The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1948 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 6, 1948
Page 10
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AaV«m» , Juto *, Cut Bridal ter&e —Russell Studio Photo. Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Ferstl are pictured above as they prepared to cut their wedding cake, June 22, shortly after their marriage at St. Cecelia's church here. The bride is the former Evelyn Cink, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Cink, and the groom is a son of George Ferstl. Rufus Marlow, Born At Burt, Dies: Minnesota Lone Rock—Hugh, Lem, and Doll Marlow have received copies of a Minnesota newspaper published at Sebeka, Minn., or thereabouts, giving the following selected facts concerning the recent death of their brother Rufus N. Marlow, who died in sleep in the early morning Saturday, May 29, at his farm home. Mr. Marlow had seemed in good health, and had plowed the day before. About 9:30 a. m. ncMghbor boys went to his home and rapped at the door. When they got no response they looked in the window, and saw Mr. Marlow lying on a davenport. They then went back and reported what they had seen, and on investigation his lifeless body was discovered. He had been 'living ' alone since death of his wife last October. The authorities wore notified, and Coroner Parker of Sebeka, found death due to a coronary condition, a heart ailment. Mr. Marlow was born September 20, 1874, at Burt, son of Edward and Mary Marlow. There he grew to manhood, and on January 27, 1897, was married to Margaret Hutchinson at Algona. Mr. Marlow lived in Iowa until he moved with his family to Alberta, Minn., where he lived until moving to a farm near Sebeka in 1927. Eight daughters and five sons survive: Mrs. Elma Russell, of Kensington, Minn.; Mrs. Esther Kussotz, Sebeka; Mrs. Marjoric Libra, Detroit, Mich.; Mrs. Bernice Rinke, Backus, Minn.; Mrs. Myrtle Bennett, Chokio, Minn.; Mrs. Ruth McAllister, LaPorte, Minn.; Marguerite Wallatz, Morris. Minn.; Mrs. Helen Sycks, of Backus; Arthur, Browerville, Minn.; Harley, Deer River, Minn.; Dennis, Chokio; Walter, Backus; and John, LaPorte. Two sisters and six brothers, jKatherine Neitzel, Burt, Harriet Hawks, Spirit Lake, Lemuel, Hugh, and Dell, Lone Rock, Burton and Edwin, Burt, and Ben, Redfield, Minn., survive, also a large number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. At death Mr. Marlow was 73. His funeral services wore held Wednesday, June 2, out-of-town relatives attending as follows: Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Marlow, Lone Rock; Mr. and Mrs. Lemuel Marlow and Dell Mar- News Of Welch, Former Dairy Expert Here Many of the older farmers—J. M. Patterson, W. C. Nelson, C. R. Schoby, for examples—and some townsmen, particularly .Mads Christiansen of the Algofia creamery, will remember R» R. Welch, who in 1913 was sent here to conduct a federal agricultural extension experiment in development of a dairy farming community. Mr. Welch remained here three years, afteY Which the project was removed to Grove City, Pa. Thereafter some news Of Mr. Welch drifted back to Algbnd now and then, but it was meager, and only now his life activities have become known here through a lengthy newspaper, clipping forwarded by Roy J. Keen, former east of Algona farmer. Occasion for the Welch newspaper story is the fact that he is retiring? as of June 30 as Profes-.. sor of Dairy Husbandry at the Pennsylvania State college, located at the city of State College, and his retirement will conclude 40 vears of extension work, including the years spent in Algona. mention of which is made in the clipping. During his long activity in extension work Welch traveled all over the country in all kinds of conveyances, and he estimates that he covered at least a half million miles. He remarked that in his time 'Bessie the Cow' had come a long way from a 250 pounds of fat record to the present 342 pounds average. Welch's work here did much to increase dairying in the Algona community and by example in the rest of the county. During most of his stay here he edited a dairy column in the Advance. Welch was married while he was here, and he and his wife have two sons, one a doctor at State College, the other night manager of a Philadelphia hotel. "Yes, this is ALLEN'S, where they specialize in giving that good service." BUMPER TO BUMPER— WE CAN GIVE YOU THE BEST Before you go on your vacation or trip this summer, bring your ear out to us for a thorough check-up. Complete lubrication and cleaning jobs are our