Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 25, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 25, 1894
Page 3
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OTROUNDED BY MISERY! A Great Mistake. A recent discovery Is that headache, dlutncss, dullnew, confusion of tlio mind, •tc., aro duo to derangement of tbe nerve centers which supply tho brain with nerve force j that indigestion, dyspepsia, nou/nlgla, •wind In stomach, etc., arise from tho derange- niont of tho norve centers supplying those organs with ncrvo fluid or force. Tills Is likewise true at many diseases of tlio Imartanu lungs. The nerve System Is llko B telegraph system. M will bo soon by Ue acoompauyiug cut. The llttlo white lines are the nerves which convoy the nervo force from tho nervo centers to «very part, of tho body.mst as tho • «lectrfccurromIs conveyed aloni? tho telegraph •wires to o v o r y •t&tloD, lanje or r *mall. Ordinary physirlnns full to regard tills f;ict; Instead of treat- inn tlio uerve centers for thocnuso of tho disorder* arising therefrom they t r o a t \the .part affected. ^ v,Franfciln Miles, M. P., LL. B,, the highly celebrated ipeclall.it and student of nervous diseases, and author of many noted treatises on tho latter subject, long «lnco realized tho truth of tho first statement, and liU Restorative Nervlno Is prepared on that principle. Its success Jn curluj all diseases arising from aoranKO- rnOQt of tho nervous system U wondor- ful. as the thousands of unsolicited testimonials la possession of tho company manufacturing the remedy amply prove. Dr. Miles' Kestoratlvo Nervine Is a reliable remedy for nil nervous diseases, such as headache, nervous debility, prostration, nleople*ine«i, dizziness hysteria, sexual, ue- Dlllty, St. Vitus danco,, epilepsy, etc. It Is sold V all druggists On a positive guarantee, or sent direct by the Dr. wllet Medical Co., Ellcbart. lad., on receipt of price, SI per bottle, six bottles for K. express prepaid. Restorative Nervine positively contain* no oplatei or dangerous drugs. CLEAN AND TIDY AS A NEW PIN, The last cockroach bas packed fall tfrip and left. The ante bellum odor faas been killed and burled. The ttble linen Is now changed onco In a while »n£ you can't write your name on the dishes any more. We make fresh -coffee morning and evening, b»lte our own pastry, serve meals well cooked give you all you can eat at a low rate. What more do you wantP We want your patronage and will endeavor to deserve It. Come and see the change at 320 Broadway. Be«t supplied lunch short order counter in the county. Open all night. j ! ^riviiCiju rr Just as soon as you will find such diseases as l'-.£i-. SL. V:tiis D^nm, Epilepsy, Kit-.:;, 'cs-itu.isrir.rl Nervous Prostration LhHvhi;.: v.-i«"--"«trcm£, healthy nerves'ore: aii-i just as ilarktiess.is driven out and tin: *>r sweetened and purified by tl.u \viiitx iigh; of tin- sun, so Or. WHEELER'S NER'V3 VITALIZER tjrivc'i out diseases and puts new lifo in:'. the nerves wh'ich have been preyed I;;K,:: This is why MM. G. K. Watts ot Bran-! y Wir.e, V.I., snid: "J sleep delightfully and my nerv« are wonderfully strengthened—never nail anything do my nerves so much good.'. You don't need this if Well and stroiij< but if weak dd neryo.us, you do. PBICrsJI.OOA'BOTTLE Inquire of druggists for free sim^if. If not found, write us enclosing hvv ren:* (stamps) for postage. The doctor nivor- ,— -i free advice to any iiervti '"'--""* disease sufferers. Al? welcome. The J.W. Brant Cr> | We offer $500 to any physician or cbemlHt wh.i can •thOW byaimiydirtOl othcrwl»»(,th»tthl« remedy contAlnn morphine, opltim or »ny ALBION. MICH. Ao« 4» O»y »t,. New York Sold by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. DAILY JOURNAL, FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 26. Quaker keadaob* oapiuli lief ID ton mlnuMi. Hou§e for Sale Very Cheap—No. 808 Sycamore itreet Inquire of A. DeLong, No 402 Market ttreet. Acute and ohronio catarrh; diseases Ol the throat and ear treated by Dr. J. H. Shultz, 412 Fourth itreet. Telephone 157. When nervoui and weak take Bine. htrt'« LlTor Pllli} ««» grlplnK or naueeau. 