The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 22, 1948 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 22, 1948
Page 14
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Upper Bes Tuesday, June 22, T948 Board Proceedings APftIL SESSIdN A. O. 1948 H» Day A:IHI zs, 1949 The Board of Supervisors" of Kossuth County, Iowa, met pursuant to adjournment In regular session. There Wjas present Supervisor W. E. McDonald, Chairman In the Chair, nnd Sup- fervlsors Andrew Redin", W • 'A Sehrnm, J. P. Qulnn and M. L. Johnson. Absent: None. Motion mjjido bv ouinn nnd s'»co'id- Bd by Johnson - thiit Hie snlnry or Mr. find M-rri. Arthur (.'. Henry, employees (it the Koaauth Count v Home, bo increased to Sieoo.OO per mouth beginning hs ol 1 May J, ]!lltl. Ayes; All. Nays': None, Motion curried. Motion mjide by ndirnvn nnd FW- pnded by Reding thai Wh-eler Lumber Bridge' Re. Supply Co., of Des oines, Iowa. arc lu'n-l'jv awarded contract to furnish KosKu Counts- svilb )!i!!i as pelNays: None. second- t umber nnd piling for ,erms of bid. Aye's: All. carried. Motion made by Quinn rmd .,,,.„.„, ed by JohrAon that llv.' Chairman ot the Hoard nf Supcrvi::,):•:, lie authorized and directed to sit'n order to purchase a 1!VIII Cltcvrol' i Scd-m Or livery Truck for tlje County Engineer's OfVI-.-'c from the Kijssulh Molor Comivmy. Algona, Iowa.' for liic .'M.,m MI" $1(115.011. plus sales life. Aye's: All. Nays; None. Motion carried. Motion made by Reding and seconded by Quinn that 'Srcoiu-iary Road Petitions for Sin-lacini' wiih j-ravH Nm. 727 and 72fl' be pi.i.-oil en fih'. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Mo'.io-i carried. Motion rmjde bv Reihim and sei'ond- ed by Johnson thai i'.ill V jpany of Wl«;l DCS M-<u : ; hereby awarded (.'.i.-uliii" Projects Not. 1 lo Ifi incl-.i'.-ivi' as per terms of bid. Aye:" All. .\,ivs: None. Motion carried. Motion mack' by ,Tit!m:<>:i .iml seconded by Kch ran i ;'iil i'n.ilraclo-'s Bond of Bill Curphv !-.uripaliy of Wc'St Des Moines.- Iowa, -m ;;t;i:lin; pro\vU; NoS. 1 to -K) till hist VV 1:: irMVliv ai>- proved intho sum oi $! Aye's: j.]\. Nays: . Noiif. 'M'.lio: 1 . carried. Motion mnde by ,,::on and seconded by t^ulim' that th-.- petitions submitted to the Bo.irJ of : : un-rvi--ors by the residents of Kos.< Iowa, askmk the I'n.-nd i ,County Public Health Ninon file, and Ihat llv I.ii such county public ht-al' Soon as onp'can bi> found fications will be approved Departmen.t Ayes: All. Motion carried. On motion adj Until May :i ' W.' E, McD(0 Board ATTEST: I,, Sixth Day The Board of Su County. Imv.i. , i .((Himmcnt m r,-;; was present Su;>.'i -/is aid. Chairman in thv visors Andrew K"dm J. F. Quinn :nu sent: None. The Board pi allow claims. Motion .mad'.' onded by' Sc'!!:-.:!., Hi.>; Resolution !><• ,i(;,'n|i"l. Ro3olut;.-jn BE IT RKS()I.\ 'I'-.n ! Supervisors oi ;io-.:.!i i that an l!i incl! vul .• •; < i the highway t'j'.Ki. ,i .--.