The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 22, 1948 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 22, 1948
Page 15
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lersAre ie Rock Host For Daughters Mite ftaek-VTta Ladies Tl ? u , r f day Aft * of Mrs Prod Gen- Mrs. Alex KHteser as- hostess. Mrs. Prcl feome group, tinging by the^ 4? voices, and two solos were eft* I oyt i» Two reaclings wore given by Maxin« Reimers, which were exceptional^ well given and really enjoyed. Wee Blanchard'8 all star Pee Wefe by »--- ~...._it. were and daughters were committee chairmen were £° r the elevator dinner ori "*' JUTie 29, . whch the la ..... snrve. Mrs. Fred Gen Mrs. Albert Shasqr, Mrs W Mrs. Roy Jehseii .^FV'i^'ervice, The next )eefi changed from 8, and will be held -..-...-., parlors with Mrs. l.tri"u Blatichard and Mrs. L. A' MN6wbrough as hostesses. 1 The meeting was Mrs. \l it over. •-•WAI} J1 4 for the program, took •iAfle'r prnyer, led by there was a Mrs. -- — « wu.o by „"£« ~"u""V; accom °anied on the fe^J^l- Alfred Schultz, w e-a solo, she and Nancy Fischer sane iLr.Vf ' Ta "; om Panled. by Mrs Schultz, Judy Newbrough recit- -1M f. P°P"b" N obody Knows— But ;f Mother", rfelores Marlow played solo, "Building a Chris- e was 'v " was 8'ven Joan by "The I a sar ee e team drove to Whltemore Thurs- f a y. ev ening, uJne 17, .to play the JVhittemore Pee Wee% team, Jvhose manager is Mrs. Wood- Jvard. Those on Blahchard's Al Star team are: Leon Marlow gettnis Priebe, Gletus Qiiinn, Joe Householder-, Bob Hutchinson, Don. Marlow, Gordon Hutchin- £pn, Ddhald Hutchinson, Clifford Behrends, Dennis Flaig, Bob laig, and Gene Flaig. Althbugh they were defeated, f-2, by the Whittemore team hey all Were ftiven a chance to - • Sttppiy Co., sifp. . Dodffo -iVtil & Awning bo , J. _^. __ , Central Auto"Eleerc"(V.7s'un"" jDavis nndlnlof ttfipaif, He- " pairo _„ WaterlrMj, Stool" "&"EqrJiinie«l"" Co., Sup. . ' jt nfy 3743 h«i« ,' -he AlI-Wlippl- Drive Co., Sup. Jleiman AT. Ilrown Company S - Sup, n Olbba-Cook Tractor ' "Sup'ZI Equip na j» 2S8:SO 5535.34 1ft Rl w'.3S *• -, -—- . Print" and "Laying the T oundation" by Mrs. Cllau-Bol- linger, "Erecting the Structure' jby Mrs. Lawrence Dittmer. The £ av ° rs , f or the afternoon were £ f handed out and lunch was served •Iby the hostesses, assisted by the following daughters: Patsy Mar- fdow, Delores Marlow, Joan Flaig ( Joan Zwiefel, Betty Shaser, Kay <A/r v Tnanks W£ »s given to fh^fnv^ fl r °^T5. n .J? r m . a -king — —-«...-» and Miss 'y ~ t Thompson for the flowers, also to the hostesses for their co-operation. ,U7 at Schullz Reunion * T * h u e S , chultz reunion was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs ,»Fred'k Schulty at Lone Rock] ? Jupe is. All seven brothers and fcttte only sister were .present be. sides their children and grand- ..chUdrden, 47 in all. A pot luck I 'dinner was served in the house noon from broughf by .U »the guests. In the afternoon a business meeting was held to de- jpide where next year's reunion rwas to be. By unanimous vote tit was decided to have it at the iKr r !' m .u ]lom . e u of ^ r -' and-Mrs: Jakir Smith, northeast of Burt. ., After the business meeting;, a !l ort T ? * r *? gra , m had beeri arrang- ; ^ le Ch fryl Smith, daugh- er of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Smith, gave the address of welcome Uwhch was enjoyed by all, also ....... .