The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 22, 1948 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 22, 1948
Page 9
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I? --?:!•<. Igonn SECOND SECTION JUHE.22, Soil Area Larffe As Yearly 1450 Acres In lew Program : or This Area Conservation District Backing , Gains Rapidly Soil conservation farming is dining ground in this county. The Kossuth'County Soil Con- fservatlon District was establish- Icd In February, 1947, with three Commissioners, George '-Hagge, Ledyar'd! Frank Droessler, Ban- cr'bft and J. C, Skow, Wesley, elected by the \andowners. This entitled the district to technical assistance from the Soil Conser-. vation Service. Since personnel was not available at that time tr> establish an office In, the county, not much was accpmplished the firU year. f In April of- ^his year Leon Laird was established in the Soil Conservation 'Service office at Algona to servo as the technician farm planner for Kossuth county. Since-his arrival, Mi-. Laird has found the farmer? ,in_ the county very much interested in "good conservation" farming and proper land ,use. They realize that much has been done lo break down the productivity of the soil. They also realize that more, must be done to bring back sbil'.conditions that prevailed a few years back. In many areas of the county bald spots are cropping Up in the .fields. Areas ,can be found that v do not drain as.well as they have formerly because of heav\ cropping. Some areas are eroding to the point of gullying. All these factors and many others arc items that the Soil Conservation District is interested : ; in correcting. The district also knows that it is more than a 'one' man job. It is a job for everyone. It must be carried out thi-pugh the efforts of farmers, \ the district and the SA9/ THAT 6UY AIN'T NUTS-HE JUST SAVE AAE SOME MONEY AN' TOLP ME TO BUY MYSELF A .GIFT* ' iLUSBY & GIOSSI technicians that are here to as^ sist. It is also a job;' requiring the cooperation of all agricul* tural agencies.,. Wat, ttatd on Soil Furthermore, conservation of our soil is of vital importance to the townspeople or anyone else wh'cther they live on the farm or not. The war years pulled doubly hard on the soil to take car'e of the demand of the armed forces plus the home forces. Now we must work together to reclaim the condition of the soil to- meet the demand of the future generations. The amount of durface soil being lost in the- United . Stales each year is equal to an area almost a* large as Kossuth county, You nifty say. Kossuth county has' no erosion problem. Your district thiriks differently and a little observation will reveal - the places that are becoming very thin for producing ihe bjread of life. Many of the farmers of Kossuth county are taking advantage of the 'district's farm planning service. To date the commissioners have approved 22 requests for technical assistance . and have quite a number more to consider at the June meeting, k Any one Can Apply Tha requests are voluntary and it is each farmer's privilege to request tho assistance available. When the requests are approved j a series of planning meetings are' conducted by Mr. Laird for the purpose of discussing 1 cropping, system best suited, to different types of soil; different soil treatments such as fertilizer arid lime qnd practices related to drainage, Contouring, etc. A plan for each Individual farm is prepared .vhich includes a soiPmap, a land use map and a schedule of the cropping system for each field. The desired result is to put each icre to its best use. Requests to date'cover an area af some 9,450 acres . distributed throughout the county. Following is a list of those requesting' assistance in formulating conservation plans: Owner and'Operator: Henry Henrickson. West=Bend; Donald Usher, Ottosen. F. F,. Fett, LuVerne. Mrs? -Edna^Har^r. Algona; Gco, Pioneer Hi-Bred Corn' Co.j'"Al- L. *E. Callies, .TJtonkal R. E. Stevens, Burt' , ,'„ '• • ' •' W. J. WrJmml, Wesley; tf. J. Vitzthum, Wesley.- Hugh M. Black, ct al; Algona. Hugh Raney, Algona; W. R. Raney, Algona. Mrs. Geo. Gqdfrey.jAmes.'/Cor- win- Peer, AlgOna. ' : Bernard Capesius, LuVerne. Paul Black, .Algona. Robert Black, Algona. Raymond F. Smith, Lakota; and Alfred L. Christ, Irwin Koppen, and Lauren Thompson, Lakota. F. T. Lewis, Lakota. Tico Brack, Ledyard; Arthur Zielske, Bancroft. C. A. Gutkne'cht, Lakota. /Wee/ Your NEW NEIGHBORS r ' » r Will yoge p ?ijn inherit a farm »Mch as thi*^eri 'Bnd ryn down?