The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 22, 1948 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 22, 1948
Page 6
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Upper Dei M6fn«ft Tuesday, Jun6 22, Picnic : 8et At 3 Co-Ops Join In Sponsoring Of Event, Tuesday , e annual Whit- temorft' tb-op. picnic will be held Tuesday, June 29 at the Academy park. . . ,. The three co-operatives who sponsor this annual picnic are the Whittemorc Elevator company, the Whittemorc L6cker association and the Whittemorc Farmers Creamery.' All the people in this Vicinity are invited to spend the day at red! entertainment. There will be a 4-H show of club calves With $36 in prizes for best dairy and beef cattle, as well as a dollar award to every other entry. There will also be a baseball game with the Whittemoi'e Independents and Lotts Creek, and a kittenball series, and a dance in the Sportsman hall in the evening, a movie, free rides for the kiddies, and a picnic lunch at noon With free ice cream, coffee and milk. The .business houses will close from 11:30 until 4 p. m. so everybody can take in all the entertainment. Surprise Simonson A number of relatives and Neighbors gathered at the home ot Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Simonson, to surprise Mr. Simonson on his birthday Tuesday evening. There were about 30 present. 500 was played at five tables, Frank Kpllasch and Mrs. Frank Eisele winning the. high prize. Jack Spurgeon and Melvin Pederson low, Mrs. Frank Koliasch travel, and Bobby Eisele won the plate prize. The Simonson's two year old son also had a birthday last Tuesday. Siems Family Reunion The Siems reunion was held last week Sunday at the Keneary park at Emrnetsburg. Those who were '.present were Mrs. Emilia Siems and son Erwin, Mr. and Mrs. George Seims, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Haack, Fen ton, Mr. and Mrs. Noah 'Reisner and family, Mrs. Id£ KUeeker and family, Lots Creek. Mr. and Mrs. Wi'l- burt Bierstcd and family, Mr. and Mrs. Hilbert Bierstcd and family, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Beck and family, Fairvillc, Mr. and Mrs. William Gacle and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz Gacle and family, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Meier and family. Adelia Bell and Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Balgeman and son. all of Whittemore, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wichtendahl. West Bend. Mr. and M'-s. Werner Siems and family of Evansville, Ind. Is New Posimistress Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith received word last week that their daughter Mrs. James Rosendahl passed her civil service examination and was sworn in June 1 as postmistress of tnc post office in Floriston. Calif. A New Daughter A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Potratz at the Kossuth hospital in Algona last week Sunday. This is their first child. uev. Veit On Trip The Rev. William Veil left ' Monday for Park Rapids, Minn., to help Dr. J. W. McCreery land the big ones. We all wager that the doctor has caught all the pike the past two weeks so when Father Veit gets there there will be a little perch for him as was ALL-STEEL BUILDINGS FARMS BUSINESS INDUSTRY QUICK, PERMANENT, LOW-COST CONSTRUCTION QUONSET 40: -40 feet wide; any length desired, in 20-foot extensions. Sliding door and four windows in standard end-panel. QUONSET 24: 24 feet wide; length as desired, in exit-nsions of 12 feet. Holler doors, solid panels available for front; walk door and window available in end-panel. QUONSET 20: 20 feet wide; any length desired, in 12-foot extensions. Walk door and two windows in standard end-panel. "40" QUONSETS "24" "JO" Gft tbf fait* today I Place Order Now :>>!. TO Erection By Fall Supply Co. hid luck last year. At least we wish him better luck this year. New R. F. D. Carrier Kenneth Farrell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Farrell. was appointed rural mail carrier at Whittemore last week. . He will replace Edward Farrell, who has been temporary carrier, July 16. Kenneth who is an ex-GI with overseas service and at present he is helping his uncle Edward Farrell farm. Reinhard Zimmerman came home Saturday from St. P*iul where he attends Concordia col- lese, taking up the ministry. He will spend this summer on a farm near Fenton. Louis Braatz is still confined to his bed and in a serious condition. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elbert left last week Friday evening for Donnelson, Ind., and returned home Sunday evening with their son Darrell who has been attending school at that place. Dan-ell will spend his vacation at home before returning to school again this fall. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Murphy and family of Forestburg, S. D.. came here, last Friday to spend the weekend at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Barber. Mrs. Barber and Mrs. M*uj-phy are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bcs'jh Jr. are the parents of a daughter, weighing six pounds, born June 10 at the Holy Family hospital in Estherville. Mr. and Mrs. Besch moved northeast' of : Graettinger last spring and this,is their first child. Mr. and Mrs. George Besch Sr. of West Bend and Mr. and Mrs.- Conrad Alig went to Buffalo Center Tuesday to sec Mary Jane Besch. little' two and one-half year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Besch Jr., who underwent an appendicitis operation Sunday in a hospital at Buffalo Certter, She seems to be getting along well. Carol Ann six month old daughter of the Bescfas is staying with her grandparents .Mr. .and Mrs. Conrad Alig. Rosella Voigt, of Algona, Mr. and Mrs.«Geraid Ollom, Burt, Mr, and Mrs.' Bert Seely and son Keith, Mrs. George Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz Hanson, Mr.-and Mrs. Archie Voigt, and Mr, and Mrs., Herman Voigt of Whitte- hi'orc celebrated the second birthday of Brian Espe, son of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Espe, Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Slagle and family of Whittemore, and Mrs. I. E. Drew of Emrnetsburg spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Landsteiner in fairmpnt, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Swanson and family were Mason City callers Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Ewald Rusch and daughter Sally accompanied by Peter Haag, Norbert Zumach and James Bigley of "Sioux City drove to Watertown, Wis., last Saturday where the Rusches attended a wedding. Ida Albert from Tucson, Ariz., is visiting at the home of her brother and sister-irt-law, Mr. and M/. Andrew S. Elbert and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Foley entertained a number of relatives and neighbors at their home last Sunday evening. Five handed pinochle was played at four tables. Edward Farrell and Mrs. Harley Will winning high. Louis Dbgotch and Mrs. Edwin Greinert. low. A deliciousHuncheon was served after the games* Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Cayanaugh of Fort Dodge were Whittemore 'callers last week Monday. Mr. and Mrs. ElUworth Heid- cnwith and son. Lyle of Fort 'S HOES STAR BRAND MADE BY ROBERTS, JOHNSON & RAND Department Stores SALE More John Deere Implements Are Arriving! John Deere Fertilizer Attachment for John Deere 2-Rbvy Tractor Cultivator John Deere Rubber-Tired Trailers John Deere Manure Loaders for A & B Tractors Wagon Boxes, Flare and Large Box Type Kossuth County Implement Store John Deere Implements General Electric Appliances Dodge were Sunday dittner gUeSts at the parefttal h'bfne df Mivattd Mrs. Ai'thur Heidenwith. • , 'The Jolly 500 club ifiet Ift&t' \v«?ek Tuesday af - the h&rhe <5 Mrs. Joseph Besch Sr. mart Voigt winning high, Mrs;\ Erwin Oerber low, and Mrs. Nick Mergen received the' travel pfitfej 1 Following the entertainment a', lunch was served. Ruth Ann Behnke, daughter of J Mr. and Mrs. Rcinh'ar't Behnke,' left Monday morning tor, Pajmer Gulch Lodge. Hill City, 3^,1)., in the Black Hills. She was one of five Iowa State girls going.^tp the! cabin camp and was i suggested for the summer work t>y the .Iowa State Placement Bureau,, The lodge closes September 16, and Riith Ann's job will terminate then for her return to Ames, as a sophomore. Mrs. Albert Schumacher, oi Fenton, came here last week' Monday.and will spend most oi the summer with her son, and daughter-in-law Mr. arid' Mrs. Frank Schumacher. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kuecker accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Herman Vauclt left last Wednesday for Banclettc, Minn., where they will spend a week of fishing. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Voigt accompanied by Mr. and 'Mrs.