The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 20, 1948 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, July 20, 1948
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',,(,>" ,",y*A- ', " y /' * ^:.•:-'.; v - By Buss Waller MaihV sends a _... r . program (bricc, 15c) -from „ wrestling show he recently .attended in Pasadena, Cal. ... he saw Gorgeous George, a professional Wrestler who has his corner sprayed with perfume before .each match . . , he,also marcels his hair . . . "this is ohc event Chris must have missed out west," says Lyle. / Down State Street came a truck loaded wi'tH watermelons. The driver pulled in, parked, and went into a restaurant to eat. The back end of the truck was invitingly open, ant) as might be expected the watermelons began to "walk off", under'.the arms of various boys who wore attracted like flies to sugar". . . so far as we know, the trucker didn't miss them when he returned and drove away, f -.-./'. On North Wooster Slreej, Thursday afternoop, a wedding took place, but it wasn't on anyone's, schedule ..'.•. It seems that 1 Patsy Schutter of Buffalo Center was visiting at the, home of Mrs. C. H. Casey, and somehow or other she met Tommy Lee, son of, Mr. 'and Mrs. E. G. Lee. Both youhgsters are eight years old. The ladies of the neighborhood •were astonished to find that Patsy and Tommy had 'decided to get married and the ceremony was arranged for the Casey front porch. Jimmy Bunkpfske,'son of Mr, and Mrs,; Henry Bunkofske, acted as the preacher. A large crowd attended, and the affair was extremely successful, with refreshments served to the bride, groom and their youthful assistants after the ceremony. H. H. Meyer of LuVjrnis writes to say that he did not "lose his house" but that it was sold by the owner, forcing him to move just across the Humbbldt county line . . . for other news of Mr. Meyer and his . candidacy*- for county ^sheriff? see news story .elsewhere in this issue. <w$?»< ••. 1- f I it,.' •,7t'BT^'>*T^ 'ff<l „ . «nhrte*£ e fies M61iie§ " * ESTABLISHED 1865 ,* IOWA, TUESDAY, JULY 20, 1*41 3,000 Inspect Weidenhoff Plant . '. . v-v .•.',,..'• ^cy&^ijrf*' ' j • .: ' .. '» H .•'.•• ' •• •"?- a ^'1S«?^?^--f.— -"-•-,: is, of/Jhe .opinion .ihat, men's. \ styles loir summer are *iily, and ihat there is no reason why they should not wear sandals with air vents on their feet, short sleeve shirts, or in .lieu of shirts a lightweight "T" short, and instead of clumsy trousers, full length, why hot a knee length pair of pants . . . we heartily agree with Mrs. Shumway in this matter, but believe we'll; let someone else be the.first to appear in the' "New Look for Men." AN ESTIMATED CROWD of about 3,000 persons tooKO-ady.a'htage of "Weidenhoff Day", last Friday.,arid visited the!plant of Jos.' Weidenhoff, Inc., in Algpha.' The 'company held open hoUsc^and actual production processes were viewed by the visitors For Joseph Weidenhoff himself, pictured above at the left, it was an especially auspicious event Mr. Weidehhoff came to Algona for, the occasion, and is shown in the above picture looking at'last week's issue of The Algona Upper Des Moines Which carried pictures of all Weidenhoff employees. Walter Harks, pictured at the right, ;is executive'vice president and general manager of the'Weidenhoff firm. Cars from 15 different states vvere spotted in the parking area, and bus drivers said that about 1,000 people made the trip to the plant in the free bus'transportation provided by the firm. In •.'addition .to thousands of hot dtigs, cooked by infra-red rays, in the plant, 70 cases of pop were consumed by viistors. :In the day's climax, the Sargent & Co., softball' team defeated- the Weidenhoff team, 3 ,'to '2, on the new K.C. diamon. (Algona, ; Newspapers Flashfolo). Repair Shop Gutted By Fife Delasseling Of Seed Corn !s Corn detasseling began Monday in.Pioneer Hi-Bred corn, .fields in Tassel force^pf. ipo..mostly ,-yotinffi-men, and y - won1en,7 but>*-bv* the'-^wfcek's This week is the Burt Legion celebration, and if we don't win 