The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1948 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 6, 1948
Page 11
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nety At The Annual Seneca Jensen Reunior 'he Jenst,fi ifamily re. a'tt annual oecyron'de for y*™$- y^rs., always oil the last buttday.jn June, was held 6un- day r June 27 atjhe bpera house, R Iwgatcd, 90 persons attending. When weather is favorable the meetings are at a park beside the opera house. A pot-luck picnic dinner was served at noon, ,after which a short business session Is held ahd <i program given. The principal business was election of officers: President, Martin Wilberg. Fenton; vice president, Windell Jensen, Algona; secretary, J, fi. Jensen; treasurer, (not learned). Mrs. Lorenxo Hilgason, program Chairman, arranged a program put on by the various children, and others helping were Mrs, He]man Hanson, Bode, Mrs. Virgil Jensen, Swea City* and Mrs. Ted Jensen. "k|| In charge of the refreshments v -were Mrs; Martin Jensen, Mankato, Mrs. H. N. Wilberg, Ring- f'sted, and Mrs. Millen Jensen, -Fenton. A new food committee is* Mrs. Martin Wilberg, Mrs. Ot'to f A,, Jensen, Swea City, and Mrs. George Jensen, Ringsted. The new program committee is Mrs. Wendell Jensen, Algona, Mrs. Mervin Peterson. Ringsted,. Mrs, Vernon Jensen, Algona, arid T^qi'- enzo Helgason, Armstrong, Present for the reunion AVere: Mr. arid Mrs; Vernon ' Jensen, son Bob,, the Wendell^Jensens, all of Algona; Mr. and Mrs. O. L, Helgnsdrr; Armstrong; the Glen Hansons. Ottosen; Mr, and Mrs. Otto A, Jensen, the Virgil L. Jensens, and the Maynard Jensens, Swea City. The Martin Wilbergs, Mr. and f,' Mrs. Fred Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Jensen, the Millen Jensens, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Jensen, daughter Jill, J. H. Jensen, all of Fen-, ton; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jensen and Clifford, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. H. N. fWilberg, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Jensen, the Mervin Petersens, the George Jenseans, Mrs. Jennie Jensen, all of Ringsted. The Cecil Thoresons, Swea City; Captain and Mrs. H. N. Wilberg, son Mar, Kearney, Neb.; Mr. and Mrs, Ed Eisenschmidt, daughter Mrs. Laura Riedel, Dubuque; Mr. and Mrs. J. Theodore Ahart, Ames; Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Petcrsen, Belpit, Wis.; Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Wolf, Arlington, Neb.; Dennis Petersen, Charles City ' {* Shower. For Recent Bride Mrs. "Bud" Hunt was honored at a post-nuptial shower at the Seneca school gymnasium Saturday afternoon, June 19. The room was decora'ted with bouquets of garden flowers. Gift tables were covered with lace cloths over yellow, and a-rose bowl served as a 4.W /.•.rpiec.e. " w " A short program ,,. .was given: skit by^Maddnna Doocy and Jacqueline Clausen; Donna ' rV.arie and Delorqs McGee, Bancroft, sang two sbngs. ' . Mrs. M. A. Thomnson, Des Moines,,,and Delores McGee as- mf sisted the honor'guest in opening many gifts. Mrs. Thea Hbldeman, Algona, had charge Of the guest book. Refreshments were served by Delores and-Donna McGee, Madonna Doocey, and Jacqueline Glauson. f Hostesses included Mesdames Thompson, Charles Reaper, Garel Leek, Thea Hald.eman, and Althea Fradenick, all of .Algona, Mrs. Orville Gardner, Lone Rock, Mesdames Dan McGee, Glen Goiv- ing, Bancroft, Mesdames Fred Jensen, C. O. Bailey, James Doocy, Seneca,, arid Mrs. Pete /Hanson, Ringsted. Mrs. Hunt is the former Phili- l(k*nhine Delperdang, Bancroft. 1% ^Thursday Club Has Program '-. The Seneca Thursday club' was » entertained last Thursday at the ;" Mrs. C. O. Bailey home, Mrs. Virgil Mooore co-hostess. V> f Mesdames Alfred Godfredsen and Sheldon Merrill had charge U bf entertainment which consisted of a program by children of club members. . ™ Piano solos were preesnted by Janice Hunt and Marilyn'Moore; J> patty and Rosemary Doocy presented a novelty number, after which a lullaby was sung by Jan** ice Hunt, Patty Doocy, Rosemary, Doocy, Dorothy and Alice Peter(* sen, Sharon Doocy'and Mrs. Godfredson's little granddaughter, of Stukney, S, D., visiting here, \t/ Readings were also given by the latter two girls, and the pro- 7- gram was closed with a styje -show presented by the girls de- pecting the styles of the past years. Following the program *j refreshments were seryed by tjtie hostesses. Mr. and Mrs, Edw, Ejsensmidt, .u (and* the' daughter Mrs. Louise "'Hiedel, Pubwque, .were , '. guests at Martin Wllperg's, »f}» <& Attended tha Jensen family ve- , • union at the Ringste^ OBera housp >> Sunday, - • Vl Mr. and Mrs, Howard Richards accompanied Mr, and Mfg, $.% , Hunt to S'aj^, N- % .Jflst wggfe- 1 re« on a turned Tuesday, Baptists Open Nmily Sf n\s$* Buys . Berhflrd Jfehsett has the house riow occupied by, Mr. aifd Mrs. Eugene ' Ahlikis.