The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 27, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 27, 1940
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™ K DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHBABr ARKA»*A* *»n c™™*.™ ..^..i?" ^ ^ -" * » O VOLUME XXXVI-NO. 201. Blylbevllle Unlly News Blythcvillo Courier Mlssslsslppi Valley toiler Ulyliicvllle Herald Civilians Ordered Out SM Jfl Of Viipuri Bay Area; Fighting Still Heavy ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI KKUIUJAUY 27, HMO HELSINKI, Pel). 27. (UP)-Finnish troops \villuli-ow to new Inies in the Pelsiimo Arctic ai-cn today. In the south, near Viipuri, the Kovenimonl ordered 'immodi.-ite evacuation of all towns alonf? Viipuri bay in n slrin '>••> miles back from the coast. * ——-^— .. ' . An official war communique announced meanwhile Hint Fintiisn troops li«<l itirown back with heavy casualties n new lied army c.tlack on the Mannerheim lino, aimed nt Viipuri, Finland's second largest city. In the far north (lie 7-lnns withdrew lo after losiu; ........ „ poisetsion or Die Pelsamo roa<l to the Russians. Naulsi is near Hie lowest tip of the Norwegian front elbow bending iulo Finland. The withdrawal \\\ llie north extended about 12 mills. 'Hie oxncuation of the Viipuri area was in line with the government's policy of clearing' civilians from nil towns in immediate war sectors. The Russians, having forced Fin- nishforces from the fortress of Kcivislo island, attempted to Hank Viipuri by attacking over the .'.oulhwestem Islands in the Bay of Viipuri. They were repulsed with great losses, a communique said, while other Russian attacks were thrown tack at three points in the Man- nerheim line's second defense zone. The communique said that Finns captured large quantities of infantry arms and destroyed 18 Russian tanks. The Finns repulsed powerful Russian attacks in the Taipale They Crossed Ocean -'On The House' ' SELLERS Operators Along Missouri Line In Northwest Arkansas Face Charges LITTLE HOCK. Ark., Feb. 27 _ The .state Revenue Department having ended a Uirivini; business iti gasoline of which thc cent niiiit tnx was not Hoover's Methods Of Inquisition Under Attack By Senator Norn's comity r ul ] pnid ni prepared against Omaha, Hoon lodny to riu- about SOI) border [Illinj; slalio.-i UH- eralois nil i-hiirises »| .nvulln" tile tux. J. K. Patterson, director of the Gasoline Division, .Mda the depuri- | (lie-lit obtained 1.53U allldiivlts from li'lick drivers halted duriii" a 00^^ m Uie senate for investigation of Under authority of n 1935 law J. lidgai- Hoover's federal bureau station operators in cities and In-' or investigation, lie said today. | corporate^ towns whicli border a "If nil-User research bears out nl- I state line may collect tlie smaller legations that G-men have violated i g !1K oli»e tax provided by law In tlic civil liberties in arresting Loyalist : adjoining state. This statute anu sympathizers charged with recruiting Americans for the Spanish civil war," Morris said he will ask for a congressional Inquiry. an amendment enacted in 1937 were passed to enable operators in border towns to compete wilh dcal- I ers across the line. But the law Norris placed the charges before i "Wired that thc smaller tax (he senate when he quoted criti-i 1 ' ;llo " ltl ureval1 °"l}' on Kiel piunp- of the on the Karelian isthmus the comtmmiciue said. It sector front, __ ., announced also that large quantities of Russian war materials were captured by the Finns In the Ktih- ino area north of Lake Ladoga. Submarine Hammed BERGEN, Norway, Feb. 27. (UP) —A submarine ol unknown