The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1948 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 6, 1948
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Sweo City Couple Wed Fifty Years __ Des Moiftes 19, - ~ ' *v.'{ M (t ^j^ .^gguj , *M ' J| f^| _ ^"^ ' n ' ^ ' Holiday Cm i ^^^^ ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, JULY 6, 1948 SECTIONS-12 PAGES VOL, 83-NO. 27 Political Conclaves Gird For Fall Battles Nitchals Named 6,0.1 For Coming Year , :;,; • . t ^ \ Louis W, Nitchals, young Algona, lawyer and a recent candidate for cpunty attorney, was elected 1948-49 chairman 'of the Republican County Central Com-, mittee,' Friday the Altjona hit?h Girl 16, Attacked, Bitten Strange Animal in Barn ' Wednesday, July 7. will mark the golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. McAdams, residents of the Swea City community for the past SO years., _ Mr. and Mrs. McAdams are shown in the above picture, which was taken recently by the Swea Ciiy Herald. Mr. McAdams was born in Williams county, * Ohio, in 1876. He moved with, the family to eastern Ibwa in 1880, and to Kossulhu county in 1890.' Mrs. McAdams. Was Lillian May Whiicomb prior to her marriage. She. was born in Mankalo, Minn., in 1878, and moved to Bancroft in 1889. The Couple ' were " married in Bancroft,in'Ip98 at the Methodist parsonage, and'lived thereafter at; Swea City.. The couplp have/three children, Paul of Milnor, fj. D., Mrs. Thorvald ',Petersert' 'of Terril, arid Alddn' of Algona, Divorce Asked tV c'd *last""week": i'ij^tfiiirict!' fco'urt, one on July 2,' 1 - by Donnel D. Sparks of Hobartoh and-Algona, the other on June, 30' 'by Mrs. Betty Jean Holzer of Algona. • Mr. Sparks is seeking an absolute decree of divorce against Mrs. Dena Sparks. The charge is cruel and inhuman treatment. The plaintiff asks judgment for costs of the action and such other relief as the court may deem equitable. The couple married Aug. 21, 1946 at Ames and lived together until June 25, 1948. In the second'action ;Mrs.; Betty Jean Holzer of Algona is seeking a divorce from John Valentine Holzer, and custody of; the couple's minor child, Dorina Jean Holzer. She charges desertion and .failure to contribute toward support of the child. She alleges the defendant has an income of approximately $2,400 or more yearly, property worth $2,00ff and owns an automobile. She asked a temporary writ' of 'attachment 'against property and credits , to secure claim for suit money, She also asked a temporary injunction restraining the defendant from interfering with thtf plaintiff other child. , t • The couple married at Renton, Wush v Nov. 29, 1945,, and lived together until June 1846, A temporary iwrit of injunction was issued in tnis*.case by Judge Stillman, - Hard Luck Hits Swea Ciiy — The. Chester • Farringlons, Grant , . twp. , farmers; 4i6Yd their >shaza f of doctor's 'trea<ftfent»/"daring'' the put,, week. •"""" he.d- hi8, ionslfc ' removed < at, Holy, FamUy^lWbiphaly Eg.) iherville, a< week ago" Monday. Wednesday, Mr, .Ear- rington just,escaped the, loss of one eye when an air/compressor hose with which, he was working at his, farm, flew up and gashed'-his. aye- lid in two places. , ' , , Dr. R. F. Snyder says, the sight will not be impaired. Ray Barton Dies Of Heart Attack Ray Barton, 66, employe-'at the city light plant here, .fell dead from a heart attack .Monday at r Harm Dontje, 56 Rites At Lokota i Lakota— Funeral ser-yices we,re held June 30 atj the. home and then