„ their ability to play and enjoyed the evening. Joe Householder, pitched for Lone Rock Btid Don Marlow was their catcher. Gillen was pitcher and Higgiris catcher for Whittemore. _Mrs. Don Collins and Patsy~of Livermore . came Wednesday evening to spend a few days at the Merwin Marlow home. T 1 & >hd , ay , eveni ng Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Anderson entertained at a fish supper for their nieces and nephews, Mr. and Mrs. Arlln 1 ^eterson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shipley from Kansas City, Mr and Mrs. Ray Westling and sons, Hr. and Mrs. Otto Westling and LaVerle of Algona. Mrs. J. M Anderson and Marlene returned from-a- week's visit at 'Boone .5 her Parents and brothers. Mr. and; Mrs. Wilbert Baas of Algona spent Thursday evening nt *h- t, o£ Mrg Luc fc Hartman CO., Sup. ... Gtlobe Machinery ' & "SuppTy "CO ' SUp. ___ „ lown Mnt-Iilnory &~Siijn>lv~Co" Slip ..... " " Sieg-Fort D Sup, Standard Dllkehgrl-HuKhes 'Tr. ..Co., Sup. . ServV oen OK on on »/JA 7-7 I7fl on ^fe.Vftf Oil Co,, Ftif-1 Sup. 10832 A i ti ln , g ' R « MI " ^ KI'-'vatDr. Hup. 12000 Altforw Flour & reed Co.. Sup.. _..__.,.__. n is Algona Sales Co., Stravv'Tl'II 28^70 Consumors Grocery, Prov 114.01 On motion adjdurnmcnt Was taltcii lllltll Mny 18, 1!)48, nt Il:30 o'clock A. W. E. McDONALD, C'linlrman Equip. e* m-iv. oc Orliea V^O., Slip. __ Snap-Oh Tools Corporation" t>up. _ The Troplrnl Paint &"~5T"c67~ .Sup. . Meyer Oil Co.. Fuel Sup'" Mid-West Service Co.. Fue~f Sup. ...... Bancroft Oil doinpi>7i~y~"Fuef~ Slip, .„__ .„„ 'id-Continent. Petroleum Cfitn. Fuel Sup. • ' F. L.- Huxlable Homc""&"Aut6 Supplies, Sup. _ Elmore Cement & Tile (567 Sup. •. Bradley Bros.,~Siip" Overtoil Chemical Company"," Slljj, _„ _ ".-«. _ ' . i, Poor ' *"'— "* ' 870.1.84 31.85 8.D5 105.41 - 743.78 40.38 853.34 8G7.50 121.18 30.85 1B4G.70 454.2B 2016.05 .. _ fooi -tuna , Mnxson Grocery. Prov. ........ 25 00 ^lark OlimMn rim,.,..-., c* AMM lark Oitrmm «Prov. Grocery Store, Marl in : s ~DepT:~~Sfo7e7"Sup A. C. Schlssel. Sun. ._ , "~ ihompson Ynrrls, Inc. Stio Standard Oil Company, Sup~.II 3r. f H. Crcls'.riieyer, Medicine Dr. John N. Koncfick, Med . Aiti Or. M. G. Bourne, Med. Aid. 3r. T. .;. Kgnn. M«d. Aid >. H. D. Bennett. Med. Aid ~~~ 3r. John M. Sch utter. Med. Aid Or. E. P. Bseh, Med. Aid . VI. J. Steier, Mod. Sun. ~"~ Kossuth Hospital, Hosp.'cafc" and Rout at the home Schmidt. «•«• : " > armnn went on a fishing trip into Minnesota for a few days with some • inends. —...M.V4I *jiicc:ii. ahd -jtjriv Bunting of Mason City spent tWs week visiting their aunt and uncle. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Deck* Mr. and Mrs. Sam McCleish became the proud parents of' a nneb aby daughter, born at the hospital at Estherville Wednesday afternoon, weighing 7 Ibs 8 ozs. They have two other children, a boy and a girl. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hutchinson spent Thursday visiting her at Esther- vine. w^t rs ' Barren Thompson, '-Mrs. Walter Thompson,. Mrs. Odey Cherland. Arlet Cherland, Mrs xr — Bierstedt, Mrs. Calvin ----•"-•• older were among "those attending a shower in honor if Lugenia Reidel at Burt Thursday Walbtirg and Ida Naber - of *v an »£°™ Spent Wednesday, at the Frank Merron home. Board Proceedings (Continued from page 6) .....^.u. Hospital, Med. Aid SI. Joseph's Mercy I-Iosp. Hosp". State SanntoriumT l^OsnVcafe " Mrs. Jolin Jonntngs, Care and Keep Ada f lowers. Care and Keep"" Skiiugstnd Convalescen't Home, Cnro and Keep Laing & Mutkev. Sup. Marvel Dole, Travel Expr""_" "" Irene CoHo, April Rent ..III Hamilton Funeral Home, run- oral Exp. Algona Cemetery Ass'n, Open- In H Grave McCulloughs Funeral ^Chapef," Amb. Service . State Dopt. of Social Weffa're", Afd to Blind .. State Dept. a! Sopihl Welfare., Aid to Dependent Children Sorensen Grocoi-y Co., Prov County Farm- Iowa State Bank, Witlield Taxes la. Old Ape and Surv.