nationality was believed to have been sunk outside Norwegian territorial waters today when it was rammed by the Norwegian steamship Ati- finn. The Anfinn reported that it had' collided with the submarine by accident. New York Cotton Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Prev. Open High Low Close Close 1117 1UI) 1110 1113 ' 1095 1095 1085 1089 1058 10S8 1047 105'j 890 D90 97C 981 089 979 978 059 974 078 972 974 958 970 974 P. B. [. made by the 1 "New licpubli:", a liberal magazine. solm tax He said the chaises, if true, revealed methods "abhorrent ta Ihe ideals of civil liberty." "I don't know what I win do with the information Unit I have),,,, , now," he said. "If further invest!gallon bears out these charges, I may introduce a resolution for a congressional Investigation" cd into [he regular tur<k. Tuj 5 Iwo cenU. The l,5Co affidavits charge border lining stations with selling not only the Kiel lor regular Minus lit Ihe lower price but also ol lining secret Auxiliary tanks with as as '&.j gallons per truck al Ihe same price. 'IVo special gasoline lux collec- lois, nifwcl by a crew ot Hl°)r.i'ny Department employes, blocked inree roads irom Missouri into Ucnton county for thiee months, tvcry vcinc-ic wiis inspcslua lor hidden lanfcs anil cigai«iles on whitn me H;UC tax was not p : iid SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Welles To Visit At TO Zurich; Air Activity Reported Increasing 'PUP' TI1V ilPT '" le ^*^ «w'etaic m, It U \ 'HI I! h r u • & 71 """ a roiul l " al lcajs irom UfiU } HA U U L lM ' SKOUli ttllti '".lei-seels wiin U. S. W in BcmUm county. The favorite hluing place for Constitutional Amendment To Prevent 'Diversion To Be Sought New Orleans Cotton Mar. Mai- July Oct. Dec. Jan. Prev, Open High Low Close Close 1129 USD 1123 1128 1127 1103 11G4 1005 1102 1035 10G6 1C56 10G3 . 9^3 993 980 9S5 . 981 937 913 973 978 . 975 977 ana 960 974 LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Feb. 27.— 1111 i The enactment of a constitutional 1M11 amendment prohibiting the dlver- 1055 sion of gasoline and motor vehicle tax. He said a reduction In the gas- will be sponsored by the Oil Dealers Association of Arkansas and oilier organizations intereslcd in highway legislation. \V. P. Scarborough, secretm-y. of Ihe Exchange Club at the Albert Pike hotel yesterday. The proposal would prohibit thc use of such tax revenue except for the maintenance, construction or paying bonded indebtedness of tne HOD 100S 990 Stock Prices A T & T Am Tobacco Anaconda Copper . Beth Steel Chrysler Cities Service General Electric ... General Motors ... lut Harvester N Y Central North Am Aviation Packard Phillips Radio Republic Steel Socony Vacuum ... Studebaker Standard Oil N J .. Texas Corp U S Steel m 5-8 89 3-4 29 1-4 75 3-8 83 4 3-8 38 1-8 52 1-8 53 7-a 1C 1-4 24 3-8 3 1-4 37 [-4 5 5-8 11 1-4 113-4 43 '3 . 43 7-3 . 57 1-4 Maj- Jnlv Chicago Wheat open high low close 1C2 103 3-8 101 1-4 102 1031-1 101 90 1-8 933-4 Chicago Corn inty The favorite hluing place for auxiliary tanks was found to be nmt'-'p me sleeper cab, ociow Lie uea on which tne truck drivers take turns in jDlieuliii;. bruins 61 feMoIir.'O-oiitn ~neje uiscoveroa beneath grain and produce, it was said. Olivers unable to produce re| cei|)li snowing they hud paid tne i HUI fiVj ccm tax on all gusolln: I not in tile regular tanks were arrested, 'nicy were lorced lo pay the tax, p, U j n M per ce.ic pena.i... hires tanged up to $200 each. Producing a schedule ol lank manutaciurgcl tor each make Alvnrw ami chlUlrcn nro plcluml J,mdi,, 8 in New York. Measure Sent C a r r ies I o House T 1,000,000. General Work ,'U WASHINGTON. Feb. 27. (UP) — The war department's civil tim<-- lions bill for llswil 1941 reported to the home today carries $•!;>.