The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 13, 1948 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 13, 1948
Page 9
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franklin Fox Of Wesley Is Groom At Fdirmont, July 6 &lttULi^ifcVniftt*lJ u -tb^,^ _..*..*. * ™> Fox, was married on Mir . fto S n l July G ' to „ at * a!t<m °i?t. Minn. Fol* 'n a short wedding trip thev '\came to the Frank Ax P hS JWhere they will live till Mr. F™s '«*«> nfi° £L v 2 cated by Mr. and . >Mrs." Otto Henderson. Hendersons -nave purchased the Kin Fox rcsi- .dence north of the depot and will tmove when Mr. and Mrs. Fox jfnove to California. Franklin Fox : Jjs employed at the Pioneer Seed jt.o. at Algona, ... . . Suffers Sprained Wrisi Eugene. Haaek, youngest *on of Mr. and Mrs. frank Haack, suffered a sptalned wrist last week when he and his motorcycle went into the ditch as he was trying 16 . avoid hitting >a dog. ' ^ Visit Uncles, Aunts Carolyn and Rbnald Anderson of Fort Dodge, visited their uncles and aunts Mr.-and Mrs. Bob McMurray and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Anderson, who operate the Wesley Cafe, last week. , Heire From New York ' Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Brand-and two sons of Buffalo. N. Y. ( visited at the home of his sister 1 Mr. and Mrs. Dick Griffiorst and 'at their parental, W. H. Brand home at Kanawha, the past week. ' % Benton Family Home Mrs. Margaret Benton and four , daughters returned home Wednesday of last week. Mrs. Benton and two children had Visited her . sister, Doris Dwyer at Washington, D. C. The other two girls visited the Joe.Materns and D\)n Whites in Des Moines. To Care For Father , .4 Ruth Meuhe, who is employed at a telephone exchange at 4 Springfield, Mo.; came Monday to care for her father J. B. Meuhe, who has been at the General hos- nital, Algona, two . months fol- . lowing a stroke that has par- 'alyzed him below the waist line. He will be brought home and Ruth will care for him there: Visit At Grotto Mr', and Mrs. Alfred Erdthan, Mary Lee and Mary Louise Jocsak, the latter two -of Davton, Ohio, visited the grotto at West Bend Thursday * «ACA«JLB i win Grifl& '•f,'^- , Mr, and Mrs. Ben ArHd6r/ei> who farm east- of'Hutehifis, bc- oamo parents „ of twin girls on Sunday. July '4. They were born at the Uehei'al hospital at Aleofta. Mrs. Arndorfer is the former Ann Seimer, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. August Selmer of Britt^ former Wesley residents. ArndofftSB now have 3 -sons, and 3 daughters; Mrs; Irene Studer is helping at the ArrJdorfer home. '. ;'' At Daughiet'4 Wedditig ' Mrs, Pr&u-i 5» P X. Billy and Helen and,Mrs. Willis Schwartz, the former Louisa Fox of Mason City, went t6 Union Star, .Mo., on June 29th to attend the" Wedding of Mrs. Fox's daughter, Mabel Smith, to Clyde Huchencraft. He is taking an engineering course having been in the army. Summer Bible School The Evangelical Free church is conducting' a summer Bible schdol at the Funnemark school house. The instructors are Carolyn DimindY DomVa Karlstorf and Augusta Swanson. They will present a program at the church oh July 16th.. • . Joe Studer, leader of .the Wesley township 4-H boys club and his brother Herman Studer, leader of the: Prairie townshio club, attended a leaders meeting at Burt Friday evening. The Wesley township • homemakers group will meet at the home of Mrs. John Huff on Tuesday, July 20th