-. east sicie ol !he real estate loraK Io\va. to-u it: The SK', Mi- Township Nin-.' Range Tw.-iiiy- the Fifth !' >.: Iowa, and that AndriAl' U -u Board of Supe: , i eel to superyisf ,: culvert as soon .Upon roll call suited as tolli..•.-:• \V. A. Sehraiih- : Quinn. A nd IT-.?; ! Donald. C.'haj 1 i-cui Those votMu; WHEREUPON qd the motion carried and the resolu- tloh duly passed, approved and adopts ett this 3rd day of May, 1948, Motion made by Schram and seconded by Quinn thai Reding be appointed as a committee to have repairs made on drain, Nos. 48, «a. 7fi, S3, 94, 131, 174, II & K 8, P. A. K. 1 and E. P. A. K. Trl 114. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion made bv Reding and R"con<1- ed by Johnson that W. E. McDonald be annotated as a committee lo have repairs made on drain Nos. 114, 134, Ifil. nnd K. P. K. Tri 84. Aves: All. Nays: None. Motion carrier^ Motion made bv Johnson and seconded by. Reding that Schram be appointed as a committee lo li.ivc repairs made on drain Nos. 4, 7H. ill) and 131. \yes: All. Nays: Non". Motion carried. Motion mac.K> bv Sehrnm nnd seconded by Johnson that Qulnn bo apnoint- d 0,5 a committee to have repairs mnde on drain Nos. I. :i'l and (i:). Ayes: All. Nnys: None. Million carried.' Motion made bv Quinn and seconded by Reding thai. Johnson be appointed .is a committee to have repairs made on drain Nos. 4. 60. !!0, 82 and tOfi. Aves: All. Nays: None. Motion curried. Motion mnde by Reding and seconded by Johnson ihnt the rate of pay of RhrM-wnod D. McDonald, Kossnlli County Road Employe:;, bo increased Irom !IOe per hour lo 81.(M) per hour hcRinning as or Mav 1. I!) 1(1. Ayes. All. Nays: None. Motion carried.' Motion made. 1 In- Johnson an'l seconded by Sch-.-am that Secondary Ro.ul Petitions lor Sii'.-f;v.:ini; wiili giavel Nos. 72fl and 730 Ivj placcrl on file. AN'CS: All. Na\-.s: NM:V.:. Moiioii carrird. Motion made bv R'-diny and seconded by Johnson that the Board of Supervisors umirovt 1 the a))plication and bond of uelmar Rcdine and Maurice 1-iedinB of .St. Joe. Iowa. I'or a Class "C" Beer Permit. Ayes: All. Nnys: ^;oIH'. i\ carried. iYiMtJMn inatie f>,\- Johnson nncl seconded by Quinn thai llv- Board of Su- PervisMi-s oi KMSsuth C'ounty approve of M. F. DuddinK. in the amoiiul of Nays: None. Mo- fed cnnrirmlng nsses?ment oil Ro-Clnssi- flcatlon of Ur. 105 as reported by commissioners, and fixing Juy 7, 1048, at 1:30 o'clock P. M. a$ date for hearing on said report. Aves: All. Nays: None. Motion cnrried. (See record .for resolu* tion.) ' Motion made by Johnson and seconded by RedinB that Hearing on Establishment oi secondary Road. .Districts Nos. 480, 531, 604, 810, 684, 683, 887, 688, «87, 698, Bfl9, tOO, 701, 702, 703, 704, 705, 70S, 707. .708, 700, 710, 711, 712, 713, 714, 715, 716, 717, 718, 719, 720, 721, 722j 723, 724, 725, 726, imbed ilv. K Hie Indi-innily of B.