•121,510 for rivers and harbors Of Candidates ny Be Written In, Snys Supervisor With the final dav for niln? un- Hllcus Cnlrs for slssippl county nominations of candl- commander directors of Mis- schools expiring l-xpecl I.iirycst Legion ' Group Since Stale Convention Was Hold Here The lniijrxl deli'Biilion of rs- M'rvlce men tci assemble in Ulyihr- vlllti slmv the Arkansas Amertnm Uglon slate convention wns held here (on years a ( ;n will im't'l Uny- tiiund J. Kelly of !)<<(mil. Mii-h.. iiiilluniil niimiuindcr, when lie nr- rivi'.s 1'Wiluy utlrrnwji. Commander Kelly, who Is to spend l-'rldny and fiiiluulay In Arkansas to vlsli live cities,' ,v||| mniiln In IMylhcvlllo longer dun uny deslli nit ion nnil hl» visit here Is being chiliorulely planned for by Iho Dud Ciison post of die Amerleiin Legion. In addition to luivlnx nil World Wnr veterans ot Kaslern Arkansas ns guests, the Invltidton him been extended io posls of nearby Mis- satin because of llie unusual in- leiesl, displayed In Coimiuindcv Kelly 1 .* visit.. From Cnpe Onrni-dcau, 1,1.5 miles north o[ lilylhevllle. Keimclt nnd (Jin-uthersvllle. Mo., Imvu ccme let- Ins sliillnt; Hull doleunlions will come licie for Iho "Open House" nnd public address which will be liluhllslils of Ihc inoijiiim planned. Tost Commander Don Edwards announced lodny Him a loin) of icr> delegates from dtsliinl points have nmiounml they will come with seven posts of Ihls district not j'cl responded. .. Hie visitors will he Don Cilnsscoir. former mljiitanl of mid nldo lo llie nallonnl commander; C. Q. Kelly of I.lltle Hock, commnnder of the' men comprised of Mississippi. Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee and Arkansas; Marvin Harrison of Sheildun, slalc conn uler; Sam Horex of 1,title HocJt, imtlmml executive commlt- tectmin; J. n. i.iimbert of Helena, alternate executive coniiulileoinnn; llert Presson ol l.lltlc Itock, stale luljntanl; Ihc liev. 11. s. llayden of Forrest Oily, cliuplidn of' Ihe state BI-OUII; Joe 1). McCloyd of Monticcllo, cmmander of Ihe" Kasl- ern Division of the stale; O. E. Claincl of nnte.fvlllc, coiimiiindcr ,'ihird District; John C. Sheffield 'commander of Ihe postal Helena; VV. 11. Anthony, comninnder of thc post nt Kcnnoti, MIL; Jim Reeves, LONDON, l-Yl). 27. (UP) U'n.w nir nativity Iciiluy >'<•'•• Kill! I'll ill Ihu l-l'pOl'Uld' ]OS.1 i>l' two Cornum pianos of)' (lie lli'ittsh C'(i;tst, Ktiynl Air KOIVO over .Sea anil nir j-;ii<J siliiriiis in I'jii'i.x. .siuUloii iiitcti.silit'itfioii of ucri.-il wlivily cxtoiulcil Tne Wmli'in. Iroiit has biTiimc' Inu'ittely in-live. SprliiHlIke WKilher "fill iiji ulipliiiif.s on bolh sides nnd huh Krciu'li ami r.ernuin pn'- liols fell out li,,' liM-rllurv In Mu Mini's kind u-slln K llie slriuvdh ol end i other's trooii dlsposlllons mid .teekliiif prisoners fur iiucsllonlug The »Ir inlnlsli-y lu'r« announced Ih.U n Cierirmii llelnkel ivus sluil <lown by a mills], ,,.,|,. 0 | ul! ll|( , l-'lrlh of Forth shortly nrter ono p.m. l.aler U announced thai another Ilelnkel was flint down by Hrltlsh riRlUers off tlie Ntntliuin- berlund coast and ilial llnvc members ol Us crew look (o n rubber buat. Wldosjireacl ulr nlanm iiwnlceuod noilliein l-'rnnec. Five (imiiini planes roncheil UK- Purls n^lan. Military qnarler.s clenleil reports ulnxmd Unit masse:! squiulioiir, of tinman planes had penetrated us lur us Purls. Last nljjlil, ii Ir circles Indicated, marhed Ihe heaviest Activity uf tin; ir sejwr.