The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1948 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 6, 1948
Page 9
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","'':>' four Comers Club Begins 'ear . w«. v.urnvri—l no FOttr Cor- Jj^f Mothei-s & Daughters cluW -will hold the first meeting of the "fwclub year Thursday. July 8 jrt the home of Mrs, JBdward Rich, *?• Henry ,'Mueller'assisting, • New officers Include Opal Simpson, president; Grace B|us- trom, vice president; Eula R'ich, ,\ second v. p.; Cora Smith, secre* fi lary-treasurer; Ruth Stephens, as* <-/• sistant. , , • '--••. I ' t T ho ,Bj'og' 4 ^ committee cork h sists of Eula Rich, Doretta Plumb. * and Clara DrpytoH, and the floral committee is Thelma Ramus; clulj musician; Iva Wllhamj-news re^ porter, Lucille Rich. • The opening son July 8 will be God Bless America; roll Call, payment of dues; n pap6r, Taking the Blues Out of Wash Day, Clara Drayfon; magazine article, Unpack-Your Suitcase and Live, Evelyn Alexander. NftW F««dlng Floor Laid "S A. J.:|3ischeidt, ^'..Rriy Smith, • s George Lee, and Keith Stephens helped Edward Rich lay a cement feeding floor Monday. , ,, Two New Babies Mr .and Mrs. ReJc Swans'on became parents of a daughter at an Algona hospital Friday. The Swansons have two other children, Nancy and Gary. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Jergens, WHiUemore, became parents of a son Monday, June 21. They have another son, 13 months old. Mrs. Jergens is the former Iris Lowman. The Four Corners Mothers & Daughters club was hostess for a Hobarton elevator meeting at the fair: grounds at Algona last Wednesday evening. There was a large crowd, and the ladies presented a program after the busi- ndss meeting artd served lunch. Everett .Witham was confined to bed part of last week, but is now up and around. Mrs. Louis Lowman Jr. and her sons Douglas arid Jimmy left Tiies'day for, home' at Wichita Falls, Tex., after ten days with relatives here. Jimmy was reqent- ly discharged from the navy, after 18 months service. :; Nerve Injury Better Herbert Rosenau, who has been at the Kossuth, hospital since April, was taken to . the Wade Ball home Wednesday for convalescence. He was hurt last .W'inter when he .accidentally stepped into a hole in a farm yard but seemed to be getting along Well 'until he suddenly lost use of-his legs, He was then hos- zed long in 'healingV-He is improving slowly no'w. but ris-yet unable to walk. Gr/Y/ Weds ' Mrs. Robert Fulton, pictured above, is the former Pa. tricia Hull, daughter of Mr, artd Mrs. Harry Hull of Hum- bbldt, former Algona residents, Many Algona friends attended the wedding ceremony. (Cut courtesy Humboldt Independent). ,'" Bancroft People At Woden Rites Bancroft — Mr. and Mrs! Richard Menke and Marilyn dnd .Alice of Bancroft attended the funeral of Lawrence Lester at Woden Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Lester, who formerly' worked for Menke's, was hurt Saturday when the chimney he' was tearing down -fell on him. '''He died Monday. Mr; Lester; ihas; been living at Austin, Miiini' .. ' - ' ' '.'^.•»»«.-. Baptists io Camp .> • ''' \ A group of seven from the Baptist-church Went to : |he,Iowa Great Lakes Youth camp* at Oko- bo'ji, •_.;..• ' ' Those in the group were Mary Jo Weber,- Kay, Carmean, Ramona Peterson, Joann and Russell; Hawbecker, Bobby Biitter- fi,el<i , and,.;Lyle ToiTin.ei,. . -:.,.. •ilVIrj land.Mrs. (Bert I^irrow^.of' Lakota» visited at-/theShome; 6'f Mr. ..Farrow's sister, Mrs. Mary. McGuire of ; Bancroft.-, ' Mr. and? Mrs. Lawrence Bergman and family spent Saturday at Fairmont and Interlaken. Maxine. Menke entertained ' a .GZ*s 'ilOTTlc xTj.vnB "j" t^i-igiHi.i. Mn and M¥S. Leo Ulman of Mankato -visited Saturday'at the home of; Joe Rapp in Bancroft. A \ " Silverware ;*'}*)'•> r ROGERS 76 Piece Service for 12^ $94.75 Including Chest 1 52 Piece Service for 8 $64.75 COMMUNITY . 