in the Lakota school audi- •torium fop Harm ..PqntJe f who passed away suddenly, the pre* c^djng Sunday .'evening > a| - his frpm hpme, .He widow • ha'. is- daughter Edna, . fatneri ffcnry',' brothers.. '"-• park near ' Fairmont, sbryices are being planned for Friday, July 9," at 2 o/'clock at the Baptist chupch in Algona. • , '• Intcrlakcn Minn. Funeral 95 Degrees Here Season's Hottest Monddy, July 5, was- the hottest day SJD far recorded this year by official U. S, government thermometers at the weather recording station here, 29 30. June June July 1 . July 2 . July 3 . July 4 . July 5 Since High Low Rain June is -79 ..75 -88 -92 -88 ,-87' -95, the 04. 61 52 55 70 , 68 68 67 key month for corn development,, 'Mh Npjte predicts little next fall. or no soft corn John Cotton Is Three 'bgys and oft.with ' twQ "girls honors at ewltry held" ar Bradley ' day and Saturday, r ^e winner's birds were auotjened eff ,on Proram Mary Woo.dw'ard was re-elected as vice-chairman in the two-houtv Session: . '*. i In addition, the convention en,-, .dprsed the ' national republican; ticket of DeWey and, Warren, and' the state candidacy of George Wilson and William Beardsley. ^ Mrs. Mary Woodward, who presided at the meeting in the absence of Gtmnty Chairman T>' "C. Hutchison, opened the meeting at 10 a. m. She was prompt* ly elected - convention chairman and Duane Dewel as convention secretary. . ' Pick State Delegates The main business of the meeting was the election of state. convention delegates 'and judicial district delegates. The republic can- state convention will be held; in Des Moines on July 23. «, ''Delegates who will attend' the republican state convention are-; Duane E. Dewel, Charles Pa*'tter- sOn; Beth Annis, T, C. Hutchisonjj Louis Nitcnals, all of Algona; * Doris Applegate, 10, was attacked and bitten by an animal {hat jurnpc-d upon her fronv un- (Jcrncalh some scattered hay on the" Applegate, farm barn 'floor, Thursday, about 5 p. m. . - j' -The etrant'o encounter took morningi. ate place when she was responding school. , Mrs. to her father's request to help j The, preifiiu,.., _„„.„ —.,,— suth .cfouhty/faff.'^tbVheld August 32-24-2,5; at ,'t.Ue,-"grounds in Algona, ',wiH'^soon';be',,'lssued, according to ,RObt.j Mu'hger, newly appointed'fair secretary. ' ' At the same-time^ he-announced completion of!booking i of the entertainment ; pro'grahi for the three-day! event.. '* ,V <• A. A.' Schipull, of ,LuVerne is president flf th'e';fair,;H., J: Bode is tijcasurep^and^direbt'ot's" in addition .'to 'thc/pfflpcrs. named arc Fred H.' Kollasch /of Whittemore, Claude lv Seoly of .Algdna, Chgrles Quinn .of .Bancroft', ,|*red' r Plumb of Alg.ona, 0. ,L.'Thores.on,, 3wea City, and >Wm.' Christenso'n, Fcn- tnn. . • . •.'•'•-..'•• jwith the chores by throwing hay down from the haymow. As she started to climb the ladder to the mow the animal jumped on her. She was scratched t and bitten six or seven times on the calf of the right leg. She had to shake the animal loose before it would release its tooihhold. Her father had been digging post holes and .had gone to the * house for a drink of water. > As he came out he met Doris, I terrified, running from the barn. He immediately brought her to n Algona doctor. Tetanus shots -Were "administered and they are io be; 'followed daily ' by rabies ' for two precautional'y w'eeks. That _ is a .measure as it is not. known whether the animal had rabies or hot.' / . Mr. Applcgat'o said there were reported cases bf rabies in skunks and civit cats in 'Hancock dounty and stock had died after being bittcn.