-ila nun terrl- UO.MK, Feb. 27. (UP) -^ Siimnor Welles, making A sudden eh a litre of plans, announced iod;ty that he. would .fpeml ii nitiht in Swit/Grluiui on his way to HOC Adolf Hitler :uul that iic cxpuctcil In visit I'l'cmict' lienito MUSSQ-" lini again ul'ler seeing Ilillcr anil I ho Ui'iti.sli and French ' s yeseray merely „ letter of prmeiUA- coiihilnliij; (jreellnijs." '• Wcllca disclosed lint a letter from President lioosevclt v:hi?h be presented to Mussolini yesterday > "merelv tlon 'lhc letter iiiuj aroiijcd much imiliillun on wliclhcr Mr. lloose- vell sent Muxsolliil « spcelnl mos- In relerenee lo peace iiartl- •Mlllles. j 'Inc hero al mldnliht to- Wcllcs, President Roosevelt's spuclnl envoy lo Investigate the slate of the. war nnd chances of i.'cacc, hud Intended lo «o rilrcel lo Berlin, iirrlvln a tomorrow night..-. !l« fumounrcd. al a press con- fcrence today Unit he hoped to see Mussolini a;i:ihi and that he would -lop In Switzerland tomarrox '•lsl)l both Ijueiiuxe he did not U-el well nnd because he wanuiil to lalk to Amerleiin Minister Lalan'J 1 llnnlson. A United Press ISiirlcU dlsuatih tald Uiat Welles would srcivl tlic not knoivu. Zurich said, wlieth- Wcllc.i .would see uny Swiss Ust nliihl's (lights also were Ihe i fourth of similar nninre in ilvo daj's. The iJrlllsh f||(jlit.s caused Clcr- nmny's Ui-i.>inL<n ivireless slallmi | ( , I remain silent for scvi.>rnl hours, u was Ihe lomlli time wllhln u week Unit Ihe Geiinan station hud suspended of Ihu nearresH of lii'itlsh planes, Hqwrls swept lluonah Scandi- nuvlii (hat rii-IUMi wiushlps iiad sunk two Clcrinnn ships <ur (he norlhein Norv/eflim coiiEt nciir the Finnish Arctic uiea ol Pelsinno. 'I'here were reimrls In Copcnhu , . I Bovernincnt lenders. Welles intcnil-i to leave for Berlin Thursday. He (lid not deny that the president.' in s<mndii:a H'e prospects (or pence was cooperating with thj. Viiilc.'in or that his own mission wus In collabornilon with the Vatican. Myron c. Taylor, the presl-' ViUlcau, presented his _._ , to the i:o|ic loday and was accorded a private audience. Meantime belief spread In Berlin thiil Welles would like Adolf Hitter n porsoiud letter from President iiotisevclt and that he would , . • ' ..v...w jiukUL->i;iv Mini Ultll 11C WOUUI ? S, """I, *"™™^ '»"!?; ^ G" 11 " fl »=»»* "mo -to *." Mo.. post; the Caruthersvlllc Grunt ri-j'e. coin- innntlw of the post nt Cape Olr- state highway system, he said. He charged tourists cut contracl willi the stale's bondholders May Julv Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III.. Feb. 27 (UP)—Ho?s: I2.SOO-12.COO on sale Top, 5.50 170-330 Ibs., 5,35-5.45 HO-160 Ibs., 3.50-4.50 Bulk sows, 3,90-1.50 Cattle: 3.100-3.0SO on sale. Steers, 7.15-9.75 Slaughter steers. 6.50-11.50 Mixed yearlings, heifers. 7.50-9.00 Slaughter heifers, 650-10.50 Beef cows. 5.25-6.25 i Cullers and loiv ciiltsrs. 3.75-5.03 iold members sl j" s """' i oi ii,«, Aihm.1 ' OI truck. Mr. IMUcrson SIIOMC.I u__ regular eaiiacily varied from 1:1 lo Another lav.' prevents truck rirlv- ! «-.,- from bringing gasoline into the i state >n nuxiuary mnks • without ipajme.-t ol Hie Arkiiiuas las. r are bpin I lav ' iucrcascd " le business of many discouraged from visftlii" Ar|-an° bordcr 5tlltious - Mr - Patterson said, sas because of (lie high" gasoline , DrlV f S « °" '' c S ular . schcilules tax. e said a reduction in i| le gas-! f a " led thc nsems vverc »locklu» oline tax is practicable without im- 1 s t " ld soon st °PP"l the pairing the obligation ol the pies- ! '™. cU 'f ° r cvadi:1 3 tllc tnx - State I officials sni:! thai the two r.gems I a::d the highway department crew 's a Tllc y^fi^j,,,.