~Tns.~Sy" Quarterly Tax ._ J. A. Frecli, Used Leather Rocking Chair August Mass, Salary ''"'•""""• Art Henry, Labor . rfan-y Burke. Labor, etc. F. S. Norton & Son, Sim. Algona Unking Co., Sup. "...Ill Algona Cooperative Cry Co Sup. Algona Ice Cream &"""can"dy Factory. Locker Rent, etc- -oorge W. St. John, Sharpen Lawn Mower -Jr P V. Junse, Med. Al"d"~"I. Jutxell s Sup. ... Cohlhans Hdwe., Supplies" & Electric Stoves inde Implement Company,""" Sup. .; ''_ _ ..'•-_ Kossuth County Implement More. Sup. .__ 'hompson Distributing Co Sup. , .aiiifi & Muckey,~"s"i"p." Sup *orthe rn"LufnbVr"CoT,"«iip" Bros. Welding Supply" W.: C. Brown'SuppIy' Co:," Slip: •'''I!* 1 FUNERAL HOME "WHERE REVERENCE AND DIGNITY ENSHRINE A SACRED MEMORY" Ambulance Service Day or Night Phone Algona. Iowa 48.00 20.28 14.54 20.40 21.87 24.50 151.50 43.50 20 .BO 10.00 9.00 21.01) 13.30 5fm ?n 26.00 41.00 248.00 305.00 30.00 3GO.OO .. 1.63 10.40 20,00 75.00" 12.50 9.00 18.74 883.50 40.80 35,13 48.22 20.00 198':00 148.50 85.15 18.6G 41.33 42.28 3.92 1.00 20.00 6.37 570.45 162.60 1.73 • 5.83 .20 The Bonrfl of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, met pursuant to flcljournment. In regulai- sosiinn. There was present Supervisor W. E. Mc-Donald, Chfllrmfln ih the Chair, nnd SUp- f crvlsp/B Andrew n'.;clin«, VJ. A.Sohram. nn« ML. Johnson. Absent: SuriprsrviB- Motion made by Johnron and Bee- pndea by Rotllrtg thnt Ilia Ovrrsaer ot the Poor bo directed to serve non-rem- dent notice on Mrs. Louise Rlgcs, a widow. Ayes: All. Nnys: None Molion enrried, Motion made by HerJIn? «nrt serond- ed by Schram Hint the flonrd of Su. pervlsors of Kossuth County, Iowa, enter into contrnct with r.^.M!c C. Faber of Algona, town, to cut and'clear treea nnd brush from (he ouen dltoli df di-fllnage district-Wo. n, rlxlensioii, and the south one (I) miln of the Main Open }#!? h iv f & rfll JRr n ^ e f'St'-lct No. !). ,«nml thnt W. E. McDonald, Chairman oC the Bonrd, be outhorl/ed lo sign snid eontrncl. Ayes; All. NayM: Noho. Motion carried. (See t:onlraet of record.) ', ' , 9lr .U lot ' l 2J I - adjournment was taken until May 27, IMS, at 2:30 o'HnrjU P. M, W. K M.DONALD, Chairman ,•1^-. .Board of KUberviEOvs. ATTEST: L. J. IMMERFALL. ^. .•- ^ County Auditor. £r>»h Da-/ M ay Z7 , i94ft J ia, Bo.ird of Supervisors uf. Kos- suii Countv. loiva,' met pursuant t.o adjo'iinmsnt In re^uar session. There wa ,' 5r, e «-!"t Sup'-rviKor W. E. McDonald, Chair/mn in the Chair, and Stip- brvlsors An-Jrew Reding, W. A. S;-hram. J. F. Quinn and M. L. Johnson. Absent: None. This being the time for hearing objections as to Establishment of following Secondary Road District:), no written objections filed. On motion by Quinn and seconded by Reding, that the secondary road district bd - -'' , n, of r ls , Po1 V l ' so " """ Mrs. fs h , lisl ' a "d and wife, conveyed ri"-Y Deed , lo Kossuth Count r. '" . rcnl estatc located £W' lowa ' desarlbed " .,hc i Smith Half (S}4) of LoU Sis W fl I H1 ,., Sc %n (7) /n Block Two -; « riilrd Addition to the oi Algona, Kossuth County, W 1 nt ; cd ,,wns duly recorded in f . lht v Couil t.V Recorder, in"l' nt \' J°, wo - 0" December ' A« ok •'•' on Pflge fi2 ' and ' t ' sf " cl conveyance was wcurily purposes oriy and n "pcemcnt which provided i lp ? enth of * no Grantors 7 t/ 81 '- 1 ?, woultl become the p'A CK( ?? sllth Cou nty. and, ^I S I ll ' e , snltl Nefs Peterson r. ols Pcters «n, husband and 10 Crann ™ °f the