-by the infected -roddnts. ' Recently a cat, later ''found, to have rabies, bit and scratched several persons in. Union town- Ship. ' Doris was so excited that she didn't 'know what kind of an an- attacked her other than "It Was .something 'black and it ran around the corner of the ; barn". A hunt in the hayficld around the barn lot, and in weeds nearby was made : but the animal could not be found. • a high school junior, was to have attended a girls 4-H state convention beginning tomorrow;, Wednesday, at Ames but will have to stay at home to have the necessary daily rabies shots, r .-•.-. ••••'. , ..".' , '•.. •• Her . parents, ;Mr. and Mrs. Victor ApplegatCj live. on~afarm 4M: •miles east of -Algona -'on "the'. Me- (A Democrats turn Out With Vim And Vigor With 63 present, the county democratic convention was held Fridav morning in. the Kossuth courthouse here. . Mike McEnroe was reelected rnunl.y chairman, and Mrs. Mae O'Brien was named as vice chairman for the coming year. 'C; B. Murtagh opened the convention. With a statement of purpose, ' and chairmen of various committees were named. , Committees Named A nommitt.ce. consisting of L. A.-W.inkeL Chris Reese and Harold Hutchins was named to present a list of official delegates to t)ie."'state democratic,, convention, to, be held Julv 30 in Des Moines, and .Francis Bradley, John Bor- niahn and 'Jens Sorcnson were named as a committee to do the same for the judicial convention delegates. informal talks were given by Jim Sheridan of Bancroft, Casey . , Gregor street road. They moved ! Loss. L. A. Winkel," Harold here > .year ago last March 'from a farm in the vicinty' of Corwith. Mrs. Paul Black SK" ' ' Molody Timp Revue 1940 This Opening -the pntertainment program on August 23 will be an afternoon and evening booking of. the "Melody Time Revue for io4n» * ' •' consists of '-a complete stage show, including a chorus of eight attractive young ladies. \ The production carries a Mailer of Ceremonies -and its own" costuming, music' a,nd- lighting effects, straight from the Broadway hit of the sanie name, Wednesday, Aug. , 24, harness racing again returns to the track here. There w t ill bea* complete after- ising the three . hjch - there are three races of three heats each. / In the evening of the * same day, the headline 'attraction will be a bigger and better Jimmie Lynch Death Pq4|«rs show, Fair-goers need no introduction to this program,- b,ut many new noon program, usi heat plan, in wi features have bew added. 30 Albino Horses „ Thursday, ah pntireiy new attraction will be ^presented, This is the "White ftorse Revue", featuring aO'-AJibino won' der horses as wife's, sensational novelty ac,ts and, .|ftg, revue car ries a big its rehestra of An extra, adSM^gram mm* her will be the o^yfgHll and cow act in the count? the'bull ai»e w^th Ferdi ' [W abelle the the. The, ""White '• opens With., ft ;g: gpe§ .into mdjv i hors numbers wrday afternqon; Hjgh bid i,,, lgr.dre§§^ 'birds, Judging wa?*dpne on the of iQQ.BQjntei'with'points di Falb, Titonka, Miller,'- Bui't- 01af J . John Hutchison and J. C. Skow, all of Wesley. <• Tice' Brack of Ledyard; Mary Woodward and Frank Balgeman, both of Whittemore; Peter Christiansen of Lone , Rock; Philip Wander, Wallace Smith, both .. of Fenton, Grace French and Mrs,. C. H. Downs, both of Titonka; H. O. Chambers .and 'Albert ^Johnson, both of Corwith; Myron Johnson and Ray Smith, both of Swea City: .Mrs.