specialty. But whether we give you a quart of oil or a complete overhaul job, our service will be the same. We give you the same courteous treatment no matter how small the job. j~Tl If ***/ tlHz I w r* K»7/j ir. Piqgpnal & Elm Phone Major Surgery Tilonka — Mrs. Win. Peterson had major surgery Thurscteiy at Mercy hospital in Mason City. She is doing as well as can be expected. Thursday evening Mr. ;ind Mrs. Max Bartholomew and Trudy of Algona came over to see Mr. Peterson and find out about Mrs. Peterson. Mrs. Bartholomew is a daughter. lovv, Lone Rock; Mrs. Kathryn Neitzel, Burt; Mrs. Harriet Hawks, Spirit Lake; Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Marlow, Burt; Mr. and Mrs. Ben Marlow, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Marlow and daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Harms &nd daughter, all of Redfield, S. D.; Merwin Marlow and Harlen Marlow, Lone Rock; and Albert Hutchinson, Lone Rock. Carl Selps Wei , 30 Years; Artf "';;• Guests At Pi Seip- were Very prised last friday feVerHrtt a group of friends arriVecF 1 'fO§» sl$t them in celebratiffg ifjiii? 30th wedding anniveraaM^ -THfe Seips have two daughters, MRS. Jr. Batt (Pauline) and Kathlefirt, The evening was spent socially i'ith lunch being seized. The honerees were presented Mth cash gifts. < ' Homemakefs 'Club ' The Irvington Homemakers club had its anrfual club picnic last Thursday at the Call State Park, about 30 attending, Thefre will be no meeting dUfirtg the summer months. Officers elected for the ensuing year are Mrs. Mamie Frankl, president; Mrs. tftir- ley Hansen, vice president!* Mfs. Mary Guderian, secretary; Mrs. Perry Phillips, treasurer; Mfs. Arthur Kraitse, toWrtsHlb chairman of the Farm Bureau wdrk. Mr. and Mrs. L. C; Strand and son Norderte of Lorimer, la., and Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Hargreaves motored to St. Paul, Minn,, on June 21 to attend the wedding of Phyllis - Strand to Lawrence Flynn of Blue Earth, Mirtn. Mrs. Strand is the former Ada Hai 1 - preaves, sister of Gilbert and Phyllis is-her daughter. Rome Robison is slowly improving in health at his home on the Ridgeroad -and is now ablis to be up and around after two trijis to a Fort Dodge hospital,and,otte to the General hospital in Algona. Rome's,many fi'ieh'ds are wishing him a speedy recovery. Miss Linda Green is, visiting her granddaughter, Mrs. Mary Dole. Donna Mae and Marvel Hfett- sen have been guests of their' sister Mrs. Albert Harms of Titonka. Mrs. .Rasmie Hansen entertained at dinner last Thursday Evening, guests being some ipf the personnel from the .General .Hospital. Those included werfe feiairie Chambers, Vera Bennett, L;ucy Harbart, Violet Lars'en and Mrs. Margaret. Canning and son Jack. . Donna Chamberlain started working Monday in the Algona Telephone exchange. . : Mr. and Mrs, Robert Sankey are the parents of a ten-pound son bot-n this past week. This makes the third son in the San l<cy family. Mrs. Merle Chamberlain and Donna Chamberlain spent lasl weekend in Des Moines. Miss Grace Christenseh, wiho is a cadet student nurse at the General hospital in Des Moines, visited ,the past w.eek with the home folks in the Galbraith neighborhood. : Mr. and Mrs. .Clarence Phillips and family and Clifton Phillips of Superior, la,, were guests a week ago Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Phillips. I help farmers to farm FASTER I'll show you how to farm faster . . . and better, too ... if you'll let me demonstrate a new Ford Tractor right on your farm. I'll prove that, with a Ford Tractor, you can keep gaining on your work instead of getting behind. You have no t idea how much time you save with Hydraulic Touch Control of implements, new, faster 4-speed transmission and a lot of other advantages this new Ford Tractor has. And, my service is the best. So how about telling me, to bring out a Tractor and put on a dem-' onstration? There's no obligation. R Joh* HcFiTi.