The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1948 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 6, 1948
Page 8
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tu«*day, July 6, 1948 Boy Gashed In A Dive At Lake .This week's Emmetsburg &.e* porter, published' Tuesdays, reports aft accident which befell an Algona boy Sunday, as follows: , "The George Pentecost family; of Algona, came to Smmetsburg to enjoy a picnic and to fish in Five island lake. "For their outing, they selected a sp'ot north of the Jackmart fnrin on the east Side of the lake. Gary, 11, deciding to swim, jumped in head first. Some sharp object, a tin can or a rock, tore a deep four-inch gash in the breast bone. "Several dtrep stitches by an Emmetsburg physician were required to close the gash. Gary was very fortunate the sharp object did not enter his abdomen, where it would have caused serious injury with possible death." Mrs. Hartshorn, 70, Rites Monday Swea City—A long illness ended in death for Mrs. Roy Hartshorn, about 70, who died Friday., June 23, at her home near Armstrong. She was the only daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Jim Mayne, early 1 residents of Grant township, and was a niece of Sam Mayne, who was long prominent in North Iowa political circles. Surviving are her husband, a daughter, Mrs. Beulah Waters, in Florida, a son Caleb, Seneca, two grandchildren, and three brothers, Joe, who farms the old Mayne place in Grant, Roscoe of Armstrong, and Howard, California. Funeral services are planned for Monday afternoon in the f^vea City Methodist church,with the Rev. Barntim of Armstrong and the Rev. II. S. Hammer, of Armstrong and the Rev. S, H. Swea City, in charge. The Curtis Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. Otto Jensen and his brother J. M. Jensen of Ringsted spent several days last week visiting relatives in Minnesota. At Anoka, they visited their oldest brother' John, and his daughter, Mrs Myrtle Mann. They also spent .some time at Owatonna with tiohn Jensen's son Norval, a dentist.- there. John Jensen will be remembered by older residents hr-rtf, having operated the Seneca store some 50 years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Win. Christensen and Billy Jr., together with the Cnnstensen's daughter Dorothy, her husband Ingmar Haugen and their children are ' spending a week at Isle. Minn., on Lake Millo Lacs. The Haugens, who were to have joined the Chris- tcnscms at Isle .on Sunday, were delayed, due to the death of Mr. Haugen's biothoi; in an, auto accident near Austin, early Thursday. The deceased, who was 29 was a veteran of the New Guinea campaign. He was single and lived with his aged mother in Kenyon, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Ingmar Haugen formerly lived here. Mrs. George Butterfield Sr. came home Thursday night from a week's visit at the Wm. Siemens home near Lake Crystal. The Siemans family brought her home and remained overnight. Ex-Resident Of West Bend Dies Mrs. Mary Sominer, formerly of West Bend, died from a heart attack in her home at Pulaski last Tuesday, June 22. For almost 20 years Mrs. Sommer had made her home with a son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Traub at West Bend. Ihe past-year she and a sister had Jived together. Funeral services were held Friday at 2 p. in. at the Christian Apostolic church at Pulaski Burial was at Pulaski. Msr. Sominer is survived by three children, Mrs. Fred Traub West Bend: Mrs. Paul Ward, Burlington, and Albert Wuthrieh of Pulaski. There are 17 grandchildren. Relatives from Kussuth attending the funeral were Mr. and Mrs Traub, Shirley, Gladys and Fred, Jr. of West Bend, and Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Miller of LuVerne A number of West Bend friends also attended the final rites. Car Rolls Over A car owned by William Baudler of Austin, Minn., and driven by his wife, rolled over in loose gravel three' miles west of Ilo- barton eaily this week. Damage to the 1949'Mercury was estimated at from $300 to $400. Mad Cat At Manilla, Allan Miller is taking