above de- rral cslnte are now both de- 'i m i hy v i r , lue of tlle sa|rj °eed cl . by snl , d ^^ors, Kossulh ? i;cl " n ' ! the sole and absolute 01 snicl real estate, ond, llc , B " n / d of Supervisors ,m« -»imty, Iowa, offered the Within i described real estate for sale r idj ) ii lc i" l "i- ion on Wednesday, May f '" lhn ourl R oom, at the at 10:0 ° Motion made by Quinn and seconded by Re-ding thnt the I5th day of Juno, 1948, at 2:00 o'clock p. M. Is hereby med as 1lme for receiving bids . .' . sniveling Secondary Road Districts Nos 50, 51, 489, 531, 004. 619. §84, 885, 687. Ota, 607. 69B, 699, 70d, 702 703, 704, 705, 708, 707, 708, 709 710 Tuesday, Jonfe 2$, T948 Upplt Bet MftfffMfef' 711. Til 7)3, 714. 716, 716, «?, 718, 710, 720, 721. 722, <723 724 728 728 727. 728, 72Cland 730. AyesfAll kayS: None. Motldh carried. On motion adjournment was taken until County Auditor. I, . "J-*-'-" l WMI V Y I U^ll.1 UI3L<ICl!> OG QSrj llshecl as reported bv Coimlv Engine Secondary Roads K T os. laft, 5,m, •(•>„,. 619, 684, 685, 687, BOB, 037. 0»8, TmT 700- V01, 702, 703, 704, 705, 7PB. 707.' 708 ,'70'Sl' ?| &:$^£$ln^$^ fesofili* t0t ' 0n carrictl - ( '^ sc ""ecorcl t'or Motion made by Reding and nf-cond- ed by Schram-thnt tlic Board-oJ Supervisors approve the application' and bond -of Carolyn Stettssy of LuVcfhe '" m, 1 " r f ta " Ci .8,a>-ctt6 permit at »»"il Ayes: All. Nays:--Noho.- Motion carried. »-," ' Motion made by Johnson and Sc'efen'd- ed by Qulnn that the. following Resolution be adopteB: •-.• Resoluilon Be It Resolved by the Board of Su perylsors of Kossutii County. Iowa that pursuant to the provisions o Section 11 of Chapter 147, acts of the. A nd1 . Gell 5 ra l. Assembly, the County Auditor of Kossuth Countv. Iowa, is, hereby authorized and directed tu issue warrants out of'the funds levied y the County Board of Education of —ossuth County. Iowa, upon written order signed by the Secretary of the County Board of Education, and counter-signed by the President of the County Board of Education. The purpose of this resolution is to coniorm with resolution passed and adopted bv ih " County Board of Education .of n the 7th da'j thereon reAyes: Supervisors M. L. Johnson, J. F. Quinn, W. A. Schram, Andrew-' ESS- Ing and W. E. McDonald, Chairman Those voting Nay were: None, Whereupon the Chairman declared .he motion carried and the resolution ?iH ly oJ?, as ". cdl ' -approved' arid adopted U?ls 27th day of May. A. D. 1943. Motion made by Qulnn and seconded 3V-Johnson that.the following Rcsolu*' :lon be adopted: ' Resolution , 'WHEREAS."Nettie Mae Steven of Al- offercd lhe sum of $2800.00 for the purchase of said real estate h??£ ,T" E ? EFr ° RE ' Bc " Resolved by the Board of Supervisors of Kos- fV L T n ,"V, y ' I ' J > V ,"' that after having inspected l he said premises, the offer to purchnsc made by Nettie Mae Stev- fi\* 8 ~?i i' ;li r', ;ln d equitable offer, and that said offer in the sum of $2800.00 be accepted, and that W. E. McDonald, w-halfrnan of the Board of Supervisors Su.^?£i , is hor eby authorized and directed to execute and acknowledge for and on behalf of Kossuth County, Iowa, a Quit Calm Deed to Nettie Mae Steven and deliver same'to her upon receipt o( the sum of $2800.00 cash. ..SB-IT FURTHER RESOLVED. That the said deed having now been executed and acknowledged, it is hereby approved by the Board of Supervisor's of Kossutii County, Iowa, and that its approval be spread upon the minutes with the yea ann nay vote thereon., Upon roll call the vote thereon resulted as follows: •• Yea; Supervisors J. F. Quinn. M. L