'something, then' Glen. Jenkirisqn did us .wrong on that ticket, he sold. • ' - • . \ ORCHID OF THE WEEK: To Frak Cook, for putting up a good fence, and- painting it, around his yard of scrap' metal on South Phillips St. . Carl • Morck was telling us of his plans for building a'fireplace at his cottage, at Rapidan, and if he builds it like he_ is talking, he will need a orow of at least 40 men. to. .handle the jp.b,. and a hamburger will ge^'lost in the grill"... nothing lpsS>than half a steer wjll look ;good 'in this jgiant'. enterprise.' , i , As we pointed put the first of the year, this U JLeap Year, and at the rate things are going all the bachelor? will be gone by the-end of the season. •'.. .-: _ ; ; j'f- , : ' 1945, Pwwin Peim lost Swea City claasi ring on the Ibaseball diamond, A search failed to uncover it. A short time ago, Eddie Stewartji Swea City baseball coach, kicked a clod of dirt on the field, maybe,mad at some misplay, and lo and behold, there was Darwin's ring- While there may not be anything particularly heartwarming about the Dewev-Warren ticket for midwesternflP. .the spectacle of the 'democrats Crapping with eaqh- pther isn't - eond.uctive confi'dence, ' • , a . W* stUl bele IhjU needs, among pther vordinate^ sthlejic where football, basebell and softball can be provided |or in one spot, with adequate.' parking seating facilitie^ , ,A ' \\i all at ence, but It's to have en the Jilt of needed . jt'i'tpe type of thing the sod accomplish, we hayei in Ateona, Tht Sppiety fop-the end approximately 500 will be- fc't work. 1 , ' ' "' •" - • The Pioneer company has some 550 acres more in corn this year than last. In Kossuth 400 acres are planted in Irvington arid 850 acres in Plum Creek townships. The remainder is in Whittemore township. In Palo Alto the company has 850 acres in corn. [Fields this year are 10* days earlier, ,than last year when the first tassels were pulled J.uly 29.. - About ,70 per .cent of the detas- selers are girls. The company provides tracks and busses to pick up .workers from all parts of the county. They have certain places to .meet and are then delivered at thd fields. Towns and'nearby communities from, which detassclcrs come this year include Lcdyard, Lukot'a, Buffalo Ccntcay Titonka, Bancroft, Fentori, /Lone Rock, Burt, Whittemore, LuVerne and Swea City. - The company has two machines on which'detasselers may ride but they are still in an experimental stage, and walking through the fields, as yet is the most practical way.for detasselers ,to,work. Local help is to be supplemented withs Mexican workers sometime this week. They . will probably arrive tomor- • row or Thursday from Lo- Suer, Minn. • ' Migrant workers, they will return to Minnesota when detas-- seling. here is finished, arid begin on the corn pack for a canning company. The 100 Mexicans'will be housed while here in S company warehouse. The'company is setting up a kitchen this year on the .plant grounds and the men will be boarded there. Previously. they were i accommodated at the Chrome across the way. The ne.w warehouse recently finished has made dining space available. Meal preparation and serving will be done by the Chrome. Deductions fr.qm the pay checks wijl be made to epver the cost of meals for the men. Over $6,000 Loss Sunday Says Norman One of the worst Algona fires in several years completely destroyed the G. R, Norman Repair Shop v on Commercial Street at Main, Sunday afternoon, .with an estimated damage of, from $6,000 to $7,000. - ' f f . , , Almost £00 persons, many aroused from ( afternoon ^aps, watched, "thep two'' hour' fire^that , completely w, Insurance Man Locates Here • The Equitable Life Asurance Society -of thp .United States an- 'nounces appointment of c v & Johnjojit fprinep sehpql superintendent at L °ri^ Rock, as a representative to take care pf the ' n this com- to hia edu muntty. Mr.fJalyjsQn is eminently «wal* this position, dye .., ji background a.nd „ , „ ., important executive positions, He has made a study of taswraneg for years,; and ' '.roSm , . The fire was discovered by the Cnism family w'Ho live dppositq the Norman building; It had already gained considerable headway then, and by. the time the fire department had .arrived the building; was. a raging^'inferno.v . Department Commended Fast, efficient work; :by, the local department saved; both the adjoining Mitchejli'' /-gas station and the neighboring' Glover Leaf Hatchery, ho weyer.CQhjy, damage to the station was/;a 'charred roof. A local tclephpnl} lineman also cut 'the city power ; lines ' s which halted any threat'i of ; ;- electrical casualties. , .'