52,Piece Service for 8 , *•<. TUDOR Mr. and Mrs. Cletus Dorr of Bancroft attended the funeral of Mr. Dorr's -cousin, Charles Dorr, at Belmond, 'la. He was killed at Newton when he was crushed between the freight cars of train. ;• : Mr. and-Mrs. Screal De Geeter and family ..of Bancroft visited Sunday at the .home o£ Mr. De- Geeter's siste'r, Mrs. Lester Schweiger at New Haven, Iowa. . Marianne Menke, who attended the M&nkato Commercial college, -came home last week, where she stayed at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs> J. H. Menke, Bancroft, Mr. and Mrs. James Christensen of Whittemore visited Friday night at the home of Mrs. Christensen's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Eeitering, Bancroft. Picnic Features Four-H Calves • • ' V - A c6of»erati'?e picnic here Tuesday sponsored By the Whitterhore elevator, ,lfre creamery,' and the Whittertiofe cooperative locker plant was "A big success., . • Instead of the usual featured speaker, a 4-H calf club show. Was the highlight of the day. Winners' in the various classes were, • . ' Beef class: 1 and 2, Petef filbert; 3, Vern Muller; 4, Gerald Bofmann. Dairy .class: 1, Dan-old Elberi; 2, James Bierstedt: 3, James Bierstedt; 4, Elmer Elbert Jr, 4-H beef, i, John filbert; dairy 4-H, tie, Jarrtes Bierstedt and Jerry Kern; 3, David Kollasch. Senior class, open class judgirtg on 'dairy cows: 1, Hugo Meyer; 2, Albert Meyer; 4-H beef: 1, Johfi Elbert; 2, Victor Youngwirthj- 3, Gerald Bormann. In a cream-scoring contest winners in "the junior division were: 1, Louis Kollasch; 2, Jerry Kern; senior division. 1, George Gengler; 2, Mrs, Alfred Meyer. Officials were: calf judges, George Winkel, Oscar May"berry, A. W. Wyam, Hormel representative; cream, R. C. Weaver. quaK ity control man of the State Brand creameries, Mason City, also Lester Gengerich, Kossuth dairy quality improvement fieldman among creameries of the county. <-' ' The calves were above average and displayed . signs., of careful feeding and grooming;* The" 'local boys are showing marked interest m 4-H projects. IF IT'S NEWS. WE WANT IT! Whittemore The Herman Hansons and Mr. and Mrs. August Deitrich, Em- hrtetsburg, were dinner guests at Thco. Meier's Sunday evening, Mr. and Mrs, Edwin Baas, Eii- feen and Dennis Baas, Jeffers, Minn., and Mrs. Louis Baas Sr., Windom, Minn., Were dinner guests at the Wrru Lauck home Friday, also called on Chris. Meyer and Herman Baas, the latter is an uncle of Edwin Baas. Mr. and Mrs. C. Adair, Albert Lea, were Sunday dinner guests at the Leo Weed home, ' Frank Foley spent the week*end fishing at Leech Lake , with a group from Emmetsburg and Spencer. Mr, and Mrs. John Waldron and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Miller, Armstrong spent Sunday at Lake Air, Minn. Fred Kollasch, Mike Besch, John Van Hise, Henry Muller, and Frank Elbert are having a ,fishing vacation in Minnesota and Canada. < Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Cavanaugh stopped here on their way home from a visit with DC. and Mrs. J. W. McCreery, who are Vacationing at Park Rapids, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Vaudt Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gade and Mrs: Gorhart Wehrspan left for Oklahoma last week Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs; Harley Will entertained at pinochle Monday evening, and .winners were Henry Mullerj'Jitglb^ Lawrence Besch, low; Mrs'. Aug. Elbert, high, Mrs. Joseph Besch, low, Mrs. Walter .Fanclel, {ravel. Mr. and Mrs. Fandel entertained at pinochle last week Tuesday evening. Henry Muller Wtip'xhigh prize, Ruth Ann Muller,,W,gV for women, George Fandel.Jpw; WANT ADS BRING RESULTS. SEE L.S.BOHANNON FOR ' tf HAIL INSURANCE on Growing Crops Phone "103 Over S & L Store . BUY CONCRETE the modern way. . . delivered READY-MIXED Paying your barnyards is easy and inexpensive when you use READY-MIXED CONCRETE ^ . -.-.....••••,.>;,;. /: ;.• . : "^ • • Fast, prompt delivery, an? proportioned for your job.- time, any, place, 0 ,. .- , !.' • Full.strength, reliability and • No mess to clean up;'dumped ..uniformity in every load. exactly wHere wanted;. ••>•>•'• V, _.'j ^.' .