The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 26, 1940
Page 6
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SIX KEISEB HIS ;m- ML Star Teams Arc Chosen; -Del) Girl Stricken While flaying OSCEOl-A. Ark., Fc-b. M.-Mir-iel Davis, star forward of llie Dolt elrls* basketball leam aillered n sidcicn attack of acute appcndki'.U ('.urine the second qunrtcr of -.hi 1 Mississippi County chmtipionsiup came against Kei.set- Saturday r.islit at Sluiwnr-e. She was tnkcii tu the Blythevlllc Hospital. The Keiser girls nnd the Ihivdrit" boys were winners of first place In the. Class i) tournament, Ket';er defeating Deli 30 ( 0 n and H:ir- detle downing BI.-iokivBte!- 50 lo ^l. 7 lie Shawnee tsirls won third pi-iep over Uixoia 29 to '21 and Die Shawnee toys placed third over Mississippi county hluli school !>i to 2fi. Moody and Polls, liolh of nr.r- dette. tied for the most valuable player for boys nnd Cole of Hlark- water was r.eleclril most, valuable player for girls. The nil-county team for boys v.-as Moody cf Durdetle, Potts of Bwdolle. Scliott of itlackwaler. Posey of Slmwnee, and English of Bteekwntcr. Tlie all-foiiiily (earn for girls was Cole of BlnekM'flter, Afoiitgamerr of Keiser, Davis of Dell. Ellis of I.»x- ora, Perry of Shawnee, with Crows of Keiser and Decker of Dell lied for the sixth position. Second team for bovs include;! Halph of Shawnee. Bltiylock of Mississippi Comity high; Saliba of Shawjiee, Burkclt of Blackwater, nnd Williams of Oi-ceoln. Second team for girls was McCormick of Keiser. Watson of Reiser, Leigh of Luxom, Woodward of Keiser. Uoucher of Keiser an:i Brov.-nlcc of Slinwncc. The championship game between Burdette and Blackwatcr was elose Put Coif On Page One (ARK)' COURIER NEWS Today's Sport Parade nj iiE\r,r MCLEMOKS lor Ihc girst half. Early in third quarter Burdetle put on a scoring spree and pushed ihelr count up to a ten-point lead which they held for the rest of the same Rakeslraw, Moody and Potts were outstanding, with Scott turning in the best game for Klnckwaler After nil c.Tcitlng first quarter which enclwl willi Keiser len:lin t ' by one iioinl, the. Keiser girls, defending Ihelr last year's championship got into their sliide and cording the game was one-sided from then "asi-bull on. The Dell leam. handicapped bv ° uc Ol jliD lllne.« of Davis, put „„ „ slll 'i' - ' " nght for the entire game, the count being 18 to 9 „( i) )e Ji a ]r „,,,, M io 17 when the final bell sounded Tlie most exciting gnnie of Ihe evening was the victory of the Shawnee sextet over their hereditary rivals, Luxora. .The difference LOS ANOELES, J-'eb. 2li. (UP)— Lnn-y Mcl'iinll, (jenernl mmiager of i—n i > mi.i nun, tiuiiuini nruni^LT 01 Ihc Brooklyn Dodgers and buseball's I out.slandlng pioneer, plans to ab;in- don uiivcl by train this season and fly his (cam lo all ol Us out of town e.'.yngcments. 'the red-headed Irishman who brought ntght baseball to the bl^ leagues already has opened ncgo- . ' •• — •,-. . HIL kllllL'ICIH U in score wns never over four points Iwo foul sJiots. one on u technical use of the Dndjers. Aeo TWA officials an entire tenm could be flown in c 33-nnssengcr four-motored Boeing Slralolu-ers whi:h the company »vlll use in luaii^iiralins !