^,. suufcnje Court thc ' \ n |* ,i *1 ' f I- 'l'n'- ; ' l:> °" v;ll ' cl1 " le lower Missouri j -• I tax had been paid yesterdav. In an revenues have cxcecde'dTDal'figiuc i effort ,'° 'l ualif i' " tuil -'' »'<: ^1 y€t no relief has been prantca ili-l?, "I" 5 wns saul to motorisls." he said. , h . n ™ te , e;1 e ,f cletl tor ttle llcnem ! oJ Omaha, the town was incorpo- 1 rated and its limits were extended 3 1--1 miles to the Missouri line. The gasoline business boomed as a result. Mr. Patterson said about 15 filling stations line the streets of the town whose 1330 census showed ?oO population. nc:ords of ' the division sho-.v thnt .sales Inve increased from 2.0CO gallons a month prior to cnaclincnt of thc amendment to more Uinn 'Ili.COD last month. I The court <lccLsion said evidence was introduced lo show Ihal llie "adrtiticn" of 3 1-4 miles to the town of Omnha was not needed nnd that some of the tenitory •was actually unfit for town purposes." Some of thc area is farm land. Tlic tribunal held the order Incorporating the town was void. Mr. Patterson said the division bad not determined whether the difference between the Missouri ar.d Arkansas taxes would be col- IctttO on sales since 1937. He slid the decision does 1:0! affect sales at Fort Smith and Texarkana because Ihe slale line divides the city at Texarkana and borders on thc Ukansas rivar at Fort Smith. Operators In both cities are specifically c;itit!e;l lo charge thc lower lax r/[ Die adjoining state. No difficulty has been c.vor-ri- malnlenniice. SL'-l 3(13000 for new csll '" u '-. v ' vol ei* may write In "r<lw», Mo., nnd pnsl slate coin- work nnd 570000003 for rein-il' ''" 0 ' lllcl '' r " vorll<! mndldalc';! mn"dor of Missouri; Dr. b. II. Ale- flood conlro) riurnosei -"" i on llie ballots when voting March 1 Uanlcl, eommandcr of the post . , ln - 'I was pointed out by Mrs, " " " " " " '" Thcmas n. Ivy, county supervisor, County flood control purposes. The committee cut $1,351. the mai.-.tenance nnd improvement funds for rivers an:l harbor.!. Tni general flood control fund S3J - OCO.OOO below what Is belni? auciit. In tlie current year. . Mississippi r'lver Hood cnnlral mo;-iEy was Jell iiiitoiit'h«! :it the mirtjel recpiest of S:iO.Ot'C.I)CO. n re- dnelion of SO.flua.CCi under the amount npproprbtctl lor the current yen r. New woik included: Flood control—southwestern division: Kir/nod Tyronun; II. E. SluinfelbeiVer commander of the post al .lones- Iwro; J. n. fiakcr, commander of • lie post nl Unnlsbinn; Fred I a couiinBiidei' of the post I and an airplane nt Ihn southeastern I . DnnlBH. Inliind Iriini j Of llie 39 districts Iti name. dl-. .. rcUors, i.-elltloiw for nonibintlons " l Waldenburj!. nnd R were only Hl«| lor 11 districts. [ L'obbs. commnnder of Ihe In tlic niyllievllte dlslrlcl. pell- lions filed were for c. M. Buck J. A. Leech, bolh of whom ure. Norm off fa end of In lliu many. Masons Will Meet On Wednesday Night Tlie Clitcknsnwba Lodje No. rj-l P. un;| A. M. will meet in si.itert cnimiiiiillcallon Wed/icsday night at 7:30 o'clock for ivorjt In Ihe Kn- Apiirenllti' dcgruc. Masons are Invited visited Paris ami-tontlon, it wns forccjisl that Welles would sec: ,laaclilin-A'on rtl'oliohtrop..Oei- niiin foreign minister, soon after Ills nrrlvn! In Uerllu and (Hat h» would imvc mi nurtlci)C3 with Adolf Hitler. As In other capitals little hope win; held In Ijerllu ihiU Welles would B el any indication that psace was iio.vilble at Ihls time. '.VIII III. j . Commander Kelly, who Is sehed- NLRB - ut "led lo arrive In Ulylhevllle ul . rl:fl9 o'clock, will be guest ol honor wai filed i" 1 " le "Open Mouse" nl, the Am- now directors. • J. !.. Williams 1 name ,..., .,„,,,. for m'lretlon in (|,e Osccol:i dls- wltn » Legion li-iel. " "" " At AimoiTl, lhc nnmc of l)r W i-c-• ••.