JohnSon, Andrew Reding, W. A. Schram and W. • E. McoDnald, Chairman. Those voting Nay were: None. Whereupon the Chairman declared the motion carried and the resolution o r,, »P/ lsscc1 ' approved and adopted this 27th day of May, A. D. 1948. ' Motion made by Quinn and seconded by Johnson that W. E. McDonald, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, be authorized and directed to sign order for one Heinke Weed Spray Machine for Supervisor Dlst. No. 5 Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. f Keep Your Farm Sanitary Oyr aim is tp give you 2-howr removal on dead stock, large or small DEADSTOCK Phone Algona No. 7 Collect We have on jhand now, a small supply of PRING TEETH for Tractor Spring Tooth Harrows ., • , - . -""•.. ona Implement Walt and Deb Hall . ;^ PHonte52 CommemaS Stiff f " ' ' ah. ** •*" LEGION BALLROOM BANCROFT Friday, June 25 LYNN KERNS Tuesday, June 29 EDDIE SHEETS HIS SWISS BOYS On station KWOA, Worthington, 730 on yfiur radio dial— 10:30 to 10:45 A.M. Monday through Friday. * f* te why VROLET o«d.-OI(nt;1r Chevrolet ' »^^"^^^ ^ ^, f Y ' >n li j More value 1 —more motoring en/oy- menf for your money! That's what you get in this smarter, smoother- riding, more dependable and more economical Chevrolet.' You get more value in its style-leading Body by Fisher; more value in its road-smoothing Unitized Knee-Action Ride; more value in the thrilling performance of its Valve-in-Head engine and in the stopping-power of its Positive-Action Hydraulic Brakes—all exclusive to Chevrolet at lowest prices! Yes, CHEVROLET AND ONLY CHEVROLET IS FIRST in all-round value. That's why more people buy it and more people drive it than any other make! SPECIAL EXTRA-LOW PRESSURE TIRES on Wide-Rim 15-inch Wheels* (24-lb. pressure only—all around) Chevrolet offers you the lire of tires for easy, restful riding. Remarkable new extra-low pressure tires that give a much safer, more comfortable ride; absorb road shocks instead of transmitting them to you and your car; provide safer stopping, greater ' blow-out protection, and long, more luxurious mile* age. All due to larger tire-body, more air at lower pressure, advanced tire design. ^Optional at small extra colt. /?> <l! /n r, • .all yi 1 , KOSSUTH MOTOR CO SALES AND SERVICE PHONE 200 ALGONA or Paul Ernst 0. X. Statipn, Uvermore SdiwmcKhw D. X, Station, Whlttemere.^.igSi or 1500 Fenton -,_„,. ,..„„.._,.__.,_„,.,, Lone Reek-— „„ __,...,,„„ -5PQ Udyard __._ ........... ,. ....... ,-^,,^. Bancroft - ............... ,.,,_,,«_.__, r , r , T Lakotq ------ „„„„„„.,„„„ ...... ,,_ t .__ let Hi remove thet df fld fto?«$ NOW. Tankagt fpr Sole ot All Times ' f ' • Algona Rendering Co. 33 U21tf.. .,_.. BOUGHT f OR| We Are Equipped TO DO AU TYPES OF AUTO BODY WORK AND *• Kipljqg was speaking ot precious human freedom when be wfote, "This "our fathers bpught fo* HS long and Jong'ago," But com-age tod.ygib m Viot spJely the virtues of brftye %b{iijg roeo la combat. Jt , took no Jess CQ^geifor. ojf B «ke p a «eu f , lister, Ko<?b, siBdhQittof Rtbers 10 struggle for scientific • ' for scientific trwtb apiflsi wieg o( heresy foom the igqo. rant and fbesu^fsa^«s,fo s p^d by thef-»mple of tbjia$. great mw, yow RbraifWR battles the same foes toda^ l* great At bis side fc ^«Jts the §W«3 foes 8 Jw»ys-e a g W to carry tb? PAINTING COMPLETE WRECK REBUILDING GLASS INSTALLATION FENDER WORK CAR AND TRUCK PAINTING UNDERCOATING : ''- .-•;;'; _, • -.. ';. ; ; ' Our Shop is Equipped to Do The COMPLETE OPERATION x Hour Wrecker PHONE 200 - ALGONA t*JM

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