- W. E. Ley, Lakota; A. J. Berens, Bancroft; J. A. Nelson and H. A. Phillips, both* of LiiVerne; Eleanor Potter arjd E. C. Potter, Cresco. Judicial Delegates Also elected wore 30 delegates, seven' of which are Algona lawyers, to the. state Judicial convention. at Des Moines on July 30, and ten to the district judicial convention. >•'... The remainder -of the convention time was taken up in adopting and ratifying resolutions. , > f * i Held On Friday Funeral services for Mrs. Paul Black were held Friday ' afternoon at 2 o'clock at the First Baritist. church here. jThe Rev. R. F. Kittr'cll was in charge. The llev. Ray Richardson of LaCrossc, Wis., came for the service to sing "Wonderful Peace and Shadows." Hisflaccom- panist was Mrs. Fred Geigel. Arrangements were by McCulloughs. ' .. . ' \ Mrs. Black died Wednesday evening from a' sudden heart attack following a two , weeks illness. - ' She was the daughter, Lillic, of Mr. and" Mrs. John Urch. She was born at Batavia, 111., on Fe"b. " came to Kossuth 10, 1881. The famiy county in 1892, where they lived «*•£) V*««V« _• V* »•*,/ *»O »»-««.»«•«>-•.."• •.. .•* _-i y ' V Probably the most important res- ;on. a farm cast of Algona. Mrs. olution adopted - was suggested'Black,,completed. - 1 '— by A. E. Lnuritzen, county-superintendent c,f schocp.s, .-'• He suggested that the state aid-to our public schools should be increased from the present 10 to up to 25%. This idea was cuss.ed and ratified by tho convention. Other resolutions Adopted were the "fair distribution of the state school in the 'county and in 1902 she was graduated from the Algona'high school. Following graduation she taught in rural schools in the yi- dis- cinity 'for several years prior tq marriage to Paul H. Black on Dec. IB, 1915. 4Tho! couple lived their entire life on'."the original Black farrn and federal farm-to-'market road threex.miles east and one" mile money", and a call to the legis-; south of Algona. lature to "lower taxes on, the |-, They • were parents of four real estate and on other mediums , children,, Ruth, Evelyn. Robert I and Everett who/with Mr, Black survive. v Qthen survivors are a faster, Mrs. Elsie Jenkins, and a brother, Fred Urch/ both of W, Concord, Minn.; and a step-mother, Mrs. John Urch of Austin, Minn., There is one grandchild. 'Mrs. Black "was an active mem- 17 vc- her of the First Baptist church a week for many years, where she filled Glen Vaughn Of Elmore Is Dead , came, as ,a. shoclc' to -the.cntirc 'community. Mr, '.-yaughn. who was a produce .dealer at Elmore, Minii, had driven to f work Thursday. morning and'.u'p'dn arrival at his 'place of business he Collapsed. He was rtished to a Blue 'Earth hospital where hip illness , was diagnosed as .cerebral hcmorrarge. Death came,' at 9:?D that' evening. Mr;. Vaughn was, the only gpri of the late" Mr.*' and Mts. J.' E. sis- one jnV,chiWhood;..ptccfldeii. ' Hutchins and Chris Reese of Algona, Frank Clark of Titonka and W. J. Frimml of Wesley. Delegates .selected to the state convention . were instructed to support C. B.-,Murtagh for reelection-as district • comtnitteeman on the states central committee. Henry Alfred Opheim, Injured Fatally Lloyd Steven, Ex-Resident, Is • Also A Fatality f Henry J. Phillip's, 5t t Algonay , ,' and Alfred Opheim, 38, of Sex" ,>• ton, died as the result of a tragic "• * automobile accident that hag* ,- pcncd about 11:30 p. m, Saturday, , night, on a county road between.' •<? Rapidan and Mapleton, Mihn, ' , Phillips was killed instantly; when his machine came , to a' ' dead-end on the road, plunged'- . t down a four-foot embankment ", and struck ft concrete fence f6Uh* dation at the bottom. Opheim died Monday at St, / <•„ Joseph's hospital. Mankato.whorc all of the injured were taken, after the accident, Three of FoUr Di& The tragedy also resulted in ihf death of Lloyd Steven, 41, Mapleton, Minn.