>)S))' flltiiiidp flying early in June. Until this ship i s j,,,( |,|j 0 O | )f , ni . (Ion the Dodgers could be accommodated in two nuuslns sleeper planes. The use of planes by athletic tied the score, count was 25 lo 25. In the play-oft period Shawnee scored first then I*'8!i of Luxora sunk two foul sliots. In the final seconds P!v>w- nee mude anolhcr freld goal wln- »i"E by the bare margin of 29 to The Shawnee boys hud nn trouble with Mississippi county. Eleven teams'were entered in the tournament, each with boys and girls trams. Gosncll withdrew he- fore Ihe start. The first, games were pltiyed Thursday afternoon when " 1C , KC |f e '' B»'ls defeated O.sce'ola rlJ° -*' . ""."teUc boys defeated Lwxorn County high avoittal units is not an entirely liew tiling. TWA leaswl Ihree planes to Sonja of her Ice rollie,s- two years ago flew the Detroit Red Wings iiackey leant lo N'eiv York the .v.iuic year and lasl year flew Ihe Pilisblirgh Panthers football team 10 Seatlle ror Its opening game of ihe season. Mei'hall, wliile not one to overlook the publicity that would go H'.th n s baseball (earn, is not. primarily interested ia plane travel for Hint, reason. Ills view Is Unit " all miijor league chits started [lying tlie playing schedules could be considerably tightened with n resullnnt in Income He also believes thai it would be cheaper, what with a decrease in hotel bills-. Too. he thinks a "real deal of player fallens would be girkbeat Elackwaler 33 to 23. nnd the Shamjec boys beat Luxor a w to 8. ""^ Friday morning Bnrdctlc cicfi>-ie-t Oseeola 28 to 23 in n iie of "ihc hardest fought games of the lourn- f™"'. D , c " ,!!'"« beat Wilson 30 jo '3, and Mississippi Couutv liiuh boys beat Dell 32 to 10. V.-jdav aftcrncon Keiser giri s beat u\\r- dette u to 10; Blnckivater bovs teat Keiscr 27 to 25; and Luxora Blris defealcd Dyess 30 lo 16, Shawnee 33 lo 27 and Ihe girls beat Shawnee in lo 17 •'rriay morning (he Keiser girls Luxora 37 to 13 ami 1 High 51 to 31. ...^ Morris and Jim Fergu'son both of Slate Teachers 'lis officiated. Carl Tlanc ScMte.-s lilrd Feed MADISON, Wls. lup)_\V'icn snow covered the coimtwMtic and the mer c \iry fell below ?« 0 Howard Morey, manager of the nivuii- cipal alrporl. Sheriff Ace Fi,,cher and officials of the Dane nn:,,,«v sportsmen's league, rode one of Morey's big plan,, ping "bombs- all over tlie scape. The missies were light clnih bags of corn, which broke when iney landed and scattered -M-iin for the birds. ; schedule lias long been a matter of I interest to MoHhall, He rc-ilizcs lhat llie long season Is necessary | uiulsr Ihe prescnl coudltlnns in or- j der that the owners may 8 <-t i n eiiotiBii games to shew a profil. Bill noiv lie seta air travel as the means of getting in j !lst as many games without haviiiif the season open in the cold and wol of early April nnd rot close until tho cold and unsettled weather ol late September auri early October. 