1 ado^e. For tale by B. F. Keeillng and Key• ton* drug: ttore. The relation between the itomaob •adnnrve «yilem U to oloie that a luppoted ttomaoh trouble ii uiual •ymptom of nerroui dyip«pila. Dr, WhMler 1 ! NMT« Vlultaw goto at root of th* trouble. On* dollar of Ben filter. ' :, '• .•. ' . Call* It» Gbot-t, Kokomo Dispatch: From time to time the residents ot tbe west end o: the county have been troubled with surveyors tramping over their fields, setting stakes and heading, as the people believed, the advance guard o: a railroad to be built from Logansport to Indianapolis, a short line feeder for the Pennsylvania. The work haa never progressed any farther than the setting of stakes and the voting of sub aidles by the townships interested to help build the roafl. The ghost of the roau has been revived at Frankfort, and according to the Frankfort News there is some tangible evidence that business ia meant by the project, ora of tho scheme. The News says that Cblof Engineer Garner, of the Indianapolis, Logansport & Chicago R. R., the p oposed line which touches the eastern part of Clinton county was in this city yesterday conferring with J. R. Brown on milters pertain ing to the survey. Mr. Osmer says that certain eastern capitalists are about to take bold of the road, and in this event the line will bo built from Indianapolis to Chicago within tho next few months. Through- this country there were two routes sur veyod, one passing through Russiaville, the other through Solrclsvllle, Forest and Tallholt, and tho matter that is troubling the company most at present is the right of way into Indianapolis. The Memorial War Book. This ia truly a memorial war book as drawn from historical records and personal narratives of tho men who served la tho groat struggle. Thoso narratives are prepared by Major George F. Williams, author of several famous books of army life, also special war correspondent with the army of the Potomac, the army of the James, the army of the Shannandoah and the army o' tho Cumberland; also correspondent in the Franco-Mexican war, the Guatemala- Nloaraguan war and the Chill-Peru 'Ian war, etc. It ia illustrated by ,wo thousand magnificent engravings, reproduced largely from photographs taken by the U. S. Government pho tographers, M. B. Brady and Alexander Gardner, being the only original photographs taken during the war of he Rebellion; making a complete panorama of the greatest event in his tory, Including portraits of the lead- erg and commanders of both the federal and confederate armies and navies, giving, for the first time, complete pictorial representation of the scenes, battles and incidents, the whole forming a fitting memorial of the greatest event of the century, ;he most momentous of the ages. If you have not yet begun taking this book, bring your coupons at o'noe and get No. 1. You will then follow the series. For its great historical value It should be In every home. Do not delay. Real Estate Trtuwfera. Lint ot transfers of teal estate In Cass county reported by Frank H. Wlppermsn abstractor o! :Itles, conveyancer and notary pnbllc, InsuronM and loan agent, titles to real estate eiamlned and defective titles perfected. Money to loan at owest rates. Office 206 Fourth street directly opposite Court House entrance, Logansport, Ind. Frank J. Dletil to Edwin Dlehl n DO a wVi seli sec 7, Washington tp I 2500 00 Lucy Owon to Win. Schreyer lot 45 Pleasant Hill add to Mt Hope JghnH Schwerdman adm. to ElwooU Power lotG Behrpn's dd -i---^-.-,Jentie Throckmorton to Pet«r C. Williams und 1-7 nwiA sec 29 Miami tp.... B E Murphy to Addle K Carnlne HO a off e i>ld« nwVi sec 21 Jackson tp Inreai-et Twotney to P. J. Twome) lot 31 T. C. Whlteside's 2d add Lml Snj-der t« Catherine Bean lot 3 Snydet add to Onward .iiwndii Williams to Michael Morrlsey lot 8 Cecil & Wilson's lit add 1100 00 Geo. Hoffman to John M. Bliss lot 182 •West End ndd / 250 «0 johnM. Bll» toynnsIer&Mahoney lot 193 West End add 250 00 Frank Dlehl to A, J. Robinson tVt seV4 sec 7 Washington tp 4 ™u yo Twelve mortgages Bled aggregating 6835 00 Vnndulla Llue Excursion Rat«. Excursion rates June <Ub and 6th, .