* at whose homo' the Kossuth families, as Well as Mr. and Mrs. James Stebbins of Algona, were visiting, Stebbins,' '„ the fourth person in the car, was* asleep in the back set and is the ' only one of the four alive at lasfc'"' reports. ,' He is suffering from shock and ,severe bruises, and is still in the; ' hospital. f Both Phillips and Steven' had' broken hecks, and Opheim suf- ,' fercd a compound' skull fracture, and other inuries.' Relatives of the men did nob know who found the wrecked car- and its occupants, but received their first word of the tragedy when the county sheriff, called the Steven home. ' >•' On 4th July Visit The local people had gone' to , visit the Steven home for the Fourth of July holiday weekend. " Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Opheim, and, Mrs. Steven are sisters, all for-, mer Wise girls from Sexton. • Jas. Stebbins'is a son-in-law of > ' Henry Phillips, -' ' , About 5:30 p.'m. Saturday the men left for, Rapidan to =fish. -" { They said they would be (home 1 '1 about midnight. They were dn^- ,>' their ^way,h'pmb^.wheri.the accPir road ended suddefilyVat a"T7. t7 i$ It was said that 1 * therV'.'; marking "-- •>=•-'•-•• >•...•»-.' Avarn s , - ' f f . ) , State Delegates " The, '44 dogate's with One-half • , £ ,,,-. — r - v ,,— vote each-to regular democratic, ro ^« .erttled suddenly.; Vaughn ters -^ .who, j ' . of Swea '.City. Two . "-|.epnc^H Hlsibn ijand- ! and' r two ; and sisters-, ' •Armstrong, who! survives, "a .their two ^chfldrcn Mrs. Gi ., ,, hjm.:';in.' deat Bctniecc «, Vfi ; .. mfcr. Uhr, live at S\^qa\Citjr. Htf was married to! Ethel GUest of, George Harrison of St.: Paul, Minn., and Jack of Elmore, Minn. Mr. Vaughn, was a member of the Masonic 'order. Funeral services were held Sunday at Elmore, with burial |n Armstrong Grove cemetery. ,/ V of collection". New Cars Go To 17 In County New car licenses for hides were issued since ago by the deputy motor vehicle clerk, Bill Heller, in the treasurer's office here. They went to the fojlpwlng: Oldsmobile—Harold Biinkman, Algona. N Chevrolet «•»' Vincent Cruisq, Wesley; Gay I Johnson, Swea City, truck,; Fred QQ§tsch, Lu- truck; -jfeJen'E, Klein, John P- KqUagch, Al- en.ry* S?hroeder, Lone vane Boeppard, -Whitte- various offices. •She was teacher for the Loyal John J. Mergen Rites Thursday At Whittemore Whittemore—Funeral services for. John J, 41, were held . , . , last Thursdav,° July 1. in St. Michael's Catholic church. Whittemore,, Rev) R'aymond Pick officiated, ' \ ' Mr. Mergen was horn in April, 1907, southeast, of Whittemore, a son of Mr, and Mrs, George Mer- pen, He eventually attended Creighton V- an4 graduated with l ' » . , ona; 'R^.'S. Waller, Algona. Mrs. Agnes 5 . Reding, Al Ghas. -Boi-mann; Whittemore; A.' a law degree, In Helen ihev live* 1 1 married Omaha, to state convention to be held at Des -Moines, Friday, 11 a. m., July 30, are: •Ti.' E. Lihnan, Algona; John Bormann, Bode; Robert M. Loss, A,lgona; Frank Clark, Titonka; M. H. McEnroe, Algona; H. E. Rachut, Bjart; C. I. Chapman, Lu- Vcrne;_ James E. McEnroe',, Al gbna gona; c . A; C. S.chissel; Lakota; Chas.' H! Newel,. Fehtdri; Mirsi Mae O'Brien,, , Algqna; L. H. JCleiripeter, 'Wesley; .Mrs.