instead of the 13th as that is of the Fdrm Festival at Algona. - .The Joe Studer family went to Armstrong-on the 4th of July'and enjoyed a picnic at the Roman : Eis0nbacher home. The. young folks went to;,a nearby lake for an outing. Joan Kay, young daughter of Mr. and Mrs.;Joe Studer, spent last week at her maternal grand- pare.nts home, the Ign; Eisen- bach'ers. '•' Shirley Studer and Rosemary Studer, students at IS. T. C. at Cedar Falls, spent the 3-day holiday weekend, at their..tfparental Joe Studer t and August .Studer homes. .".' /'s "Chuck" Kraus entefcecl the Ready to Coijinbihe? ( " "' Going On a Vacation? Are Y.ou Protected From For recharges nnd-iiew c^cthijifnisliersr eon(act * V 't 1- Kossuth Co. Fire Equipment (Write us a card and we will send a jrepreseniaiiv'e fe»r Phone 2S demonstrations. Algmin, Iowa W. St»fe*»t» • * -,\ • veterans h6sp]{ DOS Moines last wek for a physical checkup afld medical trealmcHt of a "bad" Wisdom tooth, Mr. and Mrs. Will Hrubes and daughter Wilma alcndeti a Hrub* es family reunion at the Duncan hall on Sunday, July 4. A picnic dinner wa* followed by a short program. Bernadotto Bauer returned homp on Wednesday of last week from a week's visit at fee Ous Brandt Home at Clear Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Ed rfrubes of Bntt nnd their guests Mr. and Mrs. iMike Malek .of Chicago- were Wednesday .evening dinner guests at the Will Hrubes home. .Mrs. Vincent. Kleinpeter and Mrs. John Hauptman were servers _at the meeting of the Catholic Missionary Society Wednesday afternoon. They will meet again on Wednesday afternoon. July 21. The C. D. A. \vill meet Wednesday evening, July 21 Frank Bleich started his two weeks vacation on Wednesady of last week from his duties as 'second man at the Farmers Cooperative Elevator. Wilbur Monson is assisting there now. Mrs. Milton Bebo and children returned home the fore part of last week fi-om several) weeks visit with relatives at Flandeau, S. D. Mr. Beb'o is trucking in the wheat fields of Kansas, and Nebraska, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Lawson of Coalinga, Calif., visited his father Homer Lawson and other relatives here the past week. They went ort to Maryland to Visit her relatives. "Russ" is employed at a Chevrolet agency. .Mr. and Mrs. Glen Francis, their two daughters Dorothy, with her baby girl, and Arlehe with her baby boy, all of Austin, Tex., visited Mrs. Francis' -sister Mag- eie Schroeder here last week. Their brother Nick Schroeder of Pierz, Minn., had visited Maggie the week before. Mr. and Mrs. Vee Mullin and Sharon were July 6th dinner guests at the home of his brother Ben Mullin at Klemme. The Wesley folks • obsei-ved their 28th wedding anniversary that day. A very Mullin and Leroy Seller who enlisted in the navy and left last week, are now at their base at Lackland air force base near San Antonio, Tex. Avery visited relatives at Omaha between trains enroute to Texas. The young peoples group of the-Evangelical Free church attended a charivari party On Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Manspri near LuVerne Thursday evening. • Mr. and Mrs. Lester Larson visited his mother Mrs. Peter Larson at Clarion Monday, July 5th; ' ' Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Braley visited their daughter and family, the Stanley Smiths at Des Moines from Sunday till Wednesday of last week. ' Mrs. Henry Engstrom went to Rochester, Minn., Tuesday to go through the clinic. • Supt. and Mrs. -Chas, Mullin went tp Warrehsburg,. Missouri, Thursday,to..,visit her; parentS^Mr. and Mrs. J. R .Roswell' a •vtfe Tljey.. will :Jbr,ing;hojne. tljeiifss Jim. .who has been there six weeks. Herbert Johnson of Obrie'n, Oregon, ; flew"'' here.: Thursday to visit his sister Mrs. Esther Skow and ,o,ther relatives for seyeraj days. •• . ., ... ........ . , -' Shirley, daughter "of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Smith, submitted to' an appendectomy at the General hospital at Algona, Tuesday, July Vi,.'for your t^f ' W ' '• ' j ' y^ou'cope right down fo It, Oa.PiATWG 8«w»!ly sws vp on what you want from 9 premiwrn cylinder w»Hs, ,',i pptor oil is.,, flit tfst pwikh * down, i 'yroteftiw ari<i/Ae least eutfad oil , That from tt}« time you fijl'till, tb'« time N<* Motor Oil ented) givfj yaw ropre for ,„„ moeeyb)f6«i«ft(i)whWWQU , WtftrsyswiBtttw'-"" " ' », t destructive ' ,* * *£,&LW'ti >nt,rir-^' : *M: ^-' rfifi. t Y«Btel0TOf ^tfitri 1 *- « ^cWI»i»|%^'«M^A%%. > ^ 6th. *" "* Mr; and Mrs. J»c!cr.Mefldd«- fifftf Ml-s. V, Young of CHib««d ed the paslt two week* at th yille Smith home. Mr. aftd Render are Urn. Smith's patents and Mfs. Ypurtg is hef sister. Mrs. Fred fcentele and tor of Forest City visited Bentele's sitser MM. Esther §koW Friday. ,.-'•• <lf A1ITKII1 V StM.MAHV OK hmil UlMtrirt, of AlKonn Mil, Township of AiRoim, Couniy.,d Kosmith, for Jlio rittfti'tef- etutm •lone no, mis, t«tiK>fftl i< 4 n'ni| • Bitlanc'o froiii ...... ........ . IJiirlhR This Quarter ......... .•....{110.0-iD.2i . This Qunrter .......... t fig^SS.fC Haliinfto at ptid of ThlH quarter ...... ..... t 20,159,11 SollO.d Ifllllkp I-'llllll , Bain imp, from 1'rtvlous CJimrler ................ $28,03-1(48 riocelvod During Thl« -" Quarter . ............... $ 9,000.00 Wan-ants Drawn During TlilH Quarter .......... $ (),Sii2.SO- Unlnncf! at erul of This Quarter ..... '. . , ..{80.W1.89 I,|M< ot \\Arttii\\* HI I'rcvloli* . White J'hllliDs Noh <xi I (loll** r-'iinit— .t(lKliiirnrinc>li(Kl la. DCS MofncM Nat'l Hank J 52.50 Iowa Htatc Hank .......... 61(10. !!B Hecurlly .State Hanjt ...... lOfi.OO .... ........ , 8.7'fi $8332.60 •AlK-i.illl /.'lillir &. I'Wil . Alumni llnrilwnri- AlRuim I,.,. Crr-ani Kiii'li \V. I). A'lien M/K.'OI.' .' i Mnrvij; Audvi'Kot) l>iiniin IlitlKcmnn ' '' ' HiirHny (in. • lnnli.|.' Hiirllmlnmcw ".'.'. • I CUM Itl'limlKll ('Inn lotto Itlnck jjlitssiim In*. AKi'ncy . . . llnliiiritioi. Ins Hr>t.«rnril I,hi'. Co MnliM-i-M Mi-own -. .lHi''|iii'-lliio llrown ..... Hruri' I'uli. d, Iturciiti V r lKun! hiBlrunl ''Hy nr AlRonn Collr-ctor Inlorriil J!t>v.' l)ll|f I'ollltlH ., f'oioiiial Art <-'<>. ...'.... ('oll.'IKO Orm.'.prv C'owini |!|<|B. Supply . . . H. .1. COWIIM ' IIPI-I ('rorinii DCHII'K U'nlch Ili-iiiilr . (.,'liunl,. Di'tirclix Ijriiii'ii l.llirnry Supplies Hftly Diinoviin I'riiKKlsl Mm mi I hndli-y Luck. Cnrp Krniioiny .Slolwr Ha.le« C Kiliim. Mush; Urn-etui ." l)nrls Kill-hurt. • (•'Inn's Hnki-ry Junior FosniHiKli KIISIIT'S Furniture Knnk ft Helm Sim ley (liirilner filMierii) IUoloKk'U.1 SUDP ICinilv Crliru-s ry I 1.25 7. flf. T.fifl •B.71 SI,78 30.70 il.OO 2.00 0.55 17.10 ilit.jjn l'l!fi5 1 iSiitb liil.'S2 •iii.L'o 1.211 Xil.75 7!l ri.4:l 1107.87 I!:!. 00 02! 2 5 2.1 I Itiiii!) liii.iifl 2.00 • 7.S5 17.00 11.40 101).70 i!'23 21.-IS s'r>'j :ir>. oo :in.'