rubies vaccination after being bitten by a cat. Iowa City reported the animal as suffering from hydrophiba. FOR SALE 1947 Dodge 1 Ton Pickup TRUCK Low Mileage Perfect Rubber SARGENT & CO. ffOSPITALS Kossufh Hdspilal June I-Jk-W. 3. Belli Algona, medical. June 16— Mrs. Howard Wills, Irvington, boy 7 Ibs... 13'W oz. June 17 — Mrs. Robert Sankey, Irvington, boy 9 Ibs., ll cte.; Mrs. Elmer Ewald, Algona, girl, 6 Ibs.; Mrs. Claude Whitehill, Fayette, surgical. June 18— Esther SWanson, Algona, orthopedic; Katherine Magner, Mallard, medical. June 21 — Roscpe Fuoss, Whitte--more, surgery; Mrs. Bernard Culver, Algona, girl 8 Ibs., 3M> oz. June 21 — Wm. Voigt, Burt, sur- ger^. June 23 — Mrs. Vcrnon Dailey, Corwith, girl 6 Ibs. 14 oz.; Mrs. Dale Jensen, Algona, twin girls 5 Ibs. 14Vi oz. and 6 Ibs. 1% oz. June 24 — Edgar Hauptly, Wesley, surgical. June 25— Janice Swedin, Wesley, surgical; Mrs. Wayne Brown, Algona, boy 8 Ibs. 6 oz.; Mrs. Martin Munson, Wesley, girl 8 Ibs. OVv ,6z.; Mrs. Rex Swanson, Algona, girl, 8 Ibs. 12 oz. Seneca Supt., Family Depart Seneca— Supt. and -Mrs. John Wetzel moved their houeshold belongings last week Wednesday to Nodaway, la., where Mr. Wetzler has accepted a position as superintendent for the coming year. The Wetzler son John, who attended the Seneca school the past year as a junior, was recently given his diploma by the Seneca school board. John had taken additional work by mail and passed several aptitude tests with' Exceptionally high grades. Neighbors This column consists at brief rewrites from it newspaper. first The Thornton Enterprise publisher, W. S. Nelson, was the first election official to turn in returns in the primary last week. Results of his Grimes-Thornton precinct were reported exactly ten minutes after the polls closed. Recovering At the Hartley hospital, little Rosemary Rohde, one-year-old, is recovering frorn^ a* bullet wound in the stornath. ''She was inured when a brother' picked up her father's revolver, ac.cidental- ly discharging it. Shot While playing in her back yard last week, 5 year old Karen Hoth of Sumner was struck by a stray bullet, apparently a shotgun pellet, which penetrated the skin just below the heart.'She has recovered. Survived Buy An Acreage In Missouri Burt—The W. B. Shiplers returned Friday from Springfield, Mo., where they had visited Mrs. Shipler's sister Mrs. George White. While there they bought a small acreage. After Church Dinner Portland—Miss Ruth Graham observed a birthday Sunday and after church entertained a group of relatives at dinner. The Fred Hagen family of Titonka came for the afternoon and brought a picnic supper with them. Mrs. Lloyd Bartlett, a near neighbor of the Grahams, also observed a birthday on Sunday. M , Irvington Visitors Visiting recently at the Henry Scheppmann home in Irvington were Mr .and Mrs, John Christol-; t'er, Lake Park, Minn.; Mr. and' Mrs. Adam Voehl; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Voehl from Lakefield, Minn., the former Mrs. Voehl being Mrs. Scheppmann's brother. Four Sioux City residents had a narrow escape in Spirit Lake recently when a high wind capsized their boat. Melvin Drown, one of the occupants, dove under and released- the /jutboardmotor, so the boat did not sink com- oletely. They were all rescued after 40 minutes in the water. Caved In i-.piglging out a fox cost.the life or Jesfee! .Renfrow at Dallas Center recently. After digging a 12- foot hole 1 on the side of a knoll, he was-trapped and buried when the dirt caved in on him. His clog went for help, which arrived too late. Shot In Chest As A. J. Busenbark of Carroll removed a .22 rifle from his car recently, the vyeapon ^disch'argcd a bullet into his chest'. He was taken to the hospital and will recover. First Lady Mrs. Harry Truman, the "First Lady", was among 'those enjoying "an Iowa sm'dkedjL. ham in Washington' irec,en,tly..