-,-, and will , possession sooft. The . Anlik6rd will store their furni- tUfe Until 'a dwelling can be found afld Mr. Anlikef, who is employed at Dean's shop, will commute to West Bend, where ho and his wife will live with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P/ E. Hoffert, LEGALS MOT1CB OF LETTING Sealed bids will be received at the office of the County Auditor Until '10:30 a. m, July 15," 1948, for furnishing K6ssuth county 100,000 gallons of gasoline. Bidding blanks -and additional information, may be secured at the office of the Cottnty Engineer, Algona, Iowa, June 29, 1948. L: J, 1MMERPALL, U27-28, County Auditor. - NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT IN, THE MATTER OF xTHE ES; W *ATE OF W1LLIAM OREN JENNINGS, Deceased, IN PROBATE Notice of Apppintment of Ancil- IN lary Administratrix. ry A THE. . DISTRICT COURT . OF . IOWA IN AND FOB, SUTH COUNTY. " KOSTO WHOM; IT MAY CONCERN- Notice is hereby given 'that the undersigned has been appointed and has qualified as. Ancillary Administrator of the' estate of William Oren Jennings late of Cook County, Illinois, Deceased. All persons iri any manner indebted to said Deceased or his estate will make' payment to the undersigned;-and those' having claims against said deceased or his estate will present them'in like manner and form as by law required, for allowance and payment. Dated "this 28th day of June, A. D., 1948. ANNA M. JENNINGS, Ancillary Administratrix of said Estate, • , 7 Kelleher & Kellehter, Attorney. U26-27 OTY BILLS ", -• ! - : ' : l ; Algona,'Iowa •••"'••-••' : : ; June 24;(1948 The City Council -met'in'-regu'- lar session with the Mayor and all Councilmen present. 'The minutes were read and approved. Building permits were granted for Adolph Hendricksen, S. Smith, Ed Fosnaugh, American. ~ P. Bjustrom,, John Kimf Beer permit renewals *were granted to Algona Hotel, It H. Galbraith, Mrs. Edwin V. Johnson, John Bieser, Wm. Barry Jr., Mrs. Matt Selzer, Cigarette Permits were granted to: Algona.Hotel, Mainliner Cafe,' Mrs. 'Edwin V. Johnson, Anna Selzer; L. A. Tigges. Consumers Food Store, Wm. A. Barry Jr., R. L. Robinault, R. H : . Galbraith, K. James, John Bieser, Geo. Boswell, G. A. Wittkopf, Groh & Lotjue, Myers Cafe, P. Parkins, John Foth, W. T. Goissi, Ora Samoson, Grotte Cafe, Hoods-Grocery, Mike Wagner. Browns Dairy Store, Ted Vera, Siorgren Grocery, Etherington Cafe, Curtis Handy Grocery, John Thuente, Harold Blinkman, James Allen, Council Oak Store, American 'Legion, R. A. Johnston, 'Carl Dahlhauser, Veterans/of Foreign Wars and Alex Dermand. Ordinance No. 302, was passed, Resolution of Necessity on the proposed sewer construction and extensions was passed. Resolution in connection with the cbntract with /the Irvington Co-operative Light and Power Company was passed,. Salaries of Paul Newsbme, Jerome /.Hardgrove, and .Chester Webb.i'Were fixed at_$250.00' per month, each. Apprppriating Ordinance No. 719 WES' passed. Meeting was adjourned to Julv 8, 1948. . ' 'ADAH CARLSON, ' '.'. ' • • f City Clerk., »«••-:_-•• ^ P*$ n w»«» No. 719 ,,_,. fWrp,mance appropriating monies-to'certain persons therein named. Be lit'Ordained by the City Council' of the Pity of Algona, Iowa: * ,Section, \, That the following sums arp hereby appropriated tp be paid to the persons hereinafter named, . 'ELECTRIC FUND . L. Belloek,, sa} fl ry —»...$ 115.15 F, Daiiey, salary 134.40 C. Wright, sajary „--„-„- • 65.35 W, tudwig, salary , 121.55- E. Graham, salary -_,_,_ 123.75 Pflul Ne^Ejon^e, salary _, 103.77 ry "t-•«/-.§* »-"(. " Jf --•»- _.*" I w J.'rt «**+1 , ^j, salary 81,90 luey, salary —„_._ 89,10 sajjafy ,, r _.,._,_ -90.32 heuson,' salary _. 96.40 &&, ssteyy r-, 111,32 Inn,%a,}|ry .„„... . UU8 yte& Hto AlgonS Bolsford mdr.o. _________ . _______ Algona Electric, mdse ____ Kohlhnas Hrlw., indso.' ._ Algoria Ildwo., mclsc. _.. Algona Ja'y Ctos, rofuncl Eds DX Service', .service.- Ffarikls Cities Service 1 , fiSs Kossuth Motor Co., repairs --------- . Dutch's Super /Service-, service _________________ H. Post, freight.-..--. ____ Fret-port Motor Casualty • ' rpfs, > 13.00 1 Co., 43.81 3.5? fi.70 1.76 53.55 3.05 37.0.? . ........ 410,88 15.68 10.98 145.07 80,40 119.47 9?.2Q a_n4"< Ul «f S. Sales'CbT Sup" Matt Parrott & Sons Co: Sup. Koch T Tlic Al|an_8 "Vexv\ ™« T ^,, ---•- * pr«cee(j.. vf ie. !:,„-. . 27540 108.10 20.14 2,385.16 o? aoe ia -.Qw count at f^sh on hand in Treasurer's off nes .00: hBl|-dollars. $8.50 15.25, dlH&s? $8.80 nleteela, $7 nies, 28c dibits ana checks. Ayes; AU- carrte4. n ________ Sorenson Grocery, mdso. Algona U. D. M., dogals.- Browns Studio, mdsc.^.. Telephonp Co., service __ Postmaster, postage _„. WATER FUND. H. Bnrton, salary ______ K _ BMiary _-_-.__ salary ...._ ____ alary 43.97 1.15 7.30 ft. 10 28.70 36'. 72 __ i i ^_ 12375 F. Ostruin. BMini'y _-_-.._ 'llfi.Vfl E. Oerbof, salary ..... 104.80 R. Barton, salary 0-...35 C.-Pollard, salary*. 47.50 I. Kohl, salary ___, ' 35.00 L. Mitchell,- salary =,-_ 98.fi7 A. Seller, laboi- '_..__ 38 70 W, Pertl,')a>ior ___, 123.01 H. Prtlratz, labor 39.00 M. D. Baker, labor 40.71 Geo. Helrners, labor 83-.40 "Vefh Scobbn, labor. 4.72 H. Hedrick, Inbor i lOoiSB O. Hentj.»es. InJior 94.30 C. Pijahn, .labor . '__ ,113.71 Win. Heitei-, labor 83.03 R. Helmet-.-;, labor 137.81 J. W. Ifelnv.M'.s, labor 152.27 S. D. Smith, labor -4.90 II. .Nolle, labor __;. 7.70 L. Ferguson, engineering 30.00 Iowa Stale "Ban'-:, withholding - . Social Security',-tax McWant- Cast Iron Pipe Co., main _• James B. Clow & Sons, main , Leigh ton Suoply, fittings Neptune Meter Co., • meters Leo Frankl, gas Dutch's; Service. service-Eds DX Service, gas Algona Creamery, gas __ M. Post, freight. '._._ Addressogroph Co., mrlse. Burroughs Addinj; Macljint: Co., rndro. • 61 CONSOLIDATED FUND Cecil Mt-G-innis, salary-- 119.82 A. Bockelman, sa.lary-"-__ 108.90 M. Hinders, salary _..__.__ 86.12 A. Weishaar, salary 106.97 E. Thiel, labor ___..' 