The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1948 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 6, 1948
Page 2
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J»Atf|6fltt Upper be* Molties Tuesday, July 6, 1948 * $T&ty J*>an Rachut, who is n : Student at Atnos, spent the week. end with her parents, Mr. and ;Mfs. H, K. Rnchut. " GAM E S NT ED! "Sdrgehf's Pee Wees" Softball Team Wants to schedule games with county teams All Players 14 Years or Under We were victors twice 'over Register Carriers Team; also Bode team; if you want to play us contact Homer Anderson, Sargent & Co., Algona Early Resident Of Burf Dies At Age Of 81 Burl—Funeral services were hold here Wednesday morning at the Methodist church for Mrs. Cora Stebbins, a sister of C. L. Phelps. ' 1-Ier body was brought horn from Rollo. Mo. The service was conducted by the Rev. W. S. Handy. Mrs; Stebbins, who lived in Burt' many years ago, wris 81 years of age. Relatives from away, who attended the funeral included her son Robert Stebbins, who accompanied the body here: Mr. and 1*4rs. Clarence Cunningham, Elnore, Minn.; Mrs. Carrie Taylor md grand-daughter, Karen Wooldridge, Mason City; Mrs. i ienry Furst, Ray Cunningham, VIr. and Mrs. Lloyd Stebbins and VTr. and Mrs. Nelson, Algona; Mr. md Mrs. C. L. Phelps and the Bernard Phelps family, Titonka; md Mrs. Mervin Bristow, Lu- Verne. The relatives had dinner together at the L. R, Daniels home. Buff Pte'sbyieflart ChU»8h ay K. Mill, Minister 11 10:00' a. m,— Morning Worship, sermon, "Affirmative Christians". 1.1:00. E» m, — Sunday school, . 6:00 p.' m;--Westm"inster lowship Retreat. Fel- Delegates tb tHe Presbyterian Young People^ Conference at Lake Okoboji frbm the" Burt Presbyte'riah church were Jean Scott, Mar.'lj'n Trunkhill, Deloris Trurikhlll, Joan McWhorter, Mar- leno Dremmel, Charlotte Drem- Snternational TWINE INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Walt and Deb Hall COMMERCIAL ST. Phone 52 PONTIAC SPORTSCAST LEAGUE STANDINGS W Perciva! 4 Hall's 3 Farm Bureau 2 Sargents 3 Kirk 2 Nat'l Guard 1_2 Lions 1 Jaycees 1 V.F.W 1 Weidenhoff _„' 0 Last Week Scores L 0 0 0> 1 3 3 2 2 4 4 Pet. 1.000 1.000 1.000 .750 .400 .400 .333 .333 .200 .000 League Nat'l Guard defeated V.F.W. Internationa! defeated Weidenhoff Percival defeated Sargent V.F.W. defeated Weidenhoff Sargent defeated Kirk OTHER GAMES Hall's (International) defeated Estherville. THIS WEEKS SCHEDULE Wed., July 7 Percival vs. Farm Bureau JayCees vs. Lions Friday, July 9, Halls (International) vs. Lions. Sargent vs. Plover. Highlights of the week. Perciva! upsetting Sargent to knock Sargent out of a tie for first. Geilenfeld's no-hitter for Sargents against Kirk Auto. Several Algona teams have entered the Pistrict play for the Iowa State Softball Championship. The district tournament for this area will be Wallingford, la., starting July 25th. Don't forget the American Legion District Tournament being held in Algona Starting Tuesday July 6th. This new weekly feature is sponsored by ROY HUTZELL CONSIGNEE Meihodlsi Church William S. Handy, Pastor The W. S. C. S. will meet at the church Wednesday, July 7, at 2:30 p. m. .Mrs. Gerald Brace of LuVerne \vill be-present and speak. V ! .The choir 'will meet at the church Friday at 8 p.>m. Sunday, July ,11, 1948: 'Sunday School „.. '10:00 a. m. Morning worship _J1:00 a. m. M. Y. F ...... __ r ____ 8:00 p. in. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Giermann, Onawa, brought Mr. Gier- tnanns and Mrs. : Handy's father, Richard Giermann, Omaha, Neb to the Rev. W. S. Handy home, last Monday. Tuesday Mrs. Handy accompanied -them to Rochester, Minn., where the father, who is in very poor health, went through the clinic. The Crazy 8 Birthday club had a picnic at Call park last week Monday. Mrs. R. I. Elviclge and tho Ed Stewarts, Swca City, visited from Tuesday to Wednesday at the Ronald Elvidge home in Waterloo. Mack Elvidge came back with them. t Mis mttMML parents, Mr. and MfiyJ 1 , S ; look him home Suf , ,A numtter 6f ifie! tertained at tfte home Friday affef Yes, You' &£.f ,o Lot of Extras with GREEN COLONIAL Colonial's New ALL-FUEL FURNACE A complete and economical forced air system that can be easily converted from coal to gas or oif. BURN COAL NOW and change to GAS or OIL later if you wish. LAING&MUCKEY Phone 464 Norlh Dodge GREEH COLOnmi FURnflCE SERVICE 6f Mrs. Gilford's bi 1 .. 'The Burt Wom'art T s sored a Library ' Wednesday t which over $50.00. Mr. and Mrs. —.—.._.._.....,„„.. took Mr. ThompSS!^'^m^rffe'f, Mrs. Gerta Thrtfopsott, tr ! "---• -' alllown last M&nday,, ( will spend s6vert»l' vtfffiL hoThe of hef, daugfit^H Girton. Mr. and Mfs,'"' went ori to Qubutftfe af home their daughter „ Her roommate, Virginffi Schults of McGregor, accompanied her hbmfe for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. Ora 6lloffl, St Paul, visited frorn . Tuesday, ,to Thursday at the ' ' ' "" lom's parents,' James Ollo'm. families went ttt W' ... „ spend a few days with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Estehftehtz Wenl to Minneapolis Friday- ito Visit a relative, who is in the hospital there. - ; The Lutheran Aid society met Thursday afternoon. Mrs. William Madsen and ,Mrs. Henry Kueck were hostesses. " >• The bake sale put- on by orie division of the W. S. C. S. Wednesday afternoon netted ; the society more than $40.00'.' : The Bill Schroder's, Mrs. Emnla Geesman and son Th6rnas, Lorie Rock, M.r. and Mrs. Chafl^s Schrader and baby, and Mrs. G. H. Schrader were din'her guests a week ago fthe Start- ley Black home. '.»''7)|, i Mr. and Mrs. LestIi**'"Lura of ing AbramsofS, Is Mf, Stfdef ';'-.(- tNjtftfifa »i U^UHC. Tla(li&' i ° •-»--• —J 'The Fortnightly club Wilt Friday afternoon With Mrs, W«J Loekwood. Mrs.'Martin Qrelse left Thompson were a wefk' ago SUri- day guests at the Wjiynj Manii Mann agb home. (f Mr. and Mrs. Wafyne went to Harcourt a ty>ek Saturday evening, where ..._„ attended the silver \\tedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Mel Peterson which was held in the Lutheran church there. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wegener, Decorah, who were married at the same' time, were also guests. Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Wegener are cousins of Mr. Mann. They are the former Ardis and Viva Manii Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Larson ire taking treatments at Clear Lake. Mrs. lome mr. ana, mrsi waiter ^ampnej and Mf. aAd Mrf. H6wtrd Sparks were in Ames' Thursday attend ing the second annual meetiflg-o the Farmers'! Home Adminlstra tiori. • Mf'v and Mrs. Sparks were among the 108 Iowa farmers who were honored for having com pleted the re-payment of thai loans the past year, Mf. and Mrs Art Tlfetz, . Lakota, were also among those honored. Mrs. Harold Nelson and daUgh ter of Davenport, came Monday for a week's visit with her par ents, Mr,, and Mrs, S. M. Peter son. The Clarence Larsons, Wat erldo, carne for over the Fourth and Mrs ; Nelson accompaniec them back for a Visit with them LaVonne Greise and Margate Reimers Went to Lake Okobbj Thursday for a few days oUtlhg Hurls A No-Hit Softball Game Hank .JJeilenfeld, pitching for SargefrtJTffi." the Softball league, twirled the season's first no-htt, no-ranJjdJNS^ last Friday night as iis team shut out Kirk Auto, 5-0. Geile'hfeld's chucking was mas- .erfuli' Htf walked only two Kirk jatsmeh''Mnd was nev«r in serious -trouble. Even though the Sargent boys made five errors, no <irk men ;> advanced past second base. "!