* Kathryn L. McEnroe, Algona; Herman Dreesman, -Titonka; Mrs. Paul Urich, .Whit- te.morc; Mrs. Vallie M. Tribon, Algona; Miss Dcna Kohlhaas, Algona. Mrs. Wilma Metcalf, Titonka; Irvin L..Bathe, 'Armstrong; Win. J. Frimml, Wesley; J. :H. Uhlcn- hake, Whittemore; M. Joseph Bradley, Algona; Henry Schepp- rrtann. Irvington; Francis Bradley, Bancroft; Mrs. Nick "Arndorfer, St. Benedict: T, R. Chrischil- l.cs, Algona; C.^B, Murtagh, Algona; W. S. Cosgrovc, Wesley; Julius Bollig, Fenton; H, D, Hutchins, Algpna; A. B. Schenck, Algona; Da.n Froolich, St. Benedict; John Karsten, Swea City; George A. YanSer, Algooa; Albert S. McCarthy, Bancroft; Geo. J. Elbert, Whittemore; Chris Reese, Algona; Mrs. Philip Arndorfer, Algona; Casey Loss, Algona; Jens Sorcnsen, Burt, Judicial Delegates Delegates to state democratic judicial convention .at Des Moines, Saturday, August 7, are: J. E. Lynch, Algona; H. J. McNertney, Bancroft; L, A. Winkel, Algona; C, H, Ostwinkle, Algona; Karl Hoffmann, Algona; T, H. Chrischilles, Algona; J, G, Me- Donald Burf Jake Sunday schoo class for 18 years, ^ ev UV V, 9 oWRflM, ^ a >- @»A4 an active interest in the ^fhe^' —^^ served thrfee Mrs. . Bureau and in the Plum ing *»«, I?V* *" iV.'* M *~ r *"»" Lu Verne ' "' M Butts V.° U " s ' community, progress. betterment and since J, B, Geelan, Whittemore. - C, Leo McEnroe, Algona; A. H. Borcljardt, Algona: g. W. Lusby, Algona; W. J. B ( ' gona; W. A. Murray, «»..v. v * % , I George Hagge, Ledyard; George on Phillips maintenance, man-, by highway department in Algona for thc-^tUG' years. Opficmi was employed:^ at the Percival „ Motor Co,,' and"'Stebbins is employed by the - Livingston -Tool.' Steven Xarms'j<ncar -Mapleton,' place 'ipu/chased only, /last f year, where ,H6rnibved from Kos-' suth -county. ~.-«^— • * — ^ , Phillips riiie* Thursday Funeral serviced for Mr. lips, will- bo-held' 'Thursday »„, „, ,-. P. m at tH6'.Methodist church.^ Burial will be 'in Eastlawn Me- '- n monal Garden. • - • . He is survived by his widow n/r o° Ur c h jld / en: Andy and! Mrs. Garnet Pickard, both of Woden, Mrs. James 'Stebbins of- Al--, - gona. and Mrs, Milton McBride of Algona, ' ^ The deceased-was born * Oct.'*> 31, 1896 at Britt. His mother,',-, Mrs, Andrfew Phillips of Woden,-^ is still living; his father la. dead! t He lived m?Iowa all'his life. Jm" 1936 he moved to Algona from ,s Wesley, ' ^; Brothers and sisters survj> are Mrs. Walter Pihl, WaiTen- William, all of Woden, and " H. O. Smith of Sic City,' Steven Rites Wednesday t Funeral rites for Mr. Steven ; vyjll be held at Mapleton, \ Wednesday, and later at Sexton^ at the church there, although;*'" complete arrangements had not' been made as of Monday, .*» Byrial will be at Ly Verne. I ' Mr, Steven is survived by Ins, Duane Neil Ljpyd, Betty 'Ann' and Loren Lee, There are also/ Uiree Uving brothers and sister?.' They are Leq §teven fr,dm-«Bn W i Algona, - Everett from near W ^,,, H . ton, and Mrs; Everett ,Hodgi m o| " Callendar,- ' Tf *X The-deceased is a sgo of Mr.lJ and Hrs, «apvey'Steven* .$'."' Contract Let To Paint PostofficQ Services fpfCBJp, Cooker Clinics To TWt Wttk Pressure "moke cynics s,«rvive Mary his mother, Harvey Killed In Accident .. . , next „ the paintmg p| the af-the Algona, I«wa t post ,, was an: J *— xl - puplic kuUdjnKS " |be FedevaVWork^ , LIJ J here

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