-mcro!!. [MV .'27.TO. A\es: Al tion cnrriod. Motion made- liy Reeling and seconded by Johnson that the OiTicial Bond iii Sii'lla M:-i" I>re<-n. Clerk in Aurli- lor's Ollice. in tlu- sum of .SIOOO.UO be approved. Aves: All. Navs: None. Motion carried. Motion made by Sehram and seconded by (Juinn Hint, the appointment of Alb'ii P. Kavs.T as Townshij) Clerk of Wesley Township be approved ns cer- tul'iorl hv me Township Trustees of Wesley To\vnshi;">. Ayes: All. Nays: \oiv..'. iVlMtion cm riecl. Motion made by Schram and seconded b.\ Quinn that thf following seconcl- ai'v road jic'tiiiMiis rur surfacing with iji-avol he rck;rn;d to H. M. Smith. lituTi. lor report and -iiiii. 5:ii. tio^. inn. I. ii'..'7. ii!"ii, ISllM. 700. 701. Vli.'l. 70ii, 7117. 7011, 70!), 7!0 7M. 7i."i. I'lfi, 717. 718. 122. 72'.l. 7:M, 7L>. r ). 720. 72(1 and 7;iil. Aves: e. Molitin eal'rit.'ti. ;tion made h.- Johnson and sec- Sflnam that the Overseer of IH- ^iii ci;-i.(.'d to serve? nonresident notice on William Harrison anri Hiicli tiaiiiivMii. luist)nnd and -\iU'. and on t-iinv.'r itocknc ami Alice Isocline. husl)ai]tl am! wit' 1 , and J'am- ilv. Ayes: All Nays: None. Motion carried. MM! ion mat!'. 1 by Qtiinn and seconded by JoluiMm that Frances Habeger he a|tr)MinU.'(I f'rrk in County Asses- st>r'^ OnV.X' and Ihat iier salary be lised .1 S145.0i) iier month beginning no of May 1., iil-Ut. Ayes: All. Na.\s: None. .Motion cnrritnl. Motion made by Quinn nnd seconded by .lohn.-on that K. M. Iluber DC appointed Assistant to Deputy Count\ Assessor and that his salary be l.\- ecl at ST.00 per day. beginning ns oi May 1. 1!I4(1. and fk- pc-r mile for use of hiH iH-i'So'ial car in orclor t<» carry out the oll'icial duties of the -County Assessor's CMl'ico. U'hc-re u^e of car is necessary all I' ips must bo first approved b\ ihc Counly ASSCSHOV. Ayes: All. N.-ns: None. Motion carried." ?vlo'ion made bv John.son antl sccond- <-d t)> Keeling that Resolution be adopt- I lit, i«v, inj, IAA, Ifi.), f<G*t, IJ6U, l^n, 727, 728, 729 and 730 be fixed for May 27, 1048, at 2:30 o'clock P. M. Ayes: All. Navs: None. Motion carried. Motion made by Qulnn arid second* ed by Johnson that the payment of the claims allowed at this meeting of the persons and firms as .listed .Immediately following j)e ratified, allosved and confirmed. Ayes: AH- Naysi'Nohe. Motion carried. County Fund Joe B. Anderson, Labor on building at Fair Grounds..Not Allowed W. W. Sullivan, P. M., Stamps Envelopes 69.87 W. W. Sullivan. P. M., Envelopes to Co. Supt. , 84.9G Iowa State Ertiilt. Withheld Taxes 697.80 la. Old Ago & Siirv. Ins., Sy., Quarterly Tax . 300.44 W. W. Sullivan, P. M., Postage for Assessor and Weed Commissioner 28.03 Treasurer of Slate of losva, Consumers Use Tax Return 3.48 J. E. Smith, Assessing Lakota Inc 147.D2 City of Algona, Ecctrlc and Water Service 61.85 M., Stamps M., Stamps Assist. Co. ONt GALLON COVERS AN AVERAGE ROOM PAINT CO. 6Q6 w: PIAGONAl PHONE 628 - ". Open Saturday Night Until 9:00 O'clock W. W. Sullivan. P. to Crt. Stint. W. W. Sullivan, P. to Co. Auditor . Ruth M. Raney. __. Treasurer