•'•''.':-, <\( \< , • •'..: Several explosions 'Caused by tanks 'of acetylene. ! pnd" gasoline added to the intcrifeity of the blaze, • '•"•'• / "'- " ; . * , Cause of the fire is n9t known. Norman had been working in the shop during the morning and early afternopn,and had^gone to Ottosen to fish .only. JMV hour before the,, blaze was discovered. He knew nothing of. 'toe |ire until after. it was extingutehccU Many pieces of equipment were destroyed including a binder owned by Calvin Boqc which was brought in for repairs on Saturday morning, '? Small Main A tfandicap It is possible that' the fire could have been brought under control sooner" had there, been a larger fire main at the scene. But the 2>/6 inch rqain available was too small to handle the blaze quickly, The equipment owned by Norman and the build >n|j owned. by his father-in-law were both partially covered byJnsurance, Mr, Norman is,a.n ejcGJ and has been running ,' the. shop for nearly four years, His plans for the future are indefinite-, •-••'. Douglas Riley, WarVetRites Held Saturday 7 Douglas Riley died early Thursday morning at the .veterans 'hospital in Des Moines from ah illness of long standing. ^ The-bOdy,- 'was -retttt-nedchoBTja,' feT.^burial KahfJ-funeral, p.ef yjcgs w,ere held Saturday afternoon-at 2 o'clock at the Presbyterian church at Irvington, his foimer residence. Rev. Gilbert Kuyper officiated, and Mrs. Vaughn.K..Rising sang, "In the Garden" :and "The: Old Rugged Cross". Burial- was in,the Lu Verne cemetery- Arrangements' were by McCullouglis. .'- X" Mr. Riley was born June 11, 1891 Dysart, Iowa, a son of John and Ida Riley.,On Aug. 2, 1923'he wasraarried at Humboldt to Miss- Sarah Bardwell of'Liv- ermore.. :.' The couple, started homemaking at Livermore but soon moved to Irvington where they lived for 15 years. Five years ago the family moved to', Algona where they had since resided. When Mr. Douglas was well he worked as a trucker and tiling contractor. ' . He was a veteran of World War I being inducted into service on Sept. 22,.- 1917. Overseas 14 months, he engaged in five major battles. He was discharged Aug. 1, .1919 at Camp Dodge. He belonged to the VFW and members of the organization attended the [uncral in a body, and had charge of military rites at the firave where a firing squad gave a final salute. • • Surviving Mr. Douglas arc his wiTc and four children. Mrs. Jarncs' Hammen (Bcrnadine) of Manson, and Diane Jo,' Duane and,Richard at home> Also surviving are his father, John Riley. sisters Mesdames -Charity Joincs md" Biddie Anderson, •' both of Waterloo; Mrs, Judd Bej-ryhill of C,|vermore, and a brother, Arthur Riley of LuVerne, MetaOldaker, GradOf Was Grade School Teacher Here A 1948 graduate of Algona high school lost her life in an accident on Lake Ahquabi, six miles southwest of Indianola, Sunday, in a boating mishap. She is Mete Oldaker, 18, daughter of Mrs. Edna Old, aker. The girl's mother was a teacher in the Algorta schools ,; last year, and since school ,i concluded, the mother and daughter had been living nine miles southeast of' In! dianola. . Funeral services will be held at 58 p. m. Wednesday, at Iridiartola, ;with Rev. O. W. Brand of Algona ;in charge of services. Also drowned in the same accident, which resulted from a 'boat capsizing, 'was Jesse Alexander, iy, a son of Mr. and Mrs. (Merlin Alexnder of Indianola.' . I Second Couple Saved \ A second couple, also iri.tllc 'boat when it capsized, clung