-- Ail are family. : Miss' r "<.,'.. ,1 in _ limit" Chicagor afg Wsltfog iMUtH HanSenS. i 1 ' ' >, - s r - t 0 * 1 1% RlMj&fiild liai been CW|}|iIetett frort fro tftyilfiff* t6n tlmbier read to the nk'-K, Maasdam corftef, makMg this, a. Very fl«e "fartft'Upmarket highway Big Dinner For A Newly weds ' Hunger Implement Co. BOB MUNOER Phene &l»*i-Mf. affd M'rs. ' Mike Arend ehteftaiitted a large group of relatives and friend^ at dinner Sunday ,ih honor of their 'Son Paul and , his- bride, the former Agnes Jurikerrheier, ' Ledvard, The couple ,were married at Ledyard on the previous Tuesday. In the group were. Father May^ nard, Ledyard pastor, Mrs. Lebens, daughter Patricia, the bride's parents Mr. and Mfs. L, H. Junket-meter, and Mrs. Hattie. Sprartk, all of Ledyard: , Mr. and Mrs, Caryl Oweni, wirtnebago, Minn., attendants at the wedding; Mrs. Mbry Nilles, son "Francis, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mies and daughter, Renisen; Mr', and Mrs. John Erpelding, Ollie and Marie, John Penton. Mr. and Mrs. Wm, Erpelding, Mrs. Josephine Erpelding, Algoha. , Others— were the. John Arend family, 'Corwlth; Mr. and Mrs. Nicolas Ki-leps, son George, Mr. aiid Mrs. Joe Krieps, Joan and Jerry, Mr. and Mrs. Al 'Erpelding and Mary Ann, Mr. artd Mrs. •-« , fttt , M ,.....__ Of Mil* y Hatlt>t|h^H Of Gal- iija,, ivif., ,aHd MrS., Lettus fihehs .and famil^ 6f Port -urtH, Te^., thi? Jbhn ArenS of hirlfes Oity, the Harry Bartons, IgoHa", M^s. Jack thlsseH, I*oH ••"-• ahd Mrs. John RaymoHd, of La, Mr*, and Mrs. Bbri rs. Teresa Petersoh, . ,_.,„ ,..«s. «foe Klasiel attd ry tCJ,a^6el of Garner, Mrs. Tod -JfiS ahd Abe Swain 6f Thorn- bM, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Peter- Jiort, Mas\6H Cltyj Mr./and Mrs. CUert LdrtiferhiaH, Mr. arid Mrs. J«ify ( ThiSsen,"Mr. and Mrs. Will Thiss'ett, Mr, and. Mfs. JackThis- ^eri Jf 1 , df tfoft Oodge, and Mrs. Stella ^auptman, Charles City. Saturday , evening dinner guests at the Leonard Arndorifer, Helen and Patricia Stevens of Minneapolis, Minn., and Mr. and Mrs> Gordon Loebig. ADS BRING RESULTS. ^VV •• ' " •• ! * f Hiri^s mmik capture the, Imagini,!^ s6W€times m M j>oiHt ot yistorting the per- it^ctlve. f ftfi JHi trte In hWicihe as in other, HMf}§, The sen^tlb-nil fciults with sulf* drugs ' and perilcillin are examiiici. less ^ams'fk, biit MpH»ibl6 for saving UH» U*i6*, ace tl& MBadet ^blle health S. j§e^l|e dilfedMlj SiWlMip clWraftce} t, riillfc, 4rt€ {BBld hjipeetion afe but a few of thew , trie phys{eJftfiafitltlie|jkrrHadst have alWys bee Jrt tiie field bfb^vehtive frieaicine, This fact ted James flflee ] to observe, "MeyjeSlhiS il M ottly profession that libors li* ' te^anHy b d^itfdy ihe.i-Miofi for its own existeflCe.". ,Trie tfgHt, rib^eVel', h Iftt from won. Diagnosis arid treat-;;, -jnem of disease are still tHfe pjfimafy functions of the physiclartj f he accurate ffllfri| of ^rtokSfipHons is out Jfespofliibilit* ' * " Vflitte aldcwill tiro, M Illuitratod, available nt eitra cent. T HIS is the Buick America's car buyers are buzzing about. This is the one with travel magic flowing all through it. This is the RoADMASTER with Dynaflow Drive*—where Main Street's dense traffic, the inviting open road and the long,, stretching hills are bossed with equal ease by a. toe-touch. .Here you let your left foot idle comfortably wherever you wish — there's 'no clutch pedal to push, ever. f Here your mind's free completely of remembering when to shift- no gears ever shift anywhere in the car* ~s • I Here, you glide over ground and grades in swift and utter smoothness as constant and unbroken as Niagara's flow. For here you have the only passenger car in America where liquid replaces both the usual clutch and the low-second-high gear sequence ofNxmventional transmissions. ocn" °s the first d-vk car which of both the Here t you siLJn. _^_ while the power plant itself meets and masters the thousand and one situations that come up in travel. / Gentle grades, steep hills, long straightaways, stop streets—once your lever's set, ydu simply step on the gas—and take them all in liquid-smooth luxury! ' Does all this sound fabulous ? It is. ~\ <• So fabulous that folks are signing up in droves for the '48 fashion plate with this new-wonder drive. So- to take command pf this traveler-touched-with-magic, come see us quickly'and get your order in. We'll t^ke it in sequence wh,etHtr or not you have a car to trade.. BUICK alone has all these features * DYNAHOW DRIVt 4 MPfR-THRU STYLING <S*P>r a if FLK.flT OH KINGS * HLPOISfD FIKfBAU POVJtK * RIMS * QUADRUfUX CO/I SPRINGINO * VIBKA-SHIfiDeO KIDl * ROAD.Rin BALANCE A SOUND-SORBSR TOP LINING <»-!.«• ««i ««<i»,o.ifr) *R/C/0 TORQUE. TOM * DUOMAJIC SPARK ADVANCt * TEN SMART MODUS * BODY BY fliHCR * Tune In HEHRY 1, TAYLOR, Mutual Network, Monday* and Fjtdoyt Jiones and State KlRKlAUTOrCO. Algona, low LUBRICATION MOTOR TUNE-UP ANTI-FREEZE BATTERY SERVICE > MOTOR OVERHAUL . WHEEL BALANCING KIRK AUTO CO J0 r Car to Kirk Auto Co, WASHING Complete Line of U. S. ROYAL TIRE! ^- * v ' • / • . ' •- ..<_.-- *. Ride the "4lf.^&fe" Way UT US SHOW YOU WHY U. 5, ROYAIS ARE I* '" « " * 1 '._ :f ^, * , (x. 5- a

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