78.86 Telephone Co., service..- 5,61 OK Rubber Weldi-rs, repairs • 3.25 Kneclit Conooo Service, gas 8.63 Leo Frank!, gas 7.89 J. Lashbrook, salary 121.70 E. .Skilling,.salary _. 92.35 Pete Helmei's, salary 92.35 V. Kcllner, salary- -__*—- 89.10 D. Skilling, salary . ,, 77.82 R. Lashbrook, salary ____ 77.82 J. Bahr, sulary _...._ 86.62 Iowa .State. Bank, with- '. holding'I'._'__. i_.i 62.90 'Social 'Security, tax 13.72 Avrhce Metal Pro'd. . Co., mdse. 60.71 F. S/Norton & Son, mdse. 86.29 Laing & Muckcy, mdse.._- 45.59 Alg9na Hdw., supplies,.-.: ;., 3,3? Motor 97.10 15.50 _: ________ 0,042.03 4,248.52 129.57 404.49 20.82 4.77 3.15 12.63 1.10 4.00 7.96 97.51 14.10 42.79 35.00 8.00 27.50 313.13 38.60 4.11 6.16 19.60 2.03 Ed Wagner, gds J:._ C. Venteichor, pas '. . Dutch's Service, service-_ Kohlhaas Hdwe., supplies Dr. Sawyer, rent _-_ M. Jones, salary ___— 69.30 E. Blanchav'd. salary, __._ 89.10 Postmaster, box rent ___- ' 1.00 Matt Parrott & Son's, • supplies 31.56 'Algona Ins. Agency, notary fee And bond . SEWER FUND C. Pollard, salary Howard R. Green Co., .'. cngincf'ing L. Ferguson, engineering S, D. Smith, labor H. Nolte, labor ,___ Iowa Stale Bank, with- holdiKg Social Security, tax FIRE MAINTENANCE FUND Algona Fire Co., service 64.00 Ira Kohl, salary 15.00 Telephone Co., service 10.12 Globe Machinery & Supply, supplies , 5.1& Algond Electric,''labor 332.0. Ken Frank], gas 7.98 i DEPOSIT FUND Transfers . '. __-,-_ '45.00 SWIMMING POOL FUND Gene Hertz, salary 99,00 Don Potter, salary ; 62,50 MaryVanderwilt, salary. 45-70 C, Clement, salary 45.70 Telephone Co., service • 12.16 K, Baaken, salary 45.70 Iowa State Bank, withholding tax 18.20 Social Security, tax 3.20 Mcl^esson & Robbins, mdse. __- ..-_- 14.25 Crilly Appliances, mdse.__ 8.13 S, & L. Dept. Store, mdse. 12.00 James Drug Store, md^e, L. Bohannon," mgr's bond Ken Frankl,; gas ,__ Mrs, Leu Taylor, labor.- PLAYGROUND FUND Taylor Implement Co.,* • repair ,_„,,___ 3.57 AIRPOHT FUND Brown Engine-ring Co., services '____: : jiOO.OO Sec. 2. This ordinance shall talcfi effect and be in force from and after its passage and approval, Passed and approved this 24 day of June, 1948. FRANK KOHLHAAS, Mayor. Attest: ADAH CARLSON, City QJerk. 4.31 5.00 . 3.12 ^12.74 I Board Proceedings ^ P, Ninth Day . June 1, 1948 The Board of Supervisor? of Kossutli County, Iowa, met ^pur-uant to a4- journment in regulSK session. There was present Supervisor W- E. McDonald, Chairman in the Chair, nnd Supervisors Andrew Redine, W. A. Sehrara, *. F. GWCnn- nwj> M. I-. Johnson. Absent; None. TJu» Boarrf prosegdeU tq audit apd allow t'lfftW- ' b rfed. ' Motion made by flcdlng find seconded by .lohDion that McDonald U6 ap- nointod o.t a comtnlffcc to Iiav6 repairs made on drain No. 81. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion mnde bv Flcdlng nnd Second<"d oy .Todnson that Oulnn bo appoint- on as n committee U> bavn reprttfs made on tlrnin Nos. 16, 72, B3 and fc. K. 2. Avrs: All. Nnvs: None. Mo'- tlon rnrrlrd. . • • Mqlldrt mnclc bv Qutnn and iRecond- cd bv Rpdlnp that .tohn^on be ajs- polntod as ;i' commitlne lo have ft- pairs mndf- on drnln'Nos. 4. 80, flO, 102 nnd 111. Aves: All. Navs: None. Mo- (lon enrrled. Motion mnd bv fSchram nnd seconded b Johnson that 1!u> OfTiclal Bond of Albin F. Kavsnr, Township Clerk or Weslov ToU'iishlp, in Ihp 'sum of S500.00 bo approved. Ayes: All. Nays: Nono, Motion carried. Motion made bv .Johnson and Sec- oncl"d bv Qulnn that tbf apnointirlont. of Dnvid S. Anderson, as Township Tfustri} of Harrison' Townshlb, for tprm b<-({lnnln? as of .TanuarVjjJ, Ip^B, as ccrt.ifiorl bv ihp Township Tfustcps of Harrison Township br anprovp.d. Ayes: All. Nnvs: None. Motion car- rlrr). ; ". Motion mado bv Oulnn and seconded by Reding Ibnt tho Potition to straighten ro'Kl botwfien Srrfloni 11 and 15 in Prnlrlr? Township, sifjnrd by August F. Studpr anrl others bo ulacod on file. Avrs: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion mado by Qulnn and seconded by .Johnson that the Board of Sup- ervi'io;'.'; »"itnV into tr?Hitrae1 with Ray McCormlck of Alronn, Iowa, for elear- iii! T and Rrnbb'"" dons and brush from hlpiuvayi M Ivi.-ifftb Counly during the .'-e.iv Hiifl, and that W. E. Me- Do"" l lrJ. fhairmati of .the Board, be nut' ii- : ,-cd anVl fiivRr-ted to sii»rv ,«nid acl. Aves: All.-Navs: None, MO- con' tior ^' ed ; io;i iiar!" !>»• .Johnson nnd second- v "Sebrarii that the Hawkeye Casually Compnnv of Des Molno<i. Io\Vn, be awarded the Workmen's Compen- catlon and Employer's Tjlabillly Insurance contract for the year beginning June l, Ifl'Ui, nnd ending June 1, Ifl4a. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion made b>( Ouinn and seconded bv Sohram Hint the 1047 real estate tnxcs of Ida M. Paino on Lots 12, 13, 14 and E 1 ,:; IB In Block 5, Original Plat Ilio Town of Hurt, Iowa, be suspended as recommended by the Town Council of Biirt, Iowa, on account that she,''' 5 not financially nblo to pay same. 'Ayes: All. Nnvs: None. Motion carried. . '• Motion made by Quinn and socond- ,ed by rieding that Harry J, BuVke's salary, employee at the Kossuth. County Home,,, be increased from S85.00 per month to $100.00 per month beginning as of June, 1, 1348. Ayes:' All. Nays: NDMP. Mohon rnrrled.