to <thc boat's side and were rescued, ,i'hey were Leo .Hamilton, 21, and his wife, 19. i Hamilton said Alexander moved to one side of the boat, throw* ing it off balance, and pitching the girls into the water, and their lall also capsized the boat. He said he had hold of the Oldaker girl once, but that She struggled with him and he was unable to .hold her. . The lake is said to be 30 feet deep at the point of the tragedy. . The Hamiltons were married ttiree weeks ago, .and Miss Oldaker was a bridesmaid at the wedding. . • .. ... • Was Going To College v Miss Oldaker, after her graduation from Algona high school, had enrolled at Simpson college, Indianola, for.the fall term. Her mother had been a grade school teacher in the Algona schools for the past three years, and formerly taught at Knoxville. \ The girl and her mother had been living with Mrs. Oldakor's p&ents, Mr. and Mrs. Olin Mosh- SECTIONS-12 PAGES Trio Who Went To Finals [district Soap Box Derby L, M- Osterbauer lot Ottawa, 111., is expected todav for a visit with his sister, Ann Fechner. „ . ,, News of. the,~tragedyifslMkM the Algona community.' where she had many classmates, and was held in high regard, Carroll Switzer To Speak Here Carroll Switzer, Polk county attorney, and democratic candidate for. governor of 'Iowa, 'will be a guest speaker in • Algona next Tuesday noon,. July 27, at ,'a joint meeting of the three Algona service clubs. The appearance of Switzer will be at the regular weekly luncheon of the Lions Club, but other service club members have been invited; The luncheon will be held at the Algona Country Club. It will be. the first appearance of Switzer in this area since his nomination. THREE SOAP-BOX liEHiSY RACER$.led, a field of eight Algona boys at Fort :Do'dge, Sunday.-: The three winners who are pictured above are ]Cft. to right:. Mqhtc Kruse, 12, Bob Lampright, 12, and Kenny Peterson. ! 14.'•. .,-'••:••• .!• =Kruse-and- Lampright bbat out 22: other lads to advance to the finals,of .the Class B'. division orily to bow to Bradley Knowles of Fort Dodge. Kenny -Peterson won three heats before bowing out in thd semi-finals of Ihe Class A division. Gerald Schimmel and Jack Lichtcr- each second in their first heat as did David Yeoman and-Claire Schaap in the Class B division. Terry-McGuire won his first heat but> lost in the second. -Tom Sawyer,?Ted Chrischilles, 'Lloyd 'Bohanhon, Tom McGraw and Roger Palmer, all JayCees, accompanied the boys to the racing event.. There also.we're 25 or'30 other Algonians among the crowd of 6,000, . .• . , , Kruse received a new football and Peterson was awarded a box of, fishing,'equipment; Lampright won. a draftsmans board for the best designed -brakes in the meet. . An .oddity of the derby came when the two Knowles brothers of Fort, Dodge both won their divisions, racing in identical cars. The older brother then defeated his brbthei' in the finals by two feet to advance to;thc; national finals in Akron. (Algona Newspapers Foto). 29 Block Sewer Extension Approved At Swea City West Bend Man In Europe To Bring Home Refugees W, H. DaubeAdJeH of West Bend, who has^p^eh adyocat. ing the locating- 0f displaced persons frpm Europe in this area, is himself in, ;.fpr the. is country- gns to be ! est Bend to try and 8rrB transportation t of 20 or 25 Efcro •located in the', area. . • , The sador of good wfll to Vork f going rankfort, t Mr. pau ma>mg the ficial eral aid by "tp. . he is as, an p|for fed- rgcms, BJN of i Mrs. Peter Tobin, par J . smaest contwb«f»p»to wlll be fte fine family h a already reared two - adpoted children,as "well, as ; raising their own .two children, » To keep the 79 year-old -We,st Bend-man in touch with future home developements for the Europeans, his daughr ter, Mrs, W:.F. Leonard of West Bend, • is carrying on Mr, Daubendiek's search for more homes. She • will send reports to - her father; qn th'e. increasing 'number pf volunteer homes available. , Mr. Daubendjek. has a hrpther,. jiving- in, Germany, as well as, a nephew and several njeces, .ap4 