The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 13, 1948 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 13, 1948
Page 16
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Bff M6h»i Install New Officers, Lone Rock Auxiliary Lone ftbck—The American Le gion Auxiliary met at the home of Mrs. B. L. O'Donnell, with Mrs. Francis Foley, assisting hostesses. The installation ol new officers was held. The new officers are Mrs, Fred Genrich as president, Mrs. Calvin Householder as vice president and Mrs. Nina Bierstedt as secretary and treasurer. Lunch was served to the nine members and four Visitors present. The August meeting will be held with Mrs. Russell Jensen and Mrs. Otto Jensen tip hostesses. Ladies. Mite Society The Ladies' Mite society met at the home of Mrs. A. A. Krueger with Mrs. W. F. Schrader assisting hostess. Mrs. A. A. Krueger read Psalm 86, followed by Mrs. Schrader leading in prayer. Mrs. Roy Jensen, president, announced that three boxes of clothing were packed and sent. It was announced that the ladies served 266 dinners at the elevator dinner, and at least $230 was elected. The president thanked the members and friends thanked the members and friends for their co-operation and donations. A hill was brought up to purchase 15 knives for the society. A committee was named for purchasing a new sink for the manse. It Consisted of Mrs. E. A. Lee, Mrs. Alex Krueger and Mrs. L. A. Newbrough. Mrs. Newbrough showed a picture and read a letter from the little Chinese girl that the Ladies' Mite society adopted. The meeting was adjourned, followed by the Bible lesson, given by Rev. L. Kingma. Lunch was served to the 16 members and seven guests present. Rural Sewing Club The Rural Sewing club met a' the home of Mrs. Ella Hanna of Fairmont, Minn., June 30. An enjoyable time was had by all visiting in the park and viewing all the flowers, which was jusl across the street from her home. A very lovely lunch was enjoyed by eight members and ' four guests. Those present were: Mrs. C. M. Gro.s.-i and Rose Anne, Mrs. J. M. Anderson and Marlene, Mrs. H. A. Holmgren, Mrs. Mary Hemerson, Mrs. Henry Schroeder, Mrs. Jess Dugan, Mrs. Andrew Thomson. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Anderson and Marlene were Sunday and Monday 4th of July visitors at Stratford. Mr. .and Mrs. Emil Person and family spent the Fourth of July at the Henry Smith home at Burl. , Betty Person left Wednesday to attend the 4-H convention at Ames, which is to last three; days. Mrs. Evelyn Earing, Mrs. Bob Hanna' and .Mrs--:', Glenn',.- Householder spent' Saturday- ifi Fairmont, Minn. Mrs. Dorothy Howe and' son of Emmetsburg spent Friday and Saturday at the parental Goo. Pettit home. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carlson of Chicago arc visiting this week at the John Nyman home-. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Herzberg of Des Moines spent Wednesday, June 30, at their Heme, Mr. and M>s. Wifi. Monday at Windbm, Minn"., visiting his Sister, , Mrs. Emma Boettchef. Mr. and Mrs. W. G, Heiter returned hom'e Thursday morning efter spending a Week visiting relatives and friends at Plynv outh, Sun Prairie, and Madison, Wis. Rev. and Mrs-. L. Kingrtia entertained the following at a birthday party in honor of their spn --Paul's fourth birthday on Wednesday afternoon, July 7; Mrs. Russell Bates and Joe, Paul Mnd Johnny GeitZehauer, Mrs. Roy Jensen and Jamie Jo, Mrs. Lawrence Rath and John, Mrs. E. A, Lee and Susan, Mrs. L. V, Johhson and Mark, Mrs. Ronald Christenson and Jane Ellen, Mrs. Wm. Fischer, Mrs. P. M, Chris- ;enson, Mrs. Emil Kraft, and Mrs. Srich Seegebarth, who 'also lelped her serve. Mrs. Andrew Thomsen, and _ enevieve Thomseh of Logan spent Thursday afternoon at the Donald Nelson home. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hammerstrom and Judy, Mrs. Selma -lainmerstrom, Mr. and Mrs. LaVerne Harnmers'trom and Eileen were all Thursday supper guests it the Ray Zweifel home at Fenon in honor of his birthday. Among, those from Lone Rock o attend the funeral of Otis Fish at West Bend Thursday afternoon were Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hanna, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jensen, flrs. P. M. Christenson, Mrs. J, VI. Blatichard Sr., Jesse M. Blanchard Jr., Mrs . Fred'k Schultz, Mrs. Fred Genrich. The Busy Bee club met Friday fternoon at the home of Mrs. H. A. Holmgren. Mrs. Lydia Wetzel and Walter, <Ir. and Mrs. Henry Wetzel and Jale of Austin, Minn., Judy Kay cMahon of Algona suent Thursay evening at the Elmer Peters ome at LuVerne. Mrs. T. E. McGowan of Cedar Rapids arrived Thursday even- ng at the C. E. Householder ome to visit. Mr. and Mrs. Art Geitzenauer f Lincoln, Neb., spent Monday fternoon at the Lorenz Geitzen- uer home. Lorenz Geitzenauer spent Wednesday at Winona Minn., on business. Rev. L. Kingma will speak at t mission festival at the Evangelical Reformed church at Ledyard Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Dean Jergenson and Douglas of Algona spent Wednesday at the parental Frank Flaig home. T. E. Lewis of Oskaloosa and son Rex of Los Angeles, Calif spent Tuesday at the home of their daughter-sister, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Flaig and family. Mrs. Jesse M. Blanchard Jr. and Mollie returned home Thursday evening from Des Moines, where she has been spending a week at the parental H. K. 3rown home. Her mother, Mrs. Drown, returned with her for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence; Ackerson of Wesley spent Thursday ;ight at the Geo. Long; home. Dennis Long returned home with: 'hem for a visit. Paul Wilm and daughters' ^mda and Sylvia, Mr. arid Mrs Sharping,' all of Milwaukee, Wis.,i r.C:.aitd,. Mrsl.v, Fred : Kulow of;' '"were Tuesday even- ng supper guests at the Emil. Kraft home. ' Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Wilkins who were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Nation of Yctter, returned Thursday from Denver and other points in Colorado. TURN SUMMER INTO HAPPY ; , , with an Eagle-Picher Certified Insulation Job. When installed in hollow sidewall and ceiling areas, this efficient, fireproof mineral wool in- sulation helps to keep out the scorching heat. Rooms are up to 15° cooler, and refreshing sleep is made possible. Call us today for full details, and ask about our budget plan of payment. COWAN BUILDING SUPPLY CO, t I'lioue d75 LoHs ,C»66k -»« Relatives and friends gathered at Edwin Wiclv tendam's last week^ , Monday evening to - remind them it was their tenth wedding anniversary, and "500" was played for entertainment. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. Sdwin Wichtendahl, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sell, William Bell, son Marvin, Mrs. Gerald Sprong, son Tommy, all of West Bend; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Pijahn and Gary, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wichtendahl, the Wilmer Wichten- dahls, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth BoK inger. Mr. and Mrs. Harold -.uedtkej Mr. and Mrs. Reinhard Wetzel, and Mr. and Mrs. Orvillc "ardener. High score prizes at "500" went o Mrs. Harold Luedtke and Kenneth Bellinger, low to Mrs. Waler Bell and Harold Luedtke. .unch brought in by the guests was served. Visitors at Wolier's The Rev. and Mrs. A..L, Wol- er and daughters of Cedar Bluffs, Neb., spent Saturday veiling and Sunday with the G. M. Wolters. The Rev, Mr. Wolter is a brother of Teacher Wolter. Birthday is Celebfated Relatives and friends called on Mrs. Ida Kuccker on Monday evening to help her celebrate a birthday, and attending were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wichtendahl, West Bend; Mrs. Emilie Siems, son Ervin, Whittemore; the W. Milwaukee — Mrs, C. E. CaTrbia'na daughter Frances of Milwadftee, visited °vcr Jast weekend a! the home of the former's bfother Hugo Paulstich, also,at Mother brother, Walter Fatllstich's, Sunday "iQrn'pg the Faulstiches, with Mrs. Carroll and her daughter, attended a Mission Rally at St. Paul's Lutheran church, Whitte- mqre, and at noon a family dinner was -served ih honor of the guest-visitors. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. H. E,, Stahlbock, the latter another sister of Mrs Cdfr rol, Hugo Paulstich, Mr. and Mrs. Victor 4 PaUlstich, Louisa and Juliana; Mr. and Mrs, Forrest Gil more, Son Danny. Whittemore; Mr. and Mrs, Duane Wall- ukait, Algona; and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Theesfield. Fairmont. Mrs. Carrol and her daughter drove to Towa with the Arthur Fenskes, Mr. Fenske being a former Whittemore resident. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Pijahn* son Gary, attended a Fourth of July picnic dinner at Walter Bell's, West Bend. . ' Mr. and Mrs. Artto j] Bartlett, Cascade, Wis.. visited Sunday, at Mrs. Minnie Reisner'sr The Bar- telts wore • Neighbors 'of -Mrs. Rcisner when she resided in Cascade. , • The Herbert Potratz family spent Sunday afternoon and evening with Mr. and" Mrs. A'rt Tic'tz, Lakota. ; . lute. fit *the Spin-it LaRe. ts*g&£ . ttlff Hufhb-dldt, the ReVi Mr, Job Printing wilh fast service and fair prices at the Algona Newspapers, phone 1000 tttMtttttittftftp'... HfrMAfr' ftath" 11$* WMeyan ,<Mid of he fdue^stayM fit Vfeaver'tf Cottage, . Tout ffi Black Hills ; Julia Dearths, Ak¥6rl t 6hlo, recently concluded a lIKday Vaea-< tioti with her psfeftts Mf, and Mr^. Hehry Deatchl heffe. During that time they drove out to the Black Hills oit' a Slght<8deklng trip. Hei aa»,mei'Ut t vm^ tleal' St«a«t at;tht' ', j l * i- *4 -Si Ml U"t ttlttW- ' fc J ^ * i yj^^^ij^; Bis<Mai«*8'V3i»f8ta r^; ' -' t JkXt. fiiiH, Mrs,'fiwi 1 Allew^I Meiffes, sfjeftt fr&ftl Sfittirdiytii Moftd&y with Mrs'? Allen's-gisl Mfs, W; P> wetebtfbd, fil§6 visi : .__ lee®! Mrs. James Dodds and Jag- McQbvern, bf Fefctftft* Aim, the famef Mildred riSkV is Irt the mrtilic llbrttf; at BesS MoiheS, ahd Don IS Mtl Mrs, Mfg, ftepart b{ CoWltJbri ot ' \ EXCHANGE STATE BANK 3 H«}ted'States Government obi gallons, dfreet and guaranteed.... 635,118,09 3. Obligations Of State's and political subdivision*.—.....„/„...— ' / 1 037 87 6. Loans arid discounts (Including $236.07-overdrafts).*.. ..L.. 268763.05 7. Bank premises wned $3,000.00, furniture and fixtures $1,000.00.. 4IOOO.OO 12. TOTAL ASSETS .„. :..„._.,.» *..*„. ' ^^ 13. Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations $ 7fl7.92fl.d8 IR' £L me u5 p 5 8 {{ s ,? £ j 1 8? l y id !J? ls ' P art "« rs hlP?. and corporations. . 60,717.91 15. Deposits of United States Government (including postal savings) • 44,423.00 # D ^'iV° f *i^^^^ 87 - 388 .- 2T 24 ' TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $ 67,056.39, 3, (not including Subordinated obligations ,.„ "c"A"p"i"T"A"L*""A"H'c'S"w'»J"T i '""* * * 866,883.84 25 Capital* .... „,.. . » .morionn 26. Surplus , ; * is'ooOOD 27. Undivided profits ' " '"' 25'2^'S2 20. 30 ' .TP.^ ljM y AlB » IL11 , T , IES A , N . D CAPITAL ACCOUNTS L$ 1,036,009.03 •This bank's capital consists of! ,••-.•• Common stock With total par value ot $30,000.00. '. "*' 'P'.°H y 1*' Butts, President, and John Hutchison, Cashier of the abibvo - n -;;^-Ti P""! 1 'do.solemhly swear and affirm that the above statement is .true/ and that this report fully and correctly represents the trUe stale Of the several matters, herein contained and set forth, to the best Of our knowledge and belief. GUY M, BUTTS, President „ .... . . . „ „ JOHN > rtUTCHISON, Cashier D?rectors Andrew Gollner, L. H. Kleinpeter, J. D. Lowe, Olaf Funnemark, State of Iowa, County of Kossuth, ss. , , ?worirto and subscribed before me this 7th day of July. 1048. expires July 4, 1951. J ' *;• sfUDER ' '^° tary P/Ubllc - V W y. *Vt«4il *• ____-,^— — - — 3, fhfti an 1 In^tfUffleHt arid Testameht of A/1t a. 1 ^ „.._-*. »J. i- fJr u^—er-.»