«7 i i.oo 13.H2 8.93 J Ian-Is Httpc-i- Socvtcft If. .S. Aillvlty fund , .1. I. 1 1 oleum b Mfff. . . , llolley Scl ool Supply Sue Unlclilsoii ...... HunlliiKton Lab ...... " 1'. ll. Irons. town Old AH;!' or Kurv v Io\vn SlHlo Collf(t« K. \). .lumen .loin: M. .Iimlrtn .... lievertv Kiiln Kent Motor C'o. . j, , Kllpto Kooso I.oaf Co KolillmiiK (InriHvarp Kossuth Countv I'ttbl t School ? Kos.mitli Motor Co. . . Kossuih linillo K K Gi-otclwn Kitphynkn Mrs. Ida Knocker . . hi In w Dros Kelwiinl LnlnS: Mrs. f). H. l,nliiK . , ( (Jlorln l.iinp 1 )i ir wo oil Liishhrook bos lleml Music Co. Koverly Low-Is Mrs. h'rnnk l.owls . . Vlila I.lnilhorHl Miullyn MeOnlre ... Mrs. M. <!. MciMnhon. Maple \voiiit Ulnili-ry Loon Mnrtln Mel ropolltan Supply Mldwr^Kt I'aper Co. Katliprlne Mlshat'lv Modern Dry Cleaners Kldoi- Moore ...... The Music Shop . . (Jretchen M*yer.y ,. V. V. NiiuilMln .... Northwestorn Hell Telephone ............... K. S. Norton & Sun ..... Norton Machine Works Owen Puh. ('o ....... |. , Maxlre I'elerson ...... tr 1140 lOli.fil J72.IM 130.JO 28.31 52.20 281 OS •15.10 101.05 717.-I I 50.06 •US 30.1)2 18.S5 177.72 '19.94 in.n a.oo 10'l.25 5.90 15.40 11.33 10.SO 10,20 •R.9S •I. 10 S.70 5..11 11..10 21.25 35.33 15.60 281.91 4.!11 21.IB 1179.18 5S.I 2 5.95 02.2(5 (1.7B 29.78 13.05 97.37 so.r.i B1.S.02 2.50 28.00 Tuesday, July 13, 194S O. P, I'oteisot) f'ottv Cnsli IHiihnin Plait ....... Clnitdfti J'ollarcT ..... I'oftt l)iny & Tinnsfoi I'intt Klo/'trli Poitcr-cnbie Mathlnc t' Ksthof QJillibv Unnsly Lbt. Co. . . Itny's .luck Sprnl 'H .lonlco Itoilln^f .... Hoi) Ucllly Mnxlno noltnors . . Then. B. ItohnrlRon Norrls HotiKKfnii Ittiss fi Ky'rt Super S(;f • Sawyers Skel^ns l!«y Selionck Scivt:c.o ItoKiMi rch Soott, ForOHinnn Unok (leorgre \V. Sofrli. . . .; II. M. Scl.ohy , Sltnrp'H .hMvelry Cnryl Shupe Allen Slickers Splllec trnrdware Karl Sprasne Slpphensoii Hand Instri meiit Iteiinli- . . I'Vrti Sliinlor. ... Hetty Stlllman . . . Mnxlno Slrallon . Strauss 'Lock Co. Glen Sti-ayer Waller Stevens . . TlB«es DI-UR Store Thorpe Wood ftdi-oti . Thuenle Phurniacy . . Trens. State of Iowa . Mnrllyr Tnlile (larv A\'aldron ....... Hetle Wallukiill W. M. Welch MfR. Co. II. W. \VIIson Ci .Joan \\'olcot I World Hook Co Kalherlne Van Ness . 1.70 203 7S 2SO.d« 5.00 32.5.9 105.!)8 1 l.fiO n.OO 523.79 lO.ilS 1 1.55 103.20 17 LtlO 10.10 7.50 517.83 9.75 15.00 22.07 1,99 SB. OB 15.57 •1.50 50.0(1 103.25 1.B1 ».po 30.M 1t.!)0 11.90 31. S 5 Hi. 02 X2.00 12.50 11.02 7.00 1.53 12.21 50.00 15.(JO 5.00 127.11. 0.00 IS.00 1.57 31.00 Allnn t'llff SahilifH for (Hlftltdv «i Toiid r<n inmrior t t.f.. I, Loom K. St. ..toliin, of the lUtnvo I tirtiiitl SChOS ilo loioliv certify thai PIIBOM 1 and 2 Is A li-ini sliitompnt of the pt'i frilnliiK I" financial : of K.ilil nisti'lel Tor .fffl Snivel Hied and sworn to^, me. ihl« ;ioth iln> of June, A. t), (MIBAT " rc ' A ' IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MAKING $500 Oft MORE PER MONTH write F-53. Algona era. If your letier pt6V66 i6 US that you can meet the standards, an interview will be a** ranged. Slate age and ex-jj perience. Must have ear. , |j ALLIS-CHALMERS -OLIVER- NEW IDEA - MASSEY-HARRIS -, DE LAVAL - CMC TRUCKS ' ; . \ • • • , Is your ALL-CROP harvester Ready U S E D Good 3-ii'ltnv i'hrcsh- Intr Tmctor, completely overhiiulcxi. Use.! IHC Silo Filler with 50 feet i»lpe — T okay shape. 1-Itow Tower Driven Ma.ssey-lliirri.s Com Kinder on rubJjer, 2 years old. John Deere 15-ft. Disc Very good Jayhawk Haystacker, cheap^' \ 1 small Grain Jlox - for Pickup Used Electric Pump Jacks. , tWVW.I'KfllC' ••.iuHtVW.'