•••.•, annimg fl.5C(,.KO: Clear W:aer'He' ; cV^ nU0 ™;' lo ^ n ™ lsct '°». *«» "> e j ^J m ™* .^ Ccunminder Krt- Two nnmcs. Dr. R. L Johnson i i Cunnlngliiiin bpylrmlm; aifnlr, voir, While river. Mo.. „,. Norfolk Reservoir, White Riv.i' Ark., $2.200.000. f ' Maintenance work: Ounrhita anil Black rivers, $125.000. reeled Ion, nnd Woodrow o] 0:30 o'clock. Tor (his supper e- - "' jwnrds will be U. A. nice, | mauder of the Fifth District. C A Mr. Ulc , an oorow vj i ~ ° *•"- *<.n-u, Mustek, were filed for the Hlinw- Cr " n °"' J - M <-'» Brnofes, No value was attached own mniitiserlpts by Beethoven, j Cnce printed, they lay scattered about his floor with oilier plK-e:; of music. , r y will apeak at a free, public address at Hie Oily Auditorium when both ex-service men nnd the public me Bioff in Jail— But Not for Long Her Body Found In WPA Ditch , _..,..„„, Ui mun j?iuuits r Ir, It, roe district nl .Joiner where one 1 Cmt "'. 'Nelll Reed ami Floyd A. director i.s to be ii^incd. j \\nltc are Hip commute in charge Two ore lo be named nt i\fnnlla "' "" "'riinfcmcnts lor Die visit. l ° "' s I where peilt!ons for G. B. Chlldeis. ,„ " o'clock, commander Kel,y for reelection, and Jaiu^s Mourc, were filed. The name c( w. C. "Jack" Clnr- rl'an wns filed fcr (he l)cll-IIi<lt Moon district. Tivo arc lo be elected nt rCcfspr v.'liere names of J. W. Hall, for reelection, E. H. Worxlnnl. n. .J. Gnrley and ,j. n. Walts were (tied. Lcroy Cartor was the only naino- f(li sukmlttcd al Leachville. ] „„ At Bilnkley, C. A. Evans' name wos nlc<l Tom Hale, for Kcrschcl Phillips Commander Kelly will C0 mc- here. by jilnne. from Fnycttcvl'je • •Is first stop will be marie (it Fun, Snillh tor n breakfast meeting He will spend laiduy night l n uiy'the- vlllc, leaving here early Saturday Lltlle Koclt where lie is to up iiicst of honor at a luncheon IM-' lore goinu lo Hot Springs for a Al Sllllnifin. ! reelection, was I.-. J. filed. I ! bniKiucl nicetini! wlii'cl) vvll! nnd; <"t:dc Ills stay In Arkansas, for! Sharing lhc honor of host post will be , - -— Firih District: Sprars, (or " lln - Wcst R'dge. Jone.sboro. rcckction, were lilcd scc ps were c o c Dytrs where but one director is lo ' the Illythevillc be namjd. j '•' pols of the P 1 rlsburg. Marked Ma- Har- Contssl: Designation ; r Is Declared Legal Face Wciner, Enrlc, Marlon, Tree, MonclU*, C'r.rnwny| I.i|ianto. Trcmann nnd Tyronza, Cold figures worked out by a I highway research board show that Riilo drivers between 45 lo 50 years of age kill the fewest persons— about 60 per year for each 100,000, drivers. In nnd out of a Chicago cell went William BiofT, motion picture union c?ar, who surrendered to Illinois police asking hj s extra- dilion from California, and llicn was freed on a habeas corpus writ. lie said ii was a Communist conspiracy that brought demand lie serve out uncom- e.-ced along the Mississippi river and the Louisiana line, Mr. Pat lev- son said. Thc gasoline lax in both Teimc-ssce and Louisiana is seven centr,. or on-half cer.lhijher Than j Hor bsdy bruised, hatlcss and ' i< nllkfs. Fram •Jiat In Arkansas. William Cullen Bryant always wiotc copy for his newspaper on -- - "~ j ^* v ^ uui uncom- \ the bac^s 01 old letters and rc- plcted six months sentence nn- Jcctcd manuscripts, never en fresh _ . posed in 1922 /or pandering, .paper. ices Marks (above) v. a:i found dead recently in a (ive- fotit. snow-covered WPA fi'.ver excavation in New York. Police believe the- 21-year-old l.ock- Kcipor was strangled; ore look_ ing Jot murder motive. UTTLE ROCK. Ark.. Feb. 27.