••-• „ C. S. Coffin returne'd Thursday from Mason -ity, where she had been a pa'- tient at the Park hospital for tw> . Hamilton, brought her weeks. Her daughter Mrs. Robert ionic. The F. L. Ryersons. ness visitors in Fort Dddg'd Thursday and Friday. >«U ' The Sewing Circle wfjjl, meet Friday afternoon with Mrs.-John Scott. The birthdays of Mrs. R.' A. Iliff and Mrs. C. B. Chibmah will be observed. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Lockwoo'd were Jjlason City visitors Fri'da^ •They went over to * see theft* ughter Shirley, who is worta- ? BUDGET ESTIMATE SCHOOL DISTRICT -» ; Notice:—The Board of Directors of Independent School' DlstricV of Burt, Hurt Township, Kossuth County, Iowa, will meet July 19th 1948, at 8 P. M., at Schoolhouse.' Taxpayers will be heard for : or against the following estimate or expenditures for the year beginning. July 1, 1948, and ending June 30, 1949. A detailed statement of rec. ceipts and disbursements, both past and anticipated will be"available at the hearing. •' ' MRS.'O. H. GRAHAM, : District Secretary. Jr. Legion Nines In Tourney Here Junior Legion baseoall flew into Algona this week and even the most ardent Legion fan' will get his fill by the- end of the week. Monday night, July 5, from the lands of•' the Dakotas, came Fargo's Junior Legion crew to battle the local lads. Tuesday, July 6, the district Junior Legion tournament opens on the: new K. C. diamond. Schedule of games is as follows: Emmet County Champion vs. Hancock, 1 S P- m. Htimboldt County Champion vs. Fenton, 3 p. m. •Palo Alto vsi. Pocahontas, 5 p. m. Winhebego, bye. July 7—Semifinals at 2 and 4 JtintStionjion-July. 10. The Fenton! tea !?'4-W^ champs in Kossuth,, w ul''.play;. a warm-up game .with 1 Mason <£ity Thursday night. The : Fenton tS&m is made up of boys from Algona, Titonka, Bancroft and Fenton. 2 3 __ __ Expenditures For Year Q t C d General $30,915.45 $36,683.93 $40,628.00 $13,000.00 $27,628 O School House (Voted) TOTAL. ALL 1,905.00 1,822.50 2,000.00 PURPOSES ..$32,820.45 $38,506.43 $42,628,00 $13,000.00 JS2T628 00 Secretary's balance July 1, 1948. *•..%,-" FUND .... .... :$10,262.96 3. Less Balance Reserved $10,262.96 SCHOOL HOUSE FUND " $-1-871 37 Est. tax per $1,000.00 assessed value ."—".",...'$08;60 Number of persons of school age 179 Taxable valuation, 1947 ~~$43T488 Moneys and Credits,'1947 $108*395 Report of Condition of , Burt Savings Bank '.'2 of Burl, Kossuth County, Iowa, at the close of business on' jline 30th, 1948, to the SUPERINTENDENT OF BANKING, STATE OF IOWA ASSETS 1. Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balances, and cash items in process of collection $ 21764596 2. United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed .592,28550 3. Obligations of Svates and political subdivisions..-.--.'' 5,343!o5 6. Loans and discounts (including $209.64 overdrafts) 20925531 7. Bank premises owned $4,200.00, furniture and ' — 4,800.00 fixtures $600.00) 12. TOTAL ASSETS $11029,32982 LIABILITIES 13. Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations $ 776,131 45 14. Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, . ; ! v' , i and corporations ," 6257344 15. Deposits of United States Government (including ; < ' • .postal savings 1,580.60 16. Deposits of States and political subdivisions _. 12686277 19. TOTAL DEPOSITS $967,148.26 ' $96714826 * '* °'*" 24. TOTAL LIABILITIES : CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 25. Capital* _ ...$ 25,000.00 26. Surplusi - ., 20,000.00 27. Undivided profits ----- 17,181.58 29. TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS....— $ -62,181.56 30. TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $1,029,329.82 "This bank's capital cpnsists of: Common stock with total par value of $25,000.00 We, H. E, Rachut, President; . H. A.. Thompson, gashier; and Verne L. Lovstad, Assistant Cashier, of thg above named bank do solemnly swear and affirm that the .above statement is trwe, and that this report fully anci correctly represents the true state of the'several matters herein contained and set forth, to the best of OW knowledge and belief. . H. E. RACHUT, President' H. A. THOMPSON; Cashier 0 . ' „ t ' VERNE L. LOVSTAD, Ass't Cashier. State of Iowa, County of Kossuth, ss, Sworn to and-, subscribed before me this 1st daw of July.. 1948 (SEAL) L. R. DANIELS, Notary pfiblic.' My commission expires Julylith, 1948 Con-est-Attest^G.W. B.LEICH/K. J. SMITH, Oi Q. R. I. MAWDSJ-Y, Directors. . V Eye Pierced By ^teel In Mishap Pbrtlana— Roger Scott acci- dently got a piece of steel in one eye- while- sharpening cycle's and" knivesr. He had the steel removed and lator, an ulcer formed which caused considerable suffering. He is niu'ch improved, however. local mender, went to Camp Dod weekend, fof-trftet!«f! 6l^ft a' ^^^day^ tralnlftg waS decided at that e that the SUMrni* -,;' *'• . •'*• FARMERS Let Us Serve Your Crew Meals Mb Fischer's •( I Farnt Liability Automobile Pickups i ' i Trucks and Tractors ; see NELSJ. NELSON PHONE 159 Burt> Iowa arfer sale for cash, $ «^APPAifl $ , gas apactiVient s^ize, and a Norge Electric i.r«- ••.- . >fi ' Ml*' < • '• • irfij ,v «i / Unit Hits Full Quota Here ' . •T)':--n fs ;. Eleven Algona youths enlisted jin tft6 f "AlKona unit of the Iowa jNatioqaj. Guard last week, pushing the membership up and over ihe local quota. The latest enlistments, isworn in all of before which were the June 25 deadline set by President Tru! man brought the . total strength of the locm unit to 53. None of Ithe meosb: this group can be er th'e present set-up o enliste^ were Robert Bode, Charles El- draffe .M ;bert; Qary Waldron, Robert Winten .Robert ; Holtzbauer, LeRoy Miller, Dwight Parson, Howard Stephenson, Robert Sheridan and Gerald Thuente, Mjller, Stephenson, Sheridan and 'Thuente all enlisted under the medical branch. " The local unit is now six men over it's quota. However, all men will be kept but no new men will be taken until the Feed The Felco Way Peal; Litter Rolled Oats and Fertilizer on Hand Burt 2-12-6 0-20-0 4-12-4 Elevator Phone 35 He'll Get Along All Right- Because His • Is Coming From Burf Cream Station Phone 160 fRIESNER ; S Hohest-^-I ain't, tryin' to br^ak—I'm listenin' to the baseball m'^'dii ihV Wafdert's ridiol" ' V *iw»if\«w iw «H^ fcwiiiiiy WHII i in? rii)ni apori5 <q1iij*KiJMf!_ Call 5 around before taking f of f-wd have those'items" that rriake vacations more fun and'more peasant! ** 's Sports Center Where Courteous Service and Quality Come Flrri, Burt, Iowa For Livestock Trucking (2 semi-trailers) CUFF HOLDING BKrt-Ph'ons 165 WITH A THRIFT HOG FEEDER IN YOUR HOG LOTS os y«vr fortn b«ildln8*'th«mifJve5, .ft:

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