.rt/Ari to Go? FACTORY- APPROVED ADJUSTMENT AND REPAIR SERVICE Now you can get fasten service on your All-Crop harvester check-up and re> JJair. Bring it in while we are not so rushed, '.«? ' -••' -% 2,4-POINT INSPECTION AND REPAIR SERVICE BY FACTORY-TRAINED MECHANICS It's better to have your 'All-Crop ready and waiting lor the harvest, than to have your grain ready and rwaiting for equipment. Be ready ahead.q£ time. Giyet '4is a ring and^schedule your job FREEDOM * »»• *. • . IS EVERYBODY'S V .J.PB ' V r flLLIS CHflLMERS SALES AND SERVICE. '" USED FOR SALE Surge Milking Machine, complete •• New Method .Mntnire Loader & Stacker s John Deere 11-in. Dump 'Rake H H» K ttJlccitcjc Motor -Kariners Friend Manure Loader for F20 or F80 W€ Power Lift Automatic Jayliawk • Hay StTtrkcr IHC Hammer 3IilI Avith Traveling Feed Table 7A Bearcat Hammermill <iA Bearcat Haminermill \\'z H. P. Clinton Gasoline Engine 4-scc'tion flexible Har- irow Avith drawbar 2 Used Single-How John Deere Corn Pickers Electric i Power Lawn Mow r er John Deere 15-Ft. Disc 1 H. P. Eifterson Motor, cheap 14-in. Flat Truck Bed Wood Wheel Wagon (good) •K* The Loader That LEADS In Exclusive PATENTED Features Caswell Crossed-Chain Stabilization PATENTED crossed double chains on single cylinder. Caswell Fork Tilt Control PATENTED lever control "sets" tilt of fork. The Caswell Curved Guide .PATENTED '"bow" Kuida bolda lift in line. BEING FIRST, we were able' to originate and protect the many basic, common sense construction, features which, make The ( CasweU Hydraulic Power Loader so simple and'safe to operate and so easy to 1 mount and unmount. , BUT The Caswell has not stopped there—new ideas and improvements have been added each year to keep. it in front—the. loader that leads in efficiency, convenience and economy. Completely Modern The Caswell has no gears, no sprockets, no clutches, no winding drums, no brakes. Nothing to wear t out. Single hydraulic cylinder with. - crossed chain's' gives'''tremendous,, balanced'lifting power.' Low; bead room. No excess weight • • 4 New Machinery Gchl and Bearcat Hammer Mills llammcrinill Bolts, 50 J; ft., GO-ft., To-^t.' " . Hog; Feeders, IViiterers and Oilers r •',/i , Poultry Feeders and. "Waterers'-', ".'v''y'^ Jlale Loaders, Manure Loaders rump Jacks, Lawn Mowers, Power or Hand Operated Steel and Wood IVater Tanks 2-Wheel Heavy Duty Trailers Wagons and Wagon Boxes (flare or Square) Wagon Hoists / Windrowcrs for 7-ft. Power Mowers Sew Weed Spray, Equipment of all kinds «M.,.Postwar De Laval World's Standard Series Separators ~ fciWlwgjiUfWiflf feM,8««|i;ili »wt tp ^v« yew • 11 *wl iU »t yry-^jSSfa t&iF^* IR « ^i ™^w ij^miy^ i^Wsrl tftf*^ * V * , 'eel .•temnmti A. C.-W. C. Power Lift Power Lawn Mowers W. C.'Mulching Attach- me nt New Idea Elevator Sections, Hoists, Speed Jacks Oliver roller bearing Auto Steer Wagon Cement Mixer 2)4 (o 3 eu. ft, Post Hale Diggers Combine Pick-up- Attachments Cylinder Corn Slieller .' with Cob Stacker De-Laval Milkers, Separators and Dairy Water Heaters EJectric Motors 1/8, '/*, 3 H, P, Little Giant Trailer Typo Lime Spreader Drill Type Lime Spreader, on new rubber Oh I Field Forage Harvester &, Blower Steel or Food Gates, 12«ft., 14-ft., 10-ft. DoLava! Food Freezer Tractor Saws and Sprayw9 w^H I ( '

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