The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 15, 1948 · Page 24
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 24

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 15, 1948
Page 24
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tr f 1 / \ ' fi-Afflorja Uppec Bet M&ine* fuaidejy, Juni IS, 1041 much enjoyed, Betty Hefty !s Bride June 6, At Mason City By Mrs. Wm^ Bigmgs LuVerne — The marriage ol Betty Hefty, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hefty, and Lyle Bill ings of Mason City was solemnized Sunday afternoon, June 6 at 2 p. m. at the First Methodist church at Mason City. A reception was held at the Y. M. C. A. following the ceremony. Attending the wedding were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hetty and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Hefty Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hefty, ol Renwick, Mr. and Mrs. James McGowan and children Jarines Lynn and Jimmy of Goldfleld, Mr. and Mrs. L. S! Pearson, Mf. and Mrs. Adam Zwcifei, Frank vioeding of LuVerne, Mr. and vlrs. Herman Krausu and dangh- .ers Grace ahd Virginia, and .vlarilyn Winters of Greeley, Jolorado. fellowship Party A Fellowship party was enjoy;d by a group of young married jeople in the church rooms Of the Methodist church Tuesday evening. This was the first of a series jf parties planned. At the next neeting to be held Tuesday ev- jning, July 20 they expect to or- 'anize and select a name for the •jrotip. Ai the gathering Tuesday ev- ming games Were played and a .ocial hour enjoyed. A new sliut- le board now in the recreation •oom was the evening's attrac- Jon. Ice cream, cake and coffee was SUPPLIES GATES AND POSTS IDAHO WHITE PINE LUMBER ROOFING AND SHINGLES ROOFENG AND SHINGLES INSULATION NAILS-ALL KINDS BUILDER'S HARDWARE MILLWORK BRICK AND BLOCKS SAND AND GRAVEL MILLER LUMBER CO. The M. fi. C.s"metat.the home of Mrs. tforma MeClafttn r Jfhurs- day, June 3 with Mrs. William Hof co-hostess. Games and contests were played, Mrs. McOlaran's daughter Mrs. Hazen Mathews of Rapid City, S. D., showed pictures ol her trip to Did Mexico and Mexico City, which included the ways and customs of the people there. There were also some pictures of a bull fight which was enjoyed by all. . ' Three birthdays. Mrs. E. B. Thorrfas, Mrs. Ben Ramus artd Mrs. Thompson Were celebrated. Each recelyed a table center-, piece. Refreshments were served. A Birthday Party Marcia Stqne observed her 12th birthday Thursday afternoon, June 10 "at her home With a party for 16 of her friends. Games were played. Marcia received many gifts. Mrs. Stone served lunch to the girls. . " Esther Larson Wtd» Mr. and Mrs. : Askcl Nielsen, Mane and Edwin Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nielsen and family, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Engel and Meredith,. Mr. ! and Mrs. Harold Nielsen and family, Mr. and Mrs. Eli Bagcr and son Elmer, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nielseh and Dorothy and Doris Ooetsch attended the wedding of E3ther Larson to William Bcckwll at Webster City Sunday. Esther is the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Larson, formerly of LuVerne. Plan Picnic June 23 The Women's Society of the Presbyterian church met Wednesday, June 9 at the home of Mrs. Walter Engel. There were 30 in attendance and Mrs. William Hoepner, Mrs. John Tiss and Mrs. Clarence Sanderson guests. The business' meeting was in charge of the president, Emma Krause. Devotions were led by' Miss Krause. Tho next meeting will be a picnic at the park Wednesday, June 23 with covered dish lunch. • . Mrs. Skogmp Hostess The Evening