-.^« --• .- Ml DafelnLotts, Ratiwittt Mrs. ria)owl*s «ow at home frotftR&chWfl*, .where She was a patient a; JHt-Mayo pitals, -. ' j Creek Feted mont «6«k£d. • • , ij v at Ajgonf, 1 lbwa|4ulv D, , ,-j i > i nvovi vu x/isirici iNO. 7 f ' '>\' Itetj'o^t s&f cortdtwn of x / ; ! t6WA STAf e BANK < %n A &lfed ( ^^^^^ r of the Federal Hcserve SVstomi' Published Itt acCbfdfthetf with ft Call matfe the State Bahlcln* Authorities and by the Fetfejfal Reserve Bank of "this ^ .,,. ... „,........, -..- -. • ..... -- ..-.. ••. >.-. 1, bash, feafahces with atMer banks, including' ceiorve balance/ ana/ ' tash Items in wroeesS of " 2. United State's Oovei'nmen ,3, Obllgnllons of States and C 8. Corpofate stocks er ans, including ceorve aance ana , • of collection. ...^.^.i-.i..— •— ^ — .„..,..".$ 1,850,435.57 ent obli8ritions, w dlreot nnd guaranteed.^. * 3,010,450.5s nd political subdivisions...... ,....'....1..:^..* 472,847.ft ate stocks (Including ^4,300 stock of Federal Reserve brink), . 4,8<5t>.0n 6. Loans and discounts (Including $0,116.83 overdrafts) , ..... .'.^^ • 817, I7.000.on . . ..... .. 7. Bank premises owned $15,000.00, furniture and fixtures $2,000.00.. i}t. TOTAL ASSETS »_ *_"• v* *""7'f"" f i* ^ tr'fi"""* ** ""*"*"*- ** 13. Demand deposits of Individuals,'partnerships, and corporations'.^,187,712.6n 14.^Tlme deposits of Individuals, partnorsHlps, and corporations^..^. 7.701.B/ 15. Deposits of United States Government (including postal savings) , 27,44t.f, 10. Deposits ot States and political sllbaivlslons..,......^..,....^, 387,092:71 17. Deposits of banks.. .. ^-—— *.* 23.56031 18. Other deposits (certlCied^and -ofricers 1 checks, etc.) V— »•"•«»'' 11.344.iy 10. ' TOTAIi DEPOSITS ...4. ...•——!.—*-.*.,... ^^...^1$ 6,616,822.10 CAPITALAC'COOlSTB • 25. Capital" x......—. '. ii— „ ^ .*_$ 50.OOn.J8 26. Surplus *...« ..i^-.^.i—..... .L —. .<. ioo.oon.on 27. Undivided protits-.a '. t .^.» -»,j 78.714.78 20. TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS a ._. :.-..$ 228,7lift « • * / ' r t * - ' 3ft, TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS..-.'.-.. $6,872,530.83 4 'This bank's capital consists of: , _ * Common stock with total par valuo of" $50.000.00. 1, H. L. Gllmore, Cashier of the above-named bank* hereby certify that Iho above statement is true K-" " ' ' ' ' ' •--•'-• Correct—Attest! R. 31. Mil! E. Llnnan, Directors. c best ot my knowledge and belief, j 1 H. L. G1LMORE, Cashier. * ', J.'A. Haggard, H. R, Cowan, M. H, Fnlkcnhalncr, State of Iowa, County oC-Kossuth, sst-" • • Sworn to and subscribed before me this 1st day of July, 1048. (SEAL) •' , » ' ' LOU1S.E MAONUSON, Notary Public ' , • •'••'. '' A Special Feature* for Friday, July 16th W * w ' ' 4:00 P.M. Kittenball Game $. At New K. C. Ball Park (ACROSS FROM WEI DENHOFF PLANT) '; ' - / ' Through Courtesy Knights of Columbus VS. The Weidenhoff team met the strong Sargent aggregatiQn earlier in the sepspn, and were defeated by just one rwn 'after a sensational garnt that went to sxtrg inning^JNaw, at a special feature of "WeidenHoff Bay'' next Friday, we will again ploy Sargenfi.and do «V(eveibest to eyen th§;«ofef Throwgh the generosi^f the K.C.'s this game pleyfd on Jhf pw ball park across from »N plant, You are cordially invited tc visit the^ plant and also attend the b^fflmt directly afterwflfdf,' W« a^plcinhing o day out here «t iht y^fidtnhoff plant and wt want yow t» ell wolsomt. If y»«.||r)nit dflvt ewt, tctkt th« bwi that will If^t iht wvrthou** iqwarra _,- f\'M%~ ','- ^^;„: **.&* T^f « ^ Vlf , *t: >$ % i "'-' ',).. V «' -• ' ""'' -. J • •"•-'<.? -^' : ''j t -f^'u' vr ,V4X^^^^

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