-.Ar- and het. her birthday ..Hugo Meyer,,.Victor Dau, Herbert ZumatSh aftd Wilbuf„• Rtfetoef left last «rfe%k iStindfift iftetnoftn for riortherlh MinrteS'6td tft try their luck at some «of those big 'fish. , _'_'•__ _ Chicken Thieves In Four Corners Ared Four Co*ft6»»^*Chicken thieves are again at "work in'thife corrt- munity. A week «go-last Saturday evening they stopped at the John Sabin .farm and got aWay" with some 80 yotlng chickens belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Campncy, who live in a tenant house on the'Sabin farm. Harold said the ( chicks weighed between four and four and 'three* quarters pounds. -The families were all In Algona and the theft \vas discovered' when they got home and \frertt to '^shut the houses for the night. Mr. and Mrs. Rtlssel Walker, sons Allan and Dean, left the' first part of last week for a week's • vacation in ' Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Walker, Al^ gona, 'are at the farm looking after the Walkers' small daughter! and cookingjfqi' the hired man, \ 1 1,; KiT& *«*»»-»«» T k«Vt V» flW*MKt ,-T Ufc'T -- — •«. *• Sunday, Mf s , t O&nttifTtef is ftephew Of A, «'s and- for, f l Mrs.; - Melviti >,Bauet.,,,.6f Ile> called at the Eischeidts lile.oh'lrMF hefte^Wbfcri. Mfg; tier is a ""fiiSce*. " i Mr.'artd5.MfS,-WHHfim Lirthu'th! Atlantic, sfent part tfUdst week at the, trarefttal. 'Edwa'ftl Rich' home./ .They left FfMay 'tot their *new home Jsrr a fafm near" Made-lia, Minn, William lifts been fsrnpjdyed .the past, year ahd, a half by Swift &.Go. In Atlantic, Mrs. Louis Lowman Jr.. sons Douglas and, James,-arrived Sunday m6*riihg at the Art Alexander' hpftie from Tefcas for a visit VVith relatives, . SiMday , dinner gtiests at the Edwarl.Richs included Mr.' and Mrs.. .Theodore filbert. Vincent and John Wilson of Whittemore ahd three friends of John's. Mr, and Mrs. Leo Platt, Algoha, and Eddie Rich. The occasion honored Edward Rich and Theodore Elbert for Father's Day and Eddie's "birthday, .which fell on Monday.' ' , The "Earl Miller' family, Algona, stient a few days last Week at C. N, Rgbinsons . while the interior of,their,home in Algona was redecorated. C. R. McQuisfon, plant manag- the Kent-Wheeler Co., has been confined to his home the past week because,of a back ailment.: - .-, - QpWWesftiy i&.i,SSi. S < ' v» '.' 4 . * c'fiemenf, ftbise eTid 'dUfef ft! * ittji {$£ ftctftiliLrf fitf Jfi&liM« Al£ zno 1 f arrnors ciio vaxor on W^n^filfiy |afitep1ftS6n, when' • the hoisl Bi6W Ue. fhe.'Oeo. AKfta irurife ['<#&i b6in§ ufti A Io0d6d aiftu xh@ t^rossu^ .Dldw if fa fhe raflets, where, 11 -hung suftpend«d. fhe Y6m$ Ama boy in the truck aseap- 0d what might have been , settaus injury. The etevaiof driveway and ihe fruck Wfere Kanawhaf leld Day On Weed Kossuth county farmers can see for themselves the results of spraying with 2,4-D to kill weeds in flax and 'oats When they attend the agricultural field - day at the Northern Iowa Experimental 'Association Farm at Kanawha, July 6. •-._ A, L. Brown, County extension director, says that large fields were sprayed, as Well as small test plots so that farmers cart get a pretty good idea how in-crop spraying would Work on their . oWn farrhs. Small . plots Were < sprayed to show 'Varie'tal reac- VJ8W1B1, ge l«""ftwffi tse Tit .t*ftom&Ma vfl- small again th out that the right tM eties a& ?ttf-,. u » h6lght,« ufilrofrrilty 6f rlpWffg, resistance to disease afld apparent yields., ' >- . Comparisiifis are being ittade between the Iowa bond crosses Such as Clinton, Bohda, Mint) and the Minnesota bond Varieties. Brbton said .that KbSsUth county farmers should pay special attention to the Hew Shelby oats at the field day. Farmers attending Will be brought up to date on breedmg work beirtg done with barley. Also soybean varieties for this area Will be discussed. 14 Boys Farm A Sweet Scout Troop Swea City — Fourteen boys turned out recently for the reor- ganziation meeting of -the . Boy Scouts. Gordon Thompson Will be scoutmaster of the troop, which includes several new members a s well as former Scouts, >. Those present at the : first meet* in were Robert Anderson Gene Thompson, Wesley Evans, Stan* ley Knutson, Bob Zihgg, Charles Griffith, Bill Smith, Clair Uhr. Gary Gabel, Max ,. Treat, Paul Tweeten, Johnny Erickson, Ralph Mortenseh and Dennis Looft. ' ^ and you'll buy fire Pays for itself while working for you! AUTOMATIC WASHER backed by a great name and a INSTALLS ANYWHERE NO BOLTING TO THE FLOOR NO VIBRATION 4 ON THE SEALED-IN-STEEL TRANSMISSION « CleCIli©|h WCfSflingS—the exclusive, patented washing a^fek>« washes your clothes cleaner . . . gently— thorough!j£"S6iled water drains AWAY from clothes—not THROUGH them. NO Bolting tO the Floor— Buoyant Power Suspension permits use in any room. There's no vibration! on any floor. Oil IOU — No bending — no stooping! Slanting front and handy loading shelf make it easy for . you to load r and unload clothes, , -3t I, Phone your near- ' 3, Dealer's repre- 3. You come to the 4. 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