expects to the Birthday Pony Is Recovered Sharon DcGroote of Humboldt spent Sunday and Monday here with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. -Don Nelson. Sharon is once again a smiling, happy little girl for her 'birthdav pony' has been found and is home. It disappeared last Tuesday only an Jiour after it had been delivered, a gift from her adoring grandparents. . The pony was located through the newspaper story carrying an account of the escape, It was found last Friday by farmers living six miles east of Humboldt, , How many miles it had wandered in three days wilj never be known, but it was so frightened and bewildered that it took two hours to catch the animal. Now he is vacationing in green pastures half a mile from Humboldt. S.wa City to put'over by a sweeping 'majority a proposal to bond the town for $39,000 for a '29-bloclt w exterij|on of the preie.iU'*«wei:' system. .The'role 1 was 223 in favor of the project out of a total telecast Of 239. . Over two-thirds of Ihe votes came', in the'iinal three hours before the. polls closed. At 'a' lat*.",»fternoon t hour, fewer thaa'TS votes haH been cast '> ' '. ', It had been assumed that 'heavy taxpayers: would op- hoping for ihe, df the measure began to predict A long, dry spell. However, the Lions club began a gei-out-the-vote campaign at that point, and as a result there were only 11 ballots left unused at closing time. There were only 16 votes against the measure. Mayor A. G. _Eggers and the council are empowered to proceed with the bond is- ,suc. A tax of not to exceed eight mills will be levied. . It is expected that water rentals will go far toward retiring the. bonds. Sewer Hearing Up On Thursday Thursday evening should be a lively time, for members of the city counci},. arid perhaps property owners in th,'c>.'past part of Algona. _ v,;^-!;":,':;- 5 '. That evening a' hearing on a proposal to gxtqncl, the Algona sewer systejn, ;,.to 62 additional blocks will b,o n^ld, and property owners can Sppearto object to or approve thctproposiiL As set up'.'in thc j city's official notice, the scwjjr extension would be assessed against .the property concerned to a considerable extent of the tptal cost, with some of the rerriairiing cost to be taken care of from/. the city general funds. •: .,. ... Cost of ;thc proposed extension would run,«.'around $83,000 according to .preliminary estimates of engineers. , Install Officers Of Fenton Legion Fent9n—The American Legion held a regular meeting Monday. July 12, Th§ elected officers were in* stalled by S, E. Stralev, Commender .Robert Berkland; second vjce commander, Amer Cody: ad' JiitanW. Wallace Smith; chap- hn, Bex Wolfe; historian, S. E. Officers elected, that were absent at this meeting will be Installed at the next meeting. Cosgrpve Guests WfiOsyT^Quests at the W. S. Ceggraye farm home north pf here on, Sunday wer§ the Arthur dtzfemily of Bancroft, Mrg; P, firgen. Miss Stella ?nt Imprpving — - "JWmS»«tf, patient »t Tombstone Load Tips, Driver Safe Elmer Ewoldt. truck driver for the Godden Monqment Works miraculously escaped death, and injury, Friday njsht,' when his truck was." forced from the hK'hr way near Fairmont, Minn., while returning from St. «Cloud. Minn.. with a logfl pf mo,numRnt stone. , The truck went shoulder I proachm ut on a soft a gvoid hitting an ap. and into a ditch. ^•jOni? th" fart tha* there, wag ft s^eel .shield between the truck bridy 'und ihp trufk c^ saved hig .life, The ,shHd halted ; the forward f|4rge "of thf heaw load of stqne l an,d paused it to coll off. ths,'sidA Of tee' truck rather than ovey>|hfe?|w»'A? it was. the "ib, w»s Rrstty well tplescon°d. The truck is 1 a.wreck, but Elmer hale and, hj^rty,, Meat Department Joe Tschetter> as ourchased t New Priest Named Here Father Percy Gcarcn of Early, Iowa, has been named as the new priest, of St. Cecelia's parish. He succeeds Father J. M. Mallinger who died several months ago. Father Gearen was formerly an assistant priest at St. Michael's Catholic church at Whittemore, so is no stranger to this area. He vWas expected lo arrive here tomorrow, Wednesday, July 21, to take over his new charge. Father W, B. Bauer, who was assistant priest to Father Mallinger, at St. Cecelia's, has received no word of any reassignment for himself, and thus will continue as local assistant. 