-',,. , -* - .. , . I •Low-price delivered—no • "Mix" that is acViiraiely ! : gamblS on cost. Yo.u and your bujlder will both benefit by using our Ready-Mixed CoAcrete. Ph,one.uSii>efore you build; forReaayMfx Ready-Mix Your Jol> Site 1 READY-MIX CONCRETE & SUPPLY CO. Roscoe Puss had fill fiplbeftclec- tomy at the Rossuth hospital June 2-. Kathryn Wood, Algdfia, spent the weekend with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Leo Woood. spent from June 16-22 at the Lake of the Woods and Canada^ where they had perfect luck at fishing. Each day the party caught the limit in wall-eyed pike. The Vaudts were accompanied by the Harold Kueckers. ' Mr. and Mrs. Pat Mergen and a son who had just returned to Roseville, Calif., after'a Visit here, &re now returning for the funera- al of John Mergen. Mr, and Mrs. Ewalt Rusch entertained Sunday evening in honor of Mrs. J. FarrelPs birthday. Guests Included the Art Cogleys, John Mortes, the Kelly Vander- lins, the Peter Parrells, the Virgil Elberts, Norbert Zumach, Peter Hoag. 77 Children Get Health Exams Seventy-seven children, the largest number in years, were examined Thursday at the Kossuth hospital, in a free clinic under auspices of' the Iowa University School of Medicine; Doctors Jackson, Boyd<j Pon- seti and MacQueen ,from Iowa City conducted the clinic and with them was a staff of clerical assistants and social workers. Some of the patients were being checked following care at the hospital and the clinic saved a trip for both them and the pa- IHMP Completely carefree .., Time for Summer Motor' ing irid mfe$ of fun with Hi-V-l, It cleans as it lubricates, giving motors the increased power and reduced fuel consumption necessary to happy vacation driving. Give your car the lift it needs... Hi-V-l Motor Oil] It protects those close-moving motor parts against friction, 1t wo/Tt^hio qut.., Stands up at nd above! Skim along under the summer lljbric ' ted '-' I ' • - - ' ,i (iro(iui r 1,1 flu CHAMPLIN REFINING COMPAMY llUSSllffiiRliSiRyj^ • , , • •^v-xv^ofi \ " '''' "'; Juty 6, 194S rents to Iowa City. The majority of galients wers new ones. In such cases, X-ray pictures were taken, case histories made and taken With the doctors for study. After the data has been summarized and a conclusion *eached notification will be sent back here. Ih cases where it is necessary for children to go to Iowa City, a time will be reserved for them and they will be lold when to report. The Iowa frdfri § a. m, o'clock with _. ,. for noon lufteh:,Th"fey coffee at fhS'fiflsfJiliuj local registered r fttft«Bel iff gave their services the day and Mrs, registrar, donated her tlrhf,' * C. A. 61* of Greene 1 cfel6L_-_ his birthday June 14 WltB& "megs" of new potatoes own garden. RIGHT . TMER6/ AND I'M NOT AM OLD MAN OUD MAN WHERE DID MY UMBRELLA '• . Hit YOU? i SERVICE AND aet AN VOU'LL 86 SOfiPRlSBft At CHAMP LIN SERVICE t<Sv' PHONE 1086 . 302 ESTATE • YOUR HEATING Guaranteed For Next Winter! -WITH PURCHASE OF- COLEMAN OIL HEATER By special .arrangement vyith a leading local oil dealer, we are authorized to install a limited number of New Coleman Floor Furnaces and Coleman Heaters in the Algona vicinity.. Oil contracts have been placed—storage and handling facilities provided—to guarantee the requirements of these new customers. See us now! a. a. CO a EASY TERMS: as low as $IQO ,, IA WEEK $M Ml for compUU tin* el famous Col*nianh*ot.n. ' We Guarantee More Heat (than your .old-oil heater of equal size) OR YOUR MONEY BACK Our summer special . . , for a limited . time onlyi W» pay $7.50 to $20.50 for your old heater ii, trade on a new Coleman. Trade- in values vary, based on old heater and size of new Coleman. You save by acting now. After July 31 It will cost you up to $20.50 to get these same models. See us today. •Read this money-back guarantee: Try o Coleman 15 days. It must give'more heat than your old oil heater of equal size, type, anj BTU rating ... or your money back. £oleman Floor Furnace Circulate; h^qt in ^entire house i.,, gives yew WARM l?i(3,©R8

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