* Motion made by Quinn and seconded by Johnson that G. D. Hart be appointed Engineer on Lateral No. 32 of Drainage District No. S3. to make examination and report as to the necessary reoairs on said' drain and that he present his findings thereof to the Board of Supervisors at the earliest possible date. Ayes: All. Nays: None. JJotion carried. (See record for reso- 1 til Ion.) Motion made by Redinp and seconded bv Johnson that D. L. Leffert be appointed Engineer on Drainage District' No. -77 to make examination and report as to the necessary repairs on said drain, and that ho present his findings thereof to the Board of Supervisors at the earliest possible date. Petition for repair being filed by Klare T. Buttprworth nnd others. Aves: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. (See record for resolution.) Motion made by Johnson and seconded byylieding tha't the Board of Supervisors approve the cancellation of the 1D47 real estate tnxcs. plus penalty;" on Lots 1 to 10 inclusive in .Blo(<k"l, High Lawn Addition to the Town of, Whittemore, assessed in name of State of Iowa, on account that said real es- state is not subject to assessment. The said lots are being used by the State as a highway maintenance yard. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried,- .',.-, Motion made by Quinn and seconded by 'Johnson th'at the Algona Insurance Agency, representing Employers Mutual Casualty Company of Des Moines; Iowa, bo awarded policy on ]!)'10 Chevrolet. Master Sedan used by tile County Engineer. .Ayes. All.~Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion made by jWhnson and seqond- WHEREAS. there has been filed-'with the County Auditor of Kossuth County, Iowa, for consideration bv the Board of Supervisors, an Applicf.tior. by Dora Bolin for compromise pi personal property tax upon .the hospital furniture, fixtures and equipment of the Kossuth County Hospital for the year 1947, and, WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors upon investigation of said application findr and conclude that the statements contained therein with respect to! the valuation and assessment of said property for 1947 are true and that the valuation for 194G were substantially less than those for 1947 and that the adjusted valuations for 1948 are substantially less, it thus appearing to the Board that the 1947 land that the is excessive, and, WHEREAS, the Board found, and also finds that the tax computed' for the year 1947 is, now unpaid and delln-' queht and that the same is not a lien on any real estate, that the location and identification of the specific property is now difficult, if not impossible, and that the tax, is now uncollectible in the usual manner and' that the said applicant, Dora Bolin, has tendered in compromise and adjustment of said tax the sum of S147.74 in full payment and satisfaction of the 19.47 tax on said property and penalties' thereon., which Is based upon the 1948 adjusted valuation of said property, and, WHEREAS, the Board considers said tender proper and acceptable, now, therefore, t. •' ' BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF, SUPERVISORS OF KOSSUTH CQUNTY, IOWA, that the said tax upon said prooerty fpr the year 1M7 be now -compromised ap.d ad justed rtn the amount of S151.00 (147.74 tax 9na-$3.32 ' . . penalty} and the Treasurer oiJ/'Kos- suth Coun thorized and empowered to accept the suth County be and she >ls hereby au- said sum of. $131,06 in 1 full compromise, settlement and adjustment of said tax, and that the balance of said tax, $172.37 and penalties thereon, be cancelled as. uncollectible. Upon roll call the vote thereon resulted as follows: AYES: Supervisors M. L. Johnson, Andrew Reding, W. A. Schram, J. F. Quinn and W. E. McDonald, Chairman. NAYS: None. Whereupon the Chairman declared the motion carried and the resolution duly passed, approved and adopted this 1st day ol June,. A, D. 1948. Motion made by Quinn ana seconded by Johnson tb,at the payment of the claims allowed at this meeting ofvthe persons and firms as listed Immediately following be ratified^allowed and confirmed. Ayes: AH^Nays: Nope. Motion carried. ' COUNTY FONP W. W. Sullivan, P.. M.. Postage ...................... Iowa State Bank, Withheld Taxes ,.._„ ----- .... _______ ,. 1242.23 NW Bell Telephone Company, ' Telephone Service ______ .___ 128.45 W. W. Sullivan, P, M,, Stamp- to Auditor . ----- „'- ____ „ ____ City of. Algona, Light & Water . Serv. -.: ------- .—,. ...... .._ 52.60 W. W. Sullivan. P. M., Stamps to Auditor's Office ____ „,„„ 25.03 Rosella Voigt Co., Treas., Expense Account __ . __________ 20S.OS Ruth M, Raney, Assist. Co. Treas. ------------ ,. _________ „ 125.60 Rosella Voigt. Co,, Treijs a Adv. Bty., etc. i ------ , ------ . ----Andrew Redlns. Comw, * Ses, sipns _—, ------- ... ---- :_„,____ WE. MPponjsW, Conpj, T& See. sions , ------ r ----- t__._v-«___ W. A. sel>r an >- eprom/ ^ Ses- J, T$. <"~ & I--- sions _American -$ 31,20 1.75 34B.78 295,10 220,35 County Prirm Buroa-i ' Cotton •Stfii). 1'rodiicu Company, .. H. McC'iirtncy. Service on ('.-ilculat fiig" MaeTf.~~Ctf. 7, M;iphine ... Corporation, Type- n Elrrtrie, Sup. i I.. McCorltlc, Dental .... ...... ___________ _ ______ & Muokev, Repairs _______ raijams Store. Sup. _________ Prlf-p, Bty .i niupontrop. Bty. ... OtVllle, Bty.. _________ Marvin .Umhermeier, Bty _______ C, A. Elberl, Btv. .._ ......... William Stnklt. ftty. GfiO, O.ilI.iRlirM, Btv. .. . L. A. Klsbpfhor. B'tv. _______ Marlln Hnnlt, Btv. " . . . Ronald K. Iloetland, Bty. _____ RayfTmtuI Ilerzog, Bty." __ Bancroft HeRislcr. Primary Elaetion Ballots ____ ...... _. Jjaltpta Record, Notices ______ EhVea City Herald. OfTlcial No. .tiee ...... __________________ ..... THtmka Topii.