Frances Mae Hnbeger, Assist. i Assessor's OITice Andrew Reding, Comm. and Sessions W. E. McDonald. Comm. and Sessions W. A. Schram, Comm. and Ses. sions J. F. Quinn. Comm. and Sessions M. L. Johnson, Comm. and Sessions -.._ __. , G. S. Buchanan, Del. Pers. Prop. Tax Collector A. J. Cogley, Invest. Fees and Mileage „ A. J. Cogley, Boarding and Lodging Prisoners . alph W. Lindhorst, Invest. Fees and Mileage H. W. Miller. OM'icc Exp. Rosella Volgt Co. Treas.. Adv. Bty.. Freight, etc. Raymond Bergum, Bty. Miller Roscamp, Bty. Duane Christ. Bty. Kossuth County Advance. Brd. Proceed., etc. Algonn Upper Des Moines, Brd. Proceed., etc. Clark & Clark. Treas.. Semi- Annual, etc. Paul J. Metzger, Publisher. Official Notices The Algona Reminder, Delinquent Dog Notice L. E. Hut/ell, Office Sup Geo. D. Barnard Co., Blanks..,Koth Brothers, Sup. Matt Parrott S: Sons Co., Sup. Klipto Loose Leal Co., Sup F'idlnr & Chambers Co.. Sup Funk & Dunn. Rep. Monarch Products Company. Janitor Sup. __ _ H. 13. Hopp Co.. Sup. _.„ A. J. Cogley. Sup. to Jail Kohihaas Hardware. Sup. J. B. Johnston, J. P. Fees Ralph Lindhorst. Dep. Sheriff Fees _.. Cecil McGinnis. Marshal's Fees . W. H. Steward. Constable Fees Frank Kohihaas, Mayor Fees Ralph Lindhorst, Dep. Sheriff Fees A. J. Cogley. Sheriff Fees Cecil McGinnis. Marshal Fccs_ Milton J. Hinders. Marshal Fees Delia Welter, J. P. Fees Milton J. Hinders. Marshal Fees Clarence Schutjer. Mtg L. G. Huber. Mtg. Chris Brandt, Mlg. E. P. Hansen. Mlg. Harry Sabin. Mtg. Elmer Potter, Mtg. C. N. Robinson. Mtg. M. N. Phillips. Mtg. Joe Schnller. Mtg. H. W. HVirms, Mtg. P H. Rer-ilnPhaus. Mtg. Clair' L. Reding, Mtg. ^, r reu ueVries. ivttg. Henry Schmidt, Mtg. : E. J. Buss. Mlg. ._-'. David S. Anderson, Mtg Harry Tish, Mtg. - I- Geo. E. Eutterfield. Mtg. J. J. Anderson. Mtg. L. W. Ehrich. Mtg. II. O. Larson. Mtg Thomas Berg. Mtg. _ Wm. Oldenburg. Mtg. Ed. Hof. Mtg. Earl Chambers, Mtg. _i Orville Anderson, Mtg. W. A. Marty, Mtg. P. E. Teeter. Mtg. W. J. Stewart. Mtg. Llo.scl H. Bnrtlett-. Mtg. J. W. Bollig. Mtg. Milieu Jenson, Mtg. Verl Smith. Mtg. „ Chris Dahl. Mtg. Fred Plumb. Mtg. Jens Sorensen, Mtg. Glen Jenkinson. Mtg. George Yanser. Mtg. George W. Hildman, Mtg. _. Ole K. Flom, Mtg. _ Fred A. Diekmann, Mtg. Ficilnr & Chambers Co., Sup. _ Pal McEnroe, Mileage Adah Carlson, Local Registrar Kossutn County Farm Bureau, Approp. for April 416.67 Botstord Lumber Company. Sup. _ General Hospital, Alcohol Blood Tests iDr. M. G. Bourne, Alcohol oiood Test . I Dr. C. H. Cret/meyer, Medical Consultant Fred A. Diekmann, Quarantine KXD _ Monroe Calculating Mach/ Co.. Mnint. Contract . 'i. Bui-roughs Adding Mach,, Co. mam.. Com. on Adding Machine .Mrs. Clotilda Hutchison, Stamped F.nvelopes -. ^ ......._ John F,. McEnroe, Rent I.lovd Hnubach, Janitor Service __ Fred K. Dulton, Assess. Lecl- yard Inc., & Outlawed Warrants Alyin Banwart,, Assess. Gar- lU-ld Twp. . ,. Dale H. Struthers, Assess. Wesley Inc. . . . William Hammer, Assess. Riv- erdnle Twp. ..... E. M. Huber. Assess. Algona J lncorp. , H.