*; ' -•,.-. •*. - f ,«^n*,h--' ', v^ •J " ,-'Vf!'< - - .,••?•-. I He need pat. N°Hf YOU Uertln now te proetlce soil ef 4uno2Q»27, and every '' s Long's Studio photo. Mr. and Mrfi. Joe Hanawalt recently moved to Algona' from Charles City, and are new neighbors living in ihe east part of town. It was difficult, they said, io find a place to live and they plan, as soon as conditions warrant to either buy or build a home. , ' Mr. Hanawalt is a new mechanic at ihe Al?ona Implement Co. here. At Charles City he was employed by the Iowa Public Service Co. Born at Dumont he graduated from hiih school there and later attended the Hemohill Diesel school at Mem- He W8*1n 1^'6'arrn.y air forces 3'/z years, ell but five months overseas ' in the Southwest Pacific. Mrs;'.Hanawalt is the former Vivian Obrscht. Sha was born on a farm near Thornton, graduated from the local high school, attended Iowa teachers college and lau?hi some six years orior to marriage. Mrs. Hanawalt would almost seem to have made curls 4-H • work an avocation. She was a club member 11 years, won state awards in baking, canning and general records, and in 1940 she attended the National Youth Foundation camp. . She said she met,quite a few Kossuth county 4-H girls in the course of Sweet City Home Sold; Plan Honors For A. H, Schulers Swea City—The A. M. McAninch home in the south part of town has been purchased by Mr. end Mrs. Arthur Peterson. The hew owners have not decided as to when thoy will move in from thoir present faim home. Mr. and Mrs. McAninch, who held a sale of their household goods last Ayeck, spent a few days at Guck- ecn, Minn., with their daughter Mrs. Charles Faugust, prior to taking up residence at the Win- ttebago, Minn., home for the aged, Plan Schuler Farewell The PTA and the school board are completing plans for a community farewell party at the' Srhool auditorium on June 25 for Mr, ami Mis. A: H. Schuler, Who *J|1 move to Forest City at an .early dote. Mr, Schuler recently resigned thfc : superintendency of the local school to accept a similar position 'at 'Forest City. Grrel New'Daughter ' , A daughter was born June 14 at an Algona:, hospital to Mr. and Mrs IIarq[$.',Conway. The Con- otrter child, a boy. wedding anniversary on 'July 7 with a picnic dinner at noori at their home and open house in the evening* lot their mends. Goes To Atmy School ; Mrs. Blanche ftichardson has received word that her son, Albert Saul, stationed at Denver, Colo.,, \6 attending typist school and upon • completion of the course he will enter stenographic training. Albert, a'graduate of the Swea City high school, waa a member of the'$947 high school basketball team' which w.on its way to the s^ate tournament. He joined the a|piy early this year. Mrs. Robert Evans and daughters, Strawberry Solnt, visited at the parental. Ord 4 Simmons home last week. : * Daisy Fundcrburk, Baptist young people's worker in Oak land. Calif., visited her sister Mrs. Ervin Link last .week. She was en route to Green Lake, V/is., lo attend a youth conference.! The Rev. and Mrs. Raymond Swanson and-}} family :> of Flint, Mich., spent Saturday and Sunday- with former parishioners here. Mrs. J.'L. Vaux was taken ill while at i-hu'rch on Sunday and is conlined to her home under the care' of Mrs.'Meris Jacobs. Dorothy Kylen will arrive home the fore part of the week after two weeks spent with relatives in Chicago Mrs. Warren Schrum of Chicago, who has been visiting her mother Mrs. Jennie McCrary, returned to Chicago by train on Thursday night. She and her husband, Dr. Schram of the Northwestern university school of dentistry, will drive to Swca City this weekend in their new car, and will spend a few days here before going to Frazee, Minn., to visit relatives. Mrs. George Buttcrficld ' Sr. spent last week at Lake Crystal, Minn., with her daughter Mrs. Wm. Siemens. Mrs. Siemens, wno has not been well., expects to go to the Mayo clinic at Rochester for treatment. Mr. Buttcrfield went to the home of his son Fre< Wednpvdav nnd later went t< Lake Crystal. At 'OsagCj-upenei t Schools G. H. Sawyer has fet^Sd after 51 ye%fs\of service in ths Osage school system, the Wst 47 ai superintendent. Colonial's New ALL* FUEL FURNACE A complete and economical forced air system ,that can be easily converted from coal to gas 6r oif. BtJRN COAL NOW and change to GAS or OIL later if you wish. LAIN6 & MUCKEY Phone 464 North : h .1 R •4 WANT ADS BRINGfl RESULTS GREED COLO mm. fURDflCE SERVICE ways Jerry H>etl<MaTOk'ota,.' Tory JNodlaW^CorwithV ' * , Cat-roll -Cram, 'Cor,w r lth. •• «• •. James..W, T.indalht'Coi'with.'