The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1948 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 6, 1948
Page 6
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Uppif ttai Motnei '****" Tuistfay, 3uty 6, IMS TUESDAY, JULY 6 John Wayne and Shirley Temple in "Fort Apache 19 WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY, JULY 7-8 K..JANIS PAIGE omtcieo BIT rnoouccD «r JAMCS DAVIS • BRETAIGNE WINDUST • HENRY BLANKE FRIDAY - SATURDAY, JULY 9-10 ROBERT CUNNINGS pi BRIAN DONUEW it Ihra UNIUO ARIIsrs HERE'S THE SEAl TRADE IN YOUR OLD TUBES FOR THEIR FULL LIST PRICE lake advantage of this special- offer now by trading in your old tubes for their full list price on new H. F. Goodrich Seal-o-matic Safety tubes. This liberal Tade-in allowance is yours if you act quickly. 1.10 down... 1.25 per week if 75 r PLUS TAX 6.00-16 FOR A REAI SAFETY COMBINATION Get B. F. Goodrich Silvertowns PLUS TAX 6.00-16 1,50 Down 9 1.25 a Week Also TOP DOLLAR TRADE-IN FOR YOUR OLD TIRES OK RUBBER WELDERS Phone 308 LESTER DeBOLT 118 N. Thorington B F Goodrich FIRST IN RUBBER Societv Pariy— Mr. ahd Mrs. Harry Greenberg. Mr. and Mrs. Murray Mow,ers and Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Allen' entertained prior to the Country club dance, last Wednesday evening at a novel progressive party. Invited guests were assigned one of the.three homes to meet, then given schedules of tHeir progress from house to house at half hour intervals. The entire party adjourned to the dance at 10 p. m. Ronald Sabin Weds— Ronald Sabin, son of Mr. ffnd Mrs. Harry Sabin of Algona, ancl Jean Marie Bliven, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Bliven of Pioneer, were married Friday, June 25, in Omaha, Neb., at the First Presbyterian church. The groom was attended by his two brothers, Harold and Dwight Sabin. Following the wedding trip the couple will be at home on a farm near Algona. The bride is a graduate of Humboldt high, class of 1948, and the groom attended the Algona schools. Mrs. Schullz Honored— A post-nuptial coin shower was held Thursday evening at the Charles Clement home honoring Mrs. Leonard Scliultz of Whittemore. Bingo was played. Mrs. Schtillx received the prize for receiving the most bingos and Ruth Ann Clement received the prize- for the least number. Mogensen-Berhbw Riles— John Mogenscn of Sweu City and Ruth Elaine Borhow of Ledyard were married Thursday. July 1, by Justice Delia Welter, Witnesses were the bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Berhow of Ledyard. The bridegroom's parents are Mr. ancl Mrs. "" Mogensen. Tues. - Wed., July 6-7 Laurel and Hardy in //I Co-Hit Hopalong Cassidy in From Mr. and Mrs. tttiMfe^tfer rfe* turned Thursday frtrtltR&fr wid. A dihg trip to Cojolraam- SBflnas. Mr,. Peter is in charjl ef the meat department at 'Rg^ Market. • « • The Petefr V»tt| ..,V.Jhttrl«d at St, Paul LuthefafJ 'church near Bbone on Juris SO-'aifiia have since been on a trip, Slfa. Peter is the former Betty Eckley, daughter of Mr., and'Mrs, E. ti. Eckley of Boonc. Mr, Peter is also from Bopne, and is the son of Mr. and Mrs. .pebrge Peter. Honor Miss SleHrili^. Beverly Stebritz, whose marriage to Don Krause has-been announced and will take ( place July 15, has been given several* courtesies. Saturday afterndbn a miscellaneous shower was 'given for her by Mrs. Glen' Jones, The afternoon was spep,t socially, Monday evening she Was guest at a shower at the academy hall, hostesses being ,Me,sdariies A. J. Klooster. A. L. Fisher, Frank Ste* brilz. Pliil Chase, Arthur Krause, H. W. Stebritz, and Josie McEvoy. A program was given