-lmer T wp. Jo.seph R. C'^glev. .vssess. iian.- ciuft Inc. .... I.vie F. Frnser, Assess. Burl Twp Paul W. Eigler, Assess. Fenton 31.03 5.00 113.02 120,02 28!). 15 218.05 265.60 223.70 291i30 128.43 9!) .3D 13G.60 4.35 92.01 234.5!) 5.00 1.90 5.10 310.08 384.8!) 285.35 28.80 4.BO 8.!I3 18.35 52.61 95.!)!) 83.59 305.75 10.90 112.76 4.85 4.25 1.74 10.00 21.00 5.10 18.50 20.70 2.10 .85 4.00 .85 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 4.00 4.00 2.00 4.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 8.00 12.00 12.00 12.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4,00 4.00 4.00 4.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 134.16 29.75 38.25 Dr. C. H. Cfefjmcyc)', Phys. FctS .... * T. i. Fund" Dr. R. ,T. Dundas, Indem. Insp, Dr. H. R. Gibson, Indcm. Insb, Orthel & Gruls' Ind6m. ib Caftlc ",283 Brmcf* bfogfisg Fund Ralph W. Blerstedt, Indem. . Catllo _ George A. Hanna. Indem. Cattle John H. Kemna, Indem, Cattle • Count? Assdisar FUnd Fidlai- .& Chambers Co., Sup. Koch Brothers, Sup. Klipto Lonsc Lonf Co , Sup. _ Matt Pnrrolt & Sons Co., su,p. Iowa State Bank, Withheld Taxes . _*_._ la. Old A'Zf Sf Surv, Ins., System, QimrtorH tax .. _t__.. Treasurer of, "Slate. o r Iowa, Consumers XTsp Tax Return „ .. P. A. Gaarde, Grnvcl IjintL.-.^ 16084.60 Carl Glosking. Right-oC-Wfiy,.».- ,,108.80 Co. Treasurer. Hancock County, Taxes ._- ..^....t^ 09.53 H. M. Smith, Salary , 381,20 John D. FrnstT, Salary ^ , 247iHO Thelma Spuiwon, Salary 142.8ft Thomas F. Uesicnlehner, Rodman __ j 3Bd.30 Earl Booth, rodman ,1^14- l 143.85 James H. Morrymnn, Laboiiuiu: 303,80 James H. Merryman, l;:>bor „__•. 104.40 .Tnincs ;!-T. Marryman. I,al>«ru-- .117..00 William N. Bait, Jr., La bow em . • County Bridgpa j.jn,. '54,43 Dale Kern. Labor oil County Bridges B4.04 Howard Lowmaiv Labor- on , County Bridges _..„ 77.62 Bert Sankey, Lnljoi- on County Bridges 30.29 Henry A. fsanhey, Labor on County Bridge's 78.41 Elmer C. Potter, Mtg. 7.60 Taylor & Kalhrvn M. .Tarmnn. Rlj»hl-of-wnv 236.00 Ernest & May Wolfe. Right-of- way 22.50 Harry L. Cutler, Building &' Graveling Rond - 235.00 The Algona Upper Des Moines, Notice of Lct'.in" _ !).'45 The Algona Imp', r Des Moines. Sup. _ 118.93 Whittemoro C'lvnnfilion, Secondary Hoard Notice!; 28.76 Clark & Clark. Secondary Road Motives . . . 23.30 Swea City Herald. Secondary Road Notices 380.55 Paul J. Mel/.gor, Secondary "' . Road Notices ':... 107.40 Elmore C.' & Tilv Co.. Sup. ._. 32.40 Quick Snpplv Co.. Sup. 1223.80 Armco Dr. & Metal Products. Inc., Sup. _ ....4..1- 1154.58 Keuffel & Esser Co., Sup 103.52 Maintenance Fund Philip Reefer, Labor i .44.55 Iowa Slate Bank. Withheld, Taxes *.....:..,, 58'I.SO la. Old Ago & Surv. Ins.. System. Quarterly Tax . .. 467.16 Interstate' Power Company, .Elec. Serv. .,. :_.. 