•$ The ham was serv'efl at 'dfforesfcfast of the 76th Club and was taken to Washington by Paul bui'gv Conrad locker plant operator, .wfto processed it. Alligator $ T.f' • A customer drove into a DOS' Moines Tilling station last tall and- asked attendant Forest Kooker if he would like to have a pr^sent^ from.iLouisaafu vlfcooker replied] inthe affirmative and a short time later received a live baby alliga-; tor. The 'gator is still thriving, on a diet of hamburger and live min-> nows. - ' ii Four gertefttioris tendahC6 at tfle es^cisfe's in Cluthrie cently. Wilma WcCluerf, received her diploma ih Ihe ehce of her mother, gra and great-grandmother. Omelet A truck load of e farm tractor featured slon in Harlan last Wfiek. dreds of egg$ were ScrambleOUf the two drivers involved, pick Paulson and Gerald KWewer* escaped Without serious iftjltfy. Elks When Clinton dafbriel,' out to look at his tomato ' one mqrping recently, he f a large 0atch of the plans, "buffi- ed" out 'as if they had bjeen subjected to intense he,at. In , the center of the area was A ' hole. about one foot deep -and several feet in diameter. In the center. of the large hole, a smaller one 1 about two inches in diameter ex-) tended into the ground for about .nt';- - '* « ,;,- .Mrl&S. .****.*-* i-*. animal n neiiM f ' er, breiugljjt IPflo; f < , in the-|WaH»|5f th* con wvir-^an^, A fat I Mr. McCumBelf hfid WSeft a enger. stuck M th^e mud{ the er Went fof hef| and femufte'd find his a^f Jtertgei- MSSittg. Ml-. MoCurftSef "wSS foUfifl fie|t morjttlnd aBr^ut, two miles ff«m " searehiWg him al IftifHt. , HSd left the" 6af, )66ked-fei< ' v Residents of Independence report that.two elk spent a day recently 1 'on the John Den*-farm near there, Members of the local Elks lodge apparently missed a good opportunity to stock tip on teeth. The-animals were genuine elk, seldortl seen in Iowa, aftd not deer, according to observers. Savid Life Arlene and iSfudy Anderson of Graettinger "played house" one PRESIDENTS SALE SPECIAL FAMOUS Hiawatha "S/oux" BICYCLE BOYS' OJl NS? GIRLS' MODEL Our Reg. Low Price 43.95 SALE PRICE 39,95 1.23 p«f we«k payobl*. monthly Streamlined for «ye appeal . . . Built to take it! Buy now : and tave $41 • Equipped With Fender Light • Comet Whh a Handy Kick Stand • Sturdy Conflructlen—Full Six* « Olotty Baked Enamel Flnlth • Balloon White Sldewall Tire* • 'CarrW'Mounted on Rear Fender • 'Other Model! 36.95 lo 57.95 —j. * i - •--— r-* ; f?aut IVifik'eft, Jfotlofc' Coshfefa te^, fbHflered What wottld ' tf'l he fitff a dyrifttitife'ttg a cafl ftdfio! dift and-- lit ft \vlth a ftteteh. He found but, Pot 1 * funate'ly, ' Pits injuries were not serious, minor burns and cuts, • At Lelvfnrs, three youngsters are wondering, if owls' are so smart after all. They surprised one in a pasture and it flew up nto a tree, becoming entangled in the branch. The boys shot it as it hung helplessly there. "A SPiCIAL EARN GOOD WAGES DETASSELING Hybrid Seed Fields Men and women 15 years of age or older are wanted. Must be physically able to do outdoor work. All who are interested should sign up now at any of the following registration centers: * Algona U. S. Employment Office or at Pioneer Plant Burt Neajy Hardware Bancroft _,_.__ Murray Elevator Ledyard __, 1 .,____.. Lew Nitz Lone Rock Blanehard's Store Lakota Qgren's Service Station LuVerne _ Hank's Sport Shop Titonka _ _ - Topic Of fic$ Whittemore _ Schumacher P.-X. Station • '' >• • • i". '>» . ,; / r Pioneer Hy bpd Corn Go, Algona, Iowa Phone §g WHITHER TO THE ^ CITIES PPN'T LET CAR TROUBLE SPpjL ..» , VACATION. No matter hqw far or how • • ^lose you are igoing, p$ior tires) fbulty motor or Inadequate lubrication can dampen your pleasure. Brirjg yoyr' car in to us today f or an A-1 job on any of your-..automotive .difficulties. BE. SAFErr-BE;.SURE4-$E| US BEFQRE YOUR TRIP. , ^ ' " Perfect rnptor tyne-up / * Expert workmanship • • -<• \. Reliable service '. :> S CoLirteQMs treatment * • *'*)*' I nfprmation about your car " ' " * • * *... . . , . • . •<> ^ .< V itql quto check-up •- A Better job for less money. Lubrkation at its best. y * < *\\ '!' ,t 5 - y Speecly service. ' THIS SPELLS COMPLETE SATISFACTfaW FOR YOU t We Want to Piierv* Y«|ir Bwstn^ Piifmantntly M •Sales , DO

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