— legality of the stale Democratic Committee's ruling that candidates In races where there Is moi; th.-in one office lo fill must <lesij;i3lc thc ofllce they upheld by Attorney j-.o'it yesterday. On Liquor Charges The ruling. Mr. Holt salrl. "certainly gives Ihe proper effect to Ainciidmcnl Mo. 29 nnil will enable one candidate to receive a majority of all voles cast in that r.icc." The opli?lo;i iveril lo r'os!er A. Vineyard, chairman ol the Pnliski County Board ol rljel.ou Commissioners. Mr. Holl raid the rule of lhc FORT SMITH. Ark.. Feb. 27 (UP>—Trial of Ross Hlnkle and A. P. Gent of Law-ton. Okla., on conspiracy charges In cornsctlnn are sccklnj w.-is i with trnnsporintlo:i of whiskey Into General Jack a dry state will begin tomorrow In U. S. district court. The l\vo men were nmonj 200 persons recently indicted bv u fcd- cral grand jury tnveslljatinj trnns- |.artntlon of ilquov from Arknnsis into Oklahoma nnd other dry stales. L. L. Ward's Will Is Admitted To Probate . CJmncellor J. R Oaiitney In an ".order made In UK-' dlvbion jot chnncery court here yeslor:Liy l iipuroviid dtsl-jinlicn of Mrs. tVan"- I ces M, Ward. wl:low of the late I L. I.. Ward, M executrix ot his | estate under a will mart; by thc I Blythci'il.'f linnnclc-r Dec. 31. I92fi. I Under tornis of Mr. Ward's will j all perjonal property Is herjue.ithed | directly to Ills wife. All real prop! t-'iiy Is devised to Mra. Ward for her Ills an:l on her dejth is to vest In Ihelr son, Lloyd Mither Ward Jr. A truslceslilp Is provided ' for In event the sou should receive I Ilio iiropeitj- before lil-s 25th blrth- ; liny and oilier directions are con- lalned in thj will b.isej o.i the i oc;m-rence o[ certain contingencies. I The will WHS liled by Mrs. V/n-<l ! through Slninc and Fcr.Oler, lo:nl lav: flri-.i. 14-Year-Old 'Runaway' Tunsed Over To Court A M-year-old s'rl. who has twice recently run aivay from her home al Kelscr. will be lurncd over to juvenile authorities as a delinquency case. It was announced today by Shciiif Hale Jackson. Sheriff Jackson went to Smack- r '.ci. Ark., for the girl who was returned yesterday after county (jflicers had located her there. \\lien olflccrs found her the first lime she was returned home but atler an iuvcstlgnUon il has been decided to place her 'in the custody of the Juvenile cciiirt, it v:as said. Driving |e,sls and fntalltv records sliow that aiitomoMIe driver* rejiional dlrcclors dudnt; "mm- 1 0%!"°^^ k ? ?? e .? rel: ? Paign to ""l' 0 ^ Walncr ia i in lo 21) accoiml for Ihe "most :iansp* rvk-ic „* , nnf » TI^ .Martin Taxi Damaged - j By Fire Last Night i j An aiitomctllc, owned by Martin Taxi Company and driven by E. M. Ealon, was slijhtlv damasecl by flic last nijht. j The flames, which broke out at 11 o'clock v.hlle the car \vas in l front of the Martin Taxi Cnf.>. were qnickiy extinguished. WEATHER , l _ ilM9, W hH, In proviclinsr for .1 When printed in Braille type for d U« preferential primary l.w author- we of the blind. "Don Quixote." committee I ,e Ized nomlnatloiw by a plurality vote thc famoiu satirical novel, nil- 1.2 where moro than on. oftlca is to voliimu nnd weighs raw, than M fU ' c;1 ' HO pounds, hid \ " hro vn oway" all Iho icit"r, ivii Wnif is Edmund : M. Totend ho ^ com- midee's counsel. Arkansas — Fair, colder tonight,' Wcdnesrjay partly cloudy, colder in cast nnd south portions. Memphis and vicinity —.Cloudy and colder tonight, lowest temperature about. 38. Wednesday tftlr and colder. . ... .

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