6.43 Treasurer of State of Iowa. Consumers Use Tax Return- 20.00 City of Alfiona. LirjlH. & I-'owoi"» Service ....... - 14.77 Jerry McVny, Labor -- 124.74 lou'n Public S'.M'vice Co., l^lec. Serv 1.02 Central States K.;loctric Co., Elec. S'-rv. 11.70 Albert Monson. Snow Fencing 40.00 Oscar Monson, Snow Fencing 71.84 Lcrov Crapser. Shop Mechanic. 297.26 Joe M. Esser, Operating Drag- line 239.54 <••!,, urn H..i.m>s. Patrol 231.66 Ferdinand Meyer, Patrol 222.26 w. 1 A. Hetinek. Patrol _. - 229.86 Rasmie Hanson. Patrol - 231.66 Bert Shellmver. Patrol 213.26 Clarence Hrntgcs, Patrol 231.66 Hnrold Zimmunnan. Patrol ... 229.86 Merle E. Chamberlain. Patrol. 213.26 Dick McKinnlK, Patrol 204.96 Willis Marshall, l-'atrol 190.73 Oscar Behnkendoi I. Taking Down Snow Fence 75.20 Max H. Block, Taking Down Snow Fence .'71.28 "Max Lau. Taking Down Snow Fence .. '.. 40.00 Joseph Worbv, Jr.. Taking ' -•. ettttt .». tiling an Tilin Loort.t Tiling Clearin trol . StftJl .„ ...... . Oliver Ada^r Re . . Hubert young. Patrol u ..... *_ il,. , *- — -^»^fa.j.»..ib.*A..-— - erstete Power Go., Elec. , Patrol ---- __ uiu.o^ ick Baatle, Fntfol ......... . 1B9.29 H. Cooler,' Patfol — ...... _ 179.78 0,00 ,183.01 167,25 fiwight FijSrahamV'Patrol- Clarence Van HoVe, Patrol John F. Weig, faking Down Snow Fence ..„ fames- M,- .Lang, Patrol y.Hmrd ThpipMbn, Prttrol .... Raymond-Bierie, Patrol 204,i tobert J. Binfcen, Patrol - 22(T, 'ohn F. Gaftney, Taking Down .Snow, Fence ..—.-- » 98.82 R6gef Long, Taking Do%vn Snow Fence ., -.- Qeo. G. Long, Labor Doyal Sanders, #>j»t6l Donald Sanders, Labor . . Clyde Sanders,, Patrol .-. Roelf Miller,, Patrol ^ .,. Theodore -Trump, Patrol . 17.4.72 .Richard Gafrott; t,abor f 124.74 ! D.onnld M, Kollasch, -Patrol — 171.46 Wm. Christehsen, Patrol -..—^ 217,70 P. A. Pehrson, Patrol 2118.22 Clifford G. Biitterfteld, Pntrol 153.70 Algona implement Co.^ Sup.". Alffonn Sales Co., Sup. — * , Bbisfoifd' lAiitiber Qo., Sup... Dutch's Sup'er-Servlce, Sup Funk & Deim, Sup. 1 Oreehbefg Auto Supply, Sup.. Roy R. .Htitzell, Ami-Freoiie... Kohihaas JTdwe., ,SUp. ... F, S, Norton & Son, Sup. ... Ow K. .Rubber Welders, ,SUp._ Perclval Motors, Sup. •._. SphuHz Bros.v Sup. ._.._,.,< Lease & f Lease, Sup, .. _._ Clarence Van- Hove, A8v. Cash .for .Freight Clark & Clark, Platilc Sale Ad. ^(Continued on pfige 7) 22,23 2*4,48 8.06 n.65 72.42 35.19 12.30 1,00 10,09 175.03 0.00 2,65 0.71 31,92 115.31 35.60 With ydir " ROW CftdP TRACtflR " You have two tractors in .one Thlt "OgtCK AXK Ii cniy . la. aftochi lo. any "Row Crop" (ratter. II takti only 15 minutes' ta chang« yaur fraelar tlihar fa a "Sow Crap" or "Wld« front thd" -irattar. -Wtthryeur ."Row Crop" fractal*' canvnrted Into a "Wla> .Front 'liid" tractor, yau can do .ta. many more ^|6bi ,«a|l«r - plowing ,front .whffel In lurraw •- ,na mar« mud and lhaw clegglng — .