Star Circle of the Women's Society of Christian Service of the Methodist church met with Mrs. John Skogmo Thursday evening. At .the business meeting the vice president, Mrs. Merlin Cody, was in charee. as Mrs. Howard Smith, president is on vacation in state of Pennsylvania. .An auction sale was held followed by a social hour. Phone 198 Clint Lighter, Manager county Auxiliary rVreetirig htsWTfH San- croft Thursday Kfflg&'M& * Illftftftg , 4 Mrs. William Hardeipi who has bfeen ,ill the past fgfy tJ&ys is now much improved ana, Is, able td be ujf>.and afotlftd. Mr 1 *. ttard- fcopf i? 86 ye'ars" did, Mrs. Nbrma Mcdlarfcn and her visiting daughter Mrs> ' Hazert Mathews of Rapid City, &. D., Spent a ; few d«#s Visitin^'Mrs. McClaran's mothet%ahd brother hear Sioux City. *! Mr. and Mrs. \3eor£e LeHftus, Byrl and Richard and Arthur De* vaul of Rolfe were recenV gaasts at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Erhart Meyer, •> a&a .",!-, - <?. Mf, ftM 1 .__„_ Vpaiey, Sfid Mt» artd MM. Egglestoft spiftt the weekend at filmwaod, Wis., visitiftj .MM, .0. A. Eggleslon'S Sistftf "MrS. Ota Clayton. «, Sgt, Nicholas Wolf/ stationed at Kansas City, came Wednesday to Visit his wife and daughter's Carol and Charlene. Mf. and Mrs. Harold Daties'and- family of Armstrong Were "Thursday evening guests of Mr. Daries 1 siste'riand bfother'-in-laxv Mr, and MrSj? 'Robert Lux. Mi's. Rachael Hanna of Fairmont, Mittn.) was a recent visitor at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed* ward Hof. Mf. and Mrs. Hof took Mrs. Hanna to her home/Tuesday. Mr, and Mrs. Walter L. Hefti '. ana. ivirs. lit u. i>ey „' SeacU-Cfillf.) called ..... ttcsdaV atjhe,,ftibrne of Mf»,anef Mrs; Hafbm T>aufet» Thgy wetfr BoinR to'Minnesota,to VUlt/ they have lived-The Relle the pafdrits, a! "MfS." TraUger^, * slster-in»Iaw of Mr. Hafbld Ti'augert, ^ • , Mr^. Harry Lichty and' • Mf s. ^Hatold Lichty spent Tuesday" at, the Defray Lichty home in Ma* sw City, Mrs. .fiya Lena Perkins of BHt^ ftccbrnpanie^d hef- sister Mrs, Harry Liohty home fot a visit., * ' -. -, > thtsrotlg: MM, Fred Tlede and tap. . litmi6jJrfiati, 1 Ito. Tlfede, who Is Mrs. 6tty tJiddinis &t. visit Mr, soft and . and [ding's. The 6ldep Gid- mt the winter in Texas i enfoute,to theif h6me t Merkle, the eleven- ye"af trfd sen pf Mf, and' Mrs, Carl M^ftld of Denvdf,. Colo,, aVriyed Thufsday to visit his,grattdfathfer QetJfge Merfele and aun'ts, uncles ,. . jc,,.»a« r,.^.. ..,.» ... , , Vs. Bake* bVJAUMB M V i **f\,**.*.^4« W« t r *»»»«* *^ttl1\>f. Visited * t elati vtsr SA& Jtlefsdd 1ft Nevada, autiftg ftev> Baker's .a^ setti*^. / . , . ' ' '*' 111 la aunng novr caKer's .ap* senc-e;- . ; • ' ' "V , MP< and Mrs. Phil Dickey 1 dhtl Son -Bill of fifaham, Minn,, sttgnt . H feWda^a at the Cecil Jomffe '' Home. Mr. and Mfs.'Merle Thompson l of Madison, WiS., arrived Wednesday to visit Merle's" mother ,, Mrs. Mabel Thompson. Mfs. '' Thompson will accpmpany thehi home next week fof « visll. Oth« er guests' at the Thdmpsort h6me Wednesday evening wora Mr. ,awd Mfg, Earl Thompson and daughter of firitt. Confirmation Dinnei A dinner .was held Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Hinz. in honor of the confirmation of their daughter Donna. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hinz and 'Lester, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Meyer and Barbara, Ted, Bill and Fred Hinz, Florence and Joan Hinz, all of LuVerne, Eunice 1-inz of Fort wiiiini-s uiuwn' and Kuen Parcnls Of A Son Air. anf.1 Aira, nobcrt Will arc the paivius ui a son. wc.