'nie general manager of the Dodgers has gone far enough in the negotiations with Iho airline lo consider the matter of Insurance- and lias found lhat players can buy trip insurance as cheaply us when traveling by rail. The rale Is twentv five cents for $5,000. lie can aho lake out air insurance o;i each player nt (he rate of Sit) for $10 000 Even the rinffiest of the Oodjers can be shown ihc lime saved by a flying team. The npproxlnitie lime required for traveling 70S miles by rail is 13 hours against little more !. h , a " H'" 00 llours '>>• Plnnc. Just Dllro;ricr. thf- , . , dub. and the ftORiiiping fans think of ivans- portmj the precious Brooklyn ivorv through the air is not fcnoivn If Ihe Dodscrs lake to the air. and the experiment Is a success, it sue which tins sec- , " 5 rc , rt1n to re -°f-» »» i la More than 500,003,000 persons in the world are unable to read or write, according lo estimates. H APPY GRO.& H OUR DEUYEBT Ml W. MaUn St, 1'honc 15 KEYSTONK ALFALFA SEEDS ALL KINDS FIELD SEEDS GARY CHICKS L. K. Askraft Co. PtIHINA FEEDS I'honc 1SJ tion of the counlry. I mean n major lonuiic leam here in Los Angeles or Sun Francisco. Traveling; through the sky, a major league team can come from tlie East lo Ihc West more quickly than it can Ivavel •oin New York to Chicago or New 5 roved British G o 1 f c r H Were Nol En!it-ely Invulnerable KV HAftttV C!IIAYSO\ liOSTON, l-'eb. 2C.-1H IBIS •:• the 28-yrnr-old son of n (•awleivi Kranck Ouimet put golf on p.-.v, One ami lias done much to j.-eci it iliorc. Onlui,--!, (he i)oy Wonder v! <> bent, the j!riii A l» mailers, fluir Vardcn niul Ted n.iy, n, d !e j, i; . tone plnyoll for llie United siali-- Optn cliaiiipionsliip at llroohlii'c, VJkl Ihe AiiKTlcHii people ilii 1 royul und anclenl jjame. His exemplary conduct Kiiiti lia.s made him the most populu: fifjuiT In the history of Amtric:i:i ntlf . . . c-anic-ri him tlie ink of Liixlbfrijli of the Links. Ouiiiu't's fi'iil of bagging tii. United Sliilcs Amateur In !0;;| n years after taking II for u.. first time, was one of the more ^Unions comebacks. OuimH, ihe 100 per cenl ain.'- teur. has captained four American Wtilker Cup teams. Ho > f :- muns a siipwb golfer at 47. t*:::; uiiaci- mu a highly successful broker, lie still of Referee Mike finds time lo golf for fun. nlng nt 8 o'clock. PROVED VULNERABILITY ! Or URITIS1I GOLFERS His influence In t'Olf in Ihi-s country lias been greater l)inn of any olhcr man, not excepting Ihe Illustrious Rolxirt Tyre Jouffl. His (Irnmntic victory over Vardon in Jjir, jjlayoff will) Vuhlon uml| Hay, he did not n.sp any more tlian'l thai. Vardo nand Hay CHI i led no' more than 10, They tried to take care of courses In 1813, but, didn't Dad: the turf as well as it is packed IfldHy. Mowers' drawn by horses formerly onvc com.scs about all ihe atU-ntloii they rctrlvcd. They're ctlcaiiy manicured today. WHh lainvays firmer, Die half bounds Ifirther. Heller nnd re.lined inu- ii'iiai in ihe ball makes it travel farther. In the old days, most of' the hiiMirdv were bunkers ratlier Iliflll ll.'ips. There aie more ij).slruelo)v; today. Teaching Is eaiic-r lo yet. It is uf a hltiher 'typr;. Oolf would have got on in America sooner or later anyway, bin the fact remains Uinl 11 was yjii'.cmunly pnincis Onlmet wlm Jn.s-jjlrwl its ((tjk-k growth. Thj-oiifh him, !))(• sport, v.':r; taken to the common people. Next Theater.of War? nnd Ray nt Ihc Country Cluh Mat Card Tonight Is Heavy One More than a half ton of clhlelic beef will .strain the timbers of tlie •.'