as follows: Piano numbers by Mrs. Arthur ( Maasdam and Mrs. Clarence Siemcrs, vocal numbers by Mary Dolores Stebritz atiy Mary Katherine Glaser. a dance by M;u-y Dolores with piano accompaniment by Mary Katherine. vocal numbers by Arlene Spillcs, accomp'anicd by Mrs. V. K. Rising, and piano numbers bv Arlene. • ^' Door nrixcs was given to Mrs, Emirui K-rause and Mrs. Frank Ciipesius. - : >' '• ; ,. > / ' Tlio honnree was awistod Mary Aliiv Fox. Brtty/Wallukait, and Dorothv Reynolds in the opening nf the gifts. The evening closed with the soi'vint; 'of lunch. Wedne«laV evening Betty'Wal- luliait. and Mrs. Faye. Jones gavb Miss Slebritz a shower. Guests were Mary Alice "Fbx, 'Delo'res Buss. Lorrainnc Rahe, J^orha Wal- lukail, Mary ancf Margaret Williams, and Mrs. Pat 'Elridgc, of Eagle Grove. The evening was .spent at "Hearts" at, which- Lor- rainnc Rahe won the hfgh score prize and Beverly Stebritz- won the low score prize. Walker Family Reunion— A Walker family reunion was held Sunday, June 27 in the floral hall at tiie Kossuth county fair Hrounds. Those atte'ndihgjiwere Mrs. Bessie Walker. Mrs. Jack McKcan of Whittemore. Messrs. Jind Mesdamcs Ha p old. Walker of Delayan. Minn., Harold Walker of Wliitlemoro. Lloyd Walker of Albert Lea, Minn., R. O. Bjustrom, Frank MouHon, Cecil Bjus- Irom. L. R. Walker. Ravmond Walker, Ralnh Walker. Arthur Locke, nnd Ella and Jane Walker and the respective families. '?., ,.#K^** ( r f -. "'^'^-"tir'^lHffiw V, >.',/; " ., l • 'J "j»/* h ,ii*'i{j>t '&' ««i Ab. ^^^^i,:^ ^iti^:^iia.*ir ?^: fi', .""M 1 /*'' f. »nd Mrt, Thurs. - Fri. - Sat July 8-9-10 Battling a BULLET BLOCKADE! TV-' MONOGRAM. PICTURES, >'j • ' presents • JOHNNVMACK t BROWN fQQNTW Family Picnic— • ' Mr. nnd Mrs. John Buscher attended a family picnic dinner MIPS, Ed Hackbafth. Mrs ttplrri* er He/irlerS, aftd Mrs, Albert MaRff entertained ih* WoAiairtAMoS: a «on of the Trinity Lutheran church Thursday afternoon in the church parlors. Mrs. A. F. Schwepfie gave the lesson and the program was given by Mrs. Hugo Gade. Seventh Birthday— • Mrs. Albert Hagg gave a party Tuesday afternoon in observance of the seventh birthday of her son, Franklin "Dean, Quests were Ronnie Briggs, LeRoy Gronbach, Dennis JergensOn, Raymond Barr, Johnnls Oakland, and Jimmy Jfain. The boys attended a movie after which they returned to the Hagg home 'Where' lunch was served. LOCALS Mr. and Mrs. G» C. Yeoman had as weekend guest A. E. Beckwith, of Kansas City, Mo. Mrs. Frank Thorpe of Ames has been visiting the Anfon Didrik- scns. She Is a former well known Algonian. . Mr. and Mrs. Arlo Woods spent irbrh Friday through Monday with-Mr. and Mrs. Frank Anderson at Boone. Mr. and Mrs. Don Cronan and poona, of .Toledo, spent from Sunday through Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Bert Cronan. Mrs. M. E. Clements spent Friday qt Jefferson with D. F. Meyers and M. E. Clements, father and father-in-law respectively. Mr.,and Mrs. W.T. Colwell had Mr.' and Mrs.' O. G. Day of Clarion and Mrs. Mabel.Hill of Webster City as visitors Wednesday. • Mr. and Mrs. Dale Culberison and Mr. and Mrs. Henry DuPue, of Whittemore, spent last week Sunday , at Spirit Lake and the Okobojis. 'Mr. and Mrs. W. G. McCullough had as guest from Saturday till Wednesday, Mrs. Marie French of Berkley, Calif., sister of Mr. Mc- Cullqugh. A. L. Long returned Friday i-om Mason City x - where he had been a patient the past three Weeks following major surgery, at the Park hospital. ."Heinle" Stebritz is at Iowa City having, a -check-up at the university Hospital. He ,is much mproved and expects- to be dismissed in a short time. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Drew and HATTON RENO BLAIR Co-Hit "The Dragnet" Added Serial "Dangers of Canadian Mounted" Sun. - Mon. • Tues. - Wed. July 11-12-13-14 BROUGHT B THRILL YOU RANDOLPH SCOn KAY FRANCIS IRIAN OONLEVY GEORGE BANCROFT BRODER1CK CRAWFORD ANDY Of VINE STUART IRWIN FRANK ALBERTSON Original ScrwupUy by Harold Shumate Buwi on "Wh«o U» Pdtooi Rod** by Emnutt D»llpn wd I»5k Juo 8 ni»yM, S«. - Pur«ot9d ty GgORqE MARSHAL A UNIVERSAL PICTURR Co-Hit-W. C. Fields and Edgar Bergen in "You Can't Cheat. An Honest Man" The 'Red-Hot' Buys of the Week! ;See These at Schultz Bros. CARS 1948 Special Deluxe Plymouth Convertible O This is a Honey 9 I'raiHimlly 'liranil-lS'ow .,, O ."> Air Cushion Tiros O Itcniitil'ul Roliin's i<:^ JtJuo Color O IMivr Sets It Quick ^ 1 .1 1946 (Botml947) Special Deluxe Plymouth Club Coupe O ."» I'ii.ssoiifccr O \c\v Whito Siik-Wall Kayon Tires O Uciiulil'iil Hiiilio • News!. Typo lloalor O !•'(((? Lilos, Itack I'p Lilo, Spot Lite © Has Hear Vision Outside Mirror O Must He Seen To Be Appreciated 1938 Chevrolet 4-Door 0 Tliis Car is in Excellent Sliapo 9 Three Tires Are liraud New e Motor is in (Joo<l (,'oiidition © Lots of Miles in TWu One . "i i 1940 Chevrolet Truck -, « l)$ Ton « 5/1'on Galliou Hoist , • («ood HuWjer, Ciood SJmpe 9 Make Us an Offer SCHULTZ BROS South Edge AJgona Phones 975R • 975W mis, A'r 31 JVlODStefi ,Alg( turned: fh.tirstlay Mm «,.„„ frentSfe Mf, and 1 •»i™' iKP.^%*EagIe tJfbVe, . M%WliUt«rftun*hi* am" J R, A. ttataUM attended the. C. S/dbhvefitiefi a« liake " last week Simday) t«s W& „, i. David§6n>BoHig .as delegate, Ujffilhfc Etitytt Rah», of gancwft, Deiores/Btiss ahd Betty WalWkait tyeiit fo Lake Okobbji Saturday, for the holiday week« end. They had taken a cottage there. • ' • , . . The Johft F«rt>u&«ia want Id Des Moittes tot the Fourth'-of* July week-end. • MM. Fefgusbfi and Nancy remained for a two weeks visit with Mrs. Ferguson's parents. Mf. and Mrs. Oswald Lallier* with their son .Leo and Mr. -Lai- lier's nleae, Rose Marie- Metz, Weslef, left Friday fdr a.vlsil with lelatives at Illinois, --indi ana, and Wisconsin. •>, Mrs. Isabella Dahl and Joan were taken to Swea'City SatUr* day by Mf. and Mrs. Arthur Peterson for the holiday weekend, at their home where they will be joined by other relatives. Evelyn Daniels is a new clerk at the Lusby & Qiossi store,. She began Work last week. Evelyn is n sister of 4 Ruby Daniels who, was for some time employed at the Twih-Co beauty parlor. Mr. and M».jL. W. Rouse have as guests Mrs. Earl Gates, Ames, and Mr. and Mrs. W. ' K. -• Van Slyke, Roxanna and Carla 1 of Chicago, 111., xvho' came Saturday and will remain five days. ' Mr. .and Mrs. R.A.Davidson and_Mr. and Mrs. D, J". Heller spent from Saturday, through Monday at Mettlcrs resort, Cullcn Lake, Missawa, Minn,, With the Rev. and Mrs. W. K. Cuthbert. Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Walker went to Lake Okoboji Friday , where they had taken a cottage'for the weekend. They were joined there Sunday by Mr. and Mrs. Alex Dermand, Kathy and Lebnidas. - Dr. and Mrs. C. S. Shierk were, in Kenosha, Wis., last week a few| day to atten'd the final rites for Wilson Shierk, brother, of the doctor, who had diecUin "Florida and was brought home for .burial. !*f *»lum« Jdday fforn ,-M4d .v movea to unanes uny.iiuw'w.BeK, m,;.. wfe< m Sflfllek wiUhfive his |vp owntle^Mry-stofe. «&&*! to** In were .iff Ft. fioflge,-Friday fless.- Mr. and MrKCHliy, elfW ' Mrs? ; ttaymona. ,.#ienun • came ffrjfrVSharlas-Cfty-te assist I;. 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