•ouud trip tickets to Indianapolis $2.36 to return to and Including June 7th. Munolo Ind,, round trip |2.10, June llth and 12th. Kvansvllle, Ind., round trip $6.80, June 8th and 9th, good to return Ins eluding June 18th. For further particulars call on J. C. EDQEWORTH, Agt. Spring Medicine*. The almoat universal habit of using some kind of spring medicine to Improve the blood and cleanse the §yttem -has its advantages, if the proper remedy is used. What la needed Is to arouse the liver and stimulate the kidney a- The best remedy to use Blnebart'i P11U. For Bale by B. F Keesllng and Keystone drug store. Home Seeker*' Bxcnrsilon Nor(Hwe*l. Went, lto««nwe«t, and s»uth via Pennsylvania Line*, May 29th, special excursion tickets to points in Northwest, West, Southwest and South, will be sold at principal ticket stations on the Pennsylvania lines. Tickets will be good returning thirty days. For details please apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent or address F. Van Dunn, Chief Assistant General Passenger Agent, Pitts burg,: Pa. Silver belt buckles oaly 40 o»nt», at 6500 50500 1S5000 9000 00 40000 MflO THE HIGHEST AWARD. Boyal BaklnK Powder In Strength and Value 20 per Cent. Above IW Neucit Competitor.. The Koyal Baking Powder has the enviable record oi having received the hlgbeit award for articles of Its class —greatest strength, purest ingredients, most perfectly combined—where 1 ever exhibited in competition with others. In the exhibitions of former years, at the Centennial, at Paris, Vienna, and at the various State and Industrial fairs, where it has been ex hiblted, judges have Invariably awarded the Hoyal Baking Powder the highest honors. At the recent World's Fair the examination for the baking powder awards was mado by the experts of the chemical division of the Agricultural Department at Washington. Tho olliclal report of the losts of the baking powdars which were made by this departn eat for the specific purp so of aacortaiuing which was tho best, and which has been mado public, shows the leavening strength of tbe Koyal to be 168 cubic inches ot carbonic gas per ounce of pi, wder. Of the cream 0( tartar bak'.ug powders exhibited at tho fair, tho noxt highest in strength thus leetod contained but 138 cubic inches of leavening gas. Tho other powders gave an average of 111. The Royal, therefore, was found of 20 per cent, greater leavening strength than its nearest competitor, and 44 per cent, above the average of all the other tests. Its superiority in other respects, however. In the quality of the food it makes as to fineness, delicacy and wholouomenosB, could not be measured by figures. It is theae high qualities, known and appreciated by the women of the country for so many yoara, that have caused the sales of tho Koyal Baking Powder, &s ehown by statistics, to exceed the sales of all other baking powders combined. MEXICAN AGRICUL1 UHfc, Where Steer* Are Km ploy oil to Do the Plowing. At tho Ciisa Camadra are two old log nouses, and in them live some squalid, yellow-hided humans who aro to farm. a little stretch of bottom land this year. They require work steers to do iheir plowing, and Mr. Hell hus brought up half a dozen vicious old "stags," which are both truculent and swift of foot. Tho Mexicans insist that they are not able to handle them, and Mr. Bell orders his punchers into action. I strolled out to the corrals to see tbe bulls "gentled."' After a lot of riding 1 and yelling they were herded and dragged into the inclosure, where they luddled while seven punchers sat on their ponies at the gate. : I was standing at one cornur of the corral, near tho men, when out from ,ho midst of the steers walked a big 1 jlack bull, which raised its head and fazed directly at me. The bull had never before in its stupid life observed a man on foot, and 1 comprehended mmediately what ho would do next, so I "led out" for tho casa at a rate of speed which the boys afterward never TOW weary of commending. No Spangled torero of tho bull-ring ever >ut more heart and soul into his run- ilng than did I in my greatcoat and ong hunting spurs. The bull made a 'fo'lorn hope" for tho gate and tho jallant punchers melted away before ;he charge. The diversion oi tho punchers made ,,ho retreat of the infantry possible, and from an intrenched position I saw tho bulls tear over the hill with tho junchers "rolling their