«all«r..ta op> trate ~ lleeri pnrfoctty - oaer* a!0i fatter - Much lafar - ui«« fuel —'.reduce! fire wear — • ,...._, give* you mere .worl* days. And It't eaiy to i fanverf back 'to a "ftow .Crop" tractor again. No tprclol tooli requlretl., ORDtft . A X I t ' CCMVWTOR" Fits all ROW CROP TRACTORS ONLY $167.50 F.O.B. FACTORY Algona Implement Walt and Deb Hall "COMMERCIAL ST. PHONE 52 (CUT AROUND DOTTED LINE) Hauge, Assess. Hebron 3.51 30.00 7.50 5.00 3.50 •40.00 5.34 17.-14 120.00 15.00 181.00 (il.BB 261.51 282.01 550.52 275.89 303.70 George P. Hawcott, Assess. Hurt Incorp. r Dale T. Packer, Assess. Spring- lickl Twp. Court Fund Joseph V. Hamilton, Court Reporter . Iowa State Bank, Withheld Taxes Joseph V. Hamilton, Court Reporter la. Old Age & Surv. Ins. Sy. Quarterly Tax __- i-Joseph V. Hamilton, Court Reporter Joseph V. Hamilton, Court Reporter Emma Knuds»n, Court Bailiff Library Fund Yeasurer of Slate of Iowa, Consumers Use Tax Return Io\t'a Pupils' Reading Circle Books , Clarkson Publishing Co.. Books J. S. Lattu & Son. Bopks ... Webster Publishing Co., Books International Textbook Co. Books Phillips School Service. Books. L. E. Hutzell, Books Institute Fund Treasurer of State ojf Iowa. Consumers Use Tax* Return National Education Association, Bopks '.'.. •Barrel O' Fun, Books ~— -„,--'Iowa State Teachers College, Books - ;..'-.. State Institutions Fund ma Pearson, Clerk's Fee John M. Schutter, Exam. Phys. Fee D. C. Hutchison,'Atterney Fees .-E. C. McMahon, Attorney Fees A. J. Cogley. Sheriff Fees... Dr. P. V. Janse, Witness Fee? 311.01 262.97 2SB.55 A/n 231.05 14.24 8.75 8.88 24.40 29.40 5.75 4.82 195.03 7.13 19.10 3.07 12.24 10.16 13.22 4.53 - 3.67 1.50 U.25 19.50 7.50 15.00 10.00 30.16 4.10 EXTRA TRADE- ALLOWANCE FOR YOUR OLD TIRE ON A wB.F. Goodrich Silver town T/ie above allowance is over and above our regular trade-in allowance. Just clip this coupon and bring it in. You save an extra $4.00 on a full set of fires; LIMITED OFFER - FJVD5 MIT 3rd Play safe, too, by acting promptly on this Coffer for new B. F. Goodrich Silvertown tires. Tougher cords, and mo're of them, give more strength to the tire body for extra safety. Double shock-absorber breaker Strips cushion and distribute sudden shocks and blows lot extra protection against severe bruises and blowouts.. 1.50 Down 1.25 a Week Every B. F. Goodrich Tire .Carries A LIFETIME GUARANTEE Pul« a 6.00-16 SlJvertown .On Your Car The new Defiance gives dependable, safe jjhileage for the greatest value ever built into a tire at thi§ low price, A REAL LOW PRICED TIRE BUYS A GENUINE B. F. Goodrich DEFIANCE TIRE o P N A , Y r 1.25 DOWN 1.25 PER WEEK OK Phone 308 B 118 N, Tboringtpn -FT. CYLINDER HAY LOADER HARROWS 'Complete With Steel Folding DroV/bar SPECIAL PRICE ' Attachments and Cultivator Conversions 15 Ft.—Wide Type' % Galloway Type Priced To Sell , With Motor and Pickup Attachment Priced To Sell F-14 ON NEW RUBBER With Cultivator 3-14IHC NO, S On Rubber -14IHC NO. 8 On Steel International ALER TWINE $12.50 bale BINDER TWINE $lliOObole ALGONA IMPLEMENT CO. (NTIRNATI0NAI HARViSUR PONTIAC . Iff! COMMIRCIAk ST» 'Phone 52

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