^.n, . .oi. j o^. bo.n at the Kossut'.i aospitai i;i Aiguiia Sa>.uiuay, June j. They i;jw have t.iiix Employed In Algona Deloros Lund is now employed at the Co-operative Creamery in Algona. Deloros, daughter ol Mr. and Al.-s. O. S. Lund was a gracl uatc .of the LuVerne high schou. in M'ay. At County Meeting Mr. ancj Mrs, Walter Engcl and Mrs. Aaron Steussy attended p s June Dairy Month Eat ICE CREAM For your after* noon snack- serve it with your meals- for your evening refreshment, Take Home Some Today! »* Many Flavors meMs for 2, PROTEINS Heavily Fortified With Proven Minerals. "' v ' • Many DifTerent Proteins to Balance the Ration. SARGENT MOLASSES MINRAL MEAL is built for the farmer who wants quick gains on his fattening cattle, or high production from his dairy herd. Minerals MOLASSES MINHAL MEAL is reinforced with valuable minerals. These ADDED minerals are important in producing Ihe results obtained with ilvis -fortified supplement. You have probably, noticed the way cattle often go after loose boards around the feed lot— sometimes eating nails, wire, and even ruining fences. This is their way of trying to meet the peed and craving for more minerals. Frequently, they make up for the shortage through eating;a. surplus of proteins. This is costly. Evryone knows that no matter how much protein you feed dairy cows or feeders, the balance will be incomplete without a sufficiency of aood minerals. With an adequate mineral ra- 4 lion/ you will lower the protein requirement and lower your feeding cost. Research in this field has proven that-one reason for cows going dry in the fall is often a lack of balanced minerals, The dairy cow has a three-fold purpose in life . . , sustaining her own life, reproduction, and the production of milk. How well she does her work depends on how well her simple needs are taken care of by stockmen. The cow herself, contains 3.5% minerals—sp does her calf. Minerals are necessary to sustain life in both. Mow- ever, the marmn-pf minerals above those requir^ ed jor ssli-suEtnance and reproduction are responsible for increased milk production, there- for, it is highly important that a feed be fed, containing a sufficient margin of minerals Jo maintain economical milk production, Proteins .. ' TO CARE FOR' RATION, , DEFICIENCIES , '• MOLASSES MINERAL MEAL carries a strong balance of diversified proteins, .blended with the minerals to round out your cattle rations and do it efficiently. Tests show that with proper mineral feeding, you do not need so much protein. Molasses Min- ,ral Meal contains enough of the principal types of protein to help build fast, economial gains, and to help dairy cows maintain good milk production. These different "sources of protein have different values, and'have particular jobs to do in helping promote economical feeding, "• Molasses THE. PLUS VALUE SARQENT MOLASSES f urther f QVtMfcd wiih molasses-ra plus that is well known to everyone w ca«ie, It Is used in this supplement der-^but, it also is a valuable aid as er, finisher, and as an appetiser, It; as a blood purifier to help keep dairy cattle m tip-top shape, . dition- too, and Valuable * * Ingredients MOLASSES MINRAL MEAL contains 24 valuable mineral, protein and vitamin ingredU J ents. Protein 28%t Fat Fibre, 7%; N.F.E., 85%, -• Linseed Oil Meal < Soybean Oil Meal SARGENT CO Peanut Oil Meal Gluten Meal Pried/ Whey Cried, Skim MHfc , Ribc-flayin Concentrate Bicarbonate el Soda. Potassium Iodide Managanese Sulphatef Calcium Carbonate Vy 1*96*95 U ver Ms»l Fisit Meal Molasses HeUhery H«rrinici F«e<} < SARGiNT FilDS ON SALE AT; Algona vy. A. Mwrrey, ------ -.- n — BfUWWfi Cfntfr Frederick §fhylt? ...... _. lent l«k Bede pi?tiUm COXR Qi Vitamin

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