tails" behind. After an hour of swearing and hauling" and bellowing, tho six cattle were' ug-g-ed back to the pen and the bars jut up. The punchers came around to jongratulate mo on my rapid recovery Irom a sprained ankle, when they hap- ienod to observe the cattle scouring off for the open country. Then there was a grunting oi! ponies as the spurs went in, some hoarse oaths, and for the ;hird time they tore away after the 'gentle work oxen." The steers had taken the bars in their stride. Another hour's chase, and this time the animals were thrown down, trussed up like turkeys for the baking, and tied to posts, where they Iny to kick and bellow the night throush in im- jotent rage, Tho punchers colled their •opes, lit their cigarettes, and rode off .n the gathering g^ 00111 ' Tno morning tallowing, the steers wero let up, and, ihough wet and chilled, they still roared defiance. For agricultural purposes a Mexican "stag" would bo as raluable as a rhinoceros or .Bengal tiger, und I await with interest the re- jort of the death rate at the Casa ,'amadra during spring plowing.— larper'6 Magazine, S..-V CARE OF LIVE STOCK. FEED hogs at regular intervals, ftoth- ing is more essential to a healthy anl- ADD salt in moderate quantities to tho me»s given to hogs; you will find your account in attending to this. VABY your bill of fare. Variety will create, or, at all events, increase appetite, and it Is farther mott conducive to health. CLEANS* the trough previous to feeding hogs, by washing out carefully. Without this precaution all other attempts at o>anUn«ss will be in vain. D«ath oi » Michigan noneer. .MiHOMitnw, Mioh., May a4.-Charle» McEeod, who came to Monommee sixty years ago and had lived here opntfna- illv »T»r since/died Wednesday morning at the ag« of 80 years. He was the - man to Mttl* OB tto Ms' ' " : ''''' '' ''' WENT FOR HIS WAISTCOAT. Tb»n WM Money In It bat It Koqnlred Nervo to BO Attar It. Reading an article in which were do scribed tbe exporioncos of two men in a railroad wreck, where a car rollei over and over down an embankinen Into a river, reminded a New Yorke of a similar accident. "There isn't anything in the worl< that I know," lie said, "that makes a man loso his senses so completely a being- tumbled over and over in a fall Ing- car, and yet I mot a man onco wbj seemod thu personification, of coolness in just such a situation. As soon as our car left the track we wore all shot from our berths in various directions being 1 tumbled up and down anc around as the car kept on turninf somersaults. Like tlio people 1 real about, we landed ill tho water, anc when the car camo to a standstill, after its terrifying bumping and crushing, 1 was so frightened that I coul" scarcoly move my arms to keep ray head above water. "Near me, however, was a man wlio kept his heart. "'Don't splash around so, he said. 'You'll cut yourself. The car is full o) broken glass, lamps, wrenched rods and rails, und you'll. h..ck yourself to pieces.' "JUit I thought I was ] drowning, and I shouted my fears to him. "Oh, no,' he said, 'we aro not drowning-; we'll fjet out of this easily. 1 "But it was not so easy to escape as my cool friend assured'me. Tho whole inside work hud boon shattered, and there was nothing by which we could climb to the windows, which were hig-h ubovc us, as our car was overturned, lying- on its roof. "Wo made so many efforts to jump up, always falling back into tho water, thut I became exhausted. My friend, however, kept on encouraging me. "Finally, with his assistance, I managed to clutch a window frame, and I got out. He followed me shortly afterward. The first tiling he did when he had climbed outside was to examine himself for cuts and other wounds. ' 'Well, I guess i am alive,' he said, with a laugh, 'After we had sat there for a while, watching with shivers tho wreckers working- out to us, my friend declared that he was going 1 to crawl back into tho car. 'Great heavens!' I be^-jed, don't do that; we were lucky to get out ouce. You might get pinned thoro or drowned by the rising- water.' i have n waistcoat in there,' he answered, 'and in the inside pocket there's over one thttasand dollars. I am going back for Mat waistcoat. My berth was an end one, and I mig-ht be able to find it' In the face of my protests he crawled back through the window, and when he dropped down with a loud splash I was as 'rattled' as if 1 had been there again myself. 