-, Official Notices Mdni-oe Calculallng Macli. Co., , ; SUp ........ ... ...... _______ Dickey twice Equipment. Sup. Ed. . Itofin Typewriter Ex- 'chanpc. Sup. Security State Bank. Sup. _„ Fted. DeVrios, Mtg. ... ......... H.nfy Srlimidt, MIR. - _ B'/Ji Buss. Mlg. _ P.-M. Cliristonson. Mtg. _______ A1-* Harllg. Mtg. ______ _ ________ G. B. ilrilin.son, Mtg. _ ...1.78 05.00 742.05 I34.2F 50.4J 2.50 8.02 3.6B .10 1.00 10.00 10.00 7.50 10.00 2.50 5.00 7.50 2.50 2.50 839.13 20.23 3.05 13.20 1.10 20.81 fi.R3 2.32 2.00 2.00 2.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 . . ., II. H. Di-cyei 1 . Mlg. .... ..... . George Ronnann," Mtg. _______ DdUglas Wlldln, Mlg. ____ _ Peter Kaysor, Mtg. .../ ________ John Borrnann, Mlg. _______ American Legion Post No. 627 Rent ......... _ ..... _______________ 2.00 Glen W. .lenkinson, Quarantine Expensf' ......... ________________ 1.05 Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer, Medical Consultant __________________ 5.00 Brown's studio, Pictures for "'Sheriff ... _______ ..... ________ 6.14! John E. McEnroe. Rent for May ..... _____________________ 120.00 Mrs; k. C. Kickbush, Rent ______ 9.25 Mrs. Clotilda Hutchison. Stamps 10.00 American Council On Education, Sup. ________ . _____________ 2.00 Ffank Knhlhans; Mayor's Fees 8.00 Cecil McCrinnis. Marshal's Feies ............. ___________________ .85 Milton J. Hinders, Marshal's " Fees __ ______ _____________________ .85 Delia Welter, .1. P. Fees _______ 3.00 A.-.J.'.-Cogley, Sheriff Fees _____ 3.50 Henry Lourwald, Duplicate Warrant ______________ ...... 63.51 W.'A. Duttoiv Rodman _________ - 7.13 Albih Spongberg. Rodman _____ 32.03 Kllpto Loose Leaf Company, Desk & Office Supplies ... 200.21 Clark &Clark, Brd. Proceed. ahd Weed Cotnm., Exp ----- 88.65 X COURT FUND Iowa State Bank, Withheld Taxes ________________ ...... ... 3.60 M..F. Dudding, Duplicate Warrant _ ..... ________ _ ____ ..... ____ 13.80 T. B. FUND Merle D. Miller, Indem. Cattle 37.27 A. :R. Willrett. Indem. Cattle. 50.00 Walter Muhle. Indem. Cattle--. 50.00 ROAD CLEARANCE FUND Eyerds & Welle, Clearing and Grubbing Trees _____________ 1300.65 Ray McC'ormlck. Labor _______ 1072.00 ASSESSOR FUND W. W. Sullivan, P. M.. Stamps 24.00 W. W. Sullivan, P. M.,' Stamped Envelopes __________________ 34.00 E. .M. Huher, Assist, in Assessor Office ________________ 140.06 Kossuth County Advance. En. velopes ______________________ _ __ , 4.90 Koch Brothers. Sup. _________ 4.86 Fidlar & Chambers Co.. Sup.__ 28.33 STATE INSTITUTION FUND State, Comptroller, Slate- Institution Charges, Woodward.. 2332.06 State Comptroller, State Institution Charges, Glenvvood— . 1241.24 Stafe Comptroller, State Institution Charges, Cherokee—. 3506.37 State Comptroller. State Institution Charges. Mt. Pleasant 164.23 State Comptroller. State Institution Charges, Council Bluffs _________ ....... _________ 85.73 Stafe. Comptroller, State Institution Charges, Toledo ----- 572.84 Stafe'. Comptroller. State Institution Charges, Oakdale ----- 1058.58 State' Comptroller, State Institution Charges, Davenport — 111.89 "li CONSTRUCTION FUND Iowa State Bank, Withheld... . .-'•••, --~ ^ ? ,Tax<._— '-_--—- ....... — — — 26.30 C. &. NW Railway C6., Freight 714.76 M. T,. & John T. McGuire. Grrfding ___ ____ -•—-_—- ____ 7628.81 H. M. Smith, Salary „ ________ 361.20 John D. Fraser, Salary ------- 247.80 Thelma Spurgeon, Salary ----- 142.80 Thomas Bestenlehner, Rodman 166.12 Earl Boom. Rodman --J.-—--— 150.00 .lames nriitf»rr'. Pn(rf>l ._ 21 .IBS Joe M. Esser. Patrol ...„ 243.50 W. A.-Hcrirlck, Patrol „...—„_ 222,15 Ferdinand Meyer, Patrol .!) Rasmle Hanson, Patrol ..-.-..- 233.41 DlOk McOinnis, Patl-bl „._--_• 100.43 Merle E. Chamberlain. Patrol., 221.58 Harold linmerman, Patrol 22'.. 15 Adam Hoofer. Patrol .„ 205.55, Benedict Giscli. Patrol .' ... 107.84 Dick Baado, Palrol l«!1.2!l Roger Long, Labor ........: BB.Ofi Gene Bliinchard, Labor 107.12 Theodore Trump, Patrol I!i7.?,.') James H. Moi'rvmah, Labor ... 59G.20 Dale Kern, Labor on Co. Bridges ion.83 Howard Lowmnn, LHbor on County Bridges 119.OT B«rt Sankcv, Labor fin-County. Bridget; ..'_... 102.07 Henry A. Snnkoy. Labor on County Bridges 114.H4 William' N. Bnlt. Jr., Labor.... 5.!H P. H. Pelerscn. (,'liecking Gravel ...1 RD.nn W. J.!i, Mtr;. B.fiO Emmeft Pact?,. Labor 10.M) Clyde BrisUnv, Laying Tile _ 2f!.on R. L. Krtml/., Tniri;? nfi.70 John TJarks, 'digging and Layint/ Tiln ... -i">.n(l Lee & McGuire, Grading 43'i.On KosBtilli Couniy Advannc. See. Road Noti-res 13B.73 Paul ,1. Motx.ger, Sec. Hond Notices •-.. .*tj.?.30 The Lakota Record, See. Road Notices - ni.fiO Swea Citv He-raid. Sec. Road Notices " ... 115.11 Kossuth Moloi- Co.. 1048 Chevrolet Sedan 1015.00 F. S, Norton & Son. Sup. .- ..... IflO.aO F. O. Montgomery Company, Extra Piling ... Wi.fll Concrete „Products Corp., Sup. 1P>70.i'.i Concrete Products Corp. Sup... 1407.25 Standard Oil Company. Fuel Sup. - 381.--H Armco Drfl & M'.'lal Products Inc., Sup - 22W3 1 ) Koch Brotliers, Sup . ,"S.(J2 Kcuffe! &• Esser Co.. -Bur). .... 10.2'l Krtuffel & Esser Co.. Suo. .... 15.h!) Wheeler Lbr. Bridge & Supply Co., Sup. - 1021.02 MAINTENANCE FUND Town of Biirt. loxya. Fire Truck to Bridge Fire '.'