.resiling pit at Ihe Lex ion iirena loniglil. Five big heavyweights, end i lopping Ihe 200 poiiurt nuirk. will square off in a wrestle royal under the watchful but wary eye Mcroncy begin- The frce-foi'-nll will be between: territory. They arc Hel Raines, Charles Sinkey, Gene tilakely, Lee Meyers and "Dynamile" Joe Dillman. The first Iwo wrestlers eliminat- , ccl nnd the third and fotnih to in 30 marked wolf's first big push en j leave the' 'ring" will pair ofTln ""i; sllie - jdividiml .Hatches of one fall, up wiltl Uial rnlny day, no one miiuile time limit believed American golfers sisiii wliole, professionals and amateurs,' „ were us good us those of Great • Britain. , j Until Onitnet prevailed ovcrj Vardon and Ray 27 years ago, golf largely was jonllned to Hie] east and Chicago, u principally i was a game for the more fnsli-i ionable. Prnctically al! the pro-! fcssionals came from Ihe other! side, most of (hem with n Scottish! brogue that could be cut' wltli a knife. j Tlirre were only 335 United 8°jsiales Oolf Association member minded Dodgers arc al! scl lo make 1113 trip. York lo St. Louis. Plans are now untlcrway for an exhibition game here on July 9 or 10 with the Dodgers flying out (they have open dates on those days) to phy an all- star learn from UIR Hollywood null Los 'Angeles clubs. The Junior Chamber of Commerce of Los An- BClc.s Is Interested nnd is:eager to get nn American League-club to fly out wilh Ihe Dodgers and give the City of the Angels a lasle of major league competition. Right now it Star All-County 'A' Cage Teams Are Selected clubs in 1313. But. when Onim-t convinced Ihe public and (he youth of the land thai the game could be phtyed just as well on this .side! - — ° —•• • •'..•...-. <.m. us on the other, the number «i [ Lcnclivillc divided the honors. Mnn- meiuljcr clubs leaped to 407 in 1025. and iUaniln and L/sachvi!le each placed two men on tiic All-Mississippi County bays baskoltall team selected by co.iches of "A" cl.lss schools. Blythevllle was awarded one place ou the five man squad it was announced today bv Coa-h Joe Uildy. lu Ihe girls division Manila and Chickasaw Cagcrs Close 1940 Campaign Here Wednesday Night : Conch Jce Dildy's Blytheville Chicks will whitl up ihelr bxs-kot- ball season here Wcdnesdnv nl-fht ngalnsl the Manlln boys, runueis- up In Hie Mississippi Connly lour- imment b;.l \vcck. The gnine will be playril al the new high school gymnasium a ad v.i'.l follow a pvcUiuiii'.nv game between the .Junior higli school Papoose;; nnd ihe Manila Juniors. Tii3 first genie will get niulerwnv promptly at 1:30 o'clock. Both Die Chick.'; ami the Papooses are completing a minor unsuccessful season, due in n large measure lo the bck of proper facilities lor practicing and lo inexperienced material, bill with a season's play behind them ttml a u-j«- gym In which lo devote more time at prnclice botii squads are expected to show considerable improvement in another vcar. Guards. ,. n °™ 1 ° ' Ml s In diiltint; a salt well near Ccn- tcrvlllc, Pa., in 1840, John Cils- vvcll struck natural gas at a dcplli of 700 feel. This market! the beginning cf ihe use of natural gas for industrial puriioses in ihe Uniled Slate.s. lai'.'). -177 in 1320. 