1 could hear him pulfiug around in the water down there for a long- time, while he fished for his waistcoat. Finally his wet head came through the window once more, and I was never more glad 1/0 see a man, '"I.got it!' he said, with a triumphant laug-h. 'Pretty wet, but th« bills seem to be hero. Watch is gone. Too jad, too; it was given to me, but one can't expect to save everything out of a railroad wreck,' he added cheerfully. He was a cool man, that fellow, and nothing- could disturb his good humor." —N, Y. Tribune. An OKI Time Sumtimr Kedort. Long Branch has been a summer resort for one hundred and sixteen years. A Philadelphia!! in 177S engag-ed summer boarding for himself and family at the Col. White house, Long Branch, •upon condition that he provide hisown bedding. Ho provided not only bod- ding but meat as well, because tho landlady could furnish only fish and vegetables. The property in question, Deluding one hundred acres, was sold jn 1790 for seven hundred dollars, and two thousand dollars . having been •pent in improvements, a regular sum- ner resort was opened. Two years ater the visitors at the place saw tho mttle between the English frigate, Soston and tho French frigate Ambus- :ade —!N. Y. Sun. *1UO Reward, $101). The reader of this paper will be pleased to earn that there 18 at least one dreaded diseases hat science lias been able to cure In all Its utagw and that Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is the onlj Dosltlye cure known to the medical f raternltj. latarrli being a eonstltnttenal dlsemo, requires a constltntlonftl treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cnre Is atom Intemallj, acting directly on the blood and mucus surfaces of th« srstem, thereby destro/lng the foundation of tlie disease, and giving the pa- lent strength by bnlldlng up the constitution and omitting nature In doing Its work. The proprle- orshaveso mu«h faith In Its curative powers, ;hat they ofler One Hundred Dollars for any casa that It falls to cure. Sent! for list of testimonials. Address, K. J. CHENEY i CO., Toledo, 0. HTdold by druggists, XVhat Will l>o III Medical writers claim that the auo~ cesaful remedy for nasal catarrh must be non irrltatlnj?, easy of application, and one that will roach the remote sores and ulcerated surfaces. The history of the efforts to treat catarrh is proof positive that only one remedy has completely met these conditions, and that is Ely's Cream Balm. This safe and pleas-tnt remedy has mastered catarrh as nothing else has ever done, and both physicians and patients freely concede this fact. Our druRgists keep It. ^ ADalrrmau'a Opinion. There Is nothing I have ever used for tauBOular rheumatism that glvei me as much relief as Chalmborlain's Pain Balm does. I have been using it for about two years—four bottles In all—as occasion required, and always keep a bottle of It in my home. I believe I know a good thing when I get bold of It, and Pain Balm Is the host liniment I have ever met with. — W, B. Denny, dairyman, New Lex- tngvra, Ohio. 00 Mitt botttw for saU "- ':F.Kf«ilIi»fr,I>r«iTfl«*'-;-'.--. ; ,'fe.^ '. . • -•" -^ ''^''^~-: L ,!-.v :: . "• •••* i.. ' "';•• • •:?,*: '-Vt^ffviiWIi^iU- -•;.•.,-'>";yp'-;S4-*i ^fe.&^'SW,- AM, fe^sd$6 ZOA-PHORA, "DISEASES OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN," o basli worth dollart, lint tialtd for toe. Beennito CIK !•• * PAlnlM, p«Mt development and thu prmnts IlA-lMf; weakneu. SniUlni and soothes Overworked Women, Exhausted and prevents prolapins. Cores Palpitation, ness, nervous breaking down ( preventing inranlty), providing; a Change of Life, and » hate old age. Eeadcr, suffering from any complaint peculiar to the female MX, ZOA-PHOEA to worth everything; to yon. letters for advice, marked "Consulting; Dcpirtroent," «*• teen by our phyilclans only. ZOA-PHOKA CO., H. G. COLKAN, Sec'y, Kalamaeoo, Mich. THE MARIE BURROUGHS ART PORTFOLIO OF STAGE CELEBRITIES Is now complete in FOURTEEN PARTS, the entire series making- tho most ELEGANT WORK of this character EVER