. Not Allowed Iowa Stale Bank, Withheld Taxes 410.!)0 Charles Hanson, Cleaning Septic Tank 40.00 NW Bell Telephone Co., Tele. Service " 3781 City oi' Algona, Light. Power & Water Serv. — .18.5' lown Public Service Co.. Elec. Sfirv. 1.P2 Interstate Power Co.. Elec. Serv. 2.80 Rosella VoiRt. Co. Treas.. Adv. Freight ..' 33.5fi Delbert BerninKhaus. Dragging 30.00 Otto Bornmghaus, Dragging..... fl'l.on Wm. Madsen. Labor 25.00 Interstate Power Company, Elec. Serv. 5.04 Centra! States Elec. Co.. Elec. Serv. ._ _. 1.02 Interstate Power Company, .Elec. Serv. 5.52 Algona Machine Shop. Repairs 1f>.f!3 Dutch's Super-Service, Sup. ... 10.01 Greenberg Auto Supply, Sup. I1U.77 Roy R. Hutztll, Sun K0.5!) Kent Motor Co.. Svp K22 Kohlhaas Hardware. Sup... 1!).)(; Kossuth County Implement Store. Sup. -11.70 Kossuth Motor Company, Sup. 2!)2.4fi John Larson, Labor 5.50 F. S. Norton & Son, Sup '. 4«.1'3 Botsford Lumber Comnany, Sun, 35.78 Schultz Bros., Sup. 85-1!) ,T. D. Lowe, Receiver, Coal.,. , ;M.rn F. I. Chapman Hdwe., Sup ' 25.31 ,1. E. Schutjer, Sup. 1.0'' O. H. Graham, Beo 1.73 Blanehard Ltar. & Hdwe. Co., Sup. ... ...'. 17.00 J. E. Ukena, Sup. 14.73 Swea Cit.v Blackmnith nnd Welding," Sup. and Reps 30.14 W. C. Brown Supply Co., Sup. 731.0 r > Central Auto Electric Co.. Sup. 41.31 East Bnd Foundry. Sup. llli.21 Sieg-Fort Dodge Company, Sup. - 53.55 Cohn Bros.. Inc., Sup. ... 4!).27 Waterloo Steel & Eqpt. Co., Sup. - -- .- lC5.?, r i The All-Wheel-Drive Co.. Sup. 48.55 Burnes-Hoak Comoany, Sup.. 1 7.6) Dukehart-HUghes Tr. & Eqpt. Co., Sup. - 40.62 Glbbs-Cook Tractor & Eqpt. Co. -•Sup. —'—_.-.—..-:,--- ;. 4C3.11 Globe"'Machinery & Supply 'Co.. •<•• Sup. • .—-I—i.- -•--,-.—-;—;' 57.88 Iowa Machinery & Supply Co.. Sup. .- ——. 24.98 The Balbach Company, Sup.... 13.72 R-jtvo Alloy Company, Sup... 224.51 D-A Lubricant Company. Inc., Sup. - . 283,fi') Inter-Slate Oil Co., Sup..- 142.05 FINANCIAL REPORT OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA FOR FISCAL YEAR ENDING MARCH 31, 1948 (From Ar>ril. I, 1947 to March, 31, 1948) RECEIPTS: County Tax:;.< ' General .Government $41,226.22 Independent' Divisions -. 8,265.63 Special Assessments 8.92 Total - S49.500.77 Office Receipts: Business Licenses $ 660.05 Beer Permits - ' 1,100.00 Cigarette Permits 2,831.25 Dog Licenses — 158.00 Fines — 1.041.00 Sale of Municipal Property 400.00 Gas and Liquor Tax 11,786.77 Other - - 380.62 Total'., $18,358.29 Sanitation and Waste Removal: Sewage Rentals „ S 1,900.00 Total' - --- -$ 1,900.00 Conservation of Health: Farm Fires _ $ 831.50 Municipal'Enterprises: Libraries „ - $ 561.97 Airports — 32.990.17 Total $33,552.14 Recreation: v Swimming Pools $ 4.435,39 Total $ 4,435.39 Deposits -: -' -$ 1.313.00 Miscellaneous: Transfers $24,000.00 Social Security,—,- 808.55 Total .- $24,908.55 Grand Total of Receipts for Total Fund Transfers — $ 1,572.99 EXPENDITURES: General Government: Citv Officials—Salaries $ 847.00 Audits —'-,'- 388.22 Legal 'Publications 726.06 f'ltv Hall - 352.49 Municipal League 30.00 Total $ 2.341.77 Protection of Life, and- j marcn, J Property: Police Department $12,240.57 Fire Department 7.780.27 Total ----- $20,020.84 Sanitation and Waste Removal: - , Cflmfort Station .1— —S 1,205.83 Sewers '... -..'—' . 5J5B5.01 Refuse and Garbage Disposal __• —— 1.143.09 Total —„• —S 7,933.93 Highway and Streets: General Expense _„' $11,838.40 Street Cleaning 11,335.32 Paving Repair - 4.4J8.30 Sidewalks and Crossings '., 249.23 Street Grading — 2,929.08 Snow Removal .- . 1.440.21 Weed Cutting, ,-„, '-""£__ S3 - 67 Total - 1.—...—$32,353.30 Conservation of Health: General Expense —— ,.-$ 1.5S8.94 - Total --„--„-. - $ 1,568.94 Municipal Enterprises: Libraries - $ G.425.37 Airports ___-' __— 3,915.92 Total . "^ Recreation: . .$10,341.29 Parks _--- -—-.-—- $ 1,665.4! Swimming Pools -. 3.03S.98 Band - - -1,26385 Total •„„,-- -.$ 5,9fi«.24 Debt Service: General Bonds . $ 7,686.25 Total -- - ¥ 7,686.25 Trust or Agency Funds: Deposit Refunds .-——$ 930.00 Total -.-$ 930.00 Miscellaneous: Transfers , $26,400.00 Social Security , • 870,76 Tbtal „,— $27,270.76 Grand Total of Expenditures for Year Ending March 31, 1948 — — $116,413.32 Total Fund Transfers _.„.,—$ 1,172.99 ' REPORT Of UTILITIES RECEIPTS: Light p]ant Water WorkSj Sale of Water or Electricity , -,—$J§5,798.98' $ 27,076.66 Taxes ' ' 4,423.50 3,159.05 other R~e~c"_fp7s"::::: —- 39,214.30 15.391.79 Total Redeipts - ..................... — -, ............ $259,436.78 EXPENDITURES;, Salaries nn« wages: ................. ........... operation I ........................... •• ----- ....... w.ieo.oi Outlay-r-New Improvements: New gquipment ........... --------------------- — - 5 >§ 2 2-<H Extensions ....... .- ........ ___________________ 114,573.44 *- Outlays _________ : ............. , ............. 2.754.19 i .................. 1- ____________ 87,607.02 :::.: _______________ ............. 24.000.00 ".126.60 Sas. * Expenditures Total Total fe> 947--, i» STATEMBIIT $ 46,028.10 $ 5,103,83 7,214.01 10.640,61 4.072.41 5.39G.12 $32,516.98 Tuesday, July 6, I94§ M'pr Oil Company, _*ite) Sup. _____ . _________ „_ pp"rk'is Oil Company, Fuel Su|). „ .. ___________ , __ .-„ ___ , P nif rofl Oil Co,, Fuel Sim. __^ f'itl'^tr«, Kfivl^o Co., Fuel Sup, T./nt'h Oil Company, Fuel Sup. S'vanpi Oil Company, Sun.... OmvOll Mlhl Irani CO, Sup.. W Uis Maishflll, Patrol ..... _. Tippfer, Patrol _ _________ A UK 1 1 Monsort. Cutting Trees on Roid _ _______ :.