826 in 113-1 in 1030. j 'There are now move than 5000 ; courses in America and close lo 2,coo,[iCO piny 10 rounds or more «' year. M01)HU:i> I'l.AV AFFEK W1I.UE ANWEUSON More than half of the public . j'" .j s (courses were constructed in thej'" '' 70s and most of Uicm pi-ior lo '28. j „. , There arc now more than 3500 professionals in Oils country. « grcnl. .share of them American- ; bled, and American playing professionals now show the way to, llie world. : I Ooif is faster lodny than it was' when Ouimet -conquered Vardon aud Ray. but Ouimet is another of tin- old ichocl ivho stressrs the facl Mint shots me now made for the player. Modern oc]iiipment has taken considerable skill out ol the game. lo know just how lo mak-.' the ball behave. They had to be masters of half and thiec-qunrtcr shots, etc. 1'layris now let ihc eliib do much ol the work. Willie Anderson, several times United Stales Open champion, was CniniFl's model. U \vas from Andersen, lor whom he once caddied, tluvt the renowned Boslon slmoii-pnrc oMnined his inter- : locking grip. Gene Sfirav.c,'i took H from Ouimet, v.ho at once b<-- came Ihe idol of every caddy and young player in the land. IIKAT VAIIDON', KAY WITH SKVHN Ol.lJUS Ouimcl says that while lie may have lugged more than st'vm clubs player.; were se- ila having four players and Lcacli- ( villc Die additional nvo al the I squad ol six. Tlie follow In lecled: Boys Team I-'onvards. Harold Fowler. Manila; and Sonny Lloyd. Blytheville. Center, Lloyd Scott, Lcicnvlllc Albert Lam, Manila; . ., . , ,. ™™«*.' ^' "a M:Culla rs , Man- I 1 . 3 ', Jo ^ R' u V Ed 3'"- ^n^hville; M 'l v " "uelkcld. Manila. „ ClU . i<I ' < ' s ' Bcrthil M!IC Griflith. ' Mil |" a; ,f e " na Crallon - Mi "»'^ Lucille Moore. I.cachville. i . r . " , c llf1 ?' '" h , e . h , 1 1 ,',' . «^'.v. the known groups vc " s , ls ' f ''^Z ' Dipper." Was Old at 56 AtVWEDl FEELS YEARS YDIINRFB YEARS :Vr<l vim an<l pep. f)s(t aniy"ij«r..-.. *U Drlce. You Ifp TODAY. B"/«fdowfi liny Voiir •ViMKKiCAiV KXJMIKSH MONKY ORDERS at HOIihXSON'S I)ru« SUire. SENTRY COIL I ROOM THE SAMt ORM TEMPFRATUR! STANDARD TIR£S •as $7 GAY & BILLINGS, Inc ^ Phone 76 •OTHER SIZES r-ROPORTIONATELY LOW// LOW PRICES! AT TODAY'S As Per Week On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Allies, friends ve 1,000,000 ready for war __ MONDAY, £RRRUARY 2G, Ancient Death Battle Proves Modern Ho « LONDON' <UP) - Far more t half n century a sto.-ie axe-h burled in a 4,OfJJ-year-old -'ikull ha.s been lu-cept^d J>y visl to the swlgwick, MiHt-utn at c dac as evidence of a prclilsl buuic lo the death. But now- Major Gordon I-'ow research worker, declares t stlcnthls, .students, lecturers the public have been duped' t praclieal .joker. While both says they >-c-re round separi a:;d ihe ate-head w-r; the skull a* a )ov :e . ' Major l^bwler declnres that isnoivs wlip carried out the io but he cwuioi tell the whole st until five, year.? after ihe death the man who perpetrated the ) )0 lie has been dead two years u Mar mu stagehands are n.rvou.sly Jerkn.g the curtain ,hieldii>, this possible theater of war M allie.s cominu B to nuu « 1,-oop, in Pyr ,; and E«ypt »8«HBl Oermw or Hualan invasion cf Iran, irac, or India Map ,sho». Where bel,i s e,,,, t f orces ,ni«l,t .strike h, the N-car East. AiWe from Khyber P.LSS und ihe Sue, Canal-gateway, to ihe Far East-mi rival objectives aro oil-Di-odncing centers. Twia Girls Study Law; ' Plan to Set Up Firm SEATTLE, Wash. <L'f) — inU