PUBLISHED. A great many Journal readers have availed themselves of the opportunity to secure these parts as they came in from week to week but ther« aro a number of subscribers who have expressed a desire to secure the complete set without the coupons. To give all an opportunity to secure thl* The Journal has decided to distribute the complete set of 14 parts on th« following: terms: CUT THIS OUT. Upon presentation oi' this Coupon at the DAILY JOUBNAL ABT PORTFOLIO JXEPART3IENT to- {jeher vvitti 81.75 the entire series [ Complete in fourteen parts] ot the MARIE BURROUGHS fVRT PORTFOLIO Of STAGE CELEBRITIES Will be delivered to you. No extra charge for sets sent by mail. CUT THIS OUT. This offer does not interfere in the leastlwith the existing offer of part for 8 coupons and 10 cents, as the coupons will be published for a BOf- loient time yet to all who have started on the series to complete their let*. but is Intended for those who for various reasons have neglected to MY* their coupons. _m Don't fail to secure the set at once as this offer will only hold good until Saturday, May 26,1894 DEGRADED RUSSIA. Itii Social Anpect and Moral Condition li the Klghteentb Ontnry. Peter the Great said of liis country and said truly: "Russia is rotten bc- rore she is ripe." To realize the true meaning 1 of these words and the fall ness of their implication, one mus study in detail the reigns of Elizabeth and 'Catherine II. In Eussia, during ,he eighteenth century, were to be found side by side the vices alike o savagery and civilization. Add to the ack of social instinct, of humanity in ;he wider sense, and of moral respon sibility that is to be found in a Zulu traal, the worst corruptions that are ored in courts like that of Louis XV. and one can form some faint notion o the Russian capital nnder Elizabeth and Catherine. The country, as a whole, was oriental in its want of civil organization, l)Ut without the idealism of the east, The capital was a welter of blood anc lust, barbarism and sophistry, atheism and superstition, drunkenness anc savage violence, indolence and se»ni insane activity. The moral condition •was reflected in the physical. Never •was there such, a mixture ot squaloi and magnificence as in the-palaces o: ;he Empress Elizabeth, The rudest and- the most costly furniture were lumble'd together. Filth and splendor were always alternating, and the vilest food was eaten oft plates of gold.— Spectator. —The guild of shoemakers is mentioned in A. D. 083 as being at that time a very old, wealthy and respectable organization. La Grippe Vahauished. A r 1 Is a SURE SPBCI- T-V KICto this dreaded dlneate, u most any resident of Arkansas citrcantetuir- Santa Fe Railroad Boys Heard From. [B. R. B. PHELPB: DSAK 610.— I take meat pl«a»nr* In recommending your FouM! for coogM and colds , Harinc given It a trial, r could rsoom- raend no better medicine for my friends. Very truly, L. W. KIMKEDT, Station Baggageman. Santa Fe Engineer's Story 1 contracted a bad cold; WM so no»r»» I could only speak shore » whisper; the oourt was very dlstrtxslng; purchued a bcttle oi your Kour-C; It cur«l almost from tbe itart. Itakegreatpleuureln rsoommenolnf It to DI ' Men<ta - DUCT PC 4 r Is sold under a |nw- rnbLro T-t utMtoiiw PCM SattifMUvn M money always returned, br 5OO DOZEN Of these Beautiful Waists In Blue. Pink. Lavender. Navy and Black ground. Sizes 22 to 42. Only 5 0 Cents AT THE BUSY BEE HIVE, : 09-411 Broadway. A Pointer for Traveler*, While Mr. T. J. Elchey, of Alton* Mo., was traveling in Kansas he WM taken violently 111 with cholera mor. bus. He called at a drug store to gat none medicine and the druggltt reoom- mended .Chamberlain 1 * Colic. Cholera and Dlarrhosa Remedy so highly h* concluded to try it. The resmlt WM immediate relief, and a few dote* ;ured him oompletely. It it made for bowel complaint and nothing eUe. It never falls. For tald by B. F. K«M. ling- Drugglit _ A Happy Hi»kM4. DELAWARE, O.—After four month* uie of Slmmoni' Llrer Regulator mjr wlfeU almoit entirely roller** oC ;brooio oODitlpatedandblMdlnf ptlMk —W. B. U«p«r. Tour dnif girt •*• t la powder or liquid. TM powtar a$lkif£ to* ;;S- iall&fe^ ; Si^

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