—_.,_ O.crtt Mpnson, Cutting Trees on RoacI ______ _ -_ ________ l-Tov Ci/iofor. Shop Mechanic f'IKToid Holmos, Patrol ... __ 0nrl Shcilrnvpr. Patrol ________ riairinc'-Uicntprps, Pafiol ____ S D MrDwiald, Patrol ______ Ralph Mnfkla, Patrol _________ A. J. Hildrnnn, Pntrol ______ Urban N')itrnth, Patrol Oliver Young, Patrol ____ _ _ Tnbfirt Ynuhff. Patrol ______ I,?ni Stonltwojl, Piilrol _ Hnvm'ond Baadp, Patrol _ ____ <"*. }f. Conner. Labor — __ _ T-wight F. Graham. Labor..-- flon-nc" Van .love. Patrol ___ , r ,iir", At f,on$ Tatrol . ____ Rnvmond Bi.rle, Patrol _ r»o)v..|-| ,T. Bit-men, Patrol Willnrrt Thompson, Patrol _ . noal Kaivlprs, Patrol Snnders. Hauling 648 2$' Bal."?4 780.W 83.1' 370,11 Dfm.-ild ,ino\' n. TV ___ _ K'-nne'h Thomson, I,abor__ ( h r j" Sindor 1 ! Pdtrol KOI- 'l M T»r I.ihor Donald M. Kollascli, Labor V/ni. .fhi-istcnst'ti. Patrol Cliri'nnl Gi RutlpfHeld, Labor P. A. Pfhrson. Patrol POOR FUND Mnxon'.s Grocc.'r^/. Pr<jv. T*on""ker Food Market, Prov. D:\ C. IT. Cret/.mover. Med c t re _ _ 11\- !<•],• .1 & Coddingt jn, Med Dr. Dr. P. V. Jnnse, Med. Care... Martin Van Patten, Med. m 232 58 Iff0.43 82.3*7 6682 12S 10 213 85 197.26 211.17 159.30 222.75 3J.48 24.00 205.65 61.48 40.09 193.30 Rfl.94 1S2.5G 75.00 57.12 77.00 14.10 9.00 8* Dr. j, i>, uiapsaaaie, .-»ipa> f- ' r Brdadla»ms"'l|a?ft" i 8o i .in%;" ""'/I &osp., Hd.l*. C4T%. ....kA ••»-»••!«' Park ttatfit &. Park Hd-tt. HI ,H6sto. caffe , ^.ml'f Mrs. John E. Jettnln8f,,|:!rfr_j ,•'•<! and K--tj „.-__..-*^._X-.f.__* °, v i Marvel Dole, Travfel Jsxp.:.,,-,..- A. J. Cogley, Tfin W toWf City, Dept, of Jopial Welfare, ,A.d to ;, Dependent Ch'tldrert _.__,«..._, Dept, of Social Welfare, Aid tt» Blind , .,-.,»-. Df. C. H, Cret?.rneyef, Me'df- *, .cine _ Net Alldwetf's County Farm . Iowa State Bank, Withheld * Tnxes ...-.—. Herby Weydert, Eleo. Sefv. .1 Arthur Henfy, Labor at Co. v " Farm __, , . Harry J. Burke, Labor at Co, Farm -____._. ._ F. S. Norton & Sbn, Sup. -_.„ Algona Baking Co., 'Prov, Algona Cooperative Cry. Co,, Prov; , Algonn Ide Cream & Candy Fac. Locker Kent & Butchering.. Dr. P. V. Janse, Med. Care— Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer; Medicine Higlpy Chemical Company, Sup, Kolilhaas Hdwe., Sup.' Katherine Park, BaBy Chicks and Sup. ../ Kossuth County tmplem e n t Store, Sup. .... ,____ Chefs Used Auto Parts. Re- nnirs *"^fc TafV „ _. Meyer Oil Co., Fuel Sup. North Central Iowa Feed Co,, HUP. „_..-_. i Algona Flour & Feed Co., Sup. On motion the Board adjournbi "Sine Die." W. E. McDONALD, Chairman Board of Sutaervlsors.- ' '• ATTEST: L. J, IMMERFALL,. County Auditor. OHDINANCE WO. 302 AN ORDINANCE CREATING- A SANITARY SEWER 'DISTRICT WITHIN THE CITY OF ALGONA, DEFINING THK LIMITS THEREOF, AND RE- OHDINANCFS IN CON- BTC HEREWITH. IT OTJDATNED BY THE CITY f.'OUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALOONA, Section 1. That there be and Is iK'ifb' ciralcd within the Citv of Al- FO'ia.'Tov.'H. a SANITARY SEWtR DISTRICT, the boundaries of which shall bo thn boundaries of the City of Al- Kona. Iowa, nnd the area of which shall be all of thy area contained within th" corporate limits oi the City ot'V.1- That all existing ordin- fiona, Iowa. Section 2. os or mirts of ordinances in conflict IvjrewiHi be, and the same are h^rcbv repealed Snction '•'. That this ordinance shall ho in force and effect from and after Us oassago and publication as provider] bv law Parsed, adopted, and aoproved this 2-lti) dav of June. 1U48. FRANK KOHLHAAS. Mayor ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk The foregoing ordinance No. 302 is <lnly authenticated that 24th day oC Junt-, 1948. FRANK KOHLHAAS, Mayor ADAH CARLSON. City Clerk OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Notice of a proposed Resolution of Necessity lor '1he construction of sanitary sewer extensions in and for the Cit.v of Al^onu, Iowa' Nolic' i r i hereby Riven that at a meeting of the City Council of the City of Algona, Iowa, held on the-24th day of June 19-18, there was introduced IN McGregor Street McGregor Street McGiegor Street Nebraska Street Nebraska Street Nebraska Street State' Street State Street State Street state Street C ,:i f )tiept Call Street Call Street. Call Street Call Street North Street North .Street North 'Street North Street North Street North Street Lucas Street Lucas Street Lucas Street Lucas Street Lucas Street Lucas Street Lucas Street Linden Street Linden Street Linden Street Linden Street Elm Street Elm Street Oak Street Oak Street Oak Street Commercial Street «d—April 1, 1947-i-——: J ', T -, .,—$102,826.41 fpr Vear Ending March 3J, 184.8.!— r ~,~l -—-— 440,266.52 The gravity sewers ars to be built of double-strength salt-glazed vitrified clay sewer pipe of pelf anil SPigot pattern with "wye" connections tor each property to be served,. The joints be, tween adjacent sewer pipes are to pe sealed with hemp or oakum- gasket and Portland cement mortar, or the .equivalent of such type ot joint constructed of bituminous material. The manholes located at all junctions, street interesections and terminal points are to be of concrete base construction with brick or concrete ccount for --.——-r ,$543,092.93 s for Year Ending March 31, J848—.,,., $415.995.65 tanding April }, 19« ,.----»,..