jurie.s may gel a double share of Ceminine pulchritude before ihe bar of jnslk'e if Evelyn and Elc.i- nore Winters obtain their degrees al the University ol Washington law school. They disclosed recently Mint 1-ojig-necked birds ave able balance In nigla by """•tivg and retracting Hieh- nee J. L. GUARD Ootometrijt Only Graduate Optometrist hi 1 eKniniiiations passed—they hope- lire blonde twins will bans up their sh!jiglc: "Winters and Winters, legal counsel." UOth indicated a preference for im.'nal cases. Read Ccurlcr News want ads. . Glasses Fitteil Correctly WRESTLE ROYAL Del Koines, Charles Sinkey, Gene Lee Meyers, and Joe DiUman American l. egio n Avcra B|om , ay & CLEAN DP or CLOSE DP! Lim breaking— wherever il surroumls (lie . sale of J,cer in Arkansas - MUST cease! "llonky-loiiks" ami "dives"— wherever lliev apl>rnr in ArkaiMs-MUST l,e. climinaled! Those arc l],c haltle orders of tlie Ureters and Arkansas llccr l), S ,ril,mor s Coramiiiej for,, ml lo, ,l, c Ela ,c; s S10,QOO,000 beer in !u "try from I* n»M, K l,te, .f w vrlu, voulJ abuso the ,? r iv e i'l Ilieir ifiail lurr ptriniit. • PROOF! .... Follr retaH , )eci . licenses—one in White County and ;iirce in Si. t'rancis County—have already been revoked, upon our reronmicmiutioii, l )y !| lc State Keyemu: Coiiiiiiissioncr. \Vc will recommend similar action against other outlets which permit illegal practices or anti-social abuses "in hide liehind the i-espcrlabilily of „ ii'gul pcrmif! WiiK'nmnl l.y Governor HaiVj- and Revenue Com- missionrr 7. M. MrCarrnll as a new shoulder , 0 ,|, e bw cnforreiiifi.1 irticcl, lt,c Committee: is P 1,.,1 RC1 I lo coopewi,! ,,-iih 0 Kc,,l s in 'VJ Mll i ne ,, p or doci[ ,, r up' llio..p few imJcji-wMc outlets vi.ich j P opar<li« ll/e pi.Uic vcJfaic an ,l il, e fn| crc5 | 3 of , lle yan majnrJiy of !ionest : law-almlmg tclaiiers. Here's why ll,e hccr i.uluMry i, | 00 ; mpor , M| , o Aikansas In lir ctilicizcil an.l mcnnml ),)• ||, C eon- duct of .1 small minority 0 [ ihe thousands nf relailerj in ihis stale: JSfcra employs llioii=ands of Arkansas. Since reL-ssli/jiion, l,,:er lias paid ?,1,OflO.MQ in i.ncs to J. HUGH WHARTON STATE DIRECTOR BREWERS AMD ARKANSAS BEER DISTRIBUTOrtS COMMITTEE ttate, county ami municipal treasmiei. Kcer has opened a va=l mmkrt for llie simu's ,i cc farmer,-. Heer Ii u5 created an iinrjoilam cmlet lor ArVan--ai's slave Iniilncs;. Beer is , big ,,. w n f a |, lm ;, ulm . Already i,, ac iion iimler J. Hugh \Vliailon. * nalive Aikansan and former a-i.Munl Slate AtloiMj Ccncral, llie Commiiice merits the support of every conscientious, cleai lliinking, r&mmmiily.rmnilrd Ark»n«aii. YOU can give 1,5 llial support by puronWng only hccr oiillcts vliicb arc condncled in ll, B .«iric|. csl acwnl viil, i. 1Wi or( l tl . am ] comnlllnil) . , re ]f., r< . BREWERS & ARKANSAS BRER DISTRIBUTORS 1 UftrcU \fJLt Ar.Trt.1 " *-* * ^-^ •* •-* C 0 M M I T T I-] E J. HUGH WHABTON STATE DIRECTOR MODE IIS TVi.irk:,™ Falslatt Co.. Tciarfcrvnl Ktnir Difjrlhulijig Co., .V.T.=hrll!a A. U. MrKowen, DoWllI Williams Urollicr.-r. Hot Siirlngs Sl'J Msirlhuling Co.. Hot Springs County Club Hist. Co.. ArknilcIriliU K.iirlc Krotlior. 1 ; it Co., Lonoko»- racliiiig Co., Mammo!ti .