a campaign against cof- iec shrping and the committee selected to take charge in this matter is made up of Carol Jean Msbecker, Joanne 'Germann, Mary Kollasch. Jean Ellen Lansing. Lorraine Rahe and Phyllis Stcil. This committee proposes to call in coffee slirpers and to give them a'lecture upon 'the noise rnade When slirping an"d to extend to them all help possible so they may be converts to proper coffee gulping. . The proper hand stance when- gulping from a saucer committee se- letled was Rosahne Germann, Emma Lou Simpson, .Patricia -Voylesi Marilyn Wilhelmi. Shirley Young, and Irene 'Young- Wifth. To teach coffee gulping without cream, sugar, gravy or mashed potatoes in the' -Java Helen Fraser, Mathilda Ruhnke, ROsanne Reding and Gladys-Sylvia Scott were selected to serve. Ahd so it may be seen how enthusiastic the local telephone op^ erators are about coffee and the proper gulping thereof because on account of the added membership of these swell girls in. the Amalgamated Association of Coffee Gulpcrs. "The local Lions club has be- como Tie-Less minded because on fx-coUht of at the meeting last Tuesday noon there were only- three members present* who had their necks done up in tics and they were Louis Nitchals, Ted Chrischilles and Bill Thomas but aerore many .minutes they kicked in a dirne ea'ch for' wearing cravats . When the rest of the Lions were observing Laws. We hatfe b£en enjdylng t pest of so-failed "millers" the past Ceveral weeks. A sort of big- Wing!-d bug which seeks the lights in homes and cars and buzzes about ahnoyingly and 1 askfnl Wayne Allen what could those things be but he pleaded ignorance, said he wasn't a "bug". expert. And Perry Collins said he was developing a good fly Swatter stance every night trying to murder the nuisance's. Choi Williams suggested that it Wight-be smart to wear mosquito netting nights so the "miller" pest couldn't be waving their Wings in your face, and he's got something there. Mike Wagner said ho was in favor of the city council putting a bounty of a nickel each on the "millers" ary.1 maybe folks would really go to murdering 'em. Chris Wallukait said it might be smart for the county supervisors? to order a black-out evenings, so the "millers" would have no lights to clicker at. And Ed Thaves said lie's noticed several "millers" on his potato tops and mavbe they fed on. potato bugs and if that was the case it might be smart to . . f... . herd all "millers" to potato patches and fields arid so help save the spud crop from the lowly potato bug, so to speak. VOO SAW A CHOSt 6US? I'LL BET'IT GAVE vou (UAMP LIN SERVICE Walfei' Pilesrfeif suggesfed that maybe those "millers" would make good fish bait and because they had big wings they would help make a good "cast" so to spealc And if that's the case then there should be no trouble to eliminate the "miller" pest because on account of hundreds of folks would be after the "miller" instead of hunting night crawlers. However the besrbet would be for the supervisors to offer a nickel bounty on the post and then even I would get busy cao- turning "millers". But the darned things are a nuisance, now ain't they? One night last week ai the Country Club I saw Fred Kent •loe Greenberg and Ralph Miller gulp their Java and they all did a fine, job of gulping. And here was Fred selling swell new cars Tuesday, July 20, 1948 and Joe buying junked used -cars and Ralph, rides a bicycle, but thai as it may those boys sure know their coffee gulping regardless of their • • transportation modes and .dealings. And Fred Timm and Harold Gilmore wert there, too, and Fred gulps out of one hahd trtd holds the telephone receiver in the other while Harold stances his Java cup with his left hand while he counts nickels at the bank With the other. I repeat, it is really wonderful the artistic gulping proclivities of our citizens, so to speak. Busy Bee Glub Meets •Union Twp.—Mrs. Harold Holmgren entertained the Busy Bee club at her home Saturday, 1'j members and two guests answering roll call with ideas for the home. The guests were Mrs. Jim Kelly, Algona, and Mrs. Sutherland, of Nevada, la. 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