-- Leo P. Elbert,'C0r,wifh. Fredrick WUV-Cor^Whr • ^ffrs. S. E. 'Sm'Hh,', Minneapolis, Minn?; Dennis Fv Can-oil, Lu- Verne. , - » E. J. VanNcsf^'' Algona, and Mrs. Trcnary, Cor^vith, Trenary Bros., Corwith, > i, ,,>,, Harris Ehler, Champaign, 111.; Chas. vSorensbn, Corwith, la. Charles Sorensen,, ,C,orwith. ' £.. A. Macy, Longmo'unt, Colo.; Wesley .Cleveland,, Corwith, Frank Devitt, Algona; John V.oss Jn,, LuVerne, . ' "Earl R.' Cliamber3",'"Corwith.' Mrs. Hackman, ' Knoxville, Tenri.; Earl 'R. Chambers, Corwith. « Jacob Maasdam, LuVerne;- Arthus Maasdam, LuVerne. I A. H. Tracy, San Antonio, Tex.; Virgil E. Moore, Swea City. Baseball, Fan . Iowa's, oldest living pharmacist po-year old Tom Williams, of Eddy ville, is an .ardent baseball fan.' Ho livi ref"- the high school diamond and is frequently calleU into service as an umpire. Mr. Williams,;'in spite of nis years, still has good eye-s^ight and hearing. He lives alone with his two dogs. Is Nurso : Graduaio , Mary Jane^'Lobb, -daughter ol •Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lobb Jr., foi msr Swea Cityans now ot ^liKajio, recently received her diploma in nurses training from Cook county hospital's nurses tiaining school in Chicago. Mary Jane, a graduate of the Swca City high school with the class of 1945, was cne of 38 women to receive the Chicago hospital's 'diploma this year. GeMen Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mc-Adams, longt'me residents of this community, will observe their golden STTEEZ. V-Pulleys •%.«-<" t J-»-iV7* The Perfect Heward ... . . . . to your sitiil as a progressive, soil conserving farmer is the Kfcrurh in increased yields, saved soil and water. • ., -t • CONTOURING BOOSTS YIELDS . . . . acre Ocrts— 5 bu. per acre SAVES . . , . 10% In fuel and power 50% in sail erosion , Consult your local Federal Farm conservation Agent, machinery; repair bills ' Post Office, Algona, Iowa. IOWA SOIL CONSERVATION WEEK IS JUNE 20-27*" Phone 52 , Commercial St. • Precision'Mac|« O Run absolutely tru* PRATT ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING LT I By Up and Dowrs Farming '* ^'New machined ar,e be- ,«PB<,fi<tev«lopfi?| every • year< toiwid |iQtt9r\'con- "servaflon- fcrr'mlng; But not even,' the best machine can do the job unjess its operotor is skilled in practices, conservation Yovr conservation i flis|rlct l,s the place SQIL CONSiRV/^W^ON * fc- >ft .-» c-w- ur __.*. *^T •• *$Si& ' W< • STATEMENT OF State Ba ALGONA, IOWA j , RESOURCES.... *' Soil Is Iowa's most important natural resource. It took c bviltj that soil resource,, but, like bank resources, it can be lost very qujcklyr u. -'- M- s5 to maintain your resource— and ours— practice sound conservation '' ' 5 •" ' '' DIVIDENDS -..•'•• *f - | V I Kf h IX LS «?.... „ '*' - .. ' .'" ' ';, ,\ •. • •.••.'•'• Our stockholders receive djy id^nd§ ,.qach year on the t-.' Your soil represents invested cdpital]qnd^ like our bank', it pays dividends for efrifient management.; TheVe l5!uj|y.ciljy ! one stockhpjtjer on. the'averqge, Iowa farm— the if ellow wh'o rides the: tractor^ ~ T , • : ! , • -.:" •, •-••.X- .• ' ' > OVERDRAFTS.... > ' * lt j ( We can't take money out of the bank all the. time without putting some back* The available plant food in your soil is the same. The man wlto mines thfl soil by farming row crops on the same land year after vear is headed . for l|n overdraft. ,;l' * '<• > •• ~t CR&PITS & DEBIT|,.. Formers, like bankers,, should figure ddl credits and debits q 9 bsipnce, On qgrkwltyre's debit side of the ledger are spM erosh, , , ity I^JSffl arid poor drainage. Qn the credit side are soil and v/efer ^n^«r. '- yatifin practices, Orowinajegwmes in the rotation, contouring sJ9P^ij«r>sl* Wlfng rnnnvre/ commercial ferti.l«er, and lime fer acid §oili sr« —" •-*•*"— t» kwp fertility cr^its high .in yevr spii bank, Vf. 3 * ' ** i " !',- CU IOWA SOIL CONSERVATION WEEI JUNE 20-27

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