^I'rinBR Kiss liccr .S.ilcs Co., rino Blull WnnJfy Hoverago Co.. N. L. Hocfe •lamos- u. Davis-, Hurcfc.i Pnrfng3 T. O. O' Sfounl lila Helena DL«|. Co., Helena T->Mni;\n Coninilsplon Co., lletrna Vnllny lee ft Ibllliiis Co., Dfrmoll fhcck Wholesale Groc. Co-, Alkltis l-'illh Awnuo Dist. Co., 1'lne BluIT •I- 'i. MoD.iRtd. Joacsbtito J. J-'oslpr ,t- Co., Forl Srollh .'. l-'oyter i- Co.. Chrksvllle O. K. Ico Cream & Candy Co., Tine Uliilt SillicrnsCTl <C- Co., I.ltlle Hofk Sillicra.isel k Co.. I'iiic l"« n ^iiborna^fl & Co.. IVrnioH UiiWlc Disl. Co.. SlarkeJ Trto ValslaB Hist. Co., llol Slirings ?.. n. Cooper ,« Co., Hot Sorlnfrs • i. 1.. .Mcrritl & Son. llol Sprjnp) llan-ls™ (iroccr Co., Harrison V. H. Kcecl I'roitviee, Tcvukaiu \Volls Disl. Co., I.lttto Kock I^AUSOTI ,t l>Awson. Korl Smllh Cl.unlc C. K'aril, ARCHI. Bcntonvilte (-. W.inl. Agfnl. nosers Clninle C, War A Agenl, Pprlnsilalo Clavule C. VVanl, Agcn't. Kaycllevllle Clnudt c. Wanl. Ascnl. Van Hurcn C'taudc C. Warn. Agent. Boanovllla Claude c. K'ard. Ascnf. Fart EmWi c. Ward. Ascnl, Morrllton M. Bllsky, smitearl Golcicresl Beer Dlsl. Co., west Memphis Slwo Dlst Co., Harrison I:.VKrirTt VE C03DII TTEB . . ncr Tennessee r.rcnlnx Co. IVnllfr It. .Incksnn Iflal?. Ilrcutng Co. n. r. Slloj Krr Co. Frcil V. T.. Smllh urlorllrrV »>slern llrcircrj Co. J. T,. Xenlon Kalslatl nrcwlnn Corp. HISTHIBTJTOJIS J-", Vv. miltlra "«v>> Chnlrrnan 1 alslafl Sales Co., Kl Dorailo 31. innky 31. nttskjr, Slolfsarl Wills C.iWivcll JIMivcst l^ilrj- I'rodtiols Co., Joncshoro Knr) l>.inson faivsnn ,t- Dnnson, Korl Smllh Itrnry Udflinan •'in5ulfk luvcriicc .1 Clear Co, Wllle Kork ' MKMBKHS Uornlp R-ilson. Ozartc fl'.irk (irocor Co.. Kaycllcvillo Mi-lvvest Dairy Proil. Corp., -MHw«sl Dalrv IHvllicvDi; Mia*-fFt Hairy Troil. Corp.. ProJ. Corp., MMivtft Dairy p ro il. Corn., Helena MHweji Dairy Prod. Corp., fic-arcy Midwest Djlrj- Prod. Corp., Halcsvillo Cook Dlst. Co., Kl Dorado User nisi. Co., Osceola lltnrj- Gramling & Co., Clarksvltte •110 PVRAMID BUILDING LITTLE ROCK. ADK. MKMTtKHS FalslnB Di.-il. Co.. IMk nor* Souihcrn e:i;ar & Co., Kl. Km Itli Fayellevilte lee Co., Kayetleville l-'alshff Sales Co., Kl Dorado Ark.-Okla. Ice Co.. JInssellvllto Henry RramtlnR ,t Co., Kussellville Henry (Iramlinj; ,t Co.. Harrison I). C.inale ,t Co., -lonesboro Kalstad Disl. Co., Hrinktey lillctle C.rocer Co.. 'J'e.r.irk.ina }!oyal Crown Itoltlin^ Co., .MeOrJiee C;undei\ | \YlioIe.s.ilc C!o , Canulen Dlllatiii Fruit Co.. I.illle lio^k A. Karcher Camly Co.. I .title Rock C. };. Kortiitio Jleer Co., Newixjrt Harrison (Jror-or Ca, Colter O. K. t>isl.. North J.llile llock Miihvesl Dairy rrml. Corp., Harrison Midwest Dairy I'ro<l. Con>,, Vest MoropWa rir. lVi'l)er Hollling Co.. Uiisscll- ville Wcsl Meinnliia Ulsl. Co.. West Memjlhla . tJ. Canato A Co., Newport 'J)'. 1'epper 7.o;i'inj: Co.. Kir.lpoliM Mnsu-ick Hcveragc <"o.. I.lilte. r.ock Sonlh Arkansas lleverape Co, 1:1 Dorado Urooks Jce .t Lumber Co., Malvern I'laRlc Sales Co.. Kl Dorado \Varren Co'lon Oil & Mfc. Co U'arren DrpytDs Troilnee Co.. McC-chee <ioldcrcsl llrer l>isi. r; o J o ,, t ,. horo K<l I. Jl)-evs Co.. IJKte |! o c(; BluIT C;ly Ulsl. ('o., Hlyllvevllle Tlie Hocr Dopol. MeOehee Cjiudcn Wiolcsaie Co.. Mope Grand Prize Jieer Co.. Tcxark.ina I». 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