'II New Doctor Locates In City Dr. M. A. Schrader is Algona's newest physician and 'surgeon, He has opened an office in the McEnroe Bldg., over the Tigges Drug, in offices formerly occupied by Dr, Anderson, dentist. Dr'. Sehrader is a 1940 graduate from the Univ. of Iowa school bf medicine. During the' war he served as a captain in the army medical corps, and saw service in Europe and was also a transport surgeon. He practiced in Alabama after the war.. H^s. family is now in Georgia, until such time as he pan. State Files An Opinion About Primary Tangle Meyer-McEnroe Controversy Still Up In-the Air If there Is any change in the republican nomination for sheriff of Kossuth county it wjll be as a result of action in KossUth district court. Monday' morning's conference between Henry H. Meyer of LuVeifnc, the man who was declared as originally nominated, and Hugh L. Me- , Enroe, who contested the validity of Meyer's nomination, ended in a decision fo let the district court decide the matter, if McEnroe Wishes to carry the contest any farther. Both Meyer and McEnroe were represented in court, the former by E. C. McMahOn, Algona,-and the latter by a'Forest City attorney. Reason For Challenge McEnroe alleged in a statement filed with the county board that Meyer's nomination was not valid because the latter lived' across the county line, in Humboldt county at the time' jie won the' nomination. Meyer had replied that.he was only living there temporarily, be- ' cause the house in which he formerly lived had becn"sold. He is the M. & St.';L. station 'agenCat < LuVerne. * > }, . ' ' ^ Ed Dchnert'Of LuVerne/'.w'as naj; ' " ' " ' in-. Ma nam same. W. E. McDonald, chairman of the board of supervisors, 'was the third party, involved in-deciding what the next move in the? matter would bo. •. . The < State's Opinion H. W,. Miller, county .attbrndy. prior to Monday's meeting.-wrote to the attorney general^. office outlining for an He i tha t in thtf. state's rf "opin¥o!£ "Cto^L , board, of .supopuVors, did. not Jiavc >-*" v . any connectiorfvwith a decision in/ " the matter, and that chapter 62, ot~-r •• Lhc Iowa code, under which Mc- Knrqe was objectjong tp the nom- , ination, applied only in results' from a general pl'cction, and was not applicable in a case resulting from a primary nomination. . ' Thus, because of <U*is legal rul- ,' > ing, the matter'wa>' djroppcd insofar as tbp fiounty and supervisors arc concerned," and if Me- , " Enroe wishes to carry (he case farther it will, have 'to be duly ,",." filed in district-coi^rt-for -a deci- ... Mnn. " ^** K" *• *.-" > I: bion. Hail Hits Area Around AlgOna • Hailstones,- the-largest ever reported in Algona, pounded the south and e,ast part of ,tpwn in a freak stornv\ft\ajt ..hit' about. 6 o clock Monday-evening.-The hail ar^a extended to Irvington. The spectacular .stones varied from pea si?e td enormous. H, B. Noltc, official weatherman, picked up two stones "that had a cir* cumfcrence of 7% and 7 "A inches. Seven blocks',southwest -of Nolte's was where W^ P, Hemp-r hill found, ^the oddesfpf all stones. It was a'.'perfect square measuring W\ inches , on four -' eirif^o t ~* , > sides. Vaughn J^sihg.savrf"the storm approaching and, itmoved "slowly,It took abqut five minutes for U to move from {he elevator to the weather gtatt«Q>I ? , Note said, jnd liyirig here. quarters for .\ them Ristau Rites At LuVerne, July 21 The body pf Pyt, Qrvin Ristau of lyUVerne will arrive in Algona today.. Tuesday, frpm an pver§e§s mU)tgry cemetery. Funeral services will bf _ , edne§daa a.t 2 p. m. atlthe Lyih,, ,. „ church in LuVerne in i of the Rev, L,o.yjs Burial wiJJ be Rt,,.,. . „., there and graveside roMitwy n was .. Oi?J

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