^Z- --,—--. Total to Account foj. X-"~ T --~-i Class ; Commercial' Street Commercial Street Commercial Street Spruce Street Spruce Street Spruce Street Poplar Street Poplar Street Poplar Street Locust Street'. Locust Street Locust Street Chubb Street Chubb Street Harriet .Street Harriet Street- Phillips Street Phillips Street Woodworth Street Woodworlh Street Woodworth Street Woodworth Street Durant Street ^ Durant Street Roan Street Main Street' Main Street Main Street Main Street Mnin Street Main Street Main Street Main Street Johnson' Street Johnson Street Johnson Street Johnson Street Johnson Street Johnson Street Johnson Street Main Street Elm Street Elm Street Elm Street SCHEDULE OF STREETS B" V. S. P. Sewers FROM Roan Street Ackley Street Main Street Durant- Street Roan Street Ackley Street Woodworth Street Durant Street Roan Street Ackley Street Heckart Street Woodworth Street A point 250' W. of. Roan Street r ' Roan Street Ackley Street A point 200' W. of Heckart Street Heckart Street A point 240' W. of Durant Street Durant Street Roan Street Ackley Street A point 200' W. of Heckart Street Heckart Street Woodworth Street A point 176' W. of Durant Street Durant Street Roan Street Ackley Street Woodworth Street A' point 200' W. of Roan St. Roan Street Ackley Street A point 125' W. of Ackley Street Ackley Street Ackley Street Main Street Johnson Street A point 325' W. of Ackley Street Ackley Street Main Street Johnson Street Roan Street Ackley Street 9 Main Street Roan Street Ackley Street Main Street Roan Street Ackley Street Main Street: Jerome Street Harriet Streit A point 580' S. of Chubb Street Chubb Street * A point 950' S. of Chubb Street Chubb Street Call Street North Street "Lucas Street Linden' Street McGregor Street Nebraska Street Linden Street McGregor Street Nebraska Street State Street Call Stiect North Street Lucas Street Linden Street Elm Street Oak Street Commercial Street Spruce Street Poplar Street Locust Street W,alniit Street Maple 1 Street Commercial Street and placed on file a Resolution ol '• Necessity hereinafter set forth, which ' Resolution will be considered for ad&JH i lion bv the citv Council at a meeting , fo be held In the Council Chamber of , the Citv Hall in said City, at 1-30 . o'clock P. M.. on the 22 day of JUtyl. 1948, at which time a'nd place' thV> owners of property subject to aSseSs-*' ment for the cost of the pro$os6d,.ft.- v provements may appear and make OB- t lections, if any they have, to the dai* templated improvements and to th4 adoption of said Resolution, at Which / time said Resolution may be amended , and'adopted or adopted as propjOseoV Notice is further given that there' Is ort file in the- office of the City Clerk a copy of the proposed Resolution of Necessity, a plat and, schedule showing the location of the improvements," the sizes and types of sewers and accessories, and each lot or part of lot proposed to be assessed, together with the valuation fixed by the City Council of each such lot, nart of lot, or parcel ' of ground, an estimate of cost of the proposed ' ' •••••- templated, and "the kinds of "materidjs to be used, and in each case the" amount thereof, which is est.rhated to be assessed against each lot,: part 0f lot or parcel of ground. The form of said pro-posed Resolution -, is as fo\- lows: Resolution of Necessity For Sanliary Sevfet Extensions '- ,'•' Be it resolved by the City Council of the City of Algona, Iowa, on its owrt motion: •' .y That it is deemed necessary and ad_» visable to build, construct'and ptit'fn place certain sanitary sewer extprisloils and improvements, as hereinafter a, 1 scribed, upon and along the following streets, parts of streets and locations in said Citv: , an esmae of cos o e ' * improvements stating 'the • ' I the I\TP of construction con- "'I I, and the kinds of materials • |. it n -fr. If t rt, TO A point 225' W. ot Hoan St. Roan Street Ackley Street Roan Street Ackley Street Main Street , ' Durant Street Roan Street Ackley Street Main Street Woodworth Street A point 250: E. of Woodworth St. Roan Stredt . ' .-'• Acftley Street " '* "', J'*,, 4 * Main Street , • " 'Heckart Woodworth Street Durant Street • Roan Street Ackley Street Main Street Heekart Street ' Woodworth Street A point 150' E. of Woodworth St. Durant Street -i Roan Street Ackley Street Main Street A point 132' E. of Woodworth St. Roan Street Ackley Street Main Street • Ackley Street Main Street • Main Street x Johnson Street Putman Street Ackley Street Main Street Johnson Street Putman Street Ackley Street Main Street , j Johnson Street Ackley Street Main Street Johnson Street Ackley 'Street . , , Main, Street , t ', • , Johnson Street-.v .. j Harriet Street i Phillips street yf* . Chubb*Street /.•V A point '250' N, of 'Chubb £* r eet ' Chubb Street A point 170' N. of Chubb StReet • North Street • , * V Lucas Street .•"* Linden Street , , s< „•}" Elm Street -• , ' Nebraska Street".; ' State Street > , - • -, , •• Elm 1 Street , J Nebraska Street State Street - Call Street North Street Lucas Street Linden Street , Elm Street \ Oak Street i commercial Sprupe Street Poplar Street Locust Street Iviam Street Durant Street Roan Street Street Mound Street , A point zoo 1 North-oi commeriea, Lift e statlon A Point Main Street e- JHS;^ ^ v lioan Street A pqint 150' E. of Strgf!; and fitted at the surface wjth, cast iron and manhole covers. Approvi- rm raalely 25,123 feet of ter vitrWied sew?r 12" inside diame pipe are contemplate^!. A nections are 6" inside rtlctn ot the post "..". C"Ti—^31 asse Ivati &^£1. ,.Vt*W

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