The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1948 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 6, 1948
Page 4
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w^JK. C* <-"^ "%^l^ ? j? i^ffj tlA"_^j i***''i i '**** • ftf%\<i r *>\, ;r«».r 'i <,-#••! >*••;"< • ; , •' '"'"'„. .-' ' > •" \'* Upper (ta* Maine* 265 At Armual Lorra Jloclc Exefmnge its- annual dinner and meeting at-j Auxiliary te<Mee» the Lone Rock achoolHouse re-|. The American Legion Auxil- Iv. THprP «,*r* around 2GS'!iary vvm hold its July meeting which^was^t the home of Mrs. B.'L. O'Donnell, with Mrs. Francis Foley assisting hostess. The.program will be on unit activities or mental health, with Julia Thompson on the program committee. The meeting will be held Wednesday afterrtbon, July 7. Mite Society The Ladies' Mite society will meet' Thursday, July 8, tit the home of Mrs. A. A. Krueger with Mrs. Wm., Schrader assisting hostess, instead of at the church basement with Mrs. H. A. Blanchard and Mrs. L. A. Newbrough as hostesses, as was formerly planned. Rock Presbyterian Ladies' Mite society. The meeting was held following the dinner in the gymnasium. The minutes Were read and approved by the secretary, Karl Ewoldt. The manager's report was given, followed by the reelection by unanimous vote of Ralph Bierstedt, who was the member whose term of office ended this year. The board .consists of: P. M. . . . Christenson as president;; Ralph Bierstedt, vice president; K. G. Ewoldt, secretary; Alex Radig, director; Delmar Fischer, director. L. W. deitzenauer is the manager with Alfred Scultz and Bernard Reilly as first and second assistants respectively. The speaker for the meeting,' Elmer Krueger of Ralston, led a panel discussion for the remainder of the program. Those on the panel were Joe Culbertson. Louis Reilly, H. A. Holmgren,' and A. L. Cotton. The Exchange Co. had a Mrs. Calvin Householder, Mrs. - Einil Kraft. Mi's. Nina Bierstedt enjoyed a picnic at the Call park at Algona, along with the birthday group they belong to from Burt, Monday. The railroad is connecting onto the town water line this week, as they plan not to use their own water tank but the town's supply from now on. Mrs. A. L. Cotton, Angus Cotton Jr. and a friend, Jean Dall of Fail-field, left Friday to go to Rochester, Minn., where Mrs. ton, 111., left Thursday night to visit the Brad Hftunsen home at Manson. fibb Korlaskc of Emmetsburg is spending a few clays at the Everett Lockwood home. Gloria Householder, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gle.nn Householder,, had the misfortune of reaching for a coffee pot full of boiling hot coffee and spilling it on her right hand 'and foot and leg Wednesday night while at her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs, Geo. Pettit's house. She is feeling much better at this writing. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brainard and family of Omaha, Neb., came Friday evening to visit the Jack Marlow home for over the Fourth of July. "" 's. J. T. Householder of wein and Mrs. Overine of Post- vine spent Wednesday at the C. E.« Householder home. Mr, and.Mrs. W. J. Cotton took her mother, Mrs. H. E. Morgan of Algdna to St. Paul, 'Minn., Thursday for a check-up on- her eyes. She underwent art operation for a cataract several weeks ago and is getting along fine at this writing. Mr. and'Mrs. Chas. Morris left the lost of this <voek to' spend it with their daughter and family, Mr. nnd Mrs. Jack Johnson at Gowrie. Mr. and Mrs. Art Henningson of Graeitinger were Thursday evening supper guests at the E. M. Jensen homo. Mrs. H. N. Osh- or of GrarttinRer returned home with them after a visit here. Mrs. Don Houek, Mrs. E. M Jensen, Mrs. Roy Jensen, Mrs. A. L. Cotton. Mrs. W. J. Cotton LOCALS Mr. and M«s. Belt BaWwlrthae! as last weekend guesl CT. B. Nffl- nen of Charles City. ' Mr. and Mrs, J. D. Sutrls W6nl to Esthorville, Friday, tti Visit Mrs. J. B. Burns on the' letter's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. William Welhet had-as guests last week Mh and Mrs. Marshall Dodder of Sfof« folk, Neb. Mr. and Mrs. G. A, TdWfle 65e» pected to leave this week fdr a four-day fishing trip to northern Mihnesota. , Mr. and MM. Fred' LasaaHrt spent the holiday Weekend" at Mason City witr Mr. and Mrs. William DeKruif. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth tiJndt horst spent three days, last week at Lost Island, celebrating tHeir .first wedding anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Fern SeWickSaHd Mr. and Mrs. Bert Baldwin spent from Saturday till Monday at Taylor Falls. Minn., on a fishirlg trip. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Asa and Mr'. and Mrs. Gordon Davidson spent the weekend at Mowequa, 11L, visiting Mr. and Mrs.'Lee Dick- S^...,.. A^a^i ' *.l „ _^ \X»..U;,xlA DrayttHUartd-i.v Will go-'to Wagh'l see M> .andi'MfS. tHerte they tton, C, d, tb isseir tVtfd nucnesier, Minn., where Mrs. •"•• '-'• <-»iion. mrs. vv. J. Cotton Cotton will go through the clinic. Mrs - K - A. Lee. Mrs. Ray Sny- Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Cooko clel ' of Gold field, Mrs. A. A find rhi1r!rf»n nf T?.w/»i'Kr r* n ,,^i- Kruef'e]' nltenrlnrl n htrlh/-hi\7 r*ni' Need a new belt? Don't know tho size? f Can't make out the old number? Want information on pul'ley sizes and r.p.m.? Any V-belt problem at all? We Have The Tools TO SOLVE IT. PRATT ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING DANCES AT and children of Everly spent Sunday visiting her mother, Mrs. Lydia Wetiiel and family. Mr. and Mrs. Freelove Soderburg of Burt spent Monday evening at the Joe Miller home. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hobson of California and his parents. Mr. attended a birthday party in honor of Mrs. E. M. Jensen at the home of Mrs. Art Priebe, Wednesday evening. Mrs. Will Gifford and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Preslhus and family of Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs. Pershing Marlow and fam- ui v^amurnia ana nis parents, Mr ""*• ' finiuiiK iviunow anu lam- and Mrs. H. W. Hobson of Algona llv ol ' Burl. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer visited one day this week in Lone i Phillips and Charlie Harvey of - BANCROFT Friday, July 9 His Accordion and His Orchestra Monday, July 12 LYNN KERNS Celebration Dance Tuesday, July 13 MALEK'S ACCORD. Celebration Dance Admission: 62e Plus Tax on AH Dances. Roek. They 'were formerly „, Lone Rock. The Clinton Decker family spent Thursday evening at the Bert Quinn home at Armstrong. Mrs. Ada Whitehill came Monday to spend the next three months at the home of her (laughter. Mr. and Mrs. J. M Blanchard Sr. She has been stay- ng with her daughter Mr. and Mrs. Lester Johnson, near Algona. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Blanchard Jr. and Mollie Ann left Friday to spend the Fourth of July at' the parental H. K. Drawn home at 3es Moines. Mrs. J. M. Blanchard Jr.. Mrs. •ferton Larson, Mrs. Roger Jenen, Mrs. Alfred Schultz, Mrs. A A. Krueger and Mrs. E. A. Lee nd their children, Mollie Ann Blanchard, Gary Gene Schultz, Janet and Kerinit Krueger, and Susan Montgomery were enter- .ained at a party at the home, of Mrs. Ronald Christenson Thu'rs- lay afternoon. , Rita Hurlburt has been spencl- ng the past 11 days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Behrencls at Swea City, who are the parents of a new baby daughter. Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Schroeder of Fenton spent Thursday evening at the Henry Schroeder home. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace McArthur and Mrs. Ruth Dutton spent a few days visiting Vivian Dutton at Liyermoro and attending the wedding of a niece, Elnora Koppen, to Alfred Hildman Tuesday. Her sisters, Mrs. Will Carmichael of Fail-field* and Mrs. George Miller of Spring Valley, Minn., came Sunday to visit the Wallace McArthur home. Sunday dinner guests there were her brother, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Dutton and Helen of Algona. Wednesday evening slipper guests there were Vivian Dutton and Joe Koppen of Livermore, Mrs. Ira Dutton and Katherino, Mrs. Geo. Miller of Spring Valley, Minn., Mrs. Will Carmichael of Fail-field, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Harbert of Algona. Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Blanchard, Mrs. L. A. Newbrough. Judy and Jerry, Virginia Marlow, " Mrs. Delmar Angus and children of Burt visited Mrs. Geo. Klink at Titonka Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Eli Hoberstein and daughter of Marshall, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Chester Hobersti-in and daughter of Minneapolis Minn., spent Wednesday and Thursday at the Milfred Mitchell home. Mrs. Lucy Schmidt and August and Mrs. Nellie Willrett of New- all-were Thursday evening supper guests at the Marvin Marlow home in honor of their daughter Sanch-a's 8th birthday. Mrs. Rose Ramstock of Lnkoia is spending a few days visiting her daughter and husband, Mr and Mrs. Wilfred Radig. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Collins, Dale and Carol, spent Sunday at Menlo with Mrs. Edith Fritz'and Mr. and Mrs. Glen Dixon. erson. Mrs. Bert Muckey sperii from Sunday until Wednesday at Sioux City with relatives.' Sh'e attended the wedding Sunday of a niece. Charles, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carson Taylor, went to CoggaH Friday and will remain several days with Mr. .and Mrs. Clarence Achilles. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Willey and children and Mr. and Mrs. Pete Willey left Saturday for Lansing to visit Mr. and Mrs. Arne H'ellie. . Mr. and Mrs. J. B, Asa returned Friday from a ten-day vacation at Park Rapids, Minn. They have as guests Mr. and. Mrs. Ed Asa of Racine, 111. Douglas Brown, supervisor at the Y.'M. C. A. boys camp at Waterloo, spent the holiday weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Brown. Having concluded a three eeks visit here with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dieckmann; Mrs. Geo. Dieckmann returned Wednesday to her home at Mason City. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Donovan* 3ob, Betty, and their house guest Barbara Keller of Santa Ana, 2alif., and Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Donovan returned Tuesday from re*#ltfed\a f l«tatJhton Her- sbrt Kertheth tbIUhg'of'his g*adUatibri from tlfe UrfiVfcrfeity at Ricfl-. mpnd, Va. m is H6W employed with ah oxpfert ' accountant' and recently bought tf Home iH'eTfe, He is rnarried ana -has 1 two small sons. Mhr, foBHhs. Wilson' arid Ml Ni PHllhWWent to ften'wicl* ast week whene they j6in««i ttllford Green sort of Mra Wilson, afldf drove to Gil.mart • to. attend thd funeral services' last' week SuHday for Mrs. Florence' VaMHer Venter. M st ^ou'i?^ of , Mrs: .Wilsbrt- anci Mr. . Philips- Mrs. Wilson Werit from there. to ;GrinnelHto visit, H. D. Huietilnir weiil to Masort City,, Friday to .bring home His wife Who': had beeri • theVe siMde last week Monday to be With ,Het- mother' Mrs". Ida Minkler who 'fell a R d . £ TO & :her-.hip a-nd. is, a .patient at' the Park., hdspltal- Another daughter 1 , Mrs. Williarfi Bailey of Cedar • Rapids,- Has gone to Mason City;to be; with ;hei- mother. It is possible Mrs, Minklfer will be brought" home in a couple of weeks. ..... Mkv and' Mrs; Jerry GranWall and son Tomrny of ' Centferville, S. D., came Thursday to 'spend about 1 ten days With the former's mother, Mrs. Hilda Grortwall; From here, they will go to Sioux' Falls to spend- a feW days- with Mrs. Gronwall's parents, MrV-aAdv'Mrs. DuteH 'SWatfson; Mrs. S^artson Great New INTERNATiONAL HARVESTER There's all kitidfrof room in the great new Super DeLuxe International 'Harvester Rfefrigeratof. You catifshop ahead •» ,7 store enough food to plati clclitious meals to* several' days in advance , , • taste* tempting; nourishing menus your family will raVe atJotih With the frozen food "Stowaway" freezer locker that stores up to 35 pounds, meat ''FfigidraWer," Crispers aiid;"Baiitry*Bin." you'll be sure that food' will stay flavor-perfect and Vitamitvrich, With th'nt ; just>oiit*of«the-garden taste. Best of allj thfi rfeattiy beauty is to streamlined' ir takes no mofe ,sp.«.ce in your kitchen.than your older, smaller model. Come in andlet us tell y6u abbttt the eight • basic Harvester quality features that mean easier meal planning) quicker preparation' and serving, and? more leisure- time for you"; Check the E&TRA conveniences that make these eight-cubic-foOt'International ; Harvester miracleVorkers the-best refrigerator investment you can make!- / Spec/a/ Convenience F&atur&s * "Foldaway" .Shelves * "Tighf-Wad" Unit "Tele-Temp" Thermometer * Improved Ice Trays t \lnlerneltonal Harvester FREEZERS, Tool 11.1-tublcfaot capacity, Horn 3BS pounds of frotin food. FLAVOR OF THE MONTH ICE CREAM Peachy! Um-m-m-m, just taste it . . . •£ ^" luscious, codling ice cream . . . blended //'„. , ,. ' all through with the delicious, rich-ripe / ///ll|\\\r flavor of yellow-mellow peaches! Irresistible! Take it home. Treat the family. QUAUTY CHfKD m CREAM ASSOCIATION Reding's -ST. JOE- NOW OPEN PLENTY OF PARKING SPACE Watch For Our Grand Open! Owned by JphnB, Reding and Operated by Maurice and Del Reding . . cubic-foot, capacity, "mm 150 ptundi of frolin food. For belter' living . . . convenient freezing and ttoragr'of foodi, In quantity, right at home. <vtt6 Spate ft HAIL INSURANCF on Growing; GropV S & L Store Walt'and Deb Hall Commercial St 2 for I IN< SARGENT MOLASSES MINRAL MEAL FOR CATTLE AND STEERS Two supplements for the price of one. 1. MINERALS—to meet the 1 Constant craving of cattle for more minerals. 2. PROTEINS—a-balance of diversified proteins to round \ out your cattle rations. Add up 1 and'2 and'you'll have the meaVbuilt : for the farmer who wants> quick gains on his fattening cattle. LAYING NEW ' S A V E VALUABLE CORN WITH SARGENT MINRALMEAL -CUT^YOUR CORN IN, HALF AND DOUBLE YOUR PROFITS. It sounds impossible< but it can bo done and 4s done with SARGENT MINRAL MEAL. 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